hello welcome to lecia joyous homemade cheese sauce recipe tutorial starting my amazing awesome son saya has chef Zia this is where I teach them how to cook my famous cheese sauce recipe you’ll need 2 cups of milk section in half and one cup sections flour or cornstarch salt pepper garlic powder in this recipe you’re going to need the following you’re going to need flour or cornstarch I chose flour a sieve to get all the lumps out cheese at least one to two cups you’re going to need salt to taste pepper and garlic and you’re going to need a various equipment like a knife and cutting board and I forgot the place in there that we’re going to need our milk and our pan to cook this is to be making cheese sauce and a without a double boiler and I’m teaching my son on how to make it this is my son chef saya day he’s cute in he now he’s modeling our missing ingredients the milk and our whisk he makes a great model doesn’t he first we must make the room when you get one cup of milk 1 2 tablespoons of flour or cornstarch salt and pepper and garlic powder mix all the ingredients but the flour or cornstarch in the beginning then you just sit to get all the lumps out of flour now is thoroughly okay grab them out please and measure one cup of milk but have your lovely assistant measure out 1 cup of milk because you’re going to need to make a roux and go ahead and keep the milk out close it all the way please there you go now put a little bit of salt and pepper into the milk actually pour the pour the milk into this bowl pour the milk into the bowl first we’re going to need the measuring cup later okay there you go excellent excellent look great I have an amazing assistant all right now move the measuring cup a little out to slip these all right now put some salt and pepper it’s a little bit of salt a little bit of pepper that’s that’s the pepper honey I just put it in no no way more than that we are making a roof do you know what a roux is no you have an idea what it is yeah I guess you’re brewing something no no money with this what a roux is it’s a sauce that thinking something else no no put it in you’re gonna need more pepper than that no put it actually in it honey you can do it I’ll tell you when to stop mmm pull it up now put the cap back on the pepper left half Rho not the salt gone I’ve got to add salt get out a little bit more salt you can do it go actually in it honey all you’re doing my old method and let the end the hand go get to put more than that in there my son’s remembered an old message I put it in my hand first I oversaw the dish excellent now I need to do something else for me open up the flower put it on the side bless you honey just open it up don’t do nothing else okay don’t pass go don’t click do one hundred dollars okay now I would like me to put the put this on the side put it on the side put the flour to move it up suicide now do me a favor go grab a table spoon up from the after the

drawer that’s yeah perfect it’s not a tablespoon but it’s good now open up the thick garlic okay make sure you loosen it up because it’s kind of hardened up inside there and you go now try to get some of it in a in a spoon without too many bad Chuck set so try to filter those out or try to actually physically take them out there we go you need way more than that but yeah there you go now put it in there just dump it in excellent okay now take the whisk put the cap on take the spoon up there you go take this sorry take a spoon out you can do it now put put it on the side we’re going to need all these ingredients in okay now put the spoon onto the side completely off to the side okay now gently mix these agreeance with the whisk remember one hand on the bowl so you don’t accidentally lose the bowl this is what happens when you have an amazing assistant what happens to be your son good thing I’m not good and you’re learning to I’m teaching you I know one teaching me how to do any of this all right now it’s good and mixed all right you’re going to either use the whisk again to place on the side now you’re going to get your hand now you don’t need to stop what you’re doing and you’re going to wash your hands okay as my assistant washes his hands we’re going to polish recording and come back later now my assistant is going to take some flour his hand not directly in it said here’s a put it in the sieve to get all the lumps out that’s a mistake that most people tend to make and lightly shake it in there you go see how its finer okay i will quickly get that put this down hold your hand on the bowl and be very very careful mix it very well including all this all the flour on the sides to one hand on the bowl please come on quickly you gotta be quick get me fast come on you’re making a roux there you go keep doing it you can do it but forget the flowers on the sides yeah when the flowers on the sides here’s a tip like take this and just scrape it off you got a quick though otherwise you’ll come lumpy now stop what you’re doing real quick a little mixing a little bit more than her all right is that good a little bit more bizarre some lumps because you put that a lump of flour in your hand oh yeah you have to keep beating it longer just when you filter it out with the sieve was this gadget you make your life a lot easier you don’t have to to save it out as much because more like a gravy if you don’t you’re not careful okay do you have any questions why are you doing that um hold your hand on the bowl not really okay now how do you think it looks using it looks not lumpy we’re just making a basic roof because we want to eventually add it this is fine okay do me a favor put it in the fridge be dokie no okay now now I need for you to measure me one cup of milk out and I want you to put it in the pan it’s on the stove after you’re done you can do it come on and we’re just making a basic sauce for our nachos dinner thingy all right Nikki please put the milk in the refrigerator oh it’s okay it’s fine you’re doing great you didn’t really get honey an excellent all right you ready not quite all because of the buckle Molly yeah I had to move the thing that we did before yes I mean you mean the salsa the thing that the bill

