and i’m back on yes I am I can hear that weird sound you get first of all name I mean just hears we’re going to do I’m just going to talk about the recent past not going too far deep except the first couple slides building in terms of the deep pass not deep technically and then we’ll talk little bouts where we think the near future isn’t actually held the teams operating and that kind of thing a lot of it actually is kind of just the process of how we do things too by the way so observation one observation too I got no problems question-and-answer just I don’t care ask questions if for some reason I’m not right answer yet I’ll do want a few things I will say I can’t answer that without killing you or to just wait till the end and we’ll talk about a little air is that good yes you have a question already my name is Kenneth that is the true spirit of PowerShell communities and sacrifice thank you very much I know that’s great all right so who am I name is Kenneth Hanson I know actually a lot of people turned out not to know when I came that’s fine let’s see I’ve been on powers about 14 years on Hill calvo and I actually run the PowerShell engineering team so were the guys who have to get stuff done so if it doesn’t work it is our fault if it does work somebody else did something good um that’s kind of in my job since PowerShell v2 and I took that job over in v1 I was an individual contributor I’ve been up and down angel contributor manager most of my career and if you like the way you do command lets with your API is that’s kind of my stuff providers are also my stuff metadata is my stuff extended type system a lot of stuff so we’ve been around there than the modules we sort of worked with got one of my guys Dan Harmon to do so that’s kind of the d past they keep me away from code now so that’s you don’t want to see me try it anymore anyway that’s it oh and on hell calvo as I say is the other guy that actually runs the developer side of it I run the program manager side of it alright so we’re just going to go through yeah this done next um we’ll try to spend about 15 I don’t know 20 us pass but this is worth 20 now and I point this out so i am going a little deep deep pass for a second back to mode everybody’s remember monad right thank you very much perhaps some of you recognize this syntax right we were actually backslashes didn’t have the dealers a whole discussion for a long time on when to back slash forward slash slash it was kind of funny time and if you want to actually we do have the BNF the buckets now our forum nation gym chores got that maybe we’ll stick it up somewhere on some site and i actually have it here if you want on a USB stick just for fun and then you can actually run the original Power Cell a message once well if you want to if you read the manifesto I’m going to read it just because I can’t help it deliver an extensible scripting environment we know what that is that it’s secure interactive programmable and production ready to enable consistent and reliable automation of administrative tasks we are almost going to get there someday I swear honest to god we are we know we’re not there yet there’s still a lot to do powershell has is a well aware of that so don’t be confused we are not confused and so it’s coming one thing really worth noting and i can’t stress this enough it is community driven so much of what we do the list of names on the board there’s 80 names remember we publish the rtm of our rtw they call the time of PowerShell november 14 2006 in 2004 we already had community members 80 of them posting box these guys are acts are you there Luke in my hand thank you very much right there you see I got it right then night I got it right no so this is just this is actually amazing and this just for fun the background here that you see is from the very first PowerShell summit in EU which was actually in Frankfurt about five years ago so that’s kind of just a note so it’s been very community driven we really appreciate it we’re not going to stop doing that we’re going to grow that you’ll see that over time all right past year I’m not going to go into this too much in detail if you have questions about it feel free to ask if you have issues with it feel free to comment

that’s okay too but i do want to sort a blow past a little bit so some people have a sense of what sort of happened over the past year first we have released a bunch of windows server stuff tp3 TP for TB 5 is on its way all right everybody sort of got that in focus and hopefully you got you know access to those builds um next one I can’t resist a chart wmf five now there’s good and bad with wf5 the bad was the recall we’ll talk about that for a couple of minutes and you can ask any question you want and I will honestly disavow knowledge no I will explain you know a little bit of what happened and why but nonetheless we had a bunch of previews which is a new thing for us and then we actually put the thing out we had to recall it due to a installation bug actually and I was the one who made that call about two days before I headed to Christmas vacation so that was a fun time for me the fact that we had the bug in first place was bad be clear about that I think we handled the recall okay we got the news out and got it off the shelves fast and the reason we did that just to see people clear is that it happened at installation right we corrupted the PS module path if people remember at installation time so although if you knew we are going to corrupt it you could work around it by saving and restoring it if you didn’t know it you got blown away so in the end we just said we gotta yank this we can’t we can’t do that so turn out to be just a nit error but it required us to fix and I couldn’t q I couldn’t fix I could q feo right that’s why we did the recall I still think it’s the right call particularly given the volume within five weeks of a rerelease we had over a hundred and thirty thousand downloads and we buy now have over 200,000 downloads of wmf I’ve that is a phenomenal download number i think it beats everybody else’s that we’ve ever had and there’s back pressure that actually was existing identify has people released it because this is kind of my my view because what i’m seeing you guys may be seeing something different but people waited to put DSC into production deployment for mm f 50 to actually release but we’ve had such a quick uptake of desired state configuration a much faster ramp of desired state configuration than we ever did for powershell 10 itself the rate of adoption has just been it’s another hockey stick right and this is in fact part of what drove the wmf 50 adoption rate which has been so incredibly fast of just even the download numbers so we see this continuing if take a look at we’d six as i say it’s about 200,000 week six seven it’s just the numbers are great and they’re continuing to grow at a great rate the challenge we had we don’t mention it here i guess but i’ll i’ll talk past present future all the same time unless it confuses you and then just tell me too don’t do something different the re-release was where i think was really painful for people right because we yank the dang thing and november december right before christmas said sorry we’ll get to it a little bit as soon as we can we try to be purposely vague because we didn’t quite know we knew is not a big problem to fix well turn out it took us a week or two did you ever get back get a fix get test and then once we once we do because an installation problem we have this huge matrix for dumping your mouth right of testing of all the different things you have to test across and all the different possible things go wrong and so that takes a couple weeks itself the other part of the challenge we get into is that we work in the windows org right and once and that’s