hi fairgo thank you so much for watching this video and let’s see what cards are showing up for you this week and this is for your sun moon rising and Venus sign in virgo so everyone welcome thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and then you will construct my videos weekly and you will get a notification when you hit the bell when a new video is online so fargo let’s see what guys are showing up the queen of swords the wheel of fortune the chariot the king of clips in the first six of cups in reverse the eighth pentacles queen of pentacles king of one’s very first yes so the hero thunder refers and the page of cubs so the queen of swords yes she takes the logical approach uh analytical like uh fairgo is but also i would say the er signs are but um yeah so the queen of swords it’s about the logical approach about analytical approach which makes you makes everything goes in a way that things are going in the flow so instead of dealing too much with your emotions like you did in the past or but past memories that you’re maybe feeling stuck in you’re taking more a logical approach and because of this you and also your experiences uh all information you have been gathered maybe about people around you or about experiences that you had from the past the world forward understanding that things are going in in a certain flow the universe is with you when you’re doing this so this is probably like a natural thing to you that makes you really feel grounded in a way that makes you feel yeah that you’re really in touch with yourself the chariot is showing up the empress tarot card in reverse and the ace of swords is showing up in refer in the price so this logical kind of approach makes that things are going in the flow like i said and this makes also that emotionally you’re very grounded and you probably already know deep down that you already have everything you need so whether this is in your relationship or at your work because the chariot when it’s in reverse for example you get really like emotionally overwhelmed by things and you don’t see what is actually there so it’s missing like a practical practicality in missing a sense of yeah seeing things for what they really are and the chariot here is showing that you are very stable very emotional well grounded and this also makes that you are really in here and now and that you can make these logical decisions that you are yeah i mean the queen of swords here you can see this in this card but in a right-of-way pterodactyls also she has been cutting the rope and you see like butterflies here’s more roses which of course roses have like they lose how they see lingeries those things that really sting your in your finger so it’s it’s about that we’re those hurtful experiences and those hurtful experiences are sorry benefit yeah those hurtful experiences are uh yeah because you also have oh yeah thorns sorry thorns she also has thorns on her on her crown so these these thorns that she’s wearing um i mean they are hurtful and and the queen of swords also related to the air signs so gemini libra and uh i forgot one german name an aquarius of course so words can hurt i think words can hurt and so that’s why she knows what to say what not to say also when she has to not say anything she knows the queen of swords is because of that a very good communicator so also in regards to communications i also would say she’s a very good singer especially here with the queen of pentacles that is also showing up like her skills of of communication and communicating things so communicating things in a correct way

will be really beneficial the queen of swords is also like um yeah the queen of swords is very much like she’s a very good communicator and i think when she is directing uh life directing things in life that has to in a way with her communication then it might be even like things are more going more smoothly so i think with the queen of swords here for this week communication is really like your weapon uh communication is really going to help you big time here and helped you already before so in the past there’s like six of clips in first showing up yeah it’s clarified by the eight of cups in the first and the eight of cups so it could be that these past memories sometimes they also say like we can remind things or we can remember things but that’s not always what it was really was like i mean that’s also why these techniques that i’m also talking about in my videos like eft why they are helping because memories are memories and memories are in the past and they’re not in the now especially because the queen of swords is showing up and now and she’s not dealing with emotions here or she is in a way because that’s why she can be emotionally grounded so she’s aware of it more so than that she’s too much yeah too much dealing with these emotions for example it really reminds me of when you are feeling very much obliged doing things and you take your rest in something and you just do not respond to something it also you also see that the world will just i mean everything is just continuing right it’s not all based upon these memories that you’re having or yeah so yeah you really need to watch my video because then you will also see how this could be helpful to deal with this certain kind of emotions that you are experiencing the six of cups and refers together with eight of wands and the eight of cups both there are eight number eight tarot cards and it’s about miscommunication so that’s why i told this example because in the past maybe someone have been telling you something but along the way when the time strikes we interpret these words in a different way and we also interpret what they say maybe in every way maybe not even the interpretation but also what they actually said because our mind is going on and on you know we’re thinking about things all day long so when for example if you’re really in love with someone and you and you you say something in a certain way to them and then when you walk away you thought oh i said something stupid and it only gets worse when you when the time strikes and you only think you always think maybe when you’re very insecure because you really like this person that you set things in the wrong way right but this is more so in your mind this and this is something that the queen of swords knows she knows how the how the mind works and so she doesn’t mind too much about the past and she doesn’t it doesn’t matter too much what um she knows that she cannot she cannot measure this or she doesn’t know actually what to do with this and she knows how the mind works so because of that i think you’re very much in the present right now virgo i think you’re very much in the present because you know that whatever happened in the past stays in the past the king of cups is showing up in reverse so there’s by the way a lot of court cards here showing up the queen of swords the king of cups in the first the king of swords in reverse and the queen of pentacles but also the page of cups so only the court cards with a fire element are not present in this reading so this is this probably something that you are busy with in your own mind like how do i deal with certain things how can i best make sure that everything is all right so maybe you’re taking a lot of responsibility on yourself like how to deal with certain situations or not really like responsibilities but to find out how to deal with certain

