[ This translation is done with the help of Google translation service ] Hello, this is Jin Yoon. First of all, the evnt you are participating in is Seoul Hardware Hackathon Topmaker And, the topic of hackathon of the previous year was extensive. But, This year, it was a difficult situation due to Covid-19, so’Top Makers, Make Things People Want in this increasingly contactless era’ is the theme So, in this covid-19 situation, each participant should consider what customers will need Based on the idea, please make it a good prototype If you create a project that responds to your current situation, you will get good results And, this event takes the form of an online meeting. We have never experienced this If the situation of Covid-19 will become stabilized in 2021 , we will switch to offline evnt In this year’s hackathon today’s meeting only is conducted as offline meetings Hackathon evnt, and technical workshops other than today’s, will be held as an online meeting Today we have something to distribute to you, so we hold an offline meeting Also, we wanted to listen to the participants’ project introduction, so we hold offline meeting. We appreciate your understanding Also, please wear masks. thank you And, I introduced this part Today’s schedule was to start at 13:00 However, it suddenly rained a lot When I went out of the building for a moment, there seemed to be some people who are having trouble parking and the roads are blocked So, I started by delaying the start of the technical workshop by about 10 minutes. I hope you understand this First of all, I would like to introduce today’s schedule, technical workshops and the hackathon event for 30 minutes And, I think hackathon team leaders are here We’ll hand out the parts to the hackathon team leaders By the way, because there are many types of parts that we distribute, and you may not know the usage of the parts, I want to explain briefly about how you can use it one by one First of all, we are planning to explain this from 1:30 to 2:00. And, From 14:00, we will have session about listening your brief introductions to your project The purpose of introducing your project is that you have an idea and a plan to create something This is because we want to make sure you can implement it with the technologies we provide in hackathon So, if you bring a difficult project, I think we could open an additional technical workshop However, if it is determined that the project is difficult to realize within a month, We may be able to tell the team leader, “I think you should change the subject.” We are thinking about 1 hour of sharing project information. In addition, since 17 teams participated, it would be good to present about 3 minutes from each team We are going to listen to those who are listening with webex When we give you the right to speak, you can present it at that time From 15:00, Seoghyun Kang expert, This person is also from TIZEN Team this tutor will explain about setting up Tizen development environment Last year we lectured in that c language. We have described development tools that can be developed in c language This year we are going to give a lecture by focusing on the c# language rather than the c language We’ll explain coding in visual studio, which can be coded in c# language I think we could go over an hour to explain the visual studio development environment Because we think it will take quite a while for us to demonstrate it ourselves We formatted the laptop to show the visual studio development environment So the laptop we brought is a new laptop with nothing on it We will show you the process of installing a visual studio development environment on this laptop And what we’re demonstrating will be recorded and posted on Youtube So, if you come today, you can install it here And, if you are listening to webex, if you are watching a video, you can build a visual studio development environment at home Then, I will do Q&A at 5 o’clock and finish it Now these times are roughly written down by us Perhaps time can increase or decrease In addition, we will provide one’Thing To Do’ for each technical workshop It is’Thing To Do’ which is not as difficult as you can imagine if you participated in the workshop

This is a problem solving question that we have submitted to you to try Finally, you can do’Thing To Do’ and upload it to the team’s github repository There may be people who don’t know what github is Let’s start with creating a github account Teams participating in hackathon must have a github account If you already have an account, please create a new repository for your team And, if you don’t have a github account, please listen and create is as what I explain If you already have a github account and are using github, Please logging into your github account now, Create a repository Please, do it now And, if you think I have never used github and don’t know what it is, please take this lesson The website is www.github.com During the technical workshop, or during the hackathon event, you will have an intermediate or final results, You can upload all the results to github’s repository So, you need a github account and a github repository So, please start by signing up on github When you go to github.com, you