but Adam Cole or provide a poodle the amar bondhu which has possibly a buyer for my manager audacity is reading and epidermis silicone just passion such as also be places above a Soviet associate escena we not educate me if you buy it so the letter is the homestead validating great Khampa okay okay good Oh what part of the South America speak spain Oh Baba salami cute mexico mexico that’s why ok now i was up the snow’s talk neurology okay so let’s because some of you I am sometimes so if i was asked about very broad topic maybe preventives you’re off the street you can just imagine this from the doctor so there are many many diseases and human can we do for them as you know that eight of the population is growing that all the population is aging and this is not only a North man and state and it’s failing that’s also in the Middle East so the population is a white kid the 20 years ago you listen to the news and people they died at 6965 now you listen to the lyrics love button mash allah money comes with money to sell the money people they are aging but when you see such thing then the government and the health care system they should have a vision what shall we do with those people right because they gonna make a lhasa of the population a big number of the population now this is the census of from us and if you look at the population in 2010 then populate around 40 million of the population 40 million they are six above 65 what’s gonna happen in two thousand there will be more than 80 motion the same thing you can allocate to also to other countries in the world okay so that the population is aging and that’s alarming thing for that for the country and for the healthcare system we should have it to the attic floor and you should have a geriatrician where I’m probably one or two to react to sit here and wait not only this if you look to the burden of the disease the WR to go mention the one of the disease are quoting very of the disease and that’s that you know there are many in the optical disease of their made but i’ll try to focus in the common the altar diesel cast which has it hi Brendan in their society and the financial impact now Europe the highest leading cause of death and no organ is ischemic heart disease okay right after this come c VA is the main not only this also the main cause of disability among adults distraught it’s the major cause of disability on my part of this sort of

a vascular disease now this is a slider to share that information with you have to know that stroke they are divided to two tied ischemic and market a market went to ascend Dickerson subotic knowing the central server from memory well now a scheme yet I just want to tell you that there are thirty to forty percent of stroke dhara cryptogenic and that means that we don’t know what’s the code for those people to stroke and the comments the stroke of young age group at an executor today then having security Dominus code of course of stroke and younger group is not acceptable the calculor Molly not your call then tell the dissection okay they were promised photos and young lemon cool young yeah nice your ass would have a fortified okay hey Shamu due to this want to make that happen okay now then you asked me think why aren’t bringing this issue scope now can we prevent this ask the question now when you look to stop that are modifiable and not only fight if I am I kind of lightly pop it a that is what rock just goes quiet early with eight the gender we know that process more among male but it’s more it’s a leading cause of death among female we don’t know why race is swipe it twice at hiding after I’m anything and after American we found out that they doubt wanted in for the dark color people they are going to high blood pressure hypertension they have a lot of life in hylan else’s okay light violin osito Police Mr Davy just with my potential suspect of light violin on Angelina we cook the market will install William I’ll feel after I mention when so we are positives but they can online festival small listen to the plane the car engine they don’t be fooled by a normal tariff absorber you have to do a small vessel disease those usually they have small bits of disease and we have difficulty in two volunteers for now the archival is also a satiric of a strobe light headed she’ll cancel the sitter proverbs ama dominant updated weather with some liquids melody hang on so it’s just the disease which runs itself to Tamil domin which is causing a softer so there are penalties for town also I have first Indian I have a coziness and kind of autosomal dominant type of transit that’s a respectable who cannot depend what we can do man in exactly can do many things for people to prevent a stroke hypertension most unfortunate cause it’s the most important if you reduce hypertension you refused error risk reduction is forty percent the relative risk producing stroll by controlling high blood pressure is for person cigarette smoking of you we know that cigar smoking is the increase telescopes came in store and also include the discomfort in your eyes peaceful and also make people with annual it that they are at risk of fraud chop their animals okay people actually many people they are they’re having a muse we don’t know that they are done you but we will go smoke they make their annual at risk of rupture and all kinds of you who does not smoke any event relation big one big problem a co-relation why is a bigger problem because it’s higher among a population the population again is aging we’ll see more and more weight of population and I have seen many and many occupations of atrial fibrillation and people they are not treated and the right weight it’s so different sleep so and it has it’s not like any other school it has more mortality and morbidity and more like the cars that a class an atrial fibrillation is higher compared to other faculty of or other spiders stroke there it is Yahoo control the elitist okay first role now the guidelines before five six seven years ago if you should bring your LDL below 2.5 now you should bring it will too so we have to work out and we have earlier manifestation I don’t actually I don’t accept animation to combine to my clinic with hypertension earlier i have used this now we have tons of communication in the market to reduce blood pressure Joe so it should not accept either the patient is not taking this medication or that is a proper motivation okay although all of the doctor the doctor is not giving in our education and in a widened we’re not to be along any type air we shouldn’t talk about the difference again or visit you should review simplicity and the physical I mean it’s very important now when you can’t answer primary prevention now when you come

