‘May the darkness fade away.’ ‘May the rays of light spread in all directions.’ ‘Powerful and full of energy.’ ‘Light!’ ‘In front of my eyes, there is a lively man.’ ‘Baidyanath.’ ‘I’m his friend, his dear one.’ ‘He trusts me and loves me.’ ‘But I will still wipe him off the earth.’ ”Let the darkness surround me.’ ‘Darkness is my only destination.’ ‘The judgement declares the first partner of Mukherjee & Dutta Co..’ ‘..Mr. Baidyanath Mukhopadhyay..’ ‘..and the second partner, Mr. Brijlal Dutta are equal partners.’ ‘In the event of Mr. Baidyanath’s death..’ ‘..his son will be the owner of this company.’ ‘In the event of his son’s death, it will solely belong to the survivor.’ Are you going out?

You haven’t slept as yet? Where are you going, at this hour of the night? Do I have to tell you that? I’ve told you many times not to ask me questions Who is it? – It’s me, Guru Guru! Please come in Be seated First, you accept this high quality opium and enjoy yourself It’s premium quality! – Yes It’s really awesome! Guru, you’ve come after a long I’m sure, you have work for me Not a big task! This time, you will have to do some acting Acting?! Are you the writer of the play? You’ll have to pose as me, book a room in the name of Brijlal Dutta and stay in Great Eastern hotel for 3 days I’ll have to stay there?! Will you pay me for it? I never get any work done for free. Bye Where are you going? Have a seat No, I need to meet Kanti Prasad Kanti Prasad! You want to meet him at this hour? What’s wrong? Are you sleepy? You’re so drunk. All you can do now, is fall asleep What did you say? Now, go home. The constable might come from the police station Police! Why, police? I’m very scared of them Why? Even they have the right to come to me Okay, I’m leaving. I stay away from doctor and police. – Kanti! Open the door! – Who is it? I’m Kashi Mr. Dutta wants to see you Who? – Mr. Dutta Your boss’s friend is waiting for you at your place Did you summon me, sir? – Be seated Sit here Not there. I’m comfortable here Kanti Prasad how much do you earn monthly, for driving Baidyanath’s car? Rs 400/- only, sir Is that all you earn? If you do a work for me, I shall give you Rs 4000 4000! What do you want me to do, sir? I can do anything for money Rs 400 is peanuts for me I cannot meet any of my expenses Neither liquor nor prostitute! What, if you have to cause harm to Baidyanath? I’ll still do it, sir What should I do, sir? What, if I tell you to kill Baidya? I’ll do it, sir. I’ll kill him! Could you please help me with Rs 200, now? Come to my office tomorrow You’ll get more I’ll give you more money – Money! Sir Brijlal, you’re here? – Yes Why is he crying? I don’t know. Give me a minute, I’ll keep him inside and be back Brij, why do you always run after money?

‘I run after money..’ ‘..because nothing else gives me more pleasure, Honey.’ So, you’ll get money My entire business belongs to you Did you pay the lawyer? Yes, I did. Listen If you say, I can get Mr. Joginder Kapoor to join us as a partner too He is a millionaire And he also has good contacts with the ministers Why do we need more money? My money and your intelligence is working well for us Alright There’s a fantastic bungalow in Sath Pahada Let’s go there on a short vacation Just you, me and your son Won’t you take your wife along? Who will take care of my motherless child? The two of us will manage So, it’s final I’ve already called your driver, Kanti to our office to plan the trip I’m here, sir See if you can recognise this voice What is it, sir? ‘What, if I tell you to kill? Baidya?’ ‘I’ll do it, sir. I’ll kill him!’ Whose voice is it, Kanti? It’s mine, sir You’ve recorded it so well What, if Baidyanath listens to this audio? Mr. Dutta, please save me I will save you. Don’t worry Brij, what’s wrong? I don’t know. I will have to check “You’re my darling, my sweetheart.” Good boy! Kanti, check if the brake pipe is alright Here Baidya, is it time to feed your son, lunch? What’s the time? No, it is not Alright It’s done, sir What is done, Kanti? I cut the brake pipe.. I mean The brake pipe was loose, I’ve fixed it I see! Baidya, see if it starts now Me?! – Yes, didn’t I tell you I’ll rid you of your nervousness to drive Alright Shift the gear Okay Brake pipe is

I’ve cut the pipe, sir The car won’t stop! For the greed of money, you plotted to kill me?! You want to kill me and my son?! No! I won’t let you succeed in your plan I won’t let my son die Not at any cost! You cannot die! This is not possible! Hold me tight! I will save you No! Come, son God, please save him! Kanti Prasad Kanti Prasad Kanti Prasad! Kanti Prasad! Kanti Prasad Kanti Kanti Kanti Sir! – Who is it? Jeevan! Yes, sir. It’s me – Jeevan how old have I grown in these 22 years? – You’re still young Are you flattering me? – No, sir Why did you come? A handicap person wants to see you Handicap? – Yes, sir One of his hands is amputated Don’t you know I meet no one, while I’m at home? He had also been to your factory The guard didn’t let him in That means, he is not someone important Is Runu back? What are you doing here? Get lost! I say, out!

