oh yeah i forgot hey y’all time J aka mom Jim a khm the butterfly and I’m here with your Peugeot bi-weekly December taro slope reading this video is for December first through the 12th excuse me um we’re trying something a little different to see how this is going to work with my schedule I want to be able to provide you your dailies your weekends your weeklies your monthlies but I have to figure out a way that’s going to work for me and my schedule as well I have other obligations that I have to attend to but I want to be able to provide you what you are looking for that’s why a lot of you come to this channel cuz you like the reasons that I survived and I love reading for you guys i just have to find a healthy balance so we’re going to work this out to see how that works so i am a strong believer and working smart not hard so bear with me see how this works out this video is for virgo sun moon and rising I want to say thank you excuse me I want to say thank you for everyone who’s been liking sharing and subscribing my videos thank you for everyone who follows who follows me on Instagram if you don’t take the time to do so I am gems so butterfly underscore taro if you are interested in a personal reading with me i follow it well send me an email you can send me an email at gym the butterfly @ gmail.com or feel free to check the easiest way to check out the site or to go to the site is Jim the butterfly twist com forest / Terrell you can send me an email there to contact me I am available today is number 30 of monday i’m available all day today to do readings and i’m also i have availability all day on december the 64 dreams if you would like so so just check me out I appreciate everything I appreciate you appreciate everyone who’s been following I appreciate everyone who’s bought a personal reading for me I’ve met some really cool people from all around so this has been a great experience for me and I love to read I love to help people so this is definitely me feeling fulfilling my soul’s purpose so let’s get on into the reason all right general reading general General General General John zone all right we’re go I do have a new sec I have the gilded tarot decks let’s see what we have here for y’all I’m drawn six cars three for the first week three for the second week for my fur goals and I will be drawing one card using the chakra wisdom oracle cars for extra added spiritual advice okay just almost there yeah all right foot first week hmm six of cups 50 cups a tap us so right off the bat the very first because December’s was going into December this is a very emotional week for you guys I feel like you’re really caught up in the past with the six of cups you’re doing a lot of reminiscing over some good times that you’ve had I feel like this has to do a relationship I’m not ready I really don’t I feel like you can go across the board it could be love it could be family it could be a really full of and family is what this is possible your friendship but more so loving family you got you guys are really in your feelings this month this this first week just a lot of emotions and I feel that what you’re what you’re feeling what you’re reminiscing on is a relationship that has ended with the files of cups experiencing loss

experiencing some grief experiencing just a lot of hurt and pain for whatever reason I don’t think you it starts the thoughts that you have about this relationships are so happy in so pure I don’t really think that um you thought that this relationship is going to end the way that it’s it um so true you know i don’t i don’t think it’s it did and that’s why you’re you’re really hurt about the same very very hurt but at the end of the week you want to get some strength back you’re going to be progressing you’re moving through this thing okay understand that you’re still progressing you may be thinking about the past but you’re moving through it are you going to be able to pick yourself up with the five of cups the fiber cups is all talks about majority of the time to me in a lot of tarot readers as to all is not lost cards he does understand that you have obviously as opportunity here with these two cups here to pick up and continue on and that’s what I see him doing here he has he has his two cups and he picks up and he moves up to a better emotional place with the aid of cups I’m you’re moving towards your wishes you’re moving towards what you want I feel like this relationship this is a relationship issue I’m like a love relationship issue this is the person who you thought was a soul mate okay this is a person that you had a very deep connection to now I also see it in a different way I feel that someone possibly if you a past love could possibly come back at the beginning of december but you may not entertaining you know you may be reminded of the groups that this person calls you and it could be a soul mate you know when we started thinking about soulmates everyone sings want to think that this is a person nesting so perfect for us or whatever no soul mates come back into your life and a wreck happy okay and it’s not that it’s not that they do it on purpose but they they are they have a way of triggering us because they are our mirror there are reflection they trigger what we our deepest our innermost insecurities and so what and a lot of times with the relationship like that I feel like this is a very common relationship that you’re reminiscing about the again look or family but whatever if this was it may not I think you’ve learned the lesson and you may miss it but I don’t feel like you’re going to be moving forward or moving yet going backwards but to move forward with this person okay I feel like regardless if someone from your past comes in or you may be feeling beat maybe in your feelings about a past relationship regardless you’re gonna have here your I don’t want to say pity party but that’s the word that’s coming to my mind right now you’re gonna have the your world with me you know grieving over the same um and I do kind of feel like it maybe a little what with me you know I’m so lonely I so you know I’m not worth anything I do see that with this car but with this five of cups but I still regardless of it I still see you moving forward picking yourself up getting what you have left with these two cars e 2 cups and moving forward for a brighter day you don’t know where you’re going but any place that’s better than here is what I’m looking at for the eight of cups so that’s cool and you may even be with all this blue and the eight of cups I feel like you maybe even expressing that to this person get it off your chest that means because that may be what the whole thing is about you going in you your your inner you’re going to your deepest darkest feelings to to muster up the courage to say what you have to say you know this is not enough for me I have to move on I thought it was something that I wanted I thought this is something that the last but I see now that it’s not you know it’s not enough for me so you’re moving on to your wishes which is a good thing all right for the second week we have the High Priestess the ace of Pentacles and the tool pinnacles what I feel for the second week of December as we start into it is that you’re still trying to reach you with you moving on making the decision to move forward in your life you are going to start becoming more imbalance in balance with yourself with the High Priestess with this situation like I said earlier this is a i selected swords a karmic situation Harmon situations can happens between family