folder for the secondary education had reservations has install no can do it you should give auntie places we stop at the market module two aspirin we’ve leveraged to be Edwin oats are they were done by anticipation the bacon is named Norma that you want to place you should go for a spin chief available every way over the counter but anything here that you can’t go for flowers grow the way bro okay then people to think that there is a guy called the acronyms which is it’s only marketable yeah excess weight year at similar levels so I came up to the regatta and I’ve you do more work whether that’s good anticoagulation is very important there is no way to complete accident versus antico relationship equation into a sea of the relation there is no way Alaska and acknowledge a list of strong in atl relation by 22 Lance population and water in a lil about 66 you did the fun you don’t see our communication college hill to the public / 22 Lake 66 took their young 75 not unveil attend 75% government the light only I had my advantage ovulation now project and are afflicted me you have to it and I appropriate time novation Terry’s broke your loop within two weeks okay especially in Maine because otherwise after the two weeks of the stroke this will become like the other population so if you do it in the right time than to it doesn’t it what you have to do it and pay them would make good hand because enlightenment hospital oscillate Sochi critical said theory doesn’t even do more ready to mortality pick up and equal to get involved with it’s marketed organic will evolve are permanently I with other come on answer in the morbidity rifle joined that’s not I’m saying they should have hit nonspecific good then again percolation really we need to decide on this a lot because you’ll see you’ll see the monkey of family was into practice red salute like this fellow he has been a hella why have seen attending one of father of my friend and he died on me like message and see a stroke and had advocate relation he was following in the clinic and the decision and the clinic became only aspirin I mean answer so our helmet zibbic well I like to go but just to give you with me okay already but this guy my HW Wendell way up the dissipation Marcus novel decision but he died in that actual from massive FCS cold and good to play senior senior 800 900 years in a couple aspirin whatever it is the ending is drawn given time to the polyclinic we are they gave me a spin so this are properly right now so the animated the master stroke and then he hadn’t they must be smoke you know when its massive they are going to normative transformation the other moment the transformation has the cerebral edema midline shift he had the AMG died at the age of 62 so it’s really the very wrong with the airfare population and nobody actually except those who are very young and other spectrum we are moving before we say torches magnetic relation they don’t need to go for a run speculation but now even paroxysmal atrial fibrillation they should go for contemplation now obscenities and those people more than 60 / % ten percent above the age of 88 relation leaders of fine food so it’s a major risk factor but it’s moody pliable of you treated come from around fifty percent of all throw a delay sweatshop house officially severe and disabling and increase their they can swing by another pointer so if you don’t clear to them you look here to the eighth the eighth year is just go higher you go to disability the right and if you see that the difference of a relation it Justin this was a I need is using the risk it just substantially goes higher with work for dynamically stable so the idea population the more the aging population just go fire now probably in the later now see the disaster see there is a need we have a disaster okay and him this is your role as a physician what you have to do now if you look to the red

triangle again those people ever will never had a stroke only three percent receiving receiving therapy to come to the regulation and you imagine only ten percent the Terry works and they are subservient and that is they are not circulated ok now after even after they’ve in they have they declared himself clearly to the decision still we have only 18 their scent on therapeutic I know so we are not going to get a job we are not doing in the job we have to think of love we can vary disqualify and regulation in the name alarming boost where is the stains companies it’s from the position or is it from division ok so ACR population up to fifty percent of the patient legible to take them to receive no one’s calculation at all and patient receiving more vetting of we love the division who is the recipient watering they spend half the time within a day it’s been only half the time on this therapeutic and most of the top of the other half is down is super attributed of their sub-therapeutic so and this thing’s needs to so that’s bringing us to do to to ask ourself and ways where is their weakness where’s the problem would not be regulation because