Srishti! What’s the matter, sir? It’s nothing I was just worried about Srishti Listen – Yes Hasn’t my wife come back yet? Ma’am has gone for a party She will be late Please, take rest ‘It must be dad calling me up.’ ‘Let me hear his voice for the last time.’ Dad Srishti, are you all right? Yes, dad I’m absolutely fine My dear, I’ve been getting weird dreams for the past few days About that illness of yours Dad, I’m very happy over here You’re worrying for no reason Where’s mom? She.. She has gone to attend a party Dear, please go to bed now Also, if you need anything, let me know Sure, dad Bye, dear, and take care That guy was so weird – So weird! That guy was driving so fast Oh, no! – It was amazing She has turned this room into a swimming pool This lowlife should be removed from this room She hasn’t made the beds either They have been left as they were She has kept her bed tidy I.. I’ll make your bed right away What are you saying? You stupid goat! What have you done to yourself? Go and change your clothes first The three of us are very tired Go Go and change

They’re still sleeping I’ll freshen up and go to college before they wake up What are these marks on my arms? They weren’t there yesterday Did the three of them do this? Your Honour, this is a very simple case There’s only one suspect in the triple murder at the hostel of GKV College Just one Not just a suspect. I’m sure that this person is guilty of the crime Ms. Srishti Gupta Don’t be fooled by her innocent face, Your Honour The entire hostel is witness to the fact that Ms. Srishti Gupta wasn’t friends with her roommates Naina, Anita and Shagun They would often be heard quarrelling And then one morning, a loud scream was heard It was Ms. Srishti Gupta who screamed when she realised that in a fit of anger murdered all her roommates To shed more light on the case I would like to call upon the chief investigating officer Inspector Dave Your Honour, we received a call on the morning of the 16th Three corpses had been found in the hostel of GKV College We reached there to investigate the case ‘Who has the first one to see the bodies?’ ‘Sir, it was me.’ ‘When I went near their beds in the morning’ ‘they were all – What happened?’ ‘Do you want to say something?’ ‘Sir, she’s lying.’ ‘We think that she has murdered’ ‘Naina, Shagun and Anita.’ ‘Why do you think so? – She was their roommate.’ ‘She was with them last night – That’s nonsense.’ ‘Why would I murder them?’ ‘Sir, I haven’t murdered them.’ ‘Sir, I found this cloth and knife in the dustbin outside.’ ‘Sir, it’s Srishti’s dress.’ ‘She’d worn it last evening.’ After investigating, I got to know that the blood on the knife was that of the three murder victims and the knife also had Srishti’s fingerprints Your Honour, not only that nail marks were seen on Ms. Srishti’s arms It’s obvious Those girls must have struggled a lot to save themselves They were all from poor families They were their respective parents’ only children and Ms. Srishti Gupta ruthlessly murdered them over their petty fights What are you saying, sir? I haven’t murdered them

I still don’t know how I got these marks on my arms It’s obvious that you will pretend to be innocent, Ms. Srishti Gupta But the court won’t get influenced by your baseless claims There are many girls at the hostel who could testify that Ms. Srishti Gupta had made their lives miserable Your Honour, Srishti used to create a ruckus every day She used to knock on our doors even after midnight She used to barge into our rooms, late at night When somebody would question or try to talk to her she would leave without even answering The three girls, Naina, Shagun and Anita, were sweethearts They were on good terms with everybody They never used to fight with anybody I don’t know why They were happy when Srishti was expected six months ago as they would get a new roommate But after a few days we used to hear them quarrel Your Honour, Srishti has murdered them Thank you, Jyoti Your Honour, I don’t think that the court should waste its time anymore Honestly, I don’t even understand why Mr. K.D has taken up this case Mr. Prosecutor, I have taken it up because what you see is not necessarily real and what’s real might not necessarily be seen And you aren’t be to see something in this case Please, sit down. I’ll explain it to you. Sit down Your Honour, the prosecutor presented the argument that the nail marks on Srishti’s arms were made by the three dead girls But he forgot to inform the court that traces of Srishti’s skin weren’t found under their nails This means that the nail marks haven’t been made by those girls Possibly the nail marks were made by the murderer who must’ve attacked Srishti and tried to murder her as well In the process of protecting herself she could’ve got the nail marks Mr. K.D, it’s also possible that Srishti has made the marks herself The murders