a that’s a big beasts and it we have like billions of dollars on the line and so if we don’t slot ourselves and that release train at the right time right then the build guys are going I’m sorry but I can’t help you because I got to get this other stuff done now and and and while we the PowerShell team love being agile and responsive and Microsoft is still learning how to do that right now when Satya came in he is how do I say this right he’s on a phenomenal job of changed the culture stuff I’ve done in the past two or three years like shipping this thing called pester in windows right it’s an open source created thing and we shifted I gotten fired like right three years ago and escorted not just fired I would have an escorted out the building all right I just been in all kinds of trouble and now allowed to do that and that’s really because of sake he’s done a great job of changing the culture and the mentality the approach but that doesn’t mean that all of our tulane isn’t necessarily changed here the next day right so the tooling that we operate with on a daily basis is still not quite there that’s part of why i love github open source right I’ve got the right set of tools so so just be aware that that’s part of the

issue as we as we try to re-release things and and and thinks a fan we apologize and then part of the communication challenge says hey yeah but just tell me in the answers we don’t always know right all right have kept you up to date every week okay anybody have questions about that whole process I don’t want to deal in too much detail by know there were some questions and I wanted at least get out there so people are aware of what happens okay that’s gonna 50 but the art team is absolutely freaking awesome all right and just to be clear that’s we put in 50 that’s the list so there’s a lot of stuff somebody should do a session on that you know all the detail 50 and spend like a couple hours and and have a ball but there’s a lot there to play with and if those of you who are trainers and everything you know play with it it’s awesome okay it’s obvious you know some of its big you know I just sits there classes okay that’s a small item you know resources right it’s like they’re kind of big but they’re but they’re important the gallery the second thing that we’re actually doing huge on is the gallery right we have had over 1.6 million downloads and we started the gallery under a year ago under you got to reflect on that for just a moment and when we first started we had 77 resources 23 modules mostly developed by ourselves and a few other close friends and family right we’re way over 500 now I think we’re up to six hundred and something if I looked we got like almost 100 in the past month so again even the rate of support you guys given us is going up that’s going to continue just to be clear the gallery we’re going to keep throwing more and more stuff there most almost all be powershell we might even get other management artifacts going there and in fact we work with other groups at Microsoft they’re going oh you have this gallery thing maybe we need one too so you guys are helping us kind of get the whole Microsoft ecosystem bootstrapped if you will in that in that space we’ve been very surprised actually now it is we’re pointing out here some caveats of the 1.6 million you know like I swear four hundred thousand of those are like an azure module right and then 12 loads the agile module reload stuff some of you might be aware of what i’m talking about a they’re fixing it over time but be that still leaves with over like a million downloads it’s just a phenomenal rate so it’s been great a gallery so and we’ll keep pushing that if you have suggestions keep putting out a user voice open source put a bunch of stuff out open sourced openssh is more or less there we still got a releasable talk about that in a second script analyzer editor services PS redlined blah blah blah blah blah worth it’s just going to keep going right we are motivated to put everything we can an open source as fast as i can just people want directions this is all I’m I the intent of this talk is not so much to go into specific detail on each feature although don’t mind doing some of that it’s more just to give you a sense as to where we’re flowing hopefully you can get the sense of where I’m flowing already but to be clear we are going as fast as we can with as much as i can to open source period within the constraints almost no guarantee within the constraints of business reasoning but can I justify from a business standpoint hey or what do I constrain to do for business standpoint and resources that I have available and then third I would say our experience with it you know we were getting some experience here but we’re still not necessarily smooth at this yet right we still got to smooth out a few of the processes we still got to work a little more on some of the governance stuff some of the rsd stuff we started the process word word we’re working through it with intent but we’re not there yet so but I would expect that over the next while you will see a hell a lot more there and you hopefully you’ll love it we’re going to love it yes sir well I can’t speak to other teams failures now the question was is there any other teams within Microsoft that are moving open source as fast as PowerShell and I’m sure that the the answer is yes there’s somebody I don’t necessarily know them we seem to be moving about as quick as anybody know some are you know going to linux and other things right now we have to see down here DSC on linux another sort of new thing for us how we put desire to stay configuration on linux right and sequel came out now for example on linux and so i think that’s a great that’s a great thing but in terms of actually open source I’m not as familiar with there’s the whole open source teams you know the whole and and i will say actually working Troodon the hyper-v team and others actually contribute a fair bit actually contributing back to open-source very substantially on which is a certainly a new thing and it’s something been very viable so i think the idea of open source has a lot of support and the developer division would be the right one that’s right correct

yeah they’ve actually got it in spades right now yeah they’re they’re doing great the whole core clr thing is awesome very very awesome fact we live on core clr so we’re very very happy with course he’ll are there probably moving faster than us the my team moving faster than us is the developer division thank you I knew there’s a politically correct answer to that okay um the other oh we are being recorded you’re on with all the UH that’s okay we’re still just doing a Q&A that’s why i love powershell summits by the way you know these things we started Oh a feckin week I’m going to speak to a few seconds to powershell summits I don’t mean to bore people but give you a little bit of history you get a sense as to why we’re here and what we what we do out of them why we really want them and support them oh it was in Berlin see Germany see it’s a place for innovation you know I was in burb frustration because i was in berlin getting really frustrated one of the tech heads and and we finished another beginner session of PowerShell with like a thousand users then we had this advanced session we’re just a Q&A session and we had like a small room a little bigger than this but they maxed out at over 100 people and they have fire code problems and so they had to shut people away and it was just as Jeffrey I Bruce Lee somebody else we had like two or three Jim true i thought was there anyway we had a few people there just answered questions just QA for an hour hour and a half and had turned people away and so they reset us for another session like at eight thirty in the morning the last