coming up on tech thing or power conditioners are wasted cast three travel accessories you’ll want in your bag some cool advice on cabling and quite a bit more I’ll coming up on tech thing big thank you to everybody it supports the show at / tech thing your contributions keep texting coming each and every week now that we’ve hit our latest milestone will be bringing all our patreon a special monthly bill video thank you I’m Shannon Morse and I’m Patrick Norton and this is tech thing we make technology behave at least on the good days that was a pretty terrible version of harassment I don’t know that was a camel version of Kirk or sam the eagle from The Muppet Show but there’s a reason why I don’t wear a blazer and she doesn’t wear whatever people Star Trek uniforms where what you gotta wear did you have one though hey so no news today because guess when you were red shirt no well I might be don’t worry I survived lucky humor I am currently traveling and we’re pre-recording this episode just for you guys because you guys are awesome and then we don’t want to skip an episode but first off a big big big thank you to everybody who’s watching the show each and every week we make it for you and we’ve got a message from Matthew we’re on facebook who posts on Facebook yeah he posts on facebook slash tech thing what’s your opinion on power conditioners and backup power supplies like a UPS I live in a large apartment building and was thinking a power conditioner for my HT your home theater would it be a bad idea also UPS would not be a bad idea as well the wind is enough to knock out our power and when they turn on the back of generator it only powers the kitchen I was looking at solar power generators but they are out of my price range thanks love the show keep up the great work from Matt thank you Matt oh my goodness so at the very least everybody should have as I reach around some kind of surge protector between your gear and the wall absolutely the surge protector essentially tries to shunt or rear out voltage spikes the ground to keep your gear from being killed but voltage spikes usually we think in voltage spikes as being an electrical strike from a storm friend of mine my friend Josh and if you ever met he had every electrical device in his house including his stove and refrigerator wiped out when somebody in the training program for our local utility basically ran 400 volts through an entire city block expensive day for the local utility what do things you’ll notice one of the best things you can do also is you know it’s kind of like you know I had all my stuff plugged into surge protectors but you also want to make sure your cable line is if you have a cable modem or if you have you know dsl you want to make sure those lines are plugged through the the surge protector because it’s kind of funny you can protect yourself from the electrical sockets and still have your gear wiped out because your cable from the cable company got zapped so make sure you got everything wired up in uninterruptible power supply generally speaking they are temporary they give you like just enough battery power to gracefully shut down your apps and save your files and shut down your system there’s like a small battery inside a box like this now it’s really crazy what didn’t realize is the world’s largest UPS is 46 megawatts it’s the battery electric storage system in Fairbanks Alaska and it powers the entire city and nearby rural communities during outages generally speaking interesting yeah they probably saved my butt a few times probably but it’s it’s kind of crazy right you know UPS is outside of Fairbanks Alaska or you know giant installation Larry had this yeah well this is like a commercial one for a huge array of servers or a small business generally speaking UPS’s are designed to make sure your PC doesn’t get killed by a power outage or assert some of them also do power conditioning power conditioners are really interesting they get plugged in between your wall socket and your gear and make sure you have clean 120 volt 60 Hertz AC you’re actually really 120 volts the basic model C have like you know RFI or EMI filters they correct brownouts which is low voltages over voltages you know and I’ve always been kind of sketchy on my ass robert hair my partner in crime a navy excel if he recommends him and he said he says I totally do something like a pcs line are 1200 or tripp lite’s LC 1200 is a good start my UPS has an automatic voltage regulation function that smoothes out sags and surges if a home is well wired with ample current available a condition or maybe less of a concern in my room I noticed my lamp dim when someone turns on a vacuum or other high amperage device my pc game console and other cherished gear sits behind the UPS so it keeps these sags surges from reaching them I like hearing the UPS kick on and off when it’s smoothing that out Robert agreed yeah so you know I mean I where I used to live in New Jersey the lines were just all being pushed the maximum especially in the summer they used to be this point like

one clock in the morning when when everybody to be like I can’t sleep I’m going to break down I’m going to pay the electric bill and like it would seem like everybody in the surrounding County would turn on their air conditioners and then our house would have because we had six different machines rendering files like uninterruptible power supplies and I’d wake up at like 130 in the morning and I’d go shut the machines down now they all do it automatically emergency power is kind of a whole different thing um solar can be cheap if you roll your own system like you know I have a solar panel and I have you know a charging box and I have batteries up to a point if you want to power laptops and phones it’s really really easy if you want to enjoy HDTV and frozen margaritas when the power is out in your entire neighborhood it is not so easy you know emergency power supplies can take so many forms I have two massive eight D batteries that I keep topped off a Honda generator and of course there is always the car’s alternator which will keep generating electricity as long as you keep fuel in the tank I should invest in a generator just for the zombie apocalypse cuz you know what’s going to happen eventually well need a generator for all year it’s it’s not a zombie apocalypse but we have two big chest freezers and if we lose electricity for more than a day it turns into two huge chest freezers of mush yeah and I don’t want to clean mush out of my chest freezer neither do i right that the kind of gross I’m just saying this Way’s rapid fire round up is three travel accessories Shannon just can’t live without and you might be