and here we are at how wick in Auckland and my thought will pop over to see one of our fantastic Mac students Troy and he owns volka help center over here at Heric so this walking in have a look and see what he’s been up to and building his business and here’s the man himself he’s Troy Hague and Troy right here and there we used to call you t-rex in the in the college you’re dead yea tis too going by that at all ah what’s the college people about just here they call me royalty Roy that seems to be the one more roids a little bit actually what’s that t roids t roids there you go this is such a mammal hey can you show us through your fantastic business here absolutely come on this is the entry area then test it as you can see lots of great stuff happening here Wow there we go it’s a little office area yeah blue engine room yet little engine room without dinner nutrition for a little while then and now we’re going to have a chiropractic are your parents are your tools so you have a car to chiropractors you don’t have to chiropractors I think entitlement recovery is one of the minor but for him to get busy and you know Florence and this used to be a nutrition report I can you get a replace it with another chiropractor fantastic well some of these all these motivates with things on the side laughs dream on the side very explore very exciting and what we have in here so this is the chiropractor unas and I brother Jesse hangs out ok so this is where you get a get your body cared for yep keep spine aligner subluxation exactly chiropractors for a busy lifestyle and this is your brother your brother is a chiropractor him brother Jesse the contracting okay so when you’re first does yourself and your brother and his wife shanlin special thread of fantastic narrow 15 t and they’re your 15 well things are growing oh and here’s your therapy room but that operated mana okay so you have a physio in here you have to come to physio so chiropractic and physio Andrew yeah well working together that’s fantastic to hear isn’t it it’s very good sometimes they go against each other they do yes they seem to be working very well together and this little romantic room this is where people can be to get a massage I pleasure relaxation but again network in hand physio and the car to loosen up first time often before an adjustment or if there is a surrounding injury around a joint in they can also this is about the area awesome massage there are people man it’s got every all your bases covered you had a nutritious near your Kairos physios and this is the office room Oh them again justice of the work busy office is a little busy obviously in some way to put everything and this event here another off spot a copy edge story and stuff like that awesome so this is where a lot of the the the treatments occur whether be used to be obviously nutrition and massage and chiropractic and vision right so they saw the treatment rooms and then you also have a personal trainer yet yes and we start with Peter yang here believe me when grew so fast and so much let me take over another unit and we just must got next door electric toy last unit on the block to sue in those down ok now we’re not Brook furnace and personal training down the other end okay so how do we go down and have a look at that better so you grew so much you need more space need more space great to see okay so we moved down down to this end of the the area we’ve got the person training facility fantastic boot camps Pilates yoga sensation those for training group classes nutrition the trainer’s over here front desk very professional I love the leg out there Troy yeah we did very sharp very sharp okay take us through here okay so this is the personal training area most and this is the group this is the group veteran group fitness and yoga pilates and various me none of these other motivation sayings in the wall very exciting a bummer no sir oh yes yes well that since they see you certainly got the foundation for a great business we do here it’s going really well opens muffins for us okay let’s have a sit down and we’ll have a chat about how you got to where you are t right then thank you once again for taking some time out a pleasure adding your busy schedule or building this Empire the Volga okay it’s okay your hopes center while when incredible facility journey so far it has been has known so tell me what we would do you mind me what we doing

before you came to max flee so I was working as a core transition coordinators or supporting people disabilities coming out of school and trying to find an apush ball from their choice okay always the gym stuff oh yeah and I said so I said to my brother if you were ever going to open up business his contract at a time I said I’ll do it with them he was gonna go travel over to Australia and his wife is from there yeah and but he just had enough where he was and he decided to drive so we did it he did and that’s when you decide that you need to get qualified as a bus yep yes I’m ck2 max so when he came to vote you already had a vision of what you wanted to do yes and that was to do a health facility with your brother yep please the train chiropractor is he a fantastic and he went through the the importance of yoga practice a five year degree through there okay so where the volcker the mug had a better evolved you have the Stoke valker was GC was already operating my brother Jesse operating under Falcon and it’s an anagram of our last name clean- Andy so just a little jaunt around so all the letters in your last name on something each other around turn around well that’s quite confusing here however it has a very quite strong strong I am don’t cut yeah not keep that’s a yeah oh god oh god yes so yeah I guess from business it’s always important to come up with a name which is short enough to remember strong enough to have Catherine absolutely we want people to say I’m going to go to go and look over health center we’re going to Felka to smoke just Falcon yeah you know game to the Detroit clean international naturopathic nutritional personal training holistic chiropractic health center correct because some people where they can help with the name it’s like you need a paragraph it is so in clever is you a part of branding is to come up with a business name that can be shortened into it’s not nike shoes there’s like it’s not Volker help