Welcome, everyone We will get started in about three minutes Yes, this recording will be shared after this call We will have it upload it and share it out in an email for any attendees who want to pass it on to coworkers And we will get started in about a minute, just to give everyone some time to log on OK We will get started Hello and welcome, everyone Thank you so much for joining me Welcome to our hands on workshop on setting up DocuSign for Salesforce This is our first hands on workshop we’re doing, or I am doing, shall I say So bear with me, and please give me feedback at the end We will be sending out a survey So I read every bit of feedback that I get This hands on workshop came from feedback from a customer wanting to know more and even some Salesforce community folks wanted to know more So I do read the feedback, and I find it very important that you give it to me So with that, I am going to get going I am Lauren Dunne I am a Senior Salesforce Advocate for DocuSign in our Developer Programs team I am based here in Wisconsin, but I do have a funny accent I am Irish So I will try and talk slowly I tend to have a bit of a speed issue sometimes So I hopefully won’t have too much trouble slowing it down for you today Today I am here with Matt King, who is the most amazing person in the whole entire world Matt King is Developer Support Engineer here in DocuSign, and he’ll be helping us with Q&A throughout the webinar Matt, do you want to say hello to everyone? [INAUDIBLE] to the lines here I’m sorry Hello [LAUGHS] OK, cool So before we get started, I also have Melissa on the call Melissa makes sure everything goes right in the background and keeps us honest on absolutely everything So Melissa has a few housekeeping items to share So Melissa, over to you Thank you so much, Lauren OK Housekeeping As mentioned in chat, you were placed in listen only mode If you have questions, please use the Q&A button to ask questions as they occur to you, and we’ll answer via the Q&A box or let you

know that we’ll answer them live Right click is also your friend If you could go on to the next slide, Lauren Oh, sorry My bad That’s OK So that’s the Q&A, how to ask questions Right click is your friend To save your questions and answers, simply right click on them and copy and paste to your desktop or document You can also unmute yourself And once you do so, you are free to speak with us live to ask questions too Lastly, you should see a quick poll on your screen in just a moment If you can answer those questions, that will help us understand where you are in your development journey and enable us to customize content for this and future webinars With that, I will turn it over back to Lauren to get us started Thank you very much I unfortunately cannot participate in the poll, but I will let everyone else do So what am I going to cover today? So our workshop objectives today are to install DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange into your Salesforce org Connect your DocuSign and Salesforce accounts Add DocuSign features on supported Salesforce objects, and send a document for signing All in this workshop Again, I will be doing this with you If you want to do it along with me or if you want to hold off until you get the recording of the session, that’s OK too It can take a little while to have your DocuSign for Salesforce package install into Salesforce It can take anything from up to 20 minutes to an hour, in my experience So a little bit more about me is I am in the Salesforce world over, oh, I’m showing my age now, I’d say 12 years, maybe a little bit longer I have been a Salesforce admin, and admineloper, solution architect, and now I am a Salesforce evangelist or advocate So I have been in your shoes if you are Salesforce admin So I’m going to give this as a perspective of an admin But if you’re a developer, the steps are the same So just bear with me and ask the questions I do not mind being interrupted whatsoever throughout this whole presentation Hey Lauren, that’s a great segue We actually do have a raised hand from Rebecca [? Hoffman. ?] Hi, Rebecca I just allowed her to talk Go ahead Hi, Rebecca Nope, sorry, I must have accidentally just clicked it Not to worry I have a kitten currently at the moment walking all over me, which is why I’m not on screen, because she is an attention seeker Oh, get off my laptop So don’t worry about that We kind of keep things casual here at DocuSign I’m going to get started with let’s get hands on So first thing I’m going to do is I am going to log into Salesforce If you have not done this before, you can go into developer at docusign.com So you need a DocuSign developer account So if you go developer.docusign.com, and you can create an account It’s completely free We do not charge It has the features that you need to get through doing proof of concepts for anything you want to do with DocuSign So load up your name, your email address, your company, and the country And one of the best things about this developer account that you are signing up for, you also get to use that account for DocuSign University I’m a big champion of education My grandpa always told me no education is ever lost So this developer account is also connected to DocuSign University, and you can use that account to do our hands on courses, our self-paced courses that are completely free as well There are some courses on DocuSign University that are paid courses, obviously, but we do have some really good content on there for people to get started in their Salesforce journey Also what I will say is you do not need to be a developer to have a developer account If you’re an admin, a business user, or just naturally curious like myself, feel free to log in and get the developer account As I said, it’s completely free Another thing I am going to show you is Salesforce Can’t type today Developer account Again, the Salesforce developer account is completely free And this is something that you just fill out again and you get your access to You’ll see in a minute I have millions of developer accounts for different projects I have been working on