will see a screen like this I captured the screen in the morning and put it in So, if you have an account, sign in and create a repository If you do not have an account, you can create an’account username’ to use here You must include a valid email address for your account There is a verification process to verify the user of the account, a verification email will be sent to your email, you must check the email and verify Just enter a valid email you use and a password After doing this, click’sign up for github’ to sign up We think it won’t be too difficult You can sign up with a laptop or smartphone, so sign up We will wait 10 seconds Then, before moving on to the next lecture, I will tell you a little while. Can you hear me here? However, those who are listening with webex are said to have noise This is the part we cannot take action on, so those on webex look at the screen and turn off the sound for a while. Please just follow the screen. We’re going to provide a good quality video inside our Youtube channel I’m going to slowly flip through the screen If you have done this, and you said you would use a free plan. I think this screen is checking whether you are a robot or not Everyone is going through the check procedure You can sign up with’join a free plan’ We think it is not difficult I hope you will follow along Most participants will have a github account The lecture now is for one or two people who don’t have a github account right now If you have a github account, create a repository Next, all you have to do is set your preferences. The system asks what interests you. You have to fill in ‘I am interested in:’ I wrote tizen, c, c# Just write what you want to write Click on’complete setup’, your account will be created to create a repository We think you can follow along Please go to the registered email and verify the email sent from github If you see’Please verify your email address’, please go to your email and verify Your email from github should look like this I deleted my email to hide it Open the email sent from github and click the’verify email address’ button. Finally, the account will be registered Once you have done this, your signup phase is over Now you have created an account Now you need to create a repository creating repository is to use ‘create repository’ button. Press the button When you click the’verify email address’ button, Go to this screen On this screen, you select’create repository’ Depending on the user, the displayed screen may be slightly different The screens that are already registered may be different screens If you are a registered user, find the button corresponding to’create repository’ and enter it Please create your own repository You must share the github repository on slack. So, you should create a repository now

So, if you created an account, create a repository If you already have an account, click’create repository’ to create a repository The system prompts you to enter details when you hit the’create repository’ button You can write your’project name’ here I wrote’sample’ You can write your favorite name here Also, please set it to’public’ Because, you have to set it as’public’ so we can go to the repository and check the contents We should be able to get in and look at hackathon day. Also, During the technical workshops, assignments will be given. We’ll check to see if you’ve done the assignment If you set it to’private’, we cannot see it If you set it to’private’, we cannot see it. Please set it to’public’ Finally, hit the’create repository’ button This will create a’repository’ You can do this I now move on to the next topic. I will proceed slowly I’m going to move on to the next topic, but if you’re having trouble following, please check the website link. Foreigners, please use the translation in the chrome browser You can’t see the website address? https://storycompiler.tistory.com/275 You can see the announcements made at https://storycompiler.tistory.com Shall we do this? The website address is https://storycompiler.tistory.com If you go to https://storycompiler.tistory.com, here is what I announced today You go to https://storycompiler.tistory.com. Then you can find it in recent articles We will post here if there are notices and others You don’t have to visit, but we’ll release our announcement here We’ll tell you what’Thing(s) To Do’ is I’ll just tell you the goal. The goal is to take a picture of this image and put it into your github repository You make it like this, you shoot the image. You can upload the image to the github repository Seoghyun Kang tutor will show you how to display this screen in the next session. It’s about the development environment setting You are creating a hello world. It’s easy What we provide is an example where’Welcome to Xamarin Forms!’ is displayed on the screen You can change it to’Welcome to Team Name’ and it will be displayed in your screen. then you can take a picture with your phone You can upload it to the github repository The purpose of doing this is: Please complete by tomorrow. I gave a task in the sense of setting up a Tizen development environment You are not to create new ideas You can change the string value only to your team name in the source code we provide You can shoot this using a mobile phone camera and upload it to the github repository We will explain how to do this in the next session First of all, I will explain online hackathon The subject of hackathon is’Top Makers, Make Things People Want in this increasingly contactless era’ We expect there will be a contactless solution, or there will be an interesting prototype related to this We read the development senarios submitted by several participants There were many plans that fit the subject we presented By the way, look at what we wrote here Please do not use items submitted to other hackathon If that happens, we cannot give you a prize Items that you have won in other hackathon should not be submitted, but items submitted to other competitions,