centers I’m going absolutely it’s a very clever full gold cup as you we want to build a brand you know mmm general way to do it but have the sprain to begin otha stupid I know what to cook upper is everything starts somewhere something I mean know if you started with one person traveling around the country trying to sell out that exudes a pathetic competitions was easier over round growing around and now it is more powerful yeah the brand’s more powerful than the the business we bind you by brand you by the way because you get you by that connection or that trust or fantastic so you went to max you develop the obviously we didn’t actually had a business plan to apply it to real business is fantastic for a very helpful so when you left max tell me about your tell us about your journey from when you left max to tonight just as I’ll studying read actually already signed the lease let’s play tore down the other end up first place the clinic and so I was already I was actually on the front desk emily leaman sophie hulme in the trenches or rolls of the trenches yep and while studying and then as soon as i furnished ice cream full swing it was around Christmas that I finished I think I just got in just before Christmas with yelling in yourself yeah and then January first week back after holidays they aren’t straight into it the nimble in six months on a scene for session ahead for sessions a week and you sing 40 sessions and zoe member where I came down here just moved in basically you ingest with solid puppy dogs cancel you were you like this is where we’re going to put this and this week is all empty rooms yeah no branding running this this this man and you had a little room yeah for your post training so you you very quickly got 40 clients or so i’ll talk more about in a second so we’ve got your 40 clients or when you train your footing clients what equipment did you have in because it was the big room up cause now it’s just a little room with you little room well how do you mention that it was your idea at the time I remember we’re talking down where the photocopy it was yeah and he said you know what you could do it you could actually get a cat each get a binge and you have set of dumbbells and you could do it at the rotors and when you left we thought about it well he’s right we could actually do that so that week we’ve been and purchased a cage a bench dumbbells and instead of plates and we just startled that started one room was the console room and stretch down with a chiropractor chiropractic being in the end and then the other rooms will be in the cage the bench set of dumbbells and plates that will store just across them so you have a case I’m little power cage

yep a bench answer dumbbells yeah and I will share with that our students because a lot of people thinking lots of equipment in it to Train not so many muscles sure so always say you can get trying to whole body just for the bench and a set of dumbbells yet by doing lunges squats step ups for your linux and bench press and pushups and did for everybody don’t worry rose and you had and you put a cage and you also use barbosa with that you can actually get the whole body and you can do a multiple different programs absolutely it was also it was great so tell us the your clients obviously came to us as a personal trainer they walk in and they have a bench that dumbbells in the cage so what was your view from a client that how did they accept that it was it was actually quite interesting at first I was a bit concerned I was like you know a small space and I get a bit the claustrophobic but a lot of clients that came in their associated us with chiropractor or in a clinic so instantly our and sleep our status or we know with the cotton like the chiropractor so they saw us as a professional yeah so the jim-jim joke no no so it’s quite a business very interesting so you know we have files just like the car craft a cute little streamline and they just saw us as a professional body alongside car and they did not mind at all that we’re in two rooms yeah they like that because intimate one-on-one training it’s almost like you’ll be getting private for better choice of words treatment and now in our chiropractors don’t use the word treatment to the Institute they use care or connected so you get that private care and again if you take it I guess what you did is you took a lead with the deliberate or accidental it doesn’t matter yeah out of what builds credibility and Trust with the kairos and you mirror that in personal training so straightaway spirit Association you are just a personal trainer review almost a chiropractor doing perfect ronnie was better because the trust is so far up there as a as a professional absolutely yeah and we’re right next door you know so mean that chat and their sources they like the fact that we had more than one service together there as its out one difference is the way that we enter a lighthouse services and then better faster yeah wow so how did you get because the summer so I guess what the ability is this amazing how did you start from 0 to 40 flights and you get for you hi do you have the room which is probably you know it’s not a huge Jimmer in this little room with some dumbbells answers right I only get 40 people to want to track with me in this little hole yeah and it’s a good hold ok there and minimal equipment so how do you give me 45 when you start while the very first client funny enough was a student at max ok someone who might stay a lot of sight and it seemed that I complete everything on time duh-doy everything and I’ve always competed at Sportal high level so he won’t learn from me i can write so that was actually my first client here she later went on to be a personal trainer for the law yeah and then from there and people came off the strength because Howard is the sort of place everyone knows and all they want to know what’s going on and then we studying referrals through the chiropractor you know they go said chiropractor to get spying Lee alive but then they didn’t want it to go out again there was some underlying problem you know and my brother will say well hey you know there’s some muscular imbalances here there’s things going wrong how many you guys see our personal trainer and to be completely honest at the time everything is still fresh my head from access dollars be honest and