So the sky’s the limit of how many you can use You do not need a company email address to sign up Again, very much like DocuSign, you can use a Gmail account So with that being said, I already have my accounts created I will give everyone a second to take down those URLs So let’s see if I can move this account It’s developer.salesforce.com/signup And then on the developer one, DocuSign one, it’s developer.docusign.com I am going to log in to my Salesforce So it’s the standard login.salesforce.com And as you can see, there is a whole load of different ones in there that I have of developer accounts I am going to– nope I’m going to– I have it written down Sorry I’m all thumbs today for some reason I’m going to log in Hands on workshop It’s not the one It’s the normal one I have a few accounts for this one today, just in case You know yourselves with live demos, you never know what’s going to happen OK And there I am I am logged into Salesforce I’m in the lightning web experience You can also, if you are still in classic, if you are doing this in your production org, obviously we don’t recommend that We recommend you do this in a sandbox before you even do anything in production Save yourself a headache Do it in a sandbox first Once you’re in your Salesforce, it doesn’t matter if you are a lightning or a classic person The steps will be the same You can go to the AppExchange So if you’re in classic, you go to Setup and you type in AppExchange in the quick find bar Or if you are in lightning, I am going to, like I’m showing you here, you visit the AppExchange So you click on the app launcher and then visit AppExchange Once this page loads, you can– DocuSign I can’t spell today I am terribly sorry, guys So once you’re in, you can see we have a whole load of DocuSign in there The ones I recommend anyone getting started is obviously the DocuSign Essentials, which is not this one Where is it? There it is There DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce Essentials This is one I would recommend everyone download But also the DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce as well So there’s two apps to install into your Salesforce org Again, completely free if you are downloading them into a developer org So just follow the steps So you click Get It Now Open login screen Because I’m already in Salesforce, I’m not going to have to continuously update and enter my password, I hope, because I forget my passwords Install here And then it’s going to ask you to fill out all your details So I’m just going to quickly remember my name I want to be a princess today Docu– I can’t spell today either And then the email address is not that one It is dshandsonworkshop@gmail.com If you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can also copy it from up here The country, I am going to pick United States And the state I’m in is Wisconsin, which does not have any snow at the moment, just in case anyone’s wondering You have to agree to, obviously, the terms and conditions I’m not going to click yeah, give me loads of emails Then I’m going to confirm and install So you want to install for all users Installing it for admins is great, but it can be a pain in the behind, and then you have to go back in and reinstall So install for all users now and save yourselves a headache So you install These are all just the third party accesses These are all DocuSign ones So they’re OK to– sorry They’re OK to click Continue This took me forever to figure out the other day There is a little checkbox here I’m not wearing my glasses today, but it is there So you have to click that before you can Continue And then it will install Nine times out of 10, you’re going to get a little bar that says it’s going to take a little while to install this package That’s OK You tend to get an email saying, hey, we’re done

So it just takes a little longer than normal One thing that I should call out as well If you are trying to do this in a production org, or if you’re doing this in a trial org or a trailhead playground, one thing to know is you need to enable the my domain in Salesforce So while this is loading up, I’m going to show you where to go for that I’m already in here So I’m just going to click in So to enable my domain, you cannot use DocuSign You can install it, but you’re going to run into so many errors after you’ve installed it So to be able to use DocuSign in your Salesforce org, you need to have my domain So click your little cog again It’s same steps in classic as it is in lightning So you go to Setup And you type in my domain Or just my and it pops up here If you are using a developer account, it’s already done for you You already get your my domain So that’s it there It’s already pre-defined for you If, however, you are– if you’re in a trailhead playground or a temporary trial org, you will have to do that create your own my domain, which is you go into Edit and then you name it whatever you can I can’t because it’s grayed out right here, because I already have it It can take up to 24 hours Just bear this in mind It can take up to 24 hours for your domain to be registered I have seen it be done within two hours, but Salesforce recommendation is 24 So if you are using this in your company or your production org, bear that in mind that you have to have my domain installed or activated You will run into problems, as I said So it’s just a little heads up there Save yourself some time there So this is standard You get this app is taking too long to install And that’s fine I will get an email when that’s done So this is just the