hey folks this is bent with AD gaming addiction and once again we’re going to talk exercise and diet and all that jazz so few disclaimers to get out of the way as you can see i am working out so i may not be totally coherent at times i may sound like I’m out of breath it’s because i am it’s actually a very good indicator as to how hard you are working out it’s called the talk test i think it is if you can have a full conversation with somebody else while you’re exercising without skipping a beat then it’s considered low intensity if you can sort of carry on a conversation and you’re gasping in between breaths like i am that’s sort of like moderate intensity moderate to high intensity and if you can’t talk at all like it just hurts you to do it then that’s high intensity so right now this is sort of like medium intensity so anyway getting to my topic for today a lot of you really seem to enjoy the last video that i did and in that video I sort of gave you my life story when it came to diet and exercise and I went on to show you well Todd tell you a few tips about you know how I lost weight and what to do and what not to do so today I would expand on one of the things that I went over in the last video and that has to do with portion control alright so today I was at the grocery store and I went ahead and took pictures of some of the products in the grocery store specifically their nutrition and data that’s listed on the side of the box or whatever the case may be and I was I took some notes and I was curious to see how the unhealthy foods compared to the healthy foods so I even wrote some down because the pictures are on my phone which is what i’m using right now to record using a video device or a video software device I plan to super impose some of these images onto this video but for now I’ll have to go off what I wrote down so one of the things that I noticed as soon as I walked in the door to the first aisle I was at shop and save and there was a box of chocolate chip cookies it said organic on the front it said free from hydro I can’t Ramon writing hydro something fats and oils a free of high fructose corn syrup free of artificial flavor free artificial preservatives these were selling points on the front of the box ok then I look to see how many calories each cookie was well according to the box it was two cookies were 150 calories two cookies so even though it had all these selling points like oh I’m healthy two cookies is enough for one thing that yogurt which is pretty sizable I just found that interesting and for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about right now go check out my other video I explained I’m nutrition of data chart where it says calories and most people don’t realize that that information at first glance may seem a little misleading because right above that calorie number is number of servings or it will say per serving and then it says number of servings and container or inbox and I’ll say like eight or nine so the whole box or the whole case or whatever isn’t really the large calorie number that you see there it’s actually that’s just one one portion if you want to find out but all of the calories you have to take the number of servings in the box times that calorie number and that’s what it actually is that’s what I actually did for this topic today so the second one croutons and six croutons there are 30 calories not bad for a salad especially a large one that can add up let’s say you put like 18 croutons on your salad that’s about 190 200 calories so even though a salad is healthy you know you can ruin that by

adding things in excess case in point number three ranch dressing a lot of you folks love putting dressing on your salad I understand salad doesn’t always taste that great and so what do you do you find one of the most fattening things on the store shelf and you put it on your salad you might as well just pour chocolate syrup on your salary but anyway ranch dressing two tablespoons is 140 calories that doesn’t sound so bad but the bottle that I took a picture of had 20 servings in it so the entire bottle of ranch dressing is 2,800 calories and some people use a lot of ranch dressing and for other things sometimes they’ll use ranch dressing for like french fries some other fried food something like that so ranch dressing isn’t all that healthy again one of the reasons why I don’t put dressing on a salad despite the odd looks i get from other people I don’t know I just I think dressing ruins a salad it defeats the purpose of eating a salad alright grated cheese 1 tablespoon of grated cheese is 20 calories there are 45 servings in a container of grated cheese and again I’m not going to not going to do all of the math here and tell you how many fluid ounces or ounces or whatever like I’m not going to go to that extent but you get the idea 900 calories for the entire sheet shaker that’s a lot and that’s a topic that’s not your main course that is a topic you cook pasta can you put cheese on it you know that’s extra calories that you’re putting on top of your food speaking of pasta number five I compared whole grain angel hair and regular angel hair which is number six whole grain angel here number five