they got sales and that’s not working I’ve got them to ask all the right questions my favorite say now is the quality of the answer determined by bonding of the question it’s so true well cual of the answers is remember the question bishop so you learnt obviously you’ve got a great referral from the very credible source on chiropractor through working side by side obviously again in inherit everyone knows it’s going on when i walked in i sneeze i’ve heard about a thousand blessing blessing to all around me so there’s a rule only type community feathers and so that process of when something came to you you obviously developed your for better choice words sales skills but really probably questioning schools don’t figure absolutely correct yeah so if i came to you for example and I’m what what process would you take me through to get me on board as a client yep so make sure that i will prepare you for a session with our special fire or you know sweet our practice team will c minor tix to everyone yes so hey we’re forcing you tomography obsessional trial who are confirmation in the confirmation and i’ll make sure i may be first at the

front we’ll have a chat with them just asking a couple opening questions about what they do for a word if i said that come from work and just try to get that a connection early yeah like yourself you know did you find us out cool you know I used to do oh yeah I loved it they don’t bite me again then you find commonality commonality nation absolutely it just helps it helps them easier sell into the environment sometimes it’s can be a scary process yeah well they coming here to you because there’s something not right yeah so they’re going to be fair humid anxious absolutely a clinical 12 situation as well differently if they finally compound evening that trust is built early yeah so really important to build the trust before you start talking about vital I’d say vital yeah and now I’m assuming that would take a varying levels of time depending on the personality of the person would absolutely yeah some people you know warmed you straightaway for the only person Ali’s some might be skeptical yeah yeah cautious you know good early way to see if it’s really you is this real yes Israel to facebook but that once you’ve got the trust then they’re not take them through and show them around taking the table and driving a consult of the year we’ve got a border on the war it’s got people who have come to see us they can see our people d here and achieve goals yeah testimonial talk board yeah yep just in the background so they can see it it’s not that they’re not so and so I would think they’re the only one with the challenge so they look all these people they’ve been challenges just like me that they’ve overcome them with you at that yeah so we always say in in marking the fire for worse marking the first one is to find the problem group sick of understand about the problem so then actually do some about it and after the solution which human then prove the solution so that little testimonial board is the proof that absolutely you’re the real deal yep the house afraid in that pathway towards their goals yeah in a house because a lot of people now our board had been through the same stuff that they’re going to potentially going through some again reinforces that made a good decision do you refer to you certain clients need had in the past to make them feel rest assured that absolutely not the only one with his challenge and can be overcome yes I’ll try and connect the dots a little bit see-through though whoo that’s similar to or my boredom as they are Jack was in here you know he was lived with me for about six months and he came in and it was just about I’m Rick soccer and then he made it he said trans best thing he ever did in a strength training so once you build those sort of deposing forgot centers they created that pathway or the pathway to making stuff happen then they you really see they’re just a change of volume language they become open and then one up on your path they went off on your part because you know where you going that’s a follow me yeah if ten path yellow delivery crew absolutely okay so you built that up to 40 classroom your target market wouldn’t be incorrect to say a lot in your target market I’ve been determined by the resource in the current practice of the people overcoming injuries or rehab yeah they are yes absolutely and the transday here now have established their own little missions so it does depend but then one of them gifts come down some sort of balances of some sort yeah if they’re coming up in the car for tzemach or you know one muscles atrophy opposing muscle or something like that just how create that balance I’ll sorry haven’t proved that imbalance yogi Creek directly yeah and then we go got it from there so some people might you know struggle activate the goods or something and then we get that working firing and then progresses through those compound movements that week that’d be good yeah just the idea of ultimately improve their quality of life and the main the main goal of your flight will do that to improving their quality of life oh absolutely sometimes they look outside what it is yeah was being probably being so long since they’ve had that they’ve forgotten our say sometimes people being so out of shape or we’re so not well for someone they forgot what it’s like to be well then never so this is foreign concept for those nine years neither can we use the pain yeah masking their pain okay so you started with your brother Jess it was doing chiropractic you and doing personal training in your cozy cupboard yep which in many ways is probably less intimidating than a big gym those are private you have got people looking at you there’s no mirrors it’s this little private little connection point so that myself yeah probably one of your usps as definite it’s pretty personal it is and IM people out this way they appreciate that sort of service or fact they come in here it’s not the hustle and bustle of the journey yeah it’s just two trainers at once you know there’s going to be it’s