we are seeing it more and more and it’s very passive i will switch get to another thing this week about dementia as we say the game the population is a this is the main title for me the population is aging and you have to be aware of what disease and increased with the population so the country the government issue and this they should in this mode they should end this more money for for those people at this age now if you see a month then over the years that dimension will keep increasing the probability birth rate now the vaporizer probably will decrease and people that you will you know that the death tranquil dickly okay so we will have a lot of aging population this is from Australia and start we are introduced also from other country now I am coming two dimensional look you look to the advantage of the disease you look to the bed and didn’t see the venture has had a lots of peasant skip properties stroke and dementia now to your story now now used to all the Mubarak hospital because the last week then I want to concede a hospital and then I went to know what at the end and the world I was shocked that half of the private room 5 and the female we are tools male and female 5 of the day when / long-term care advanced ms or advanced ALS so they hit you by the pills how about that right from web occupied by a long-term cake and the same thing then my plan was to do I make the amount on sunday with supper 710 then I told the next completely so they say we cannot do this because it take us a long time for this kid to the bid care for the patient especially because of the long term care facility and young people tell mi casa luna between the day evolved and they change a bit it’s a hassle to do this journey to the term memory to the chi sao also think so so just from this you can conclude what what’s happening it will takes money takes facility nesses lost more than two things i think next even cancel a back injury the van and our country more like a disturbing incident report they had a a back way you are provided with the salary and this thing because one is the true and she makin money don’t remember not having anybody the back way but then topside the am sure I think they know that is to North America and s what the time is first will it roll gentle and not yet a lollipop arrested my target when I was in it let’s go fast it’s very elastic so dementia is common it will become one will it fix the feuds abajo a disabled get what the you home and that will cost a lot of money and will cost more but can be prevented artist wanting it can you agree with dementia very hard but people are walking there is also research center of dementia provision doesn’t ask me that we have to eliminate but me that maybe we can post wanted the dimension for a few years and by postponing the disease make this would be will decrease that the burden of the disease and the society and the family and everybody so people development later they will have more healthy years of mine and we can say that their disease have been prevented so that’s means also prevented by postponing the

disease now what’s going in the Bible with 54 formation of the dimension started from the post in the French military 2010 they showed up taking the Christian and a black pit depression and ethics both of these are saved with dementia so the dimensions of the dimension relic of the true dimensional stickers that’s too so the directions of the dimension it also puts and digital hope will infuse the case of dementia by play on that said I just proved that I had advice hopefully Fulton victim contains a lot of antioxidants the basic education was deep blue and eighty percent agree so patient has been shown dr. to those people are educated out at least at least contact lists list of dimension has been shown people already hey that is an increased risk of buttons and I come on so choose non dimensional okay panting like estrogen and others understand are still walking on them the anti-inflammatory there was a big study of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory has been shown initiative prevented then anime of study they couldn’t reproduce the same thing now they are studying it again so it’s fun process for vascular dementia now the location that is offensive and these things they will communication leadership to the Donna busy other medications when I start bolinas today’s inhibitor and then to a financial be the first initiated for going to be lower sparkling when Anna monica is a diversified police personnel would decrease the degradation of that Scott Foley when are they first start Pauline is today’s inhibitor enzyme-linked listen so increase escapologist at yesterday now those medication they don’t be pleased that they don’t prevent the disease lets you know they will hold the decision in two dimensions are the industrial and our neurodegenerative disease okay so you already can put continue so you won’t you would like to hope that that it seems that certain forms without head and there are some still taught that people will go supply well now for vascular dementia week we can do many carry the gospel mission the angel just fabulous lifestyles want to play that role and hypertension and baby two more precision so the derivative of the galaxy one on one percent more scene after the age of 60 because the slope if you see a patient dr. David still 60 old asian having a epilepsy are suspected uses images then it’s very important since its many people and their neck they go but yes still she wants to get married it’s the stickman now even cross the same elevation to all that the guy who set the scene for a female after you go on she want to get pregnant and you know most of don t it flips it well some fifty percent of them they are closing the oxygen icity we know that even if the lipsy itself it will actually it said without being familia bison it’s my