hello there guys it’s me unstable voltage with another episode of how to feed the beast in Minecraft today for a little bit of a change I’m going to take you through one of the lesser-known mods of the feed the beast back and in this video we’re going to pretty much cover the mod in its entirety and that is the secret rooms mod now there’s pretty much only one item that you need to make for secret rooms and then there’s a number of blocks so you’re going to need a few different dies you’re going to need a lot of wool and a lot of rotten zombie flesh one of the two is required so let’s take you through what you can make and what you can do with the secret rooms mod well as you guys can see I am outside for this one and the reason I’ve decided to do that is just for the purposes of demonstration for this mod I’ve hollowed out a little room here in the side of this hill and as you can see just a simple stone room put a space for a door I’ve got a space for a window and that’s about it really so what is secret rooms all about and what you can do with it well essentially it is a way of disguising and camouflaging various different types of block now essentially you’re only going to have one item that you create in the secret rooms mod and that’s this stuff camouflage paste now it’s nice and easy to make but there are a few different variations of ingredients to make it so for example dirt can be substituted for sand but the ideal way to make it is a block of dirt or sand in the middle and ink sack to the top and bottom and then red dye either side of the top green dye or capture screen either side of the middle and yellow dye either side at the bottom and that will give you nine camouflage paste so now you have camouflage paste what do you do with it well that’s also a good questions so we’re going to start going through some of the items you can build in order so let’s have a look so what I want to do with this room is hide it so it’s not visible from the outside and obviously it needs to be protected and one of the ways we can do that is with the door obviously putting a door there though does make it a little bit obvious that the doors there so let’s break the door down and let’s go you don’t even need a crafting bench for this you can literally do it in your infantry or wooden door and a camo paste next to it gives you a secret wooden door and if you place that secret wooden door down it will actually disguise itself as the block below so this is on a stone block it disguises itself as a stone door if I were to destroy that door it still counts as would even though it looks like stone if i was to pop it down here on the grass which is technically a dirt block then the door would appear as eight door made of dirt but i want to put it down here and there we have a door now you’d never know that door was there unfortunately different light shader on it but it’s very hard to notice now one problem you do have is if someone was coming along the wall right clicking they could accidentally find it like that which is a possibility so what about a door that you can’t actually open and close by clicking on it what about for an example an iron door you’re all probably familiar with iron doors you pop them down the same as you would a normal door but the door won’t open and close if you right click it you need a redstone signal such as a button or reliever to open and close the door but again it’s still quite visible so let us smash that down then why I’m using an axe it’s not made of wood there we go destroy the iron door and as we did before I endure with a camouflage paste will give us a secret iron door and that door will work in exactly the same way as the secret wooden door but now you can’t open it by right-clicking on it so nobody would ever realize it was a door so how do we get that door open and closed well as I said we can either use a button or a lever so let’s have a look at a button for the moment so you’re all familiar with buttons you just pop them down and as you can see I mean if you look at the button directly on because the button life actually placed it on stone looking at it directly on it’s actually very well camouflaged and we just destroy the book naturally so if I pick the button up and put it here on the dirt it sticks out like a sore thumb it’s really obvious but if we put it here on the stone it’s much harder to see but from certain angles it’s really visible we press that button or door opens only ohms for a short amount of time and don’t forget of course you’re also going to need to have a button or lever on the inside if you want to open the door to

get back out so what but the thing is the button still visible and that’s no good so what we can do is we can make a camouflage button now a camouflage button is a little more difficult to make and you will need the crafting table for this one and basically you need a button in the center you’re going to need for camouflage paste in the four corners and you’re going to need for rotten flesh or for wall of any color around the rest of the spaces and that will give you a secret camo button now the camo button works in the same way as a lot of the other blocks it will disguise itself as whatever block it is next to now as you can see that really obviously shouldn’t be there the block is sticking out however it does actually function as a button if it is in the right place next to the door so that’s pop it in the right place so you could come at button and there we go you now have a button hidden in a block next to the door and we can open and close the door that way but that’s a good way of hiding it completely what about if we want a partial way to see it’s there well let me replace the cobblestone well it should be stoned really let me go and get some stone and fix that so that it looks right okay there we go so I have replaced the piece of stone you can just about see where the door is now one of the way you can do this is with a lever now the good thing with the lever unlike a button is it will actually stay open until you flick the lever again which means it’s harder to lock yourself inside but as I said you should always have a lever on both sides but again the lever is really obvious to see so let’s make a camouflaged lever now we make a camouflaged leave a pretty much the same way that we make the button I leave her in the middle for rotten flesh