c’mon everyone this is the salesforce communities webinar my name is Graham dicks and i’m a senior sales engineer with salesforce just for those are who have just joined we are going to be recording today’s session so that those who were unable to make the rescheduled date after last week’s webinar we will be posting a video of this session on YouTube and that should be available in the coming days so welcome to the webinar I hope you enjoy what we have to show you today I’m going to get get into things before we start I just want to take a minute to show you our safe harbor slide and our safe harbor statement effectively not only short of it states that we advise you to make your purchasing decisions based on features that are available today Salesforce is a listed company we’re listed under the ticker of CRM on the new york stock exchange and you can find a full version of this safe harbor statement on our website that being said what we’re going to show you today is all current technology so i hope that what we show you is relevant and gives you what you’re looking for so we’re going to kick off in a minute and obviously there’s quite a lot of people on the webinar so we’re going to use the GoToWebinar questions and chat option and we’ll be monitoring that throughout the sessions that you have questions please use the menu by your finder questions to have on your on your right hand side and we will will be able to go through all of those sorts of things I’m going so I’m just a couple of words about sales force before we get we get into the meat of things and Salesforce is a very customer centric company we we find our customers respond very well to offerings and our customer success is propelled as helped propel us to be the number one cloud computing vendor in the world according to IDC and gartner I was this exciting for us we do really remain focused on innovation for our customers and we’re growing crowds who have been uploaded the most innovative company in the world three years in a row by Forbes magazine so what we’re going to talk about today is how do we connect there without the people the stakeholders around our business so our employees our customers and our partners for example so we see this as 33 different initiatives that we can we can follow so the first of all of these is connected customers how do you create a service experience that your customers will respond well to how do you provide intuitive self service so that customers can forgive a 24 hour a day 7 day a week experience even when your office hours are just nine to five and how do we help customers advocate for our brand and a lot of companies just stop there they only really think about how to connect with customers but really we need to also think about how do we connect with employees how do we empower our employees to be able to help our customers better and this might be a particularly complex customer question for example how does a new employee connect with experts who understand how to answer that question so we’ll be looking at this today as well in terms of collaboration and also how do we help employees access the knowledge they need to get better job satisfaction and do their do their duties better and I’m find also looking at connected partners so in this sense a partner could be a reseller you may sell your product through franchises but it can equally be a partner that you collaborate with on a project so how do we I’d a way to educate these partners something can sell more effectively how do we provide them with a system that helps increase their win rate and helps me choose to sell our product rather than the product of the competition so this is this is not new this is something that a lot of companies are currently trying to do but we see that there are three distinct challenges in achieving these goals and a lot of them are really revolve around the fact that

our our ways of communicating are disconnected and this leads the consequences this leads to consequences in terms of weakened distribution so partners becoming turned off of our products it increases the length of the sales cycle and it limits our ability to engage through channels but any of you have or are working in that sort of environment you’ll know how much of a challenge is to manage to get significant numbers of partners with limited resources also limited customer service we’re always trying to reduce the number of customers are that we lose so customer churn it costs six times more to attract a brand new customer than it does to do more business with your existing ones limited bandwidth of our staff one person can only undertake so much work at any one time and also fragmented online options is in terms of the type of customer support that you can offer all the cost of being able to provide a comprehensive and bespoke customer service website and also this leads to off target marketing in the sense that marketing can only try and predict what the customer wants because marketing is often a one-way experience we need to find ways of improving that starting to get engagement from customers engagement from agencies and get feedback from both of those stakeholder groups on how we can start to do things better so there has been an approach for this historically arm and it has had a limited he also the two areas or two products that you may have investigated are what we would classes legacy customer portals which provide a login provide access to some forms of information and allow customers and partners to to work with us and at the other end of the scale there are social point solutions so solutions that provide a kind of social network although they’re just not linked to many of the records in our system so there’s a level of disconnect between those two that disconnect has led traditionally to low adoption customers partners don’t find that these channels give them the customer