eSignature for Salesforce I am also going to install, because I am greedy today, and the same steps Visit the AppExchange And I’m going to do DocuSign Essentials as well DocuSign Essentials is the latest product we have It’s the all in one It has Gen, Negotiate, and it has the new– if you were on my webinar about two, three weeks ago, the new release features of eSignature That’s all available here in the Essentials package Guys, I have to tell you, I wish I was still a hands on admin in an org that has DocuSign The new eSignature features are amazing Everything is done within Salesforce now There’s no logging out or uploading a template or anything like that It’s all done in Salesforce, and I literally, I squealed and followed the developers around when I got told that we were doing this last year So they are all kind of still scared of me so I am going to, because I’m lazy, copy and paste this time Choose a country United States So Lauren, while you’re working on that, we have a question from Blanca Essentially, they’re asking what the second AppExchange package that you had installed there before was And we were talking about this previously Now might be a good time to kind of go over the administrative portions if you actually need access to that and what that second package is Yep Most definitely So I’ve installed DocuSign for Salesforce and then the DocuSign Essentials package Reason why I’ve done that, and I will show you one quick second, is there’s certain DocuSign admin privileges with the DocuSign for Salesforce package that are not on the Essentials package And what that means is if I want to put custom fields or merge fields from Salesforce onto my DocuSign or onto my template or my document that I want to send to a customer, I need that admin privilege And I will show you as soon as this starts to install I will show you what that all means One thing to call out as well, because I want to use merge fields in my template,

again, I’m clicks not code I am drag and drop I am 110% a Salesforce admin true and true This makes my life easier I don’t have to worry about– I’m going to just log out here and I’ll be able to fully show you now, Blanca One sec I’m out of all the Salesforces OK, let me just clean up my screen a little I want to log in as someone else Hang on So because these are going to take forever, you see here my package has been successful That one was quite quick That was three minutes I’m still waiting for the other one to be installed So while that’s installing, I will– I am surprised I’m remembering my passwords today OK One second OK So I am in an org that I already have the two apps pre-installed The reason for that, as I said, it can take a little while for the apps to install I’m just going to keep an eye on this mailbox until So I have both the DocuSign– hang on one second I am typing too fast for my computer today So I have the two packages installed, the apps launcher, which is the Essentials, and the DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce Blanca, to answer your question as to why I can’t spell today The reason why I’ve installed the eSignature for Salesforce is so that I can have access to the Admin tab The Admin tab here allows me to add in custom fields, add in layouts, it adds in merge fields It just basically gives me the DocuSign admin features in Salesforce So I don’t have to log out go into DocuSign to do all of these I can do– I don’t think my account Oh, my account is there So I can do Settings I could disable users, et cetera So it just gives me the admin within Salesforce If you didn’t want to do that, you can do it on the web with the login.docusign.com I just like to do everything within Salesforce, because I like to make my life as easy as possible So with that, I’m hoping that this is installed It has not yet OK Taking a few more minutes So with that, I want to configure my eSignature for Salesforce So sorry Just disconnect this So I want to basically log in to Salesforce, and I want to connect Salesforce and DocuSign together So log in to DocuSign I’m going to get an error message here You want to know why? Because I’m clicking log in to DocuSign, and I have a demo account If I had a production account, I would not receive any error messages throughout the process However, if you’re following along with me and you are logging in and you are using demo or developer accounts or sandboxes, you click Advanced Options and you log into a demo account That way it’s recognized and you’re not going to get into a vicious loop I remember when I first started in DocuSign and no one had told me this And I was resetting my password and resetting my password and I was banging my head against a wall I couldn’t remember, I couldn’t figure out why this would not work for me And then someone said, are you logging in using your demo account? And then that’s when the epiphany went and I was like, oh yeah So log in using your demo account if you are using a developer sandbox As I said, if you are not, feel free to use the normal log in if you’re in a production So I didn’t have to put in my username here, because it recognizes I’ve already been in the sandbox Hopefully that’s correct So then it’s just going to ask me which username As I showed you, I have like a billion usernames So this is my one username right here And it’s going to go select the account It already pulls it in I’m like, yep, that’s the right one And then it’s going to tell me to authorize access to Salesforce So I still haven’t authorized the access