painting needs of the telescope a Phillips and their offsetting of those patients also the disease our city with social stigma which is wrongly more we see this more and our community they think about gin ready for work for Kaos a 4-yard oh yes my mommy did the variability him how it is now ok now there is in fact that ability not only on their agent but also the family community most people they cannot drive you cannot drop this kids to the school the party should how much not what it should have dr of the wiser to drive now so it is a fair amount of pet they’re also the basic on the physical hazama what we stole the show whadda ya mean a certain job of samantha we we prevented gotcha she lovely machine to stop cutting or something to develop them prevent them from doing it but sad seeing how the most of a particular time to look up a log of all I got crabs at black river then they go on it and sometimes they may have to do with those during their job so they may have a diff a sneaking into another thing maybe the best episode of seats have happened when they are from what did the guy back to Chicago got a former skin fighting forgot the best at done so this can happen at any time so that is our procedures or I’ll also drop a bill that is a brown because of death of their of the epilepsy and the kids where he is

also and also the social exclusion so children with evolution from marriage either because they would also to steam my second day encouragement to get married or evil people once they ask they all like I think they they don’t go away if it’ll change right away maybe from marys and employment is often behind it’s a joke with me the mat ET tactical vehicle traffic Republic every tool in a state of all apple and like a new job is the people take some time in the tank deny those people people they think there is this guy on this maybe I’m sure learned a shake was the significance i want an entire division ok what shall we do now we can do something for a fellowship we can prevent a dental prevention ok well digital content from head trauma is a major toe sport or for a virgin now we advise people secrets after you are storing all this because i like to mention story understand within my time because i started playing i started at went oh I sigh sigh i’m still do I still have the main thing is more now I started last or apparent electric RC happened to my friend by cashing the deep i pocketed bodysuit would they be there michelle maher acceptable the other unit there was a mother shown hardly remember what happened that sinkhole mascara say yeah but one of my friends act what they were driving before I you should read wanted are they required for Monterey up to panera agra fort and then the only other he gave me tickets from politicians are acronym your sake anemia 10 obviously that’s not it but yeah we are all there is a baby deer in the back Jacob it gigolo in deep marketing oh hello PJ I see this one well it over my boat built on it okay good you see this is loose Jacob life as a name is Peter output is correct no this is Lucia can have to another ticket another key right you can’t imagine how people they are very strict with the cahsee and it’s starving joining us us lots of experience I got it I can equate the would you see Cena pornography there are some awesome tags and country is very important to the cumulative home and they ain’t wearing a helmet that’s it on a lot people with it for bicycle and what quite close of you now if you run from South America the Communist cause of the solutions are posted so they have no harm prevent the news neurocysticercosis the cooking handling from a teeny and see national when is the thought when is a student would be pelicula de su I mean taenia solium person ok now who’s also your nation by taking action during pregnancy the holidays during on you did not treat a lady well during a pregnancy the chart will be on yahoo to be the trip helpless and these things very important very important to reduce this community meningitis and let me put it at the resto community me tries to make nice telescope ability if you have to and ask why they will head to simplify of 52 and their what I’ve seen it also in the patient well not Italy they targeted gorgeous and after 10-15 years there on the Fellowship of Commerce Clause you see that becomes Skelos it not happen the 320th and we will not communists I want to fight in yankee are cast about the 33 thing you Nathan meningitis they could throw man and and to drive from water and provide propulsion also has been shown you can prevent a typical college funny I mean simpler complex and we don’t do it properly give them the policy come all of their the dark below of their people the new stock solution to say much momentum cake now is there any different people to the state disability either are behaving that’s right headaches hey is the coolest in your the problem come left attention for final decision the problem is drawing and we are about and we are a tote actually the sprocket throne will see why the Pakistan and that the bottom is wrong because the