or for wool north east south and west and for camo paste in the four corners and that will give us our secret camo lever and if we place that down as you can see the same ways before you end up with a block let us just break it in the right place so if we make a hole next to the door again place our secret lever and there we go we now have a lever that we can use to open and close the door it will stay open and until we flip the lever okay so what are the methods do we have let’s have a look now one of the things we can do here is if we take a standard torch and place a piece of redstone below it we will get a torch lever and these are quite good because you can pop them on a wall and they look just like a torch but if you right click on it it activates as a lever now there’s no animation for it so you can’t tell whether the switch is on or off but it’s a great way of hiding a lever but still knowing where it is good way of marking something okay so let’s have a look what we’re going to do here for the window now what I’m going to need for this is some glass blocks now in a crafting table six glass blocks on the right hand side and then three camo paste down the left will give us nine one-way glass so let’s just go into our secret room and from the inside if I select my glass and place it like so as you can see I have a window and I can see outside now if I go out of the room it’s dead I go back inside glass so as you can see the glass block actually on one side replicates the block above it or below it depending on where you place it so let’s just play some here on the grass so as you can see a place to there if i go round to the other side it’s replicated a grass block because it’s on a grass block just break them if I then take them inside and place them here on the ground if I go around you can see it is now a stone block because it’s placed on top of the stone block so it’s a very cool way of making a window that you can only see through from one direction now a couple of things to note with these is that when you place them by default you want to be facing the direction that you want to look out of the window from so the solid side is placed away from you and also you can’t really place these blocks on top of one another because they won’t work if there’s not a block above or below them simply because it

reads the block above or below to find out what texture to use so standing a glad one-way glass on top of another one way glass is going to cause some problems now another thing to remember and I can’t stress this enough even though I haven’t covered them yet and I will in a moment don’t place these one-way glass blocks on top of a ghost block because it can cause the game to crash and if that happens you might not be able to get back into your world it is a bug I believe it’s been fixed but I’m not a hundred percent sure and it does depend on which version of feed the beast you’re using so my recommendation is if you’re going to use this one-way glass don’t place it on top of a ghost block okay so i mentioned ghost blocks what are they well they’re quite easy to make all you essentially do is with the same recipe of rotten flesh or wall and camouflage paste you put them together in the crafting table but leave the center square empty and you will get four ghosts blocks now ghost blocks when you put them down will replicate the surface they are standing on so in this case they are replicating grass blocks or dirt blocks but the thing with them ghost blocks is they’re not solid you can actually pass right through them which is fantastic because you could make a big hole in a wall completely fill that hole with ghost blocks and you could just walk in and out through them but these are the blocks that you really should avoid putting one-way glass on because it might not work so let me just break those and just show you another example with that on a ton of the surface so we will pick up our ghost block so as you can see now if I just put that there it’s now a dirt block it was a grass block before because it was standing on grass but now it’s just standing on normal dirt and is a dirt block so not those down again and go here inside if I put them down here as you can see now they are stone blocks so I could block off part of this room completely but still be able to get in and out through these ghost blocks that don’t actually exist okay so what would happen if i wanted to burrow down and make a hole and make a ladder down there and make a mine I would need a trapdoor I suppose let me go and get one of those okay so i have a trapdoor let’s pop that down and there we are not exactly hidden no is it pretty pretty obvious to see that there’s a trapdoor there hmm ok well let me break that trapdoor I managed to get it back which was brilliant and let’s head back to the crafting bench ok really easy again same as we did with the doors really trap door with a piece of camo paste gives us a secret trapdoor and we can go back in and place that and there you go camouflages itself with the blocks around it a completely invisible trapdoor down to our mind and our secret room ok let’s see what else we can build ok guys so I’ve got a chest here that I can put all my valuable stuff in so I’ll pop that down there oh now somebody did find this room that’s going to be pretty easy to spot let’s take that up again and let’s take that back to the crafting table and let’s put our chest in the middle camo paste in either corner and the usual rotten flesh or wall in the rest of the slots and there we have a secret camo chest and once again like most of the blocks in this mod it will come off large itself with whatever block it is standing on so in this case it’s standing on a grass block and it looks like a grass block but if I right click it you can clearly see that it is actually a chest so let’s just quickly break that pick it up now we have a dirt blocked place it on and as you can see dirt block pick it up again going to take it into my little secret room pop it down here and as you can see now it just looks like a block of stone now they’re only down side with these chests is you can’t put two next to each other and turn it into a double chest but still it’s a handy way of hiding chests so there’s another blog we can do right what else can we have a look at let’s see what else we’ve got in this model if we go to our crafting bench and make ourselves some steps let’s grab those can we make any more yes we can let’s make some more so we’ve got some stone steps and then exactly the same way as before the zombie flesh top bottom left and right and pasted in the corners we will get ourselves secret camo stairs and you actually get quite a few of these and well they don’t really require

