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if you would like to ask a question during today’s event press star three on your telephone keypad at any time good afternoon I’m air P. Maine state director Lori Parham and I want to welcome you today to this important discussion about the corona virus and main today you will hear us thanks and we’ll address some of your questions in the face of the global corona virus can’t enact air pemain is providing information and resources to help older adults and those caring for them protect themselves from the virus and prevent it’s spread to others today will ask state leaders about the latest update both here in Maine and out of Washington and they’ll share important information with you this is your opportunity to hear I think questions and get answers from state leaders if you participated in one of our tele town hall you know that it’s similar to a radio talk show where you have the opportunity to ask questions live if you’d like to ask a question about the impact of the global corona virus endemic press star three on your telephone keypad to be connected with an a a R P. main staff member who will know your name and question and place you on a cue to ask the question live to ask a question please press star three hello if you’re just joining I’m Laurie current state director for AARP Maine and I want to welcome you to this important discussion today about the corona virus and Dennis we’re talking with state leaders and taking your questions ask your question please press star three on your telephone keypad we are very fortunate today to have with that governor Janet mills US senator Angus king commissioner for the department of health and Human Services here in Maine Jeanne ramp crew and commissioner for the Maine department of labor Laura Fortman we’ll get started in just a moment it just reminder if you have a question please press star three on your telephone keypad to be placed in the queue we’ll do our best to get to as many questions as possible you can also find information and resources at A. A. R. P. dot org slash in E. R. Maine where we’re trying to keep up with the latest information so you have one place to go and now I’m honored to kick kick off our town hall today with governor Janet mills welcome back dinner and thank you for taking the time out of your schedule right now to share updates with our members I know they appreciate hearing from you thank you Laurie and it’s a pleasure to partner with the a a RP once again we did so many things together when I was Attorney General combating fraud against senior citizens and in teaming up in shredding paper work all kinds of interesting things we did and I I’ll I love what you folks do in our state of Maine we have so many people over the age of fifty five million over the age of sixty I mean one of them it’s it’s it’s very critical what you what you do the service you provide to me people so as governor this thing has come on pretty strong and pretty sudden I think no state was totally was prepared for this we’ve been working very closely with the federal government and with governors and other states to coordinate a response to this pandemic and I want to say first the first thing we did was obviously to to issue a declaration of a civil state of emergency status civil emergency and that brought into place us certain powers and authorities that I have in a time of crisis like this and even before that the week the legislature met in a one day session and exceeded to our request to pass emergency legislation and an emergency budget the Appropriations Committee worked all weekend on that budget along with my staff my cabinet and put forward a budget that allows us to address the needs created by this unexpected of virus epidemic so we teamed up with the legislature there was strong bipartisan support from both the supplemental budget as pared back and the emergency measure that we put together over that weekend giving a certain authority so I’m very pleased with that bipartisan cooperation with both at the state level and the federal level and I’m sure send the king will inform us more about what the federal government is done but I am very pleased with their rapid response in the three packages that they have enacted in bipartisan fashion is

not unanimous fashion so the first thing we did was declared emerged emergency which gives me and my cabinet members on the part of helping and services certain emergency powers second thing that was the core corona virus response team consisting of primarily Jean Lambert commissioner of health and Human Services who’s on the on the line as well on this call a doctor near shots you’ve probably all become familiar with the last few weeks he’s become a bit of a folk hero and the we just think he’s just a wonderful person to have on board at this critical time he’s a he’s a very intelligent person with a medical degree and a law degree in public health expertise and he’s a great messenger as well so he and and and commissioner Land Rover teamed up in developing the response from this administration as well as other cabinet members including Peter Rodgers R. Meena director main emergency management teams and he has been the linchpin between the state and the federal government to get our supplies through FEMA our so called PP they’re all learning new terms these days P P. is one of them I never knew what that was until a few weeks ago he means personal protective equipment and include surgical masks and respirator mask and a lot of different kinds of cloaks and and shoe coverings and gloves that you might see in a hospital emergency room or sometimes in the ear so those kinds of things we’ve been ordering in predominately through the national