day of the conference and nobody knew about it but we still in love to have any turn people away from that one so well over 100 people again standing room and then they were illegal so they had to leave and and it felt bad it’s just like oh that’s just this is terrible we can’t keep doing this so we actually at that time jefra and i said how can we talk to people and how can get people’s talk to each other that are already passionate and are already deeply involved in PowerShell right we got all these new users coming in because we’re hitting the early majority and I actually think by the way powershell is just on the beginning part of that ramp if you look at the market numbers and I can’t I could draw over there I guess but you know perhaps another day you’ll actually see that we expect that there will be many many many many more partial users that are today in the next year’s is just going to happen and and so how do we handle all those new people coming in they’re going to consume our time if we don’t actually make time for people like yourself or the experts that make sense and so that’s actually we first said we should have a powerful summit and we created the first one in red rock that that same spring actually we decided that November and head it in spring had 50 people there in about ten team members and kicked it off and then the next year that’s when we did the one that I showed the picture of in Frankfurt and Tobias and others were there and he says hey we’re going to do this whole German thing I said go for it it sounds great and over time I think actually this year we’ve just just it’s like come of age right it’s just been a fantastic conference a large sum of people who’ve been glad to be able to send a few more members and hopefully next year we’ll even send more and it’ll just grow it that’s said and part of the reason we do that is so that not only can we get together and talk but also you guys can amplify whatever message right because we know we can’t scale to the rest of the community but you guys can you guys help each other that’s what’s key that said it’s worth noting that now we’ve got North America going we’ve got Europe going so of course we’re going to start somewhere else so we’re going to start a little more seriously about the PowerShell Asia Summit which is in October and it turns out it’s actually pretty quick flight from here so if you guys want to go back again we’ve already got Jeffrey’s kind of committed Bruce is actually pretty committed i’m fairly committed so we’ll have a few team members will get a pretty good group ravi and ben and a few others actually doing I don’t know if they’re not but sort of keep track of that the PowerShell summit in Asia will actually kick off again in October so if you get fear you know missing that that drug will give it to you need your fix again that’s a better way to say it isn’t any I need a politically correct person here for me a note on these are talking about community these are actually contributors that we gave some as your dollars to it was supposed to be a significant amount it’s we’ve had a clerical error so we’re going to go fix it I won’t tell you what it was I don’t take the amount because I want to make sure it actually lands but ian alexander Keith clint and daniel r ed and various other people dunno just a fantastic job about contributing specifically to the open source stuff be they modules not and i didn’t want to didn’t want to miss that ok a couple more points that lectures will keep going through here past year this is one other thing i just want to hit on in terms of moving to the future this is the powershell homepage / powershell if you guys

ever been there exactly that’s kind of what i expected over time you might want to go there more or drive more or help us do it more well we found is that people started to begin with power so we needed a place to point them over time just start them curated to get a little hands-on demo that kind of thing over time that’s where it’s going to land as we start to work through we start to organize a little bit our community effort and i’ll speak about this a little more but i’ll start it now most the announcements will go here first and then we’ll blog with a pointer to it the blog should become a little more casual right now it’s a little formal right and then we’ll use your voice and github for for other things so partial summits homepage yep that’s it so homepage and if you want other things that you download wmf you hit to the gallery and get all that stuff there and the usage has gone up but not as much alright so past year I’m about done talking about the past I just want to go through it as we have it’s the homepage security yeah that’s going to fin a pretty big issue as people note in this conference we’ve worked on that the azure extension handler people sort of familiar with that that’s actually weigh in time and as I see some funny faces as you can actually start loading a DSC configuration automatically bootstrap from scratch into your as your VMs and machines so that’s an interesting thing you can actually take advantage of a little more this is 0 ms people familiar with almost as your automation right that we finally got a Power Cell stronger support and now DSC going in so it’s becoming a little more of a server we have DSC Linux and we began to talk to chef puppet ansible and other so that’s just the list for the year make sense what did we learn we’re going to blow past this one pretty quick I already sort of hit on the first one being agile and shipping windows at the same time is water and oil but we’re stirring it up and making it mix anyway and we’re trying to find ways to get that get that working so that’s going to keep going we are evolving the engineering culture you are going to see this change over time right people are aware that we integrated dev and test together became a single discipline used to be separate disciplines now they’re one and sometimes there are some fits and starts and the code you’ll see as the developers aren’t quite used to annoying how to test their code and some of the testers on quite nice town I develop the code and so we’re going through some of that some of that challenge that was part of the wmf five issue and we will continue to evolve the community communications one thing worth noting here I point out here direct customer engagements over the past year we have probably had more direct customer engagements than before meaning hundreds of different customers we’ve acted met with and spent a lot of time with in the product team so we actually have tons of we have lots of input vehicles right now I’ve got user voice which is the first primary input vehicle and you guys everybody should be using and I think you’ve heard of like billion times this week if you haven’t we did a bad job and I’ll go remind people right absolutely uservoice puts the phone user voice if the if the thing you want to get fixed is already on open source is already on github then you can raise an issue and get up instead otherwise use voice use a hoarse voice got it yeah so the other piece we do though is if there’s a specifically interesting set of customers that have a set of interesting architectures dilemma or problem or want to be fairly advanced users of PowerShell technology hook us up with them tell us about them and we might actually just engage direct with them and actually work through all right so we use we use the community at large as proxies these all these other things I can’t scale to the in you know 1.6 million downloads and however many downloads will have of wmf but we can pull few more people into the fold if you will have a little deeper engagement that’s also very useful for us and you should make sure you do that as I speak to this issue of user voice yeah fine we’ll talk to this too if I speak to the issue of a user voice and all these channels will talk about them three things do me a favor this is how to get us to do things right which is kind of useful I think for you to know one you can always file the issue itself do that don’t don’t not do that it is best if you can tell us why you care because we have to decide to do something about it so tell us the impact it’s having on you of having or not having that feature or that bug is having you got me don’t just tell me the problem is tell me why I care I do care because it’s a problem to become a bit ain’t all that way i’m a bit overly overly you know perfectionist but