much explaining they work pretty much in the way you’d expect them to their steps but they’re camouflaged and they camouflage with whatever block they are facing towards so if I put one here it looks like a grass block but if I walk forwards it’s a step I can carry on placing those let’s get rid of the flowers and there we are we now have a series of steps I think I just slightly missed placed at one or which direction did I get it from oh maybe I didn’t place it at all can we get one there there we go so we now have a series of stairs that run all the way up here not the most useful of things but it is a good way of hiding and camouflaging the staircase so now we have camo stairs okay so let’s grab ourselves a standard pressure plate and let’s put that pressure plate let’s pop it down on the ground you should all be aware of these it’s just a simple pad that if you stand on activates a redstone signal now these can be set off by players and mobs and certain items if you actually put them on top of them they will wait them down enough but again you may want to hide one so at the crafting table slightly different recipe because the pressure plate goes in the top and then either wall or zombie flesh in the remaining three sides and camo paste in the corners and that will give us a secret pressure plate so now we can put that pressure plate down as you can see there it’s the size of a full block if I stand on it you can see it’s actually opening and closing the door very nicely now if I just break that there’s also another variation we can make pretty much the same way pressure plate in them at the top with the rotten flesh on the remaining three sides can I paste in the corners but this time and iron ingot in the middle and that will give us a secret player plate now player plates work in exactly the same way it’s a hidden plate but it can only be activated by a player standing on it which means if a zombie or a creeper or a spider or anything else steps on it it won’t actually activate so it’s only activated by a player now there are two more blocks that we can make with this secret rooms mod so let’s quickly have a look at those now the first of them is a piece of redstone in the middle with the usual zombie flesh sure and the camo paste in the corners and that will give us secret camo redstone now I’m going to make a few of those so if I place these blocks down next to the door as you can see they disguise themselves with the blocks underneath if I put a lever down next to them the lever will now open and close the door because these camouflage blocks count as a redstone signal so it’s a great way to carry a redstone signal but not have the redstone dust all the red alloy wires showing obviously what i could do is sink these into the ground or hide them on a wall you can walk on them just like they’re a normal block they’re solid just like they’re in normal block but they conduct a redstone signal and camouflage themselves with whatever they’re stood on ok then guys the last block is a bit of a strange recipe because you’re going to need an ender pearl in the middle a redstone at the bottom and this time the camouflage camouflage paste goes in the top middle and the left and right and the four corners you need some form of wooden slab or wooden planks and that will give you a camo gate now the way the camo gate works you place it down and it takes a one-block you give it a redstone signal and it will extend out in up to 12 blocks and camouflage itself with whatever it is next to you can then flip the switch and turn it off now it’s going out in that direction because that’s the direction I was facing when I placed the block if I destroy the lever destroy the block if I place the block over here with my back to the direction I wanted to go place the lever on the top flip the switch and it will extend out 12 blocks in this direction so it’ll extend out 12 blocks or until it reaches something and then it will stop now the great thing with this is all of these extension blocks are solid so you can walk on them you can’t pass through them and you can make them all appear and disappear with a redstone signal this is absolutely great if you want to cry solid wall or a solid floor and then you can literally apply a redstone signal to it to make the wall or floor disappear obviously you have to put them in rows if you want to make a floor and you have to put them on top of each other if you

want to make a wall but supply a redstone signal to them they’ll camouflage themselves with whatever is under the main block it doesn’t really matter what the blocks are under the rest of it if it’s a hollow so if you’re making a flaw in between two rooms then it’s there’s got to be something under this corner block for it to take it from that if there are blocks underneath it already like now I’m building it on top of an existing floor they will disguise themselves with whatever blocks are below them like this one has but if it’s over an empty space then this is the one that must have a camera block underneath it to camouflage itself with so there you go we have pretty much covered all of the available blocks in the secret rooms mod well guys that mobs a lot of fun I thought I’d share it with you because it’s a really really fun and useful mod but not many people know it exists and even less people use it once again though word of warning try not to put one-way glass on top of ghost blocks because it might cause a problem with the server and I’d sooner you guys not have that and lose your worlds so thanks for watching I hope as always you found the video informative and entertaining if you have please like share and subscribe because it really helps me out and if you’ve got any ideas for future videos if there’s a particular mod machine or item you’d like to see me build and demonstrate either send me a message or leave it in the comments below so until then I’ve been unstable voltage this has been how to feed the beast in Minecraft and i’ll see you on the next video so goodbye for now