you you hi everybody welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome to Vanessa my life my journey I am here today to cook some fried chicken strips so before we get started on my wig is itching I just want to take this thing off my heat before we get started y’all give this video a thumbs up leave lots of comments down below don’t forget to press the subscribe button turn on a notification bill and be sure you come back for another video if you’re watching this video please make sure you subscribe to my channel I am planning on doing van life very soon and I’m gonna be posting a lot of videos in my process of starting van life so if you’re interested in there in life and all the other stuff that I do besides that then make sure you subscribe to the channel because I cannot go live until I get to a thousand subscribers so you guys make sure you subscribe to my channel so I can start going live very soon don’t forget to give the video thumbs up and today we’re going to be watching people’s videos who have come to this live today so that’s what I’m gonna start doing over here when I go live we’re gonna start watching people’s videos that come to the live and just show them support while we’re alive at the same time so I’m going to be cooking some chicken strips do you make homemade chicken strips let me know if you make homemade chicken strips and if so what seasonings do you put in your homemade chicken strips cuz I’m gonna probably so the people in the lab right now let me know what seasonings you put in your homemade chicken strips cuz I’m probably gonna use what type of season these y’all use but I got to set everything up I got to go clean my skillet and and give my cooking all to be warming up the output flower on y’all so Tasha society is in the house it’s showing to people here but only one person committed so forth Tasha I make homemade everything Tasha say I make home weight everything take it off she say take it out girl I won’t take it out so be it hey down mrs. bossy Tasha was here first so we’re gonna go and check out Tasha’s channel and her latest video and we’re gonna watch it and she’s had a job interview super early so we’re gonna watch her video today you look so pretty uh toss with your hair back turn your camera the other way toss when you when you filming next time turn your turn your phone like this when you all be doing lies you need to get you a little tripod like this – I got this tripod and Amazon so yeah y’all talk to Tasha whatever she ask y’all y’all answer her let me go clean up my skillet rinse out my chicken and y’all tell me what kind of seasoning us y’all use to make that chicken shit I’m already I’m like ready ready hi me and Mike otaku how you doin

oh yeah let me tell you boo she becoming a she black so call me mommy’s not doing good 300 400 this should go to my sister like we don’t communicate that’s me mom is not doing good mommy’s $200 and the Mac system of government she’s always something so I understand unless you can talk

about every it’s like every two weeks Botox to put ten dollars put 20 hours per day das before now but she never calls me is that like you talk to you can she calls me off what’s up for free she’s like I can’t forget my thinit what’s your updated me has any videos coming up soon and I’ve been slacking trying to get my life together get those life together before I do anything I haven’t been really watching anything I think my last video was less around the video this Widow me about to be – I have to get back on my schedule that’s why I’m going live right now cuz I ain’t got time to look Eddie I got five people in the house and two thumbs up I don’t think I need to tell y’all give me no times a boy y’all should know the deal already when you knock on the door and you say hello hello is your thumbs up yeah YouTube makes you notice that could go on TBN bike action they’ll be highly upset because I yeah he sucked my soul like he makes me feel like an ordinarily you guys over

doing I don’t make two tickets tips out of one these are going to be some big y’all be sure to go back and do the week I’m a cabbie

I was waiting this is really strong black pepper oh so you left okay so who else is in my life right now let me see so we can watch our video let me reach out come in touch touch the thing is I always throw my weight off lol she say she make all make everything miss boost boost e says boost is in the

house thank you boost e for coming over and he will say I’m here Thank You V woo and so it’s loose T and V woo somebody else is in the house leilani kitchen how you doing so boost e was the second person in the house so let’s see a boost e have a channel booster don’t have no channel y’all so let’s go to Leilani’s kitchen and watch one of her videos and then after that we’ll go back to Tasha’s if nobody else is in here we’ll go back to Tasha and watch another one of her videos Leilani kitchen DITA is a Calypso lemonade tasting is that how you pronounce that Leilani so let’s watch Leilani so yeah I’m gonna use my hand that sound good rayon you want to taste I’m chaste I wanted to I want to taste like money y’all need to turn y’all cameras like I got y’all fellas like I got mine so fill the whole screen any other Court no copyright I hope they don’t give me no copyright they learn I don’t know what’s happening but there’s nothing open I have no some flower I’m gonna try to use the hand that’s not dirty to put the flour in here let me move this cord that’s the way I’m just going to use one hand you know when my other channel tasty McBaine eats this is what I used to do on my other channel I used to watch other people’s videos while I was doing something else so I’d be giving him a watch time so I said he’ll like three birds with one stone yeah yeah I got to learn how to kill three birds with one stone go live and