strategic strategic national stockpile through Washington and that has been the subject of many of our calls with the president or vice president I just got off of seventy five minute call with the other governors and the president and the vice president about that very issue and about testing but we know that testing as many people as in critical positions as possible is key to corralling this virus and living limiting its scope and keeping it at bay as much as possible so we’re we’re we’ve we are addressing the backlog in testing we have a lot of samples that are now being tested the current current statistics today are that we have had two two hundred and seventy five positive include unfortunately forty three healthcare workers the average age of a person with a positive test right now so far fifty five years old but I’m telling you they’re younger people who are ill with the virus as well in the state of Maine and across the country the good news is that of those tested we have run in Maine six thousand eighty eight negative tests came back with a lot of negative tests and that’s that’s comforting in forty one people have actually fully recovered from the virus and we’re building out a new platform for testing to make sure we get those samples run as quickly as possible so another thing that we’ve done in the last couple weeks is to proclaim a health insurance the that will cover the cost of testing for those who have insurance under state issued insurance policies state regulated and we signed a package of emergency measures to access state funding and to expand the authority of state and local officials to respond to the virus I’ve also issued an executive order last week ordering that all nonessential businesses and operations in Maine must close their public facing physical locations that’s on top of a previous executive order that suggested no there should be no meetings no public gatherings of more than ten people and no public gatherings in such as churches and Dino halls and theatres cinemas casinos and the like it is it’s it’s it’s a tough thing to do to stay away from the places that we have been truly go to for socializing for face services for meals etcetera but we have closed all restaurants and bars those establishments is our dining in capacity is concerned many restaurants are now offering delivery service and and curbside pick up pick up food services so that’s happening then we issued an executive order to bolster the healthcare workforce and to expand the telehealth and allow licensed physicians physician assistants and nurses a lot greater flexibility

to contribute to Maine’s response during this state of emergency and we’re working with the small business administration to help main businesses including self employed individuals attain some economic support we some of the legislation that was passed and bipartisan fashion also include a loan program for small businesses with state funds and we’re on a plane to access new federal funds available for small businesses and self employed individuals and I know that the commissioner for minutes on the line department of labor commissioner and she’s been working day and night and all weekend to beef up our our management of the unemployment claims thousands of people have filed for unemployment in part because we get the scope of unemployment and state law and in part because of the congressional actions last week it also expands the use of unemployment and she can describe that for you we finally through different department health and Human Services we’ve expanded support for nursing facilities we’ve increased expenses such as those related to staffing levels of supplies for nurses nursing homes increased reimbursements and today we’re announcing that we are increasing the rate of reimbursement rates for agencies that pay personal care workers including personal support specialist home health aides private dirty do private duty nurses and other professionals who care for Maine’s older residents in their homes the starting Wednesday those providers will receive rate increases those increases were authorized by the legislature but they were supposed to begin on July one we feel we can and must accelerate those payments to April one so and another one final thing we received a hundred thousand dollars through the family first coronavirus response back from the federal government from Congress to support meals for older older Mainers who are homebound meals on wheels program and more federal funding is expected does feature a this is really critical at a time when we encourage all many people to stay at home and the department health Human Services expects to be able to provide it local partners with this financial support the next few days so meal delivery volunteers will knock at the door of each home and stepped back to ensure that the meals received while maintaining physical distancing and you’ve all heard about that when the reinforced that we want all people to stay away from other people stay home and leave your home only when absolutely necessary taking walks is good exercising is good but in going to the grocery store when you need something basic going to work if your job is essential you cannot cannot work remotely the preseason all circumstances remains sixteen feet away from other people and stay home as much as you can you know the life you save may be your own yeah maybe your child or your grandchild maybe your neighbors your parents or grandparents but it will save a life finally I just want to say things will get worse before they get better we know this we read the statistics every day and these are not just statistics these are real people people we know people we see in our neighborhood and they’re becoming