took place at 2:00 a.m But the people saw the dead bodies at 6:00 a.m That means, there was a difference of four hours I mean, after thinking about the consequences Srishti could’ve tried to hide the crime she had committed out of anger After all, Srishti was the college topper She must be cunning – Had Srishti been so cunning Like you said, she had four hours Why would she leave her fingerprints on the knife? Why did she dump her dress and the knife in the dustbin outside the college? Four hours is a lot of time Enough to erase evidences to burn the dress and hide the knife by burying it somewhere But she didn’t do anything like that That means, all the evidences were planted there so that the police could easily find them while investigating Hold on Who told you that Srishti hadn’t thrown the dress and the knife over there? I’m sorry. We won’t agree just because you say so We have a reason not to agree with you Your Honour, with your permission I would like to call the watchman of GKV College hostel Mr. Nihaal Chand, here Permission granted I was outside the hostel with a radio ‘My friends, it’s 3:00 a.m.’ ‘Yes It’s 3:00 a.m.’ ‘It’s the time when ghosts and evil spirits’ ‘come out to hunt.’ ‘This show of mine’ ‘is followed by mostly watchmen and security guards.’ ‘Friends, take care of yourselves.’ ‘Look to the left and then right.’ ‘A ghost might be approaching you.’ ‘That was utter nonsense.’ Thank you, Mr. Nihaal Chand Did you hear him, Mr. K.D? Yes, I did. I want to ask Mr. Nihaal Chand something Thank you Mr. Nihaal Chand, as per your statement you were right there at 3:00 a.m. – Yes

You were doing your job Why didn’t you ask her why she was throwing waste after midnight. Didn’t you ask her? I didn’t ask her because she used to do it regularly She used to throw waste after midnight, twice a week I’d tried to ask her once But she made a face and left Since then, I’ve never asked her the reason Sir, he’s lying I never used to throw waste at night I don’t know, why they are blabbering nonsense They’re absolutely right Please, come to the witness box and give your statement Ms. Gupta, to help the court maintain its records I would like to inform that She’s Ms. Bindu Gupta She’s Srishti’s mother Ms. Gupta, tell me something Your house is 25 kilometres away from the hostel Yes. – As per Nihaal Singh’s statement he had seen Srishti throw waste at 3:00 a.m She has done it several times How are you aware of this fact? Did Srishti inform you or had you been there at 3:00 a.m.? Your Honour, actually I know since the beginning Srishti has been suffering from sleepwalking since her childhood! Your Honour, I beg your pardon The defence was not aware of the client’s disease The defence requests for time to investigate the truth I defer the court until the next hearing The court is adjourned Sir, what did Srishti say? Srishti said that she was ashamed to tell people about her sleepwalking disease Whatever the reason She shouldn’t have hidden the truth from me Sir, is it possible for someone to kill three people in this state and forget about it? Yes It is possible There have been many cases in the world wherein people have committed murder in sleep The accused were convicted in some cases and acquitted in some What was the basis, sir? On the basis of the complexity of the case It is fine if the patient performs a normal task in sleep But if a patient claims to drive a car in sleep especially on a busy street it becomes doubtful Sir, do you think that Srishti is innocent? Not just that, Varun The police recovered Srishti’s shirt from the dustbin but she hadn’t worn it that night Then, how come there were blood stains on it? I guess, someone is trying to frame Srishti That person knows about Srishti’s disease and is taking advantage of it If we find the person we will find the murderer Her mom Bindu Gupta Sir, while I was doing Srishti’s background check I found out that Bindu was her stepmother and that she had forcibly sent Srishti to the hostel Srishti’s college teacher Professor Sheila Tandon had asked Ms. Bindu not to visit the college Srishti’s mother was completely insane, Mr. K.D Once, she came to the college and started shouting at Srishti It was about their property Then, I strictly asked her not to come here Did you try to talk to Srishti about it or were you able to talk? Many times.. I tried many times to talk to her In fact, I even counselled her But whenever it was about her family she used to keep quiet Because I didn’t want any kind of disturbance to affect her studies I think, her stepmother used to intimidate her a lot By the way, Srishti was a sweet girl If she was so sweet how come she used to have arguments with the three girls who died? What was the reason behind the quarrel between them? Those three girls used to attend college only to pass the time Parties, drinking and a lot more There were a lot of differences between their personalities and Srishti’s personality

