hello this is Bob from round crees in this video we will discuss why so many people why in my opinion so many people have in problem Bronk and decides the title is a little bit provocative ads number one reason you can rank your side of course it would be nice to know one single reason fix this problem and there you go you rank in your sides but nonetheless I will share my ideas my thoughts and at the end I will show the data that proves what I’m going to say we’ll start with the basics like three rules of safe and effective link building is Authority relevant content and anchor distribution that’s not a order at least it’s just three basics three fundamentals Authority the main authority page Authority relevant content and anchor distribution this is the cornerstone of the modern SEO and link building I will leave thority aside for the sake of this demo and will focus on the relevant content and uncle distribution they go hand to hand and the together define the quality of the link that is coming from this specific page to your side to go to any SEO course if you go to any a co-writing so like there is a lot of recommendation of the anchor distribution and of course anchors must be distributed the primary keyword secondary naked and there are percentages like as a general recommendation like twenty percent twenty-five percent thirty percent but on a tap of days there is a probable every week or every other other other week there is like what new new or video that’s coming out with someone and just telling that all other distributions are crap and there’s a new distribution that actually works just listen to me of course it’s garbage they’re the true that the anchor text must be distributed but a look let’s look at the behind some of the reasons behind anchor distribution number one over optimization penalty exists this is a reality laws of sight sites for pray to the auto optimization panel key and number two is a need to use our keywords and anchor text in old days before penguin Google train like SEO SEO of people for for for a decade that if you want to run for the best dog training course you must you have as many links with the exact keyword in the anchor aired why because that’s a technical limitation this is how they determine that rather than the what links is bad like I mean if you if your link is cheap insurance is not as relevant to your site so but if your link is best dog training course so most lent you have enough of those links so that you probably be ranking for the best dog training course in the beginning it was exact then it was like started little bit variations but that still was focusing on the anchor text and this is why this this to come together so now we have our optimization penalty but basically we want to use keywords in anchor text as much as possible but no more than that so using lass is danger like it’s not effective using more it’s even dangerous so that that’s why it just it’s much better be safe than sorry like you don’t want to go over the limit and step into over translation penalty but this is this is what my thoughts are the search engine determines relevancy by anchor text and the context of the link context of the link so they’re basically the snippet of the text surrounding like first of all there’s like several several based on the proximity to the link the tax surrounding the link itself does this might be snippet like paragraph and the complete text of the page so basically it’s coming from two sources google continues using anchor text but less and less and more and more shifting toward the context of the link the basically the relevance of the content so if you look at the in the in the future so the target is to eventually stop using anchor text and determining from all other sources they still continue using it and still working that’s why we have this paradox of the Google using anchor text and google punishing pennant penalizing sites for abusing anchor text because less and

less they use actual anchor text and moving toward the context context of the page and this is where it coming to the laser targeted content because the high quality of the content the less need for any uncle manipulation on the page so essentially if you have a very targeted content that Google can tell that this is content is about best dog training class it doesn’t really matter what kind of anchor you use in the anchor text the less relevant content is the more you need to complement with the with the anchor text so now toward the relevance of the content on any and the same SEO courses of course targeted that disk discussing the targeted content but still the perception is because it’s really Harlem the high to measure the perception is that if you take one mashup content something about dogs that will be good enough look as long as you put your anchor like you link with anchor in if you take single article and spin it 2 2 like in the million pieces that will be good enough because it’s unique or if you order some very cheap content or find the service that provides service so more related to animals that will be good enough so laser laser target targeted content changed if before like several years ago there a little bit relevancy to dinesh was enough nowadays it should be it should be the content that Google likes what essentially like well let’s put it this way so that’s why I put on the one side no stop using and yes start using like using more so don’t use content that created by simple mashup generators when when that the generator that allows you to jump in several key words like all related to dogs and come up with something somewhat a lady’s dog or all keywords related to hockey and get something related