Jeevan, where’s mom? – She is in sir’s office room Mom is in dad’s chamber?! – Why did you summon me? Hope you remember there’s a party at the club. Anu has to perform I’ve invited Mr. Joginder Kapoor’s son. – No! What do you mean? My daughter won’t dance in front of casanovas and rich brats Of course, she will! She is also my daughter Is that why you wanted to kill her in my womb? Shut up! Don’t irritate me by reminding me of the past incidents Irritate me neither I know all your secrets I know how you killed Baidyanath and usurped all his properties, house and business Don’t bad mouth your own husband The consequences will be bad Now, you may leave! Dad! – Come in, darling Come, my dear madam How was your tennis match? Did you win or lose? Your daughter never loses, dad Keep that in mind always Please bless me C’mon, get up! Crazy girl I’ll introduce you to Joginder’s son, in the club today You will have to dance, there Hope you haven’t forgotten Very good! No, my friend. I never forget anything Thank you But why do you want to take me as an escort while you perform? Why? I’m so helpless I always win when you encourage me How sad! Alright, I’ll cheer for you even today Liquor! Get me a drink I won’t lie to you Mr. Dutta, who just went inside I will meet him and leave No! You can’t go in – Let me in Cheers! Why did you get up? What’s wrong? Joy, you please carry on I’ll meet them and be back – Meet whom? I see! Now, I understand Please carry on and have fun He is such a casanova Do not forget me, buddy Sanjiv, you really made it to the club! How could I have ignored your request? I’m very happy How is Mr. Joginder? Dad is fine Let me introduce them. My daughter, Anushua and her friend, Sangeeta He is Sanjiv, the renowned industrialist Joginder Kapoor’s one and only son Hello – Hello I beg your pardon, but are you Anushua Dutta, the one who is going to perform Exactly! She is going to dance in today’s party Splendid! “My anklets make too much noise They sound like thunder.” “Listening to its music//” “..the garden blooms in joy.” “My anklets make too much noise They sound like thunder.” “The different forms of dance..” “..create waves in my heart.” “For every different color..” “..I make a different move.” “The pain that I go through is more..” “..than the flower’s pain when it gets stamped.” “Listening to my anklets’ music..” “..the garden blooms in joy.” “My anklets make too much noise.” “They sound like thunder.”

“Like the frightened deer..” “..I wander around to save myself from the rude world.” “The tears I have shed so far..” “..I won’t feel so much pain even if I die.” “My heart, please tell me..” “Please tell me..” “My anklets make too much of noise They sound like thunder.” You danced so well You also sang well I’m here to congratulate you Thank you Photography is my passion I want to click your pictures That’s not possible I’m not a professional dancer and hence, I won’t allow you to do so Okay. You’re so good looking Then why is your mood so bad? What did you say? I was talking about your mood You’re too short tempered, aren’t you? Mind your words You’re so mannerless Get out! Will you please stop it? Till your friend doesn’t calm down I’ll keep clicking her pictures Wow! Nice Who is this damsel? Is she the one who you went to the club for? All bachelors are alike Every girl appears beautiful to you They’re all damsels for you You fool! It’s the other way round We find no girl beautiful and that is why, we remain bachelors Ashish, the job I told you about, is still open What have you decided? No, uncle – What do you mean? I won’t take it up – May I know the reason? I can’t take up a job given by you Is it because I’m not your kin? Is it because, we have no blood relation? Uncle! I often forget about it You know I have no one else, but you But whenever I’m reminded of the fact you found me on the street and gave me a new and comfortable life I feel so inferior about myself I feel why I should live What’s the use of my life? – Ashish! We’re human beings Isn’t that reason enough to live? Don’t think too much act silly Listen! Won’t you show the girl the photographs that you clicked? The photographs are really so beautiful Ashish, I must say, your camera is quite good in capturing beauty – What do you think? It’s not his camera, Sangeeta It’s his eyes that has captured the pictures Why are you quiet? Is she right? May be

Would you like to have tea? – I’ll take you both out What would you like to have? What will you call for us? Anything that you ask for Anything that we ask for? Are you sure? Anu, what do you want to eat? As you said, anything that he orders Really? Sangeeta couldn’t make it, today She is – It’s alright The one I wanted to meet, is here I’m happy In such a short time? I’m happy I’m really so glad you like me I cannot believe it Ashish Yes, tell me What have you done? What did I do? I have lost myself What do you mean? I’m not able to separate you from me Anu! – Believe me Hello, sir Who is speaking? – You won’t know me I have an important work with you I want to meet you What is it regarding? – No If I had to explain everything over the phone why would I want to meet you? When do you want to come? I can come right away, sir I won’t be able to give you more than 5 minutes I won’t need more than that But after listening to what I have to say you’ll be ready to give me 5 hours I’ll see you, sir May I come in, sir? – Who is it? Come in I called you a little while ago You’re Kanti Prasad, aren’t you? You’re seeing me after ages and still you recognised me! Of course, it’s me You – I did not die I managed to survive What made you think of me, after such a hiatus? Are you still angry on me? Why did you run away, that day? I was scared of you I thought, you’d kill me too so that there’s no eye witness left I was an eye witness What do you want? I’m here to do you a favor What do you mean? Uncle! It’s my pleasure to have you here – I’ll take your leave, sir I’ll see you later – Jeevan, inform madam and Runu Do you have an appointment with dad, tomorrow? Yes. What’s the matter? Your meeting has been postponed from morning to evening, 4pm That’s not an issue It’s just a casual meeting to know Mr. Joginder better and more closely. That’s all That’s not a big deal