here two ounces is 200 calories and there are seven servings in that box so I came out to be 1400 calories for the entire box now one thing I will add there are six grams of fiber per serving something to keep in the back of your head on the regular angel hair box 2 ounces 200 calories 8 servings 1600 calories and there are only two grams of fiber in regular angel hair so whole grain angel hair is a little healthier for you but it’s not overly so where you can gorge on whole grain pastas and expect to lose weight even with whole-grain products you still have to watch your intake the whole grain the words whole brain does not exempt you from portion control ok so whole-grain healthier choice yes has more fiber yes but can still fill you up and make you go over your daily calorie goal if you have one you should all right sauce a jar of spaghetti sauce a half a cup is 80 calories there are five servings 400 calories so a jar of sauce usually you make a whole jar when you’re making pasta so add that total 400 calories to whatever you make most people make half a box or whole box and noodles depending on how many people are feeding so that can add up add cheese to that all right number eight I can number nine I compared my favorite soup it’s the Campbells light clam chowder with regular clam chowder both Campbell’s the light clam chowder has 120 calories per cup and there’s two servings and that can so you’re looking at for the entire can 240 calories and about 790 grams of sodium I wrote down the sodium because that is relatively high any sort of processed food like those banquet meals

or stove for meals usually high in sodium okay so that was the light clam chowder that’s the one I eat the regular clam chowder 170 calories a cup two servings us 340 calories so light clam chowder 240 calories for the can 344 the regular so you’re saving 100 calories or so by eating the light 10 again if you add pepper to it the light it’ll make it a little bit more tasty so there’s that and it has 890 grams of sodium as opposed to 790 grams not a whole lot of difference but still hundred grams of salt sodium whatever you want to call it still fairly significant oh let’s see velveeta mac and cheese one of my favorites but add to stop eating it because of this okay four ounces is 360 calories in a box there are three servings so 360 times three servings 960 calories per box 870 grams of sodium so if you are the type of person that eats an entire box of OB de shells and cheese you just consumed about a thousand calories a little something to think about okay um what’s next chef boyardee ravioli and again in a can one cup is 220 calories and there are two servings and it can so that’s 440 calories for the entire can’t 750 grams of sodium alright um some of you may shop at family dollar and you might see those Dante Dante more beef stew cans they’re always so cheap a dollar two dollars or what looks like this huge can of stew disgusting actually I’ve had it lately totally disgusting and then I read the nutritional dad like no wonder so according to this one cup is 200 calories there are two point five servings in one of those cans and again I don’t know the exact size but as a standard whatever whatever the average is okay 450 calories for that entire can 990 grams of sodium so way more salt alright so long story short shift 4g Dante Morse to stay away from it all right next up on the list and apologies if you hear noises again busy family number 13 salmon pouch that’s what I eat sometimes for lunch as I buy those pouches of salmon they’re sort of like tuna cans but they come in pouches well the salmon pouch 2 ounces 60 calories two point five servings per pouch so that’s 400 know yet two point five servings that’s a hundred and fifty calories per pouch that’s pretty pretty low compared to some of the other things I just read off to you so long story short if you’re looking for a healthy lunch whole grain bread or does the salmon by itself go with the salmon or tuna pouch speaking of tuna next on the list here a tuna can two ounces 60 calories two servings or can that’s 140 calories but like I was saying in the other video to anna has a relatively high mercury count and doctors recommend only eating two or three cans a week otherwise that mercury buildup can actually harm your body a little bit so salmon is a little lower in terms of mercury so you’re going to choose one of the other go with salmon if you can stomach the taste some people can’t and you know if you can’t then go with tuna alright so where was I um chu and I can nutt toppings okay so I was in like the bakery aisle whatever and they have a bunch of nut topping is there hook a picture of a few nut toppings 2 tbsp 100 calories so about 400 calories for that little punch of not topping same thing with the dry roasted macadamia nut again

