[Applause] from the entertainment capital of the world MLB Network welcome shoot at Dodger Stadium today we’ve got a good matchup in store between the lotto Rockies and the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball on MLB Network is next brach Stewart will be on the mound for the boys in blue what do we need to know here Danny hey we’re getting a chance to look at a guy that he’s a little bit up and down throughout points of his career a career er a just over 4 when he’s good he can be really good and when he’s bad well let’s just say he can be pretty bad at times but it’ll be interesting to see which one we see he’s a little bit of Jekyll and Hyde hopefully he’s going to be a little bit more Jekyll than Hyde in this one here today [Applause] first offering on its way and underway now from Dodger Stadium as the first pitch of the afternoon misses for ball one [Applause] ready with the 1o pitch swing and a Miss just behind a lively fastball Blackmon or Chuck nasty as he’s commonly referred to he was taken in the second round during the 2008 draft yeah Maddie they certainly got it right when they drafted this guy he has turned himself into an absolute superstar everybody knows this guy’s name and kids are buying his jerseys [Applause] he fires a fastball now for a called strike to snook that high hard one by him without a swing but that’s a pitch and location he can do a lot of damage with gotta be careful doing that [Applause] and a good pitch there is this swung on and missed for the first out of the ballgame and a chance now to check at the visiting Colorado Rockies who stands out to you Danny well as this game moves along keep an eye on Gerardo Parra this guy hit over 300 last year and man it was impressive just hitting over 300 is really something special to look at he’s a consistent hitter I love watching his approach he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes he’ll be there again this year if he continues to stay within himself ready to deliver here’s the first pitch no balls and a strike the count no wave animus a tic behind a good fastball it’s amazing I tell so many fans you get in a box one time the one pitch you’re gonna swing at more than any other is that elevated fastball your eyes light up as an offensive player and you just cannot get to it ready on Owen 2 little dribbler down the line that one’s up foul oh man that’s a frustrating one as a hitter that pitcher missed right there he did not want to hang that breaking ball with two strikes and you foul it away you have to regroup you’re not seeing that again and there are the umpires assigned to this one fouling balls and strikes is mr. Carl Dixon hey Darrell one of the things you have to be aware of as a hitter from Carl Dixon he’ll call that high strike yeah he will so you better be on top of your game with two strikes because if they elevate good chance Carl Dixon’s punching your ticket swinging a ball lying down in the left-field corner but this is going to get foul another one to delivery that’s lift to the other way out to left Kemp has a read on it makes the play and there are

two gone now for Colorado Nolan Arenado [Applause] first pitch of the at-bat swing-and-a-miss at a ball down [Applause] set to deliver the owen one and he founds this one off [Applause] swung on and he went fishing in the dirt the throw the first is in time and the inning is over three up three down for Colorado and now the Dodgers get a crack at it no score Chad Bettis a right-hander from the state of Texas is the man on the mound here what’s your take on a bin Chad Bettis is all about attitude not a very big guy but he’s not afraid to attack the strike zone good fastball 93 to 95 with a little bit of sinking action on it has a curve ball in the slider and occasional changeup one of the keys to know if he’s on early late hitting some problems early on in counts so coming to the plate Chris Taylor and leave things off here in the bottom half of the first and he connects with it this one’s hit deep out to left-center field and that will hop over the wall out there as he starts the home first with a ground rule double well he hit that one pretty well all the way out to the warning track and clearly there’s some hard dirt out there because that ball bounced right over the wall for a ground rule double into the box now logan forsythe as he lifts it in the air to right-field Gonzales has to come in a few steps but he has it for out number one time now to check out how the hometown Dodgers light up in this one Dan police act we focused on well I know these guys love what Justin Turner brings to their offense he hit over 320 last year and that will get any pitchers attention they knew it when he was coming up and they knew it when he was on the on-deck circle really impressive hitter next up for Los Angeles Justin Turner career numbers against Bettis eight hits in 15 at-bats he’s also driven in five runs first pitch on its way high fastball is in there Turner 33 years old he was selected in the seventh round or in the first year player draft of 2006 man coming out of the late rounds you have to grind for everything nothing is given to you and this guy has turned himself into a very solid big-league ball player that’s a big accomplishment hey that’s obviously the game plan against this guy bury it in on his hands he finds himself down o2 