seven o’clock i’d like to invite everyone stand for the Pledge of likely chance when my nation under God it is well welcome everybody to the october twenty first meeting I just got a text message from Commissioner van rheenen he will not be attending this evening I’d like to recognize some of the folks that we have out in the audience tonight I see mayor Krauts out the audience I see Commissioner gender we had one more former member of the of the town of Elton then we’d have a more about the audience but also like to recognize councilman Allen McCarthy with us tonight you woke her up coming those seniors minutes of the October 7th meeting suppose we got a motion do we have a second they’re all in favor aye motion carries financial report payment of bills to move we have a motion and a second any discussion on the financial report hearing none all in favor aye motion carries push you have a bunch of notes discussion first item i have is employed we reward what implemented this program one of the recommendation of November prominent citizens mr. lemon I think mr fighters were fifth took the wand so to speak and and it’s a run with program and kept a burrow into our saddle so to speak and the first recipient of the quarter will be Carol Fitzpatrick with the old complete Department I like to kind of following Satan the Caliph is Patrick went totally above and beyond her role during the quarter with respect to rolling out the records management system mobile field reporting system and complex and demanding task to work double shifts to meet the needs of the department and always completed a sign test she performed computer software installations training PD officers a record staff work on live scan electronic fingerprinting system work shifts while staff attended training schedule recruitment activities with responsive than any law inquiries or fellow workers see exemplify the highest standard of effectiveness and efficiency and is to be commended by for her contribution to discuss success of the Oakland Police Department and the 1011 well-well Carole we’d like for you to come down here take this little awarded we’re going to give you and I’d like to ask Commissioner minor to make the inaugural presentation to Carol since each of the cooking ran with it let’s all get a view photo congratulations congratulations a lot of you okay guys post on my speech think I’d random person first of all I like to say thank lemon who’s staying on top of us were to make sure we push them together everyone for him keep asking for this every month I think I wouldn’t have industry keep on pushing but it quick all right thank him and for you miss girl I’m not I see you with every other day at my knees once or twice a week and always had that pretty pretty small always that a lovely of approach whenever anyone comes into her bank issues always had a happiness for whatever you can do / and we need more citizen late or more employees like you hear like you and a half pound of American thank you I would as a hard act to follow but i would like to mention that another nominee john brayla reports downtown has been a very positive example of our team depressed is he very impressive to the local business people downtown and the selection committee for the would like to get em horrible mentioned in the tank mr. gray Lasorda’s positive contributions in excess of the town thank you all right your report blue

still wanna come Sunday the next day looking for wayfinding signs supporters so aware that we’ve been working with the State Highway Administration for many many many months in order to play finding time projects moving and we received one bid from William C gilbertine out of Washington DC to fabricate these signs for a price of forty-seven thousand five hundred dollars purpose of tonight’s meeting is simply to announce that bid I will come back at the next meeting with the recommendation blue what did we budget on that I think was fifty thousand was a 75,000 for the installation number took you out thank you if I wonder to spare in short the next item have American energy proposal I have quieted three proposals but only have to to provide I mean provide recommendations for for tonight the first proposal is for the Town Hall supplemental work was largely wall so pushing pushing on me installing LED lights outside the building and around the building based on the net cost of eighty nine hundred and ninety dollars will receive and incentive of three thousand eighty dollars from Delmarva neck part nine ten we’ve projected savings of ten thousand forms we for kilowatts or 1150 hours annually de chillon using these light simple payback period between five years and two months i recommend that they accept the proposal from American Energy Corporation for the upgrade the lights of this building do we have a motion to accept the upgrade recommendation solar we have a motion second and a second any discussion as I did want to ask a question about the the change in the calls to be ever questioned about the additional walkthrough I hope it won the representative American Energy Corporation and there is no there is no negotiation with dell more about the ensena that that’s the price actually they’re managed by the Lockheed Martin energy group rather than Del Mar of itself but that’s their that’s the consent that’s all we provide it could change again in the next few live by the code change it’s a dynamic force evidence any other questions all in favor hi motion carries ok the next next one is the upgrade of the police department this involves the entire police department and there’s quite a bit of work done over there the total cost for that project is 1000 705 the Delmarva cinemas were generous 13,500 five dollars to the neck corset avid often a 7200 projected annual savings of 23,000 200 200 watt hours which about his 25 hundred and fifty dollars