only going to be executed for people inning yeah and I really like that because sometimes a bit nervous about training out ourselves that’s an image thing but that’s one of the things we can get feedback because that’s one of the things that they really enjoy us having that that’s what quiet intimate setting yeah personal trainer so you booked a forwarding gestures obvious like very busy very quickly getting you decided to expand Saturn tell us about it now your full process of okay block the business the doors are open our clocks and clients I’ve got some cash flow got a brother doing his stuff and his remind you my stuff am I really we build it together then is that ok where do I take this yeah I think we were very clear I never visit early on and we still are we won’t change when these are the sea health and to do that we can’t do that by ourselves so when we got to a point where I was more than happy where I was we got someone else on extra got smiles on earlier because I studied begin with another car another trainer and who’s the one that’s now so she was our first extra trainer for a got fourth person to the team yeah never to deny okay she soon enough jeezum it’s easy they doing in rehab with one of the clients on yeah yeah crediton yeah it’s really and it’s good and she’s coming she’s flying yeah she’s doing really well now and london avenue it so your next step was to bring on more trainers yes so what are more trainers we need team to help us out the front sort of a great front dest team at the front of a meet and greet our out here we call practice midlands mean remember subscribe practice them expects village near certain lisbon me to keep coming back yeah yeah the course its belonging you know a lot of people that and it clinics in his clients but patient patient victim yeah don’t have been victim no we wanted up to be a second type of people saying we brought on nutritionist as well and then we we took over down and we’ve gotten prefer this yoga pilates so this sort of came available you had more than one trainer in working as a cover it’s with two so you couldn’t work at the same time or not are using alternate show okay so you had to work in your schedules with this okay this opportunities come up you got more space in there now you can really expand into a full-blown approach with ranch area do they a groove exercise room yeah it was largely left and we sort of got that a good rate because we took quite a bit of such a big space in it it is a good space it is it’s really good so i thought wow we could do prefer the wall down and it was a need for it at the time and so which is that we just all try and see how it goes try this emitter relays and try corpse but we had six months to make this place happen okay because you guys nice rent free clock period since six months make it up and there’s not if it’s just when you’re going to make it happen because it’s as you know group exercises popular with your asses put us in building and making you attractive and then throwing a bit of marketing at it look I’m assuming in this in this area what take much and would amount to spread that you’re here no we’re mouth is our top referral source which is ideally what it was us what yes you know what AM L so we do rely heavily on credit experience skills so that they go out and tell them their family was their friends so how do you create a great experience because you know people say that a lot there’s Craig great experience together then there’s no experience yeah so obviously you have to have something that that’s meat on that bone to make sure that actually happened so did come in with your not here they’re getting that great experience and one of the measures that you do business point of view to make sure that your members which all under the name on it yeah walk out with a great experience that makes them proud of you members and want to come back there’s two main things I see you go credit great culture within your team because if your team are happy they’re not really people are going to be happy as they interact you know we’re not at the face of it anymore as such great from distillery check people in our members and signaling as I tell everyone here is our goal is to help people feel better I keep doing feeling better when they leave then when they came great so as long as people leave feeling better whereas physically or mentally just they might have a conversation with you adult so you met that into your team absolutely your training on your initial contact of have interact had asked me two questions you know how to actually communicate more effectively so how do you go about systemizing or your team trained to make sure that all your team stay in the same page and you build that culture yep because been in business for all of my life culture needs to be fed because if you live in both so if it can become toxic culture to one bad apple so how do you do that from a training point of

view and a business owner point of view to make sure because it was just you you are the culture right so that you’ll be happy smiling face and you do what you do because you’re self motivated your self self driven and so educated and self-discipline but not if I was like that one that’s why come to your tea because they need that leadership and how do you make sure that i was watching training process its recruitment simply is a proven this song or a clear what people are absolutely now we put my woodland you know some of the hard way yeah ribbon as you do have to recruit is so there’s no sabo my favorite business philosopher jim rome nice you can send the doctor eagle school and we still come out of duck and given the eagle cap in the eagle badge needs a wizard but still gonna quack quack and so you have to make sure you get the right DNA into the business to start with yeah i think we you know our businesses will say that they values but every time I’m in a transitional I do my really live by our values here so that when we have four core values okay model down so people number one so you love to give where experiences all right and chocolate live formats yeah and so it goes down to about team’s rest we give them the great experience and if you know filters down to our members yeah I’m number two those honest mistakes or live experiences yes I hey it’s okay if you make a mistake but make sure we learn from it right don’t make sounds like twice you know it’s not cliche say yeah number three is continual development a bird on learning here beginning there at some personal development or technique or something with the service itself yep training