half a cup with in that little bag and that’s about 400 calories the walnuts were a little low in calorie at 374 half a cup so even though and these are toppings so you put these on ice cream you know like say half a bag and even a fourth of a bag expect to add like a hundred calories to 100 200 calories to your count on top of the ice cream or whatever it is that you’re reading all right another favorite of mine cranberry juice and light cranberry juice cranberry juice healthy yes but 8 fluid ounces are 120 calories and there are eight servings per the container that I get okay so that’s 960 calories for the entire regular cranberry juice now what I by is the light cranberry juice 8 fluid ounces 50 calories not 120 50 that’s per serving and there are eight servings so the entire bottle has 400 calories so you go from 962 400 so which is better get the lite version and and the way I drink cranberry juice 32 ounces of water a cup of water bottle of water whatever three-fourths of it with water add a little bit of cranberry just a little just so it changes the waters taste to something flavorful and it’s perfect sometimes those juice constant or those juices that you buy at the supermarket if you ever tried drinking them without any water sometimes they’re a little too strong so I water the hell out of mine and that usually works for me vegetable oil versus canola oil not a lot of difference here one tablespoon under 30 calories this is for both ninety five servings per at 95 servings right so roughly the same amount of calories compared to vegetable oil and canola oil however vegetable oil has two grams of saturated fat arrest canola has one gram per serving so canola is the slightly healthier choice all right there we chose one of my favorites when I was a teenager one else 140 calories 11 servings per bag that’s 1540 calories per back so you can if you can just smash demolish whatever you want to call it an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting you’re just eating your daily intake for the day roughly fifteen fifty 1,600 calories and if you didn’t well you’re pretty darn close to it so go easy on those burritos your work just don’t eat them all right toss Tito’s cheese dip two tablespoons 40 calories 13 servings per jar 520 calories in the entire jar that’s just cheese dip 280 milligrams of sodium per serving so high sodium their per serving it’s a lot all right Pepsi this is an interesting one a lot of people bring pepsi 12 fluid ounces this is in a two-liter 150 calories per serving and there are four servings so you’re looking at 600 calories per two-liter bottle of Pepsi and again that’s only about four to five glasses if that so if you can down an entire two-liter you just drank 600 calories in one sitting it’s a lot that’s all liquid that’s not food it’s liquid better to drink water instead of soda which water has zero calories if they were sugared zero a lot of things but it’s healthier for you in fact your body is mostly water you know so maybe you should drink more that okay what’s next barbecue chips one ounce is 150 calories 10 servings per bag 1500 calories so again like Doritos you wait an entire bag of BBQ chips 1500 calories that’s basically someone’s daily intake whoo yeah there’s an interesting one and Jen pointed this out to me veggie chips

I’ve never tried them but when you think veggie chips you’re like healthy veggie healthy right healthy this must be healthy turns out me hey not so much veggie chips 1 ounce 140 calories per serving as opposed to 157 servings 980 calories per bag so veggie chips are slightly healthier but not a great way to lose weight all right pop tarts one pastry is 200 calories and there are usually eight in a box and they come to per package so it’s not 200 calories for the one pack it’s 200 calories per pop tart so 400 calories for that stack of two and then the entire box is 1,600 calories again your daily intake if you eat a whole box of pop-tarts pretty crazy special k snack bar now this is a good one 100 calories per bar 1 gram of fiber great snack kaki granola and seed 180 calories per bar slightly more calories but three grams of fiber it’ll keep you filled up a little bit longer so both are good alternatives to you know eating an entire bag of Doritos alright nature valley granola thins 90 / pouch not bad maple and brown sugar oatmeal one packet of that is 160 calories per packet not bad 240 grams of sodium not bad either so oatmeal relatively healthy snack or a lunch or breakfast even cocoa puffs yeah got into cereals now three fourths cup 100 calories 1.5 grams of fat 12 servings in a box that’s 1200 calories and a box of cocoa puffs okay and not everyone eats one serving three fourths cup is actually pretty small some people eat two or three servings and they fill their bowl up to the top add milk the milk adds even more to it all of these numbers for cereal by the way without milk yeah um let’s see multigrain dark chocolate crunch cheerios so I compared this and this is another thing jen pointed out i compared this to cocoa puffs the comparison who is pretty staggering the multigrain cheerios had you know it made itself felt to be like healthy healthy you know but still it wasn’t three fourths cup same as cocoa puffs 110 calories as opposed to 100 so actually cocoa puffs has less per serving 1.5 grams of fat same as cocoa puffs 12 servings in a box same as cocoa puffs so the total block or the total calorie for the entire box 13 20 calories now again the worst of my new changes between like protein and the other vitamins and minerals that you find