hi everyone this is Ranjha here and today i’ll be your presenter through this session where we will talk about Salesforce and some of the features that Salesforce provides before we start let me ask you guys to quickly tell me if you guys are hearing my voice clearly quickly you can either raise your hands or rapping through the chat window that you guys are getting my voice clearly just want to ensure that before I start discussing about Salesforce and its features okay I see confirmation from almost six seven of you okay okay guys so let’s start without without waiting for anything let’s actually start and hope the next half an hour will really help all of us to understand in a brief four things Moe’s provides now my introduction first so I am wrong giant a priority I am currently working with an IE MNC firm and in terms of my Salesforce experience I have almost five years I have almost been working with Salesforce for the last five years now total up around nine and a half years of work experience and prior to that I have done my engineering and my MBA from I am that’s about me in brief now what are my hobbies typically in terms of whenever I talk of hobbies salesforce.com pitches high on those as well who is it being very simply I came back to Salesforce after a very different set of experience it the prior experience was extremely lucrative but just for the love of Salesforce I came back at a point in time where I had to describe my career path I hope with today’s today’s session I’ll be able to encourage a few of you to look at sales further the career option okay with that let’s get to Salesforce and understand what it provides a meanwhile I’m sure you guys are posting your details in terms of your name current the current domain you are working on and your number of years of experience if you could put it in the chat window that would really help as we keep discussing things about salesforce.com as well that will help me to understand where you are coming from ok guys so here we go so what will basically start with today is have a quick look at overall CRM and worked-out computing means getting specifically into Salesforce we will look at what are the three different aspects of Salesforce namely the sales cloud marketing cloud and service cloud and then within Salesforce we’ll look at three aspects one is Business Objects which is like the backbone of this entire salesforce.com second is some of the Salesforce tools that are available in the market in terms of what is it that can be done with Salesforce to achieve CRM related CRM related expertise and third is how the Salesforce helps in the analytics piece these are the things that we’ll cover today in say the next 25 minutes – 30 minutes and of course after that we’ll have an open question and answer session where you can put your questions in the chat window at the end of the session we’ll discuss each of those questions in detail starting with CRM very simply CRM stands for customer relationship management it’s all about how a company manages its interactions with its clients and sales prospects so the thing is very clear look for any cusp for any company its clients are the most important set of assets based on how a company interacts with its clients and its sales prospects a company’s future in terms of revenue the company’s future in terms of the line of business and so on that gets decided as a result if you can’t connect to your system to your clients in a proper way your business is really at stake and so if I have to summarize all of this customer relationship man three broad points I’ll have to look at three things one I will have to know how do I engage my existing clients when I say engage you have to think about what do I talk about so that the clients remain with me that’s retaining my existing customers second there are obviously a lot of clients where the clients are there yes there is there may be a steady business from those clients but then we don’t see any growth or the business may be gradually tapering down how do we

energize those kind of accounts how do we get those accounts to think more about us that second in terms of energizing dormant accounts and finally of course the main thing about any business finding new clients that’s always something which everyone is looking for right so these are the three main purposes what with CRM we’ll always try and sustain you can see a couple of examples at the bulb at the bottom of the screen so basically let’s look at it in this way you see a lot of advertisements coming up in different websites right and let’s take an example you log in to clear trip today you try and see a couple of flights and a couple of details that you have seen around in your that you want to check and then what happens say you want to then go into some other side and you still see the small bit of window coming up which is an advertisement from Pier trip that the fair has actually gone down now it’s a different thing how is this entire thing captured that’s something which Google does rather a lot of websites do and by placing their own set of identifiers that’s a different thing but the basic premise that I’m trying to explain here is you are as a company clear trip is trying to engage you and showing you the right path ensuring that yes if you book today the fares have come down please look at us as an option because we will give you the most important subjects in terms of reduced fares that’s what CRM is all about it’s about engaging your customers in a meaningful in a meaningful dialogue now one the important question is why is it that CRM has really really come up in the last maybe say 10 15 years before that I don’t think CRM nor something which was even talked about yes it was a concept which was there in a lot of MBA books it was a concept with a lot of big universities spoke about but why is it that it suddenly gained a lot of prominence first and foremost duties companies always have had the data about customers yes it may have been that it would have been in different shape and form some companies would have had it in say excel sheet some would have had it in let’s take an example some would have have had their sales people to maintain Diaries or with customer data but then the data was always there the important thing has been how is it that that data is used to find out where is it that my next