Maybe that’s why, they never got along with each other In fact, Srishti had complained about them One day, the boyfriend of one of the three girls had come to the hostel That too, during the day when all the girls were at college I wonder what he was doing in their room! Srishti saw him there Obviously, Srishti complained about them Naturally, I took Srishti’s side This could be a reason, too He came in So, he had the key to the room All of you are framing me I have nothing to do with this case Mohit, I haven’t yet asked you any question Why are you getting so excited? Don’t get excited Relax. Have some water Come on Have it Your Honour, what is going on? Mr. K.D, are you done treating him? Should I get any medicine? Your Honour, I thought that this case was about Naina, Anita and Shagun’s murder in which the main accused was Ms. Srishti Gupta I wonder why Mr. K.D has got this boy Mohit! What has he got to do with this case, sir? Your Honour, the main reason behind bringing Mohit was that he was the boyfriend of Shagun one of the three girls who died After talking to Mrs. Tandon when I sent my assistant Varun to investigate the hostel room with Inspector Dave ‘Dave, the clothes, the phone and the laptop in this room’ ‘are expensive and are of the latest brands.’ ‘But PP told the court’ ‘that the girls belonged to poor families.’ ‘In fact, they had taken education loans.’ ‘Yes, Varun Something is fishy.’ ‘Both of them will answer this.’ ‘Sir, we don’t know how this happened.’ ‘We did not even know that they were poor.’ ‘They were always acting very cool.’ ‘Yes, sir Only Srishti was very foolish.’ ‘I mean, she used to fight with everybody.’ ‘She always used to complain.’ ‘Like she complained the other day’ ‘when the boy came to the hostel once. – Once!’ ‘Sir, the boy often used to come to the hostel.’ ‘He used to come every week.’ ‘His name is Mohit.’ ‘He was Shagun’s boyfriend – Really?’ ‘Sir, they were a cute couple.’ ‘Poor Mohit. Mohit used to love Shagun a lot, sir.’ ‘Every week, he used to get expensive gifts for her.’ ‘Shagun used to gift him soft toys.’ ‘But after Srishti complained about them’ ‘Mrs. Tandon posted Nihaal Chand’ ‘outside the hostel gate.’ ‘Dave, they used to exchange gifts whenever they met.’ Mr. K.D, what does this prove? I agree I agree that Mohit and Shagun were lovers I also agree that Mohit used to give her gifts I also agree that Shagun used to gift him soft toys in return What does this have to do with the case? It does have a connection, sir I am trying to explain the connection to the court Your Honour, if Mohit and Shagun were lovers It’s understood that a boy gives lots of gifts to his girlfriend Therefore even he would’ve given expensive things to Shagun But Your Honour, it’s suspicious to see expensive things with the other two girls, in that hostel room So was Shagun your girlfriend? Y-Yes S-She was m-my girlfriend No, Mohit She wasn’t your girlfriend Had she been your girlfriend then the small soft toys given by her wouldn’t have been found in that condition in your house ‘All these toys have been ripped apart as if..’ ‘Hey, stop!’ ‘Stop.’ Police subjected Mohit to a medical test and its report is present on your desk The report proves that a drug named PLS was found in excessive quantity, in his blood Order Order Silence in the court Not only in his blood, Your Honour The soft toys gifted by Shagun that have been recovered from his house The ones reduced to rags Traces of PLS were found in those rags too

You may see the report What are you thinking, Mr. Prosecutor? No need to trouble yourself Let me explain What I was trying to say before the court is that all the three girls belonged to a poor family Recovery of such expensive things from the girls’ room like mobile phone, laptop etc Also, Shagun gifting him soft toys which contained the drug PLS indicates that all the three girls ran a drug racket They used to give him soft toys and he used to give bags in return It’s obvious what those bags contained Your Honour, I’m confident that he’s the kingpin of that drug racket run by these three girls Will you narrate the remaining story? I am quite tired Yes, Your Honour Shagun wasn’t my girlfriend, she was my drug supplier I used to deliver her cash as gifts and she used to supply me drugs in return ‘No need to check.’ ‘The whole amount is in the bag.’ ‘Also, I need double the quantity of drugs next time.’ ‘Okay, even I’ve increased the price of the drugs.’ ‘Next time, three grams will cost Rs. 3,000.’ Your Honour, initially all our deals would take place in the hostel I had the keys to Shagun’s room When all the girls would leave for college I would quietly sneak into Shagun’s room I would leave the money there and take away the drugs But one day Srishti saw me She made a huge hue and cry She created such a big scene that I was thrown out Ms. Tandon warned Shagun too Since then Shagun, Naina and Anita became sworn enemies of Srishti And even you followed suit Not only that I mean, you did become Srishti’s enemy but you had already become hostile towards Shagun You couldn’t digest the fact that Shagun has increased the prices. Right? So you thought of killing two birds with one stone You implicated Srishti after killing Shagun Naina and Anita That’s all Game finished No, sir I-I didn’t kill anyone You had the keys to that room You had easy access You had the motive to kill so it’s likely that you’ve committed the murders Mr. KD! Excuse me Let’s accept your argument Your Honour, I admit that maybe Naina, Shagun and Anita had an estrangement with Mohit over the drugs’ money Okay, we accept that But Mr. KD, it again fails to prove that your client Srishti Gupta is innocent Your Honour, point to be noted is that in the last hearing, we found out that Srishti Gupta is a sleepwalker We also found out that she joined GKV college six months ago But what we didn’t know is that after leaving St. Martin’s college she didn’t join GKV college at her own will Rather she was forced by her parents The reason behind it was Srishti Gupta’s sleepwalking and her violent behaviour after that because of which even her family was worried To the extent that even her mother Ms. Bindu Gupta was about to become a victim of her violent behaviour which succeeds her sleepwalking Yes, Your Honour, once Srishti Gupta during her sleepwalk tried to shoot her mother Bindu Gupta Order, order Silence in the court Yes, Your Honour, this girl is crazy Had I known about it earlier then I wouldn’t have married her father She tried to kill me even at night Mom, why are you lying? Your Honour, why would I lie? Though I’m her step mom, I still am a mother to her After all, even we should respect law Your Honour, if you don’t punish this murderer

then many parents will lose their children Wow! Mrs. Gupta, that’s amazing! I am glad to know that you respect law so much My point exactly She might’ve killed her friends And now she is trying to act innocent Very soon we will get to know as to who is acting innocent Your Honour, Mrs. Gupta is right Srishti suffers from a sleepwalking disorder She often wakes up in the middle of the night and in her sleepwalk, cleans her room and does other things But it’s a lie that she tried to shoot her step mother while sleepwalking I’d like to call famous neurologist Dr. Singh to the witness box, to give expert opinion on this disorder Dr. Singh, please tell the court whether it is possible for a person suffering from this disorder, to go to another room open the cupboard, take the gun load it with cartridge take aim and shoot a person while sleepwalking? Yes, it is possible, but not in Srishti’s case Your Honour, I’ve thoroughly tested Srishti Based on my test results, Srishti suffers from a unique sleepwalking disorder which is called anxiety neurosis Srishti is very pedantic She wakes up in her sleep only when her room is dirty or when she knows that her room hasn’t been cleaned Her anxiety is because of her pedantic nature Srishti can clean her room while sleepwalking in the night but can’t murder anyone with a weapon The sequence of loading a gun which Mr. KD narrated is quite complex which anyone can hardly do while sleepwalking And Srishti can never do it – Thank you, Dr. Singh Your Honour, Dr. Singh’s explanation proves that Mrs. Gupta is lying to the court She is trying to frame my client Srishti Your Honour Mr. KD, why would she do so? For the same old reason, Your Honour the greed for property If the court punishes Srishti for these murders then all her father’s property will go to her step mother Bindu Gupta Not only that, as per the information I’ve collected she has consulted a lawyer in this regard That is why she is trying to frame Srishti Mom, you have always made false accusations against me Why do you do that? After all why are you so mean? What harm have I done to you? I wonder what all lies have you told to dad, about me so that he sends me to hostel, haven’t you? Speak up Say it in everyone’s presence Why do you do all this? Your Honour, we’ve to rush her to the hospital immediately The court orders the police to take Mohit into custody and get Srishti treated in a government hospital The court is adjourned for the day See, she is sleeping Wake her up Sir, I don’t feel like waking her up.. Poor lady is sleeping Even I can see that she is sleeping Her job is not to sleep but to guard. Wake her up Ma’am Ma’am Madam! What is it? We need to ask Srishti a few questions Not now, come in the morning Listen, we need to ask her now and not in the morning We have taken permission from Inspector Dave If you wish I’ll get him on line for you No need, let it be You can go inside No, wait. I’ll wake her up Oh my God! Where has she gone? She was here a while ago Where has she gone? Usually, I don’t doze off like this Ma’am, what happened? Your Honour, I had already said that the innocent looking Srishti Gupta is, in fact, a sly and vicious criminal

