paints okay so why don’t we talk about Shay’s the cordon of traffic workers why white wording well queer Jen um it has psychological relevance as a sociological relevance and for my purposes and the purposes of many legal advocates that are working on Gary from happening it has a lot of legal and normative significance accordion the word wording has a legal definition and as a result that has legal systems and in the realm of trafficking whether or not a worker is determined to be the worst under the category law will confer benefits will confer protection and benefits protection of benefits in form of additionally as well as a right to sue traffickers in a monetary compensation additionally potential criminal penalties against traffickers who are found to have worse their victims coercion there okay so fortunately gelsen significance it has also it has also developed controversially so under 13th amendment where the notion of abortion was first put forth as having a legal significance it stemmed from history of very different meanings of what we proceed to be portion today so so this oh it’s not so sex right thing um why advocates are interested and they should Corey so so legally the definition of worrying has been somewhat ambiguous and when the trafficking Victims Protection Act was passed which is mean federal legislation passed in 2002 increase criminal penalties against traffickers as well as through these benefits traveling victims that are virgin earlier actually modified the term version as being sufficient to find a legal by which a legalization of dr. Observatory or trafficking up now so that’s why the definite inclusion is so it’s irrelevant advocates have come to this issue desiring to interpret the chair incursion as broadly as possible to protect the widest range of immigrant workers who learn confine himself and Exploited exploited working conditions the previous trafficking victims protection act however the term version was defined and applied very narrowly so we can start back your way back to chew that they’re taking about this board child slavery coercion was thought to encompass physically so a threat either direct physical force or a friend physical force was defined as coercion so we can think of the hypothetical of a slave in the position of chattel slavery you do not submit to these working conditions than I would eat that’s the classic example so clearly to all of us that’s that’s clear the courts right involves a threat of physical force following the abolishment of slavery we give um encountered in USS recap image so def image then also involved workers who were not free because if they failed to work then they can be subject to criminal penalty okay so so they were held under their employer to work to pay off a debt right and if they fail to work then criminal laws would actually employers actually be able to criminally prosecute these workers for failing to fulfill their debt that is also considered legally course and is actually called legal burden a worker who fail to work by part I’m sorry a worker who’s forcing work by criminal penalty then could be found a victim through voluntary servitude because there are legally courts to work so as a child slavery and death image we had on to legal definitions of where

insufficient mine involuntary servitude physical portion of evil fortune okay so then you can move up to the 20th century the cases became much more complex we the Department of Justice began litigating and prosecuting cases that involve neither physical working nor legal abortion but what we have globally only come to turn a psychological cornea so he wasn’t threats of direct physical harm her threats of criminal punishment for failure to work that actually ports some workers it was other conference so for example a 1947 case not involving a domestic worker who was about to be involuntary servitude was worse because her employer threatened to make her to a mental institution by saying that she wasn’t intelligent enough to deal with like outside of the phone and therefore she had to comply with the exploited working conditions the court in that case determined that that domestic worker was immediately off of the voluntary servitude that’s USB angles even though she had not experienced a threat of physical force or threat of illegal course as a criminal failure to work post 1947 be the more pieces like that came up more domestic worker cases more cases involving migrant farm workers and different courts all over the nation different federal courts interpreted the idea of origin of different some ports went to the extreme of a narrow interpretation of drawn from our history child’s they conducted their for defining coercion has molly only threats of physical force or legal force other words wonít injure proportion much more broadly to include non-physical non-google not legal force so then in 1986 US Supreme Court finally predicates to resolve this issue what is the definition of court the supreme court defined it narrows they defined and narrowly to constitute only physical threats of physical force for legal force now the structure of their determination which is something I’ve been spent alive thinking about in researching follow society have no reasonable alternative so the Supreme Court decided that coercion could not involve physical psychological threats because it was far too subjective fart amorphous to find the Bible criminal violation involuntary servitude only threats that let the worker with no choice no reasonable alternative could sufficiently establish a violation of involuntary servitude under the thirteen component post the convincing case the 1986 meant to case still additional cases in front of the Department of Justice that involve not involve non-legal force so the Department of Justice basically made a plea to the US Congress you have to enact additional legislation to broaden the definition of courting what the Supreme Court decided you speak because miss me was barging there georgian involves some psychological threats non-physical not legal threats and that’s what we’re saying today as a result that’s how the that’s one of the reasons of the trafficking Victims Protection Act came to be Gordon was defined very broadly but still lacked specific guidelines as to the parameters as to the scope