situations so uh yeah how to deal with situations and how to what to think of it and how the mind works not only on yeah on a level that you are yeah busy with other people more so within yourself like who are you and who are you dealing with certain situations the king of cups and refers is that you find it may be hard to you really try maybe to find out why people do what they are doing and you can get there or you find it hard to get there and the clarification cards that are showing up are the three of wands and the center of guardian reverse so you might find it very hard to get there what are why they are doing what they’re doing and because of this logical approach and asking questions just being to the point on point like asking them logical practical in a way it makes it easier so by this communication by it makes it easier for yourself so maybe your previous approach was always to try to find out what people feel like and really go in those emotions like what do they really feel and how can you help them out and stuff like that and maybe what is changing right now a bit is that you really need to ask someone questions because it doesn’t really make sense anymore to feel what they feel because they have been going to maybe other things so for example at your work or in your job um maybe you have different occupations than you have but maybe you’re the manager or you’re an entrepreneur or you’re you have to hire people so you you don’t really know what they’re going through but in this logical approach like okay this is who i am this is what i can do this is what i cannot do okay then i have that information you know so a bit more like that i would say the queen of swords would do this uh the queen of pentacles is more so like i mean the queen of swords is a little bit more like logical and maybe more so from a distance but the queen of pentacles is someone more comforting see someone who is and it’s not it’s both not wrong or right it’s just characteristics and some people like one some people like the other but the king of queen of pentacles is someone more comforting someone who makes sure everything and everyone has everything they need because she knows that when there’s a lack of something i mean all they say sometimes that the queen of swords is very calculative but i think all queens and kings are because in the end you need to do something in order to prevent something else and that’s why parents are caring for children that’s also why um yeah when you’re being raised up yeah you see also with people who do not do certain things like they are very normal that all those people also get in trouble because it’s just you know when you grow up you know that you have to do certain things and that’s what the king of queens knows so the queen of pentacles is showing up together with the two of swords and the devil tarot cards so that means here that there is like yeah this discomforting comforting approach you are also even doubting this because feargo could be of course the queen of pentacles uh this is also an earth sign it doesn’t have to be but you’re maybe even adopting this kind of approach the devil tarot card is showing that maybe people are getting a little bit afraid of you it really reminds of the video i made for you previously which was about um yeah is this a huge personality change was the title and it’s almost like you are you’re doubting the things that you have been doing before in a certain way because you learned from it and maybe you learned from it that