focus should be second when I gradually as companies increased when people started looking at or rather when company started looking at implementing systems a lot of the data started residing in different fragments different shape and form across systems but the D that never got connected together so you might have something like a customer details which is something which is in one of your systems you might have your product related details in some other system say like an HCP which maintains products in a very beautiful fashion the customer and the product never really merged to fire to give them importance to the fact that there are some customers who are looking at certain set of products in a certain fashion that is their business requires those products and that’s the way analytics and basic CRM information should be structured so generally if we look at the overall orientation in which customers and organizations have looked at any organization always wants the fact that I don’t want to spend a lot of money in terms of cause I do want to employ too many people doing the same thing and not being able to give me revenues I want to reduce task force give me more revenues next I don’t want to spend a lot of time in terms of maintaining systems maintaining people to do lot of manual stuff and finally for an organization the end result is always around revenue generation whatever it may be whatever sector that organization may work may work in it’s always around revenues it’s always around how do we get more out of whatever we do on the other side of things or rather the other side when moving to flip the coin you’ll see customers speaking a different language customers do want to indulge in too many big talk too much of big Tom they just want quick and the specific response they weren’t flexible resolutions to their problems they don’t want people to talk about look in the next five years this is sorry in the next five years this is how your systems will pan out this is how your world will pan out so

look at us from a change management point of view and things like that customers want quick things it’s like yes I want these solutions can you come back to me with these answers if not I will move on to someone else that’s how short attention spans of customers lives and this is the reason if you look at it in this way that customers and organizations are facing in two different directions its CRM actually which comes in between and tries to gel the two together so if I have to now answer how is it that CRM gels these two aspects together of customer versus organisations it’s one it will help you to continuously exchange information across all customer touch points and when I speak of patch points it’s basically every single mode of communication with the customer maybe through a social media something like say a Facebook or a Lincoln against can you just hold on just give me a minute – yep okay sorry sorry for that noise which was coming in between okay the first part I talked about in terms of exchange of information across customer touch points second one is basically around providing personalized set of details in terms of products and services generally you have multiple groups of customers multiple types of demands and so on as a company now it is you will generally try and formulate different types of products aimed at different segments you cannot go back to that fold mentality and say that you can have it in any color only if it’s black you can’t say that to the to today’s customers they’ll go away they’ll go away to your competitors they’ll go away to maybe say other products that your company wants and you will lose a high-value customer their third what is it that CRM system provides it’s a mode of real-time access to all information real-time access is something which is really really important right now in the market real-time access is something which everyone is really craving for it’s what organizations crave for it’s what a lot of customers crave for and so on and finally something which is really important you cannot give a different kind of experience to a customer across different touchpoints it’s not like someone’s coming in through social media gets a different viewpoint about a product and then when the person actually goes and meets your company representatives say at one of your brick-and-mortar shops the experience is completely different you can’t do that you need to give the same value proposition across different formats CRM systems help you to ensure that the user experience is generally consistent now when we look at CRM systems and how things have evolved they generally have been three broad classifications in there or rather three broad phases in doing CRM systems have evolved and as a result of which two broad types of CRM systems one is called on-premise or traditional CRM systems in the bracket you see the name Siebel so C will CRM or something which was really really prevalent in say that around the nineteen only 1980s early early 1990s or so on what was the features of this system any company which wanted to look at CRM as a solution would have to have in-house servers would have to have its own set of networks it would have to allow people from different countries different business units to log in to this kind of system the other type of system which has gained provenance made mostly in the lead in either the late nineties or in the early 2000s is what we now term as an on-demand or cloud-based systems different from traditional systems or on-premise systems is all that you need for a cloud-based system is a laptop and a good connectivity a desktop and a good connectivity a tablet with good connectivity a mobile phone with good connectivity basically with traditional systems you needed to have separate infrastructure in terms of servers networks god-knows-what not with cloud systems all you need is a simple laptop and up and a internet connection and that’s it you have a CRM system running for you it’s now your choice in terms of how is it that you want to look at CRM systems now typically SF DC is what really drove the thing about the out