You’ll meet dad tomorrow Why don’t you invite us over tea, some day? Will he come to our house? I promise, he will – Then promise me you will quit all bad habits, after marriage I promise, mom But what, if they disagree to get their daughter married to you? They’re Bengalis You’re a Bengali too – But we don’t even know them. How can I go to them with the proposal? How long will it take to know them? Tomorrow, Anushua’s dad is meeting dad He’ll invite dad for tea You accompany him to their house And then casually talk about the marriage alliance What’s your name? Anushua – Sweet name! Tell me when are you coming to my place Why don’t you come tomorrow? We’ll come if he takes us along We’ll definitely go My wife will be very happy to meet you all Hello – Hello Where’s Anushua? Anu couldn’t join us She is unwell She has been studying till late night, these days. – Be seated I was looking forward to meet her and hear her sing You wanted to tell them something Have some patience Why are you getting so anxious? Please go ahead. We won’t mind Mr. Kapoor was telling me if we could ask your daughter’s hand in marriage for our son It’s our good fortune Our daughter will lead the life of a princess, here I cannot even imagine She is the best She excels in academics, dance, singing and even sports She is an all rounder Mr. Dutta, if we have your consent I don’t want to delay their wedding Neither do I wish to delay She is in the final year of B.Sc Don’t worry. She can continue her studies after marriage Sir your daughter won’t get married to Kapoor’s son Your daughter is on cloud nine She is in love with someone Impossible! As per your nature, you will again shoot me But I promise you, I won’t go back on my words Brijlal speaking Hello, Mr. Kapoor What can I do for you? M Dutta, it’s my wish you and family join us for dinner at my place on 16th, that is day after tomorrow We can hear Anushua sing And also fix the wedding date That’s great We’ll be there in the evening Okay, sir. See you soon Can you prove it? I’ll show you, sir I want to tell you that such services cannot be rewarded with money But if I don’t take anything in return, it will be an insult to you Do you want money? How much do you want? Is 1000 fine? – How will I know, sir? I’m inclined towards liquor and other addiction I keep wandering here and there Just for fun, I may go and tell Mr. Kapoor the girl he has chosen for his son is in love with – Kanti Prasad! No, sir I won’t cause you any harm But Something is missing in life I have been jobless for years now If I sell this news How much money do you want? I won’t charge you in future I’ll work for free “The honey bees are humming songs.” Tell me why “The flower want the bees to shower all their love on it.” Tell me why “The flower attracts the bees..” “..who are humming songs for it.” “Whose laughter makes the horizon turn so beautiful..” “..at dawn?” It’s you “Who is on the peacock’s mind when it..”

“..spreads its feathers?” Is that you? “Blue sky is the limit to my booming dreams.” Tell me why “Because the sky wants you to be the bird that flies in it.” “The honey bees are humming songs.” “Whose sweet talk does the honey listen to..” “..all day long?” It’s you! “Whose thoughts make you feel happy..” “..and so cheerful?” “It’s you!” “The rhythm of our heart beats create waves in our minds.” “Tell me why..” “So that you burst out into a laughter..” “The honey bees are humming songs.” “The flower want the bees to..” “.. shower all their love on it.” Ashish say something – What do I say? Anything about yourself I’ve already told you all that I know about myself I don’t know anything beyond this – But I know What? That you belong to me and only me! Did you see how close they were? Sir, I don’t have the courage to lie to you I mean, I keep wandering like a gypsy I happened to see your daughter with that boy That’s all Kanti Prasad Yes, sir Will a road side Romeo come and shatter all my dreams? Is that possible, sir? I know how to get rid of people who come in my way Who else will know that better than me? Will you wait for me near the school at Talatola level crossing? Yes, I will You stay indoors, all day All you do is eat, sleep and relax What work do you do? – What’s the matter? Do you try to find out Anushua’s whereabouts? She shuffles between home and college. She doesn’t go elsewhere I visit Sangeeta’s place, once in a while Why did you ask, dad? You won’t go out till you get married Marriage?! – Yes Your marriage is fixed with Sanjiv But dad I know you won’t go against my words I’ll never go against you, sir I swear! Can I trust you completely? I’ll take only Rs 500,000/- Keep this money for now I called you for this How much is it, sir? The boy who dared to win my daughter’s love I won’t spare him! I want his address, Kanti Alright, sir. I’ll follow him and get you the address Give me two days I couldn’t wait till dinner, tomorrow I’m the girl’s father So I came today That’s good You may come whenever you wish to Did you fix the wedding date? No, Mr. Dutt. I’ve asked my priest to finalise it He’ll get back to me very soon I have no issues Actually, we are all quite tensed about the wedding Anushua is the most tensed

Did he come? Not yet Come in – Yes You came on right time Why? How did you know my parents are not at home? And you have the entire flat, to express your love to each other But you are here as an hindrance My darling friend I’m going to my aunt’s house, in the floor above Take your own sweet time to spend with your beloved Are you really going? Yes, you have fun What will I do here, all alone? You think of Ashish and you’ll see, he is here Put your hands up! Oh! God. It was you When did you come? Long back Ashish dad is getting me married to a millionaire’s son Then get married – Stop joking! You know I can’t think of a life without you Anu, I’m unemployed and have no identity either What will you gain by marrying me? You will be mine, Ashish What, if your dad doesn’t agree? We’ll elope and get married I trust you, Ashish I wish I could meet your dad That’s true Even I wish I could take you home and introduce you to my mom and dad But I have no option I feel very lonely at times I miss your presence, then Can you give me something that will make me feel, you’re next to me? “Like the fragrance of flowers..” “I’ll keep you sealed in my heart.” “Like a creeper, I’ll keep myself..” “..entangled to you, my love.” “I’m yours I’m only yours, my love.” “Even if you don’t see me near you..” “..please know that I’m always around.” “Even if you don’t see me near you..” “..please know that I’m always around.” “Like a star in the sky..” “..I will once again take you into my embrace.” “I’m yours I’m only yours, my love.” Look at him! He is staring at us I’ve seen him somewhere before He is always staring at us I saw him too What’s wrong in it? I don’t like it Do you know what I think? He is in love with us Looking at us, he is trying to learn how to love Shut up! Come, let me take you to meet my uncle “You won’t be able to forget me ever..” “..because in your memory, I shall always remain.”