surprised but they are tech related travel accessories haha are you ready ms nubs hahaha I’m so ready go oh okay so these are just three different items that I take with me pretty much everywhere and I can’t live without first off anchor makes this five or six port family size desktop USB charger it powers multiple USB items out of the front with one AC charger that you plug into the back there’s a 60 watt sick sport version with power IQ which will push whatever your device will take up to two point four amps max per port 12 amps total which is quite a few and awesome for tablets and it costs thirty-five dollars there’s also this anchor power port 5 port USB charger and this is the one that I actually use and it costs $26 online these are strictly for charging though it’s very small and durable and it’s not so heavy so you can take it with you and your backpack and your purse or pretty much whatever you want to fit it so it’s very perfect for traveling especially if you have very limited access to wall power like we do in airports for example yes or in Las Vegas where there’s like a little off for the entire room and sometimes they’re just fake outlets like they don’t go anywhere and you’d plug things and nothing charges anyway the Fitbit is my second thing so this is any Fitbit really you could use I like these because they track my health my fitness my calories my sleep time my my heart monitoring so I know if I’m falling off my routine bed bandwagon while I’m traveling around I tend to eat a lot whenever I go traveling and I tend to eat lots of junk food lots of food oh I keep track of it through the Fitbit application plus I track my calories burned with my little wristband the one that I have on this is called the charge HR it costs about 142 dollars up on amazon right now I’ve been sporting it for a few months it’s pretty consistent except when you get in a helicopter and the vibrations they make it think that you’ve walked a like 20,000 steps in four hours it’s really weird that’s happened it’s very very good for hot heart monitoring as well as tracking your calories eaten in the application and sleep it’s very consistent with tracking my sleep how does it track your cheeseburger consumption you have to put it in manually to the application but as long as you tell it where you got your cheeseburger if it’s like a fast-food restaurant or something like that it tells you exactly how many calories it costs you and the steps on here will tell you how many calories you burn so you can basically earn a badge every day depending on how many calories you burn the last thing I wanted to share with you guys is a travel converter and adapter so this is the one that I use it’s called the travel smart by conair of all people I guess it’s so you can use your hair dryers across the ocean so converter changes from 230 volts down to 120 and vice versa and it has all the plugs that I generally need for traveling overseas the 1i have is about 25 bucks and it gets terrible reviews what lie but I’ve had it for about two years and it works just fine for me I’ve used it everywhere that I go no problems as far as all my traveling goes so far so it’s my little lucky thing I will say it like it is one of those things that just sounds like it’s about to explode guys it tough as it sounds terrible but it works great I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever it’s a power charger it’s a musical instrument of course I want to know what your pics are if you guys have a different adapter and converter that I should look into since this one is old

let me know texting ask a tech think our thing just at tackling on twitter time for our host gator disrupted tech of the week let’s talk about Ethernet which is the new orange as far as I’m concerned Bradley has great are you mocking my love of netflix i might be my wife loves that series hey we got an email from Bradley who wrote in I’ve been toying with the idea of networking my home I’ve gone through router’s firmware gargoyle was great and range extenders but in the end I just prefer an Ethernet connection I want to run a line or two to each my rooms throughout the house as well as to several laps maybe with power over ethernet I’ve read good and bad about CCA Ethernet cat5e vs cat 6e yes or no to p 0 e and in the end I’m still feeling like Jon Snow ah reference Bradley you know nothing Jon Bradley well we’ll talk about that and say I run even into everything I can it just works even with my name start experimenting with weird power boosting stupidity on the routers I had a neighbor who basically blew out the entire neighborhood once because I don’t know what they were using but it was it was kind of like this amazing spike that’s amazing it was just like you know oddly enough I knew who it was like knock knock knock quit it in the road sorry cat sexy is good enough for me though cat 7 which adds additional shielding might be considerably more future proof run copper not copper / aluminum if you have a choice your house isn’t that big you’re not saving that much money I think power-over-ethernet p 0 e is fine if you don’t try to run 80,000 devices on the network professional use it all the time your idea of running everything to a patch panel on a rack mount in the basement than to a switch is ideal it doesn’t get any better than that also you don’t know nothing Jon Snow you’re just up to your eyeballs with internet which contains every single opinion most of them disagree and look I know pulling cables old school but frankly tech that works is a lot more disruptive than tech that doesn’t yes by the way don’t use staples they tend to mash the cable across power lines at 90-degree angles and try to keep your Ethernet at least 18 inches away from power lines although 6e and 7 should not be particularly subject to leaks across them I mean you know it’s a little like you know you can get very very anal about writing Ethernet which is very very overkill in most cases not always so if needed approach to host your website if you’re firing up a new business our sponsor hostgator com has a deal for you because they love you use the coupon code tech thing and get thirty percent often in your hosting package and you’ll help support the show thank you I want to make all the websites just trying to be one maybe two then we’ll figure out what comes next okay since we are talking about copper peter has a useful tip that he sent after watching her speed round on setting up home theater speakers Peter’s got the tip Patrick do not put bare wire in a crawlspace put it in a PVC conduit one it will be more secure two if you need to add more cable then it will be easier to fish with PVC conduit and