basis – SF DC itself is a cloud-based system I will explain what nowadays system is in the next couple of minute but remember that SF DC is a cloud-based system now when I talk of cloud-based system I give you a very clear view right and that’s what the first two lines also talk about all you need is a laptop or a computer or a mobile and you connect to it through the internet now how is it that works what happens is the entire aspect of maintaining servers network security and so on is something which is managed by the company called Salesforce the company’s product which is salesforce.com that company makes sure that the product is available to you through the internet so you can actually get your entire product and get it working using the internet that’s what’s out computing means using the cloud to compete compute your own set of details your whole set of data and so on what are the benefits of having cloud computing simple you’ll see some terms on the bottom left of the screen multi-tenant multi-tenant means you’re very simple it’s like a hostel in which every signal room corresponds to one company so every company has its own space every company works in its own way inside its room but the overall hostel is something which is managed separately you wrote as a tenant in that poster you don’t have to worry about how the post is maintained all you have to worry about is the room you earn and that’s it plus the fact that every room is separated from the next room with partitions so the person in the next room doesn’t get to enter your room till you allow them to access as simple as the ducts multi-tenant second it’s pay per use today you have one room you want two rooms you pay for two and you get two rooms that’s people use it’s very simple you don’t have to look at bulk costs with salesforce.com what other cloud computing solutions third it’s scalable today UD you have one room tomorrow you need five you increase your the amount of money you are pay for five to five rooms and you get five movies tomorrow you want to scale it down to three rooms do that in the next up in the next few days after you have decided so that’s what is basically driving cloud computing and it’s making sure the cloud computing is the way to progress for the entire now coming to do quick aspects of cloud computing one is SAS software is a service and next one is fast which is platform and service the software is said as a service is nothing it’s very simple you have a software it’s hosted through the internet and people use it through the internet that software is the service you will see some very key messages for software is the service highlighted in a different color I am NOT going through each of those individually but try and understand this any software when you get it through the internet you can obviously use it for a lot of purposes which really suit your own kind of business and when you do that when you understand software as a service remember the sales forces are typical of a typical example of software is a service that’s very important to understand software is a service is basically a software which is mosted on the internet to make sure people can use that software for their own businesses next aspect platform as a service so as the Deeb’s explains platform as the service is very simple it’s like saying that someone has provided me a space on the internet to do whatever or rather build whatever systems I want to do one that on the Internet so what you do is you build your own systems instead of someone specifying what software you be you are given a space on the internet where you are just asked to develop your own system a lot of companies want to do that reason me they think that whatever software is being sold is not the right fit for their companies and they want to develop something on top of it they want to develop a customized version of that software for themselves that’s when they go for platform of the service now the funny part is I said Salesforce the SAS sales forces also paths how Salesforce has a I would say variant which is known as force.com which is the third example on the left hand side horse comp is really like a empty box what we even

software technology related implementation for organizations but a box means is it’s like an open space where you can develop your own set of applications on the Internet a box is available and you can develop your own set of customized rules you can have your entire set of workflows and so on to get your work happening for your company that’s fast for you I really won’t get into a details of all this because this is something that we’ll discuss in a lot more detail when we are starting our sessions on the clock chill classes when we are starting from Monday or from the next week and onwards and I am sincerely hoping that at least a few of you would be there during the sessions because that’s when we’ll be talking a lot in terms of your sales processes marketing processes services related processes partnerships how’s it the sales force manages partnerships what the sales was do it content sales force is able to make sure that you are able to quickly manage a lot of details available on your system or in terms of your websites or not how is it that you can do that better how is it that sales force will help you to post idea in terms of getting a better solution for something how is sales who is working with Google on certain facts what app exchanges what are the different kinds of sales those products that I can get in the market I won’t get into the details of all of these right now but remember on Pat please the three blocks on the left hand side sales marketing service there is these are like the backbone of salesforce.com it’s with these three blocks that people almost spend or other companies almost spend 70 to 80 percent of their time remaining twenty twenty-five thirty percent of their time and what is spent on the other five aspects that you see on the right hand side starting with partnerships so since we have now understood a Basics around what Salesforce provides let’s look at why is it that Salesforce is really good in the market it’s about not having databases so what do you all what you see on your screen right now from the top left is basically Salesforce providing these databases you don’t have to own any of these databases Salesforce will make sure all this information is managed for you second web services API what does this mean this so a lot of you who are into development we’re into pure-play application development coding and so on they would understand the term that when