hey guys okay it’s Nev been with moji desh crew com it is January 26 2013 and here’s our continuing series on the two dash mo g dash HB project alright we went through all the installation then we went through all the sub points ok and we did a test run to make sure the thing worked so now we want to consider doing our own run to something and so let me go ahead and show you how that works let’s open up the project again I want 64-bit so i’m using the HB let’s say i want to do a run let’s say it’s an HP geo run what do i need to know to do my run let me show you i’m gonna go to step on ok and step one i need the information for the host monster top-level domain account right for a brand new host monster account hosting account and i need the top level domain why that’s the way this project is set up to run and also it’s a good idea for a lot of reasons one is people using hostgator have got get throttled usually wind up having to use our link people who use our length hostmonster seems to figure it out long ago what we do and they don’t want to lose the income so they they just when people come through our link they know what to expect so here’s what you should do go to moja crew calm and scroll down here until you see moji resources page ok that’s this one here ok and so go to the resources page and what you’re going to find right there is a link to host monster but i’ll just go to host monster directly please use our light this is our affiliate link this get website hosting here and again there are a couple of reasons to use it one is you get everything that they would give you any way at the exact same price whether you bought it directly from them or through us but if you do it through us we are just more helpful you know with ftp path issues or anything else we’re more than happy to help you out you just sign up now ok now this is going to be like 85 bucks for a year ok and what do you do enter in it domain name you want that’ll be your top level domain you know so this is fun okay it could be anything ComNet business org but use a three-letter extension and make your domain name whatever it is that works for you so if you have a particular business you want to be in and you’re in a particular locale what were we saying you can say like Michigan vets you know uh Corvette com or veterinarian you know it’s just a simple example of an idea you can do anything you want for a domain name and that’s cool now also when you sign up for this you can put other domain names on this account add-on domains but we don’t have this to mow ghb project set up to use a Donna means you can go through the continued video training on mochi to learn how to use add-on domains and subdomains and add-on domains all that kind of thing but in the two dash mo g dash HB we kept it simple and we want it uniform so it just works seamlessly with the least amount of training because I see people screw up ftp pass all the time they have trouble getting them right and you will get it right if you just do what we say here so enter your domain name I have things like industry leaders calm or not okay so i have like industry leaders dotnet i have competitive companies all right dot com i have all sorts of domain names like that so give yourself one you want best plumber in town actually i got at one point best plumber and Tata best plumbers in town right that’s plumbers in town that’s cool because that works nationwide for all the plumbers that I want to use any kind of plumbing if I wanted to just pre rake a website make it already work for plumbers in a certain area of the nation then I can have my best plumbers in town com site and I can put some basic content on it then if I want to geo-target I can do anything Texas dash plumbers dot best plumbers in town you know Michigan dash plumbers dot or Michigan plumbing dot you know all these things are open to me once I get my basic idea set okay so do what you want for a domain name for whatever it is you’re trying to promote and then we’ll take forward from there okay and and all you’re going to need now is this domain name and then the nickname you login to your host monster account within the password you log into your host monster account with and we just need those three things so what does it look like well it’s simple day in the case of mojeed edge samples okay if I go and log in all right now i’m logging in with a username and a password and just to show you real fast

when you log in you can’t miss it see there’s the main domain there’s the username and then the password is just the password it’s whatever you used to log in control panel login there’s the username in my case moji samp and here’s something else it could be he could end in a number whatever it is and then you have your password whatever your password is so if you know the domain name the user nickname that you login with not the domain name again this is not moji samples com even though I could use this to log in that’s incorrect for ftp I needed that part the part that it told me hey what’s my login nickname so to speak and your password and that’ll work for ftp that is what you need to be able to upload files to the website correctly right so assuming you got that far all right let’s come back and actually do it hbg Oh step one hit this step one xlsm just tip that boom okay it’s going to say what’s your domain username and password ha that’s it moji samples calm and then moji Sam and then your user your password which i’m not going to type here not the real one there i did it i got my domain name no HTTP colon slash slash you can put www if you want it’s it’s not important that you do or don’t if you get a hyperlink like that just right-click hit room wolf hyperlink ok there you go I just say skip it because really this is easy to remember and it works just fine mo g da samples calm moji samp is the the nickname to login with again yours could have a number on the end yes or no it could be and then your password whatever your password is capital letter small letter symbols evening like that quick note by the way if you go to start typing and you type something like an ampersand this is like an Excel function so it may be if you do it that it trips it might start thinking that you’re doing some kind of a a function and if it gives you trouble with that it’s not letting you go all right you’re trying to get this done it says something like the function is not valid right what do you do here’s the answer before you type