ill with this disease and if we all team together we can keep it at bay by staying home as difficult as that is some dealing with boredom dealing with reading the same newspapers over and over watching TV but staying home is critical and we can all do our part and keep this illness this disease’s virus at bay things will get worse before they get better but they will get better when we all do what we must thank you for listening in I’m happy to wait taking any questions thank you governor for sharing that information there’s a lot there and of course there’s a lot going on in it it’s great that we’re getting updates every day from from your administration and you here thanks to all of the state staff and all of the folks who are going to work every day and and really doing the work that they do on behalf of all of us here in Maine yeah I’m it’s it’s simple advice but it’s such important pricey has staying home and doing your best even if it’s hard even if you’re used to being active being out there yeah we’ve had a lot of questions from folks who are very concerned and it’s great that will have a commissioners on today to ask answer some specific questions around to help your P. and around

unemployment and and folks who are concerned about work and you raise the issue of food security we have a lot of folks who and even with senior hours are just too concerned too afraid to go to the grocery store and I know that communities are working hard to find new ways to deliver that pizza home to set up drive through and I do I know your your time is short today but I just wanted to check to see if there’s any additional advice that you might get the folks before before we know you need to run to another meeting thank you well I can add some of the other basics are washing your hands for twenty seconds I’ve gotten used to doing that myself in N. N. regularly washing your hands open waters so kills this virus that is so important to remember soap and water washing our hands on it in between times if you have a small bottle of disinfectant or hand sanitizer you use that as well that keeps the virus at bay and what they’re telling us that the doctors are telling us is this is awkward but don’t touch your face with your hands because our hands are sort of the first responders and they’re the ones that pick up dirt and bacteria and viruses and when it gets on your face it can it can make you ill so the other thing is I have asked all the stores including grocery stores and wal marts of this world and and the targets in the big box stores to limit their customers and any one time Ashley the big stores because I know people go there partly to get exercise and partly to see friends and neighbors and this is the time when we have to really measure when we go to the store and how long we stay there all exposure to other people can be very dangerous so draw and I’ve encouraged all the stores to make available drive up and curbside delivery of food groceries and essentials please take advantage of that call your local store before you go there and see if you can order by telephone and pick it up at the drive in drive up in the in many stores I know Hannaford and Walmart for instance are having I think shows well having senior hours we’re encouraging that so you have your own private shopping time people over the age of sixty say who might have some medical vulnerabilities will have a time to show up on their own for an hour or two hours and that’s an advantage as well you might want to check on that with your local store now the other thing just a piece of advice young people are not immune from this I know some of them think they are but honestly they can transmit the virus they can carry the virus and they can get sick from this virus we have people of all age groups in the hospital now suffering from this illness there are people in the icy use of all age groups I will tell you a good friend of mine her twenty five year old granddaughter died from the virus last week in another state twenty five year old beautiful young woman died from the corona virus please tell your family your friends and neighbors anybody can come down with this any body and we all have to be careful and keep our distance so that we can say be safe and together again soon thank you very much thank you governor and so I really wish you all the best please take care and thank you for all you’re doing on this important issue and I I think it was a really important point that the governor just made we’ve had some questions come in around the age question and what we’re seeing in that yeah the CDC has reported that this can impact people of all ages and we seen that even here in Maine and so it’s very important but everyone take the recommendations very seriously as we look to physically distant from each other to make what may seem like inconvenient choices in the moment that could be very important I doubt in the future for those of you who are just joining our conversation I’m Lori Parham with airplane and we’re speaking today with main leader about the corona virus often taking your questions after question at any time please press star three on your telephone keypad to be placed in the queue we have a few more updates I hope we’ll start to address some of your questions and then we will moved to accu NA lights you in a now I’d like to give a warm welcome to senator Angus king who will share some federal updates with that welcome senator I hope you’re holding up okay a lot has happened this last week in Washington and we’d