now he doesn’t know if he’s coming back in there we’re going breaking stuff down and away he takes strike three called on the fastball couldn’t pulled a trigger and there are two away out him well no preferential treatment there sometimes we see great hitters have done hauls go their way on close pitches but not this time I think that was actually a good take but on two strikes anything that close can go either way so that’ll bring in the National League Rookie homerun record holder Cody Bellinger first opportunity for him here with the leadoff man still standing at second two gone now [Applause] dear honey’s really getting the better of him now it’s strike two [Applause] here’s the Owen – now a fastball if you just reared up and let that one fly and the inning is over back-to-back strikeouts keep them out of danger more baseball on MLB Network right after this here’s cargo Carlos

Gonzales don’t get us started in the top of the second Cooper number five he’s set and the pitch a little bouncer [Applause] [Applause] on its way the o1 hitch changeup gets him out in front for strike two really deceptive changeup they’re very well executed it looks like it just sort of dies when it gets close to the plate [Applause] the swing in this ball is blasted to right-field nothing’s gonna keep this one in the ballpark and goodbye this one ain’t coming back a solo shot here for Carlos Gonzales and the Rockies are out to a one-nothing lead and that brings in the power hitting shortstop Trevor story [Applause] ready with the first here it comes lower the fastball here in the dirt even it’s ball one no outs nobody on [Applause] not close it’s to a known that was one of the easiest takes he’ll have all year and it puts him in a great hitters count he’s got to take advantage of this situation [Applause] now the to own a swing and a Miss that’s the first strike [Applause] the 2-1 home is swung on and missed and that’s strike two I’d be shocked if you sell anything else but a fastball right here he’s blown those first two by him don’t give this guy a chance to speed up his bat with something off-speed in front of the change-up there is this is chopped foul at home plate [Applause] swangin to missus he couldn’t connect on the two-seamer and that’s out number one all right guys here’s the defensive alignment for the Los Angeles Dodgers the guy I want a spot shadow today his Cody Bellinger versatility is his game the bat plays no matter where he hits in a lineup but a guy who can play Gold Glove first base and move to the outfield [Applause] become set here’s the nothing and nothing pitch high and deep to right-center back those Peterson at the track but he has no chance to make the play it’s off the wall and he’s in there at third with a one-out triple anytime the ball is hit that hard to deep center you know it’s going to be a tough play the centerfielder gives chase but it ends up coming off the wall and by that time you knew it was going to be a triple [Applause] here’s the catcher now Chris Iannetta as he’ll swing and hit this one hard but fouled off to the left and out of play [Applause] the oh one on its way sliders in for a strike this is where as a batter you got to find a way to put something in the

outfield get something elevated I know you got a battle with two strikes and protect but if anything is belt or above and does swing Desmond stands a third with one gone in the inning – sure Taylor has it only play is going to be the first so score it as an RBI groundout as the lead moves to 2 to nothing now that grounder was hard hit and sometimes the runner at third will have to hold on a ball like that but he was off on contact and they opted to take the out at first instead [Applause] in now number six he’ll go after the first pitch and bounce it into foul territory he’ll work on keeping this top of the second alive now the pitch off the plate one ball one strike [Applause] now the one in one pitch misses off the plate [Applause] the to one swing and a little tapper but that one rolls foul great job by the pitcher right there to put him in the proverbial rocking chair slowed him down sped him up slowed him down let’s see where he’s going now swing and a Miss is the slider sets him down for the final out of the inning it’s two runs here on two hits with one of them being the home run stepping in Kent will lead things off here for LA but don’t go too far yasiel puig set to bat next hey we’re still in the early stages than this one they’re only down by a couple of runs but it’s really key for this leadoff guy to try to get on and get a big inning started strike one to start the at-bat oh and 1 here it comes takes a good curve ball at the knees two great pitches down in the zone interested to see where he goes now does he bounce something into dirt does he go elevated fastball a lot of options at hand right now another Oh to home lot have been looking to find that outside corner but he couldn’t quite get it there it’s one into the one two is an off-speed pitch taken for a ball wow that was a close pitch on one and two that counts now & 2 & 2 but boy that one very easily could have been called strike three really close pitch and it’s up to a 3-2 full count now on deck the man they’ve all come to see yasiel Puig waiting next payoff pitch one more time and lets him off the hook there as this isn’t even close for ball four