of its of its definition so now ten years after the tep was originally acted there have been relatively few prosecutions and relatively few cocking survivors that have been identified on despite of the very much market estimates that have been been forward of the near term various answers so they’re they’re been on different opinions as to why that disparity has occurred some people say well the fact that you’re politically trafficking is completed sex trafficking and therefore fewer labor trafficking survivors have been I agree with all the buzz petites the Jeep that I’ve been setting forth however has to do with our conceptual understanding of what wording means so one area that it’s been a good time on research and also had quite a bit of experience with when I was litigating these cases is that still today adjudicators are hearing even no reasonable turning to framework that was identified and solidified by the u.s because been skiing Supreme Court the

resistance of that narrow application I are you is conceptually wrong in the trafficking context has also led to the limited number properly survivors being identified it and a limited number of prosecutions are forward so now what we see among with some more recent cases as well as recent amendments to the trafficking act is a additional language that builds out what the traffic act really meant by coercion so the company act now as a 2008 defines it more specifically and at the same time are broadly any harm whether physical or nonphysical including psychological financial reputational arms vigilant series under all the surrounding circumstances to compel the reasonable person of the same background then the same circumstances to perform or to continue performing labor or services in order to avoid occurring that harm that is how the wording is now declined under the traffic and and if we look at actual cases there have been the most cases as I narrow nature were importing there are a couple of judicial opinions that provide us with more substitute a tendency to execute this definition so there are cases involving domestic worker a USB health ailments on Calvin Lin where the court go to great lengths to describe the power differentials that were that took place in the employment situation to put the worker an involuntary servitude so there are no regrets there is no evidence of direct threats and that is not what the court spent time analyzing the court spent a good deal of time talking about exploitation and the nature of exploitation and when an employer takes advantage of another who is lacking power due to certain spaces due to all the circumstances so in an evaluation of all the circumstances as well as the characteristics of the worker that render them vulnerable that court found that that worker have been a victim of involuntary servitude I’m all this situational query this is um this is a new conceptual framework for question of conceptual framework that is a different I don’t know how how different but it is different from what you bailed previous to the TVPA and I need some important I think that is one that it implemented in huge aviation in these cases would make a difference in protecting a much broader category of immigrant workers who are exploiting I know that is on the true intent of document infection act and one that if executed would improve labor condition and the rights of immigrant workers were generally and entering some to talk today a little bit about the research that we’ve done in LA with human trafficking survivors and as you can all imagine and some of you may know personally trafficking has a profound impact on optimal vegan survivors we know that anecdotally and rather start doing this working 2005 dr. Swain’s tutelage we at that time family there was absolutely nothing in the medical literature about human trafficking if you did a search of the medical literature that’s right for human trafficking and came over 20,000 articles where they were all on trafficking within seller’s the way cells that are wise communicate nothing human has become a today so at the target started in a clinical work they’re also these research questions that helped up immediately what was what are they open to help us of human trafficking how to survive and subscribe health effects do the harsh conditions of trafficking cause people going through it to present the medical care and there were also added daily reports that people were presenting her health care beginning in two thousand fourteen thousand five the US Department of Health a human services began a campaign they called rescue and restore and they targeted different groups from the country including health care provider is telling us to look leaving the surface because we might be interacting with traffic even considered a we were and are recognizing them as such there’s no real evidence to say that that’s the case we want this by that our chocolate victims seeking help here are the only are noticing another platinum and they are one of the barriers to identify the men boarding facilities so this is a very small pilot project it was funded by the mascara lose health center and I understand help this I began eisenmann at a public general to listen Gary mine is grand and when to two phases moments interviews with case managers able to work with trafficking survivors and paste she was with

survivors themselves all the survivors were recruited by cast we did in service with those case managers and they would interact with their clients and tell them there’s a study if you want to participate you can talk about your experiences and interviews wound up in the six languages this was the most challenging part of the survey why we needed money at all was because the survivors come from all over the world and we had to have the intro music interviews professional interpreted and the transcribed and all the interviewers had to go through the subjects training so that they would know how to interact with these just interpreter TV wall concert reputation enough research so they all had to have been training and then also a little briefing on human trafficking and more than they have time you move in here so stuff is potentially very emotional jarring on setting and in review the transcription teams try to find things in common and one