three phasic convoy is just cool yes I just said so so it is and the discussion PVC is what I used when i cabled no not wired that’s for power my house last year and the second third fourth cetera cables we’re much easier to fish also I’d I used to fish tapes so I could pull it back and go again and again you’re gonna be a good from Peter oh my god this this is a great idea if you’re not sure what Peter’s talking about the idea of and we’ve had people to justice before take a look at my screen here that pipe pc sticking out of the floor this from the dark hearse observatory calm or dark force not hearse essentially you’re talking about running big plastic tubes through which you can pull your cables right so it literally the whole idea is that if you have to pull if later on the specs change you need to pull a new cable it’s really really easy because pulling cables through two-by-fours is a nightmare before you install anything in the walls of your house make sure you call the housing or i should say that the authority having jurisdiction yeah that’s the inspectors well no you don’t yeah you talk to your landlord if you okay if you write your house Tommy landlord what’d she say if you own your house talk to the authority having jurisdiction which is essentially whoever issues permits for your area yeah to find out what is legit generally speaking as long as you’re not running cable through ducts or plenums or on a drop ceiling you can get away with pretty much anything don’t do something and then blame me talk to your local building inspectors first hey disclaimer don’t believe us well no but it’s like I don’t want I don’t wanna get like 32,000 miles from Bracken it is irresponsible suggested people can safely pull ethernet cable through the crawl space underneath there you know me like I get it talk to the authority having jurisdiction like he said we got another email from JY who said hi Patrick and Shannon I have an external western digital one terabyte hard drive and I

want to set a password on a folder before opening up let us know love the show thanks from jui in LA so we’re encrypting a folder we are encrypting folders encrypt all the things as they say now there is something there are a lot of third-party services that will do this lots and lots of different software for example there’s one called folder lock that you might want to look at this one is free it’s available for Windows 7 8 and XP as well they don’t have one for Windows 10 yet but I’m pretty sure they will now Windows doesn’t make it really easy just to password protect one folder all by itself but there is kind of a workaround to do it you can use a batch script to hide your folder with a password and basically you just follow the directions that have been listed out over at how to geek luckily he wrote these out really really easy to use how to create a password-protected folder without any extra software obviously this can be exploited easily if somebody understands how to edit a dot bat or a batch script and can figure out how to unhide that folder so that they can get back into it but for general use case scenarios you probably won’t need to worry about somebody figuring that out and you could use this scenario this feature otherwise use a third-party software to lock it up encrypt it that is how you do the thing encrypt all the things oh it’s laughs like I somebody you know they pulled the drive out of machine and put it into another machine yeah and they were shocked that they could read all the files on the hard drive and I was like well yeah you don’t crypto everybody gets to look at him if they can get the grubby little mitts and yard drive oh man oh man mr. crypt hmm well truecrypt actually has been gone through they’ve basically been going through it and they have family audit the audit so far is clean okay that’s good the audit looks good alright that’s really good if you want us to talk about encrypting drives yes let us know yeah there’s some interesting stuff going on also we have a conversation with creators of pfsense coming up in the near future if you’re looking to build your own super router and if your fanatec thing make sure you subscribe a tech thing calm on itunes or youtube com / tech thing that make sure you get each and every episode and if you want to take it to the next level consider contributing to the show at / tech thing you can donate however much you want every episode in every little bit counts and you’ll get our new monthly bill video for patrons that’s of course if you can’t donate no worries please take the time to send us questions send us your tips to share the show with your friends and family just giving our video a thumbs up over on youtube or you want to like our facebook page where we’ve been in posting a bunch of news articles all that stuff really helps and thank you so so much for supporting the show and remember once in a while and all we say this during every single episode should we go away the screen you know step away put down your phone close your laptop do something analog like Patrick’s recommendation of tide pooling what is thi polling ok so in the Pacific Ocean when the tide goes down there often pockets where sea water and sea creatures are trapped so you can walk down your chance merchants crabs seen enemies fish yummy it’s I’m not a big fan of UNAMI but it is fun to look at them in the little pools and case is really cool there’s actually an amazing place to do it just south of San Francisco we should put together places a list of things to do in San Francisco yeah I agree and you should send this list of things that you love to do that are analog and we’ll share them with everybody on the show Michelle Michelle I battery Norton I’m Shannon Morse we’ll see you next week on tech I’ll take shuttle around awareness for a thousand Alex the answer is coconut oil things I don’t want rubbed on my cat your own that’s our white we sure oh you’re videotaping the Phaedrus I feel like the NSA no way that’s above listed new conversations horrible don’t notice it so for I loaded up your phone what open nobody touches my phone yeah you can’t get into my phone it’s encrypted lies and lying liars who tell them you can’t touch my laptop it’s encrypted I touched it you can’t touch my gps it’s encrypted well it’s not here that’s come a bit more effective to third yeah I just never had in the urchin sushi he’ll steal them great risk through there all sorts of stuff that’s the sound of shaming eating your spleen it’s generally the last thing you hear

crush your skull with a giant rock apparently spleen only tastes really good if you need it while the victim is still alive that’s disgusting noise and over