and hello everybody this is me dr. pc the commander and later of the anonymous PT once again today you have entered the basic submarine tutorial we are going to be doing the very few we’re going to be making your very first submarine it’s going to use a fairly simple air pump technology which is going to be controlled by a control box it will have torpedoes this weapon and we see it by the naval AI so let’s go to the vehicle designer and get something done all right here we are let’s go ahead and you jump off the platform because that’s what we do and go ahead and start to work on our new ship will be building that metal to avoid complications for your very first submarine well this is not by any means the most cost-effective way of doing it it is by far the simplest which is the reason why we are you can use this technique in this tutorial if you are interested in the other ones make sure after watching this you will move on to the advanced and eventually the extra tutorial however let’s be more concerned with the actions were taking right now we’re going to be sitting on us up with a resolute 00 more of a platform right now it will turn into a holiday down line and let’s go just let’s just go ahead and tell symmetry on pressing the end key all rather ugly I plan to be here let’s go ahead and start working on the sides of the ship as you can see this is basically a flattened several would you say pretty cool wave game I like it now let’s go and just continue the pattern all the way across you and there we are there might be a slice okay I’m not sure it’s such a short time I’m not sure if I want to break the continuation but either way here we are we have this beautiful ship right here but you know and it should have plenty of a space to make sure it floats when it’s full there and it sinks when it is not we’ll have to try that but I am pretty come trusting that so let’s go ahead and just add these things here and a nap on its underwater and their home let’s just go ahead and pull it across the center of mass and give us a quality fraction of 0 for the folks at once and see if this thing will stop thinking let’s see a little pretty strong right now however it might end up floating note it is giving gill of water looking good as you can see it’s a little front heavy but that’s absolutely fine for us because we’re going to be that’s going to be changing many times in this video okay yes absolutely it’s definitely going to be sinking but this is the critical path photograph yes it will beautiful this means this hole is perfectly viable for the use in this tutorial so the point in palma can actually stay there and we will be cutting out the holes for the weapon system which is one of the more important sections of people make sure is at the front you are the weapons are facing at the front of the vessel we will be shooting our three torpedoes so when it works in too much space but we are going to have a favorite weapon system going on we’re going to make them let’s say five blocks along this is going to include this is and of course there is there the issuance a launcher but where where the 12 walks along the salsa so let’s go ahead and get ourselves inside box near your actual comprises them so it’s going to go step 6 weigh yourself connectors and correct them all the way Kristen button add the launch pads and I guess I should switch up the collar for the master in this thing it relates you’re not worried about the names right now they might be explained in another video so it’s going to get back to the resource and get us some new cell blocks all right fantastic I have a clear one

listen now let’s go ahead and add a little bit of reem acra sleep launchpad protected from incoming attacks you can see now the angles of shooting day on mush mush level and we can start focusing on other things such as let me sell control I believe we can just see that up here at ya yes new ok that’s fine nothing’s bad and I think it’s nothing to worry about now we can add all three factors exactly fantastic now we are going to add our Celsius tackifier Adam because it’s you know with one of those things that don’t really have that much fun meaning but they’re kind of cool and this one is actually important identify friend or foe we’ll be sitting at 2.3 seconds and that’s all we saw system pretty much down I mean we’re gonna actually be removing this one so we can have space for the AI we’re going to have a local local mall ok Luga is controlling one weapon then let’s go ahead and add AI mainframe and let’s get ourselves some card slots namely I don’t know whom you see oh well i dunno i can’t remember right and we’re going to have these two I don’t EE we need any other so track of our association and naval move algorithm for the very most basic system now I believe that’s pretty much the a done it yes it’s ok let’s go ahead and start i actually i am going to look into what i do with this space because it might be just useful because it’s a very big pot with submarine as you stick thing this technique is it makes it flood now we’re going to add en you grab it alien book down and get us let’s say three cranks drafts and us and cylinders going in this sort of fashion across the crankshaft but let’s leave this for anything because we’re getting a super barista this is a very cost effective way of doing an engine I know that more efficient models are clever this is fine for me we can buy the just mirror this for our convenience now we are going to have ourselves possible charges and a bunch of engines on the fuel tanks let’s go ahead and add some superchargers over that and the rest we can just fill in with the engines and fuel tanks and we will have plenty of power absolutely plenty we will be using and when it comes to the propulsion you don’t have a mob you preferably should be putting the propellers somewhere around the central mass hope it’s not too important we’re going to have jet stabilizers to fix all their as you will be making with once