satisfaction that they require to do things well and so this code leads to to a lack of contentment and these solutions are not used then they haven’t paid for themselves they haven’t done the job that they needed to do so what you can reimagine every business touchpoint connecting your business data with the power of social in a single experience and that experience is there as well as communities so with the Salesforce communities we can reimagine every business touch point and let’s just go through a couple of these things here and just talk around these for a second so for sales how do we improve collaboration between marketing and selling not just within our own organization but with our our resellers how do we demonstrate a potential new partners and resellers that we have the solution they require and that we have the backup and the service available to to help them and how do we help them manage their deals better as well and for customers or for service particularly it’s always a challenge to grow your business without incurring additional costs in terms of growing your services organization we we offer a solutions which allow customers to to answer their own cases as you’ll see very shortly to collaborate with each other to resolve cases arm and for us to also treat premium customers with a higher level of service and be able to do this automatically so that even the newest customer service rep knows when they’re dealing with a premium customer for marketing as will show very surely in the system you’re able to start marketing and advertising to customers as you go so if they log into a community you can start targeting and focusing marketing messages that that customer or that partner really wants to heater or alternatively you could use a community as a way of collaborating with agencies and working together on a piece of work finally and something we’re seeing increasingly in the customers that we deal with is the area of being able to have a customer’s product actually provide information to them through a community a lot of products which is cars and consumer electronics are now linked to the internet they’re able to provide trending data on the way in which they

are used and customers are increasingly adopting the use of this data to make additional purchase decisions or get the most out of their product so moving on let’s just have a quick look at at the type of thing that we can do the Salesforce communities so we really regard this is a new standard but online communities and I’m just going to touch here on a couple of my key point so what do you want from a customer community solution well it needs to be social most people use some form of social networking these days to manage their personal lives why shouldn’t they be able to do that to manage their business lives as well they wanted to be mobile recent reports suggest that now people’s interactions with work has split down to small interactions on that phone on an increasing basis so we can interact with work around way to the office on our way out for lunch I our mobile phones to achieve this so we really have to have trusted security we have to have a security model that looks after our customer and our partner data so that they feel trusted in secure to work with us and finally one of my favorites really is the ability to allow your stakeholders your customers your partner’s your resellers to actually interact directly into your business processes and as you’ll see in terms of registering deals and registering customer service cases we can actually empower the customer to solve their own queries and bring them in as part of our team to help solve the queries that they have so from a technical standpoint what is this actually look like our sales force allows you to house multiple communities on one system and if you choose to use Salesforce for your core customer relationship management we please know this is all part of one system so each community effectively provides a secure place for people to login and a graphical user interface which is tailored to what you can see so in the example there we have a self-service community one of the best examples of this is success salesforce com we actually use this to manage our own customer communities and crowd-sourced customer experiences and there’s partner community so actually being able to extend business functionality out to your reseller channels also running a social intranet which is a great tool at the moment to allow you to quickly and easily customize the way that you’ll starve access internal information and then on the end there are the possibilities or community and as we like to think of it this could be communities where our products place their own information whatever solution that you may need online such a recruitment then that’s the sort of thing we can work on in the community and underneath bath is the trusted Salesforce platform it all comes with social interaction forecasting and our littles our reporting are being able to register deals being able to interact with workflow and in a secure environment provide access to accounts and contacts information so the goal a lot of our come come how customers aim to achieve with communities is this this ideal of becoming a customer company through a king to maximize sales reach we’re keen to provide the best possible level of service and also see how we can drive structured and tailored marketing engagement and the metrics that we start to see over that is that we’re able to increase the channel business win rate by twenty-nine percent our aggregated improvement in customer service thirty-seven percent and increase the effectiveness by marketing by a factor of two so really good actual metrics feedback from our customers on what they’ve actually been able to achieve in real business in recent times using Salesforce customer communities so we’re going to move on now to actually have a look at the system and have a look at community themselves then we’re going to come back and have a quick listen customer case studies and also runs Risa do please keep your questions coming and we will answer them towards the end of the session so let’s jump straight in here and we’re going to start off by having a look at the customer community so are here i’d like to introduce you to lauren royal lauren is a customer of a fictional company called cirrus computing and this is just one of our demonstration stories that we run so the scenario is that Lauren works out at hours she’s actually working from home