“You won’t be able to forget me ever.” “Whenever you will smile..” “..I shall be the reason behind it.” “The path you tread on..” “..I shall be waiting for you.” “I’m yours I’m only yours, my love.” “I’m yours I’m only yours, my love.” Splendid! I forgot Have some sweet You have it, first What are you thinking? Where are you lost? – I was thinking I mean, I’m trying to understand how a very talented, well mannered, well educated A good singer, well known dancer Yes, you’re right How did she fall for an uncouth fellow like you? Do you know black magic? Yes, I know Are you interested in learning it? I’ll let you know if I want to Come You sit here Guard! How are you? C’mon, take it You’re a man And a true man has such habits I must say, you’re a gentleman May I ask you something? I’d given you a word that I won’t give you news that’s old They’re of no use What do you mean to say? I’ve found his address I bribed the guard with some stuff and wormed the truth out of him You’ve come to my house, drunk How dare you! How could I have abstained myself from liquor on such a happy day? It’s good news Mr. Mukherjee’s son is alive! He is grown up to a young man How could I not have drunk? I was their driver, after all Who is Mukherjee’s son? Who is Mukherjee? Don’t you know who he is? Your friend, my late boss who was killed – What did you say? What.. What did I say? You just said it What did I say? I.. I did not say anything Kanti Prasad! ‘Kanti!’ ‘Kanti Prasad..’ ‘Kanti Prasad..’ ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Please come.’ ‘Come on.’ ‘Where do you want to go?’ ‘Is no one else with you?’ ‘What’s this?’ ‘I beg of you, sir.’ ‘Please don’t send me to a hospital.’ ‘I’m really scared of police and doctor.’ ‘Ashish!’ ‘Nurse, he is back to his senses.’ ‘Where am I?’ ‘You’re at my nursing home, in Kolkata.’ ‘How did you get shot?’ ‘How is the child?’ ‘He is absolutely fine.’ ‘I don’t understand,’ ‘how such a small child..’ ‘..reached the forest and hilly region.’ ‘He has no injuries or bruises on his body.’ ‘He was sitting there and playing How is it possible?’ ‘I can’t believe it.’ ‘No one can kill the one, whom God wants to save.’ ‘When I saw him in your arms..’ ‘..I couldn’t believe my eyes.’ ‘Before I could tell you anything about him..’ ‘..suddenly, there was..’ ‘..a blackout and I could see nothing.’ ‘Do you know the child?’ ‘I’ve worked for Mr. Mukherjee, for quite some long.’ ‘Mr. Mukherjee?!’ ‘Who is he?’ ‘You won’t be able to find him, doctor.’ ‘Doctor, the child is..’ ‘Nurse!’ ‘Doctor, police is here..’ ‘.. to see you.’ ‘It’s an enquiry about some accident.’ ‘Bring them in.’ I ran away from there. You know, I’m scared of police and doctor

So, you mean to say Baidyanath’s son is still alive Yes, sir – Let’s go, Kanti Let the two of us go and meet him Let us also settle his accounts That’s a very good idea, sir I’ll help you get rid of Mr. Kapoor Ashish Ashish?! – He is Mr. Mukherjee’s son I see! I’ll help him to get ready as the groom What do you mean? – I forgot I forgot to tell you the most important news Ashish is the one your daughter wants to marry What did you say? Brijlal speaking Mr. Kapoor, hello! What are you doing in the evening? I think I’ll be caught up in some work What’s the matter, Mr. Kapoor? Even if you get late, do come to my house I have a surprise for you Good night – Good night Kanti Do you have a wish to be fulfilled? Of course I have I’m a colorful person For a long time, I’ve been wanting to own a diamond ring Just like the one you have Anything more? I’d love to watch a cabaret dance in a star hotel I mean.. I’ve never seen it It’s just a wish Won’t you drink in my party? No, thanks. – Won’t you give us a treat when you get a job? Or will you offer us the holy water of river Ganga? I’ll offer Whisky with holy water I won’t throw a party in this kind of a hotel I’ll take you to my uncle’s hotel “On a beautiful and enchanting night..” “..you see a damsel dancing around.” “Anything can happen any time.” “Hold your breath.” “Shake a leg with me.” “What are you fearing? Be aware!” “Who is hidden in my eyelashes?” “Who is my heart beating for?” “Who is hidden in my eyelashes?” “Who is my heart beating for?” “I’m dancing in joy, I’m on cloud nine.” “Tell me what is in your heart.” “What are you fearing? Be aware!” Will you have more? Go ahead “The world is so big.”