but still when you see multigrain multigrain cheerios you think healthy well the numbers don’t lie so again take a box of cocoa puffs and a box of these multigrain dark chocolate crunch Cheerios put them side-by-side look at their nutritional dadda’s and they are roughly the same pretty scary my favorite one up favorite but one of my cereals of choice artland granola cereal admittedly higher in calories but there’s more protein in this and the protein is good for a number of reasons half a cup 240 calories eight servings 1920 calories per box do not eat this all in one sitting you’ll get sick that’s because there are five grams of protein and four grams of fiber and miss cereal the other seagulls head like maybe a gram or two so while this is more calories there’s more protein and more fiber to keep you fuller longer you just have to watch your portions with this and I find granola tasty alright um total whole-grain one of the healthier cereals I’ve seen three fourths cup Hunger calories point five grams of fat 10 servings 1,000 calories for the entire box so total whole grain

cereal as cereals go pretty healthy compared to some of these other ones Lucky Charms third three fourths cup 110 calories one gram event 12 servings 1320 calories basically the same as that multi green dark chocolate crunch Cheerios all right on to some other stuff here honey buns yo sometimes walk by when you’re finished at an aisle you make the turn to go around out the next one at the very end sometimes you’ll see like Little Debbie snack cakes or honey buns basically entire shell filled with unhealthy food the honey buns one pastry 230 calories that’s just one pastry so basically when you see those aisles stay away if you want to lose weight stay away ok so where was I flatbread town house crackers ate crackers 70 calories what a bad snack but when you don’t get a box of crackers and you see those little small crack or like they can’t be too many calories per cracker well some of those crackers are some aren’t so limit yourself to like a handful and not half the box popcorn you have to watch the nutritional data on this extremely confusing i’m not even going to bother telling you popcorn eat it in moderation because on the nutritional data it says like unpopped is this pop does this a serving is 3.5 cups but the nutritional goes on to tell you what it is for one cup so you’ve got to like take out your calculator and try and figure out how much it is per bag and then divide that if you want to eat half the bag pain in the ass don’t bother with popcorn seriously unless it’s the healthier type and even then do the single serving popcorns not not the regular bags party peanuts I love these when added to ice cream but had to stop doing it that’s so salted peanuts one ounce 160 calories 12 servings for the with a jar of party peanuts 1920 calories there’s a lot there Wheat Thins one hundred percent whole grain 140 calories for 11 crackers seven servings per box 980 calories for the entire box okay Hershey Kisses nine pieces 200 calories just for little piece it’s Irving’s 1,600 calories per bag of Hershey’s Kisses again not not when you when you walk by that I’ll miss snack aisle at your grocery store you see Reese’s peanut butter cups skittles her she’s all these other ones old all together they all look yummy bypass disc completely unless it’s Halloween and you need to give out stuff but you want to be nice to the kids well they may not appreciate it give them apples or fruit instead of chocolate bars or probably get egged but at least their future is secured right okay um what is this Oh Hagen peanut butter fudge track ice cream ice cream is probably one of the worst offenders half a cup hundred sixty calories 12 servings and a half gallon that’s about think it’s a half gallon it’s your typical size 19 20 count 1120 calories for that half gallon or whatever it is it’s a lot on the other hand outshine fruit bars great great snack or dessert 80 calories a bar and some of those flavors are actually pretty tasty so if you’re on a diet and you’re sick of yogurt go with these fruit bars really tasty healthy alternative to Oreo klondike’s I love Oreos a lot of the Oreo klondikes per bar 250 calories compared to those fruit bars which are eating a piece so you could have three outshine fruit bars and that will equal almost one oreo Klondike

yeah something think about stouffer’s those meal little meal boxes one meal or one pack 380 calories and this will vary depending on what meal ticket and how big it is about 840 milligrams of sodium pretty high again those processed foods really high in sodium not good having too much salt in your body can do some really nasty things alright healthy choice another frozen dinner me all kind of thing you think with the name healthy choice would be healthier it sort of is but still one pack one meal 280 calories as opposed to three and five hundred and fifty milligrams sodium as opposed to 840 so it is the healthier of the two but if you have fresh fruit or vegetables eat that instead of frozen dinners Gordon fish filet they come in those yellow boxes of bread and hang three pieces of those is 210 calories three servings of ox 630 calories per box