too okay um and because of this now you’ve had your chance to really look over the situation get a better over standing or what has happened you made peace with it you move forward and now as you go into the second week you’re entering it as the High Priestess the High Priestess is a person who she has a lot of knowledge she has a lot of wisdom wisdom comes through experiences okay this is where you are now you’ve experienced some pain and loss and hurt but now you’ve been able to get that paint recycling and of acquire a new level of understanding of yourself and your self in relationships which is good very very good with this now you have a new beginning here with the asus innocence now i feel like for some of you if this has been an issue if they’re know if there has been an issue involving money you if money has been low you’re going to have some money coming in you may even have some new jobs so if you haven’t if you’ve been taking the time to apply for any jobs please continue to do so you have some good energy coming in for the second week of December to offer you up a possible interview or just a job you may I feel like some of y’all might just walking to the store you know it’s holiday season you never know you apply that day you might just get the job that day you know that’s the type of energy with the ace of Pentacles which is good if you got some some good cards in the second you all use the extra food carts because it’s all about progression um and you are progressing I see you progressing throughout this whole first two weeks in december excuse me anything the first two weeks you have the tool pinnacles this is you this is you with this new job or this new this you know and i can also see it as i’m with this ace of Pentacles you putting things in perspective but maybe you going back to this relationship if this is a person that you just you don’t want to go there as a as a love relationship or as a romantic relationship you may you may decide with the high priest is here in the ace of Pentacles that it’s just better for us to be friends right now i wanna you know you’re walking away to something different you’re going on your own journey but you have no problems with being friends with this person again and you know starting a little slow I can kind of I can yeah I can see that tooth um you’re willing to put forth that effort and for others it could be just a job or some money coming in but either way you’re into the last week with the tool tentacles and the tool Pentacles to me again you’re talking about progression because you started with us out with the ace and then now you’re moving into the tool pinnacles the tool pinnacles talks to me about being able to juggle or trying to decide now if this is the job situation you may be trying to figure out how you’re gonna work that into your schedule maybe you already have a full-time job this is a part time to I really feel like this make it may be a part time job for somebody else too but you try to figure out how to work that out if this is a relationship issue and you’re trying to make amends with the person that offer us a new beginning you’re trying to figure out is this gonna really work for me you know you’re just weighing the pros and cons so you kind of stuff stuff in a limbo type energy in the middle of the month but um I don’t feel like it’s going to be something that’s too burdensome for you it’s just you know you’re weighing your options right now you and again you move forward with the aid of sub 28 of cuffs you’re looking onward so you’re just trying to figure out what’s going to be what’s gonna fit into your life and what’s not gonna fit into your life because again you realize this is you realize where you are in who you are with the High Priestess she’s a very assured woman you she knows a lot of things she doesn’t care for for secrets and I feel like if you had this you you go through this emotion this emotional / sweet um it’s going to affect your relationships in a way that you’re not going to offer up so much in the beginning um just because you’ve learned in the past before that um you know what I even though you make you you may feel a certain way about someone you may have

an affinity for someone you may come off a little reserved because of the hurt that you experienced in the past you know so I just want to let y’all know that that may be a new realization that you’re coming up with your new acquired rhythm rhythm rhythm your new acquired realization excuse me y’all um Amit maybe that is your set in the peaceful things are gonna be for your new beginning like you may be saying to yourself you know what from now on you know I’m a whole back a little bit i’ma see what these people has to offer me before I offer up myself to this person cuz i really do I feel like this situation whatever it was it didn’t end the way that you thought it was going to end but nonetheless there was a lesson to be learned because this is about a soulmate relationship there was a lesson to be learned and you learned it it was a hard lesson to be learned but now you’re ready to before and then you move in you moving forward you know that how you’re going to deal with relationships from here on out and once you get that new knowledge you’re going to get a new beginning coming to you be at money or friendship it may be a new person a pinnacle person like yourself Virgo capricorn or tourists coming in to offer up new friendship where you friendship with you or more grounding energy I can see it that way to you may have more grounding energy to get you like I said you started out through the month so emotional you have something that come in and kind of stabilize you a little bit and it’s going to take you on in towards the end of the month so that’s that’s a wonderful way to end the month you still may be like I said up in limbo but emotionally I feel like you’re going to be in a better spot come the middle of the month so when we talk about let’s see with us chakra wisdom oracle card has for you yeah what did I tell y’all victim you know this this is one of those things like no longer you’re going to be the victim you have made up your mind this is ties to the heart chakra you have developed some love within yourselves this like I said this High Priestess this is what it definitely is