love to get an update from you on on what you can share but looks like we might be having some trouble getting the senator on the line and so I think what we’ll do is we’ll go to our next yeah and I will come back do the senator next I’d like to invite main PHH at our commissioner Jean Lambert to share information on the latest CDC update Mr Lambert you’re welcome I know your agency has been working around the clock through the CDC as well as with Medicaid and and other parts of the department what I think you have for us thank you for joining the access live event as a reminder if you would like to get in line to ask a question please press star three on your telephone keypad at any time during this call again if you’d like to ask a question please press star three on your telephone keypad the call will resume momentarily thank you for your patience I guess I’m go ahead keen sorry about that so everybody and I’m so grateful to be able to talk to you about our work here at Maine department of health and Human Services thank you know we are home to the main CDC so much of our work in supporting that team as they work round the clock to try to detect the disease identify ways to prevent the grad and keep people safe in their communities in addition to supporting can be seen we also are working with all of our partners in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities and other types of housing where we have more seniors living close to each other because we do know from experience in other states that there could be a greater risk of transmission in the state so today for example Dr shocked about how we’re going to be partnering with our division of life insurance to make sure that as we are detecting cases in settings we’re doing all we can to make sure residents their families and the people who work there get them fast and by and the best way to keep themselves and their loved ones that’s part of our mission we also argue agency that supports main Kerr or Medicaid we work with our private insurance partners the governor was talking about and we also work with our partners in Medicare to make sure that we are providing healthcare if you are older Mainers in an efficient and now moving so we have been moving in the past two weeks as the governor mentioned toward hello hello alcohol is something you might have heard about it means using maybe face time or your computer to access your health care provider we also know that that’s not always an option not everybody has that technology that internet access so we did recently announce thank you also

can have your provider get paid for giving you information over the phone because sometimes it really is just that kind of connection you need to get we can help healthcare information we’re working with our pharmacies to make sure that they can use that bigger prescription for ninety blue not necessarily thirty days to keep you from having to go back when possible we are working with our behavioral health and mental health providers knowing because the nineteen does create unique kind of strange our families to make sure that they’re providing up to date and accurate and I and we also ask the governor mentioned are making sure that our programs like our meals on wheels program continues that is probably helped by the new law coming from Washington we are grateful to senator king and our other congressional delegation for supporting significant increases in funding we are at the governor’s mansion being careful as we do so there won’t be meals that are delivered on in person with a kind of warm handoffs that he used to be so we are doing our best to continue the services that we provide to our older Mainers in a way that is go aggressive because needles but the thank you commissioner that’s all good information and we do have a lot of questions coming in around the capacity of the healthcare system and some other issues I believe we have senator king on the line and so we’ll go to him for some updates and then we’ll definitely get to questions shortly that I and know that folks will have a related to the work that’s happening through the department senator king I’m here can you hear me this time we can hear you well done good good good to be with you Lori and I’m I’m sorry about what happened before I think that was on I had the wrong pin number or something but anyway here I am I’m in the Brunswick end because I just came up from Washington on Friday and so Merion I take walks together but we’re not going to be in the same house for a while because that’s one of the things we should be doing is isolating for a period of a couple of weeks if you’ve got a visitor coming from somewhere else in the country I’ve learned two things I’ve learned to use door dash which is a way to get food delivered from local restaurants it works pretty well and the other thing that my family has learned to use I must say my daughter got it all together force is a is a is a service called zoom Z O. O. M. where you can have this today we had a a call on on our computers where we had seventeen of us together and we can all talk and and Chad and it was a great family meeting so I recommend the take advantage of the technology let me just give you a quick rundown of what what we did in Washington last week the bill that passed last Wednesday night and finally passed Friday in the house is a very good bill to deal with this problem both medically and economically the first piece is hospital so huge amount of assistance to our hospitals because they really been hammered in this state lost they’ve they’ve lost a lot of their regular work because their are postponing that works for corona cases and so they’re their revenues that have taken a real hit so there’s a big chunk of money for hospitals in Maine and across the country that’s number one number two there’s assistance for the state and state the states have taken another hit both because revenues are down but also because of additional expenditures the governor who by the way is done a great job she and I’ve been in touch with each other pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks on all of these things but they’ve had additional expenditure some of the things she mentioned about increasing compensation for personal care in those kinds of things increases under Medicaid it is so the the the they will be getting the state will be getting additional funds of one of the most important things is that it is of unemployment insurance the average unemployment insurance weekly benefit in Maine and and I hesitate to say this with the commissioner on the line but its around three hundred and sixty I think three hundred sixty eight dollars a week that is going to be bumped up at nine hundred and sixty eight dollars a week for the next months