medication overuse it is and chronically we are asking a lot of time to treat such facing a lot of typical central base until then expand in our case of you think a noticeable implication of volume and the anonymity claiming a lot of a community to let a star people determine hardly the primary care because patient is legitimate and guidance that’s a good story and you go to be the doctor is not tell me how much I should take that away you can divided unequally ending we have to do do to encourage people in the primary because they are the best entry point how the system right my case campaigncash a decade but my Medicaid and say you have to know all mark alone and i’m looking at kapoor Laquisha killer either they 312 or their primary care that they should not put them in here with the lots of a medication overuse with it and if they teach world they will prevent the patient from being the chronic cases of health so if a naval base instead that’s my department that they don’t spit anything let me know people with a medication overuse and prompt them they will to do that their daughter did not Smith time and telling us a disease the tablets on bed and the wife depart again oh there is identification overland is really high those things they talk more frequently to your clinic and I’ve stuck with them but they use other patient number they would come more frequently visited that netting that it comes mantovani zoo so instead and the boy the colonists youjizz one page I can’t appoint you have to educate the patient to each will choose the public medication and you can commence to understand you can prevent could kick all using basic authentication or chronically they need many days off other does not to shop around in the NASA lyrics I don’t mind a song we have the mash-up like mother bear the pilot Dublin are there was a sucker who began taking you considered a little spitfire education evasion dr. days it’s been more man i’ma try there is a sociopath go through them in fig are you spending time to thunder but they may need psychotherapy to finish the problem latest NBA news according to the frequency identification and funny now so true that there are a lot of terrifying but there are moves along and things for you not yet rated it is a primary panic disorder you should be aware of second derivative and those people think you should just repair them and do the probable thing hold it creation of this SMS and p4p as there is that it’s not a private video civic center p well a weight loss and have a constituent attention there’s not a magnet this is nothing but you have to think of something else okay so candidate is factored like HIPAA pants up he needs more time it is more investigation situation everybody listen to that conclusion on okay the acid the awesome you need my wife that age of 70 i did thank you filming this has a migraine so not a mine it was ordered and it is a problem by the sub on all the pages that will be aware of gentle gentle of crisis okay and the discus for this is yes i’ma c reactive but the gold standard is biology okay trivia said in history whip-it stain and virility men and this is why orthogonal regulation and American next much you know special to Miami in design increase into a partial pressure of e-commerce so the take home a secret you know you’ll never see you as a physician irregular nasty little too pathetic score 1-1 at work behind the money people who do geriatric so maybe you want to do dimension the patient is crawling the disease that happen at all the people here system also the colonization we are waiting oh I think we should have a cc foolish like eternity and why I don’t have any I stuck the very ending I told you the story why don’t you they are big family to be honest with you no solution I go to the director of the hospital and it’s only chance effect on solution-focused then whenever killed a new patient Mark Martin we’re sorry I have therefore I think we should put it on thick with a facility with music you there is a gun okay okay more research on even in this area that’s my toe answer any question of the moment Victor about multiple sclerosis yes I think that it was having a high incidence here

in kuwait in previous years the 2005-2006 month person rona such incidents get across what do you know about this will well create instance well you see if you look the paper we published the vapor looking for the prevalence of motor skills and abilities have to say that night on this but one of the best the problem paper over there from Michaela to biology Martin and the prevalence of mufflers closer and all over the VCC is our meals because of illegals hi okay but it’s underestimated and there the way to look it now hindle ms the last month in rent there there amar I came in 1986 here in kuwait okay and before that before that not every case with they see a white spot in the brain they would say exam and now we have all the columns we are over Monica pink lace doctors they are more aware about them s not the oldest they are more aware of what ms the lotion connected him to up they would call that he will call them ms and the machines are very good harold hamm sits in our colony the plasma I mean sedl in my resolution is so mine the ethnic and we have over calling we are all the coin we wide misdiagnosing but i have to tell you the truth well just know that this is our privilege then the prevalence is not anything but we are more awaiting and that’s happening all over the PCC I think aware our OMG about multiples the most ask me anything yes 2-stroke second limitation if a patient has a terrific relation he gave a metacognitive that increases risk for transfer vision so depends now of the patient patient exhibits on the time now animation is the masturbation see I asked you to smoke y hasta q SE accused opened a relation there is a time when division the strokes I’d now the highest rank of neurological transformational you can attend to do a later microwave for sure the guys can run run listen there other yahoo a whole 24 or 48 hour before the maximum time of political transformation and also it’s the next one time more extension for anyway etowah content for cerebral hemorrhage the maximum time for the same personal problem of the new road port 80 in 48 hours you can we can start him no comment winstrol understand and i wait for one week there was a study they don’t operation Sarah anticoagulation adolescent went to school anticoagulation molly goby with mass but now I said no Cabala photography of transformation okay risk is the same they just wait and anticoagulant a tree CT the martyrdom of transformation that you start saving and if I that question ok what’s great bye