If you haven’t won, you can submit. If you have won a prize, please do not reuse it hacathon is held at 5th Sept, 6th Sept Hackathon starts at 10:00 on Saturday We proceed with online hackathon Therefore, you do not have to come to G·Camp You can participate by accessing the Internet from any place. Team leaders don’t have to come You can access the webex online video conferencing system from any location However, you must connect to webex via the Internet I am going to give notice about hackathon. Then you need to access webex You must use raspberrypi 4 in hackathon You must use raspberrypi 4 in hackathon. We have Tizen os installed on raspberrypi 4 You can develop an application that runs on Tizen Platfrom OS And, this application should be the main solution in your prototype Also, participant(s) is a team member, and some people belong to the team, and some individuals who are full-stack makers you have passed the judging so that you come here We judged it a few days ago Those who come here are only those who have passed the screening. Those full-stack makers can participate as individuals Some of you may want to change a team member You can also change team members Participation of fullstack maker as an individual is possible Since this event is a hardware hackathon, a team should be made up of those who have experience in hardware development and those who have experience in software development, in which case you will be able to produce good results It would be nice to have a team of 1 person with experience in hardware development and 1 person with experience in software development You should not be a team consisting only of planners and designers Since this is a developer-oriented event, your team must have a developer If you are a fullstack maker who has experience in hardware development and also in software development, even one person can participate The parts and examples we prepared are ① Commercial Display ② Voice Control ③ Camera ④ Basic GPIOs ⑤ CAT.M1 ⑥ Service Cloud related. You can make a solution by using these For commercial display, for example, we have 6 dedicated displays. If you want to implement it with a dedicated display, you can practice at G·Camp You can plug it into your monitor and use it We believe that you will be able to develop applications with UI with Display If you don’t need an application that includes a UI, you don’t need to use Display We offer you a microphone. If you are making a prototype using Voice Control, you can use a microphone We also give you a camera. If you want to do image analysis with a camera, use the camera And, you can also use the communication module. You can also use a communication module such as CAT.M1. You can use the cat.m1 module provided during the hackathon period in partnership with LGU+ So, if you want to send data using LGU+’s communication network, you can use the Cat.M1 module And, we prepared the IoT Service Cloud of Nubison Cloud by Simplatform, Thingspark by The K system Of course, you can also develop using Service Cloud like AWS We have prepared to work with various types of service cloud We will explain 6 skills in the workshop. We prepared and supplied the parts accordingly You can make prototypes using the above 6 techniques, and you can purchase other parts to make prototypes. However, please proceed according to the theme of contactless It is not necessary to use the technology or parts we provided. We introduced those that you can use We provide 300 thousand KRW cash support for development per team You can develop using the parts we provide only, and you don’t have to use cash support for development However, there may be times when new hardware is needed in addition to the parts we provide

