welcome to daily habit channel where we give you the most comprehensive predictions for the day this is your horoscope for the month of October 2019 for love for wealth and for welfare if you want your readings to be done for a specific date please leave your birthdate and here on the comment section down below we have uploaded our readings and predictions for the week of September 30th to October 6th please do watch it also if you want to be part of our growing community make it a daily habit to visit our Channel let’s start Aries March 21st to April 19th the road ahead may be a mystery to you right now Aries you can probably sense that changes are coming as there is something in the air that is absolutely sizzling it feels good but may also feel frightening because you don’t know what to expect this month you will begin to see your path open up this will likely occur through conversations observationally tranquil times and through little signs that seem to find their way to you throughout the month does this mean you will be off to the races right away no not necessarily but throughout October you can make considerable progress toward the places that you are meant to be at however if you choose to pursue an objective that has led you down in the past you may feel stuck go with what seems right and best for you intuitively you may have been making a request to the universe for something you want tier Li you may truly believe that this is something you will embrace wholeheartedly yet you’re not open to receiving it at this time is that because you aren’t sure there’s this desire conflict with something else that you want you know what take some time this month to figure out because this can become available to you soon if you are open if your heart is open to it just be sure to be true to yourself and to be honest with yourself as you assess what is best and what is most important to you it’s always April 20th to May 20th a lot of focus for you for this month the Taurus will be on home in family that may not be a special Pleasant thought right now because there may be some stress and strife centered around one or both of those aspects in your life there could be something unsettling about your home or your home life there may be an expanding chasm between you and someone you love but the fact that this month highlights those areas is actually a good thing this is not about something to dread this is about something to look forward to and something to be grateful for in October you will have several chances to make to improve your situation both within your home and your home life as well as with estranged or fractured family relationships you may have something else to celebrate this month as well something you did very well in the past perhaps even a long time ago may have have made major impressions on someone your particular talents may have become very relevant recently and is in high demand the only possible notable friction that you may encounter in October could occur with an authority figure who is pushy or unkind in the way they deal with others even if this person is in charge of something you’ve involved in be sure to stand up for yourself that will be respected by someone who does matter you Gemini May 21st to June 20th a long term friendship perhaps one that has been with you since childhood could be tested this month although you have avoided confronting each other there’s a conflict brewing you may not want to instigate friction but that may be exactly what is needed if you do bring this out into the light of day you can work through it successfully and find a

greater peace and harmony once again through strong communication and consideration of each other’s feelings going to a loved one for an advice can be a double-edged sword Gemini on one hand a loved one may know you better than just anyone else especially if this is a close family member they will understand what makes you tick they will know your strengths and your weaknesses they can offer you truly insightful advice but then again if the advice goes wrong or you wind up in an argument over what direction to take it can damage your relationship or create unnecessary tension that can be stressful however if you go into it understanding all of this and decide that this will only be for the gate you can make it work also this month don’t allow someone’s terse message or flawed communication create anxiety you may wonder what someone’s shorthand delivered in a text message or is a post in the social media is all about it will be very easy to read between the lines which is why this is not a good way to communicate because you can certainly misinterpret the true meaning this is a month when communication can go awry so try to stick to face-to-face communication cancer June 21st to June 20th many people born under the sign of cancer have been burning the candle at both ends for some time now and that may not be as fun and exciting as the one might imagine it isn’t that you have been socializing or partying more likely you are spending a lot of time working intensely and trying to catch up on some of your obligations that have fallen behind the pace may continue for a week or so in the beginning of October but things should start to slow down and become calmer and more evenly paced after that and when that happens it will give you the chance to take in with some the things you really want to do there might be one goal in particular that you have been fantasizing about one that you haven’t had the time to devote your time to for a while that goal is what you should make a point of working on this month this could lead to something big for you you may have gotten behind or disappointed yourself in some way with a financial goal recently this month if you are careful and work on creating budget for yourself you cannot just catch up but you may even be able to get ahead allotted financial security can be dependent on proper planning and budgeting there could also be some lucrative opportunities coming your way that will allow you to beef up your income and/or your savings you may be working towards learning something or perfecting a skill and it may be taking longer than expected but keep this in mind when you are building a house you don’t start with the kitchen or the then you start with the foundation right now they’re laying an important foundation for your goal once that is done things should pick up and gain momentum rather quickly Leo July 23rd to August 22nd your strong tough and assertive Leo but you’re also very much a people pleaser people are drawn to you for your magnetic charm your big heart and the warmth irradiate and you love being loved and adored therefore you sometimes go overboard in trying to please others even if that sometimes means being unfair to yourself this month you may be de lodged with people trying to get close to you and many may want something from you but you can still be adored what they know just be realistic about what you can take on and handle and be your usual charming self