you want to connect to systems one of which is in the internet or one of which is outside your domain you would want to develop it you will want to connect it through web service API X API is are nothing but way of connecting to systems to one another using easily computable connectors they are api’s or connectors third workflow engine what this means is Salesforce has a very beautiful way of guiding users to flow through an entire process as I said just before this night there are three main aspects of Salesforce sales marketing and services for each of these three aspects there is a defined workflow by Salesforce so any user who is using it for the first time they will be guided through that in a fashion that users cannot go wrong users really take very less time to get accustomed to Salesforce and that’s the reason why this product is selling like a hot cake in the market right now on the upper right-hand more side forms and page layout editor what this means is a very easy way of making sure that your systems show pedis which is basically like a web page form and it looks in such a way that it’s easy to read it’s easy to I would say get all the details from and you can easily organize all the details from the page to form logical sections that’s forms and page layout editor again starting with the lower left-hand side it’s access control and audit this is actually security plus end-user administration so that too on the bottom left-hand side are actually something related to Salesforce killed which is one of the best in the market right now anyone who wants to learn about salesforce.com security not from up I

would say not from a developer or a configuration point of view generally would look at the side called trust dot salesforce.com they would learn a lot more in terms of the kind of security Salesforce provide and how organizations who have benefited from the two on the right hand side on the bottom multi divides in reporting so these are basically ways of collecting reporting I am sure all of you understand it’s about meaningful representation of information multi device means through for salesforce.com a lot of users actually want to connect through sometimes you want to connect through your desktop in the next couple of hours they want to open the same application using their Android phones but at the same time they want to see all the data that they have worked on using their desktop or their laptop this is what multi device means Salesforce will provide a unified experience across all these platforms you can log in through your Android phone and work on whatever you left from your desktop that’s the beauty of it the table on the bottom of the screen what it basically talks about this right now if you looked at a food store form on a salesforce.com system developing that system generally takes 80% of clicks and only 20% of code what it means is I am able to configure a system or prepare a system specifically for a customer with nothing but just using an internet connection with a broadband connectivity its clicks so what we mean to do what we do is you basically log in to Salesforce there are ways of customizing your screen right inside Salesforce and you don’t have to write at all a lot of code to do that whereas traditionally all systems be it s AP be it traditional CRM systems in terms of say like Siebel they are mostly coding based so you see effort of almost 80% is is concentrated on the coding part so this is how Salesforce differentiates itself from the market the next three slides actually provide a base overview in terms of what the three clouds is I won’t go through these slides in a lot of details because it would be better if we talked about all this on the session starting from fifth of a fifth of September we would have detailed almost two-hour sessions for each of these three aspects in a broad overview if I have to talk about sales cloud sales cloud is basically around selling your product selling your services to a climbing line and sales cloud actually has a lot of aspects which you can see in the bottom image of this field which is their own leaves and data accounts and contact chatter touch opportunities these are these are actually like what can I call them these are actually like the bread and butter of Salesforce sales cloud is like the most important thing which works within salesforce.com enterprise second service cloud service cloud is basically something like you have already sold the product as a company you have already sold the product now your customers actually we have some queries we have some complaints and so on so what do you do you have to obviously get the remain in touch with your customer right you have to answer their queries your cancer their complaints you find ways to provide services to these customers service cloud is actually that way of interacting with your customers and getting in touch with them so that they and ladies get answered in the best possible fashion again so his cloud is something that will come up extensively in the neck in the classes that we’ll have from 5th October onwards I am hoping a few of you would definitely be there to go through the videos let me take you to the next section which is marketing cloud the marketing cloud as the name suggests it’s very it’s really I would say intuitive marketing is all about promoting your services promoting your products used by using the marketing cloud what you do is basically you try and pitch your products in front of the customers and ensure that they get are they remember your products they like your products they want to then look at these products and then order these products so till the point the products are actually sold which is the sales functionalities of the sales cloud functions what marketing cloud is what companies really look at in terms of