For example, when you make a prototype, you may need a sensor or relay Then, you buy it from today We do not support purchases you made before today. It is available from today till the hackathon event. The limit is 300 thousand KRW If you submit your receipt and physical photos after hackathon, we will send cash to your account Proof of purchase is required for cash support. We posted this on the website The limit is 300 thousand KRW For example, if you have a camera and need a different type of camera, you can purchase another camera For example, if you want to use 2 raspberrypi, you can purchase 1 additional In other words, you can buy new parts or purchase additional ones However, you should apply it to your prototype The technical workshop for hackathon will be held every week It is held every Saturday and Sunday August 15 is a public holiday, so a technical workshop is not held On August 16th, a technical workshop will be held one member of your team must attend And, there may be ‘Thing to do’ We do not want to give disadvantage as much as possible with ‘Thing(s) to do’ However, you need to upload it to github’s repository We will review how many people participate. And, if a team participates hard, it can be reflected in the screening is We will notice whether or not we actually give it points at the start of hackathon. Every week at the technical workshop we will ask you to make it and upload it to the team’s github repository You can listen to technical workshops at your own convenience However, one member of your team must attend And, we’ll ask you to make something, and you can upload the results to the team’s github repository You can listen to these technical workshops in a convenient place We probably can also hold offline technical workshops in weekday First of all, let’s take a look at the project you are releasing today. And, if we believe that you do not have the skills you need to complete the prototype project, we will host an additional technical workshop So, we haven’t set the schedule and theme for these offline technical workshops in weekday yet We listen to your presentation, and we plan to recruit experts as soon as possible to create offline technical workshops in weekday In addition, Makerspace G·Camp experts will help your job in 3D Modeling, 3D printing, CNC milling, and SMT There are experts in each field Currently, 10 hardware startups are getting help from Makerspace G·Camp experts I have heard that it is difficult to be selected for the support of Makerspace G·Camp Makerspace G·Camp is offering hackathon participants 3D Modeling, 3D printing, CNC milling, and SMT I want you to use these services There are a lot of things you lack, and I think you can achieve your desired goals with the help of the experts here The experts here are helping you in detail and drawing the circuit if necessary Makerspace G·Camp supports these This is a hackathon schedule You can check it out on the website on the day of hackathon Imagine the whole schedule You will enter webex in the morning of hackathon and hear the notice And, you can start making protype And, we will be mentoring you online if you come with any difficulties You can even build prototypes at home or at any location The schedule goes like this. And the next day, you have to submit the source code You can submit the source code to the github repository You submit your source code by 11:00. We will look at the source code you submitted 4 people will review the source code of 17 teams for 2 hours When looking at the source code, a score will be given You have to upload a demonstration movie clip to the github repository You will be showing a demonstration movie clip during the presentation We will see the demonstration movie clip to determine if the prototype is working properly The evaluation proceeds like this The evaluation is made by 4 judges and participants to determine the ranking The screening procedures and methods are here. Please read it I have already explained above The judges are 60 points and your participants’ evaluation is 40 points

Planning is based on differentiation and originality This is not looking at quality of prototype, but looking at and evaluating only planning It is to evaluate based on differentiation, originality Excellence in prototyping is evaluated by viewing the demonstration The judges watch the demonstration movie clip and evaluate how far it is completed Next is excellence in code or excellence in the use of platform. We conduct a code review to determine how good the source code is and how well the platform is used The judges’ evaluation is a total of 60 points, and the participants’ evaluations are now voted online by those here The team receiving the first prize is given 3million KRW, Teams receiving the first prize are awarded these benefits The second prize is given to 2teams and 1million KRW per team And the third prize is 0.5million KRW per team for 2teams The number of team participating in this hackathon is 17 teams, and 5 teams can receive prizes And I said we are reviewing the source code We would like to form a partnership with excellent developers who participated in this hackathon So, I want to you to be selected as a Tizen Specialist. There are currently 6 people in Korea I would like to appoint those with good source code as Tizen Specialists In this hackathon, max. 2 people will be selected. Last year, two people were selected I want to pick 2 people this year And other benefits include visa points We do the Tizen Specialist review separately From now on, I will explain about the technical workshop So far, we have explained hackathon. You could have seen how hackathon is roughly going Now I will introduce you to 9 technical workshops Today’s main topic will be the development environment setting (TIZEN, C#) Tomorrow, on Sunday, UI application will be explained This will be good if your prototype project has a monitor or LCD If you try to display something on the monitor or LCD, you need to develop