But I’m going to allow access, because I need DocuSign and Salesforce to talk to each other Now that that’s done, I can configure other stuff as well, like DocuSign Gen. But one thing to remember is these are time sensitive to Gen and Negotiate, because you are using a demo account You get 30 days I’m sorry, 31 days I think it is So if you wanted extra, obviously, you’d have to pay for a license and stuff like that So just bear that in mind if you do configure them that you have a limited time on them They are a trial They’re not part of the demo or the dev account, should I say As I say, I can configure these I can do user management I can do components So if I wanted to do user management I’m the only one in this org But if I wanted to add a user, I could do it here And that gives them access to DocuSign If you are a Salesforce admin and you have done this one or two times, I’m guessing, as an admin, you can do the setup as well So if you go to Setup and go to Users Sorry Users Standard dev org people at the moment But if you did have other people that you wanted to add in there, you have to provide the permission sets Again, just because it’s installed into your Salesforce org doesn’t mean you automatically have access to us And this is so that you can manage your licenses as well So you can edit assignment as you would in normal So I’m just going to select all the DocuSign So CLM, Contract Lifecycle Management user, contract lifecycle management viewer, document generator, negotiator, sender So these are all different types of accesses that you can grant users If you want to know more about CLM, there is going to be a presentation at DreamTX on the 17th of November We are at 10:20 at DreamTX, and we go over what contract lifecycle management can do and the setup in the background There will hopefully be another session on that as well in 2021 But for now, contract lifecycle management, I’m going to just give everyone the access or give myself the access I already had the administrator I also had DocuSign administrator And now I’m going to just save So as I said, there’s two ways of doing it You could do it the standard way you would do setup of any user within Salesforce Or you can do it in the DocuSign setup here as well It just depends on how you want to do things Now that that’s all done, as you can see, my apps launcher is now successful So I’m going to stay in the org I’m currently in Nothing is different I have installed both the apps in this org as well So as you can see, I’m admin Date added was the ninth So I want to get going I have a sales– I love to use sales as an example when I’m doing demos, because that’s who I work with very frequently when I was a Salesforce admin I have a sales manager saying I need purchase orders to be streamlined because I have an employee who is constantly misspelling things, mistyping things, putting the wrong purchase order numbers in there [INAUDIBLE] dealing with entering in forms and stuff like that, sometimes they can get a little bit messy So I have a salesperson coming to me, sales manager, saying I want to make this as clean and simple as possible Can you help me? I’ve installed DocuSign So yes, of course I can help you What I’m going to do is I’m going to go to the envelope templates And this is– I’m trying really hard not to squeal right now, guys, because this is amazing I’m going to just click New I want to set up a new template What kind of template do I want to do? So because we’re having a problem, sales are having a problem where templates– salespeople are sending out slightly different templates or misspellings and stuff I’m going to streamline the PO process And what data source am I going to do? Well, we use Salesforce as our ERP We process all our orders through Salesforce So I’m going to use the opportunity, and I am going to create my template So what document do I want to use? Well, that’s quite easy I already have a template in mind that everyone has signed off on

All the management team Here it is It’s currently saved as a Word document Do I have to retype everything? Oh my God So this is just a very, very basic for this demo purchase order So I have it saved This is the one everyone should be using I’m going to load it in here That’s it That’s my template done Next I’m going to say who gets this purchase order So depending on your process in Salesforce or how you process your orders or whatever document you wish to send out For me in this example, I’m going to add a recipient And the recipient is going to be a related list user contacts You can do it by role You can do it by signing group So I’m going to– nope Customer contact One Salesforce tip, actually, believe it or not, is if you’re unsure of what something is called, an object is called, and I’m sure everyone knows this at this point, but I tend to go into the opportunity [INAUDIBLE] and I go and double check everything So contact role That’s what I’m looking for I’m looking for someone who is in the contact role already So I’m going to go to a related list, because it’s a related list in my opportunity And I’m going to select opportunity contact roles If I wanted to add more in, I could Or if I wanted to filter it So because, again, in Salesforce, you have multiple roles in your contact roles I’ve picked a decision maker That’s how our process works in DocuSign So the decision maker is going to sign off and all of this So I don’t need to do any filters I’m going to click Add and New Because I also want someone to sign off on this, someone in DocuSign needs to sign off So yes, we’ve received a purchase order I’m going to select owner as well And I’m just going to say needs to sign off And Add So I have added two different things here I’ve added a related list and a record field Then here I’m going to be able to edit or you can standardize the email subject that goes out to your customer and the email message that goes out to your customer as well And this is kind of cool And the reason why I’m saying it is you’ll be able to see in just a second So purchase order And I’m going to say I am sending you this PO PO for your electronic signature Please review and electronically