exciting customers through various promotional schemes through various kind of promotional offers and so on there are different marketing campaigns which go on and so on that’s marketing cloud for you this is something I won’t go into this is actually what we call it the data model this diagram in itself is something that we will discuss at least for one hour during our sessions from fifth October onwards we’ll have 16 hour sessions from 5th October on from sorry ever onwards this discussion itself will take at least one and a half hours to discuss it’s like an entire session in itself because this is how Salesforce is oriented this is how Salesforce actually is in the what I what can I call it it’s the way Salesforce is actually organized to make sure that all the CR processes are available now I spoke about three important facts at the end towards the end of this presentation one is Business Objects it’s like the bones are the building blocks of our body without Business Objects you can’t do anything the image that you see on the right hand side it actually talks of the different objects which sales force provides but Business Objects is typically the way in which you will always try and organize your information so that you can relate that information from one object to another object of course we will get into a lot more details of each of these objects as we progress but then that’s how Business Objects work business objects is basically the way in which we are able to connect one set of information with another set of information it’s not like so I gave you the example right you have your products in one system say like it’s AP you have your customer related details in another system if you can’t connect the two dots what’s the purpose of having that information what business objects will do is it will ensure that the two information save with two different blocks get connected through some way we will talk about how they connect what information how is it that this kind of a relationship is maintained and so on we will talk about it in the detail sessions but for now that’s the purpose of Business Objects of course on the right hand side you can see some images but more importantly is are the bullets which are provided on the left hand side these are the tools without these tools any Salesforce administrator or a configuration expert would just be he would just not be able to work these are the different tools which any any configurator or any administrative uses to develop a salesforce.com and finally I just kept this slide for a very important thing this is an actual salesforce.com user interface when you log into salesforce.com you will actually see this is the way in which things are organized look how clean salesforce.com systems are honorable and this is one of the mean USPS of Salesforce the reason why it sells in the market it looks beautiful it is easy to navigate through of course when you see you will obviously see my meal in the featuring it’s because this is from my own salesforce.com on what we will also learn as a part of our detailed sessions from 5th September onwards is the fact how do you create your own salesforce.com application or organize or organization for yourself because once only when you have this organization you will be able to do a lot of customizations changes on the systems at so on of course we will go through this how do we people do those changes and so on most importantly anyone asks you what is the best part about Salesforce I think 9 out of 10 clients would come back and say it’s the UI which is so easy to use I love Salesforce user interface finally coming to the last aspect that we want to discuss today after this I will take the questions that you guys have analytics this is the buzzword in the industry right now anyone trying to just implement Greenfield systems is not that

successful unless that person is also able to sell an analytic solution an analytic solution basically means two things one reports which is like logical or logically organizing data into different groups second is dashboards representing that same organized data through charts to tables through some graphs that’s what the two kind of or the analytical tools are how does Salesforce maintain all of it what you will see in terms of the image on in the middle is actually a Salesforce dashboard it’s a sample dashboard with Salesforce shows you will actually see the beauty of looking at the information what really happens is anyone who logs into a system on a Salesforce system and goes to the dashboards he will always see a real-time update of data beat through his mobile be it through his laptop be through his tablet real-time information is critical for any customer relationship management system and Salesforce excels there plus what you will also get is each of these blocks that you see in terms of these different – puts the charts the what you call on the gauge this the middle ones which are semicircular are called gauges push you can click on all of it to actually see the data behind it that’s the beauty of sales was you actually see what constitutes your dashboards it’s not lengths you prepare a dashboard using excel you send it to someone and then the other person sits and says that the data is not available base data cannot be shown it’s not like that it’s as simple as seeing that entire data right there in front of you and how is it that that spanning from the dashboard that’s the beauty of salesforce analogies of course this is again a representation of how salesforce reports are prepared reason I kept it here is very simple yes all of you move most of our rather most of you would have seen reports if you see this particular screen you’ll see three as three aspects of it one is the vertical column on the Left which is known as field pane to which I have provided an information which says drag and drop fields all you need to do when you create an importance just pick up any of these we compare of the left pull it and keep it on the bottom right-hand side which is known as a preview screen that field will come up there all the information below that particular field will come up there second the the preview screen which is basically in terms of seeing what you want to actually see that report so it’s not always you want to see all the fields you want only specific fields so you pick only the relevant fields from your left please drop them in the preview pane and they’ll organize by themselves you can obviously move fields across from right to left and so on third thing the one above preview the preview screen is the praetor’s 3d test is basically a way of clubbing your data or making sure you don’t have to see all the data for the entire rod or the entire salesforce.com application you can say I want to see the data for only the last 10 days and that’s it your data will be available in the preview screen of course what