survivor to the other at least entities as well and of course is all going to do I will be there any seal and so exploring huggers and if it’s had little more victims with people other than the traveler while different trafficking situation and we focus on encounters in healthcare settings as well as any counter that led to them getting out of trafficking whatever it within we’re actually rescued by something whether they escaped we talked about what they thought the barriers were to identify the victims and health care settings and would be about the facilitators of what happen in a doctor’s office in a clinic in a hospital that would she say that you move ahead and then the other thing when the main things was to find out where the health problems were that Tribune survivors experience and what conditions caused them ms apartment looks on today done a number of clocks around town about a bit to identification and this is going to be a little different focus today so the participants the survivors and settles they’re all women to the women’s health study but my don’t want us to forget that men also our chocolate and exploited but this wasn’t what was helpful in this time they came from 10 countries every continent except Australia North America South America Europe Asia Africa they all we traveled into Los Angeles Lyon lived in Los Angeles the time of the interview eight of them were domestic servants 30 now Morgan horse sex work one experience both forced labor out for sex six of them had personally been to position while they were trafficked which is a very high number and we can’t say that means that half of all travel agents going to adopt this item is not meant to give us concrete numbers and numbers we also desperately need this is too small to do that this is just giving us ideas is called a hypothesis-generating study but it’s still a lot it’s it’s remarkable to me to have the people we talked to had some experience in the doctor’s office another one actually worked in health care facility and that’s equally shocking because when you go to don’t think the fused but it was one of the healthcare facilities in are not really that’s not overrated elder care long-term care these are places where people can be more easily so what we found are the conditions at an exhale from the short long term and their dispute surprise to you include deprivation social restrictions labor exploitation in itself as sub problems and of course they have use deprivation is defined medical a visit from 22 / medical dictionaries but they all apply the absence loss or the folding of something needed a condition of having too little or something or the loss of saline is there Velma no unnecessary by taking in the way or denied access to it deprivation is a key part of the traffic experience travel people are denying the parts of the pot their autonomy and freedom their drive social contact and support the departmental a two run freely their defy food and cross sleep deprived medical care of meditation and depart privacy but these are things that can’t came that memory foam as your life as we interviewed you can also be read around on the web or the literature their stories about people being deprived of water building to prior people each other bathroom when they need to when are survivors reported up but this gives you a good general idea that there’s what definition going on if inhumane treatment the social separation people are restricted content with their family they’re not able to use the phone the Netherlands talk to neighbors and witnesses houseguests may come over to the place they’re working they’re not allowed to be the house would be partners and one key informant that I spoke with said that one of her clients had described a situation and she lived in a beautiful house which was kept Tesla you know keep her job as a housemaid but became the a servant she was exploited and abused and she described her living situation as a golden bird cage that was

a really succinct way of describing a situation and he doesn’t quotes on the survivor isn’t usually like something the audience could we be so on to the personal identity was going to more past the microwave I don’t know what how to move my family I really spoke with my family only the mail and I have nobody I have no friend I’m not supposed to have her I can’t even smoke with her friend the travelers friend you know when they’re fed common as a question and then in my answer it she’s angry with me she said like they’re just a housekeeper your student for what you made for that and this is you know daily yeah and humidity will not be allowed to converse so they going to be there soon they never let me to go with children alone and they used to tell me I should not talk to other people outside she see me talking to somebody to shout at you and call you taking away from her you are we were not supposed to go out she call up every two minutes as somebody needs to be there enhancement the phone after every few minutes she has to call sometimes of the middle of the night she’ll just call and ask about everybody where is she what is she doing did you do this did you do this did you do this did you clean here there there so even though the chocolate is go away and some of the women in the study reported that the people they were kept in the house of a boy hallway on the teacher and yet they would still be in control out of fear and also its physical checking on them at all times the sine of us out of this from survivors from Africa the names have been changed to protect neck movies I would have also let me learn conscience because is to protect their identities I’m talking survivors also reported a lot of deprivation of food in this one when I wrote my titties that’s all I sliced the push from the dog I also need self that’s what I did I never sit and then the dog that ate chicken nuggets I also made chicken nuggets I sliced it later so I did not tell them and some of the the talk another woman was from Europe originally said she she said he would ever want or whatever is already open I was not eating anything his everything was closed the sausages of every minute she just left in the morning I was he holding the nuts different nuts because they are open the children were eating that little week I lost weight about 70 to lose