sign by the following link So there we go I’ve changed it all Next I’m going to place fields So this is where the admin and the essentials come into play again, Blanca, just so you know I’ve got these cool fields that I want to– I’m lazy I want to drag and drop Or I’m in a hurry, and I want to drag and drop I want to do some merge fields So I’m going to select Order I’m going to call it order number And I’m going to select a field from Salesforce to merge So I’m going to select it on the opportunity or object So opportunity I’m going to select order number Well, I’m going to try Here’s another thing Because I don’t know what the purchase order number the customer’s going to give me is, I’m going to allow them to write back What that means is I don’t know what the customer’s purchase order number is, but I’m going to give them the ability to put it on this document And once they put it on this document, write it back into Salesforce, which is kind of cool It’s a standard text, because I don’t know what type of purchase order this customer is giving me It could be letters It could be numbers It could be a string of both So I’m just going to leave this text Font If I wanted a particular font We don’t necessarily have to fill this out I just do because I like it And again, you can do the size, et cetera Validation type if there is one So social security number, email, numbers So if you’re asking someone for an email address, if they do not have an at company name dot com, it won’t save It’s going to tell them, hey, we actually need you to fill out an email address, not just a name

Same with numbers and dates and stuff like that If they are not in a standard format, they’ll get a little prompt to say, hey, you need to fill this type of information in this field So you can do auto place text as well if you want I don’t particularly like to do auto place I like to put it where I want to So I’m just going to save this Now that it’s saved, I’m going to drag and drop it right here, because I need to know their name, the number I’m going to go back in here, because I’m like, oh, company name Who’s it prepared for? Because this is only a template It’s a blank template So who is it for, the company name? But I want to take it one step further I want to put in their billing address So I already have this merge field in here But I’m going to just the purpose to show you Again, I’m going to select it as a sales forced merge field I’m not going to let them write back And you’ll see in a second, it won’t let you Opportunity And then I’m going to go for the account ID And then I’m going to select the billing I don’t have my glasses on, so I’m sorry guys Billing I’m just going to select Billing Street, for example It shouldn’t let you write back Oh, it does for this one because it’s a street Sorry, I had the full address in the last one So I’m going to save it again And then I can drag and drop Billing address is here If I wanted to change the settings So here’s the billing address Allow sender to edit Write back Again, I’m going to just drag and drop it right here And you can continue on like this I could go on all day and show you all the fields that you can merge from Salesforce into DocuSign But I know we’re on a bit of a time crunch, so I won’t bore you to death with this But you kind of get the gist of it Now, on to the good stuff, the eSignature side of things So these are our standard You can just drag and drop Date signed, which is down here You can do title You can do name Now, that’s just the opportunity contact person What about the person from Fresh Software that’s sending this out? Well, let’s just drag and drop theirs as well So you can flip between here Again, all done inside You do sign You can do name And I’m not going to do the rest Well, I’ll do date, because let’s keep this a little bit correct And then while I’m here Again, drag and drop Easy as And then I’m going to save and close Once I save and close, I get more options Do I want to give them a reminder? This has a fond name in DocuSign And I’ll probably be shot for telling you this But we call it the nag button And if you ever talk to Melissa on a night out or anything like that, she will tell you I am terrible with deadlines So Melissa tends to make sure I’m on the straight and narrow, would send me reminders Sometimes it’s polite in Slack, or sometimes it’s she sets up a DocuSign that will have a reminder every day, every two days, every three days Or she’ll just call me up and go, Lauren, just sign your documents So you can remind the receiver every day And then the envelope expires This is really cool When do you want your envelope to expire? Well, we say 120 days here, but it’s end of quarter Things are time sensitive I can put after two days after sending it Opportunity stage Do I want to? And this is really, really cool Do I want to update the opportunity stage after the document is signed? Of course I do Because once the document is signed, we’ve won it So it’s closed won We just need to process So document write back Do I want to save to complete the documents in the opportunity? Of course I do Do I want to save the name? I want to combine it all So I want to combine all the documents of one in case they upload anything in particular And how do I want to call it? So it is– no, Melissa, I’m not calling you a nag I’m just saying you keep me on track, which is good So you can change it whoever you want, whatever way you want to save your documents I like to keep it email subject, envelope status, plus PDF