annually payback is two years and 10 months I recommend that the county 70 American energy corporations proposal for the afraid of the police department place do we have a motion to accept the second recommendations so you got emotions are in a second any discussion one this one yes first one ever yes um now that’s where some of the area was missed by a cat our own or I walk through right now just not doing this this is a whole new project okay I just want a clear barmaid government everyone has that because last time we had discussion there was a marriage missed and I thought this was the section that cuz i looked over though okay all right just movie clearly all in favor hi motion carries he had one other proposals for the street lights downtown but those errors and their proposal so i will bring that to the next meeting I think there’s November for for recommendation okay next item I have annexation resolution actually there’s two that’s two stages so that we have to do this the vs accept the petition for annexation from Michael Pete Calhoun 206 Augustine Herman my way out the Maryland his

property is located next to the five rivers church the one it’s on to 13 but it’s adjacent that property the contiguous and 20b saw it qualifications the annex petition for annex annexation and he submitted ahsan the 27th table august 2015 and i would even board to accept a petition for annexation so you can proceed to the next step do we have a motion to accept the magician translation so we got motion second in a second any discussion is this next to the last annexation three with order and sewer line now this is down to get into actually about the Johnston annexation okay those double a whole row gotcha gotcha gotcha butterfly but would be for now it’s on the other side of the charger this one’s long yes any other discussion all in favor hi motion carries next step is to introduce a annexation resolution this resolution is based on the fact that this property is contiguous in adjoining and resolution spells all out the description of the property house beats how it’s being 20 used as suburban residential he’s on that zoning is consistent with county zoning so I don’t believe the county will have any objection to that also point out that there is a public hearing that will be scheduled on December 2 2015 also spells out that this will be advertised for two consecutive weeks october twenty third and October thirtieth to meet the criteria under this attic advertising date place any annexation less than 25 acres on requires two weeks anything above 25 acres takes four week effective data this will be 45 days after the enactment of the resolution which will be hopefully only second of assembly recommendatory except annexation was with you 3 2015 or mr. cow Moos property for 10 production do we have a motion to accept the petition for competition of hampton bay annex it give it give me the number again k 3 2015 8 3 2015 resolution of business and printer ducks roads and upsal purposes only han Solo we have a motion second in a second any discussion on this all in favor motion carries what we’ll do now is notify the county council it’ll be so kind apartment planning growing part of the plan of the some resolution and public hearing and the criterion delicious annex and they would have a right to have commentary or percent testimony at the public very on the second typically they would not do it for a far syllabus of the size of 21-point raters decided we’ll have Severn Trent boheme agreement Fourth Amendment the board is maybe where at least traffic via clean we pass or the board pass a amendment to the operating contract the Severn Trent back in February of 2014 that provided a contribution from seven front of 200,000 hours from mental experience and develop all stations any change to that compensation that would be amortized over period of time the board agreed to extend the contract November 7.3 pursuant to that we will pursued engineering design and ultimately purchase a stream I screen system from a company called Frank Miller out of New Jersey calls on point six thousand dollars that equipment is down located one site at yelped and wastewater treatment plant I approached the severn trent’s of management people in order to have them install this equipment so they already went out to get through so contractor to put it in in order for that to occur they must have a fourth amendment approved by the town this will provide that Severn Trent will provide up to two hundred thousand dollar for the insulation all this equipment and they will man and oversee the project for this hand over I can tell you right now I can’t disclose the amount of money but the amount of money involved in this is less than 200,000 any difference in the amount of money will be credited downs p over the next very good do we have a motion to accept the Severn Trent operated on by a franchise agreement for Savannah heavier version in a second any

discussion all in favor motion carries blue is the fourth amendment I’m sorry what do you know constitutional protection against the right of government do it too still 12 somebody’s proper all right got it he’s gonna close it was he close he was captain I thought it plays very good I guess it’s my time for my report the mayor commissioners we went to the solar panel for today we took the we actually installed the last panel all the wiring is done the transformers are red waiting for final inspection from against alarm and the final hookups but we’re way ahead of schedule by the December 31st turn one date in fact I’ve got my fingers crossed it there’s a chance that it could happen by mid-november so we’ll have that additional savings which would mean about blue over ten thousand dollars per month to our electric bills here in the town of Elton so we’re doing everything we can do to be green in this town