a lot of deprivation of food sometimes a huge finish and sheep trafficker without why soon I remember the world was responsible for the kitchen told her we don’t have food and she took us like were the two weeks for her quietly dress so Tom times you can stay without food for some time sept-iles would go all day without me I drink tea is most the time she never buy you inbred for us like what it’s almost expired that’s when they were in the bread to us with a line in brain it’s hard and your baby with tea or sometimes we were just by error we call an instant that my pasta noodles yeah sometimes we can buy a lot of fact just that those blue tones every single day so given these conditions of not surprising that only meet these patients they’re often anemic they might be in a proper nutrition of our iron for their blood count and will begin to min system for nutrition they’re also more vulnerable to infections we also heard stories and people being deprived medical care so you know half of them in the study had been to a doctor the other ones reported condition were brought to a doctor who weren’t it’s within one woman who had multiple rooms with different meetings we think she could easily have emergency relief but never did this woman South America said the lady at retract I heard hurts it hurts then three months later and had told her it’s hurting please take me to a doctor who I continued complaining we’re going with the herds may upset stomach and then it was then that she said here take this head wall I took the tile ellington doing today the other woman information said after our five years on was there had trouble with my teeth and I asked her to on eat or the dentist she ever tell me to the dentist for months and months and months i’m in human 24 never did community members but also surprised includes interviews maybe you’ll notice is how often the traveler is a she this women’s studies group I expected more I can realize it so many with all your trafficking more actually thrown themselves very respect a shin we’ve talked a lot about that today and it is all stuff that’s already more to you but different things are described by understanding for that they came here for our chips and dip until they were told they were coming for instance in human trafficking for example one of us has been budgeted made reference to stall the one which has to be a prostitute never one which

is given Andy a circle template of the nanny jobs but they were basic have the servants in the house or other people said they were working for no pay or less pain they told Tony one together dead bondage everything they did was added to their debt yes they did know that recipe for gyros after their death every said they will pay you as I taken away from them to go to their tech the hours they work with extraordinary the Commissioner sometimes dangerous and this will a place to sleep deprivation but it’s all mental conditions of smoothies participants are plated devil is another African woman instead of working all day 11pm was correctly laundry he said that its head during the daytime cost a lot of money electricity I went to sleep at one o’clock and then it up at five in the morning I had constant headache almost tired there’s another word about headaches program exploitation sometimes we have miserable headaches and we used to have headaches or stomach aches they used to tell us it doesn’t matter who need to work with that she can bill needed us to have sex one winner Arians this had never happened to me that was kind of job growth which confucianism health events of trafficking in the nation that even her someone who sports as a sex work it wasn’t as it to his coerced into sex work because she was forced to do things in her body that would mean beyond which he conceived of in terms of what was accepted this is from the woman who worked in a care facility she said at first we had two days off in one month and then there was a time that we don’t have a day off supposedly she’s allowed the 46 patients which you get another tubes we have eight Egypt to and caregivers we have one is bedridden she’s at hospice so she can’t stand up we defeat her favor in the bed I was thinking that i’m going to start eating three dollars in one but I came here to force of salaries only six hundred dollars a month and then she said that every week may have the day off so I thought that everything I could have a day off then she said I were talking about the arms for the process of papers everything and then she said I would be for the dogs anyone that’s been functionally might know me so the work conditions to people take care of the elderly’s only people throw some other would be difficult i’m caregiver in and of themselves and then nothing man so we abuse people experience in traveling with cough medicine as well there’s physical abuse and systems in exactly contain the psychological emotional you switch inclusive origin mcafee talked about so eloquently the psychological abuse is really really powerful it’s often unappreciated i think the general life you me doesn’t understand they could people can understand suppose being beaten or raped or block inside house of course way of course is horrible but the psychological proportion is so powerful it’s a mountain tea it’s I would have when you doing research on it so it gets more taken into account the Downton it does sexually use of course Spurs will use we heard Maria talk about this morning there were survivors in the study who described spiritual abuse including a couple of women who were talked into sex were brought to put a badass this was not part of their tradition but they were brought to have these treatments done to them it had a chat for clients and then of course we just the general behavior only be used which trafficking is Orson to do things they double tattoo including coerced sex work course domestic work and then coercing them to take drugs and drink sometimes which is something happens more in sex trafficking that and domestic because it its people reliable the pupils are using a little more disturbing what time I just couldn’t resist to attempt to get me to slap me they will do use IP as you told me the next day she loved and that Dane was to die led to health effects burn found very long-lasting we hear about lot of suicidal ideation for Walter the Chinese situation then fortunately will make it out it doesn’t go away that the feelings of pain some patron and one to die we offer persist among the commuters out mentality to pull my hair to make my head you’re ignorant your jumbo braid out let you know in the province were misrepresented for each other this is our teacher in one country came here was truth normally they are very nice to do and you have just spanked my hair was pulled I even come here by myself to lose nothing to hold because she will pull my hair I cut it short short short two she wanted that airplane actually causes damage and sketches done that’s