an UI application However, if you want to develop a UI application, you must participate in a technical workshop tomorrow Tomorrow, Maker Blogstudy created 10 lectures on Tizen C# UI (Xamarin.Forms) Maker Blogstudy will release it to you tomorrow I hope you can listen to technical workshops from tomorrow A technical workshop conducted by Maker Blogstudy will be released on webex at 1:00 PM tomorrow Tomorrow, we will introduce Tizen C# UI (Xamarin.Forms) Next Saturday, we will explain Tizen C# UI application development Once you have created the UI, you need business logic underneath Then, what is that? we will explain it in Tizen C# UI application development We will give you a guide on how to do Tizen C# UI application development in general We believe that if you take two lectures like Tizen C# UI (Xamarin.Forms) and Tizen C# UI application development, you will have no difficulty developing UI applications Next Sunday, we will explain the Tizen C# Voice Control You start speaking by plugging the microphone into the raspberrypi. then, For example, if you say’Turn on the light’ or’Turn off the light’, the system will convert these speeches to text Using what you’ve changed to text like this, you’re doing something. We will introduce this whole senario If your protype needs this voice control, join the technical workshop next Sunday If you don’t need voice control and you only need image analysis, you need to attend this class, but you don’t have to listen You are encouraged to pick and listen to the technical workshop you need 15th August is national holiday, so there will not be technical workshop On 16th August, we will teach you to set up a Tizen C development environment In 2019, participants developed in c language only If you connect peripherals and leds this time, you should listen to technical workshop

To connect peripherals, leds, etc., you must use an API written in c language. By the end of this year, development will be possible with the C# API If you want to send and receive data from an external device or led or seonsor, You should use the c language based API. So you have to install C Language development language So, if you want to use pheripheral, sensors, you should listen to the technical workshop of 22nd August, 23rd August, 29th August on 16th August, c language development environment And, we will tell you how to use on 22nd August, sensors, relays, etc You may not use sensors, but only services. You may want to send something to the cloud using only the service or voice control Those who need to attend are not required to participate And, on 23rd August, we will be using c language to teach how to analyze images with a camera This also uses an API that uses c language. There is also a C# API ready for using cameras We also have a C# API ready for this, but in this technical workshop we only prepared it in C language So, there are two options for how you develop using the camera Once you’ve decided to use the camera, and you want to create a program that recognizes images from images taken with the camera, Once on 23rd August, please participate in the workshop called smart surveillance camera We conduct workshops in c language Listen to this lecture, c# has the same style api. You may want to change this and use it We will explain the principle of change You can change it and use it in c language on 29th August, explain how c and C# work together I said that we are developing a UI application in C# When we build the screen, developing in c language is less productive We believe that coding in an object-oriented language will increase productivity when developing UI applications It is good to develop in C# language to compose the screen We think it would be better to develop something close to the kernel or driver in c language Some of us have teams that write applications in c language and c# language When developing an application using c language and an application using c# language, you need to know how to communicate between two apps on 29th August, each application using c language and each application using c# language is a process, We’re going to give a lecture on how to communicate between processes I explained it abstractly now. You may not be familiar with these If you listen to this workshop, you will understand We will cover the service cloud now on the last day Cloud service company representatives will give lectures We have prepared technical workshops for hackathon participants However, if you are interested in developing with Tizen, you can also listen One must attend per hackathon team. Attendance scores may or may not be reflected You can use the image containing the development environment that we installed on raspberrypi 4 How to access the online technical workshop will be sent to the participant email. You can check email and access webex So far, I have introduced the entire schedule of the technical workshop Today is the 1st technical workshop, technical workshops will be continued until the 9th We conduct technical workshops over the Internet and send emails to access webex. You can listen to the lecture from 13:00 using the information in the email We are going to check attendance in real time, so we would appreciate it