Firstly, she lied in the court about her sleepwalking habit and secondly, she feigned unconsciousness And when she was taken to the hospital for treatment she fled from there So, Mr. KD, what do you have to say about your client? Well, I don’t have anything to say, Prosecutor Rather I can show you something, if you say Sure, go ahead – Please come in Mr. Pathak, what’s going on? I apologise, Your Honour Your Honour I’d like to call inspector Dave to the witness box to narrate the events after Srishti went missing from the hospital – Permission granted Your Honour KD called me as soon as he found out that Srishti was missing ‘I was awake till 2 a.m., but I’ve no idea how I feel asleep.’ ‘How can you sleep while on duty?’ ‘No, she didn’t fall asleep It was not her fault.’ ‘I think someone drugged her Go on. Take rest.’ ‘KD, where did Srishti run off to?’ ‘She didn’t run away.’ ‘She sleepwalked out of here – How will we find her now?’ ‘Do you remember what Dr. Singh stated in the court?’ ‘That she sleepwalks’ ‘only when she thinks her room is dirty.’ ‘I’m sure she must have gone to her room.’ ‘So, KD, we must – I’ve asked Varun to go there’ ‘and to keep an eye on her.’ ‘I’ve a special task for you.’ ‘You want to catch the killer, right?’ ‘Hold on, Varun may call any moment.’ Your Honour, Srishti’s missing incident cleared two facts Firstly, the killer knew about Srishti’s sleepwalking illness Secondly, he drugged the lady constable so that Srishti may go out unnoticed Your Honour, I knew that next, the killer will try to murder Srishti But Mr. KD, only Mohit was the other suspect apart from Srishti and he was in the lockup Have patience The truth will soon be revealed Here they are Your Honour, as per my guess, Srishti went to her hostel room to clean it up, after she left the hospital And as I guessed, Mrs. Tandon arrived there to kill Srishti and to make it look like a suicide Inspector Dave and my assistant Varun arrived there and caught her red-handed By that time, she had managed to get Srishti unconscious using the same drug that she used to drug the lady constable Mrs. Tandon was trying to slit Srishti’s wrist using her own hand to make it look like a suicide Your Honour, Inspector Dave also found Srishti’s suicide letter on Mrs. Tandon Mrs. Tandon, now there’s nothing more to be discussed I’ve told everything to the Honourable Judge You’ve been caught red-handed So, it’s up to you now whether you want to say anything in your defense or plead guilty to the crime Yes I’ve murdered all three of them Order! Order! Silence in the court! Those three girls supplied drugs to me And I gave them a lot in return Money, comfort, a good lifestyle But they started acting up They tried to blackmail me Then I decided that soon I’ll get rid of them Then Srishti approached me, to talk about her problems Srishti told me that she suffers from Somnambulism And she already had an altercation with these girls That’s it I got my plan That day, I went to the hostel at the right opportunity

And I hid inside I waited for the night And as soon as the clock struck two firstly, I sedated all the four girls Then, I made fingernail scratches on Srishti’s hand and killed Anita, Shagun and Naina So that, everyone suspects Srishti for killing the three of them Then, I kept the knife near the dustbin Because I knew that Srishti will surely wake up at 3 a.m and throw its garbage in the dustbin outside And Nihalchand would see her When I went to the washroom to wash my hands I saw Srishti’s night dress lying there I thought that if the Police finds Srishti’s blood stained clothes too their suspicion would grow strong That’s why I cleaned my hands with that dress and threw it in that dustbin And just as I had planned Srishti woke up at night and threw the garbage in the big dustbin outside I thought that if this case doesn’t close down soon you might suspect me as well So, I planned to get Srishti out of the hospital And I tried to project her death as a suicide Srishti is lucky that you failed Well, it’s really unfortunate that you did this despite being a teacher It’s a teacher’s duty to lead her pupil to the right path in life But you led your pupils astray for your selfish interests The defense rests, Your Honour After considering all the witnesses and evidences this court finds Mrs. Tandon guilty of Naina, Anita and Shagun’s murder and sentences her to life imprisonment It acquits Srishti with dignity after finding that she is innocent Also, it instructs the Police to carry a thorough investigation against Mohit for supplying drugs The case is closed