it helps us a lot actually to work through the process if we just know okay that’s why they need it hears the impact and it also provides us other benefit if you give sort of the scenario in which it happens because otherwise what can happen if somebody can take the issue they’ll think they fixed it because they’ve fixed the isolated case right the engineer is down there you know maybe their new engineer or something right it just graduated they got this little bog they believe you they get assigned it they go in to get the dang thing fixed and then they are not quite sure what the context was so they don’t necessarily fix the whole scenario for you this is making sense too so you can just picture this happening right right so so the guys haven’t lived your life some of us have lived your life some of us have the gray hair it’s to prove we lived your life others happens right and so you want to help everybody out so just just give them context impact and then the issue itself as best you can that’s my request here in heads none that helps us a lot all right so we’re going to continue to have a rich engagement we just added the Twitter channel twitter is not so much about filing bugs right is this about giving information in and out give us a pointer bugs all gonna use ur voys please workarounds you know uservoice right if you want to point to somebody uservoice from twitter that’s all great but that’s kind of more that channel homepage we talked about that’s more for broadcast information over time on the homepage we will probably add this is something we’ll start talking through a little bit in this next year I’m I wanted to get it done last year but we just started the homepage the gallery and a bunch of other initiatives last year so we’re crawling we’re not quite running yet or next year it would be great I think and you can give me feedback on this now or later to have what we’ll call hero stories which is hey the system was taking me 30 hours before to do this deployment I implemented PowerShell DSC it’s now ten minutes here’s what I did does that make sense and I think it’s really valuable not just for us it gives us context we love it we all feel good go home sleep well yeah I did something but you guys write it gives you guys context is also gives you a little more ammo as you go and explain hey boss here’s why we need to redo this ancient system that’s in Pearl in powershell or in DSC because maybe in your life you’re able to convince your organization’s with pure intelligence and light in my world we sometimes have to use other people’s examples and bad experience right and so so it gives you kind of that lever that I think it’s kind of useful so we’re hopefully have a place off the home page just for kind of you know my story so to speak where you talk about here’s what happened here’s what I did as we do that an issue that comes up is okay that’s great but I work for the NSA and I can’t tell you that I work for the NSA and so how will I you know should I lie about Who I am and make them a fictitious name with a passport or you know what exactly if you want me to do here and the answer is just will have a way in theory will have a way where you just send us your information with your story and will curate it hey we’ll try to make sure you actually exist be and you’ll tell us if you don’t want your name published or not just tell us how you want to be known that makes sense and then we’ll do it is that what the theory in my mind came out this is last night talking to somebody who had this issue was like okay what I should do is actually before you actually publish it will send it back to you here’s what it’s going to look like you know you can read act anything you want you can prove it or not that way you’ve got the opportunity actually get it out people have a tendency to go to a trusted place for it but you can still get the stories out so that’s kind of thinking if you have feedback open issues ideas feel free to shoot us email that kind of thing so that’s kind of the homepage the community let’s see yeah we’re on hacker news all that stuff the issues get raised on the user voice I’ve said that before discussions of the issues more and more will happen in RFC and on github so we’re going to start opening that process up just a lot more over the next year just look for that that makes sense we’re starting to some of that now everybody participating in some of that right you should see it it’s going to start growing over time most everything and by the end of the year I would love to see if most of our design discussions are actually having in that form even internally and you’re able to participate that’s the intent check the next year see if we get there but in theory that’s where Kennedy ran out there okay I know we’ll do it I’ll get a grade next year well go through all these things and ask how can you guys read it see other things I wanted to go through I think that’s kind of it

at this point all right oh there’s one other thing right before i talk about forward-looking predictions I’ll just tantalize you how many minutes do have oh yeah we’re fine haha the other thing worth noting is we will probably and so you think about the questions you’re going to want in may sometime I’ll probably do just a 20 or 30 minutes sort of web cast thingy where you sort of say okay last month next month and then we’ll drill into specific topic areas more directionally kind of like we’ve done here but a little different the first one might be about you know open might be about community we’ve had a lot of that here the next we’ll probably about DSC here’s we’re going with the SE here’s why we’re going somewhere at the SC what are we trying to do what do we think it’s good right now what do you think is not good right now right DSC by the way just a quick note for example on that from our perspective when you hit DSC sweet spot it’s awesome it can really simplify your life if you get off that sweet spot at the moment needing something like intermediate stage or dependencies between or a composite life gets a lot less nice we know it keep filing stuff and user voice OH in fact sense of own user voice I’ll hit this we were talking to somebody at X in this case of North America summit how many people for really familiar with desired state configuration here just give me a is a fans I got half the room all right in desired state configuration you just stayed here’s how you want the world to work right Kenneth equals rich car equals Ferrari color equals read/write money equals a lot see how you want the world to work ok and you can do this is in a resource basis right ok the file system should look like this so that you know the services should look like this and the process you look like this whatever and then within each one of those resource instances or definitions you can actually define dependencies between them hey I can’t you know get the file to this data I can’t stop the service until the following five things have happened you with me the other thing you got is ok but what all right now we don’t have a good right what if there’s an output from the action