not a small thing jump to those challenges so conducting research with travel you survivors is difficult analysts most victims are hidden so we can’t potato ability which is halogen civ going on how much favor expertise is there in LA california of the US general internationally then what we’re working with people who have come out of this situation there to try very hard to function to struggle to rebuild their lives and participate in research day and recounting of story is this something that appeals to everybody so that limits in there were people that we can talk to another situation which a lot of still on that account to them I was mentioned earlier people live more told our families and friends about what we went through so I tell a stranger recommended vanishes and wasn’t the stranger but most researchers investigated must avoid we chocolate had some people as keeping up as we were always a lot of prying opportunities during the study so you have to prepare to her mental help reactions emotional breakdowns things like that lemon barriers are difficult like how we overcome when it takes money and like all these other services we need for wanting to do our research to provide services on to represent some tea we’re horrible but let me begin by offering a theoretical overview anti trafficking organization United States and globally have been an important producing outreach campaign and training materials which focus on the stories of individual trafficked persons developed first as a technique to educate over mint officials service providers and consumers about the violence to which traffic persons have been subjected such tactics tactics have evolved and led to the transnational circulation of traffic person stories stories which draw attention to the suffering Nathan dork as a result of the trafficking situation whether featured in NGO campaigns government reports the media and indeed some scholarly works the promotion of traffic person stories has become a commonplace picture and I would argue a canonical picture of the trafficking study genre but apart from benign these stories certain moral as well as financial and pedagogical and scholars have noted that representations and anti-trafficking paid campaigns have often been important in illustrating how traffic persons are depicted in highly symbolic in stereotypical ways positing that such representations at times it was further violence of contracting persons and potentially traffic persons by positioning them as types of objects outside of the bounds of history and devoid of agency let me just say very clearly hear that the representations matter i think very explicitly in what Kathleen is talking about so when we have media images of the kinds of suffering that individual trafficked persons endure it sets the stage for what juries or what other law enforcement agents tend to look for to give one a very heavy example when I was a juvenile Los Angeles Police Department officer he said if we don’t see victims chains to bed then we’re likely not going to pursue the case I think this is an outlier comment that it nevertheless signals that how we represent burgers and suffering has very non cogent implications for the kinds of cases that are identified from over part are due explores the ways in which underlying ideologies influence of traffic persons are represented in active trafficking campaigns and the keyhole that represented representations play in framing the issue more generally for our do focusing on individual stories and lived experiences of traffic victims does more than garner public or bolster donor fundraising notable trends in and of themselves but rather these carefully constructed individual stories suck suffering function as a place for holder a narrative devices of sorts that at times difference attention away from the lines of inquiry that focus on the structural factors that contribute to the phenomena to begin with such campaigns best often did not question what kinds of migrants prostitutes of criminals by the rather that they are suffering human beings and positioned as suffering human beings these stories provoke concerned individuals governments and consumers to intervene and to take action on traffic persons to have yet questions about regarding the effects that these forms of representational strategies pose to potentially traffic traffic persons whose stories that did not match widely circulated victim profiles additionally upstate is the extent to which such explicit focus on traffic person’s physical and psychological suffering takes attention away from other forms of suffering notably economic suffering racials of pretty generous offering for inter trafficking campaigns or spaces in which traffic persons of position as victims marketed by and for their individual