so that will be very very substantial benefit that will provide people with the opportunity to pay the bills and put food on the table in addition unemployment insurance has been expanded and for people who are self employed who are working part time who normally wouldn’t be covered by the system so that’s been expanded as well so in awful lot of people are now going to be covered by unemployment who have through no fault of their own been pushed out of their jobs I shouldn’t use that term they date made their jobs have been date they’ve been laid off over the last couple weeks and will be more I’m afraid but they’re there’s a real backstop there in addition you probably heard every adult is going to get a check they say within the next three weeks for twelve hundred dollars a twelve hundred dollars per adult five hundred dollars per child it it tapers off if your income is above seventy five thousand dollars or a hundred fifty thousand or a married couple but that’s going to be a little additional funds to help out through this period for child care and basically try to ease the of this thing there’s a very substantial piece on small business assistance it’s it’s a little bit complicated but basically what it says is if your a business of under five hundred employees and you keep your employees on the payroll you can get in a small business loan that will be forgiven as long as you keep your your people on the payroll in other words it is called the fact it’s called the protection act so again it’s a it’s a big encouragement to keep people working and to keep people on the payroll to sort of to ease the burden of this and then finally there so big section of assistance to larger businesses with a fair amount of strings and oversight it’s not a it’s not going to be just out **** nilly and there’s going to be a lot of restrictions on it but so it a comprehensive bill I don’t think it’ll be the final answer it’s likely will be going back to work on other aspects into to identify what we missed and what the gaps are but it it’s a lot for health care for testing or development of a vaccine development of any curative drugs and not and to ease the burden on hospitals and providers like our federally qualified health centers that we have throughout Maine and nursing home so pretty comprehensive piece of legislation it wasn’t easy it was a struggle for about a week it was one of the most intense weeks I’ve had in this job but I think we came out with something is going to be very helpful thank you senator and in on those checks you talked about we have a lot of questions from folks who are on social security and I think it’s important to note for folks on the call who may not know that there have been wondering if they have already and gotten the information is that this includes individuals who work is through social and social security as well so they are eligible again it depends on income but for low income Mainers a lot of folks who rely solely on social security this will be a little bump for them to and they don’t have to apply if you have filed an income tax return last year you’ll automatically get the check if you had your refund direct deposited electronically it will come into your account they tell us within two weeks if not if you haven’t filed your you will have to file a return in order to be eligible for the for the benefit but most people are going to get automatically or if they don’t get their return electronically they’ll get a check the custom take somewhat longer great thank you senator and I’m glad you can stay on the line for some questions and now we’re going to quickly go to commissioner Laura Fortman who’s been very busy with her colleagues at the department of labor Mr foreman we had a lot of questions come in around unemployment spoke to our concerned and who are you who are in that category higher risk who are concerned about going to work but I’ll need the income and that and so it is great to get a few updates for me on how things are going and and white truck parked on the call sure thank you Laurie and it’s a pleasure to be on the call with so many distinguished