get your watch time and be giving people they watch time it just like by the time I finished this y’all y’all I don’t believe is there be little selves gonna be cooled off it’s still gonna be high you still gonna be high and I’m a balmy some corn so I’m yeah I got a brain freeze today only got me a sonic slushy it’s not cooking all hot enough so I got no brain freeze today and I was at the red light with a brain freeze out and I was like that’s not a good time to get a bang for you why you driving so yeah let me see if a fucking oil is hot no it’s not hot enough it didn’t even sizzle or nothin I want to put that at the new it didn’t Susan I flippers so I got four thumbs up and four people in the house y’all thank you everybody yeah gang gang gang gang gang see this steel hot glue that’s warm and you need a hot water bottle in the bed with you put the B low sauce in the jaw when you cook it and let it cool off and take it to bewitch gotta keep you warm all night how many flavors did you try Leilani Misha’s she say sea water what where does she taste C water before how does she know what she wanted it doesn’t have enough of them the berry lemonade thing like my favorite kool-aid it’s mixed berry blue it tastes sour it tastes like die it tastes like 920 Dantes it tastes like yeah alright that’s not unique I think I’m gonna need laptop did I bring my top over here to this pot still

not like hot you know Jesus um big y’all ever seen chicken strips this big before look at these dad I ain’t no chicken Street delicious what’s the name of a melon again I like the peach if you took my favorite my second favorite is peach why would she get the peach then I don’t get a favorite at all I tell you them kids and something else ain’t they love me you said this one was delicious when Ray I told you the man but no that’s delicious pink was your favorite which one pink strawberry lemonade paradise which one you call it is that all thing they make more than just lemonade don’t they oh these little bits bloat me that is actually a piece of the lemon strawberry lemonade right they have this regular like regular flavors like a strawberry in a blueberry or whatever I swear I’ve had like coconut bullets or something before I’ve had a calypso before that wasn’t the whoa is anybody leaving any

comments I haven’t seen update one coming I got is that six times up at five okay see y’all on blog so who else give me a house y’all need to leave comments so if you have a YouTube channel we can go watch your video let me become here but these are excuses it’s the strangest two of the same so instead of driving way bit let me see who else is in the house y’all go watch a video it’s not I’m gonna go back to toss this video and watch another one to toss this video so the please you else has been here with me when you come in you guys leave a comment so you can watch our videos just two people in here right now feel touch-top still here who’s in here right

now we won’t toss or lolani or Miss Lucy who’s in here right now let’s go back to Tasha’s channel and watch her come in till my sister’s birthday in a few hours Tasha got some thick eyebrows Wow I wish I hit the table put some corn on and be with me ball because when I get blue when I get through this Oh fine it’s seeping I’m gonna go in film a video society the hell if she can maintain this ham salad Boston goes to be looking oh thanks son of Boston girls we look at me I need to a mother to be editing the videos of everybody did I do yeah I got the bathroom yeah


lightly Brown fine silence Bravo what is that I have played over here yeah I’ll put this on the table cuz I’m what 27 years old

okay yeah I’m gonna check that some more people let me go see what daddy would been up to you now I’m going watch my hand so young I’m gonna show you how to chicken into the

watch I mean it looks real dude ya see the chicken chicken scoops I want to eat another one but I’m going to need

some cool let me go slip my coin I’m putting my corner now staying here I still got three people in the house and six thumbs up

thank y’all appreciate it I’m editing somebody else’s sour pickle challenge to put on my instagrams I forgot who I said I was gonna put on their necks Mike I need to put a misty squad on their news and getting around to Ollie out videos so everybody’s gonna you know being on there yeah I’ll just take a few of you let’s see what submit a samara has been up to I know she put out a video today

she doing my challenge she doing my whole Bank of Wave Belgium for challenge

yeah I’m just editing videos so I put on my Instagram and in my intros everybody that do the tasty dance in their video I’m gonna add them also to my intros I’m splashing okay yeah this is all of the chicken strips let me go check on my corn on the

cob yeah I’ll finish watching to knit let me go wash my planet Oh yeah I don’t I chipped my platter it was hidden right

here on the table and it has some bananas and soups and stuff in it I have no idea how I got you I don’t think she’s gonna do it yeah you didn’t even show us your mouth she lit hot hot hot look at that babe old chicken strip y’all see that look I being babies I need to clean my table off because I’m gonna do a mukbang here for my other channel I’m gonna go put everything up y’all so I can set my table for my brain

okay let’s leave a comment portion next next up I need to check out sister D kite

they never have any scalar so expensive price of some blue cheese yeah it’s easier I’m still like um this Velveeta did you get three of them for like six months where is the rice

I like the wrong ring rats or the yellow price I wanted to keep it long brain they use this for what they do just for the eyes hominid I don’t want forgot it’s Mexican style okay yeah so I am ready for my other video I know people on the same thing I got on and I’m gonna do it looking just like this I want to thank everybody everybody for joining me today in this live thank you guys for giving me a thumbs up I have six thumbs up and I still got three people in here watching me I’m gonna record this video on my computer and go live so that way I won’t have to edit it I’m tired I don’t want to pull off the camera I told you out for the next couple of weeks I’m not I’m gonna be going live a lot but this one I’m gonna do alive but I’m gonna do it private and then you put out the video tomorrow cuz I don’t want to be putting out too many videos back-to-back live so yeah cuz i’ma go live this morning and about I don’t know I got to see what time I’m gonna go live this morning let me check on something I was supposed to meet somebody somewhere this morning so I’m gonna go record this video and I will talk to you guys later thanks for tuning in today don’t forget to subscribe to this channel turn on a notification bill and come back for another video leave lots of comments in the comment bar below be sure to follow me on Instagram on tasty mukbang eats you guys yeah okay bye