happens is below the preview screen there is a button called Save report moment you click on that save reboot it will take you and show the entire report in a beautiful fashion plus what sales loss also provides this once you have a report that immediately export it out to excel with all the formatting intact and that’s the beauty of it so sales force reports can also be taken out into Excel and then further modifications can be done based on how companies work so that’s a company to company preference in terms of whether someone wants to customize it further whether someone is happy with the recorded sales force or so on dashboards as I spoke up it’s as beautiful as you can get you cannot get better dashboards and what sales was provides yes there are a lot of reporting tools which provides that boots you can do a lot of stuff with dashboards from Salesforce and nowadays a lot of companies also integrate their reporting systems to Salesforce to get all the data from Salesforce reporting systems and prepare – words but Salesforce has its own set of beautiful dashboards which you get practical best part is anyone and everyone can do that in sales rose it’s that easy

so guys I am done with my presentation it’s time for your questions it’s time for it varies post your queries or the chat chat window I’ll start going through the questions starting from top and maybe in the next 10 minutes or so we’ll quickly try and wrap up this session ok I see almost a lot of questions having come in ok ok anjali has a question I’m the instructor at a do-deca and taking training sessions of Salesforce yes Anjali I am I’ll be the one who’ll be interacting over a month over 16 hours on weekends starting from 5th of September if you want to learn about Salesforce I will be there to talk about sales woes and its different aspects I am hoping that you will be there thank you next question ok let me just scroll down a little bit ok one question which has come in from some idioms companies like monster tops I’m moving from Siebel to sale so what does is MVC hold for future the answer for this actually lies in the way the market is moving so what happens is monster.com would have in task force which is moving around in the market and trying to gather a lot of details you can’t expect the sales team or the sales reps to come back to their base locations then type in all the data that they collected and so on in the system salesforce provides you with that kind of mobility that you can actually keep entering your data as you keep collecting your data so you will spend your precious time collecting that information not entering that information this is the way the industry is moving it wants based solutions it wants digitalization of solutions it wants to move to a solution where you don’t have to come back to your systems to enter the data that’s where Salesforce is gaining over Siebel and right now Salesforce is almost like number one CRM application which available of course there are a lot more in terms of even without computing but sale you can’t beat Salesforce where it is so Kenya has a question and I think it has been answered by EDI Rekha itself in terms of whether the recorded file will be available or not the answer to it obviously is yes Adi Rekha will share with you the recorded file of this session ok next question is so myth has a question again it says can you write the URL you mentioned to learn as a non developer user so submit the URL is trust dot salesforce.com just google it you will find this URL it so widely known you are so mittens another question and it’s an interesting one Salesforce is getting obsoleted what about this MVC not in the next 15 to 20 years of it there isn’t a better solution there isn’t the more I would say a solution a CRM solution which is so stable which is so feature feature-rich right now in the market yes Microsoft has brought its own CRM solution which is Microsoft Azure plus you have I think Amazon also has is trying space but then next 15 to 20 years Salesforce is not get it going anywhere it is the market leader right now and it will remain the market leader Ravi Malhotra has a question how the Salesforce connect to social media like Facebook and Twitter what happens is Rami will have say you will post ads on Facebook and Twitter with links to that particular product movement you click on that link and you provide that information what you can do is through the web forms you can actually get all that information into Salesforce that’s how it generally connects Tao sees has a question is it possible to migrate all the businesses on Salesforce if he s how does a design consultancy how a design consultancy can migrate these businesses of Salesforce let me answer this first started before I get into your second question answer to that is yes you can do that only thing is it will need a lot of investment in terms of developing systems and applications from scratch but can you not do that yes you can do that because on Salesforce

using force.com remember pass on force.com you can build your entire organization processes systems on sales force that Stansell I hope I have answered your question toss it second question if salesforce is so visible then why customer end is having the application in which testament and see which product is most suitable I don’t actually get the question if salesforce is so visible then why customers end is having the application in which customers and see which product is more suitable thus if you could just reword this question once again I’ll go through the detail your question once a company she cons has a question what is the future of Salesforce so she can’t right now what’s happening is Salesforce is like the leader in in the CRM space across the world a lot of implementations on sales cloud marketing cloud and service cloud are happening plus thousands and thousands of organizations are now trying to build custom applications which maybe are related to inventory management which may be related to HR Sulli on sales was why because the license cost related to building those solutions of sales versus team so sales force is not going anywhere for at least the next 15 20 30 years and at the same time Salesforce has really so sales force brings in something new to the market every three years every three months or so so we have something which is new to the market