communication yeah number number four and other beginners be magnetic have fun be back later life’s too short you spend more time at business you spent more time creating your career have fun so we’re trying and still those values within our team we look for those values when we’re recruiting you look look for those those clues in to bring the right person yeah and then try to develop that if you ask the right questions at a better chapter and interviewing what you look like the pool and you’ll start to get a good idea whether going to fit you know sometimes we have someone really good myself but now we’re starting to get a really good so what we don’t see a great question is an interview to get an insight into someone’s of what I call behind the curtain I asked them a lot to melt ice mother do for fun what do you do I should tell me tell me we do for fun what you do when you can have your really enjoy doing and then you know like I remember in class once it was one of our clients clients one of my classmates wish used to struggle standing up and talking and it was just south you ask well tell you about your dog she knew she had a dog she would not stop talking yeah so if you find something people to passion about then there’s just a going on about it and you can start to get a good idea about exactly okay yeah they’re in the birds will be like dogs so they might have really compassion ikea earring things that all they you know a lot of mindfulness they can peel bodybuilding let them breathe that you know to go on about they’ve got beans and fish all these sort of things so i think if you if you can ask the right questions firebird about them not those because sometimes people come into view and they think they have a thankfully not they’re going to answer you know or they’re going to be asked or the standard standard question are sometimes that it I don’t go and receive questions I just want to check with the person ever check yeah you find out of it bit about it yeah it’s just like it’s like sorry coming in for decision yeah you know you try and build it a poor and you just see where with con section I guess if you get them talking about themselves I’ll reveal themselves and that will be that revealing themselves will say hey you’re my top a person or velvet ographers or not the rod run you might settle and I think you I’ve got the donators yeah absolutely and we try and look for something that stands out like what what’s so quickly about this person what is also interesting about them what’s their what’s the oh well factor because that’s what we want you want where our factors yeah absolutely business so you want to be remembered for the right reason so you and once you’ve got someone on board then you do regular training with your 10 yes so practice manager and one seen Sophie there so she actually was just assisted we called her she lives out the front meeting greeting and now she pretty much takes care of a well day-to-day operation of side of things so we may prefer weekly and now we need for our other person’s weekly alongside so fairly training them or visit 101 or was a group why don’t what a month yeah I can’t because of time at the moment some one on one of them one on one of the moment you can get a lot done okay and you can personalize it and because your team that doesn’t consist of 60,000 people you can still do that absolutely on 11 basis and they are the first and last impression for a lot about levels so honored that they are all the game

they are the way affected for your client absolu is this a service service mmm suddenly you’re delivering a bench press or a subluxation that ocean leaves the person that creates that that that positive memory yeah that’s dying now there may be food special importantly what their crates experience book experience so you know you’ve brought up to how meet Rosie have your I’ve got three in three trainers and how many sessions are you how many people you we’re going around 80 sessions a week run Sosa yeah and your new group exercises yes April 14 classes reporting class and spray and you said they doing about eight or nine people per class and everything yes okay so doing to class would be a good feeling for personal training to I believe is what I me I’m doing everything would feed off each other they do you know every service is a lead generator for each other and we also found from the downstairs that people are doing one service intend to stay longer okay then I get balls I don’t go yep thank you Paul stimulate that growth yep they feel like thinking a lot blog belly so young trainers also deliver classes and we got specialized specialized yeah we like to be a master of one jack of all trades my approach so PT I mean some yuppie dissident groups that the further side things are here yeah we’re going to specialize your instructors specialized applies instructor yeah our PT to specialize in which of area they they they like and those classes we do I deal with the rehab as well i DNT the class the chiropractor yep the physio yeah absolutely own as something happens of some of the aggressors then they can go back into the car and even follow up adjustment or physio and the back down here you give me for this up again or CPT for the one shot one stop shop that’s it just all head to type yep leavin you get a hairdresser and then you get me interested the head person so you are expanding the classes which is fantastic and i love on the motivational quotes on the wall just a good look i thinkin that feeds the culture yeah every member part of our team put forward as I they own our team in the world great and a new team play gets the choice to put another word up well it’s a good that’s a great idea so what is no word to add leather take understood yeah yes okay so you’ve I you got the chiropractic so you expanded the practice them and you brought on some fish tails to me yeah well we out me my brother and his wife there is we meet weekly and we’re always ask the question of what could we be doing visit as if something could be done better and we found that physiotherapy was like a missing link for us you know it’s a completely different income stream I suppose but it works so well with our services but we didn’t have it yeah so when we had space to have it cuz we had the extra rooms mfc yeah so we just thought when we try so we’ve got some