maybe all these things that are being expected from you are not the best thing always to do and these things that are being expected in society are also not always the best thing to do sometimes maybe you have to defend yourself when the queen of swords has to defend herself i think a little bit more than the other kings and queens in a way because she has a sword maybe people find her maybe are afraid of her and this reading it is a little bit they’re a little bit afraid of her because she’s so logical maybe even in some cases when season refers like a robotic approach like without any feelings like okay um that’s your name okay that’s your age that’s your personal details okay check let’s go to the next point things like that um but i think that however it is it is very beneficial to um to ask these questions even when it feels maybe you’re even wondering if you if you are being practical about something because of course the pentacles and earth signs they they do it also a little bit i think because all around you are friends except for if you are right now on the island with no one else around but most of time we need people so it’s also calculative in a way the queen of pentacles because she knows that you also suffer from it when other people suffer from something yeah when when people are poor they’re maybe going to steal from you for example so doubting this characteristic is not so much it’s not so much something you might have to doubt it’s more something that helps you as well maybe you are asking yourself if that person that’s on your mind is really friendly or practical because the two of swords and the queen of pentacles good about that kind of doubt what should you think about that how should you approach this person or this situation the devil tarot card is showing and yeah that’s you don’t wanna you don’t they don’t wanna have any bones or don’t wanna have any um anything that they feel obliged doing so so they don’t want to feel obliged doing anything the ace of pentacles is showing up together with the knight of swords and the high priestess for the middle of the week so whoever you are dealing with i think you’re really trying to find out maybe you have many hats on i really try to find out how to um yeah what kind of approach you need to take but the queen king of swords because the king of swords is also showing up means that there is like a lack of knowledge and a lack of facts so asking questions might be in your benefit this week asking more questions and the seven of pentacles it refers together with a different tarot card as clarification for the king of swords could indicate like these kind of facts or these kind of makes them maybe like getting to a certain conclusion and the seven of pentacles in reverse could also indicate yeah that this is also not coming in there is missing a lot of information like analytical information about a person about your job about this relationship you’re in so if you just met someone new i would say ask a lot of questions to this person and because i think this person has the clarity they know a lot about things and you might not yeah you might know don’t know about something well they know

so i mean the age of swords are showing up for them and also the hyperset is showing up for them and they take certain action in the end of the week because they have a vision of what to do they maybe think that you are fearful or they think that you are that you will do anyway what they ask you to i think really this is this is really like a situation for virgo that you have to be careful not to be how do you sit in english glue down i don’t know what the score game is it just made it up right now but um that you’re being too much but someone really wants something from you and you really feel blight doing this for this person that’s something to to remember this is really someone who so yeah the sun tarot card i think they’re very positive about something and i think this person really knows what they’re doing it doesn’t have to be necessarily negative but they know something that you don’t know and you might get to conclusions too fast so asking questions very important very important to ask questions this week you don’t know they know so uh yeah you probably need to ask some questions uh because there’s a lack of knowledge lack of facts lack of a lot of things there’s really like a lack of a lot of things and i think that you you have a hard time this week a bit about collecting these facts understanding where they’re coming from understanding this kind of maybe even dealing with someone who’s not quite um yeah oh yeah indeed because i got also the hair front and refers together with the five of crips and the the king of one so this person sometimes when um someone can be very friendly they can be very like charming and everything but they like to lead you in a certain direction so i think this person you’re dealing with this week might be someone who pretty unconventional person um maybe you already know them from the past maybe you forgot that you know them maybe they also talk about you and them about the past maybe this is someone who’s talking in soul mates and stuff like that it could be very dangerous in some way if you really are swept off your feet by someone and thinking in terms of soul mates if you’re very young and inexperienced and so i think that if you’re dealing with a new lover or and you’re not very experienced uh this is kind of strange i think that for example you can talk with other people about this you can um yeah just hear other people’s opinions about it what they think of you of the situation and this person you met that makes also that you are getting a little bit more feedback on what to do because maybe these people are saying now well uh in a situation i would this would do this or in this situation i would do that if you are mature i think that you are meeting a person that maybe you know them from the past and this person really wants to get in contact with you it might be a little bit strange because maybe this person has been cutting off previously they might have been cutting you off in the past and now they come back really like with an offer something they come back with some kind of offer in the middle of the week because the eight of pentacles you’re showing up together with the knight of swords in the first and the high priestess so they come up with an offer in the