anything in double click in the box okay to get the cursor blinking type in a single ‘ boom just like that now you can do whatever it was and when you click off the apostrophe vanished and yet that is correct that’s what it was supposed to be another way to do it is just if you copy paste your information if you had it on notepad or you pasted it to notepad like sample stack emoji Sam yeah and then you had your ad search or whatever was the password was usually that works just fine like if I start by getting rid of this okay and I just simply copy and then i just paid you know click and paste boom then it should take just fine it will put the apostrophe by itself because it knows it’s supposed to be treated as text because notepad is text and doesn’t allow for any function embedding or anything like that it’s just text alright so it’ll come out right anyway ok so again what did i do because this is simple go to the chosen project hbg Oh step 1 open this here we go moji des samples calm moji Sam and your password whatever it was now hit run macro and then select the profile browse original dot pfl it’s always going to be called that on all the projects HB and hv 32 it’s called original so just hit it well that’ll be the right one submit it’s completed so I can close it no need to save it because you’re already where you need to be it created a version of the profile for the right website now what do i do I hit this it’s going to give this the right name and immediately move it out of here and put it where it’s supposed to go so I can hit step 2 and it’s done it did it where did it put it where it’s supposed to be in system and with the right name ZZ auto create how do I know that’s the right one by the date-time stamp 1 26 2013 at 1118 p.m. that is right now so I know that this is the one I just created

ok what happens if you’re gonna go to another website you can just give this temporary names you know just so you don’t forget what they are OG samples right because you’re going to go create a new one you’re going to go back to step one and create another one for another website and submit it and then and then hit this to rename it put it in the right place so it’ll overwrite or would have overwritten this one but you renamed it so then the other one appears but you did not lose this one ok that way you can swap the names back and forth right whatever one you want to run has to have the right name that’s because these um these projects are looking for for instance moji autorun not VBS if I edit this is one piece that looks for that name ZZ auto create that pfl so we have to have one we have to have a ZZ auto creepy FL for this thing to work properly ok has to have the right name make sure you get you that hmm ZZ auto create a pfl there you go now if you 12 if if this is something you’re done with or you just want to try something else for the minute let’s just say I got rid of it you can do a test again on mochi samples calm go here and that’s what the readme says it says this is the factory setting for the tester website so just copied don’t cut because you don’t want to lose it but come back out and paste it here and boom it’s perfectly good and useful for our moji samples com site one more thing remember this has one that’s ready for HB GL ok so I would come up one level and paste it here and it’s the correct one don’t cross over though don’t come back to HB then go to like HB know Gio system and paste it in there although won’t matter because it’s got the wrong name so the software this this process will not even look for that ZZ otic way it’s looking for the zezinho GL right like I said these files are actually different they actually have different information in them ok so there even though they have the same name to not the same ones ok so just stay in the same project when you whenever you make changes like that you know copy up one level only and paste it and overwrite and it’s good to go that’s the one ok now that was step one so step one is pretty darn easy all we had to do was run this thing put our three bits of information hit choose the original we got it and when we did it we got a new one and then just hit step two to get it all in the right place ok that was it now what now we go to step two step two is simple run me this is where we put our whole thing in ok complete with these and there’s only one two three four five things to put in all right now watch this if you look at this read me first it gives you a perfectly good example of which is what what you can put into each one of these fields ok for instance it tells you here at the top production name k and it tells you can be up to 50 characters including spaces name of the thing you’re promoting don’t use double quotes capitalized when sensible you can use all upper case whenever it makes sense to you and here’s some examples any one of these is a prime example of what you can put in here okay so you could put anything in there get paid now you can put oak our family dental services you could put acne window cleaning LLC or John Doe top internet marketing coach you can put 1 you could put more as long as you start on the top line paste in other words this is good but if I had a space in there this would not be good this will actually screw it up okay make sure that the data starts at the top if i do want more than one thing to swap between okay maybe I wanted to try this as an alternative thing so some of my pages are going to say one some my pages are going to say the other then that is the right way to do it okay so you can put in more than one thing also see how the cursor is blinking at the end of the bottom line right whatever people say does it need to be the end of the line or the beginning of the next line the answer is it will not matter at all okay now image file that is the image that i’m going to do as a matter of fact let me take this well whatever who cares i mean it’s really just a sample image file is exactly the image you want people to click on to be taken to your thing in the case of mochi des samples calm ok there’s my image except it’s not very sensible image just me promoting myself if I was John Doe the internet marketing coach see if it said that