and now is the SEL queen first chance for him here with a man on following the leadoff walk a changeup that just catches the bottom of the zone for a strike strike two called on the inner half Owen to now hey you find yourself down OH – you got a grind a little bit right here I don’t understand the game plan let’s see if we can get this one back to Peter Kennedy had to sit back on the change-up and they did a good job to get the bat on that one a runner at first with no outs here curveball got him swinging for the first down alright guys so here’s how the Colorado Rockies set up defensively in the outfield Berardo farm creamer gold Glover takes amazing routes to the baseball big time arm pitchers best friend takes a high fastball for a strike just a bit late and he’s falling behind Owen too and he goes up the ladder on him but he lays off one and two you know Maddie I’m not surprised by that pitch raise the eye level a little bit maybe we get something bouncing in the dirt right here able to protect the plate with two strikes and he’ll see another one hey I don’t mind you throwing a fastball in this situation but I think if we’re being honest with ourselves that one caught a little bit too much of the plate the one-two is a wave and a Miss

he struck him out he put up a pretty good battle at the plate right there they finally get him on a 1 & 2 pitch there you can see that he wasn’t laying down without a fight he really made the pitch or earn that strikeout [Applause] dear joc pederson now as the first pitch misses to him it’s ball one he takes his first cuts in this one with a man at first and two away count is even at 1 and 1/2 Peterson Kemp is off at first with two away skyed in the air to straightaway left Parra coasts under it no trouble with this one and the inning is over one left for LA they trail it here two to nothing [Applause] not far from us here at Dodger Stadium the beautiful beaches of Southern California thanks again for joining us on MLB Network baby hop into the box now is the Colorado pitcher Chad Bettis as we are all set to begin the third inning in this one one of the keys to securing a win that they want to keep the pressure on and try to build that lead as much as they can moving into the later innings Oh in one the count [Applause] and he misses with it one and one [Applause] Rockies pitcher with a bat in his hands and a one in two count [Applause] and a fastball just a bit high well these are just extra pitches that are just going to add to your Pitts count he’s there trying to work around him and no reason to but sometimes you just lose the strike zone for no apparent reason swing-and-a-miss says he starts the third the same way he ended the second with a punch-out one away any time a pitcher locates a fastball on the inside corner it’s going to be a tough pitch to hit that one was spot-on and he had no answer for from the stretch here’s the pitch just got a piece of the fastball that time is has got fouled at the plate for strike one [Applause] Blackmon behind no balls and two strikes Wow great pitch right there right changing speeds how about that straight changeup how about that swing howdy if you’re waving at me tried to get him to go after the slider but it’s 1 & 2 [Applause] count still dat one and two bases are empty one man keep battling young man three foul balls in a row he is calibrating that heater and the off speed let’s see if he can catch something on the barrel a great pitch there is he couldn’t get extended on that one and he’s down on strikes for the second out just tied him up with that last pitch pretty evident by the swing sometimes guys getting that protect mode so much that they’re swinging at everything that they see and the end of offering at pitches that they can’t possibly do anything with in is Gerardo Parra hit in the air to centerfield through first in hustling for second and that one skips up over the wall for a ground rule double [Applause] here’s Nolan Arenado as the first pitch

to him runs a bit inside for ball one [Applause] now the 1ohm hotshot 2/3 and that’s through on the left to base hit the throw to the plate and this will not be closed and the run will score easily what a frustrating inning from a pitcher standpoint do you get the first two odd inning the next kind doubles huh and then you give up a two-out base hit to drive in a run yeah you want to talk about on the complete flip side fire and up an offense you see your two boys go down two quick outs you mix in a gapper right there dumbull finds himself on second base and he’s able to come through next guys able come through with a big two-out now here’s cargo Carlos Gonzales trying to keep things going now with a runner at first following the RBI single it’ll be interesting to see if they use that changeup in this at-bat that last that bet that was a changeup he hit for a home run I’m gonna see if this time they don’t go to more fastballs and curveballs on its way the oh one pitch setup away with the change-up but it’s one in one you can really tell about how effective this guy is going to be when guys are swinging at that changeup so far in this one they’ve been real smart to let it go [Applause] be set here comes the one one this has hit high in the air out toward left-center Kemp has a read on it makes the catch and that will retire the side a couple of hits lead to one in the