known as lightning and with Salesforce says is actually going to revolutionize the way people look at our CRM applications in terms of the UI it’s going to be that feature-rich but it will still be available through the internet to the quickest of downloads Anjali has a question the course that we will talk about does it cover development or for slaughter so Anjali couple of things there for Salesforce as I and as I think we discussed it in one of the slides it’s 80% clicks and 20% coding so I talked about the 80% bit so you will be able to do 80% system configuration based on what I will teach you throughout the course the coding bit is not something which I talked about because I am NOT coded I am a business analyst from a functional consultant movement so when I work on my Salesforce projects I identify the bit of coding that will be required i identify the requirements I develop the coding related overall solution and then they hand it over to the coding people to do that a very pertinent question from Kranthi can you differentiate between an SF developer which is Salesforce developer sales for the administrated configurator so Kranthi the answer to it is straightforward administrated and a configurator are the same thing now a Salesforce developer versus an administrator is a little different a Salesforce administrated will do two things first he will plan out in terms of how your overall system would work so your Salesforce administrator is the one who will give shape to the organization plus there are times when the Salesforce administrator also does the functional configuration or the clique related configuration when you can’t do certain things by straightforward Salesforce features you use Salesforce developers to develop the coding myth that’s called customization of sales so the sales was development thus customization a Salesforce administrator or configurator does configuration Sreenivas has a question which is a repeated question am i going to cover both admin and development part in between session I will cover the administration part development part is something which since I am NOT the expert there I will not be there to talk about development of course we’ll talk in brief about the language that is used for development but that’s it copal has a beautiful question what are the prerequisites to learn sales was basic to the point Cooper thank you for asking this question coupons the prerequisites are very straightforward the prerequisites are you need a laptop you need an internet connection in terms of your knowledge you just and so I will tell you Gopal how I started love learning fields was I just knew basics around using Microsoft Excel so whenever I initially when I started initially with

Salesforce and there were kind requirements I used to think about it from an Excel standpoint that look this is how my data is organized now this is what my client is asking me to do how would I do that in Excel do would I copy it directly there would I be able to reference one field to another that’s how easy Salesforce learning is until Mara has a solution how does this product different from BPM and then it’s a very different tool than a BPM tool a BPM tool will help you to configure your processes yes I am NOT a BPM expert but from my experience of BPM tool will help you to plan out or chalk out the entire process here in Salesforce you will implement a specific CRM process on a tool which will help you to implement the solution it’s software solutions for CRM it’s not a process mapping tool Ganesh has a question do we have training session on Salesforce specifically the HR module then is the answer to that is there is no specific training module for Salesforce focusing on nature because Salesforce is not an HR solution but there are a couple of exercises where I will actually test your understanding on Salesforce to develop a HR solution in the recruiting space in case you are interested I would love to have you there and see your expertise on HR because I want that HR flavor to come out when we talk of that particular case very crafty has a question can we integrate a model from Salesforce say chatter into another app yes we can drunky that’s actually how we do it through web service through web services using ap is how ia s infrastructure as a service is different from staffs at pass and that’s a question from Venkatesh when kit is the answer to it is it’s different from SAS I’m sure you would have understood by now infrastructure as a service and platform as a service are basically very similar very similar I don’t know how I would be able to differentiate between the two basically there is still a little bit of difference and infrastructure as a service I I would typically think it’s like a bare minimum server with a platform like Salesforce like force.com platform as a service you still have some basics in terms of the way system is oriented and so on software as a service is completely different it’s the software which is available it’s a consumer software which is there Ganesh has another question how difficult would it be for a technology no Vistula salesman so that is my answer to this is very simple again five years back I had never worked with a ninety in Plymouth patient I am a guy who has worked with manufacturing in a poor R&D sector I had never learned any technology product before that today I sit before you and I am giving the training on sales force it’s a tool which if you like you will really learn very quickly similar question by Anjali I know C C++ how easy will it be too big so until you all I understand in terms of the development part is it’s not very different from the way coding is done the basics are non-coding in terms of the logic remains same the basic differences in terms of how is it that the language is configured Chandra you have a question what are the primary differences between C 1 and C and so I think I gave that when I talked about on-premise systems and on-demand systems Ramprasad has a question how many days to complete both admin and development so I’ll be talking about the admin part so admin is something that will have a 16 hour go spread over four weekends Saturday Sunday through four hours over a weekend for weekends so that 16 hours Kranthi I think I have answered this question difference between a Salesforce developer Salesforce admin and configurable I hope you get down to do that picture as much the question that you that you have in terms of it is difficult for me while working with workflows there the easy process to learn workflows work on workflows you learn that’s the