to to hockey or sport using spinners that’s the someone will might argue that some spin or some work but its pillars braids grammar like I don’t know any good spinner that doesn’t change the text to the point that you don’t even need to read it like it just it just one simple glance tell you that something wrong with the text and this is exactly how word processor highlighted would like the whole sentence with the green because it’s look wrong grandma and you I’d say it’s it’s not a person sitting behind and reading this google uses huge database huge database of snippets of the text and appearance of the text random occurrence of the text with these database tells Google that how often and if it sees a lot of snippets of the text that it never seen in this specific combination that’s a bet quality content manual article like everyone preaches mantra that you have to order manual articles of course if you expect visitors to to see the page and you want to kind of polish it up so like you want to have a human touch to their to the article but if you think of someone who is just for three dollars just get you an article for 500 characters on the topic that they didn’t know about that don’t make no mistake it’s more or less the same syndication but let’s call it human syndication they go to article directories get the content like change the sequence articles sentences and so on as create and cheap articles nothing wrong with that but when it comes with the combination was getting one article and spin it to death and all the sudden you have million million unique articles on the dog training no that’s wrong first of all internet full of articles about dog training don’t expect to surprise google one by one more article about dog training so it should be something different so using slightly related topic so same topic for all keywords again so you like when you do keyword research chain them together the steps you do when you try to promote your content first of all you do very careful keyword research and every course tells you about that do you keep careful keyword research and they’re like lots of steps you like you know all your keywords at least you have 10 you probably have hundred but then all of a

sudden you create one all articles on the same topic dogs and you think it’s good enough because you complement low relevance of the topic of the content with the anchor text well in one was not completely related to to the content is hotlinked images so and especially its related when you brung in your blog networks and hot link images like there’s no proof but it is it’s been discussed for years that hun percent hotlinked images is a very high probability indication of this pumped or are automatically promoted property so yes would you what do you want to use in 2015 for the laser targeted content first of all mixed variety of sources forget about duplicate penalty like I mean I don’t know no nobody ever showed proof like I haven’t seen a proof that duplicate felt like that site was penalized for duplicate so Google ignores that the content that it sees the second after its seized exactly the same content yeah there is a like it’s really hard to find proof that the same content from the same side is branching equally if they come in from two different pages but if they come in from different to different side take the press release like you can find you can you release your press release and if it’s successful and you actually it was actually distributed to hundreds of sources search by title you will see all hundred them indexed and in in the search result so I’m not saying that you have to now use duplicate content but stop worry about uniqueness at the cost at any cost even in the worst content and spoon content uniqueness is is not a panacea so if you if you if you don’t want to just do plea use duplicate content use attribution link attribution link like a personal always use attribution link there’s there is a normal way of coding someone on the web and use an attribution link even more there is a guideline in the Google that says that the in order to avoid of content to be treated as duplicate you have to use attribution link reference the original source include newsworthy content the the algorithm of how they they’re hot and popular content spread over the world this is what you have to mimic when there is a use popular can’t the new popular content the other site is linking to this content or quoting this content so instead of just continuously continuously pumping in new articles about dog training just beam a little bit more creative you use a lots of media and use a lot of newsworthy content and it snippets from news snippets from press releases popular content from the popular sites and again as I said you can use attribution link and now specifically for those who promote local sites geo-targeted site you must include local content like if you promote someone who does the dog training in Toronto so not only it should combine the contour content on the dog training you should include something that gives google com the idea that it is about local TRADOC training in Toronto and again it’s easy to include news media business listings or anything that it just indicates that this is article is that the content is about specific day they do targeted to Toronto specifically let’s say so this is the use case I am going to show you the use case I was promoting the geo-targeted web to network 500 something blogs with the second tier so I created 30 keywords’ content was created with the brown cui’s content meal by combining services keywords and the local and the local name of the cities so basically if let’s see if it’s a desis was a electrical services company so that heated floors Toronto heated floors another city around Toronto and so on Oliver backlink with the low tier and bookmarking using link profile from all 30 keywords keywords were using primary anchor generic page title naked links so basically there is exact same condition for all keywords and they will all added to rank tracker