if you have to turn someone down it’ll be alright a whole matter may need your attention later in the month this may be concerned to some important system or appliance malfunctioning an update or the discovery of our repair that is needed although you may just want to get this done you can look for ways to save money by shopping around bartering or even taking on a project yourself think about it you may have been denying certain feelings you have had about family matter when something affects you this deeply you often try to numb yourself to it or be tough and just endure it but if you can find a way to express the emotions you are feeling you will not only feel so much better you will also mint a rift or come to an understanding that can make you much happier Virgo August 23rd to September 22nd you have been harboring a dream for a long time now a vehicle perhaps you have gotten involved in trying to make that dream come true during some periods of time but this is a long and drawn-out process you may have made some headway but this is not a short stretch and there may be so many other things that you have to do you may be wondering if you can even make this happen without burning yourself out completely you can this month try scheduling brief moments in between their obligations to accomplish small steps don’t force yourself to go beyond that this way you have one brief assignment every so often and if you keep at it you will get there without all the angst and exhaustion early in October you may find yourself being pulled in many directions it seems that so many people want or need something from you but you are not and this source of help for others say yes to what you want to be involved in of course but don’t feel compelled to go beyond what you can comfortably to make this a personal rule and be firm about it your career or some favorite calling may come into focus this month you may receive an opportunity or someone may spark your interest and get a conversation started about pursuing something you love intensely be sure to make time for this because this could not only be a source of pride and enjoyment but it could also turn out to be a source of income and other material benefits in the future Libra September 23rd October 22nd it may seem like your loved ones are competing for your attention this month Libra maybe you haven’t been spending enough time with them in recent weeks or months and they may need to be steady comfort in the sense of welcome and warmth that you can provide them spending time with the people you care about and who care about you is incredibly valuable to you as well this month you may have the chance to spend a lot of more time with your family members and other loved ones this may happen through family gatherings birthdays and so on even if you are tied up with other things make it a point to attend any social get-togethers and be sure to extend invitations as well the sense of support and the knowledge that you are loved as being is something that can infuse your life with a true sense of belonging in the world a long-distance connection of some kind could come up in October this could have wide-ranging possibilities this could be offered or began a long-distance relationship or you may wind up doing some kind of business or transaction with someone who lives far away whatever it is though it will bring rewards that you will be happy to receive there will also be a focus on your living situation throughout this month perhaps you will consider redecorating or purchasing a new piece of furniture or it may be far more serious with the consideration of a move

plan carefully and avoid any impulsive decisions sleep on any choices you are thinking about making then make the best decision given all the considerations Scorpio October 23rd to November 21st is romance in your mind Scorpio if it isn’t yet it will be soon as your love life and intimacy should heat up significantly in October the possibilities depend on your unique circumstances of course so the way this impacts you personally could range from finding a new love to discovering amazing new facts of an existing relationship but this is definitely a good month for romantic moments there may be some unanswered questions with one of your more complicated friendships business or family relationships this month this could get even more confusing or mysterious before anything begins to become clear but it will become clear if you are patient and if you persist in asking the questions that you are thinking when you finally do find clarity here perhaps at the end of the month many things that have not added will start to make perfect sense and that in itself will be very rewarding some talent of yours that is creative in nature will be highlighted in October if you wish to further explore this talent and learn what possibilities it could open up in your life you may want to take a class do some insightful reading or consult with someone who has expertise if you take this seriously it could potentially become a source of great financial security one day and by so choosing to explore and discover more about your gift you can also start to build a network of connections that can support what you do and inspire you as well Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st you may feel that you have been forced to hang out on the sidelines for quite some time in an area of your life that is very meaningful to you Sagittarius whether this is your work your community or something else that you feel passionate about the circumstances may have kept you from getting as involved in something as you would like to be but this month you may be called in to play again and the thought of doing your thing after being out of it for so long may be inhibiting but you should find that once you jump back in it will all come back to you naturally don’t worry you may be thinking about embarking on a new venture but at the same time the magnitude of it may be intimidating and you may fear it would be too much this month partnering up with someone to take this on could be the recipe for success but only if you choose the right partner take some time to think about who could balance you out harmoniously before you make any moves you may find it hard to keep friends and loved ones happy this month it probably has nothing to do with you but rather with the general air of the satisfaction with others who want you to emulate what they would do instead keep in mind that you are a strong individual and remain true to yourself and you succeed you will ultimately make everyone happy especially yourself don’t be bogged down by criticism or judgment use your own internal radar to find your way Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th issues surrounding legal matters contracts or agreements could come up more than once in October tap record but this is a good thing because the conversations surrounding these matters would finally resolve some understanding concerns of yours although there may be some frustrating aspects to deal with if you keep your cool your conversations can be effective and enlightening which will bring you what you want a compromise may be in order this month