that I’m dependent on that I need for my action like I’m creating something that needs an IP address and I now need to use that IP address well we hit that and the very first demo I did like a couple years ago called David dependency right after be able to say this thing depends on that one and I need that piece of data from it all right I hit that couple years ago there’s workarounds kind of um and but we put out the product we heard a little noise and then nothing and so team said well it’s a problem in Kenneth’s head which it might be and that’s fine or we thought and actually other team members go man I’m kind of surprised because we thought that was a problem same thing with composite resources hmm ok we got composite resource out there you know but they’re not quite what we would think would be best but you know we’ll see what lands what’s what was interesting on the data penisy I’m jilling into this one specifically just so you get it understand if I’m talking about is then I started hearing at the last time oh well we would do that but we don’t have David dependency and I about killed them politely for not having filed something on user voice and had a few other people voted up and what I realized is the sort of realized it was there he’d worked around it and kind of given up oh that’s too hard they won’t fix that problems that make sense don’t do that just just don’t do that work around it please don’t give up don’t stop telling us do raise it on user voice and up the level okay I know I’ve said the user voice it’s just a different case than people think about oh no oh that’s good okay ain’t you afford I don’t know why I went down there rat hole but it’s that’s what you get the SEO that’s why all right so we are going to release a five dot one wmf five del one do get ready for it will release about the same time with GA Windows Server 2016 this list goes from the most predictable to kind of the least predictable ish and it’s all reasonably near term none of it’s too far out there so it’s nothing’s nothing is overly crazy the the issue the people should be aware of is that five dot one is a replacement for 50 so we will be supporting 50 will qfe anything we need to between now and five dot one etc and then we’ll need you to update to five dot one the the the fixes for 50 will all be in 51 and then 51 will be supported during the usual Windows Server you know support 10 years

whatever the heck it is right the contract is yes please yes yes he says this would just be bugs and and knits and knits and nails and stuff so we should layer directly over 50 absolutely and then within two or three months will fade out the four months i think it is and we blogged about it but i’d want to make sure people highlight it understood it yes make sure I’ve got that right you’re asking remoting compatibility not can i replace compatibility you’re saying okay I’ve got a 51 here and a 50 here yeah that should work I’m not sure want to because in three or four months you got to replace them both anyway probably unless you want to live unsupported Oh totally and as you phase it out yeah totally so that should be fine I will make sure someone test that should I take a note all right no that’s it yeah that’s it no it’s a great it’s a great point thank you yes okay yes and no let me clarify how we make this choice our rule of thumb and that’s the rule of thumb is to operating systems back server for sure and then we try to get client and then the client team has conniptions or not right it’s kind of the way it goes to have that discussion we have the discussion with the client team the real motivation is that we were when we first put out the wmf we had a whole series of arguments to go down level or not and we had to fight it all the way up and down the chain up to the president’s and you know everything right the CBP’s and whatnot because it was kind of a anti microsoft thing of hey we only we push people forward with new technology right and our argument was it took us a long while to make this believe me our argument was no it’s a management technology and we need management technologies to go down level to where people are so their entire infrastructure can begin taking advantage of the new management technology and if you do that then it will enable them to actually move forward faster and more strongly and robustly it’s an enabler of forward movement by going down level ironically you’re with me here so that’s the argument we made and I’m not sure they still completely get that but they all acquiesced and now we do it and they’ve got used to it oh there are the wmf guys okay where they’re going down level again and so and so that’s kind of where we live so every time we release one we think about it then we ask okay where do people live what are we currently supporting you know we don’t do 2008 2008 r2 you know what I’m saying so it’s just that it’s just a question of where are people really living how they migrated yet is it a reasonable compromise for us right we don’t do 2003 although we have a bunch of people there but you know it’s time to move on you know so we’re kind of we go through that argument the answer is yes within those bounds the balance of the concept okay you asked for banda de get cast I know but I’m just ten so openssh we expect openssh to actually release and be useful in the end about that same time frame right obviously won’t release in it it will release in that same time frame obviously security and breached scenarios everybody got the breach issue i think discussed earlier can’t be taught my investment not much to say there um this is actually kind of interesting people have noticed we begun to open source some of the documentation right it’s gotten up there it’s got on github thanks to joey and others this is going to continue and we actually have a new documentation manager guy named dawn I made him we actually come up at the last PowerShell summit in front of everybody introduce himself so they could all blame him if he fails to get this that’s why so we got a bet Don’s job that was the first he saw of it but that’s okay oh man so he’s actually on a great track he gets it he’s pushing it he’s allocating the right resources so we’re looking forward to that please help and then over time we’ll even think about you know localization and stuff right how do we actually enable a localization help from people because you know we don’t get it all right so wait absolutely this is huge for us so I think that this that doesn’t mean who said we needed a ship documentation on the box that doesn’t mean we’re doing that yet but will we do care a lot more about docs will help um we will now a little more speculative now all right all those were like yay verily this will happen right now we’re hitting a little more the speculation site we will seriously consider which means we’re going to look at doing something with auto generating UI on top of PowerShell