that had the room yeah yeah okay when I place it in the pan directly because we’re not using a double boiler we have to be very quick about this where didn’t put it in okay now put the measuring cup in there in the sink please okay now go get some salt and pepper put some inside the pin chef say is that work here’s another tip and you hacker is hood salt hold it like this and just tap it so you don’t accidentally use too much that’s true that’s a very good tip where’d you learn that from you and Adam as just as much pepper as you had before let’s see what he’s doing be extra careful it over knees a little more than that let me call ways add more salt later okay that’s good enough the pepper we don’t want to be pepper monkeys yeah interesting is the death alrighty now we’re going to pause this video and come back oh he forgot one thing with garlic we got to add more garlic to it so as my pepper monkey kid I mean chef said he’s going to add more garlic to this mix and use a spoon technique enough with the break up the chunks cuz come on you can do it come on now you don’t need a sieve for that it’s only for the flower honey where you gotta love the idea though yeah this just young man has some awesome ideas and maybe a little bit more we like a lot of garlic in our house yes I don’t get sick no don’t get sick garlic is a good method if you’re sick hey lots of garlic mm-hmm alright that’s good now you’re going to get the whisk no more no more garlic take the spoon out there you go and just say puts foot in the sink you can do it put the cap on put on the counter will clean up later okay go get the whisk go get the whisk I’ll turn on the stove and whisk all the ingredients together a chef’s air does this I’ll set the camera so mother and son could be the same kitchen together chef Tsai is turning down the flame because it’s a little too high you don’t want your milk a too high of a fling that ain’t no excellent excellent you’re doing excellent chefs they’re excellent excellent excellent ok Lizzie is well as possible without training all right now go get the roof will get the route from the refrigerator and where you put the ruins are good Percy the poor that and I’ll keep certain okay this will hold thicken there you go wait chakras again this is exit it’s in here this is why we have to happen ok just in put that instinct and then proceeded to come over here on this side go ahead me the cheese it’s right there never when you pour a cold liquid inmates that take some kind of heat up again alright so I’m going to keep stirring so it mixes everything up so that flower we use as the root can cook so it thickens up kind of like when you make a bread as it thickens up right same thing when you see it come to a small boil about mom made you make that mess over the place she’s here in eastern wash my hands like-minded Santa’s oh no it’s fine low heat is essential for milk for any deer it hits me low heat watch their hands there’s only two hands up yes I use that how you didn’t show this is the actual role of the lemon right the help make your handsome oh no it’s not my hands beside the keister no like lemons right I want

to really help till I think it can help to back her oh yeah yeah it does good I have yeah we all had been through okay okay everybody we’re going to be adding maybe about a tough the two cups of cheese you added a little by little and it has to be graded use your favorite choice of cheese I go to eyeball it sound like a million cups and as I have cheese ranch wait I’m not ready okay now and stir it’s when we keep it on low heat time to smoke than all other Pesek what I did all right on the show some cheese oh geez fish story sounds melting that’s when you keep wanting it and because the room we had made you’re slumping all over the place your string will too high thinking you morning and a mess on the side slowly slowly slow and gentle that’s how you do it let’s do here for the seal it I set out that comma energy excuse me then stir it in chef said stir slower slower not as fast kind of like this let me show you all right kids let me show you how it’s done you don’t want to start with sloppy like okay guys you want to stir it with slow not just around the sides also in the middle you’ll also see it’s kind of gooey a little bit and that’s perfectly fine it’s still not thick enough or they proper consistency for cheese sauce and note that we’re doing this without a double boiler so we’re kind of doing it a different way now when you stir it honey both with this side and then do the middle sides and in the middle sighs and then middle kind of do like a swirly motion inside the pen bay-buh try to get three yeah you can do it chef Sam just slower do it slower here you go excellent around the sides and scroll towards the middle around the sides and then towards the middle now chef Sam stop what you’re doing add some more cheese take take the whisk out put on the side gently now add some more cheese quickly because it will burn take one hand to the no no no no take the bag first yes quickly you can do it Adam more than that gotta be quick cuz cheese burns and you dare you burn special y’all do double boiler ere we go I’ll put the bag onto this side and whisk it in slowly and we made a mess we’re gonna help meeting with that mess you know right sale right chef there yep below being a cheesy situation oh yes get it jeez and yeah I get it no no I orange references hey still yours to your aggression all right come on Chester around you’re doing a little too fast doing a too fast and go slow around the sides and in the middle you’re just doing this sighs I’ll do the middle because it could burn new to little more than that now add more cheese stop put the thing on this side add more cheese come on that guy be quick about this audio there you go one more my hands full quickly all right now put the bag on to the side quickly and repeat the process there you go that’s going to be easy when you start seeing it thickening up but they cheese that’s when you know you’ve added just enough cheese you don’t need to add any more or take any less okay keep mixing and mixing to the Chigi is a completely mixed on for just the middle don’t forget the middle and the sides do that again do that again pull it up pull it pull there you go that’s the look you want okay now keep doing it it’s going

to burn if you don’t stop too hard say yes on no fit the middle come on you gotta keep doing it it’s gotta be smooth okay I think it’s about smooth see how stop for a second see how it looks smooth and completely texture so just lay the spatula in there see how it smooths in there and it’s like off to the side all the cheese I’m just sighs kind of like loose and it’s kind of thick has a little different texture when you little harder to turn or stir in sign here it’s because the cheese is now done you should smack your spatula linear your whisk you put on the side and turn off your burner what you had on low and you need to let it sit for about five mins to fully thicken you you