and the result no single blog post was running for the failed topic so basically if I’m sure to an example but if system failed to produce relevant content exactly relevant content for this specific keyword despite of somewhat relevancy on the content it was like all content about someone relevant electrical home improvement and massive backlink in using those keywords none of the single post noticing a blog was ranking for those keywords while others were ranking and in many blocks of ranking many posts were ranking for other keywords and in the second part i showed my project in brown quys where i was building authority web to block network for geo-targeted block network for the couple of electrical the actual it’s the same same company a couple of electrical services sites in the Toronto area you can see that there are two sides there are like state there’s a cure to network this is the one I was trying to run so before I will do any backlink into the major site and there’s a tier 3 network where I was backlinking tier two and i was using shared network bookmarking this is detailed for those who familiar with the Brawn quiz but overall this is the complete set up and the first stage was to do warm up and then i split them in a stage in a third third tier and network and i set up backlinking and again my target for the beginning was to good authority for this for this network this is network i’m going to be using to back link to my to my clients eyes I can hear this all over and over again statement that you can to use nowadays web two sides to directly link to your side of course you can’t what you can do is the take web two sides and hummer it with them over and over with the link to your site until they suspended that’s what you can do but the advantage of having the service that can do the sides and bulk is you build your network your resin authority to the point when you think it’s just safe and relevant and of course blogs must be indexed and might have some metrics that tells you that it is good side and then you post couple links to your site and then you go to the next step of building new network and again pointing to the side and after you build your links might be once in a while you build more links to the to the main site from the same network but the main point after that is to continue is to keep the a link to your main site on a home page effector than the last post and continue building backlinks to this website but again this network but again this is a different that’s this is the setup of this system and as I said I came to the conclusion about I want to share by accident for the for the content i was using Ron Cui’s content meal I’m gonna show it but you can tell that has been posted a lot of content created by the content meal and it was created from the topics company the intersection of topics that the first leads to represent services and spotlights recessed lighting LED pot lights ceiling lights heated floors and so on it’s all together taught 10 then three CDs toronto and two nearby cities that the company provided services to so if i go to the template you can see that instead of one mashup or one uploaded article i used a lot of sources there are images images for services images for cds mmm you can see that there is upload to share it image hosting option checked in this is the one I use in the presentation as far as i know that no other service provider has this option and it’s critical like imagine how how people are paranoid on when they spin the one single article 22 trying to make it unique at the same time they use the same image link into someone slide all over all over the place so lucky you post this article are five hundred times and use the major footprint because you’ll use the image that link into the same page it’s more or less same article just even if its spawn and it’s using the same images of course it’s not a

determining footprint but it is a footprint so when Bronco is upload image on the shared image hosting so it creates a new copy of course Google knows this is naughty you seen this image before but so we do resizing with your plan filters and essentially it is a different image for every time and it’s not anyway hot link to the to decide where we grab the image but again back to the to the main topic you can see syndicated content you can see you can seen use a grab from the google news and social for the for the local cds and and so on so if i go to overview this is how the typical articles will look like you can see that they created from to topic spotlights in toronto for example pot lights to rant and use toronto video and another pot light content heated floors toronto you can see the title includes both heated floors in toronto there’s content about an image about heated floor there is a news news snippet with attribution link back to the weather the source was taken from and there is a news from toronto that it’s relevant it’s neutral worthy in the Google eyes because we take it from the google news like any side then in google news is by definition by by definition is a thoroughly sites basically once the google publish the site so we we pause them to prove that yeah this content was good and we just show the snippet of the content in our on our blog so and so on now i’m going back to topics and i show the one