instead because this is where the production name goes alright and if you’re using more than one it’ll swap between them as you go from one to the other it’ll swap okay it’ll have the pages of produces I’ll have the one half I have the other okay if you use two or three or four or five it’ll split them up that’s okay because your assumption is any one of those names will do just fine okay and so there it is now if I was John Doe the internet marketing coach this might be perfectly fine could be dave bennett the website generation coach fine and then you click through or you click through here either one will take you the same place oh the website or webpage I want it right so there’s an image and a destination link so when you click it takes you to the destination web page on the destination website wherever was you really wanted people to go which is somewhere else this can be anything by the way it can be a clickbank of ha plank it can be the front page of some other sites i’m affiliate link of some other sites some deeper link of some other site it can be a tiny URL anything that starts with an HTTP colon slash slash will do just fine for a destination link okay doesn’t matter that you don’t see it that’s just the way Firefox is showing it but it does have it it really is there of course right it’s actually there it’s just that Firefox takes it out for visibility purposes okay so it’s just easier to remember the name alright so there I go I need an image file and a destination link those are those two things if you do not have an image file this tells you use this best dash provider dot jpg you know why it says to use that because there is one by default in the projects where it goes in here where it’s gonna where the image is going to be there is a best provider jpg that is what it looks like by the way and that is just simply a default image that will show up if you do not have an image we’re do the wise use a better image than this this is supposed to be for greenie greeter curiosity but it’s not the most enticing thing it’s not the most incredibly interesting thing it’s just there to get you started if you don’t have your own image right so there you go best provider that jpg okay and again you can use for the one image file for guys to say can I split test the answer is sure use two three four five whatever you want and that way they all get swapped from page to page to page they get mixed in my with these things up here and with everything else that you’re including yes you can use for the one destination like as long as it makes sense to whatever this whole run is about so you can send people to two or three different pages just to see which is the better entry point and they can be two or three different projects this could be Clickbank item 1 dot you know whatever um calm and then this could be you know Clickbank item to.net but it could be the same same kind of thing and that could go to a like services HTML page or whatever you want okay um as long as it jives with your project it’s perfectly fine to have more than one link more than one image more than one production name okay so it does say include HTTP colon slash slash do that if you forget it if you do not include it then the link will be broken you’ll click the image and it’ll say can’t show the page so make sure not to forget that and then it’s whatever it is that you wanted people to arrive at website dash marketing solutions com or anything else and it can be a deeper page you can even be a subdomain uh who knows I’m just faking it right now make cash money dash now the industry dash leaders da net okay if it’s not make money now it could be anything else it could be Illinois dash homeopathy and then it doesn’t even have to be the main page it could be some deeper page some dash of or some folder deeper dash page dot and it could be anything it could be PHP s HTM L whatever the page really is aspx the only thing it don’t want in here is session coding like ampersand what would that be sec i think or whatever it is equals whatever those session coats because they are only meant

to to track when the page appears and then they’re supposed to break the page if it’s the wrong code later you know anyway just use a page that you want to send people to write there you go so whatever peach you want I’ll just leave it like that okay I don’t even know if that’s really there so maybe I’ll just take that out just in case it’s not there I don’t think it is all right and again it could have www now whatever just has to have HTTP colon slash slash all right city-states check it out again if we look at our read me first it’s telling us all these examples right it’s showing us examples for our images make sure one big thing never have spaces in your image names do not have some space image.jpg that will be a broken link when you upload it you have to have a dash in the name if you have to rename your image rename your image by that I mean this let’s say that this was your image and I showed just copy it and shall paste it here oh and it’s called that but let me rename it to get rid of the dash let’s see there was a space okay it works to your right best space provider dot jpg but that is incorrect I need to right click rename and convert that space any spaces i see to a dash alright or an underscore but it has to be something real like a dash normally now the other thing watch out for caps if this starts with a capital B that’s what you got to put in here too it’s got this has to exactly match the name of this thing as a matter of fact rename your images to make sure there are no spaces no leading spaces nothing at the beginning that was a space nothing at the end it didn’t have a space here or anything like that or a space here or anything like that make sure there’s no spaces and then just once you have that hit rename hit control all control a that is or whatever just get the whole name copy it if you have to control C click off that way when you put it in here it’ll be the right name okay now the question is what do you do with this image anyway this should he was interesting you’re going to go running this thing and it’s got to find the image it doesn’t know where the images if it’s here remember cut go to your HB the the same project we’re working on HB geo and just paste it right in here next to your one dash run dot bad ok perfectly find that it’s in here if you had five six seven images you have to put them all in here just put them in next to your one dash run it doesn’t matter if they show up above it or below it just matters that they have no spaces and that no matter how it looks capitals and lower-case even if I ended with a capital jpg ok that jpg like that some weird thing like that ok if that happens then