That’s just me personally And then you can save the certificate of completion as well in the opportunity record So that’s all done within Salesforce And then I’m going to click Next So I don’t know about anyone here, but as I’ve said repeatedly, I’m a Salesforce admin I like to avoid putting any code into the system, any whatsoever Because when I was an admin, I had to go through a code review, I had to go through a developer, and it would just take forever And I have a Salesforce salesperson, our sales manager, telling me I need this in now We are seeing far too many mistakes and customers are complaining So DocuSign have a solution for that It’s the Custom button So you do not need to code a JavaScript or a lightning web component anymore We have it all in here for you So I’m just going to call it PO send I’m doing this so that I could differentiate it from everything else on the Opportunity page And then what page layouts do I want to put them on? Well, I’ve already selected I want this purchase order to go out on opportunities And I’m just going to select all Again, if you only want it for opportunity support or sales, you can select each and other And then I’m going to save That’s it done [INAUDIBLE] That’s it My job is done It’s there ready to go Mr. Sales Manager, get your guys to start doing the purchase order using the button So what does that mean, though, for salespeople? Let me log in as a sales console Into the sales console, I should say, sorry So I’m now in and I can see exactly what a salesperson can see And I’m going to go to Fresh Software, which is purchase order I can see here we’re in negotiate We’re in review We’re ready to go Here’s the details of the order I don’t have the order number in here I’m stage history It’s going back and forth All right, OK Let’s send the PO, because I want to make sure it goes out The salesperson then gets to see the purchase order template They get to see the recipients, who is going to I’m sending it to myself twice, because I put myself in here twice Once as the opportunity contact person and I’m also the owner of the opportunity You can see the purchase order subject email So salespeople can update the email signature or the email message or the email subject, should I say, or the email message that they are sending to the customer They can personalize Hi Lauren As we discussed on the phone yesterday, here is the purchase order for your electronic signature, the price you agreed, et cetera They can add more details or more options, such as, again, the nag button or the automatic reminders I’ll be shot for saying nag button So if they’re like, oh, this customer is really nice, and they’re kind of good at coming back to me I don’t want to nag them every day Let’s give them five days And the envelope expires, oh, let’s give them a full week Why not? A week and a couple more days So that’s that They can click Next Once that’s done, they can see all this information is already there And they’re like, oh, well, I didn’t put the expiration date or I didn’t put payment terms They themselves can go in and do all this if they feel like there’s something that’s missing If they don’t feel like anything’s missing, you can just send it Again, it depends on the permission of the salesperson as well Please bear that in mind Not every salesperson is going to be able to go in and edit things He’ll be able to other subjects and stuff like that but not necessarily the tabs and stuff like that So I just sent that It’s gone OK What does that mean for me now? Let’s log in I’ve got a purchase order Oh, OK Thank you very much for sending that to me Let me review it Prepared for– Continue So it’s prepared for DocuSign I’m going to sign it Title I’m a princess I’ve always wanted to be a princess And I’m going to just order one, two, three, four, five And I’m going to click Finish A copy of the document will be sent to my email address

That’s great Now, because I put myself also as of the other signer, I should receive the second Sorry I should receive the second to sign Yeah And I did There it is there So I have one from a minute ago And because I am the owner of the opportunity, I have received the document to sign So I’m going to continue Oh, yep, I’m going to sign it I’m also a princess And then I’m going to finish Continue So now that is done Both the opportunity owner and the opportunity signer– the opportunity owner and the customer, sorry, has signed this document And I’m going to refresh There’s the purchase order because it wrote back in And there’s the stage is closed won So updates absolutely everything for you So there’s no, oh, I got the purchase order, but I forgot to close the opportunity Especially I don’t know if anyone else has quarter end, but during quarter end, people are just go, go, go, go, go Sometimes they forget the close their opportunities or forget to close the loop So this kind of makes it easier for the customer or for your customer being sales or customer service or whoever you want to implement this for I’ve just shown you opportunity This could be installed on any of the standard objects in Salesforce This is just our biggest use case So with that, that is the demo of this eSignature Guys, this is amazing I didn’t once have to go into DocuSign to get a DocuSign template installed into Salesforce and send it out I didn’t have to do anything Now, if however, something happens and you need access to that document Let’s say you get locked out of your Salesforce or anything like that That document will also be in your DocuSign account So don’t worry A copy will be in there as well But with that, I’m going to go back to my deck If it loads It’s a little slow today Matt, how are we doing on questions? Hey, Lauren We have a couple of questions that have been coming in I’ve been answering most of them in line, but we do have a couple of items to go over OK So just to preface this, the Q&A section, we are planning on taking attendee feedback And based on your more advanced questions, like a lot of the ones that are coming through, we are planning to have a separate session on more advanced topics And with that, I guess we can go ahead