so give me a PowerShell module I will snap you UI for it a little different than show command will actually allow you to have multiple nouns services process everything else do more like a you know a better job more an IV the type frame then they you know the MMC stuff and you already want to Deep Diver that you can talk a little to David and sign some NDA form or something but but the intent again is so that let me tell you why we’re thinking about this we love PowerShell in the command line there are people who see a blue screen and not one that kills a computer but just a blue screen with a prompt and they faint right it is look they faint they don’t know what it is like it they can’t help it and so and we want people to faint less and so and so we’re going to help them but the way we’re going to help them is going to help them by layering over PowerShell because the other thing we have at the same time is people craft these gooeys and they just forget to put them over PowerShell because they’re doing guys and they haven’t understood the value of the command line and as much as a stick helps it’s a little better sometimes use we don’t care it it’s like hey what if we bootstrap you with oh you run this command and you have all this UI now you can just fix it right that would be nice right so we have the motivation to help people who need the help and by the way a lot of the helpdesk people they’re never going to learn PowerShell right it’s not in their job to see it’s not their career right they’re there for a short while they’re just clicking until they get to the next best thing and it’s a reality of life and that’s fine and it’d be great if you could just instead of you guys having a craft you I because a lot of people do if you could just give them one and let them wander other people have asserted in other discussions that’s not really what they want because then it trains people to be lazy and just use UI it’s true we will probably have the way to automatically display power show or try to help train and smooth that out because that’s the other thing that happens people create you eyes and they don’t necessarily display the PowerShell so people aren’t actually able to take the UI and learn how to automate from that so those are like the three motivations unless I’m missing one am I missing one David was like close he’s shaking his head no I must come close I came to his office a few month ago or something and said we yeah anyway so he got a new problem so we will seriously consider and again we’re considering right I do this right because it’s time effort how do we you know we have to trade off okay how many more people do we benefit doing this vs data dependency for DSC now it’s not quite the same resource so I’m just simply saying that there’s all those trade-offs that we’re making all the time um so it’s a serious thing so that’s why I can do it this is true though we will absolutely start having the community drive the future PowerShell Darcy this is user voice will be the input of improvements I’ve been through most of this the RFC process will define the PowerShell experience that’s what I’m talking about we’re gonna have more of that definition experience design discussions occurring to github RFC process so look for that will align that out you go github will definitely be the open source repository this is going to expand as a distributed can’t talk distribution service right let’s say for our items possibly for others we expect that to grow keep contributing there if you’re doing anything and you’re not publishing it there please do do take the time to do the pester test and make sure you’re passing the script analyzer as we said we just had the underhanded PowerShell thing going on to make that better and better and better art the response we’ve gotten from customers consistently from day one in the gallery and if you think this is wrong and should tell me after but the feedback we consistently got was make it trusted for us please right there was a whole section of people and we have these discussions so it’s important your feedbacks that important there’s a whole series of people in the team or in Microsoft who are saying no the key is volume and it’s a little bit of an argument look if you have 10,000 resources up there then people going to go there more than if you have 1,000 if you have 1,000 more than 100 right and that leads to you simply saying I’ll put any piece of stuff up there that people want well we found particularly for the Microsoft powershell gallery is that people are managing their their lives off of this right their services their service of data center and and some of them just take the code and copy down and we already have a highly trusted highly professional community who are expecting trusted resources and I think are holding themselves if you will actually a little higher bar consistently flirting for the community they were the have us put a little more constraints on okay don’t ship something has a bad you know commandment name then than otherwise you always be there make some

sense all right that’s right so so this is the trusted gal if there’s things we should do to improve where she can put those right tell us all right open source Oh source communities we’re talking about that will continue to contribute more this is one of interest for me um which says we are looking for the right way to measure success how do we know we’re succeeding and making your jobs better and easier if you have ideas they’re definitely talk to us right because we’re trying to figure that out a little bit right we get there Jenner G in the room we talked to customers we see the trend we see the WF so there’s things we can do to know but there’s a lot I can’t really know if hey we used to be taking a long time now or not right how do we know you’re getting value for your money and then we are looking at doing a bunch of micro services we started with the power with a micro with the editor service right people got that one in focus it’s been a little while on that okay what other services doing how about a validation service how do I know this code is actually good before it goes into deployment how do I make sure it’s easy how to make sure it all works right is there some microservices we could provide to make your job easier we are in the bit of the brainstorm face here feel free to actually mention those than to write hey it would be great if PowerShell help me do this for found a team that helped me do this okay it’s okay to brainstorm a bit here configuration we continually get requests for DSC one of the key we would say barriers to adoption of its really a barrier to adoption or its things that prevent people from using it as quick as they would that’s kind of a barrier isn’t it anyway is the lack of a really strong DSC pull server right we have the one out there right now it’s a little more sample code that’s what the original intent was we sort of backed into it right it was first oh we should have a poll mode as what you want that story we should have a pull mode as well as a push mode right okay we’re gonna have a pull mode great okay how do you make sure we got it right will write a great test will use the test as like a sample are we going to do our own poll poll server here’s what it would look like okay we have this coach we share it with people you know that kind of discussion sort of where we ended up ended up and so we have a useful DSE poll server but it’s a pain to set up and it’s not as robust we’ve improved it a lot particularly reporting capabilities out of the LCM right now before but there’s a lot of work to do there so configuration of services definitely top of wine how do we want to handle that if Microsoft and our team or others how to make sure we actually get that out there again these are these are you know forward-looking areas of interest I can’t talk relate to code or actually already States make sense the second thing that’s definitely on the mind is PowerShell as the glue language for DevOps the DevOps tool chain and this goes back to there’s this new paradigm ares been familiar with it i think the past again days has gotten beaten into a little bit right got the developers got the operation how do we have a common language we really think the PowerShell should act as that glue language powershell is a glue language it’s not a pristine pure thing like c sharp right c-sharp is this beautiful pristine thing powershell has a little slop in it on purpose because it has to handle like the registry and donate AP is and the other thing called extended type system I’m pretty I’m familiar with that right anytime you say dot anything that’s actually where