inning for Colorado we’ll head now to the home half of ending number three the Rockies are out in front three to nothing leading off the inning brock stewart and they’ll need him to get something going here [Applause] first delivery to him on the way hey there’s a strength popped him up Coronado on the move he gets there and makes the play for the first out the matter number three whew what a great catch trying to pick things up where we left off Chris Taylor he’ll try to follow up the double in his last at-bat with another big I can’t believe you actually caught that that was insane [Applause] first pitch on its way takes a knee high fastball the hitter in this situation has to understand that this pitcher is on the attack looking for a quick inning if there’s something in the heart of the plate you better pull the trigger on it 1 and 1/2 the Dodgers leadoff man the one one home strike two swinging if I’m the guy in the batter’s box right here I have to take a step out to just my batting gloves take the pull side out of it because that was three fast balls in a row that gets down and he’s got himself a base in hey just a nice piece of hitting right there he’s able to keep his hands inside that ball space where as long as possible and feed it into the opposite field for a base hit right over my head that’s okay I’ll get him out into the box at some place he’ll take a change up here for strike one hold for one here in the early going poor SIA playing here in his age 31 season he was a first round pick during the 2008 draft yeah he has turned himself into a really nice ball player I wouldn’t put him on a superstar level but you know what they didn’t miss with this pick either you go into high rounds and you carve out a career the way this guy has nice bit and there’s swung on and missed his fifth strikeout already and there are two gone in the inning got him with a good high fastball there Danny we see a lot of that pitch in strikeout situations these days what makes it so effective I think Matt what makes it

such a tough pitch as you’re changing I levels that fastball up looks so enticing to hit that you think you see that ball as a hitter do you think it can drive it but it’s really hard to get on top of that good high hard fastball Justin Turner his max busy finds himself behind on one and he takes strike two [Applause] Taylor the runner at first with two gone and this one runs in on him as he can’t get his arms extended a great pitch there in the inning is over Dodgers leave one still down three nothing [Applause] with Mark DeRosa and Dan please AK Matt vasgersian with you as Trevor story digs into the right side of the batter’s box to kick off the end [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] he said here it comes the bouncing to the left side gloved by Taylor on the first and it’s dropped luckily for him though there’ll be no advance well as we watched this time to just shake my head looks like a good throw but the first baseman just drops it I guess that big glove isn’t big enough huh stepping in now Ian Desmond as he rips it on the ground the second there’s one on the first and they get the DoublePlay here’s the catcher now Chris Iannetta he’s over 1 after grounding out in his only trip to the plate so far first pitch of the at-bat swing and a ball hit on the ground this is foul for the first strike if you’re going to get a swing on a fastball that far in off the plate I think you got to go right back in there or bounce something soft down in the way Iannetta behind now oh and two bases are empty here with two men out and here’s one that misses so the count runs 4 1 & 2 now on Iannetta classic strikeout pitch right there on o2 it’s the one we know he loves going to but great recognition to lay off in that spot – in tune to the Colorado catcher man this said that has changed quickly from oh and to now – – and to a good job of plate discipline by this hitter not chasing those pitches just off the plate – – here it is good swing on a tough pitch and he’ll stick around to see another one now another two two high fly ball out to straightaway center Peterson has a read on it and that retires the side Rockies are down quietly but they lead it 3 nothing digging in for his second at-bat Cody Bellinger performing here comes the first pitch but swing just got to try and straighten that one out [Applause] swinging strike and now it’s Owen too [Applause]

now a fastball up around the shoulders but it’s strike three call that a questionable first out of the inning boy he’s got great stuff today doesn’t he that seven punchouts now here in the middle innings he’s up over one in the inning up to this point it’ll be interesting to see if this line it can change their plan of attack and start to put the ball in play but right now that’s just not happening first pitch coming here it is takes a fastball on the inside corner Kim an imposing right handed figure at six foot four inches tall this is his 12th season in the big leagues so he’s put together a really nice career at this point yeah Maddy no kiddin right there I’ll tell you what the grind to get to the big leagues is so hard guys just want they just want to spend a month a day in the big leagues so to put yourself here for 12 years screams to your ability to adjust and be a great teammate his put in play to the right side of the infield fielded