hello babes welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna show you guys stuff from XI and as you guys can see from the title and also I got a few things from dullsville that kind of give you guys my review about thumb because I’ve never tried anything from them before I felt like doing a more casual haul I’m always doing like stand-up hauls and I feel like this is just more chill like she does grab your tea coffee your Starbucks watches though I wish I have them right now the only thing I’m first thing I have right now is water if you guys aren’t gonna follow me on IG make sure you guys do it is a step to cheat Macedo and if you guys are new to my channel thank you so much for stopping by and make sure you guys check out my other videos that I have and you guys know I love love love Chien because they are so super affordable these guys oh my god they’re like my absolute fave that’s why they’re on the top of the pile but I’m gonna go through everything with you guys and then show you each individual item and try them on for you but as you guys know everything I show you guys in today’s video will be let down below in my description box so you guys can show them I have a code 4 sheet in for my Canadian babes and also for my u.s. babe so make sure you guys use my Christian while you guys are shopping with them but I would still leave a link to everything down below so that you guys can check all of it out I’m actually wearing a top right now from Dolph kill this beautiful like lavender lilac top I cannot honestly it is so cute you guys can also make it like a bando serves off and just like pull down the straps and tuck them in I forgot to check the size that I got in this but I will leave it down below in the description of cars very stretchy as well you guys that’s what I love about it and I just feel like it’s so comfortable and it’s the most cutest like top to dress up an outfit it is just so adorable the straps are also adjustable which you already know I love very much because it’s super important yeah this top is from doll skill and I will leave it down below which one should we start with guys your twine this way she end okay I heard you guys gianna hi a ton of bass you guys and I have a lot from them but I love this one in particular it did come with a scarf around here like through these holes but with me yall already know I just like a very classic and plain and minimalistic so I took the scarf out and this is just a really quick bag that you can seriously just put like your wallet inside of it also comes with this extra little pouch we guys can put your make up if you want to inside it’s just kind of one big pocket inside of there this color is just my palette click this in it have this little X crunch detail on the edges it is the mini bake so as you guys can tell by my hand my hands are tiny but yeah you guys can tell it is a mini bag top number one from them this is such a cute garden floral top like a look at this it’s so adorable it is off the shoulder so it just goes like that and then it has this elastic band at the bottom also means that you can pull it up and make it a little bit more of a crop top this chop is really really comfortable I can already tell because the fabric is very light as well as elastic over here at the top okay these are so comfortable and I’m so in love with them like oh my god I got these on my typical size so you can go true to size in these almost like a matte faux leather but they are so comfortable you guys like when you wear them oh my god and they also have a padding on the interior and it’s very just nice and soft that when you slip your foot in it’s just so comfortable of course this color I kind of need a sandal that’s very plain but in this like dark sand color I actually don’t have it believe it or not these are a must-have and in lovely you can still kind of wear these in fall spring and summer this tee over here was really different and I absolutely loved it like look at this she’s carrying a bunch of beautiful flowers and I don’t know there’s just something about it and music the type of graphic tees I kind of like to be honest and it’s really nice and white and just fresh and the design is all neutral I got this one the size of media because I didn’t want to get the small and it be too fitted I really wanted it to give me some room just kind of like casual room too much or anything and this tea is mad stretchy so it has a lot of stretch to it Mike feed oh my god we have some color I feel like I got this job in like three different colors that’s what I feel I did this one is bright kind of like canary yellow which is just so gorgeous just thought it was such a cute flowy top has these like little bell sleeves and of course stretchy at the bottom so has like an elastic and then at the bottom here as well at the back you’re gonna have an elastic it’s just like this little V at the bottom it’s in a very light sort of sheer fabric then I got the same top and thank this poorly read I feel like this is like a deep watermelon and these ones I got in a size small so with the arms over here it looks like it’s gonna be good on me I would say this is kind of like a teal II like a dark mint but like a teal sort of color all these again I got a size small so I decided to get this chopped in three different colors because I really like the style of it and I really like it it’s a little bit like it’s just very fun to play but to be honest with you I love this little like twist it doesn’t