I had known and great for the earth when I was playing soccer and so we just asked it and he had a tire just like our year and we just keep adding the seed and within six months she said okay I’ll try it and she came on in with another six months she was a deep-sea capacity yeah sorry need another one so we advertise this time 40 society website and we end up getting the physio who had been trained by the same person that our current physio he’d be trained by today there were the same as in the same page same page centrum and so she came on and now she is also a babysitter vesely so we’ve got some interests interest so how does the the physio Cairo relationship go there are other people who go to both other people would just do one or the other because i think is fantastic they have the two different approaches to rehab physiotherapy chiropractic and and some people more probably more for personal get those two to class in there and their thoughts yeah but I’ve always thought they should always work together because they both have so much to offer and to complement each other so you’ve obviously got that right so tell me about that I think you just set yourself you know the first thing is to get some more balance that has the same opinion that they feel as our services work well together quite chiropractors and physios they know what they want to do they know where they have an opinion on what it should provide maybe and there is a little bit of overlap with you know joy to learn stuff and musk muscle related muscular related stuff and but say just you for the chorus and comes in just enjoyed stuff going on absolutely you’ll get the joints working properly functioning right yeah and it’s a halo is still live in a muscular stuff guardian but you need to see I think you should see the physio because that’s what they specialize it yeah and then no I great he’s the professional you know he knows what I should be doing and then they enter a food from the client point of view them I care because I saw under the vulgar brother I’ve been looked

after by velcro weather website personal trainer or physio or chiropractor or the massage therapist is to under the one one stop shop absolutely sensational okay so where’s the other feature from here obviously you still have a great foundation if now first of all where do you want to what areas of growth you want to grow and develop or improve this facility of stuff yep so we want to get another two paintings on boards likely to take a step back yeah I want to focus on more training but a marketing things with them darker because the training if I can do more training if it will grow faster you know and then we’re going to have other people give this place more established get down a car award and then I’ve got a single place ok so those are the doses set up do you know where you want to set that up and we might be looking further afield like a growing community somewhere is similar to how it it’s got some of the field somewhere maybe like becoming I came out south lee and scrubbing extremely fun and this is quite a limited amount of services like what we have here out there at the moment is not many genders there’s not many chiropractors there’s no wonder what we do actually around places not too many people they’re doing really well I guess there’s people doing bits of what you’re doing even doing the whole package really that’s what I really this vaca has it has a whole holistic person yeah I getting careful that look is something trees all sort of periodic and startled but the holistic approach were you looking at not just training but rehab and hip massage and obviously the nutrition which you’ve had in the past so tell me what what do you think and this is for the potential trainers at home or potential physios the chiropractor’s or just a potential person who wants of us the craft or what makes a great trainer chiropractor a physiotherapist distant that wow factor in the key feature magazine Philip personally that’s knowing their purpose that makes it snowing why they do what they do on a personal level first I think that’s a biggest thing I try and teach will uncover with the people at within valker as you know year you’re interesting how about why you know why do you do what you do why what’s going to make coming people let me see you different than someone down the road you know and you know all the time it stops people they can’t actually are to make which example in Florida they know but they don’t know than ever there they sent it for them come to work yeah yeah they tracked it to it but they don’t know why yeah it’s a funny wise you know and I think until you can truly understand why you do it that you can help a couple why people are going to come see why they want to do so for me it’s understand exactly why and people do know they just don’t know how to say it why are you doing why your chiropractor and usually you know someone at one stage it’s usually the person at some stage in life has reached a crossroad and I’ve turned right instead of left but there’s a reason for that and that’s why they do the rock reason of the wrong reason to bear depending on the crossroad the go or they do that because the money of the therapist and the money is the bark park keyboard so many monies about a proper to being great at what you do mmm it’s a school hmm and I was say to people be doing it for a long time as never forget why you get started because many times when do you start something whether it be a sport or any startup because you work in pain free when you started for some serious then you actually get good at it and then opportunities come in front of you but they may not be opportunities that serve that’s in series and they just opportunity so if you remember the Y as you said yours actually buy into the right right direction absolutely here’s another way you can easily get lost look get lost in their career so what advice would you give to someone who is maybe in a secure a job it is something we set up love they got a job fig of security but they sort of know the purposes then of their passion is but they little bit fearful of giving up they got to you gave up what you had to dress what you want it absolutely and then that takes courage yeah you know because there’s you going into the unknown so what are some advice you gives them some people who are watching this who I think you met their dreams but not actually chasing it they’re settling for that safety net of a job you’re just going to do it you’ve got you know you’ve got set those goals but they’re going to be clear and self integra goal see if people have goals but do they write them down are they clearly as their clarity to yourself really that those goals I’ve really something you actually want to do and as they all say you know everyone in the world they’ve got to hard work I’m not going to put my hard work them hard work we’re always trump talent yes I mean Thomas Edison says you know how like

