hi guys carnies Josh here commune with 2003 for tourists but the years ago from 2000 to 2007 and then here we’ve got this 2005 min paddle over here and the years ago the best 2000 to 2005 and we’re doing our first ever comparison test so let’s go ahead and get started now starting to taurus it today and you can get wagons but this is a sedan it’s 20 to 27 highway for 2005 and then for 2005 it has 153 so 201 horsepower and the torque is 186 to 270 foot pounds of torque now this has three liter v6 and you can get available sex-filled with it and it’s got an 18 gallon capacity of gas now this on the other hand said and it’s got this one had 3.4 liter and it’s 21 32 for the base model or you can get there’s two engine options you can get the 3.8 liter which has gets 1929 well-nigh teamcity turn on highway and the horsepower is 180 to 240 horsepower it depends up 3/4 gets 185 17 gallon capacity of fuel now the trim time uses this goes the base model is the LX then the hires the SES it’s this is right here then there’s a SE and SEL SEL is the highest now for this this is the base model and so there it goes based LS and then SS so right now we have the base model and then in the second to base yes yes so let’s go ahead and go inside alright give you Palantir you now you get to a lumbar six way power seat anyway you get your cruise control buttons you get to cruise control buttons you get a horn then you get tilt wheel with good grips without like how they put these grip things here which is nice to get good good grips and good feel I like to feel that you can get now going up to the dash here you get digital odometer you get your speedometer your fuel gauge and your temperature gauge with a message center now different from the Ford this thing does not have a tachometer and so I wish this thing did have at a car but it doesn’t I complain I have about it but you can’t get a tachometer as an option but this one doesn’t have as the base now you get your flashers here and on this other side you can get trashed traction control on the fancier ones but this one does not have it over here you have your lights controls and over here you can have your fog lights I think your trunk hood and parking brake get your pedals down here and yeah so as we come up here now coming towards over here I do have a complaining about these air vents part of control with these knob up here you’ll see I’ll show you in the tourists that you have the middle thing they can move at all it’s really it’s easier I think I do like it’s all throughout is you get this wood trim all around even in the backseat so that’s nice now coming over to the climate controls you get dual climate control easy you know to do just manual knobs here I like that about it CD player am/fm but this one does not have any tape so that’s good you get your shifter four-speed automatic transmission with your mirror and reading lamps underneath also you get sunroof with siser and you get these visors with this pole up there and lighted also so yeah now coming over here it has a pala nameplate over there good there’s some glovebox all right sighs but it’s I like how it’s a locking glovebox that’s really nice so yeah and then over here you get two power outlets with coin holder whatever

you want to put in there ignition here two cupholders with little cubbies there with pretty good center console lift it up turns them to a seat now the seat is for very small people it’s only in a pinch that you play I want to use it but it does come with the 6 passenger capability just like the tourists so yeah these interior is pretty nice overall you get the handle overhead there but not for the driver let me show you this store over here I get power windows locks mirrors all your normals you get this handle here that you can easily grab with your locks right there locks are hard to read to see if they’re locked or unlocked so it’s kind of hard to do that you do get this map pocket underneath harder plastic though hard plastic and you get this little handle here with this wood trim again which I like again um so yeah let’s go ahead and check out the tourists all right for the tourists here it’s typical seats the six-way power seats just like a pal a two-way reclining but this has sad so Plus for the shade for having into – with before not having it seats are all right I guess you know not bad the backs a little bit stiffer not I don’t really like that you do get this soft here and this middle seat what you do is you fold this up I’ve got center console you get two couples here and if you want to see it you just fold it right back thing but there’s stuff in there so I can’t show you right now all right steering wheel though you get four spokes with your cruise control five minutes got three more buttons two buttons but this one has five horn so its wheel plus your shifter here also you get a put it all right fuel I guess your views alright I guess yeah and let’s go ahead and check out the – now as we check out the – here this one has a tachometer which I said I I like better about this about this Taurus I do like that you get this this speedometer fuel gauge and temperature gauge you get your manual odometer I don’t like that manual that I wish was digital and the Impella does have a digital one and this one does not so that’s kind of sad that this thing doesn’t have it you have a also manual park that shows which gear you on with the with the Chevy Impala it does have a digital one again now your flashes are located right here you do have your stick for your blinkers and stuff your light controls not what I’m saying about this thing I like is you can control it right here you can just control it like that very much easier you do have a sliding one there too which pen alright it’s alright but I like the Chrome they put in the middle there they have a hood I mean yeah I’m your hoods down there but you got your trunk here parking brake release and your parking brake there you can put your foot there just for nothing just arrested you have your pedals there you come to the door here you got your windows locks mirrors about all power door locks this handle right here there and you can wrap the whole hand around there I like that better than the empower you get your my pocket there softer touch them the in PAL like I like this one doesn’t have any wood trim I wish it would have wood trim make it look better I do like this life better you can tell from this locker I’m like way better than Chevy now as you come on here I do have a complaint this has only a tape player and am/fm no CD so that’s kind of that’s a complaint you don’t have dual climate control either and this is not but this is this not the base II they said I don’t I wish this had dual climate control but it doesn’t it’s got two cigarette lighter or two power outlets give those storage there and an ashtray there you know you get your little storage here two couples is there or you can just fold it and turn it into a seat just like the Impala and you get softly padded there and that’s nice your seats there you see it I have to say I think the Impella is better seating you get the glove box no locking which I wish it is but it has a bigger glove box so that’s a plus but I wish it was locking it’s not so that’s which I don’t like um you don’t get any sunroof I think you can get it as an option but this one doesn’t have it you do have your lighted mirror so yeah it’s alright interior here you get your ignition over