and and it’s working out pretty well look Danna got a question for you real quick and handling up we had handed out these shut off slicks can you tell me how many shut off your guys had to put out on Tuesday 640 620 and help you understand I’m trying to gather as much information as I can it seems like every time that we have these shut off notices for touched by everyone in this building their touched by finance department or touched by the administration office or touched by your your people and a couple other times I guess where I’m getting at I’d like to pass staff to come back to us and give us some type of recommendations that we’re touching this many slips and I know that there’s a $25 shuttle fee that we put into place I just don’t believe it’s enough and I think we have many repeat offenders which I know that there’s a lot of us that live month by month but I think that we need to strategize on a way that we can make this where it’s not costing all of our taxpayers the tremendous services because I know for example when Public Works is hanging these tags and you have to use every person available it takes away from our ability to do storm drains painting of curbs additional collections so I think there’s a lot to this I think if the board is okay with this maybe we can get some recommendations back stat and see if there’s up a better way or additional fees that we need to implement I want to do to that very good talking about storm drains I actually went down to Patriots led today and I saw our guys working on the storm drain I think I was 243 Patriots way and and after trying to get as much information as I can it seems like the the storm drains that we’ve had done in two towns where there a double storm drain seemed to be the ones that have been failing and maybe we need to look at and dan I’m going to ask you for recommendations for the future that as we do these developments maybe that’s something that we want to require eight a single storm drain instead of a double or the storm drain needs to be done with brick instead of block because I my understanding that we did these in in a block with a I don’t if it was a solid block or a cinder block or whatever it may be but that’s the reason for the failure and I think that we need to have a little bit better understanding of what we can do and can’t do but I think it will go a long way for the future anyhow Thank You captain I’m going to ask you to lead us on this we have more and more senior citizens in our town walking the streets as well as riding the bull skewers and I guess what we need to do is to educate them to use the crosswalks so what I’m asking is maybe

we can set some type of educational forces up where we go to the senior centers and maybe give them explain to them why it’s important for them to cross at the cross walls and maybe even on the little scooters to be able to put some type of I’m is flying on it because in the evening hours if they cross I can tell you I’ve seen it and this time the evening and came across that across walls I live scooters very dangerous so maybe we can yeah we’ll take care of that we can tie it into an education something absolutely I was talking to a community member earlier that we were having this conversation we actually have those people are training that you give talks the senior citizens etc very good thank you that’s all I have mr. Arjun watching I don’t have anything I just want to thank everyone for their well wishes and cards for lost video she said thank you that’s all and mission of honor for our serac i think the program’s above real well especially our to the summer users in this flow through where think everything’s in America casket ball football what real well on Saturday there’s a couple of conversations I had with some of them from citizens down at the park which was some good ideas we use the park a lot I think of Alcantara uses and from the lights that just for the record on my standpoint on we talked about this today to try and see how we can welcome into the bomb for these are panels that we’re putting around the town it but I’m like to see if we can’t do something with the lights on the back of the fields may be up if we just even get light coming off to be of the initial ones that are on the polls now because the fields can use a lot not just from our youth but from the high school and also from the little peewee league that’s coming up so you know as long as we’re around and we leave there’s going to be all the little kids and children growing up following that that same there so I would like to see if we can’t do something as a town and get some lights on the back part of that field and sort of happen to worry about someone bring generator hookin up lies because to me I would think it was a safe condition that they’re dealing with right now but I’m putting a request that either we change to the LED lights get a new system hook on to these systems we have down there and just Oh enhance the program that would better by provide some lights very good Lou can you take a look and see what it would be too it’s a bowls down your life circuit other than that mr Guinness thing I happened that there was a speed of requests Mulholland Drive and michelle has picture that emerged oh and Earl at last LOL needed in Bel Air we saw that subtle ways out of a very good well this is the time of the meeting we open up the floor for the public to make any comments I’m looking at the sign a sheet and I think that most of the comments that we’re going to come tonight or maybe possibly well I’m going to open up the floor and i’m going to ask miss Diane hair do you have anything to say season yes we did thank seven pounds for her article on up dying and you come up to come up to the microphone and thank you it’s mad I like to thank session council like this thank you you can edit him very good okay I’d like to thank Stephanie Falco for her informants to editorial 45 pounds and the meaning to midtown and they go this past week Thank You Stephanie secondly I just want to take them out to perhaps and lighten the board and perhaps a public here tonight or just what a small business and often does as a matter of fact tomorrow is the 30-year 31 for our hallmark store and often floors while I’m talking when I looked at my calendar so that I counted up the dates I can’t believe it 31 years