and he’s got an issues with their company’s laptops she locked into the customer community and from here as you’re about to see she can do a number of things so what she’s going to do is have a look at our knowledge base she’s going to see if she can answer her own questions she’s also going to look at the the Q&A so this is crowd-sourced data this is where she can interact with other customers and members of the community and then finally she’s going to actually log a case into our service desk to seek further help so up here on the main title bar you can see we have these tabs Laurens go through onto our articles tab which gives her access to our knowledge base this is a context-sensitive system so if I type in a search term in this case laptop I can search all of the articles that we have available that might help Lauren to answer her question she can access the article from here chica rate it she can comment on it as well so she’s got lots of options here to find out what she needs from the knowledge base so she goes to the knowledge base she finds out a little bit about some of the laptop battery performance issues that some of her team as having and goes back to the main page to see if there’s any other customers reporting similar things so the difference between articles and Q&A from Lauren’s perspective is that if she wants to look at the published information that we have posted out to our customers she goes to the articles tab if she wants to check on crowdsourcing or find out any other people are posting the same type of questions or responses she can go and have a look at the Q&A tab as well and on here i’m going to type in iphone just as an example and you’ll see that the interface is a little bit different we presented with a potential article but we’ve also been asked if we like to post a question to the community now one of the great things about being able to offer this type of service to your customers is that it adds a new dimension to what’s possible any company can offer the best knowledge base available but actually getting your customers to start interacting helps the customer feel like they’re being listened to but it also leverages their knowledge and expertise to enable us to to start bringing them in and improve our product and improve our service so it’s a great reciprocal way of doing things so Lauren’s had a look at some articles she’s talked to some other customers about some some things that she has with her laptop power issues and she decides based on that that she does need extra help so she’s actually going to log a case with us directly into our system so she can actually just basically create a new record I what were actually able to do here is to run through a process where she can enter this data straight into their workflow so what I mean by that is Lauren is a premium customer so if she submits a new customer service case into our service desk then we know to treat that with a certain level of service based on the service level agreement that we have with the customer so she’s now submitted that case into the system and immediately she knows what the customer case number is this is really good for Laura because she knows she’s done something about the issue that she has she’s received an email from our customer community with this data and if she chooses to she can continue to troubleshoot the issues that she’s having so once again the knowledge base is popped up and presented her with a couple of articles that she could go and have a look out she could look at those if she feels the answer her question she can actually close this case now that’s great for Lauren but it’s also great for us what that means is that if she is able to solve the problem whilst she’s actually online she is effectively she’s not going to call us up the next day we deflected that call the customers have peaches been able to solve her issue and we have one less cool coming into our helpdesk so it means that we can focus our agent productivity around really challenging cases and this example Lauren does actually need our help and so what we’ll do now is we’ll go and have a look at how this information is received into the Salesforce service console so that our customer service agents can help Lauren further so I’ve

just flicked across me are now playing the role of the customer service agent in this case it’s paul baptist so paul and all of his colleagues that work in the customer help center for sarahs computing have access to this case speed so every case that comes into the system irrespective of what source it comes from coming to the same screen so i don’t know if you can see but over here on the right hand side of the screen we have this source column so we have some cases that have come in from our customer community we have telephone calls we have some emails that have automatically come in through sales forces email to case functionality so we can see everything that’s happening here so we’ll just quickly refresh that so that we can see the latest information to come in and look we’ve got another new case from united partners which is the company that Lauren daughter works for so we’re going to follow that and what that means is that we’re going to start work on this customer service case if any of