middle of the week um a durable offer something important probably for them or something that sounds maybe even aggressive in your ears this is a very charming person this is someone who knows how to do things but yeah so yeah in the end of the week the page of cups is showing up together with the temperance server card and the two of wands so i think there will be some if people are doing strange things and they’re doing friendly afterwards sometimes some people think okay then it’s all right so that could be happening in the end of the week it’s good to remember that the queen of swords will really help you this week that logical approach and the queen of pentacles as well it’s not a bad approach it’s very good approach being friendly could also be a weapon um being practical definitely yeah i think the queen of swords makes you very practical this week the queen of swords queen of pentacles and the chariots and that also indicates that you don’t have to get into your emotions too much because i don’t think this is a situation where you can where it’s best to express your emotions while you do in the end of the week so ah it’s probably not leader sorry it’s probably not needed to express your emotions about it you’re probably dealing with some kind of unconventional person but in in any case with the ace of pentacles there’s a difference of opportunity coming to you so in regards to money definitely it could be on the internet some kind of opportunity coming up for you some kind of opportunity that makes yeah when you are receiving this kind of offer or opportunity that’s coming your way something durable you already start to think about things can’t help it and as you release so when this is coming your way you’re really thinking about um what is could be or you have an opinion about what is why this is like that but instead think again about queen of swords maybe you need to ask questions um i think also you have to watch your money in some way and you also need to know that you already have everything you need so you are safe in a way but you need to take note that you are staying alert the queen of swords could also be someone who’s very alert i mean how she’s here on the card this i mean this is a very alert person she’s very alert being alert will help you this week being alert on everything that happens around you and in the meanwhile to stay practical friendly and yeah staying alert you’re sad you’re good no one can do you anything only if you are getting into someone else’s thing so that is what i can see for virgo also if you’re dealing with a teacher they know that maybe they’re not clear towards you they know and you’re maybe start even to doubt about yourself maybe you even start doubting about yourself because of this person that’s already a sign that something isn’t quite all right with this person you start to doubt about yourself

yeah i think you have a little bit like a hard time with something that’s actually not your problem it’s not your problem at all so it’s good to cut this off again the queen of swords cut this just cut this [ __ ] out and free yourself from this crap free yourself from because you already have everything you need and that’s the only thing you need at the moment it’s very important to focus on that focus on what you already have yeah and i think also that um yeah right even someone’s going to approach you someone else and they’re going very kindly going to tell you what is actually going on they take that bold action to just do it and it makes also that you are healing from this so yeah the queen of swords is definitely your chance this week and it maybe someone like that is coming even on your pet who is taking this from you is taking this over from you who is showing you how to do this or you learn a lot from this person when you’re staying alert and understand how people around you are responding yeah you just will you will learn a lot from this yeah there’s just some kind of creep alert or something and i think that you will get over this in the end of the week already because because of this kind person that is going to tell you about about what’s going on they take the bold action they take that risk something that you can’t see or something that you find hard to see you know i don’t think so anymore you missed some kind of message in the past about something or someone okay yeah okay that’s also what i get some there could be some information that you’ve got and it’s not true uh it’s not true there are some more lies here going on and you’re waiting up on something and you’re waiting and waiting against what’s coming up and meanwhile they are doing their thing and yeah i don’t see that saying directly that everyone you’re involved with is negative there’s someone very kind someone very it was taken at risk to tell you what’s actually going on but if you feel that you have been missing a message it’s definitely about something that you don’t know about or something that has been told to you that’s not true and you you might you might understand this week a bit how to how to discover when something is a lie or when it’s truth it could be like a discovery like what is what does it look like or what does it feels like when someone’s lying how can you recognize that recognizing lies and definitely those practical the practical approach uh grounded approach not letting your emotions getting in the way of anything just being like the queen of swords being practical and logical about it like the queen of pentacles you will get to it and in the middle of the week you will get a sign you will get an offer you will get to understand how to recognize this and what is actually going on if you are in a new relationship i would also say this is there something strange about this person yeah but it doesn’t have to be for everyone like that of course i really recommend personal tarot reading if you want it’s our reading for you personally this is for all virgo sun moon rising venus signs everyone was watching

yeah there’s something strange in here like but this practical logical approach will help you so much maybe they they’re someone who’s trying to keep you stuck at a certain point there’s also people around you who know so you can just ask them that’s that’s yeah there’s some kind of information you’re missing so that’s what i get for fargo thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and see you in the next video