it goes through right actually it actually doesn’t go to dotnet we say it’s not net-based it’s not it’s a lie we actually go through the extended type system through the type adapter system and we have a type adapter for net we have a type adapter for comm we have a type adapter for XML right we have a type adapter for CSV to I get that yet anyway we have a type know we should have one we have a type adapter for all these different things and you can write your own it turns out yes if you actually want to go in and implement a type adapter and have my Christina dollar a dot your particular thingamabob go with God there’s an API where’s Bruce he’ll probably right 14 so it’s a um I knew I needed him in the session for some reason um so no yeah if you hate the API blame this guy if you did the extent of tax system a long time ago um so if you can find it that’s right um so so that’s anyways by point there being that it’s an adaptive system it’s built that way it’s thought of that way it’s got enough slot so you can always get your job done in fact in all cases if you take a look at DSC right what do we do in DSC this is a common philosophy we have in fact I did a presentation once a few years back on five design principles for powershell

one is where your best friend were not your mother right which means or you are not your parent to be politically correct which means if you want to go bungee jumping will tell you maybe you shouldn’t but we will drive you there if you’re drunk and want to go bungee jumping we might really talk to you a long time but we are still might drive you there okay so there is always a way to do something that you can’t hurt yourself with impartially in DSC we try to make it brain dead simple system so people couldn’t hurt themselves the whole point is declarative programming and we created a script resource now why did we do such a thing we did such a thing because if it’s 2 a.m. and the world is falling apart around you you really gotta fix the problem you don’t need to do it perfect yeah that can wait for the morning when you’re thinking clearly all right you gotta stop the fire from burning so you can get the time to think about it and do it right so we always have in PowerShell workarounds and hacks on purpose all right that’s partly why we allow you to call directly in a dotnet directly with all these other languages because it said look we want to use command ‘let’s but when a commandment doesn’t work you can still do it so gue language where their powershell history also provided free of charge all right another just overall direction this hasn’t changed and he might not believe me on at least two of these but we’ll talk about it we when we first did PowerShell version one there was no power shell on Windows it was download only which was not we wanted we did for various reasons got us out of political problems allowed us to show right ok got that Yahoo but power show version two I actually went around and wrote on whiteboards PowerShell everywhere it was the slogan and by that i meant everywhere on windows right how do you make sure we do this this still remains the common theme for us we want powershell technology everywhere we wanted to be a universal language platform idea that’s why we he’s an AST that’s why we have all these capabilities that’s why we’re pushing as much as we can to open source as fast as we can within business and resource constraints can you till I’ve memorized that phrase right when business resource constraints we’re pushing as fast as we can to feel resource because we wanted to be useful we want to be usable if you need it somewhere and it’s not tell us right we’d like to know that hey would be great if PowerShell was I don’t know in my mom’s car all right nothing except don’t let her have the script resource thing okay because that could really get you into trouble um velocity you can tell I hope that we’re actually starting with velocity a lot faster right we’re starting with the wmf that will continue now as we do this we have an issue particular as you start looking to course clr it goes a lot places it allows this thing called side by side so if power shells layered over coal clr does that mean I will get some way of PowerShell able to leverage that capability well we’re thinking about it really hard because it turns out so one of the things we’re thinking about really hard is versioning and release velocity okay wmf previews is there a better way should we have two things one that goes really really quick right on a regular monthly basis and maybe that rolls up into a Wi-Fi no less frequent basis that everybody can get maybe there’s something lighter and smaller maybe I can put it out more often if I do that do I allow side by side do I not if I do how do I handle the versions and how the help I get this thing updated that make sense if there was a perfect way to do versioning I would love to hear about it as it is we’ve taken a look at him weird so we’re seriously stepping back in detectives came up again just recently on the gallery we had an open QA for 20-30 minutes which I’m fine except I think I’m running out of time but question came up about okay how we going to handle version on the gallery there are some problems they were having and we just said look you’re absolutely right it’s not it you are correct that it is not right now it is wrong now it’s not right now and how do how are we going to fix it we don’t know yet but we have a deeply in focus and we actually have a few proposals internally that we’re kind of running through all right and then maybe over time we have to get those out more in the RFC process again and get more comment but word we’re working through that now it’s a deep think on the versioning should go all across so just be aware that’s happening and if you have ideas or issues or or or wonderfully back to my use of user voice if you have examples where you’re getting burned by the current version approaches please please please file

those and tell us do not be bashful about that stuff oh I can’t handle my job blah blah because this version name is preventing me from this I can’t upgrade because I have a version if you’re having any versioning conflict problems tell us so we have the whole scenarios and focus that makes sense so we have all set of use cases I can take my new idea and run it past Oh Stefan has this problem bob has this problem Frank has that problem okay we’ve solved them all with me or we haven’t solved them all the least we know we have installed and will tell people hey we almost got person right okay that was velocity simplicity ok you think how first powershell is not a simple language c is a simple language i love see but I do I grew up with it I grew up with assembly to but anyway but really but assembly is not simple but see is a fairly simple hangers they said we can hurt yourself a lot with it but I mean you can it small right it’s consistent it’s small you know what you can shoot yourself in the foot in a lot of other painful places but it’s but but you know it’s simple in that sense that makes sense that’s what i mean by simple powershell is not that it’s a very big language in fact I in fact I was just talking to Jeffrey actually other day we said I’m not sure that anyone has the complete range of PowerShell at the moment in mind they’re just the full scope of what you can do you know both deeply and broadly unlike version one we had in our heads we got to look stuff up still so but what I mean by simplicity I do mean things like desired state configuration right when done right that gives you an order of magnitude improvement in SAP listen I could go through what I call the power strip progression but I don’t think I have time and that would be code that would be kind of fun but what you see is as you go from