cleanly pro on the first takes care of campus he’s turned away for the second out and now is yasiel puig first off ring on its way missed with the breaking ball [Applause] now the one ohm out in front there is this one’s pulled off to the left side [Applause] 1/1 waves at misses for strike number two hey this guy has been locating his fastball all game to perfection talking to a number of big league pitchers over the years they’ll tell you a well-executed fastball with good location and we’ll have to leave it there as this is strike three and that will retire the side one two three go the Dodgers they trail it here three to nothing digging in to try it again number six over one forum here in this one numbers [Applause] first delivery to him on the way swing-and-a-miss just behind a lively fastball hey if I’m on the mound right now and I get a swing and miss like that I’m bouncing it even further throwing it even higher I might pick up the rosin bag and throw that and see if I could get his swinging him this fooled him there and a little pop-up to the right side and a leaping effort but it’s off his glove and he’ll reach first safely but beggars can’t be choosers right there if we love those lawn darts doesn’t matter how they come jammed off the end of the bat doesn’t matter riding in once again chat Vettes he’s over 1 thus far first pitch of the at-bat on its way very weakly on the ground [Applause] oh one count here’s the pitch another one fouled off and he’s quickly behind one two little guessing game going on right now being late on that fastball after the change he had to be sitting off speed right there Owen to count here’s the pitch inside as that perhaps will back him off a bit 1 & 2 now if all grounded to short this could be to foresight on to first so they let him swing with two strikes and it’ll cost him is it’s a double play Center building now back to the top of the lineup stepping in Charlie Blackmon he’ll look to bounce back after striking out his last time up first pitch on its way swinging a ball hits softly on the ground three runs five hits no errors in the ballgame for the Rockies thus far now a swing and a Miss and things are not looking real promising here down Owen – two things pitchers really love called strike threes and jamming hitters how about that talk about that Jam right there that’s about as good as it gets a little bit off the outside it’s 1 & 2 the one to it hard to the right side

foul hey he looked like he was a little bit out in front on that breaking ball right there the body can go a little bit if he was able to keep his hands back a little bit he might have been able to do some damage with that pitch again another foul ball would love to have a meeting at the mound right now with the pitcher don’t understand that pitch down and in with a fastball with two strikes maybe he’s looking for a ground ball 2 and 2 now with two away in the bases empty seventh pitch of the at-bat coming up [Applause] on a line that’s ovation well that ball was closed whizzed right by his head I think he probably heard it go bye guys that’s pretty unsettling for a pitcher trust me I know stand again now Gerardo Parra as the first pitch misses high and inside for ball one he’s 1 for 2 in this one [Applause] the one or no delivery and that one just missed outside Blackman leads off first with a pair of outs in the inning throw over to first and the runner will get back standing now the to own bounced weekly near the plate at rolls foul for strike one the two one fouled away runner on first with two away don’t be shocked that this pitcher tries to go a little bit further outside his zone three foul balls in a row he wants to get a swing and a Miss on this next pitch the 2-2 one more time is laid off and the count runs full what we’re seeing here is a really smart at-bat they got to be thinking the men on the mound is getting a little short on gas so wouldn’t you go up there and make him throw a bunch of pitches you’re more likely to get a good pitch to hit or at least force him out of the game popped him up Turner’s got it and the site is retirement rocki strand one but they’re on top by a count of three to nothing [Applause] that’ll bring in Austin Barnes they’ll start things out here in the home fifth and it’s been tough sledding for this lineup through the first half of the game yeah they haven’t had any momentum going to the plate so far on this one Matt they need something to break their way and wake them up a bit be nice to get these fans involved at some point as well he’s ready here’s the first offering a high fastball is in there you have shocked he let that first pitch go right there high fastball but usually those ones travel the furthest [Applause] and they go away here it’s a cold striped nothing into [Applause] and he brings up another one make it nine strikeouts for him in the game I think we’re starting to see the frustration noun from this offense it’s been a pretty dominant performance on the mound and these hitters have had no answer for anything he’s throwing up there that will wear on yet that lasts throughout most of the game like it has here in now joc pederson lined a short but gobbled up there and there are two away Chase Utley would get the call to pinch-hit here as we’ll see what he can do with two out and the bases empty first finds the zone no balls and