suffering and I would argue that such tactics have consequences for anti-trafficking identification and protection practices particularly before closing opportunities and delimiting visual and revit Oracle representations that promote the identification of traffic persons The Situation’s do not align with stock victim profiles and let me state very clearly here that the issue is not at is not at the for my interest is weather traffic personally supper that in a separate profound an extreme physical emotional psychic and economic suffering is not it’s not a question but what is it question is what we what we want to do with its kind of suffering well how do we pedal such stories of suffering what do we what do we hope to achieve by doing so and furthermore what is lost or gained when individual stories of suffering and physical violence are represented more readily than stories highlighting the economic racial and gender suffering that may be trafficked persons the door both before and after the trafficking situation so these are some of the questions and representational tactics that I thought about and I was gathering these interview materials in a kind of traffic persons speaking back married to wrap them not only to some of the challenges that experienced personally has a real as a result of their trucks two engines but also in interfacing with professionals often times we maybe talk about epic stories of its professionals or or kind of person themselves talking about the traffic intuition but I think of additional concern is how our technical person interfacing with the varying systems that their maneuver when they’re identified X trafficked so part of what I’m hopeful that this project does it doubles as a missing project and as an action research project what are calling adopting collage and then though these features actors I’ve chosen actors to reenact transcribed interview material that I gathered with traffic person’s social workers advocates and police officers in the US so my research is on the Netherlands and you estimate this piece focuses exclusively on the US and let me just say one additional motivation I think that that we are thinking and new about research directions in the fields of law in fields of medicine psychology psychiatry are vastly important but i also want to promote the gayatri spivak talks about as an aesthetic education that whoa promoting the temperament of our lives by trafficking as as crime is a great thing while promoting more services are great things I think that because of the valence that enter the trafficking visual rhetoric has achieving how we understand the issue we also need to expand our own aesthetic education and this film is my very humble attempt and seeing what this kind of regretted aesthetic education and representation might include some with that movie I know I’m Serena and our support I work for an NGO Edward had a shelter for traffic women non-governmental organization and Africans and we have I’m a vice detective in Southern California getting that my job of this is primarily on narcotics and prostitution I would advise road streets aunt um my virtual community is that protrusion is never over a constant 16 year old rock sitting up straight and lost it by definition under the trafficking Victims Protection and she is a victim of happiness they know that we neared silicon peroxide we always occurs with infield and your master so that we can help her learn investment they happen we don’t think about that we are the most introduced to satirize command completed we actually tried by the system it’s not this year old you’re arresting me I don’t think the details bad things that the juries are really moved by the testimonies of these victims I love these are young girls

young women that health mr. will for two years beaten raped raped by the traffickers force massage college men could it possibly said there at elder story hiya students are in there cameta sex trafficking that have panic attacks would in a room would buy the more people i can see willing my case managers case is because changes I have seen other women have panic attacks because the cultural manipulation of the trafficker into believing that anymore utterly worthless need for breakfast entire situation upon himself even nautical and I have / 12 oppa oppa it is not my fault I didn’t play with them and finished shape that I did not elicit in the perspective of law enforcement have character victims now that we don’t care we can’t don’t have the resources this social worker trying to us and we thought was no one to do we can talk we can comfort but we can’t deliver anything other than that so you have a service provider then we have to have a better attitude because they’ve got the expertise the please it’s easier for people to understand sex trafficking people talk about first trafficking but labor trafficking is really nothing study when it comes to the whole force labor issue is harder because we’re consumer is how important it has a huge alien populations so we’re seeing a lot of labor trafficking but the very onset everybody agreed that the vast majority of cases we were probably going to be coming across many cases involving sex that was fun store in the track of his house the two-year look after their children constantly looking for that big factory where we’re going to find out 20 people from Thailand but as of yet that has in this case I think the division within the anti-trafficking movement and the lack of willingness to overcome and set aside some of the differences are challenged what’s frustrating is the absoluteness that I see on both sides there’s no new round and you have to be all or nothing but I want to talk of them is what people have done for me and how their problems you would think that on someone’s created their happening situation that may begin to feel freedom but that’s not yet the case after you need the shelter people like these send me down there still very scared you didn’t know they can trust in when Indiana State they don’t know what’s going to happen to the next people in the air think you better do think that they’re open to I mean I came in telling me I’m the cds quotes when these senators that are like today this beautiful tragedy was Disneyland for the first time it was the best experience of her life like here in this country I try to be honest new client I don’t want to be put in that position where I have some sort of social work and have the gift she one of the last people I even want to talk to about my problems when clients come up to me and tell me of their experiences of your fear and all the dynamics that go on with you and propagate I tell them I don’t know what you’re going through I don’t but please help me understand that better help you something when they start seeing dr. a professional to help them deal with the physical and psychological biases they occurred while enslave sometimes I wonder if traffickers be you know what happy when it start to learn English where they begin the legal process gave the gracious out of that they’re entitled to people let me tell this ugly fun and they say yes to me once the school good job this is what time my