centers today and between everyone who’s gone before me I’m I’m not exactly sure how much I can answer this but I will try so if you don’t understand if weeks ago there was a unemployment insurance legislation that was passed and now provided some flexibility around St on insurance it removed the one week waiting period typically when you file for unemployment the first week that you’re unemployed are not eligible for benefits that are requirement was removed in the emergency legislation and so was the requirement to be looking for work if you have lost your job or seen a reduction in hours because the code is nineteen as the senator mentioned there are at least there are multiple expansions because of the federal legislation and I think those were the ones that you were primarily concerned about mori there are at least two stimulus packages that address people who are normally not covered by unemployment insurance we are with our federal partners the U S. department labor to get guidance on how to implement those programs but I think the message that people need to hear is that help is on the way that these programs will cover people who have had to leave their jobs again as the senator said through no fault of their own this is and pandemic a medical emergency and we based on the flexibility that we’ve been given are trying to implements it in the same manner that it was get the latest that Congress had when the the intent that Congress had when they passed it some of the key provisions also include things like as the centre mentioning the additional six hundred dollars and weekly benefit there will also be extended unemployment benefits we’ve heard from a number of people who have had to use unemployment already this year unemployment is typically capped at twenty six weeks there is an additional thirteen weeks in the in the congressional package all of these provisions of the details of it still need to get worked out but I do want to assure people that we have already taken the steps necessary and signed the paperwork work with our federal partners over the weekend so that as soon as the guidelines are available to us we will begin implementing the programs as quickly as possible and I want to assure folks that even though the programs are not yet up and running the benefits will be retro active and will work as quickly as possible to you to get the the benefits out to folks the other area that we’ve received questions about our direct reimbursable employers typically in order to be eligible for unemployment you have to be in in that working for someone who is contributing to the unemployment insurance fund and and there are some organizations that even though they’re employees you’re covered by unemployment benefits they do not contribute to the trust fund instead when someone’s unemployed they just reimburse the full amount for the unemployment benefit we realize that there are many folks who have employees for in that category and we’re concerned about having to paid the full amount thanks to congressional action fifty percent of that benefit will be covered by the by the federal government and the employers will only need to reimburse the trust fund for fifty percent we have put up on our website a small matrix a chart the kind of lays out the different programs and that might be easiest for someone to do is just look at that we also update the website on a daily basis with additional questions that we’re receiving from people and the answers and the website is really the best place but if you have internet access and a computer and are comfortable going there

so I know a lot of that but that really is the best place to get information and that is where we will post updates and also let people know when they can start applying for any of these expand the band sets that are a result of congressional action great thank you can assure that a lot of information I’m very helpful to folks and we’re also linking to your site on the A R. P. main site as another place where people can go to get information I had some questions that came in and when we announced the telephone town hall over the weekend and you had to put together a great our fax sheet and that’s what we’ve been using we are I do want to get to some questions this time it’s been going by fast and I know we had a few technical difficulties and so we’re going to go and go to the phones and definitely start to ask that some of our questions from some of our listeners we’re going to go to Gerald and freedom Gerald are you on the line I’m here your question Gerald okay my question is around reporting on the CDC website I’m just curious to understand whether or not the reporting is based on where the person the county the person lives in that war the county the person tested positive in the county that people within their residence and that is because we’re following US guidance on that that’s how all seater recording reporting cases so there’s not too pretentious great thank you and we’re gonna go and we’re gonna try to get through as many questions as we can we had many a man next we’re going to go to Rebecca in fact battle your question well I have two questions one was what should we be concerned about about food safety purchasing food at grocery stores et cetera and the other question is I think it’s great that the government has passed this that early in two trillion dollar package but I want to know where is that money coming from and how is that going to impact taxpayers down the line when this is over thanks for back I I’m senator king do you want to take the federal piece first and then and maybe get commissioner Landrieu can can talk about the food safety piece sure the short answer is is being barred from our kids the federal government is a deficit this will add to the deficit which is something that really concerns me and it’s frankly why I voted against the big tax cut a couple of years ago because I knew if we did that with we cut taxes in the middle and and reduce revenues in the middle of the economic boom we were using up money that we should have been saving for a rainy day which is now having said all that interest rates are at an absolutely all time low and so the cost of this borrowing is going to be very low but ultimately we’re going to have to figure out how to get this deficit issue under control both in terms of spending and and revenues thank you okay I go out by hand sure I’ll be quick so sixteen the new act rugged ministration has died on March twenty seventh that says quote there are currently no evidence of food or food packaging being at with transmission of credit in nineteen Baghdad the governor’s mansion in previously but she has directed all of our people market big box stores and other places that sell food to follow you can guide this is a creep we space of more than five thousand when a customer came more than a hundred and one time enhanced curbside pick up and better hours and she mentioned really try to caution customers again handling merchandise because not purchasing marketing expert measurements by cashier station reminding customers within six feet apart is that going great contemplating and making sure the employees and are hand washing is also seeking the