here yeah let’s go ahead and check out the back of the Impala now alright for the back of the impaler you still get that wood grain there’s that would look I like that still hard plastic and you still don’t get that wraparound handle and like you get a power window same handle here are plastic up there I wish they had a map pocket back there but they don’t but they do have a map pocket here like me spacious get this much this is reclined more than this seat here here I think this is I’ll come in to this seat right here yeah good legroom you can even stick under seat if you have to if you taller but good legroom comfortable what he makes the trip even more comfortable as these pullout armrests with cupholders very soft nice and you get a headrest back here to get these headrest which is very comfortable also goods place to spend time back here you get a light these handles go hard though I don’t like that you do get this clip here too now this imply did wondering if these are LEDs yes these are LEDs but they’re not this is an aftermarket that wasn’t there before no my pocket here though which I know it’s got say one there and it doesn’t have one there that’s kind of weird but yeah we’re all misspent aful is becoming now we’re coming to this middle one if you keep your legs in that it’s really bad probably want to put your feet on the side if you’re sitting here um not the most comfortable it’s got that arm resting back there which makes it harder I don’t think you want to put too many people in the middle for a long distance it’s not very comfortable I do have to say the Regal is more comfortable I think in the Buick Regal but yeah overall this back is pretty good I guess you get on the two speakers up there I think this has a four-speaker audio system with weird the Frogger window defogger these seats do fold flat here I’ll show you this in a little bit here just a minute let me get this now so all you have to do is press this little tab here it pulls right down I’ll show you the same on the other side and this includes this makes the trunk space a lot more better almost fold flat there so yeah I’ll show you more about that in the trunk so in just a little bit so let’s go ahead and check out the Ford checking out the floor now your handles here as you come in you do get a map pocket that’s a bonus but this one it doesn’t wrap around either see that’s kind of disappointing let’s have that round here you do get the same stuff softer touch it’s not very soft that still kind of harder harder up there no wood trim still get that same handle which is good power windows your map pocket back here I do have to say these back seats awake they’re more comfortable than the impeller this is just way more comfortable only complaint I have is no headrest back here and it’s that makes it alene way back and I don’t like that so it’s playing about that but you see it’s these are way more company can see how they go higher and then they go lower more comfortable I like that the cup holders are down here too two of them fold up and then make I’ll have to do is just go like that there’s another one over here so yeah you get those their legroom is plentiful oh so you get another map pocket which then power doesn’t have what’s nice but what I do not like is no armrest pulls out so that’s kind of disappointing also you do get handles on both sides with those hangers it’s nice Headroom seems to be more but we’ll see which one has more you get window – frog her back there and no speakers you do get this um child seat anchor back here let me do the child seat anchors back here too but the impel has that too I I might add so yeah let’s go ahead and fold down the seats just like we did power okay so you pull this tab just like you Calla go straight down doesn’t pull this one stays up more don’t like and you’ll

see pull this one down to does the same so not very I say the Impella has better fold down seats you can see like that way better full done let’s go ahead and check out the trunk so as we pop the trunk here huge spacious see very spacious those full flat seats even a six foot long person can lay all the way back there it’s huge now as we check out this Taurus this press Trump Becker pops it open you do have a spoiler back here big trunk also we have some stuff back here and the seats don’t like it very much more room though I do have to say pretty wide opening you see I think that you think they’re about the same except the full flat seats are better I’m in Pella I’d have I might ask you can have this sound handle there that shuts it this one does not doesn’t have one if I do like spoiler wish the Impala does not have so I like that better about it so yeah let’s go ahead hold these things back up they’re easy to fold up and down though let’s check out the engine bays hmm alright for the engine bay here we’ve got the 3 litre v6 of this Ford puts out 153 to 200 in one horsepower not sure which one it is I looked it up on the internet and that’s what they said so that’s what I wrote down torque is hundred eighty six to 207 for tort foot-pounds of torque we can get the available flex feel it’s an 18 gallon capacity for the fuel tank and you get so it’s go ahead and check out the Impaler over here the Impala has a 3.4 liter at least this one has a 3.4 liter SFI v6 this one also had gets a 182 teeth this one has the three four heads 185 horsepower and the three eighths has like about 240 horsepower so it’s and this has a 17 gallon capacity for few mpg for both of them was well sedan is 20 so the Taurus is 20 City 27 highway and forward fala it’s 21 32 21 city 32 highway for the 3.4 and 3.8 liter v6 19 city 29 highway so yeah that’s about sums this thing up one last thing is the styling I haven’t gone over go ahead and shut both of these hoods now for the styling I think it’s an opinion what you think is better you get these both of them have the fourth sign it look nice they sign in the middle of the chrome bar coming out you’ll see if this one it has the same chrome coming out and the bowtie you get these three balls lamps this one this both of them do not have fog lights but this for at least in the appellant you can get fog lamps as an option these both have aluminum wheels alloy trim on the side you’ll see this has the woman look one more thing I have to add is this one has puddle lamps and the Impala does not this one has a higher roofline though you’ll notice and my opinion doesn’t look ease but I like just lower profile this one has spoiler tourists s yes there and then over this down to round lamps with your pallet sitting me up right there so yeah it’s but I’m an opinion which one looks better but we’ll see which one

win in just a little bit Taurus we have concluded that this thing well has 14 things better than the palace this thing has 16 things better than the tourists things like that include better at mpg yeah it gets some better comfort interior you get better horsepower and more engine choices other things like that make this empower the winner today so thank you for watching please like comment and subscribe thank you for watching card and use with Josh and we’ll see you next you