“Who will stay with me, all my life?” “Tell me the reason.” “Why doesn’t anyone stay till forever?” You love to wear a diamond ring, don’t you? This is all yours. Take it The ring will belong to you, for the rest of your life “The world is a stage.” “And we’re all players.” “How did this happen?” “How did this happen?” “Life is nothing but a game.” “What are you fearing?” “Be aware!” Why didn’t Anu come along? She couldn’t come Anu has got a severe headache She got ready, but couldn’t make it So, she sent me She is Sangeeta, Anu’s only friend Hello – Hello Your plan flopped terribly I can see that We won’t be able to hear Anushua sing Sangeeta sings well, too Is that so? Why don’t you sing for us? You won’t like my song Why, not? You’re used to hearing hit songs I don’t like that kind of songs So, what? You sing what you like Music is music, after all We’re singing and making merry, while Anushua is suffering with severe headache Kanti! Kanti! He is gone! Kashi, you’re drunk like a fish, too No matter how drunk I may be, I know my job I’ll do your job perfectly But I think your job is already done What?! I want to get off I won’t go with you Drop me, here – What? I’ll drop you home Let me get off. Please let me go I want to You will.. What will you do Why are you blabbering? Shut your mouth! I want to get off. Let me go I want to go Please let me go What have I done? I won’t tell anything to anyone What did I do? I didn’t do any wrong What did I do? Kashi! No! Please spare me, Kashi Let me go Let me go

I don’t want to die I don’t want to die What harm did I do to you? I won’t die. I don’t want to die Let me go! Let me go! No! Guru, shall I throw him out? Is he dead? Take off my ring from him You’re Mr. Mukherjee’s son I salute you, sir I wronged you.. I Mr. Dutta is a cheat! He killed your dad so he could usurp all his wealth He also made me Who is Mr. Dutta? – Now, it’s your turn Your turn He pampered me by offering me drinks He drove the car and What’s his name? Tell me Tell me.. Please tell me his name Listen.. Tell me “Come, let us go out to breathe some fresh air.” “There is a fire burning within my heart.” “Light the lamp of love.” “Let only the lamp of love be lit.” Kashi – Yes, Guru Have you ever had any difficulty in killing someone? Guru if a mosquito bites you, you kill it If an insect stings you, you kill it Do you feel bad about it? Then how can I find it difficult? I never thought over it, this way But this time, it was I know “I don’t want to paint you in the color of..” “..the red rose.” “I don’t want to paint you in the color of..” “..the red rose.” “I’d rather want to be the color of your eye..” “..which you will love forever.” “I don’t want to be the fragrance of the flowers..” “..that will fade away in a while.” “Let only the lamp of love be lit.” “Come, let us go out to breathe some fresh air.” “There’s a fire burning within my heart.”

“Light the lamp of love.” “Let only the lamp of love be lit.” Ashish Let’s have dinner – I’m not hungry Are you not feeling well? – I’m alright Let me check Alright, you go to sleep Uncle What’s it, son? My dad was killed! Is that true? “I don’t want to live with a heavy heart.” “I want to fly like a free bird.” “I don’t want to live with a heavy heart.” “I want to fly like a free bird.” “If you don’t express your love to your beloved..” “..you will drown in pain.” “The pain will slowly kill you..” “It will..” Is Mr. Joginder home? – Yes, everyone is here Everyone is here?! – “Let only the lamp of love be lit.” “Come, let us go out to breathe some fresh air.” “There’s a fire burning within my heart.” “Light the lamp of love.” “Let only the lamp of love be lit.” Wow! You sang beautifully Dutta, you’re here! Please come in Have a seat – What brought you here? Aren’t you surprised? How did you like our surprise? Mr. Dutta, I got tired telling you You never brought Anu home So we planned to pick them up from home We wanted to hear Anu sing But it didn’t happen Why didn’t Anu come? She is having a headache I see What are you thinking, Mr. Dutta? I was thinking You’re a busy man That’s why, I’m hesitating Tell me what is on your mind I need to go to Kalibganj for a party conference Your friend, Trade & commerce minister, Deepak Saria is coming, too So I was thinking if all of us could go together on a short vacation Very good idea! We haven’t gone for an outing since long You’ll also get a chance to meet Anushua Won’t your manager handle things here, for a few days? Why, only 2 days? We’re ready to stay there even for 200 days Ms Dutta, why are you quiet? What do I say? Everyone likes to go for an outing If you consent, I’ll make arrangements for our tickets If I don’t agree, she will kill me! Mom, if I remain absent in college, I’ll miss a lot of lectures Why don’t you and dad go? You know him well He’ll only do as he please If you can convince him, go ahead Don’t drag me into this I will have to stay there, for the party conference That’s why I’m going to Kalibganj I’m planning to contest in the forthcoming elections No! There won’t be any problem in filing my nomination Mr. Joginder Kapoor will soon be my relative Yes, I’ll surely win Come home, some time We’ll chitchat Okay, good night Brijlal speaking Who is it? Kashinath, is that you? Have you found Ashish Mukherjee’s address? He stays with the doctor Okay. He has a nursing home Very good. Get going, now Kill him in our absence I’ll be in Kalibganj, then Do you understand? What did you say? You want the entire amount in advance? That’s not right Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow I’m afraid, Ashish’s life is in danger What do you mean? – I mean if Ashish stays in Kolkata, his life might be in danger