one of them you got to change either you change this one to match this or you change this one to match that right as long as there are identical names ok there we go that’s enough of that now destination link you guys know there cannot be a space in the URL so enough said there won’t be a space in here right all you need now our city states and keywords ok city states you can use commas or whatever if you want you can have so you can have a list like this here’s a city with the CHC with a stay all the way down no comments but if you had commons and yours is fine ok that can go here boom just like that again you can hit enter at the end if you want or not the only thing you have to worry about is that the top line has something in it again this should look wrong this should immediately look wrong ok that looks right ok now for keywords you can get keywords from any keyword tool you use or from google.com / sk tool you guys know about that just real fast i’m not going to go into it too much because it’s just one of a million keyword tools out there if you go to Google sk tool and I well let’s see how it acts ok and you can do your your words so if there was something like um oh heck window washers or whatever window washing you know again it could be whatever it is right you satio ideas closely related to my search terms and it just depends on whether you get enough words one way or the other okay Angie you sh e check and if you click this and only get one result total then fine come back here and take it off and run it again all right let’s just search okay it showed me a hundred keywords I can use them all or just a minimum of 10 or 50 or whatever but i can download now i can download all search results csv for excel is about

the best format you can get okay download ok and then let’s just see but where we can find it ok save as and let’s actually stick it where we want it so here’s our HP shortcut that’s like a really weird keyword name but it works you know I could call a window-washing if I want just to have a right window dash washing right dismiss close and I have it in I thought I had in there ah here it is let’s put in the right place cut HP geo piece okay and that way I can keep it together maybe now let me open it real quick long enough to get rid of all this data people say what do you soar by competition volume the answers we do mass run so we don’t care we just take them all get rid of the top line again you can do whatever you want you can sort them if you want or anything all right now one thing keep in mind if it’s a geo-targeted run we already have geo targets in here we’re going to be mixing and matching our keyword list against our geo targets that we’re using so don’t use keywords that have geo targets in them window washing san diego or window washing Chicago because guess what the problem is going to be they’re going to mix and match with these then you’re going to say click here for the best window washing Chicago in Boise Idaho that doesn’t make any sense at all right so just be mindful of that you know you can do whatever you want to get rid of these click hold down your control key and just keep clicking everything that’s got a geo-target in it to get rid of them you know this is just cleaning up the list you could be as care as you wanna run carefully as you want you can delete your shift cells up you know and just get this list down you know just geode get rid of anything that doesn’t apply right the lead shift cells up so anyway that way when you close it cancel here’s the best way hit the blue floppy hits yes and then you can close it and hit don’t save because you did just save it it already saved don’t save that saves you from getting through the silly rigmarole where you have to click through a bunch of windows just to save it all right now the last thing I’ve got this the way I want it’s got the changes i wanted to it whatever they were what can I do I can rename it get the CSV and make it a txt yep change it guess what now it’s a notepad text there’s all my keywords so i can select them all right and i can use my key words right i can just come right to my form paste right in there how’s that isn’t that cool so it’s done everything is done everything is been filled in you have to fill everything in then just submit the form and it updated the CSV file okay now that really wasn’t hard I mean I I’m talking a lot to make sure you understand the ground rules and don’t screw anything out but the fact of the matter was that was pretty easy and there it is and it’s updated right now and so I know it’s the right one it’s done so all I have to do is hit this last step just hit it wow that’s it now it’s done it put a copy right where it’s supposed to go right here and again I know it’s correct because the date-time stamp is correct now what can I do just hit run and let it run I already did step one where I said the website I wanted it to get put up to okay and then when I hit this thing and move that information where it goes and then I went into step 2 and I just simply filled out the form just five things to fill out and the note geo-target is the same thing except without the city-state section cuz city-states don’t apply so bad if you keywords with geo targets in them you could use it there that’s what I say so window-washing Las Vegas winter washing Chicago and everything else it’s better if you do it with an OG Oh run on your step 2 so you would still do step one to get the right website into play for this project has yes they’re all different projects and then step two and you run this thing and it’s just got four boxes to fill in no geo-target box but your keywords can now have geo-target sinem and that’s okay there won’t be any mix and match right it’ll be okay all right now and again hit last step click me always hit the last step every time you get down with step one hit this guy and then every time you get done with step to hit that guy and then just step up and hit that guy and that’s really it just make sure you have your images in here before you hit that guy yeah right so whatever image you wanted here just make sure when you did it you took a moment and you could submit the form first just don’t forget to get your

images in here whichever image or images you were using all right and then hit run and that’s it then then you’re done you just log in to your site and unzip the file when it’s done running okay it’s really like that for all of these projects all of them with