shows up in your door said we’re in gum in overalls very timely trying exactly right just hard hard does and you put in the hard yards so tell me about obviously giving you started business you have this vision of what you’re going to correct now you’ve created it what are some of the key things you learned in the process things ready said all that didn’t go as smoothly as I thought on what all while I wasn’t expecting that or that was more expecting or that was what I speak so what are some of the key lessons you learn in that process of starting a business sufficient to now yeah absolutely and business-wise I think don’t be Fred trying but just make sure you plan because you’re saying again fail to plan plan to fail you know and personally it’s having goals set up in various areas of my life yep so very quickly you could get consumed by one thing ya lose health and you lose the other things but for me like fitness is my rock so I’m going to make sure I’ve got my fitness goals in place yo national fitness yeah yeah I’m personal fitness and everything else’s just falls into place because that will give you strength and fitness to do the rest of us absolutely destruction you know or something and one thing I try and help others make sure that you always do what helps rechargeable power okay you know because sometimes you see you so wanted to do things that you won’t go 200 miles now yet and hours and hours a day or something but what you used to do with it was a walk around the world read a book on a Sunday just outside and then recharge every charges you work out yeah too many all so much talk about yeah so do don’t forget to do the thing that recharges you will power we can I guess if you address and allocate time to do those as you mentioned those goals and other important areas of their life button your personal life your relationship your recreation your hobbies your business with repentance if when you’re spending the time of one and some people think about Tom and I’m not spitting on that but what did I realized by speeding time that you recharging yourself that sorry because some people think that I need a traps the rest is in I’m only speaking from my experience the rest isn’t sitting on the couch and doing nothing a rest is doing something different that we energize yourself to do the thing that you do so one feeds off the other absolutely and we in that way Lee nothing gets I guess lost in space yeah you know so often people will change their wealth mill lose their health yo they’ll build their business but materia their family and that’s yeah there’s going to be a lot of consequences to that absolutely so how do you as a business owner juggle or the aspects of your life yep most relieving some time ya got six different areas of our right goals down okay so one way so I’ve got finance relationship personal goals creating roles and fitness goals and education goals and we have the puppy dogs net very personal personal items then useful Bulldogs ya hear about the rent stretch of this particular French window are let the show me a picture of the American who is living and and then you’ve got to review them you know go to sit down and and look at them in you’ll be surprised to start writing down again reading them what comes your mind what you need to our I’ll do that is that you know just not much data much mornings there are pretty rugged goes much morning yeah yeah how sometimes us take a little bit but my goal my actual goal is drug down at least once a week I write them down that must give you character to it does absolutely i think i found that without writing down goals it does two things and I share this is a it clarifies and creates what you want but also as you go through life and now I’m into my second half-century right that actually wrote them down sometimes if you get out of the garbage you writing down becomes less important because it’s not what any more this is writing down realizes that what we even think about this I don’t really want to do this i’m writing this down because avoid rip it down or that’s what i thought i would so sometimes it helps you determine what you want but also that sometimes it helps you get rid of what you no longer one particularly as it goes through the decades of business or life because as you know when you’re 20 some things are more important others and the 13 is different things you want another you certainly have a very changing human the world so how is your view on business and lots changed since you started welcome to now has it change you has changed me and off I defense hard to say when you learn those in three years to three years you make values of mistakes move so much very quickly the biggest thing I learned was that business and life and your personal life or do you know your