of melted I have with me my taxes for the Upton forest people were concerned about small businesses don’t pay their way in town and for big businesses our tax bill this year for the elfin forest was ten thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven dollars and sixty cents that’s this year’s taxes and for the doctor tourist business we’re a very small business on West Main Street and we employ 15 people I’ll be in some part timers don’t live in oak but most of them are from home today when the schools hospitals churches and organizations one help they come to the downtown businesses they don’t go to Sears and Roebuck don’t go to walmart they come downtown knocking on our door so I can’t tell you how much we donate to these organizations but it’s quite a bit that my friends a small town small business thank you thank you thank you I had copies of Stephanies article okay we got this Mary Beth Cole would you like to say a few words this evening i understand that i’m coming to address the entire board and i think from what you originally said it’s clear that the person that i should be addressing isn’t here tonight that’s not really a surprise my concerns were that this meeting is something that is taped and that’s how I solved meeting because I wasn’t here at three o’clock in the morning I listened to the entire hour and 11 minutes of the meeting and there was some corrections that were not given time for because it was at the end of the meetings and things were said so I’d like to give those Corrections first of all mayor is using Commissioner van Reenen stated that he had after a year and a half here higher expectations literally expected to pick the town to be with a plan to move forward well for the record and I’m sure you know I just want to educate everybody does those watching news here we actually have an economic plan that was developed in 2003 that was developed for 15 years that plan has been reviewed and we are still on target for growing this town I have family members that use the dog park to refer to any member any citizen of this town as a lunatic is both the height of unprofessionalism now long Commissioner did say that he lacks tact I do agree that doesn’t excuse his unprofessionalism truth York refer to any citizen here as a lunatic and those people that we need to get out of the town I think the part that really set me off goes back to the night of the budget I came to the budget meeting and for the record not because the mayor or any of the commissioners asked me or the other people to testify but because I took the time to read the budget I liked what was in it and I wanted the commissioners and mayor’s to know how I felt as a business person no I don’t live within the town limits but as mrs. hare said I pay taxes here I paid personal property taxes here property taxes here tax fees you name it to be able to run a business here yes it is a small business yes I am located on downtown Main Street I agreed with Commissioner jablonski in the fact that what was said by congressman Harris and the other elected officials that have come to our town is correct that if we don’t support the downtown that is the heart of our town and that’s where we grow from you grow from our heart finally since initiative ambient isn’t here tonight I won’t be able to address the rest of the issues but I do want to say this and Commissioner Givens you’re an educator so as an educator you know when we tell their students that you’re going to speak about something have to have citations to back you up or nobody’s going to believe you so I have two citations to back up that i’m going to say in conclusion number one comes from a third grade textbook mcgraw-hill I’m sure you’re familiar with them Jared publisher state and local government politics third grade the definition of

the town mishna as an elective global government bodies established in urban areas that clearly defines who we are a politician defined by Webster who by the way if there’s any question about this an interesting little jeopardy fact the United States Supreme Court has recognized Webster 644 times as an approved reference a politician of the person who professionally is involved in politics especially as a holder or a candidate for an elected office commissioners mayor Commissioner van rheenen unless somebody can tell me different and I have a gun put to his head when he applied to run for commission commissioner may arena on his own YouTube site said that he knocked on doors to solicit votes to be Commissioner Commissioner van reenen put a political yard sign asking people to vote for him Commissioner van Reenen accepts a paycheck every two weeks for the town paycheck that comes from my hard-earned little business down in a tree about that and he signs that paycheck and he cashes that paycheck for a job that he’s expected to be here to do yeah at the last meeting at the one hour 10 minute mark and 17 seconds he says I did not want to run for election ladies and gentlemen if he didn’t want to run for election but yet he sits here every week telling us that oh I could come up with a plan but he hasn’t he tells us that he sees this town in a better place but he’s done nothing he doesn’t show up he wasn’t at the last workshop meeting he does have come to the events downtown the ribbon cuttings the different events we have the ladies and gentlemen my question