You love him so much And that’s why, you fear such things No, Sangeeta. I’m serious Are you serious? What do you want to do? – There’s nothing I can do I went to the motor vehicle registration office The car number was fake Ashish even if you find out who killed your dad will you be able to prove it? If I fail to prove it I won’t be able to face myself Only if I kill my dad’s murderer will my dad’s soul rest in peace Ashish! Life does not go backwards It moves ahead That reminds me Anu’s friend, Sangeeta wants to see you She is waiting for you in the restaurant at ‘My Club’ Go, meet her This is for you – What is it? Anu’s letter – Letter?! What’s the matter? Anu had to leave with her parents, to Kaling Pong You will have to go there too – But, why? How is it possible? – ‘Do what you can.’ ‘But you will have to come,’ ‘by tomorrow.’ ‘Until you don’t reach Kaling Pong, I’ll be worried for you.’ ‘We’ll be put up in Kaling Pong tourist lodge.’ ‘You book a room there, too.’ ‘Even if we come face to face, we’ll pretend as strangers.’ ‘I’ll meet you..’ ‘in Jubilee park, day after tomorrow, morning.’ ‘I’ll make some excuse and come.’ ‘The tall trees, the fresh breeze, mountains..’ ‘..and greenery all around.’ ‘I’m sure, you’ll love Kaling Pong.’ This is my car key Keep it with you As long as you are here you can keep the car for yourself Thank you, uncle The hotel is quite good Why do you want to stay here? Our bungalow here, lies vacant throughout the year Let’s see how many days we stay here, this time You’re right Our tradition says, ‘The sooner, the better.’ Why don’t we have Sanjiv and Anushua’s engagement ceremony, tomorrow in the party itself? You took the words out of my mouth Hope you are not in a hurry, Sanjiv Don’t tease me all the time Should I book the banquet hall, in the hotel? No, we’ll have the party in our bungalow Mom, aren’t we going out? Yes, we can go I’ll come with you too Let us go to Jubilee Park, first Your wish is our command, madam Sanju, am I right? Anu, before you go out, I have some work with you Look at this A necklace, bangle and ear-rings for you If you don’t like it, I can get it exchanged I just loved it, dad But why did you buy all this, now? What? Tomorrow, is your engagement Won’t your dad give you anything? What happened, dear? Dad if I leave you and go away, you will feel very sad, won’t you? If my heart comes out of my body and asks me if I’ll have a problem without it what can I reply? But dad, I won’t be able to do anything for you Crazy girl! What do you want to do for me? You don’t have to do anything I feel like doing so many things for you In that case you can do one thing for me – What is it, dad? In every life please be my daughter Dad! You go, now

Sanjiv must be waiting for you Don’t keep him waiting No. Will you be able to get this medicine while returning? Hello – Kashinath, speaking I’m calling from the lodge I’m coming – That is why I couldn’t complete my task in Kolkata We never imagined, he’d come here Is he here? By tomorrow That is what I am here for Do you know where he is put up? – How long will it take to find out? No – What? No. I feel you won’t be able to do this, Kashinath After taking money from you have I ever disappointed you? Have I ever failed? – This time, you will You don’t have the same interest in your work, anymore One’s interest does not matter All I need is strength! Is this the first time you’re visiting Kalibganj? Yes, it is Let us go that side Come Does anyone get his mom along, on a date? You’re right I thought, the three of us would come so I could make some excuse and go away. The two of you would’ve got some quality time Bad luck! What happened? Let’s go I think, that’s your money ‘Dear Ashish..’ ‘..my dad has fixed my engagement..’ ‘..with Sanjiv tomorrow evening.’ ‘We’ll have to elope before that.’ ‘Let us go to any place other than Kolkata..’ ‘..where my dad and his men won’t be able to find us.’ ‘Keep two air tickets ready, for day after tomorrow.’ ‘I’ll see you in the park, at 5pm tomorrow.’ ‘From there, we’ll go together.’ ‘Just the thought of being with you, is giving me goosebumps.’ ‘Without your love, I cannot survive.’ ‘Yours Anu.’ I’ll take your leave You don’t worry I’ve tolerated your nonsense for quite long. I won’t take it anymore Kashinath, I cannot tolerate such carelessness in work If you cannot take care of Ashish just let me know I’ll find some other way Guru I’ve planned everything Your room number is 206 ‘You’re Mr. Mukherjee’s son.’ ‘Now, is your turn.’ ‘Mr. Dutta will kill you.’ ‘He killed your father.’ ‘He also stabbed me.’ ‘Now, it’s your turn.’ Yes? My name is Ashish Mukherjee Who

I’m the son of Baidyanath Mukherjee Who is Baidyanath Mukherjee? I’m talking about your business partner, Baidyanath Mukherjee Oh! He was a great soul He had gone for an outing with his child In a car accident, he died It was not an accident It was a murder! And you’re the one who got him killed. – What? I got him killed?! How did you reach this conclusion, all of a sudden? Because it’s a fact I think you’re not aware the day Baidyanath met with an accident I was put up in room no. 413 in Great Eastern hotel in Kolkata The hotel records will prove it Well, I believe in truth and not records What do you mean? – No one would imagine you have hidden a murderer behind your innocent face, Mr. Brijlal Dutta Brijlal Dutta, the murderer! Will you shut up? If you have any proof against me, you may go to the court Court?! Fine Do you know what all favors you’ve done to me? Mr. Brijlal Dutta, do you know? You separated me from my father I was a 3 year old, motherless child then Because of you, I thought I was an illegitimate child and I cried in the dark during nights Wherever I went, people called me an illegitimate child, who has no identity of his parents or himself Law? I’ll take the law and order into my hands Even if I get hanged I’ll be happy I did justice to my dad Dad, here’s your Yes, Anu? Here’s your medicine, dad Give.. Keep it there The one who was just here What did he say his name was? Ashish or so He is a cheater, a fraud! He tells me, he is Baidyanath’s son What makes you laugh? What else should I do? Baidyanath and his son died in a car accident And I was an eye witness to it Yes, Brijlal Dutta is my husband Who are you? Your daughter knows me My name is Ashish She is not here She is in her dad’s room It’s the next room – I know I came to see you See me? What is it regarding? Give your daughter a message from me Tell her not to try to contact me ever, in future That’s all – Wait Why don’t you tell this to her? Why do you want me to convey her the message? I don’t want to see her face again It will only distance us further Are you in a hurry? Why? – Be seated No, I’m fine Tell me what you want to Do you love Anu? That doesn’t matter anymore I guess you had a fight with her No Then what made you take this decision, all of a sudden? I had I had a dream of marrying a girl