death many of them have been following the governor’s games to separately sanitized and she said we are strongly urging them or are people who are selling needed food and food is essential for everybody but we will step up and get thank you now we’re going to go to hi Judy and brewer are you on the line I am go ahead my question is that on today’s a report from Maine it’s said that we were getting our the last of supplies mask gloves and center from the government and given the fact that the states are having to hunt for stuff on their own and they’re competing with much more with states that have much more money than we do where does that places at risk in terms of being able to access the supplies I’m a retired nurse by the way that and I think you put her doctor are saying that we really are trying to ensure that our nurses and doctors people of long term care facilities people on the front lines get that personal protective equipment I know the fact that the governor resists with the president yeah I think today her concern about the technician not getting beer share of the that we need to keep our people safe she will be following up with the vice president head of the corona virus tax which at the White House but we also are working to figure out how to we we help our people meaning we are actively trying to procure those applied to whatever means possible we also are working with our main manufactures many of them had stepped up and said how can I help so we’re getting those manufacturing thanks for how do you make masks and gloves now the other personal protective equipment because we don’t want to be reliant on on other people we want to make sure that we are spending far south as well but it’s an hourly bus strategy and while Dr Shah said they’re worried that this could be the last shipment from Washington we’re gonna continue to fight for more and with the help of searching our delegation will hopefully ensure that the White House helps make sure to pick get within Laurie let me add to that if I can exactly what the commissioner just said a lot of Maine businesses LL bean is now making the use of mass protective equipment the company called C. bags a small company and Westbrook called American group so a lot of companies around Maine have really stepped up it’s been a and wonderful and the last two weeks to to start making this equipment right here in Maine so that’s you know that’s that’s that’s what that’s what made errors and I’m I know the governor is going to keep working on the on the national supply but in the meantime we’re doing you know a lot of our businesses are really doing a great job enough filling up the gap thank you for it you know it it it is so nice to see how people and can even everywhere coming together and in Maine whether it’s community it’s really checking out in on their neighbors or businesses who are really am changing the work that they did to show up and beat a part of it that’s the good news that were seen at a time when folks are concerned then and if there’s been a lot of not so good news so I for making that point now we’re going to go to and Nita and pressed Kyle Anita are you on the line yes I am go ahead with your question okay in practice dial we have one hospital and one in care of both but I really don’t think the hospitals I equipped for us to get there because it hasn’t come up here yeah in a realistic county I I don’t think they’re prepared what did they do usually in our hospital Northern Lights they send everybody to Bangor or Portland well if people up here get that is that what they gonna do again yeah this is Jim we are absolutely in touch with all of the hospitals throughout the state the main hospital association was just on a call today to speak with them Friday because they do represent all hospital not just those that are part of the systems but the greater independence independent and are hard at work trying to ensure that we have seen adequate number of ventilators I see and professional builder staff those beds because we just need to be prepared so we are working with all hospitals in the state thank you commissioner and now we’re going to go to

Lois and Bangor Lois are you on the line yes I am your question thank you I’m helping somebody who owns a restaurant and small business and what I I I did here earlier that the not in place yet in terms of how people would are you there okay it looks like we will not lost Lois I know as senator you mentioned a little bit about the small business peace and and getting assistance is there a place where folks can go at to find out more information yeah the the place I think is S B. a man the small business administration and I looked up the number just before we went on the air just to seven six two two eight five five one this is the most of the aid to small businesses is going to flow through the SBA so two oh seven six two two eight five five one and the date there’s also a website if you Google STA manual find their website and I think that’s a that’s one of the best that’s probably the best source