a strike to the now 39 year old veteran no runs two hits one error in the ballgame for the Dodgers to this point popped up and Arlen Otto will make the catch to retire the side Dodgers down in order they trail in this one three nothing Pedro báez takes over to start the sixth inning on the mound number 52 digging into try it again Nolan Arenado career numbers against Baez just a to 414 line so advantage pitcher here he’s also been a strikeout victim six times first pitch on its way swung on and missed out clasped by that fastball for a strike and now some action in that Dodger bullpen as a left-hander has begun to get loose now the pitch get back up the middle oh look at the in time and that’s a huge play to keep the leadoff men on base [Applause] Carlos Gonzales will stand in here hoping to duplicate what he did back in the second inning we flash you back to take another look at his solo homerun that helped get this offense rollin here’s the first pitch to him and he takes ball one there’s not too many umpires in the game that are gonna ring that for a strike right there that was borderline up even though it was in the zone weird swing-and-a-miss is you ramps up on the fastball one and one [Applause] one one here’s a high pop-up and he’ll stay with it to put it away as they get their man here what a weird pitch man I can’t get used to that digging in once again Trevor story no hits to this point first delivery to him on the way and he jumps her to change up a swing into this classic case right there of an off-speed pitch and that hitters eyes lit up in that front shoulder went flying he’s got to find a way to keep that thing tucked and play with the big part of the field looking for the strikeout here’s the O 2 pitch and he chased it in the dirt up with it Barnes and that ends the inning so no runs no hits no errors and no one left top of the order due up in the home half of the sixth Rockies lead it 3 to nothing ready for another shot now Chris Taylor go start things down in the sixth they were line up that really hasn’t found its groove in this one yeah holy two hits so far Matt and not very many hard-hit balls either we’ll see if they could start making some adjustments he’s ready here’s the first offering fastball here is we’ll take a look at ball 1 1 and own now this guy has retired a whole slew right now I think what he needs to do is just stay focused and keep attacking a gameplan like he has up to this point because everything he’s done has worked and a strike to even the count 1 & 1 the 1 1 home is taken for strike two the 1 2 looked at for ball number 2 looking for his tenth strikeout here’s the pitch and he struck him out so double digits now ten strikeouts four in thus far that’s ten strikeouts for him now and I’ll tell you he could racked up

quite a few more before he’s done first allowed a game left in this one ready once again Morgan foresight he’s over to in the ball game so far [Applause] first pitch coming here it is makes a fastball on the inside corner I mean the obvious key right now is the movement on his two seamer he’s able to spot it up in when he has to and he’s able to go back to it behind Owen – now a wind-up and the O – pitch Oh – pitch is swung on and lifted in the air out to centerfield Blackmon will put this one away and that’s out number two stepping in and ready for another shot Justin Turner no hits for him to this point not unlike many of his fellow teammates first offering on its way takes a look at one catching the outside corner hey you can tell by the look on that managers face he’s obviously frustrated right now but it’s a long season you’re gonna have a lot of ebbs and flows with your offense does he take his step back and relax a little bit or does he call a team meeting right after this one two out nobody on popped him up this will not be caught it’s a foul ball the one two neither guy willing to give in and the ad battle continued the one to his curveball taking low for a ball he executed that one to curveball pretty well I think it’s right where he wanted it to end up but he couldn’t get him to chase at it we’ll see what they go with now after that didn’t work out that’s it’s a short does he have another 1-2-3 inning you bet he does 11 in a row set down and the inning is over one two three go the Dodgers still down three nothing [Applause] back here at Dodger Stadium Rocky’s out on top in this one as we head to the seventh but before we get started let’s get a look at the game summary through the first six innings of baseball riding in once again Ian Desmond in rear numbers against Baez he’s gone two for five hammered the other way to deep right field back goes Puig and this will find the wall out near the visitors bullpen and he will make it there as the Rockies are in business right away it’s a leadoff double talk about starting off the inning with a bang goodness when this thing left the bat I thought it was out of here and I think he might have to only made it to the warning track but he glides in the second base with a lead off double runner at second now nobody out and standing in the catcher Chris Iannetta no balls and a strike to County the oh one pitch swinging strike and now it’s Owen – in today’s game is seeing so many guys strike out and not worry about it I’d love to see a little two-strike approach right here oh and while we talked that pitch got away