so that’s there’s those fish sticks they there they’re sort of tasty but they still add up because of that breading um let’s see this one oh four cheese pizza a sixth of the pizza is 290 calories for the whole pizza this is the four cheese one so contained 40 Cal 1740 calories for the entire pizza which is a lot if you’re going to eat pizza the pizza I like get the very thin crust and my choice is the culinary circle I’ll freedom chicken thin crust it’s not the exact wording but then cross chicken alfredo really good and a fourth of the pizza is 250 calories if you add all that up one fourth one fourth one fourth one fourth for a whole a thousand calories for the entire pizza so you can have half the pizza 500 calories there’s your dinner not as healthy as a salad but if you must have pizza go with the thinner crust oh let’s see whole milk home okay one cup 150 calories 16 servings in a gallon 2400 calories and a gallon of whole milk so what’s the alternative well skim milk I didn’t write that down mind you but I did write down soy milk this is a good alternative to that 60 calories per cup as opposed to the 150 so less than hema 6120 so it’s actually less than half of whole milk so if you’re going to drink milk but with the soy some people can’t stomach the taste so try skim milk is the other alternative hershey syrup 2 tablespoons hundred calories or the hershey light chocolate syrup 2 tablespoons 45 calories so you must have Hershey’s chocolate syrup for your ice cream man even though you shouldn’t be eating it go with the light chocolate syrup it has almost half half the calorie per two tablespoons white bread versus habra yeah white bread versus whole wheat a lot of people think that whole wheat and Holt lists and whole grain is the magic answer to everything you still have to eat it in moderation two slices for white bread 140 calories whole wheat bread two slices 120 powers now again when you look at the other stuff fiber and the minerals and vitamins all that jazz whole-grain slightly healthier so if you’re gonna eat bread go with the whole grain but our whole wheat but it is not gonna make you lose weight eat bread in moderation or not at all that’s my advice alright that’s all I had written down really fit about 50 spoons moral of the story next time you go to the grocery store don’t let the words on the front of the box mislead you into thinking

that something is healthy just because it says no preservatives no this no that full of vitamin C all of this all of that sounds healthy but when you look at the side of the box and actually look at the raw data sometimes you’ll find that data is almost no different then be crappy cereal that you’ve been eating all this time so and that’s just marketing some people don’t know any better so when you go to the grocery store take the extra second to look at the size of the boxes and you don’t have to be a nutritional expert as long as you can do math in your head and again it’s just addition and multiplication figure out take a look at the calories take a look at it you know how much it is per serving that’s the number of give you how many calories that is per serving figure out it’ll tell you how many servings are in that box multiply the calories by the per serving or the number of servings in that box and then i’ll give you the calories for the entire box and that should give you a good estimate as to how many you think you eat per day and how many calories you end up consuming in one sitting so go with the you know don’t eat the cocoa puffs or the Lucky Charms get the total whole wheat or if you can really watch your portions go with the high-protein cereals like those granola cereals but again they are higher in calories slightly so you have to watch your portions but they do have protein which does fill you up in fiber which also fills you up so again nothing fancy here just thought I’ve shared a little bit more with you folks usually I YouTube about games or blog about games but personal health is probably more important than gaming because you’re not going to do yourself or your family any good if you’re sitting on the couch eating gallons and gallons of ice cream you know like gaming and like anything else you know eating food is something that you should do in moderation so hopefully this video helped you folks out those of you that want to try and lose weight but haven’t had a lot of success at it and again i went from 220 to about 180 in the last two years i still got another 30 to go or so but i feel so much better my face doesn’t look like itself to hear anymore and i didn’t take any pills i do take a multivitamin but it will take I don’t take those fat burning pills that you might see on dr. oz or something this is all through diet and exercise if you do go the right way then I think you’ll be much happier with yourself alright so we’re that being said I think my time is almost up 442 minutes on this elliptical 3.42 miles 426 calories so with that being said if you want to see more via logs like this let me know if you haven’t already subscribe to my youtube channel and check out my official website wws gaming addiction com this is vince thanks for watching and i’ll catch you next time