for the help of the small businesses if you’re talking about the unemployment part that would be a Laura’s department the department of labor so those are two resources I think people can look to recognized also add that on the department of economic and community development has information up on their website as well and we’re kind of linking to each other so that hopefully people can find the information that they need to select okay now we’re going to go on to Ronald NJ Ronald are you on the line yes your question I was just concerned about the weather Maine is get Nalder protective equipment they need since my sons are paramedic Hey I just wanna know their Ganton I keep hearing while they’re behind supplying in these the gear and I’m a little concerned about my son’s I thank you for your question okay shot the guy named his briefing about the fact that when we got our first shipment from the strategic national stockpile the decision was made to get those personal protective equipment to those who are B frankly to have it and that included emergency medical services because we know they’re the ones who will be the first ones on the team to help when people are falling you know because in so we’re proud of the fact that we really have worked with army EMS system to work our best within the many to get as much personal protective equipment as possible and that the stars are other first responders and law enforcement we really do value their work that they do every single day there are new and I would like to note that we are thinking of heroes are the washer went think called main help here looking for people to help Germany how could I help care response help support our local businesses volunteer so on the governor’s website we do have a place for all of you who you want to to contribute so I hope you look at their website and we’ll make sure that website is on our side as well as we’re pulling together information after this call and it looks like the cut time for one more call we’re going to go to Sharon and Waterville hello hi Karen go ahead with your question hi first of all I like to thank everybody for this opportunity and I appreciate everybody service senator king and governor males and and everybody my question is I’m I’m currently disabled and I’m staying home and I have a husband who works at Lowe’s and my mother is on hospice at a nearby nursing home and I can’t get them and I understand that but her time is nearing and I’m bleaching everything bleaching things down wiping down the house buying a house doing everything with this I just wanted to make it ask if that’s am I doing enough to time to event the desert you know the virus and coming in and keeping

accepts that stained glass a bit if I get that call you know I need to be able to get into the nursing home thank you so much for that you know our main CDC does have ideas for people who have relatives who are in those nursing homes I look for you there to that we also have a fiftieth our nursing facilities the doctor does pretty strict visitor requirements really only accept you know the in the case of end of life so we are hoping that you’re going to die you won’t be have made that kind of exception should that kind kann but we also urge you to look at our main CDC website because it gives you ninety percent the construction without how you can keep yourself safe and your loved ones thank you commissioner and I want to thank all of my guests this afternoon I wish we could get some more questions I do want to let folks know who are on the line and in the queue to have their question asked if you hold on the line and we’ll end of the call are you are able to leave a message and if you leave a message we will definitely get back to you and make sure that you get your question answered if your are you can also go to our website at A. A. R. P. dot org slash envied for more information and we will be compiling information from all of these great resources in one place we have just a second left senator king would you like to have a final word before we sign off well I want to thank you and A R. P. for doing this I want to thank everyone that’s online main is willing to as as we always do our business are our people and we just have to look after one another only we have to do it this time from a distance and all of that as the governor said things like washing hands and and keeping distance married I went for a walk the other day on opposite sides of the street so I think that’s the kind of thing that we have to do and we’re gonna get through this and it’s going to be tough but we are going to get through it and will be stronger at the end thank you senator I think I can help hi governor and I’m popping back on and I want to thank you for hosting this call thank you senator king and commissioner Lambro commissioner for men for adding to the discussion excited about this or response and just getting out public information is so critical get the word out you know the more we stay apart today the closer we will be against tomorrow just don’t forget that a tough it’s tough times but many of you on this one I’ve been through more difficult situations including the recession including the oil crisis in nineteen eighty two the recession of two thousand eight two thousand nine we will get through this stick with us and just they are part keep your distance wash your hands thank you very much thank you governor and thank you commissioner Lambretta commissioner for men please stay on the line to leave a message if you weren’t able to have your question answered and please stay tuned will have another telecom hall at this time and two weeks and we’ll get that information out to everyone please take good care of me one and stay tuned thank