our colleagues do some work on it we’re going to get updates on that so we can stay connected with our fellow employees and collaborate and work together to solve this case so what we will do is we’ll we’ll assume that we that’s the run roaring back because we know the answer to a question and we left our voicemail whilst that’s happening we’re going to go back and have a look at some other cases now as that happens Lauren that returns our phone call and the service cloud console will actually allow us to integrate with the telephone system so that when lowering phones back in the system recognizes a telephone number it knows that we’re working on some custom support issues for her and so it automatically routes that telephone call through to Paul so that he can carry on working on a case we’re presented with all of Laurens details we’ve got a case feed that shows us all of the latest details on all the cases but she’s working on and Lauren is one of our premium customers so she has a support service level agreement with which we need to log any future cases against so scrolling down the screen the customer service representative has all of that data at their disposal and at their fingertips and they can decide how they answer Lauren and how they deal with that case as well so Lauren might choose to be to receive an email response but in this case what we’re going to do is just answer her through the customer portal or community so we can send their answers tomorrow and we can interact with her in that way but she and all of her colleagues could choose to also receive emails or phone calls now the nice thing about the customer community is that same ability to follow the case is available to all of morons colleagues so Lauren launches a case with the customer community she can mention have colleagues on that and they can choose to follow the case as well now the reason that is important is that Lauren might be busy or she might be away on a business trip the following day but what you can do is choose to share those customer service cases with their colleagues so that they can collaborate in the same way that we do internally and that way the customer service situation is so much much quicker and one of the things that we all want my looking for customer service is to be kept informed about what’s happening and this social feed in a customer community allows that to happen seamlessly with both our internal employees as well as our customers as well so that’s not a little bit of an overview of what a customer community looks like and how that interaction takes place with with our own service reps and so forth what we’re going to do now is switch over to have a look at this from a a sales point of view we’re going to look at a channel partner situation and have a look at the partner communities so here is our our partner community in this scenario Tom Brady is one of our best resellers and he uses the partner community to register leads to to collaborate with us on channel programs but he also uses it as a tool to help run his business so he can also access reports and dashboards which is specific to his to his business and what he’s trying to do and if you’ve ever worked in channel programs on channel

recruitment one of the greatest challenges is getting a new reseller to the point where they are profitable selling your product it takes a lot of resources on behalf of the vendor and on behalf of the partner to get to the point where our revenue is being generated one of the things that makes that such a challenge is lack of a system by which you can interact with the partner as the vendor you want access to forecasting data you want to make sure that it’s always up to date as the part that you’re always just trying to run your business and additional reporting and administration is is never something that’s going to help and this is where the Salesforce partner community can be very very helpful so what what tom is able to do is he’s able to register potential deals with us directly in the system and particularly if this is an issue where you have more than one reseller in a given geography this is a great way of cutting down on any potential conflicts between resellers so essentially as soon as you’ve registered an opportunity in the system that is registered to that partner there’s no quibbling them there’s no question about who owns that opportunity so for those of you who are already using Salesforce you’ll be very familiar with some of the steps that I’m about to show you because this essentially is the same database that you would use internally to manage an opportunity produce a quote and close the business the difference is it it’s a very secure window in which we only allow Tom Brady to see details on the opportunities and the customers that he is so he can’t see another resellers details and they can’t see his either but what you using able to do is manage these opportunities take advantage of the latest pricing run discount requests through us all of those sorts of things based on the latest information available because when he adds a quote to this particular proposal it’s based on the latest pricing that we have available so he’s able to function in a very similar way to our direct sales people you can add product to the opportunity and the value of that opportunity is dictated by that by that pricing so we have any special deals or promotions or incentives we can actually push those out to him via the community at the same time you can add he can add those products in and you can send a quote from within the system as well now the big benefit to Tom with that is that this means he’s got a really fast way of getting that point out the door to the customer the benefit to us is that by giving Tom this system we get instant broadcasting as soon as Tom sends that hotel and adds those details to the opportunity we can report on it so we’re