way I learned it there’s no better way to learn workflows Ravi Malhotra has a question can sales must work offline and come back one salesforce1 the user is connected to network yesterday we saw new features of Salesforce which are coming it is actually allowing offline connectivity so what do you do is you can do a bit of offline work moment you can’t connect your system back to the network it was sync called the data Hollinger I see your question which is a bit technical in terms of a life cycle of a case of a web 2 case you would have to come back to the session to learn about the entire web to case functionality for the bit for the greater good of the entire group here I wouldn’t want to delve into it right now Raghava another question I would like to know whether I can take up since he has some you can that’s the reason why I am talking about this session I think it’s an easy system to talk about it’s an easy system to learn join the course and go through the webinars think through and then join the session Venkatesh has a question what about placements for freshers compared to experience guides please freshers generally would get placed in terms of developer roles and basic business analysts who would typically talk of system configuration experience people of course based on what they have what they know and what they do that’s a different that’s a different ballgame one today I see Tarun having Tyrone Gupta has asked about what are the kind of job opportunities let us just do a NOC research on in terms of certifying post.com are certified sales for developer you get the answer it’s it’s as simple as that she can good question from your end is that the data secure in the cloud computing it’s very secure and that’s the reason why I am saying go to that say go to that URL called trust got salesforce.com ah guys I’ll have to quickly take maybe the next only three or four more questions and I see the same question coming up again and again I hope I have answered that question around differences between Salesforce developer administrator and deleted scenes cloud and service cloud which one is preferable if so Ram Prasad the answer to that is companies which want to implement sales processes look at sales cloud companies which want to look at service related features with that service cloud there are companies which one to look at both they get both of them that’s sales cloud was a service cloud Kranthi I think the same question is being posted by you for almost the last 15 20 times I hope I have answered your question in terms of differences between sales flows developer administrated and configurator yes I hope I have ok vanish again a similar question how difficult would it be to learn for a coding knowledge to learn Salesforce Danny I am not even a coding Louis but I have learned Salesforce I think that answers your question right ok Ausmus has a question that if I am teaching only admin part who will teach the developer and integration part so as much this course 16 hours is too less even for the admin part but I will include all the admin related part currently you will have to get back to edit a cup for the developer and the integration part I am not the right person who will be able to give you these details Liam you have asked a very good question and I don’t think this is the right moment to talk about my experiences and I am well how my job experience it’s been good it’s been a learning experience I am Anna stuff yes it helps you to learn a lot of things I hope I have given a couple of witnesses in there what our life was back then Kranthi you have a question on certifications Salesforce has a lot of certifications which you can do there is an iodine certification which is known as to zero one to start with you can obviously get into advanced administrated as well then you have

specific certifications on sales cloud service cloud marketing cloud as a dev number you have certification signa as a developer which is four zero one and then there is an advanced developer hope that answers your question Ramprasad you have a question am i I am in to.net I want to migrate am i suitable yes you are Roggeveen I think your question is also similar I am from mainframe background can I take it up or no you just have to unlearn a couple of things about via the frame because mainframe deals with databases of servers here you won’t have to work on databases and servers account you’ll have to work in terms of what the front view is the user in front of you want shaitana the question how them development certification will help the candidates will he’ll will be helpful to experienced candidates so she can what happens is it’s like gaining from getting that kind of acceptance in the market that’s what certifications always happy it’s never been abandoned and that’s a question by she reverses well it’s never been abandoned you will there have a lot of people in the market who are sales good sales force developers good sales for that we distribute knives but then they don’t have certifications I myself didn’t have my certifications in the certified but was it that I didn’t get get into projects I went I got a lot of projects didn’t we do hope that answers their question same question by a azmuth is the certification important as a pressure or experience it’s not asthma so basically what you will need to do is yes it’s helpful to show that you know Salesforce but obviously when you get into your job where you try and apply for jobs when you get into your interviews you’ll have to explain Salesforce that’s important for you all the way so guys I think that’s the end of our questions thank you for all your time thank you for being with me here I am hopeful that I would see a few of you out there during my sessions from 5th of September onwards right now the sessions are scheduled from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. on the evenings in case there is a change in plan on the timeline on the time front we will communicate to all of you soon enough thanks thanks guys for your time thank you so much and hope we’ll meet in the next four to five days thank you bye bye and good night