single problem that i didn’t notice at the beginning that led me to the conclusion i’m just about to make while all topics system created the content for all topics pot lights light pot lights the appliance hookup failed to collect the content and it was disabled so essentially for the 10 x 3 essentially for the except of that out of the 10 services the content was created only 49 so there is no content than specifically targeted by the content none bye-bye clinking what’s up appliance hookup so all those blocks were backlink using link profile where you can see as a primary keywords all 30 keywords so and of course and a company like indeed it 72 because it’s in combination of the service Toronto service CD and CD service so you can see that recessed light in Toronto and turn in backward so and the primary keywords page titles and naked links in the 30 luck equal distributed so basically when I go to the two-digit schema this network was backlink heavily from this network using this link profile and as a result it used in the same distribution you spotlights to run to anchor as appliance hook up Toronto and now the results so if i go to run tracker you can see that out of some one to two keywords so at least one block is currently ranked like 66 keyword has like 60 has six key world have the blog’s brung in for this and some of the higher like you can see that some of them even in top 10 and some of them are within 100 sometimes it’s even lower but nonetheless if i look at the non ranking keywords you can see that uplines hookups mississauga plans hookups rockwell mississauga plans for cops and oakville so basically all who cops keywords despite of the heavy backlinking weren’t drunk and arrow while if i go to other like any other keyword you can see that enough keywords

even the ceiling lights raanta which is displayed like i mean its local adult your low competition keywords let’s say this let’s consider this is slightly higher because it’s local key so you can see that several blocks are branching for the specific keyword and if i go to stats so it’s still it’s still going on so they’re like more like there’s a keyword dance there are more keywords up then down so if i look at this network and preparing for the for the building authority to use for battling the client side of course it’s i’m not going to use it only web two sides like i’m not claiming that you but i’m sure that this is a huge part of the ACO and unlink building if you do it right you can see that i have five hundred blocks 5 580 blocks and out of them 490 posts individual posts of branca ninh google + 300 and being that’s that’s incredible for the local keyword like put a local results if i go see i can see them all over like first page second page and all the way up to the tenth and below pages and there are no better indication of the authority in lies but brung in for the appear in the block and the search result so if i look at the dynamic group i created this one is for ranking you can see that just a simple criteria that block is ranking or the second one is ranking in the top bronchial bank position less than hundred you can see that within a couple of weeks of this promotion i have 100 almost 160 blocks out of 580 Bronk in for those local keywords this is if you have a question what is Authority web to blog networks it is and at the end I you will go to the side itself and a couple of days ago I just did one single post over the group that is ranking of the block and the blog network not all blogs but and you can see that’s massive keywords up if I sent the client report and if you don’t see the change it means that keywords is new and just it just knew it appears just that our search rank tracker just found it yesterday like overnight so you can see that this is on itself as astonishing results that you can use all ready to show your client results and all together with the a couple of hours of work using the service like run queries of course you have to know like what you’re doing and not follow what everyone is saying so overall so if I go back to the point of the presentation is so you have to stop using the original content and try to complement it with the targeted anchor keyword focus on the creating the content that Google likes and again so I’m challenge everyone anyone who uses manual content of you can create several pieces of mineral content but I challenge anyone to show the similar results and couple of weeks of ranking 160 web to blogs for the for the over 60 x 66 keywords and literally if i go to the search result i will see them everywhere on the page see this is they all on the second page some of them below in the second page some of them just still grown so i challenge anyone who claims that you only can use manual content or spoon content you have a similar results to show or two bronzes and this is what you need to think of just stop thinking about uncle if it works now there’s definitely just a trend to use it less and less just start using general just I’ll start using Brendan keyword start using combination of branding keywords are great i didn’t mention them page titles when you do backlinking is great so basically anything that is just natural for the for the anchor but focus on the very targeted keyword to targeted content page content and add something that is new new on the web that is new popular now you can include like an google news services feeds media popular site

snippets without tribution links it’s all good example so that’s all for this for this video thank you for watching and it will be open to discuss this in our mastermind group in facebook thank you for using brown quiz if you are and thank you for watching the video