and I feel I’m a little sad that I don’t have it it was it is a part of my childhood and I really lights and everybody’s not home so I have the garage to myself okay so um this is yes a second part to Skookum tutoring or my electrical system in my truck here I went to start this thing up today I hooked both these up and for you you know it’s not cold enough to really put it to test but just being in its it was probably maybe 45 degrees when I started it up and the thing started up like it was already warmed up in the middle of the summer so it I mean it may be I don’t know half a revolution and then it fired right off I mean it it fired off quick I mean I just barely George I just it was it was nice so I’m definitely liking the dual battery setup I should have done this you know before I or when I put the engine in and would wouldn’t be here but whatever we’re doing it now raining again today so I’m like ah I’m not you guys throw this jacket gonna wash here in just a bit popping noise so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna undo this because what I want to do is when I first look this up I want to make sure there’s no power going to the other side so even though I’m pretty sure there won’t be it’s just one of those things we’ll try to have to touch this up against the body because it is live right now where the hell we could jump that’s the thing and I’ll crank right over crappy electrical tape didn’t leave any residue that’s nice I was kind of worried about that but it didn’t ya if you’re in a pinch you can use that zip ties so for those of you that were following the Komen swap on Adams truck my cousin instructor Brian from Philly they got rear-ended and outside the bed caved in because he hit his van with it I just filled this tank on that thing last night so my hopes is is that this Friday I’m gonna fill it again and then we’ll better get you a fuel economy number on that and probably isn’t the best driver I had not getting it sorry I’m so his his numbers may not be as good as what me or you been Todd with the Broncos yes Todd it’s pretty good because you get the five-speed so I mean come on six-inch lifted Bronco with solid D D for T for up front 33 inch mud swamp retired a their Mickey Thompson’s is funny if I remember correctly I guess 30 2.1 miles per gallon on the highway it’s just ridiculous so it’s funny how oh okay I’m gonna think I’m gonna rotate this okay so it does exactly what the guy said although in my head I was knew he was gonna do something just slightly different so one of the post is a ground and it looks like go along with it’s kind of marking

I think that’s our actual positive so yeah so what we have here as a ground goes here and then we got one post here goes to our sumbitch this is a non case grounded so shouldn’t heat up like its own if you try and grant you know make a ground connection through the but the base of it it won’t do anything in fact let’s let’s try that so nothing there so now this wires fought all the time yep not case grounded so what I’m going to do is I’m going to wire this up I’m a I’m just going to tie this power right to the thing here and then we’ll run our ground to our switched ground here so I have this real light here that controls my vacuum pump and all it’s doing when I turn the key on the relay comes on but all it’s doing is it switches my ground so it’ll either open the circuit up or close it so what I’m just gonna do is my ground here he’s just gonna come down here and then my other wire he’s just gonna get jump right to this post here so I don’t even know if I have pulse big enough for that you know someone suggested I make my own like battery tray because I have the welder and stop and kind of thinking about doing that my welding skills aren’t the best but I just actually more of just need to adjust the well they’re a little bit more it is kind of a piece of crap but yeah so I don’t know where my crimper thingamajigger so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a small hair and I’m just gonna hammer this down and then I’ll probably come back later and solder these so they don’t come apart so what I’ll do is hook this guy in and honk just shove it down in there somewhere and then I’ll get my gun which I have readily available and we’ll see if this thing gets warm yeah these guys I don’t I don’t trust these well even if they’re crimped really well with a proper tool and I don’t trust him i solder him all right I had one go out the v8 that was in it stopped running while I was doing 70 on the freeway I was like oh like what happened buddy so I think I’m I’m only into this battery setup for about 60 bucks now a decent battery laying around got it from the cousin there like to add my scripts I had a really nice pair that that’s been with me since I was a kid since we moved into this house and I don’t know where it went and I feel like I’m a little sad that I don’t have it it was it is a part of my childhood and I really should be careful where I’m putting the vise grips okay so I’m gonna go change my underwear and we’ll be back in just a minute hate this so let’s try that let’s try that so I ended up returning that little relay thingamajigger that I got that it got way too hot and got up to 120 degrees after about eight minutes of fame activated so I returned it and I went on eBay and ordered a 500 amp battery relay / isolator so this is me installing it okay so we tried a couple little relay thingamajigger didn’t really work temporarily I wanted to have both batteries available so I put in this quick disconnect here which works but we’re gonna be taking that up

and putting that away because my purpose-built battery relay is here so this is what I was going for um I don’t really have a good spot to mount it and I kind of might need to make a bracket cuz I kind of wanted to go like that something like that so I think maybe for now it’ll be just heavily zip tied to the dude and then I’ll make them out later but right now this guy here you know it’s good for like you know you hook up your other battery you can rent a winch and make this thing can take the power I mean this this is heavy this is probably maybe a pound that’s what it feels like 500 amp high current relay isolator so if I have enough wine report I’ve got a nice red wire there and I don’t think this takes much to run so I’m yeah so we’ll do two well test that I get our Bolton here I just want to be sure because we’re we’re hot I said it’s brown nothing but we have power on the other side no power here okay so non-case grounded so these two will just apply power to one of those so in that case I’m gonna wire it up is one of these is gonna be jumped power straight to it and then the other ones gonna go to the ground you just got to find out which one is our thingamabob er so let’s take off this get the other post that I have on here okay after doing some digging around I finally found a little bastard and we want to do it just it quick brushing of that fits on there real nice be careful you don’t want to touch something and it’s sparkly what someone’s getting oh I’m missing tolls in style so I’ve just been sticking a wire in there but I got a lead made up so that seems to work I bet if it went the other way it wouldn’t work at all epic hey nice take a little chunk out this 12-gauge is actually just a little too thick for for this connector I’m about to use it’s okay why she didn’t damage that’s sweet get that nail I was using yesterday then