if you or one person per team could join it from 13:00 You may have a hard time preparing a hackathon prototype We don’t know what the difficulties will be, but you will have a hard time So we are preparing for mentoring We are ready to receive any difficulties We prepared mentoring in three forms First of all, you said that you are an expert who works here First of all, there is a Tizen Specialist at Makerspace G·camp Tizen Specialist Mr. Bang (seog@technonia.com) is here Tizen Specialist Mr. Bang (seog@technonia.com), please raise your hand The one sitting there is Tizen Specialist Mr. Bang (seog@technonia.com) Tizen Specialist Mr. Bang (seog@technonia.com) works in Makerspace Gcamp Especially regarding the development environment setting, Tizen Specialist Mr. Bang (seog@technonia.com) can help Our Tizen team also prepares technical workshops once a week at Makerspace G·camp

We will prepare a technology workshop in advance every Wednesday We prepare every Wednesday By the way, if you want to get mentoring, you can come to Makerspace Gcamp on Wednesday We are here to help you with your difficulties The day we prepare for the workshop is every wednesday, but only friday next week We will mentoring next Friday I think that there will be no ones who want to get mentoring because it is in the early stage of technology workshop As you become late in the technology workshop, you will have difficulties as you refine your prototype Then, I think there will be people coming to get mentoring every Wednesday We also have business hours, so we will have mentoring session from 14:00 to 16:00 And, finally, we have prepared a slack channel Everyone, please join the slack channel now Please click here to sign up. You may not be able to see it well, so I will do it well You go to storycompiler.com If you lower the screen a bit, please click online slack channel address to register I made this open to public We are going to do online mentoring on the slack channel You participants can post a question on the slack channel We will answer your questions every Wednesday Until hackathon, we will answer your questions every Wednesday If you post a question on this slack channel, you will see what other teams have You can help each other in the slack channel. If you have to ask questions personally, it will be inevitable However, any other questions you may ask can be posted in the public space of the slack channel I’ll wait a moment. You click on the slack channel invitation If you click this, slack will ask you to put the information. Please proceed After completing the registration process, you will see a screen like this on the left When you press tizen-iot, This menu comes out Our channel name is #2020-seoul-hardware-hackathon When you press this, if you see 2020-seoul-hardware-hackathon, just click it If you don’t see 2020-seoul-hardware-hackathon, click the + button here to expand the menu, and click 2020-seoul-hardware-hackathon from there We are going to use #2020-seoul-hardware-hackathon We only have two channels. There are only #general and #2020-seoul-hardware-hackathon We will be communicating with you on the #2020-seoul-hardware-hackathon channel for a month You can get all the information you need on this channel during hackathon and technical workshops, You can ask questions and get answers We will not use email communications or other means We will only run one slack channel So you can exchange information on the slack channel. If someone has asked a question, and you know this problem, I would appreciate it if you can answer it Currently, hackathon participants are 17 teams You open a slack channel and provide the team name and the address of the github repository you created We introduced’Thing to do’ earlier. We start checking today. Please do this during today It would be better if you do it now Please join the slack channel soon Sorry. Now the workshop is being sent both online and offline By the way, if you use Wifi Makerspace Gcamp, the sound seems to be noisy I’ll record the video with good sound and give it back again However, those who are listening online now will be uncomfortable

If you have access to Wi-Fi from your mobile phone or computer, we ask you to stop using Makerspace G·camp Wi-Fi If you need it, I would appreciate it if you could use some tethering When we first started operating an online technology workshop, there was a difficult part. Thank you for your understanding Please raise your hand if you are having difficulty joining the slack channel The next session will start at 14:10 If you don’t know slack channel or github, please raise your hand. Our staffs will help The next session will start at 14:10. Thank you It became 14:10. let’s begin Our technical workshop is a little behind schedule, and it’s also because we started late, and I think it’s because I spoke too slowly In the second session, you created a repository on github and a slack channel Assuming you participants have created a repository on github and shared it on a slack channel, we’ll go on to the next session We will distribute the package of parts. The package of parts we share today is the parts on the list listed here Come out of the team and take the packages of parts. Take the