Oh, Matt, have I gone deaf? Have you gone on mute? Who’s got bingo? OK So if we have– hopefully we’ve got to your question If not– Thank you, Lauren My apologies I was on mute talking to myself there for a minute Bingo We definitely have had a number of questions coming in And I’d like to preface this with just to let people know that we are planning on taking attendee feedback, specifically around some of your more advanced questions, and we’re planning on having a separate section So with that we can go ahead and jump into the weeds a little bit With that, let’s get started Blanca did ask a question a while ago asking specifically whether or not Salesforce Essentials was solely for small businesses or whether or not they could use the packages in enterprise editions The short answer is that these apps are– they should be available to everybody There shouldn’t be a limitation whether or not you’re a small business or whether or not you’re an enterprise company or even under one of their models The interactions between DocuSign and Salesforce could take place at an API level based on credentials that you supplied during the startup process So the actual Salesforce edition shouldn’t have a whole lot to do in terms of interacting with DocuSign on a functionality level

So my short answer to that would be no, it should not essentially be for small business We want our applications to be available to everybody Yep And make your life easier as well Andy is asking specifically trying to follow along Andy received an error indicating that he’s not authorized to access the envelope So Andy, that particular error message is not a specific DocuSign fault that comes back That would be an interpretation coming from the Salesforce side of things Given what I just said and kind of stepping back for a second, when we do the setup and whenever you do get access to that DocuSign Admin tab, the managed package actually stores your current set of log in credentials and then uses that to authenticate and talk back and forth between Salesforce and DocuSign So it doesn’t make sense to me that you would have the permissions that you need to be able to create a template and then also not be authorized to access it after the fact So what I would request is a copy of the logs that were generated whenever this interaction took place And when I say the logs that are generated, the Salesforce log dumps can be pretty tricky to interpret But typically if you turn on API logging on the DocuSign end of things, if that call is being pointed towards the account and the user that you’re logged in as, it should register what’s going on And then we can have a closer look and figure out where we can bridge the gap at So my short answer to that one would be that does sound a little bit odd And that’s something that I would raise a ticket with customer support about just to make sure there’s not something crazy going on OK So next up Is it possible to find more dynamic envelopes adding multiple documents based on selection in Salesforce? Yes, it is So the actual button builder has a number of different functionalities that you can do Lauren, could you do a quick demo for us to show you how you can use one of those buttons to add in more than just the single doc? Yep So if I go back into the envelope template, click Purchase Order, and I click Edit, I can add multiple documents into this template I don’t necessarily [INAUDIBLE] attach documents from Salesforce record I can upload another document I’m going to– let’s see I’m going to upload a picture of my dog And you can hear Matt’s dog in the background OK, actually, no, I’m going to do a picture of my Salesforce tattoo, because people think I’m crazy Done I can add more than that I can add another document as well So you can add multiple documents here And then place field And then actions I always get hung up on this part Matt, was this the section you were thinking of? Or is there more or a different place? OK, well, you can add in additional documents here You can do upload or get from the cloud as well Have we lost Matt again? Hey Lauren, I think we have He can see that your mic is on, but he’s unable to hear us, I believe And you guys can hear me, so that’s OK Yeah, and I can– Apologies I appear to be having a little bit of a sound issue I will return momentarily No worries So you can add in multiple documents here and then click Next and follow through the process I just showed you there I think that’s the one Matt was talking about I’m not too sure [INAUDIBLE] needs its own button As I said, Oliver, no, you can add in a couple more templates

if you wanted Let’s see More Q&A. [INAUDIBLE] setting up frame agreements product [INAUDIBLE] Multi select pick list Oh, [INAUDIBLE],, don’t use a multi select pick list Steve Mo would kill you Yeah, you can add a multi select pick lists as well as a custom object or a merge template, a merged field, should I say, as well I just didn’t have any in setup in this demo org But you can use multi select pick lists as well One thing that I have been hearing from customers is when you update a multi select pick list if you update the values within, you have to disconnect your Salesforce or your DocuSign for Salesforce on Salesforce and connect back together to make sure the changes are in effect I’ve heard some customers have a few issues Yeah Some customers have had a few issues OK, I’m not sure Has Matt answered everyone else’s questions? Custom buttons [INAUDIBLE] We’ve already gone over that Is it possible to find more dynamic envelopes adding in multiple documents into one [INAUDIBLE] We’ve already gone over that too Matt, are you back? Yes I am Sorry about that All good [INAUDIBLE] It wouldn’t be a live demo if we didn’t have some technical issues [LAUGHS] So then just a couple of the questions that we did answer in line, I