One fine day, I got to know she is the daughter of my father’s murderer Then What should I do, then? Tell me Your father’s murderer’s daughter?! Who is your father? – Baidyanath Mukhopadhyay Brijlal Dutta’s business partner! You Are you Baidyanath Mukherjee’s son? Can you prove it? Madam can you prove whose daughter you are? Moreover, why should I give you proof or evidence? Just give my message to your daughter. Bye How dare you came here! Listen to me I’m warning you, if you ever try to contact anyone in my family I will kill you! You won’t get the opportunity again, Mr. Dutta Before that, you will be jailed I heard what the scoundrel said He won’t leave Anu so easily I won’t let him ruin my plans I knew it I knew I’d have to face this truth, some day I knew, people will learn the truth, some day Shut up! This is not the right time to grieve or blame Keep in mind, Anu should not meet that boy again at any cost Anu is a grown up girl If she overhears our conversation and tells us, she wants to meet Ashish at any cost and leaves our house, will you or I, be able to stop her? Is it possible? Mr. Mukherjee has gone out Has he gone out? Yes, he might return late at night “It’s you!” “It’s you.” “It’s you..” “The blue sky is the limit to my booming dreams..” “The sky wants you to be..” “..the bird that flies in it.” “Whose sweet talks..” “..does the honey listen to..” “..all day long?” “The flower want the bees to..” “The rhythm of our heart beats..” “..create waves in our minds.” “So that you burst out into a laughter..” “The flower want the bees to..” “..so that you will stay with it.” ‘Ashish..’

‘..I kept looking for you, all day.’ ‘But I couldn’t find you anywhere.’ ‘What happened suddenly..’ ‘..that you’re separating me from yourself?’ ‘You also spoke to my mom.’ ‘Ashish, no matter how sad our lives may be..’ ‘..no matter how humiliated you may feel..’ ‘..but please don’t let anything come between the two of us.’ ‘Why did you ask my mom to give me your message?’ ‘If I wrong you, please punish me I won’t say a word.’ ‘I will repent for my mistake, all my life.’ ‘But before that, please make me yours.’ ‘As decided earlier, please come tomorrow evening..’ ‘..to Jubilee Park.’ ‘We’ll go to some distant land, from there.’ ‘No one else will be able to come in between you and me.’ ‘Yours loving Anu.’ Do you think Ashish will spare you? Guru – Why are you asking me so? Looking at your face, I can make out your heart has completely melt I saw fire in his eyes, Kashi I’ll douse the fire You don’t worry about it I cannot tolerate someone boasting Why are you getting so annoyed? Kashinath, my name is Brijlal Dutta If I give a bottle of liquor, any rogue will do this job for me Mr. Brijlal, mind your words! Don’t try to act smart with me I have proof against you But I won’t use it against you Kashinath! – Brijlal! I promise, even the Sun or Moon cannot stop me from killing Ashish by tomorrow night But – But, what? Stop there You are not aware, my people are keeping a watch on you If you try to meet Ashish, they will stop you I don’t want anyone to humiliate you Tomorrow morning, we’ll go to Joginder Kapoor’s bungalow There you will get engaged to his son, in the evening This is your room On this auspicious day of your life I don’t want Ashish to be in this city There are few things written on this paper Call up Ashish at his hotel and tell him what’s written here It is up to you if Ashish will live or not Here, talk to him

Hello Ashish Hello Ashish – Tell me I have ran away from my parents I’m at one of my friend’s house, in Darjeeling You come soon. Let us go far away from this place Dad’s goons might recognise you, if they see you during the day So, come in the evening I’ll send a driver to fetch you from your hotel Wait for him I’m not good, Ashish Hello! Hello Dad – What is it? Your daughter had so many dreams Dreams of love And its fulfillment Dreams of starting a new life! But all my dreams will now remain a dream They won’t come true You shattered my dreams! Anu, after you get married when your life will be filled with happiness you will then realise some day while walking with your husband hand in hand. When you’ll look at the sky you will think of me I won’t be alive till then But then, you will realise, I did all this for your well being For my well being? Do as you please But when you’ll get me married I won’t be alive to see my husband’s face A doctor has to force his patient to have medicine, at times The patient gets annoyed at the doctor But the doctor has no option There is a way out! I beg of you Please don’t ruin Anu’s life Cancel her wedding Today evening, trade minister, Deepak Saria might attend the party too All of us want you to be happy and cheerful in the party You better keep this in mind Mom He is Brijlal Dutta He has no value for anyone’s tears He is stone hearted I have ruined my life by living as per his instructions Now, it is your turn If you have Ashish’s support don’t lead your life in darkness Go with him and live your life Are you Mr. Ashish Mukherjee? Yes Ms Anushua has sent a jeep, from Darjeeling Oh! What are you thinking, sir? Come quickly Ma’am is waiting for you She will be relieved only after you go there I can’t see her in tears, anymore She has stopped singing She doesn’t smile