to you is what remedies do we have in our charter to remove or impeach such an elected official now from where I stand no I did not use the cecil county public school I went to school at Immaculate Conception and yes it is a parochial school that is chartered by a religious foundation but that same religious foundation that is chartered by the Ten Commandments and the Ten Commandments on the top of the Capitol building in Washington DC which is a government building and then those Ten Commandments it says thou shalt not steal to steal is defined to take something that is not yours that you did not earn or work for so I leave you tonight with this thought that I really wish that this entire board mayor commissioners give serious thought to I would like to ask at this time the Commissioner DJ van Reenen unequivocally undisputedly and unapologetically give his resignation to this board so we can appoint someone who would like to be here give ideas support this town so we can grow become the people who we are because we are out in and we want to go forward and we’re tired of an empty seat and someone complaining and giving isolated I nuendo and threat that he has absolutely no backup for thank you I just want to comment the comment i’m making is basically something that i talked to someone last week about which was a great idea and i noticed it in the past has been brought up i had Nichelle check into this would like to find out if the town the man commissioners would take this consideration and letting the taxpayers who owned a business have a float into town without you Michelle take check-ins I biggest brought the son who does that now and it’s been in the past that’s been brought up but no one is really placed you so I like to keep avoiding at least make early for the taxpayers who have opposed and she have a say of election time thanks boss good evening these were actually directed in reply comments or directed in response to what Commissioner van Reid and said so I hope you bear with me and again this is

recorded so hopefully he will view this at the october seven meeting he referred to the town paying rent for a place in downtown based on what was printed in the paper and he was referring to a quote from me and this he’s a wig about my business a pound in the page and i wanted to clarify that the alliance in the fall of two thousand nine negotiated a more affordable rent with the landlord for 120 east main street for two months the Alliance paid a small portion of the rent approximately two hundred dollars each month beginning in january of 2010 the rent was fully paid by the participating artists and business owners with no more financial support from the town without that negotiation and the initial support we would not have been able to open business so for a four hundred dollar investment by the town the palate in the page will begin its seventh year in business in november and i am proud to say that our success has contributed to several other businesses opening their doors and investing here at the meeting Commissioner van rheenen also stated that the little and ciliary stuff that is going to happen downtown is not going to increase and or help the taxpayer that lives elsewhere I’ve got to differ I just one act as just one of the small locally owned businesses in town we carry the word of 31 artists and 14 local authors and have numerous guest artists and authors each year so we are providing these people an outlet to make money for their own business we collect the sales tax on all of our sales and pay personal property tax on our equipment and fixtures we pay licensing fees taxes on our inventory and we are providing income to our property owner who in turn pays taxes all of our represented artists and authors pay taxes on the income or at the gallery some goes to the state which trickles down some to the county which trickles down and some to the town which impacts directly we’ve had people come and stay in Cecil County to come to show openings of course that affects the tax base one couple actually stopped here on their way home from North Carolina to New Jersey came back and stated an Airbnb in town and shopped at everything that was open on that particular Saturday and eight of the town restaurants because they found the town charming and worth returning to these two instances instances are representative other ways to tax basis help I’ve just my small business alone in downtown Alton our sales have increased every year over the prior year we’ve been in business to the tune of approximately thirty percent per year and it looks like this year it will be higher than that and we started during a recession in July August in September over sixteen hundred and fifty people visited our gallery and we count so that is accurate and we were not the only stop in downtown at least half we’re not from Cecil County that’s important because it means we are attracting people from other states cities and counties according to the 350 project I quote for every 100 dollar spent in locally owned independent stores $68 at sixty-eight percent returns to the community and taxes payroll and other expenditures if you spend that in a national chain only $43 stays here and when spent online nothing returns to our community and from a January fifteenth 2014 article the case for investing in town in downtown by every price I quote an essential part of becoming a strong town is to have a strong local economy one that keeps as much money local as possible and for this to happen we need to create an environment that small businesses can thrive in an environment where people are willing to support them we need family-owned businesses they support local families keep money in the economy and create strong communities and most importantly they stopped our towns from becoming overtaken by large chains and franchises that turn us into copy and paste towns by simply pasting their template into our town to melt our profit without contributing to the towns of ability or unique lyst uniqueness he said um he wanted he met with some of the vacant building owners honestly to get feedback from people who are downtown say in a day out he really needs to speak to the small business owner downtown and I understand I am invited to speak inviting him to speak with her they have not yet connected I would also like to speak with him I don’t believe he’s been in our gallery I would love for him to come down to Adele downtown for our first friday art loop because there are people walking up and down the street and they are there enjoying the town and they’re spending money here and they’re spending their time here I would really I’d like him to come see the little ancillary stuff that it’s not