and ended up hitting him so he’ll head down to first on the hit by pitch numbers well the good news is this guy can really dial it up and let it fly the bad news is sometimes he overthrows it and has absolutely no idea where it’s going he’s in a little bit of a trouble so we’ll see if he can work his way out of this into the box number six yes he pops the first pitch foul behind the plate he’s working on a one for two game so far and a changeup swung on and missed for the first down one of the toughest pitches they hit the straight changeup right el cambio hadn’t seen it in an entire at-bat what happens gets the string pulled on him right there had no chance to put that ball in play from the stretch just a tick behind for a strike Desmond over at second Iannetta at first one gone setting them up inside as he

swings and misses for strike two just getting blown away so far no reason to throw anything else that speed up his back to stay right there [Applause] here it comes on nothing in two and a swing and a Miss there on a late breaking slider as he set down on strikes for the second time this afternoon really good late bite on that slider right there the best ones have that late action that just starts at the last minute they’re so tough to get the bat on and when you’ve got that good slider going it’s a great strikeout pitch here’s Charlie Blackmon now it was a single for him in his last at-bat from the belt clip itch this is hit high in the air out toward left-center Kemp has a read on it and the inning is over two left for Colorado they lead it 3 to nothing [Applause] and next will be the Dodgers cleanup hitter Cody Bellinger starting to run out of time they haven’t been able to score any runs as we’re moving late into this one a perfect time for this leadoff guy to try to get on base and ignite a rally fouled off a wind-up and the oh one and there’s ball one one one is in there for the second strike that’s how you open up the outside part of the plate pound two balls in and then get right back outside nice pitch Donna and he goes down on strikes for the third time he’s really racked up two strikeouts in this one and this guy’s been victimized three times already today he and this lineup are clearly having a really tough time picking him up so here’s Matt Kemp now as with one away he can’t make contact on the first hit strike one he was retired via the ground ball last time up ground ball sent back up the middle and that is threw into center field for a one-out single hero that’s a one-out single right there hey the pitcher hasn’t picked out of the stretch in a while he’s been pretty sharp so far this one yeah and hopefully that runner right there can get his attention a little bit more devoted on first base in any visa [Applause] and now is the SEL puig he swings and grounds it to short and a glove flip for one on the first it’s a double play as their woes continue the inning is over nothing doing for the Dodgers here they trail it here three to nothing Scott Alexander’s been summoned from the bullpen is he’ll do so to start the eighth leading off the inning Berardo para as they look for some added insurance before the bottom half of the inning here it comes strike one to start the at-bat [Applause] and here’s the swinging to missus he falls behind nothing into hey that was a nasty pitch right there it’s the depth of his sinker sometimes it’s a matter of whether or not it’s moving east-west but that one right there had such good downward action great pitch and this is going to find the alley as he might have himself his second double of the ballgame and he will make it there as the Rockies are in business right away it’s a leadoff double well left the old lefty this is a tough matchup but he stays in there keeps that front shoulder closed and just whips the pitch for a two-bagger nice job of to find the odds there here’s Nolan Arenado he’ll go after the first pitch and bounce it into foul territory he’s working on a 1:43 thus far ready with the nothing in one pitch shoots this one over to first Bellinger’s got it and they’ll take this to the bag himself for the first out but it’s a productive one as the runner moves up to third here’s Garko Ramos Gonzales he was the

tired after popping out in his last at-bat ready with the first pitch here it comes and it’s filed away Parra takes his lead at third with one away off that late one ball one strike and a sinker gets too low there into the dirt in fact [Applause] hitters count now here’s the two and one hit sharply on the ground bro gets him you two down now better not at the plate Trevor story runner in scoring position with Sudan [Applause] he’s set in the pitch down the middle and it’s going to get through into centerfield for a base hit tried to make it home when he shouldn’t have and now they’ve got him hung up and he’ll be tagged out heading toward the plate and with that the ending is over that’ll bring in Austin Barnes he leads off their half in the eighth and they’ve been unable to get that starter out of the game to this play yeah he settled in early on the mound partly due to the lead his guys gave him to take some of the pressure off he’s taken that and pitched very effectively in this one and that’s inside off the plate with the fastball it’s 1 & 1 my ties him up with a fastball inside one into the one – and this is hit hard to the right