education life when it’s all one it’s all intertwined so you know I think I chased me so long trying to get with balance but you can never really get revenge so you’re always so that’s like a windy ship ship it when there’s going to be drawn somewhere but as long as you’ve got that focus towards the end you will get drawn back corrected absolutely mmm reflect you know how to cycle at one stage on the future i forgot the prison yeah Wow bran advice still enjoys labor and you can always be planning you see but you’re not smelling the flowers are just obviously much before you know you so I don’t know why one happy and watch working with never had we never enjoying your success yeah and you see it so much with you you do like it I think success is always on the other side offense dead grass is greener noticed water euro more I just want to get along I said that what refuse and yeah this is the same thing as sometimes you can grow grow grow but you grow you so much you never actually taken advantage of what you bet you’ve got absolutely you know so but some great advice of someone who’s been one of our premier students oil if you remember Troy being in the class always remember the the logo Wow and then you target a complicated way yeah everything I for this meaningful is available yep and you’ve actually put some significant men in the bottom now because now this is actually a full business is dynamic siding every day brings a new opportunity or challenge going to learn what would be some are just some final words of advice you could give people at home who are thinking about a career change the chase chase their career that always wanted to do or to start a business what we some finishing moves of advice for someone who’s actually done it I think it would be to ask yourself the question exactly why do you want to do it you know our stuff why why don’t wonder and if it is true of the valley especially beliefs then you just gotta do it there’s no two ways about it simple keep it simple just do it yeah and put in the hard work well he’s take these another question that’s a great question what do you want to do it here’s another question why do you do what are you doing now way for that why are you getting to that job now yeah with that bus you may not get on with to do a job it up really enjoy it’s been 40 50 hours a week doing what you don’t love why are you dreaming or what you do love you know the beautiful thing is we’ve been doing on your lap even after working for the day in July there is lot of truth to that now you’re obviously a great leg no because you have a great team of 15 here now and one of the reason why you leave in practice for you preach absolutely so when we tell today you asked me about my top and oh yeah and that’s what I do is I like when you’re going into the national bodybuilding championships and in a few weeks time here three weeks of Saturday okay so tell me about you or your personal fitness training yep so me on I try and kill two birds one so my goal so one more for the scholars is take up at Nationals on the three percent blow fed and cider for walk every morning so I enjoy it and take one of my pictures with me anyone yeah doesn’t it jealous well I just always plug up the bishop about you saw that the numbered ship so what a day and they can have them ok and then normally Allison at same time as an audiobook or commercial development personal about this well sometimes I don’t some hunters go enjoy the dog join the day store the roses yep so I do that most days and you know I deep the knife’s in actually my lips likewise ninety-nine percent for performance them yeah I’m just trying to be so active as well as trying to run the business I need to have so not even safer performance and tiffa sit for pleasure I still I’ve always that here I’ve done essence some my cars at max and other things you said it early on and I did I I do that apart from obviously it’s been a bit closer to come when you get to campus are the Pacific performance others because you know if you get up there and you haven’t done that in in you know a hyrax card because you know what be heading there true so yeah that’s my foot the scholar having on for three is to go but with bodybuilding I share if it was not I mean on the day it’s fine young men respectively undies and yeah tanned up and it’s fun but what you learn along the way as in value yeah absolutely bro that’s one of the hardest things are probably ever done just because of what it takes and help students a lot of things yeah vs of the best thing I’ve ever done it was a great day it’s just test a disciplinary Jefferson and you learn what about food training in body physiology because you bought it yeah you also did our power lifting their food rewards I said yes yeah it was a great journey to buy knowing you do that for I’m counting for three years I took a two year break and got back into it for another year and a half nomura coaching coaching role and when I came back into it politics great it’s another thing is it’s in a strength you know you

go to develop a system train you may not feel like training but then it’s just head injury right had to manage that best buy good and you know a lot about rehab now they already have if you know we had mice up back through and stuff that we do now another day today virtually no money Wow which enables me to live life totally be fit and healthy to live the life you want to live and chase the dreams I just dream about the more thank you so much for your time that’s an invaluable information for someone who’s looking at a career change to get into this magnificent professional Clippers possession and health profession and you give me brought all all together and I’ll just get this but chiropractic and physio nutrition of all that which is fantastic it’s been healthy for anyone who wants to get into the fitness professor particularly yeah it’s always valuable to know if if trike and or did someone life ok making do it all Jenny can do it something I and it’s also great for some of the ones who run their own show run their own business absolutely no it’s always a challenge but if you love it and you have a big enough why you have the energy to chase your dreams chase your passion thank you so much once again with you and if you ever want to come and visit and try and his team down here hoek yep how he addresses at three and nine party invites on street and halak yeah it’s in Howard so a great room community Heather’s is amazing and come down and even when you have a book is nice with William go for coffee now have another chat it’s also why coffee now sorry 30 secs places by copying now 36 exactly 36 and that’s hair tight this this community is and i shared this with a lot of our our students this is forgetting when you build your business become the the fitness expert in your area be that the person are going to people thinking fitness or health or whatever it might be just become you know and you become vulgar you’ve been the local identity horak conquer local before you start thinking blow because even thinks global in one moves for spark yeah that’s foundation so thank you for joining us thank you for having me here today and now we’re going to go and have a nice coffee and talk about Bulldogs okay sounds good thank you thanks