package of parts one by one Come out one by one, receive the package of parts, and sign it here First of all, from the front row, Sign here and take the package of parts one by one There are currently 17 teams. When the 17 teams take out the package of parts, I’ll explain what parts to distribute and how you can use them I think you have all received the package of parts There will be everything on the list We should have put it well. Tizen Specialist Mr. Bang (seog@technonia.com) should have put it well However, we may have missed it, so we will check it out. Let’s check only a few parts together First, since the Tizen Platform used by hackathon is based on raspberrypi 4, you must get raspberrypi 4 The box and contents that say raspberrypi 4 computer must be present You open the plastic case. Then open the cover, and under that is a raspberrypi 4 computer That is the most important Make sure you have a raspberrypi 4 computer And, you took some white cases, This small case is a power cable for raspberrypi Did you take the power cable? Probably everybody took it Also, check the sd card This is important. You need an sd card to run raspberrypi 4 We gave you a micro sd card You must get an sd card Anyone? This is small, so you may not find it We have installed Tizen related software on the micro sd card You shouldn’t use it for other purposes until after hackathon If you format the sd card, you must come to G·Camp Everyone, please check if this is And, check out the parts you need in your prototype senario. There is something we put in the envelope

This is a micro hdmi cable If you have this, you can see the screens that appear when you boot your operating system by connecting a raspberrypi 4 to your home monitor You can connect to the TV If you are developing a UI application, use a micro HDMI cable to connect to a monitor or TV And, we provided a respeaker The respeaker is in this green box This is used for voice control It’s in the green box. The respeaker is a product with 4 microphones You can use it for voice control using 4 microphones You don’t need to check the sensors. And the camera is in a big box. Did you check? It will be easy to check if you have a camera This is what you use for image analysis We will not check resistors or breadboards Let me explain the important part I’m going to explain things here You can do it now Well, you can just watch it like this First of all, when you open the raspberrypi 4 box, it contains the raspberrypi 4 product Here is the heat sink of raspberrypi 4 Do nothing yet This is done by removing the sticker and attaching it to the ap Remove the sticker and attach the heat sink to the parts However, there is a problem. Those who want to use voice control will attach respeaker to raspberrypi 4 I’m going to stick this over raspberrypi 4 However, if a heat sink is sticked in, respeak can not be plugged in It is safe to plug in a heat sink. However, raspberrypi 4 works. Instead it gets hot If you don’t need to use voice control, you can just use a heat sink If you want to perform voice control, do not attach a heat sink Do not stick If you are using a respeaker, do not use a heat sink Next I will tell you about micro sd card If you look at the raspberrypi 4, there is a micro sd card at the bottom If you look at the back of raspberrypi 4, there is a place for micro sd card plug it in here Just plug it like this You may think it is not difficult to explain this raspberrypi 4 is a computer. We do not unplug the computer’s hard disk when there is power. raspberrypi 4 is also sensitive So, you should insert and remove the sd card with power off if possible Raspberrypi 4 can also lose data if you remove the sd card while the power is on Then, it breaks down Please turn off the power and remove or insert the sd card It’s a natural story, but I’ll tell you because you can make a mistake The screen is over And there is a wireless mouse A wireless mouse is needed for those who want to create a UI application Monitors in your home are usually not touch screens I gave you a wireless mouse because you need an input device because you can’t touch the monitor at home This is a usb type wireless mouse raspberrypi 4 has 4 slots, and if you put usb in one of them, it works

Use mouse instead of touch screen The monitor is using an HDMI cable You can use it on a monitor with an HDMI cable Where to place the HDMI cable, there are two holes on the left side of the c-type power cable If possible, please use the hole close to the power source These two small holes are for all micro HDMI cables So, the hole for the normal HDMI cable is large, but the hole for the micro HDMI cable is a little small The raspberrypi 4 comes with 2 holes for HDMI cables We will only use one. If possible, use an HDMI cable hole close to the power source It is not difficult Since the camera uses usb, you can plug in the usb This is not difficult either And there are times when we need to debug. In this case, Normally, serial communication is used to connect the host PC to the Raspberry Pi It is difficult to see how raspberrypi 4 works if you don’t use a monitor It is difficult to check only by plugging in the power So, we can usually check the boot status of raspberrypi 4 by serial