the front over here it was just so cute and I like that they’re really breathable they’re not too thick but look at all this color don’t say a word father watch yourself babies I’m really really looking forward to and I really hope that they fit me really basic ones but then at the bottom it has the really kind of ripped edge and it also has a rip going out for your leg over here this is what I’m feeling a little bit more edgy little more boyfriend and I want to kind of like dress down for the day and be a little bit more colorful around the back it’s very nice in basement just the two pockets yeah that’s eyes large to be on the safe side because sometimes with medium because it has no stretch this one does not have stretch you guys it’s just regular Jean material have some room on the side here too these jeans are more like relaxed boyfriend anyway so I don’t really mind so I have a ton of room over here at the back as well so this is definitely more for like a casual fit because as soon as it gives you a room over there it kind of takes away your but see how you like tuck that in this sticks out it looks like you’re like flood this is more of like a casual Jean if you guys want more room if you guys want just go look one size up from your normal size they’re just really really pretty and I love them with this top you guys this next please like is something that I’m kind of missing for my wardrobe I’m not a lie so I got a midi skirt and I feel like everyone kind of needs a very basic miniskirt this one has like a ruched kind of elastic detail on the side and let me tell you this helps to give you such a really nice body shape I always recommend silver like a short shaper underneath this no matter what size you are it doesn’t matter it just helps to keep everything nice and in and everybody gets bloated no matter your size choose 0 for 14 it doesn’t matter everybody gets bloated this one I’ll leave the sizing down below if they can’t find it right now because I would have wanted it to fit a little bit more fitted but I might have got a medium to be safe but I will definitely confirm down below guys you can never go wrong with the classic black miniskirt and very very stretchy that’s why I’m not really sure what size I got but I’ll let you guys know down below this is definitely not much guys I feel like I could have gone one size down whatever it is that I got it fits me nice but it just is more of like a comfortable fit it’s really comfortable though really movable and very stretchy but I definitely would just go down one size from what I got guys look at this crop top oh my god if I forget to mention by the way any of these sizes like 1,000% be left down below so if I forget I’m sorry this one does say size small this has this little like ring over here I got caramel sort of like tint to it it is just so cute it kind of looks like a one slider but it has the two straps and it has a ribbed detail and it’s the most beautiful like sandy beige e nude this looks really nice with that skirt as well and this is stretchy so don’t worry guys has some stretch get this top over here is another accent top and it’s just so adorable I think this one I would have gotten it’s small yeah so I got this one in a queue as small it has like a cutout by the chest area it is just so cute guys okay it’s a really lightly beige you sandy color and it has a lot of stretch so don’t worry and it also it’s kind of a very fine rib detail but not really it’s a little bit more of like a lightweight native material these chocolate hella bougie hey this top over here I think is so so cute I just really hope it fits my arms but I think it will I think I have enough room if not I just want to get a bigger size because it’s so adorable look at this beachy boho chic sort of top like I cannot cope with these two little tassel so what cute guys this little like bold accent again this top is like very free very movable and it has this very like intricate pattern on the back and also in the front it is also in that very kind of like sheer material so it will be see-through I’m doing broad that’s what I would wear with this and this part over here is not really stretchy like this fabric but at the bottom here it definitely has its really destroyed she’d like a waistband these sleeves go really nice and wide almost like a bell sleeve I’ll show you guys over here if you guys are going somewhere tropical where your bikini underneath this was like a white pair of Schwartz linen shorts and you have like a date outfit semi like each other for when you’re ready to go swimming the shirt fits me perfectly it doesn’t like feel like it’s tight on my arms but it could be one size up if I really want to love it with these jean shorts I cannot look how cute this is it’s so comfortable and flowy guys I still would go the size up just for my arms at the top they don’t feel bad at all it’s just if you want more of like that regular fit super super cute dress because mine on the safe side and got this in a media I’m knowing myself yep I did this is a very kind of lightweight summer dress and the most like beautiful fabric so this is more of a dressier fabric the sleeves have a little elastic as well and they kind of do like a