just wanted to cover real quick while we still have a few minutes So one of the more interesting questions we got is that essentially they were asking about how migration and upgrades work And it does get pretty complicated in the background So essentially, the way that it works is that whenever you send out an envelope, there is a custom seal that’s added to the envelope that includes a source ID that basically tells our system where the envelope goes and where the related items are supposed to go back to It’s exactly a database query So excuse me Whenever we write back, we do a lookup based on the source ID based on the object that you have selected inside of connect And based on that information, there are certain relationships that are formed specifically around opportunity objects in relation to envelope IDs and related to the, excuse me, the DS status objects So the long and the short story of it is that these IDs are unique and they’re generated ad hoc when the envelopes are created So if you do end up in a situation where you have to upgrade or if you have to migrate to another Salesforce environment, those relationships have to remain intact Because if they do not, basically Salesforce doesn’t know how to relate things back and forth Now, we do have ways that you can get around this And you can do mass publishes to a Salesforce org if you need to export your full list of documents or just PDFs within a given time frame We absolutely have a solution for you if you run into problems like that But do keep in mind that if those relationships are broken, your items in Salesforce will not appear as you would have expected them to the way that they did before So that’s kind of the long and the short of that explanation We do have a couple other questions From Oliver, signed documents as attachments or as files in Salesforce It actually depends on which version of Salesforce that you’re using, specifically the experience that you’re using The notes and attachments in the file sections for Salesforce classic versus lightning actually do function differently So if you’re running into a problem where you’re not seeing the results you would expect, chances are it’s just related to your connect write back And if you need help with that, you can reach out to customer support and we can absolutely pick that up and help you from there We don’t typically troubleshoot things like that on sessions like these, just because those orgs will almost certainly contain PII So that’s something that we would really want to take to an offline discussion Next up, excuse me I’m not sure if my audio got cut off prior to answering this, so I’ll go ahead and answer it again Andy, the error that you’re receiving

related to authorization for accessing an envelope The error message you’re receiving isn’t actually an API fault from DocuSign It’s an interpretation of the error message It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me that your stored authentication credentials would allow you to create a template then not be able to access it after the fact So that’s something that we would definitely want to take a closer look at Again, we’d want you to reach out to customer support And in a case like that, we would probably have you install an application like Fiddler where we would have you enable API logging for the account in the user that you’re making these calls through And that way we can try and see if we can get a read on exactly what’s happening and show you how to correct that I wouldn’t think that it’s related to the type of Salesforce instance that you have That’s possible But again, that’s something that we would definitely want to take a look at So with that, the last thing that I would want to go over is that the managed packages themselves are extremely efficient We’ve made some pretty solid strides, but we do have many, many versions of this application that have been out there on the AppExchange previously Keep in mind that this demo was for the latest version of the DSS package for the DocuSign app launcher And that if you were using that version of Salesforce previously that was just a lower version or maybe a different experience, that the things you were seeing on your end might differ a little bit just as things do change over time So keep in mind And with that, I think that’s it for questions Cool Thank you, Matt Really quickly, because I know we’re literally at the top of the hour, here are some resources Developer and also some admin stuff in there We’ll also send you a follow up email with some hands on resources So admin guide, et cetera So there’s the Developer Center, developers.docusign.com Stack Overflow, if you have any questions There’s also support center if you have some questions there DocuSign University is amazing It’s free for follow along or self-paced courses DocuSign developer blog if you have any interest in hearing a bit more about new features and cool stuff that we are doing in the developer side We have some upcoming webinars I’ve already talked about DreamTX I’m hosting a watch party, should I say So if you head over to our developer site, you will be able to get the link there We’re also in the demo jam on December 17th for DreamTX where we’re showing off what I just showed you in a quick three minute demo December 17th, again, we’re going beyond the eSignature with DocuSign CLM So you get a deep dive into contract lifecycle management We also have some YouTube videos and some partner resources there There will be a survey at the end of this We will send it out to you If you do, as Matt said, please do provide the feedback We do read it, we do take it on board, and we do push and advocate That’s the whole point of my job is I advocate for customers to make sure that they get the best out of our products So with that, thank you very much for attending