not creating an admin version for our reseller or our part we’re providing a system which will help them get more quotes out the door faster and therefore do more business and one of the fringe benefits of that is we’re able to provide or were able to give taller way in which you can quickly and easily do is all casting and reporting so that we can all predict what business we’re going to do and allocate the right marketing funds to support Tom moving forward as he grows his business in the same way as Lauren was able to log a case tom is able to do the same thing he can lock a customer service case for him or one of his customers he can access the crowd-sourced knowledge base or the UM or the article section if he wants to he can also use his login to access the customer community so he can collaborate and interact without customers in exactly the same way finally let’s have a quick look at the type of dashboards and reports we were able to provide Tom now if you’ve worked in channel or if you do work in sales channels you will know that there are some key metrics that we’re always trying to achieve there are certain thresholds where we get extra margin on the products that we sell if we hit a certain number there are also things like marketing development funds or channel planning that we might want to do with our partners the nice thing about these dashboards is we / we can actually give our partner access to several value of the nation so we we call it gamification we provide a league table so that our

partners can see what we’re doing and also manage their own business as well and this is particularly useful if you work with small retailers that don’t necessarily have the IT budget to run these sorts of systems for themselves also if they do I’ve already have an existing CRM system like Salesforce we’re able to upload data directly into your system or work with Salesforce to Salesforce so that they can load this information directly into the system the nice thing is it’s mobile all of the sales reps for your partner are able to access all of this information and we can expose it to them in a way that customizes it to their part of the business as well so what we’ve actually covered there is the ability to help recruit partners to collaborate with partners and work with the more opportunities to forecast better to get the very latest information as soon as one of our partners has created a point we can provide a mechanism where our partner that’s able to create those quotes very very quickly and easily ensuring that their formatted properly that the pricing is correct and that the product or the pro has been configured in the leg bag so as you can see we can provide that level of collaboration both of the customers and both and two partners as well in those two very specific customer scenarios so that was a brief run-through of a demonstration we are available i represent the sales engineering team here in sydney we are very keen to engage with you and look to to perhaps run a more comprehensive demonstration based on your your requirements so that we can explore further that was really the highlight our odd customer and partner communities I’m going to move on now just a quick to touch very quickly on a couple of customer stories and this also is a way of me introducing you to our customer stories section of our website we have a large number of Australian specific customer stories on there but I’m just going to touch on a couple of thumb of highlights here so at the beginning of town we have companies like hewlett-packard are managing their global reseller channels using Salesforce communities and we’re able to scale to very large numbers of partners and and also offer a very scalable customer service solution but having said that if you’re a small business one thing you can benefit from is that this same system is available for a much smaller scale without the setup costs that might be associated with a custom portal or a custom community solution so we can actually go global for your business even if you’re a company with just 15 * because we’re able to scale this very very quickly and it’s priced in such a way that it’s only what you you only pay for what you do is basically another great example is Honeywell and so they’ve managed to significantly increase the scale or size of their business by interacting with their customers and managing customer service through a customer community and the service portal and they’ve seen significant operational savings in adopting this approach and finally I like to hand them a party / no regard it so effectively the one of the world’s largest premium and prestige beverage companies they manage to expand their global presence but at the same time they’ve managed to retain the quality of their brand and actually boost their brand image I offering this premium level of service to their customers so they have community endorsements which has really helped drive the global adoption of advertising campaigns so this is 3 really high level examples as I said we have heat to customer I customer success stories many of them Australia’s specific on our website so I do encourage you to visit salesforce com and have a look at the Australia section 2 to find a few more personal case studies as well so that’s it I’ve got some final thoughts and questions here I’m just monitoring the question feed that’s come through so far I can’t see any additional questions on that as yet but if you do have a question please