communication To do this, you need hardware for serial communication Connect with raspberrypi 4 with this debugging tool and on the other side with a host pc Let me introduce you what this debugging tool is It looks like this. It has a golden border Do you see? So, put the USB side on the host PC, windows, ubuntu or whatever os, usb to host pc, On the other side, connect it into hole on raspberry pi 4 How to connect will be lectured next time This debugging tool is used in connection with the host pc to check the booting status of the Raspberry Pi It is recommended that you use this whether you are using a monitor or not Because, the information displayed on the monitor and the information such as log when booting are displayed differently So there is also information that is output to the monitor, Since kernel logs can be viewed through a serial connection, serial communication is required to check the correct device status So, you have to use this, but I will guide you on how to connect it After a while, There are sensors, but I will tell you how to connect them when we give a peripheral lecture And, last. I am going to explain how to connect when using voice control You can also use respeaker on raspberry pi 4 raspberry pi 4 has 40 pins The raspberry pi 4 has 40 pins, I’ll show you this If you look here, there are 40 pins on the left Here is the respeaker voice control microphone The voice control microphone also has 40 pins But there is a problem. Not all 40 pins are used for voice control The voice control microphone requires only a few pins. However, the manufacturer made all 40 pins for user convenience. So, we have additionally given you a muliplexer the part in red. This is not something special Connect the multiplexer with 40 pins, and plug the respeaker on top of it If you stack up like this, it will be 120 pins. It becomes 40 + 40 + 40. It’s all the same pin It is possible to put a respeaker in one place and use a sensor in the other two

If a respeaker such as gpio uses another pin that is not used, you can use another pin Do you understand? So listen carefully to those who will use voice control If you use voice control, you can use a microphone called respeaker Can I open the bag? I opened the bag This is a microphone Why is the microphone square? If you look here, there are microphones at the top and bottom ends Here is a 4 channel microphone with 4 microphones. There are many advantages to having a lot of microphones when recognizing voice When the user starts speaking, he needs to be listened, but if there is only one channel, the system does not listen what you talk It uses 4 microphones, and it is hardware that can listen well If you look here, there are 40 slots, and you can use it by plugging it directly on raspberrypi 4 If you don’t use a sensor, you can use the respeaker immediately This will also make serial communication disable You may not see the kernel log. So, if possible, use multiplexer. Let me show you multiplexer Just put a multiplexer on the raspberry pi and a respeaker on it That’s it Lastly, there is something to introduce Which of the 40 pins will the respeaker use? The part shown here is used by respeaker. You can use a pin other than this part I wrote down the website address here and it’s from the respeaker company. These marked parts are used by respeaker respeaker uses many pins If you use something other than that, you can use another pin For gpio, you can use this pin Remember those who use voice control. So, use it so that it does not overlap with the pin used by the respeaker If overlapped, it will not work What pin would the respeaker use for voice control, If you connect sensor to gpio in overlapped pin locations and try to do input and output, Even when you speak, it happens that the respeaker doesn’t listen it This is caused by overlapped pins Please use other pins such as respeaker and gpio so that they do not overlap If you are using voice control, please do not overlap the pins I imported the tizen platform image on the sd card This is the latest version of tizen and is the version we are developing So, there may be a bug There may be things we are fixing bugs, something we don’t know There may be a problem The software you create looks like no problem. Some of our apps may have problems. please understand When using an sd card, there may be problems for various reasons It could be a physical breakdown, Each hackathon is experiencing one If the sd card is removed or turned on while the power is on, it may malfunction It doesn’t work properly like a physical malfunction, and it can’t be reinstalled I hope you handle it with care, if possible Nevertheless, failures can occur

It may not be able to boot suddenly Then you can think that the cause belongs to the two cases mentioned above. Please do not suffer At that time, here is the Tizen Specialist Mr. of Makerspace G·camp Please ask Bang (seog@technonia.com) Ask him for help Does anyone have a ubuntu pc? For ubuntu pc, we have a tool so you can do it yourself, but I won’t explain it No one raises his hand If it breaks down, come to Makerspace Gcamp and install it on your sd card It is quite rare However, if you think something is wrong, please come to Makerspace Gcamp for help