it’s like huh so we’ll do is I’ll take a nail and I’ll just kind of spread this open a little bit see if we can get this in now so the camera may need to take snipper brandt braid off here hey yeah mm-hmm Darren’s I’ve been pretty good at soldering I’ll say that at least so now I’ll just heat shrink that and then what we get to go and I’ve just been doing getting the heat near that’s like awesome that’s like Jimmy did that kind of wiring holy crap so now I’ll just leave that I’ll do the same thing for the other wire and I’m gonna solder it into this right here and then I’m gonna can’t really can’t shrink it now that I have it but oh well I got tape so we’ll just do that and then I’ll see our key on key on deal works good nicely heat shrunk and everything check this out this is how I’m gonna do the rest of the wiring I’m gonna now that I have hate drinking and I get some new space I keep call them spades eyelets I’ll get some assortment of violets I really just want to consolidate this all into one and then I can use the full gauge here I might actually but this is not a separate I’ll get a bigger I mean look at how terrible that is this just that’s wrong and then this is actually my alternator charge water right here so this is going to just come back up here but I’m gonna tie in a thick a thick one that I’ll come over here and yeah so I’m just kind of getting this guy like this but check out check that out I mean this one I love this n oh that’s beautiful soldered and everything so that’s that’s how I’m gonna go with all my other wires eventually I’ll do the same for that rat’s nest over there eventually I’ll get around to it I will I trust me well so yeah I was battery wise I was thinking of doing red top’s but I was I’m certainly here’s some really bad things about the new red top batteries some I’m kind of looking at another alternative which is an AGM excited batter it’s a sealed battery and it’s a little bit cheaper and the answer what I want for the 0 the Greek cold cranking amps so I think I’m gonna go with 2 of those they’re fairly small probably about this big I’ll go with two of those put them I’m praying of making a battery tray because I don’t think they’ll fit the one that I saw in the Bronco parts thing so so I’ll make my own little tray and then I will have a thing for this guy to bolt to and be solidly mounted and then we might make a nice cover for us who knows um so anyways that’s good this is all good and touched this at all it’s not touching the hood so that’s good it’s nothing hopping up it kids stopped right here so yeah Mirai key okay so I’ve got my wire here soldered and tie it into my little switch to ground here this relay here when the key is on this relay kicks over and it’s just switching the ground side of the battery so this goes to the ground on my vacuum pump right here and it goes directly to the battery so that’s what this is gonna do it’s gonna come here so this should kick over should go right to the ground when the key is on and then Bob’s your uncle this

is called the Bob’s your uncle dual battery setup this is what you can run in here if your name is Jim Bob my name is Jim my dad’s name is Bob so Jim Bob so now another thing we can do before we block this down we’re gonna put the key on turn all the accessories off not that it matters I have two batteries which are the accessories off and then wolf we’ll see if this thing gets hot it shouldn’t this is purpose-built for hooking up to batteries so we’ll see see what happens if it does get warm then I’m gonna be a little pissed like what’s up bro so you got this ready to come off I’m gonna turn all everything off and then I’ll just turn it on and we got our tech gun floating around somewhere I’ll find that here in just a moment Matt I should just take this little tube up here this is on right now our archive is 53 degrees now he said my friend Todd I wonder the 4pt Bronco he has this and you ran his winch through this and didn’t even get warm so that’s the case then boom that’s are all our problems I’m gonna go check the internal voltage in the truck we’re still at 53 so yeah that’s good Cole got two batteries but yeah next what we need to do is make a battery tray get our two AGM batteries get some different Spade connectors and we can consolidate some of these nasty ugly-ass wires I’m have new negative battery cables made up maybe a little bit thicker and new permanent ends and then all this stuff will get tied in here so mark but yeah this whole should look great so now this whole system here is automatic am i my idea is to have this where you know as I mentioned in the previous video you know this battery you know is too low to start the engine when you turn the key this will automatically kick over and turn this on you know I’m gonna dump the battery in that just decorate it so now I’m gonna clear other tools out of the way here get them put away and then we’ll see how it starts should start just fine okay so you know it’s funny I put all my stuff away and I find in a box these I know I had these somewhere so you can actually take those one of those and combine these three together and move them over here so they’re kind of the way or just have it on one thinks they’re not three coming here this one here can actually go over there with these two and along with this can go all on one and then this can have a new one in fact I might do that right now I’m gonna disconnect this one put it on that big Spade and then honk I’m down right here ok I’ve done took her tucked her out of gear that’s uh I’ll let the vacuum pump pump up I fixed a leak I’ll show you what I noticed here look at my master’s honor this was look brand-new rusty I put a clamp here because it has sisters come and loose the hot dog down a hallway so fix that that’ll definitely save that pump I don’t want to have any pumps going on just some even for a vacuum all the things expensive now overcharging lightbar headlights and yeah

I would say now is just a bigger alternator and a bigger charge wire yeah that’s a lot better it was dipping down past the tenth suede oh yeah the picture just a little tiny leak fixed I meant that breaks even more Skookum here Oh he’s barely touching okay three oh yeah I love it oh my god okay so that’s that 414 bolts defrost on headlights lightbar main lights I got everything on sweet now that’s a success