feel free to to post it or contact us afterwards there are a couple of other things I just want to cover before we finish up today I want to talk to you about the support that we offer our customers how do we help you become successful if you choose to adopt a sales or solution and a customer or park community we have a number of plans tailored to fit the needs of your business and to mold around if the services or the capabilities you have internally to deploy these sorts of systems so we can even go to the length without premier plus success plan of providing you with an administrator so that you can actually get somebody to to undertake some of the deployment work on your behalf I just noticed we’ve had a question coming from Daniel gang and he asked his community feature included as part of the sales pool subscription or is it something we need to buy as an add-on that’s an excellent question Daniel and it is an additional product so the way in which communities is priced is based on two models one is a named user approach where you provide a user profile to somebody and they can have unlimited amounts of noggins they can log in every single day three or four times however if you have a situation where your communities only don’t to be used occasionally you can provide or have a login model and the best way to probably describe that is it’s very similar to when you have a pairs of pays you go mobile account you have a set number of muggings and when you get to buy all those logins you would need to buy more so every time anybody logged into your community that would use up one credit as a probably the best way to describe that and there is different pricing models for both the partner and customer community the partner community gives access to all of the CRM objects so you’re able to manage a business sales process whereas the customer community at focuses more on self-service you can create your own apps and deploy them through both communities as well so how’d answers your question Daniel please feel free to post a follow-up question we’re monitoring the feed and will continue to do so as we move through these slides so we’ve touched on the success panels that are available to help customers firstly deploy Salesforce customer communities and partner communities but then also get the most out of them as well one thing I’m really if you’re considering doing this one of the best places to go next is success salesforce com this is this is sales was using this technology as a as a way of supporting our own customer base we have over 200,000 companies now worldwide using our solutions so it’s a big community of customers it grows every single day and we use that to provide answers access health and training collaborate but also idea is one of the things that Salesforce is very keen on we pride ourselves on our is reacting or working on the best possible ideas that our customers can help with have a look that you can go set yourself up your own profile you can interact with customers it’s a really great resource to to have a look at and also if you if this is your first interaction with Salesforce we are one of the very few companies who publish all that performance data online so that the public can visit and have a look if you go to trust salesforce com all of your questions around security all of your questions around our ninety-nine point nine nine percent of time will be you can find extra information on that so trust up salesforce.com is a great resource you can actually see the the data the log so I’m effectively what’s going on around pods from an operational point of view and actually see how our systems are functioning and also the appexchange Salesforce is more than just a single software solution or e or a software-as-a-service solution we actually have over 1,800 vendors who have developed software solutions on our platform and we actually develop free apps and make them available on the exchange as well so have a look at that exchange got Salesforce on have a little search it’s a bit like google play or the App Store but it’s for Salesforce and for building

applications on our own platform and another great one if you want to have a play with Salesforce if you are a developer we offer free development arm systems so if you get a developer for scrum you can actually register sign yourself up for a free developer org and actually start developing your own apps straight away you’ll find Technical Library to my partner blogs what we call cookbooks so effectively it’s how to develop your own app but all sorts of other things on there is a really really great resource that you can use to start understanding the ecosystem and how you build apps in the Salesforce system and finally I’ll just a couple more slides obviously our help in training this is part of the success of salesforce.com community is just an example what it looks like and you can access heaps of data on there you can see what training courses were running in various locations across Australia and New Zealand and find out lots and lots of other things you can see there on the on the screen as I’ve joined the community button we encourage you to get involved and to understand what what you’re able to do using our platform here’s a couple of ideas of the groups that we have so how to get started how to get the most out of these sorts of systems and you’ll also find access to the Sydney user group so go there and find out what our customers are saying about us go there and and get the information you need and also contact your account executive if you need more help with these sorts of things and I think you probably know a little bit about the webinar schedule because you turned up today but we are running one or two webinars every single week we try to make them as interesting as possible so please visit please sign up and if you have any suggestions for future webinars then we’ll be more than happy to to try and include that in the schedule as well so that’s kind of all from me I hope this is being a useful and interactive session we are happy to come see a range follow-up internet demo such as this but I think that’s probably time for us to sign up great work think we’re done thank you very much for attending and look forward to speaking to you again in the very near future