balloon style at the bottom this is very again that sort of like garden floral theme and definitely coming out this summer and it’s so huge there by this skirt it has this little like Braille detail it’s so beautiful and it kind of does like a Chris cross detail at the bottom by the skirt it’s also a one-shoulder so he has the one sleeve over here this color I can do because it’s really nice and soft in pink I just think it’s so beautiful and pretty it also has a zipper here on this side cuz you’re probably wondering if I have some stretch I’m supposed to put this on too so it has been zipper over here on the sides but it gives you room when you guys are putting it on and I just love how the patterns like really nice and soft and nothing to like dramatic or anything over here by the way it is not stretchy at the waist I know some of you are gonna ask me having that zipper just really helped me kind of put it on really easily so that’s this side with the sleeve like I cannot be sure to these but they were before my weight love and you’ll kind of their massive on me honestly what 40 pounds does is insane well that would you gain 10 steps more like 3 these things I gotta said mediums you know but I think they do these ones I decided should not get in a large lemon I hope that I’m not gonna regret not getting a large they also seemed really high waisted as well so normally when they are and this goes to my age off of my waist I won’t take so much smaller there but if it’s like a mid rise it’s not gonna work out I’m gonna have to go a size up at the back just has like little details over there with the little ribs but I love this color can you guys tell like I like the late Jean I do not like the medium color it’s not just not for me oh thank you I don’t think you guys will catch me in that it’s not you I love these so much so please fit me please please please fit me this one is also not stretchy guys so I will be sure to be extremely detailed about how I like to fit in them on me I think this is my first time showing you guys gene short from she in well two of them so I’m really excited they fit absolutely perfect even at my waist I’m okay with this cuz I like that sort of like boyfriend fit but they fit me so good guys that’s it from the back love them like oh my god such an affordable like short and I love the color of them too don’t kill so thank you so much first of all don’t kill for sending me this stuff so this first little piece over here are these cute little slides and they have a croc skin pattern on them like like I cannot it they are so adorable and it also has the reptile pattern at the bottom over here this one I got in my true size so I got size EU s6 as well and I did tried these guys on and they do fit really really well and even over here they have enough padding at the top and the bottom as well that makes it super comfy when you’re walking I’ll leave a link down below to this you guys can shop them and this stuff over here I am really excited to try on like look at this guy this one actually looks super cute with those life that just showed you but this one has like a lace of detail on this side where you guys can tie it up has this very like edgy kind of look to it which I like because sometimes I feel like that kind of mood but this one I think I go I got small so I got this one in this small and it’s in like you’re basically t-shirt material so it’s in a cotton fabric and it also has stretched to it as well a lot a lot but I had a little bit to it the quality is really nice though like this does not look cheap at all and the chien ones by the way they look really good for the price that they are – it’s really really good quality I can just tell that this is not like your typical t-shirt material it feels really really good and I honestly think this smells gonna fit me perfectly I wanted it fitted I didn’t want to fit too big in but it looks so super cute with jeans and I think I’m gonna love this job okay this bodysuit it’s so cute – what size that I get in this okay this one I got in a size us six it is a bodysuit I’m so what cuz I needed to try this one on oh my god you website six looks like it’s gonna fit really well or it might be a little bit big I just didn’t want to run into the issue of it not being stretchy but this definitely has stretch has more stretch very very smart of them to make it very stretchy at the bottom because it has to go over but and underneath so very stretchy on the body and also the top over here so if you guys also had like a bigger chest you’re gonna have a ton of room guys this is so adorable like I cannot I definitely could have gone a size down in this just because I have so much room in like the top over here but I also it’s just very stretchy very movable I’m okay with this fit I just typically like when they’re a little bit more fitted but it is just such an adorable body students is just so comfortable so nice and stretchy and I