this process because it’s not very easy to balance your thrusters and can I see this siphon happening you see yeah that looks pretty strong right now we could move this guy’s you know a little bit clever pot and add a central thrust there you go we have done some types of propulsion from bit too much with the ask maybe I’ll just have one to make this one a little bit cheaper and you will some shields instead here we go let’s do it now we’re going to have some turning turning capabilities with some profitable crop boat propellers of you very much and dagger let’s have these two the sets all these four I suppose these are going to provide through the your control now what we are going to do is add summative listening from pitching elbow or running over will have added the air section yet stabilizers these things work on the water for some reason and we will be making use of that feature right now because it is one of the most useful thing again let’s go ahead and add distance you have a cut good good for you on both sides because you don’t want this thing to be pitching too much in any direction at all and since we’re not using teach to control our altitude it doesn’t matter if we are actually completely locked there you go that should probably keep us safe now what I want you to do let’s go ahead and get inside the building up yes inky and get to go ahead and put down on if I get with the Indiana air pump you’re around this guy I hope you’re doing and it’s it’s fun here and then we will add to automated control blocks from control section one of them is kind of controlling Daisy on I’ll show you one will after it if our altitude is great them we’re going to have minus 110 which is going to be our max altitude we’re going to adams yet with logo that’s it very simple very easy then the other side is protected

when we are less than let me see where okay there we go when i’ll do it is less than listen let’s say 130 let’s give us a 20 metre range of movement and we will act with the air pump a hundred percent okay that’s all you need to do and see a radius square should pretty much be functional we get well okay oh yeah I forget some pretty important things such as the resource it’s gotta get us a good lead ammunition you shouldn’t make yourself too vulnerable but it really doesn’t matter this is what this submarine it’s not if it gets hit you are probably after this mode anyway let’s go ahead and have Knightley’s nice Paris evolution then feel this of course important so you aren’t wasting well so you have some efficiency in your engine on it there we go okay yeah that’s a supply comp or to expose let’s just make it everything symmetrical and am if you’re processing and some ammunition process there you go that’s going to be probably a bit overkill for this three torpedoes but should most certainly do the job now I don’t think we need anything else at this point i doona kalisa is gonna say vehicle there you go let’s go ahead and see how this thing plays out let’s see will it sink that’s a critical pot and right now it’s kind of thinking but not a very fast rate oh yeah there’s a critical part i just noticed this is why you’d never turn it off too early before i tell you that the tutorial is pretty much finishing as it will be showcasing how it works so let’s go ahead and try to find ourselves there with all labor and disable the reverse you can see we serve reverse really doesn’t work with submarines i’m not sure why but it does not so let’s go ahead and see how this thing works now it is no longer trying to reverse itself right now it does not appear we are sinking very quickly at all so let’s go ahead and add ourselves a left heel but it’s fairly expensive you so you don’t really want to be wasted however it is very very useful in this point in this country and should not only provide us with a pretty good there’s a pretty good you know promise of keeping this thing in the right wrong direction it is also going to help us think I’m just a little bit worried is also going to mean we aren’t going back up which is what we have the test for I’ve right now we are not sinking really at all just really terrifying I really are we really this fatty or have I mixed something up on getting worried aren’t you is a little great lamb yes this napalm should be there cool yes it is okay there should be no reason we are floating other than the fact that we have propulsion all right looks like we might be thinking now yeah thank you sir it’s going to add another layer of lead this is a actual pedigree that I’m showing this process because you’re probably going to be facing very similar problems as you are designing your own submarine do not the end of the day you have you never know with submarines what they’re going to do right now it looks like there it is final submerging that’s very quickly but it is submerging and that’s the point put demo let’s go ahead and see if the system works by sending them altitude less let’s set the target altitude to be lets say 80 meters and let’s say six meters that’s our new you know artificial target altitude just to see if this thing done actually its job done and also over the deeper you go the safer you are from shells however the more likely you are here at play for some somewhat something along those lines which of course don’t want to happen so it’s a risk versus reward reward thing there in the future tutorials in base I yeah most likely advanced tutorial it’ll be featuring a system we don’t need to do that risk reward search risk reward is choice as much as here because it’s a much smaller smaller system and as you can see this now going up as its rich its target altitude fantastic that pretty much means this thing is working now and you can now if you are really busy you can turn the recorder you can go away and you know have a year submarine that in 50 minutes however if you are interested in seeing how this single actually