ancillary it takes time to rebuild a town I personally have witnessed huge changes in the almost seven years I’ve been a business owner there is room for more I would agree but I believe it’s happening it seems to me there’s a plan for our town that is creating opportunities for small businesses in the downtown area to locate and be successful with support from the town decide what type of businesses are wanted and that they should help support the tax base through payroll on sales the downtown Alton festivals the art slated for next pet next mag is part of that plan all these will lead to a stronger economic footing and will continue to increase the foot traffic which makes for vibrant community which in turn attract small business I’ve seen it happen with my little business I witnessed a change in our town for the better and I know more is coming and I apologize but I think it needed to be said and I sincerely hope I’m holidays super you listening to me go on and on and on I spent about two hours today writing this and doing research and I just I feel very strongly and I support what you’re trying to do and I thank you so much thank you hit on you gotta do it man I don’t know what’s going on but anyway I had a chance to talk to one of the one his longest business owners down town and that was mr. egg camel chemo I joined mr. Edward and anywhere else from Edwards fashion and I wonder conversations that we have about we’re starting to get a lot of activity and things going on downtown and it’s really good but he wanted to find out how come we can’t do something different then shut down to business on Saturday when we have our runs and stuff I know the mayor talks about this and after his conversation he said mr. fire once you release print to the board that we don’t do anything on Sundays employed interfere with the business owners if we want to have our brothers and everything why don’t we have on the day that were running not running business and a light bulb came off in my hand I can I do it was my idea but other than that was Miss Edwards but other than that um I said well a lot of people that go to church oh but he might go later instead of early and I said that would be a choice that we would have to make so it wasn’t great idea that maybe we might want to schedule some things that way we have activities monday to sunday nice all not a bad though Oh head on earth no one else signed up on the list but this is the open floor mr. al McCarthy would you like to come on down say a couple words thank you very much I had no intentions of coming here coming to this meeting is speaking tonight but I think that movie mayor council and the employees of helped in an apology I also you an explanation and I beg your forgiveness probably one percent of the delinquent bills are probably to me now let me tell you what I do do when i receive the bill i present it to the person who uses in order I give them a notification a couple weeks later when I finally get to final disconnect notice I present that to them and I used to even pay the water bill so they would not be cut off while I have no recourse but to basically allow you to cut to learn off because the people will not pay the bill unless that happens so I’m very sorry for the problems that of course but I had no idea what else I could do to get this done and this does not pertain only to the town belt and it happens to Chesapeake City and here we other property that i am so I’m terribly sorry if I could remedy it I certainly would I hear it thank you very much thank you anyone else have anything to say this evening come on down mr Desmond hand well as most people thank you Mark commissioners as most people were aware we were not at the last time meeting so it was hopefully expensive for us to watch the one our online was roaming overseas and I guess it’s it’s one of the things that concerns me greatly is opportunities being taken to discuss people’s business in absence I think is something that we need to avoid at all costs and I have never once had the opportunity to speak with the accent chair in relation to any of the plans that I of my wife Ingrid had in the town of Elton I will certainly haven’t seen the changes that the businesses that have been here for 30 years and some for seven years but I can only comment on