with a project that you can’t seem to get off the ground this may have been installed perhaps repeatedly because all parties could not come to an agreement if this is an important thing to you you know that someone has to budge a bit and maybe that’s you but even if you do you should still get most of what you want or even all of what you want if the compromise was all that was needed to make someone move forward you have done a lot of daydreaming in recent weeks about waste to acquire something you want but it’s time to stop dreaming and start creating a plan of action if you don’t move on soon this may fritter away into a lost dream that had great potential and that would be regretful someone in your world may frequently attempt to monopolize your time you often let this person get away with it because you enjoy their company but then again you may wind up getting behind on other important things which can lead to frustration this month work on establishing some clear boundaries then be firm about enforcing them Capricorn aquarius January 20th to February 18th you are naturally empathic and you have excellent insights into what makes a person tick this is both a blessing and a curse at times Aquarius this month someone that a friend or a family member wants to become involved with in business friendship or romance may not be what they appear to be you can see right through the facade to what lies beneath but be careful about sharing what you see you can give subtle hints but don’t be overly assertive or you could create resentment with a few well-placed hints this person should be able to seek things clearly after a while someone may say that you are selfish this month for taking on an endeavor they are not included in or for using your time to do something for yourself rather than for them you are anything but selfish so don’t take this seriously it may just be an immature kind of manipulation do what you know to be right without second-guessing yourself throughout October you need to punctuate your busy days with moments of peace and quiet for yourself this may take the form of a regular power nap a 15-minute meditation in the morning or maybe before sleep a cup of coffee away from the chaos or anything else that suits you doing this will maintain your energy level and your sense of well-being at the end of the month you may need to gather volunteers to help you with a project that has become overwhelming and because you are always so giving yourself you should have no trouble finding willing helpers Pisces February 19th to March 20th you may start this month out in a very emotional state of mind so what’s new right Pisces you are by nature a deeply feeling sign you often wear your heart on your sleeve and your emotional honesty is one of the things that people love about you don’t hold back if there’s a strong desire to express something even though others may warn you to be coy being your authentic self will draw in only the best for you a conflict with someone possibly a friend but more likely a close family member may leave you feeling alone to go through a tough experience but that person is there for you whether it seems that way or not and they may rise to the occasion at the last minute whatever you are working through now should result in a happy ending you should find yourself very close to the finish line with an important goal later in the month but you may wind up putting off reaching that goal why that may be a mystery even to you but most likely it will have

something to do with not wanting the experience to end but if you do choose to wrap this up you should find that an equally exciting opportunity may present itself very soon you may have been relying on someone else to help you navigate through the financial matter perhaps you have leaned to this person a bit too much and a bit too often therefore have not developed the skills you need to work on this time try to accomplish your money related tasks on your own turning the dispersion only when you get stuck this is a great way to empower yourself biases always remember these horoscope readings and predictions were presented just to guide you for today we’re still the ones who make our own decisions no matter what fate and life gives us it is up to us to make our own destiny you make your own destiny and as always thank you so much for your continuous support to our videos and channel please do not forget to Like comment subscribe and hit that notification bell to always get updated with our newest videos again thank you so much