All she does is, cry for her love We will have to go very carefully The police is trying to nab you I heard, ma’am’s dad knows few ministers Minister of Trade & Commerce, Satellite Radio active pollution, steel and gold! I’m glad you graced this occasion Hello, sir. We welcome you Gentleman, I’m the minister, but you know my role better It’s amazing! I didn’t know I was handling these many responsibilities Is he your son’s father-in-law to be? – Yes, he is Mr. Dutta Very enterprising businessman You speak Bengali so fluently You speak better than us, sir I was born and brought up in Narayanganj, in Dacca I learnt Bengali right from my childhood Sanju, I’m so happy, you’re getting married It’s really good Where is your wife to be? I didn’t see her around She’ll be here Sorry, uncle I just got to know she has a severe headache The door and windows of her room is closed and she is sleeping Uncle, you’ll see her in the party Yes. It’s better to see her all decked up in the party Let her sleep She’ll be fine by evening I am in no hurry Mr. Dutta, I think you are neglecting her headache problem Not at all. Once we return to Kolkata, I’ll take her to a specialist I’ll show you her photograph She is the bride Wow! She is really very graceful As delicate as a glass! Joy – Yes, uncle? Will you entertain Sanju’s guests and friends? Please excuse us for a while – Come Uncle, you’re impossible! Why are you people feeling shy? Will you spoil the reputation of your dad? Uncle, in the evening party, you will see who the centre of attraction is She has a beautiful figure! She is the dancer of the year, the beauty of the year, the singer of the year, my own Ria “You ask me..” “..to laugh.” “And I laugh.” “You ask me to laugh..” “..and I laugh.” “I’m the cold breeze that steals the fragrance from flowers.” “I’m laughing.” “You ask me to laugh and so, I laugh.” Where did you hide her till now? Get her to my room after the party Rascal! Today is your engagement Don’t misbehave today “I’m the river that flows without stopping.” “My laughter will remind of the flowing stream.” “I’m laughing.” “I’m laughing..” “I’m laughing.” But “Like the fragrance of flowers, I’ll keep you sealed in my heart.” “Like a creeper, I’ll keep myself entangled to you, my love.” “I’m yours I’m only yours, my love.” “If I was a hunter trying to hunt you down, how could you love me?” “If the sky turns dark, will anyone like it?”

“If I was a hunter trying to hunt you down, how could you love me?” “If the sky turns dark, will anyone like it?” “Even if you don’t see me near you..” “..please know that I’m always around.” “Like a star in the sky..” “..I will once again take you into my embrace.” “I’m yours I’m only yours, my love.” “You want me to burn like a flame, but I have no more fire within me.” “I don’t want to do as you please, but I’m too hesitant to tell you.” “You want me to burn like a flame, but I have no more fire within me.” “I don’t want to do as you please, but I’m too hesitant to tell you.” “I’m like the firefly, that’s burning to death.” “I’m like the firefly, that’s burning to death.” “I’m still laughing And I continue to laugh.” Thank you. Thank you very much Good night How was the program? She sang well Joginder, please start the actual function How long will you keep us waiting? Go and get Anu Sure. – Let’s go She must be ready by now Why is she taking so long? She isn’t here – What?! I’ve sent her to Ashish What?! Ashish?! How dare you! As you planned and sent Ashish to Darjeeling with someone so Anu has taken the car and gone to Darjeeling. – What are you saying? As her mother, I can’t see her life being ruined Anu loves Ashish I know she’ll be happy only with Ashish Shut up! Do you even know what you’re saying? You’re out of your mind Why didn’t you tell us about it? Ms Kapoor, believe me this is not true Absolutely baseless! I promise you I’ll bring her back in an hour There’s no more need to do that, Mr. Dutta You’ve fallen in your own trap Did you see the consequence? I feel for you, Mr. Dutta Please Mr. Kapoor, don’t misunderstand me Mr. Dutta! We don’t misunderstand you You have wronged us The more you tried to control your daughter the more she wanted to fly away from you You couldn’t have controlled her heart She flied away You knew everything still you tried to cheat Sanjiv It’s a criminal offence

You deserve punishment We’ll punish you ‘Dad..’ ‘Dad..’ ‘Dad..’ ‘I had so many dreams.’ ‘Dreams of love.’ ‘I saw my dreams coming true.’ ‘Dreams of starting a new life.’ ‘But all my dreams remained a dream.’ ‘They will never come true.’ ‘You’re responsible for it! You shattered my dreams!’ ‘Dad!’ What’s wrong? – I think, there’s some problem in the engine I’ve come for you. Please come

You?! Sir Should I drive? I have to save Ashish Well, you may drive What are you doing? Let me go! I’ve been tolerating your antics Today, I won’t let you go – No Let me check the brake pad May be, there’s something wrong – Yes, there is I know – What?! Kashinath, tell me where Anushua is No! No.. Please don’t! No! Please let me go! Dad!

Anu – Dad! I’m here to pay for my sins Dad You’ve paid for your sins Ashish, I admit to my crimes I’m a sinner I got your dad killed I’m ready to serve any punishment that you give me Ashish, there was a devil within me Today, I wiped it off I killed the beast within me Believe me I snatched your home from you Today, I give you everything that belongs to me Live happily with Anu Please let me be your slave from today Let me be your slave Ashish, tell me, will you please take me along? Why are you quiet? See what I do to you! Dad Dad Dad Kashinath did a good job before he died Do not cry, my child Ashish, I’ve been living in dark all these years I cannot tolerate light anymore Let your lives be filled with light Let me drown myself in darkness The flame of love! I could never find it in my life You have found the flame ‘May the darkness fade away, may the rays of light spread.’ ‘Powerful and full of energy, light!’