no powershell to powershell you shrink it as you go to command let the shrinks again because it’s known right but as you go use PowerShell in the real world you have all these error cases and you explode your life back again hand in all the error cases as you go to DSC because it handles the layering with the resources that code shrinks again to be really really small because all the air handling is really taken care of and the DSC resources you’re with me and the experience should be simpler now because it’s simpler people do more complex things with it and so it gets complex again but conceptually it’s heading to the direction of simple as I can get okay all right that’s kind of what me and completeness this is something this is something where it feels like pretty clear over the past little while we’ve put out a lot of stuff we need to round the edges a little more you do a little more polish on stuff we currently have how do we make sure it’s more complete make sense all right are there questions who is that a lot of data would you like to know more about directions does that give you some hopefully I i put it kind of different levels top bottom I don’t mind answering any questions oh there’s one more thing worth noting overheating of what me oh the team you know that’s a good question and this is where it goes back to the how do we smooth out the process right how do we get because we live in these other environments i would say we’re still spending too much time doing work that’s not as effective us what we would like right so as we start to get the team a little more aligned around solving key customer problems one thing i didn’t talk about quite as much was the team shift will try to shift the engineering team to actually solving more actual user scenarios and to end and there i think that actually helps them estuvo i got this problem this problem this problem sort of getting yanked away and a lot of context switching be able to solve a problem for a while and get the thing actually landed all the way down to start do a little more test driven development which beginning to a little more of that will actually help a lot i think as well a little fewer emergencies and then as we start to move more stuff to open source that will help those team members because you’ll have to deal a little less with the internal processes that make some sense so I think we have we have that how do we get in frankly as we get some of the user voice stuff that will help us do some prioritization right so we actually make sure we’re working on the right things that are most impactful for you other questions that I got one thing that I will put in people’s brain upcoming for community which might be kind of fun yes we’ll be developing sort of management for DSC configured notes I at the moment we we have to sort of limit how many know to put in full service because we can’t really report on them all so we have to use management solutions like that’s not recorded is it hahaha look we

are doing and first we’re just delighted with the chef interaction that’s been wonderful yeah as we tired started looking at configuration services which I try to mention a little in the forward stuff that’s one of the things we’d definitely be looking at how do we help make sure they get will get the right reporting how to make sure you’re able to you know to leverage stuff correctly and not have to necessarily you know fall back to other things when you don’t want to when it’s not a part of your environment you should have a choice here how do you scale DSC is your point right without a management surface that you can actually operate against for example yes absolutely by the way speaking of all rights a total rent yes uservoice thousand servers how do I manage them here’s my problem impact statement that’s all that by the way is perfectly fair that’s not a bug right it’s a clear feature request specs not even really a feature request it said but it’s a need statements right we should have a new category need statements yeah I put put it in please don’t be bashful about that stuff that’s perfectly fine and the answer is yes we’re looking at it and thinking about it pretty hard again no you know no promises because we have this wonderful resource constraint you know issue and as you start to use DSC by the way lessons just a small rant that’s my personal favorite we green we talk a lot about DSC being a green field every demo I show is that whole cupcake demo you know put DSC on a server and then you have managed the whole server we need to adjust people’s brains and understand you can do DSC for just very small things in an existing environment right what in the example somebody gave me the other day I’ll use it was yeah this is totally random but I can’t help myself um so you can always leave uh-huh uh-huh how many over okay um so huh um so I’m a program managers my job I pushed the boundaries I’m so one of the things one of the things a customer actually use DSC foods cracking me up in IT you know all IT organizations on the planet are perfect organizations filled with perfect people we know this right and so what happens is what happens is okey so many of them have a tendency to have conflict right and some person owns this is some person owns that and they don’t always quite gel and you’re trying to work around it one of these guys had the application guys kept wanting to throw this this services appt on all of his boxes that ran a service which was running out of memory on his production stuff and they weren’t using the app at all it just turned out the guys query for blasting the application to a set of service was wrong but he wasn’t quite up to fixing it yet it wasn’t Hana priority list of he was overly aggressive about the servers he was going to distribute his crap to with me and this guy’s gone I’m going to kill him so to avoid a conflict of physical nature he wrote hideous he wrote a little DSC thing which said oh if this service is there make sure it stopped and then put it out on all the servers he cared about and so for the servers that he managed which didn’t need the app the service might be there but it never ran or it would run maybe 4 30 minutes if they reinstalled it then would shut down right and so and I’m not trying to say one should do that at all but my point is is that it’s just a targeted use of desired state configuration and I think people have a tendency that got to manage the whole server with it and that’s not true look for targeted use cases and grow yourself into it instead of doing it all or nothing approach all right my last random point um 2016 November 14th will be ten years of PowerShell on we are planning our expectation is one of my guys now has a job to do some small celebration I don’t know how we’re going to do but one of the things we’re thinking about is doing so get your head spinning a little bit is the PowerShell around the world so November 14th midnight somewhere we’ll start a PowerShell massive worldwide user group and set a dumb house right and we’ll end it at the next midnight and we’ll just go around the entire world and each user group in each time zone will negotiate with the other groups and that time zone at some undefined mechanism and we’ll spend their hour and dell will stuff more explaining cool stuff for that hour that makes sense and I’ll go to the next user group the next hour so everybody should get a chance to sort of show their stuff for their time zone and

because there are time zones where they’re probably no user groups you might have a few extra slots to cover but I think it should be fun so we’ll do something look for it will blog about it will tell people when it’s coming don’t be fun anyway we appreciate the sport it’s been a great 10 years we look forward to another 10 doing stuffing better