speaking to me you have you entered a new stage of self-love which is beautiful you know you’re learning that you know you cannot put you cannot you no longer can’t play the victim and I feel like some of y’all main reasons and realizing that you have been playing the victim but you’re going to see now you’re going to be accountable for your actions you’re going to let be able to forgive and move forward this is all with this first two weeks is about moving for learning to love from your heart learning to love yourself first stop giving so much of someone and you’re not getting anything back in return now I feel like there’s been a severe let down in a relationship for y’all let me go to the book and just go over what watch this book down um what it says about victim and you know yelling y’all just what I can say about y’all virgos y’all are so helpful y’all y’all are very dependable y’all are very reliable and it hurts you to your course when you don’t get the same in return and I feel like that’s what this is but instead of looking at it from a victim mentality look at it as you know what I did what I needed to do the problem is not the other person I mean the problem is not with you the problems with the other person now I will say the problem is that you didn’t establish a healthy boundary but that’s all apart of this is a process and that’s all about itself it’s all about self-love and in codependency you have to establish boundaries because if you don’t people will take advantage of that helpful nature that you have you have to be very careful with that and before you know it you end up turning into or feeling like a martyr and you don’t want to feel like a martyr I can kind of feel like that with this with this car in here with the five of cups that this is a situation where you you you felt like or you are feeling like the martyr in the situation like you sacrifice too much but so high priest comes in I’m not doing that no more you know don’t play the victim y’all but the victims come but the book says about the victim is it says I am NOT a victim I choose I chose to do what I am doing and that’s very important to understand you have to take accountability for the things that you do in a relationship if you give if when you surely give for your heart you don’t give for art for expectation that you know if I do this for you that you should be doing this for me you don’t do that you and you give you is so if you have been and maybe that’s the lesson that you’re learning that you know what maybe I was a little faulty am I thinking that you know if I hold you down that you’re gonna hold me now no people don’t think like that all the time some people think you know what

you’re gonna hold me down thank you and they take everything that you’ve done to help them and they go on off of your business and you sitting there just waiting like okay so i thought you say you’re gonna help me and they’re like I you know what nevermind hmm I’m going now and now you’re stuck like I can’t believe I did all this yeah you did not establish any boundaries you know I’m saying and at the time that was something that you chose to do so don’t feel bad about what you chose to do because at the time you were doing it for pure intent but if you’re doing it to expect something in return that’s where you messed up that’s in you know don’t use that to be to play the victim so like I said I chose to do what I am doing in it as inspiration it says well this is the story of the green acorn um let me just go to this right here and just tell you what it says the story the create a corner says to grow into a tree a planet acorn must be fully blown must be fully brown a green acorn is an indication that you may need grounding and a more solid plan to achieve what you are truly what you truly desire are you trying to create something before you’re ready to do so so with this it asks you it says the green acre the green acorn indicates that being in denial may be holding you back to move forward you must make an honest assessment of your situation personal inquiry how are my actions connected to my inability to create breakthroughs am I willing to make new choices in order to grow so key ideas filling block blaming others past resentment deluding yourself and potential for greatness same things what I said guys you know if someone did you want a click event because I feel like this is a taken advantage type situation here but I feel like you know you go to bed reward if it’s definitely having something to do with money you have money coming back in okay so don’t even let that be a word for you but you know take the lesson for what it was that you know if you got to give gift from the heart don’t get without inspect a expectations you know if people fail you understand that people are people in it’s hard i’m not saying that that’s something that it’s a situation where you can just easily let go cuz it does hurt because people you know what people a per se of perceived failures hurt or it clear out failure failure failure it hurts but we cannot you’re only limiting yourself by refusing to be the victim it won’t have this wall with me I can’t believe he did this to me I can’t believe she did this she okay what she did he did it what are you gonna do now to pull yourself out of this situation are you going to sit here and being your feelings all for the first for the first week of december and and just allow that feel those feelings to ruminate alone around you and you just have a pity party maybe that’s the reason why i say a pity party earlier are you going to allow that or you want to pick yourself up and move forward you know what realized it is what it is it happens i learn now I have acquired more wisdom and I know now this opportunity is this not opportunity but this situation comes around again I know now how to handle it I know now I know the signs I see it you know the High Priestess she sees it when you come towards her she’s not sure to know what you bout to ask her but she is not about to give you these answers because you have to find out on your own and that’s what your understanding now that you have to see this on your own so you know what this is this is a good thing this is this is uh always positive I was it I try to get everything positive y’all because something there to me we have enough negative stuff in the world try to make what you can pause animate which you can probably create positive thoughts but you playing the victim you are not creating positive thoughts within yourself in your environment you want to keep talking about being a victim you will continue to be the victim in every situation around you and we don’t want that very good job with some sweet don’t allow one person to taint your whole outlook on life and relationships you are bigger than that except this as a life lesson and move forward thank you hit me up if you want a personal reading talk to you soon sighs