side foul now another one too lifted down the line in left and he reaches up to track this one down for the first out and he had to go a long way to get to that ball now with the plate joc pederson lined out in his last trip so looking for better fortunes here hey and he starts him out with a strike on the outer half textbook pitching performance so far in this one as we move into the later innings first pitch strikes how about over 90% that’s about as good as it gets [Applause] and he looks at a ball one and two decided to go with a fastball there on oh and two but what he’s trying to do with that pitch is to expand the strike zone maybe you get a guy to offer at it but at the very least it helps set up your off-speed stuff he’s just rolling right now and even dozen strikeouts for him in the ball game that swing tells me he was really trying to get a pitch out front and rip it down the line but after that wasn’t a great pitch to do it on it’s really not the best two-strike approach either number 12 will get the call to pinch-hit here as we’ll see [Applause] bases are empty here with two men out [Applause] into the wind up here comes the o2 pig and he’s got another one 13 strikeouts now and the inning is over Dodgers down in order they trail in this one three nothing Daniel Hudson enters from the pen to start the ninth inning as he’ll try to keep the score right where it is heading

to the bottom of the night digging in and looking for more Ian Desmond career line against Daniel Hudson pretty good success he’s four for five becomes set here’s the nothing in nothing pitch mine to the right side alley can’t bring it down they said hey this looks like it could be a potential add-on inning here in the night add-on get some breathing room to their pitcher going into the bottom of the inning dear oh yeah the offense stays aggressive and you also like giving your relief pitcher a chance to breathe a little bit not having to come out there with just a one run lead for sight on the first a double play in now number six he’s got a hit in three at-bats to this point from the stretch here’s the pitch shot toward right-center weed is there and they’ll make the catch to retire the side nothing doing for the Rockies but they lead it 3 nothing now back to the top of the Dodgers ordered digging in Chris Taylor and then what’s gone wrong for this lineup today they’re only three outs away from being shut out boy you know I just haven’t seen a lot of fight in these at-bats now of course plenty of credit goes to that pitching but the effort on the offensive side has been pretty lethargic watching from up here in the booth Matt yeah I would imagine that feels the same from watching in the stands in this one into the windup here comes the Owen one hold high in the air out to left field Parra is over one down now batting next up for Los Angeles Logan Forsythe no hits in three tries so far he struck out once he’s ready here’s the first offering and a fastball just a bit up now the one own he’s taken strike one hey I watched Tom Glavine mastered throwing change ups inside to right-handed batters and getting them to pull it foul and this guy can command that front hip curveball he’s going to go to a ball game now the one in one pitch takes a pitch for strike number two [Applause] one app nobody on and he lays off it to even the count 2 & 2 and with one out in the ninth he’s just now coming up on his 100th pitch of the ballgame yeah Maddie he’s gonna finish this one on adrenaline if he’s allowed to we’ll see how the manager plays this one I know guys like damn three sacks were locked and loaded in this position well this is right now a dream if you’re out in that bullpen right now your starting pitcher gets you into the ninth inning the guys that if they do get up in the ninth inning these are the best relievers and they’re just lurking out there what a terrific job up to this point ready for another chance Justin Turner he’s their last shot here with two away in the ninth as they look to avoid the shutout yeah and that they just haven’t had any answer for the great pitching so far in this one I know it’s a guessing game but usually when you flip that coin it better come up fastball at this level he cannot be late right there that was right in the wheelhouse the Dodgers down to their final strike a ball and two strikes well you don’t want to get caught looking for the final out that’s a tough pitch to lay off impressive that he did fast ball stays way up that time for ball two kind of pitching him backwards in this a be soft stop early then those last two were fast balls trying to get it right by on the rain so the first year will be in time for the final out and the Rockies get a complete game shutout from their starter as this ball game is over 3 nothing the final score in this one today the Rockies took the lead in the second ending and rode that until the very end Chad Bettis pitch is well enough to get the W so that’ll just about do it for my partner’s Mark DeRosa and Dan please act this is Matt vasgersian you’ve been watching a presentation of MLB Network so long everybody the final lights go football game this afternoon where the victorious Brockman rerun you

a reminder that posting bus service on Metro bus routes 2 3 and 4 is available at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Elysian Park Avenue [Applause]