just love this like detail over here it’s so cute so this is the site that comes with the super cute by the way stretchy bando table and it’s in like a very like creamy Buttercup sort of color but then guys that also comes with the pants and the pants are to die for I have been really into wide leg pants I just did a boo-boo haul of make sure you guys check that by now I show you guys too pleated wide leg pants and I’m really into it because I’ll be honest with you guys they look so expensive they dress up an outfit and let me tell you they’re super comfortable and they hide a lot you guys are loaded at the front if someone said to me I feel like I look huge when I’m in them my tip with that is never wear a loose top you see what they did here and I gave her this advice on IG you have a wide bottom or something loose in the bottom go tight on the top it’s gonna accentuate how much smaller you are up here and it’s gonna give you a waist at the same time and then it’s gonna make you look at your hips at the bottom so I’m gonna give you a really nice shape try it out and see if my advice works for you so it comes with these super flowing pants with this little tie at the front and they also open up over here you guys so it has like an opening like this and then it has shorts underneath I proceeded to cover you I was doing very stretching those these ones I’m gonna lie I try on right away because I was like oh my god I have to just try this they are so comfortable wide leg pants who doesn’t want to look comfortable and trendy and expensive at the same time such a cute side I feel like it’s just so super cute for the beach to be honest with you or when you guys are going on vacation or just for dinner so both of these are small and pretty sure this like comes as one sight you don’t want to wear it separately if it does I’ll mention it down below how gorge is this that’s absolutely perfect for the beach you guys the top fits so nice and also the pants look at it with my little bag on the side it just so cute guys I just love it I love how free it is it’s so pretty look at the fit of it but it still covers you up with the short that’s underneath I love that it has this elastic because again it makes it super forgiving coming up white I’ve been dying to find the most perfect pair and I’ll be honest with my body shape and being like large on the bottom it’s always kind of hard for me to shop for pants especially what I wanted to fit more loose I mean but these are the most like gorgeous gorgeous cargo pans they have these little buckles on the side which is so cute it just adds even more detail to it at the back though they’re super plain but it has this elastic waistband which makes them super forgiving again which is really really important for me because my waist portion and then my portion of my hand so like two different things so guys they’re very very expensive looking and the quality is really really good I’m really impressed with the quality of all of these pieces that I’m showing you guys that’s like a cuff to bottom and they also have two pockets over here on the side and this material it does have some stretch to it not like a lot but it’s not a stiff material it’s a very soft kind of like movable stretchy material once I can’t find the size that I got but I’ll definitely you guys know it down below which ones I did get but I want to try them on for you guys I’m gonna use it with the bando top so you guys can see how super cute there that’s right watch yourself these feels so good and they feel so expensive and look at the sights you guys they’re so cute I love them and this fit is absolutely perfect because again you have some like forgiving room at the back with the elastic I love the way they just like fit my body they give my body such a nice shape I love them I really really like their pieces I will say if there’s so many different styles I thought dolls kill was a lot more like almost gothic edgy but now they’re introducing a lot of these pieces I don’t know if they always run like that or that was just my impression of them so this one I got nothing small like look at this guys this is like a very tan apricot sort of like color it is so gorgeous my mom was like can I have that I’m like no what like my Mina she’d always want every single thing I opened you guys like she’s just too much because she loves fashion too off the shoulder or you guys can bring it up if you want to it’s kind of like a little dual purpose over there but I like to wear all these tops the shoulder I love off-the-shoulder just letting some of this light come through I think it’s very soft and pretty really stretchy over here by the waist you can make it more crop top if you want to this is very elastic as well I’m okay again with this apricot color because there’s nothing too crazy and I feel like it goes really well with kind of my style and it’s not too like saturated or anything it’s so romantic

and again it’s just so super trendy with everything that’s like coming out this summer I have to have a fitness hall coming up I’m also doing a back to school haul so I’m gonna show you guys things that I feel make your life a lot more easy so many things for home in there like some pieces of decor beauty products so that is coming up in the channel more what I eat in the days are coming up in the channel but I cannot wait to do let me know down below if you guys love this casual hauls give me some feedback and let me know what you guys loved about this haul also don’t forget that everything I show you guys into this video will be let down below in my description box and I also have a coupon code which she in so make sure you guys use that when you guys are shopping with them and also check out all their new in pieces you guys are not following me on IG it makes you guys do it is act FG Macedo subscribe to my channel click that notification where else that you guys gonna fight for all of my brand new videos and make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up thank you guys so much for watching and I will see all my beautiful babes in my next video