perform in combat combat then they can or will we do Justin just that so let’s go ahead and get this thing with 110 meters and this thing is actually the less than yes so it’s very hundred thirty-one massage you’re not 40 please burger yeah it’s gonna give okay plastic let’s go ahead as a vehicle in case something happens later and let’s go ahead and let it sink at least a little bit it doesn’t have to be all the way at it’s all about the shoot the function however I would like to be at least few meters below the water others it’s not really much of a submarine is it alrighty let’s go ahead and smaller see my butt off with something easy oh well that’s very very that’s very close and I did not set their missiles oh my goodness me now I feel very bad for all these people I mean we got the job done that’s definitely true however we do need to change these things of the torpedoes that’s a very easy fix it’s going to get popular to Peter popular some orphans clicking prediction guidance is pretty okay if you are trying to hit something very fast but we’re not so let’s rather just have a blast i’m just going to make it so we can actually hit underwater collins and some and a torpedo zone at the end and some fragmentation voids this guy is going to have a cone angle of just about 700 mama this guy is going to have about the third uncle should do the job and when we have this right to our components of course now we can actually see how this thing works ok now let’s see how this thing actually functions I will be spawning them somewhere else West let’s see Becca and ship spot it all the way over there fantastic because this guy’s function better range and here we can see these things I humming in you can see the top can be there very highly field of view and of course they are very very agile because they tend to be slow they say they can make some pretty extreme tense as long as they don’t have been one time component which i hope i took out however as you can see they are most certainly do their job and then let’s go some hits there you go will this thing try to turn around that’s a critical point know that it just it doesn’t seem to listen okay let’s go ahead and show vehicles load back all to me indeed eat each have the 110 let’s go ahead an extra fragmentation go ahead with an even higher cone angle or actually evolved us going to have the proximity fuze that’s much more useful there we go now it’s a superior worship and we can get back on the water this time I’m going to give it a little chili and cheese stop or I kick start I guess you could also call so we kind of already have it deep underwater and see how this thing gas against some at least need a little more serious enemies let’s start the Vanguard you think too crazy yet but it’s you know it isn’t worth a battleship and you can see the turning all the way down there and shooting our torpedoes fantastic now will the hell mean that’s a key question I am not sure if this work guys way and wrong oh and there are other problems for me to fix in the name of course let’s see yeah there’s a lot of twerking debate on let’s grab some rings because they work very differently from traditional battleships which is why the AI did the default slightest will be something very crazy what we want to do is actually enter prototype very very early but also leave it very very easily and we had one to get 20 degrees nothing else made my range is this okay yeah we don’t want to be closer than 50 meters let’s just say and that’s it okay let’s just do that trick and let’s now see how this thing does wooten as we once again go ahead and put it all the way down here I hope I change it in and saved that’s a quick change that’s a quick check I did fantastic however we are now being hit by what exactly I’m not quite sure what this that’s kind of worried by the way let’s

go ahead and spawn us another Vanguard and see how we do against it with Oscar Peru AI now that’s actually going to english i wrote in the right direction for once alright that’s looking like a pretty good angle to be shooting for that and we are just a lot of spitting out these torpedoes at the enemy as you can see while it might look like this guy’s missed they get going around and have a second round Nate them from the back which is rather beautiful yeah we have it vanguard is getting wet destroyed so at this point I’m pretty sure the tweaking is done we could have matches against the plunderer that’s always fun we’re going to load up the mo search then this ship has more than that its job let’s go ahead and see how this thing goes let’s ponder let’s leave a hop by how much do you cost only this mile that’s not a very expensive ship is it no it is not and however if it can take out a panderer most of many of you will think it’s pretty much worked at that point right that’s 25,000 metal rod wonder in case with words of course which is not quite that’s even we could also you could strap some shield zone because it right now it has a completely overkill engine it could really do with some engines or shields kids are very effective because they mow penetration rating will continue to go down as it goes on the water right now that your videos are really completing the enemy oh no that is well let’s this is a good let’s demonstrate how much fire these things can indeed take even because this thing would be quite devastating if it was above water and I mean I’m not saying it’s not very devastating us right now however there we go that plunder has been defeated pretty much mint my DA still have enough ammo to destroy this thing however is not doing a very good job at it as you can see and at this point it’s just a matter of time before we will kill it so there you have a ladies and gentlemen this thing can kill I planner which makes it a very effective submarine however this is it for the tutorial I hope you have enjoyed it and if you are interested in becoming even more proficient with some rings make sure you move on to that one submarine tutorial I’ve been able to PC and thanks for watching you you you