the businesses that we’ve had and done in the last 18 months and i can assure everybody having traveled significantly in the last 14 days there’s a lot of course tons there’s a lot of places a lot more places suffering but what those places don’t have and what I see tonight is an actual heart a heart to vision a heart of wanting to do it right to actually see online this evening the final plate being put in a in a in a in a pillow the solar guard storable let go the solar farm is just miles ahead or anywhere else we travel to Ireland we were down the South American we’re back it’s Martha had many where else but you know other things that strokers from the meeting was the misinformation the reality of eggs any type of brewery is a federal license it starts with the federal government I or anybody else could apply to the federal government and should you be successful and willing to put the bombed in place you may be given permission to produce beer not liquor view it did falls to the states the state will do its due diligence on location on the individuals that are making the application and then if they decide it passes to the county at that point the cisa little liquor board will make a decision to allow for a brew pub in the within the legislation that they have right now but the footings into context and I recognized in his absence he he refers to his economic knowledge now the difference between group hug and a microbrewery is group of the Las with two thousand barrels of beer to be produced annually which especially from an hourish guys not a lot a microbrewery allows for twenty two thousand six hundred and seventy it’s an economy of scale the investment is largely the same the potential to create safe sales a significantly different so with the help of the vice president of the council we were at a meeting where we petition for class seven license and a class seven license is not a bad thing it just allows us or anybody else in the county or the town to receive permission to produce 20 2670 bars as opposed to 2,000 watts for the same investment now from an economic impact perspective that is the difference between two jobs and 40 jobs from a tax perspective I don’t even want to do the calculations because the tax start for the federal level moves to the state level and finally it comes into the county level and so forth to the tongue I think it’s wrong to suggest that we would block anything in fact the reverse could be true I could have taken it upon myself as a liquor license owner in the town of alton and i believe and correct me for long history has seen this I could have stopped it or stop anything within a thousand feet of my building that doesn’t constitute an activity that suits within the different license required but consequently had a facility being opened I may have lost my license losing the license means when I Hans clothes have done nobody thinks of the downside of that but to the point of of speaking and addressing to issues without ever ever having a meeting and for most people I’m readily available in about I most certainly have no issue responding to my TV at any time on any night but not to come and discuss what is a rather large project now their brewery project one of the one of the reasons that we have trouble is we went and we looked at an awful lot of breweries and the worst thing about looking at them is to really take it on board is you can’t participate in any of their sampling and so for you really need to understand how they work and what they do is they attract a phenomenal finest Guinness right now we’re spending 520 million in the next five years in craft beer it’s a half a bee and it’s all for the United States it’s not for their domestic market knowledge and the reason being is the sale of alcohol regular domestic beer go through three percent last year the sale of craft beer proof thirty percent so that’s what the trend is heading towards now it’s not going to be sustained indefinitely but that is the reality but in conclusion obviously we will drive everything we can do among our hands we will expand into the yard we will put on our innovation into it we will also also work diligently on a federal license and a federal license is a huge undertaking and the investment required to put the business in places is one of the things that’s just second on the list the third thing is finding the correct for the for thing is to find the actual people that can work there and run it the fifth thing is to actually bring the crowds here I have no doubt that Elton will stand up toward that or I do have issue and I really do have issues our doors always open in fact I think our door is open longer than most premises in town given the license that we have and I think it is disingenuous of as a taxpayer admittedly one of those that don’t live in town I think it is

absolutely unfair that i can say with all honesty is the only commissioner that hasn’t approached us and said how do we help what can we do tell how can we do to move things forward and the comment that sticks in my mind is I don’t feel safe downtown I think is probably one of the most understated naive political comments that have been I know I’m on the record and say that it just makes no sense to state as an elected politician that you’re not safe in the constituents that alleged thank you you never look on I have a college this is my night ok so in any way you just have to deal with it after sitting here listening to the information that was given you from mr. tennis I appreciate that information because there’s a lot of stuff I have no clue about the rights of Yuri but after sitting here I know that we talked about this a couple of modules and I know those is pricing which he grace a now grave clearly this out to us I would like to put a face to that voice on those videos a march are coming this way a button a and B saying that that the person in monitor be is now talking because it’s a simple process I think it’s about time we do that because we have voices but we don’t have faces onto it we just absorbed all that information but the viewers are they going to see you back at idea so I just want to say that Louis would you check into it and see what if I called to put a monitor and a switch from A to B to show that baby thank you i think the first three speakers tonight i would love to see in the front but that last two I think it’s a good move I just think if we enhance this uh just a moment so well do we have anyone else would like to say anything to see things seeing none this meeting is adjourned