Episode 2 To which I am speaking How dare you Don’t you know who we are This is the chambers of Empress Dowager The King have orders that no one shall pass We are the Divine Ladies who come here to advise His Majesty Qi Dare you not in our way Divine Ladies Are you those Divine Ladies who were found in front of the Place hall So we are Out of our way now Emm Empress Dowager was deceived by Li Wei Seriously cursed By Heaven’s order we came here to purify Her Majesty None of you could afford taking these responsibilities Just guard the door You think that we would cause some trouble under your nose ok Please be hurry Don’t disturb when we are processing We would not like to see another one to get infection As your wish That was close You are quite a material for acting Of course I didn’t know that Your Majesty Who are you We are Divine Ladies who came by His Majesty’s order Divine Ladies I beg you please make the Prime minister rest in peace Please bless my son’s health and conquer the world soon Please stand up Your Majesty Get up first please The only reason His Majesty hasn’t had me killed is that I am his mother and the whole country would hate him if he truly did I prefer to relieve him from these mess by committing suicide But through a second thought He would be spitted and cursed by those descendants because he forced his mother to die You love your son so much But what else can I do for an imprisoned person Let’s get out of here But if I escape from the Palaces His Majesty would hate me However if you stay remain being imprisoned by His Majesty Those historiographers would condemn His Majesty for being not filial for sure Though His Majesty would hate you if you escape but his reputation would remain clean Plus you will have the chance to see him conquering the world Your Majesty how do you like it Your Majesty Those Divine Ladies are visiting Her Majesty Visiting my mother The guards replied that they said Her Majesty has been bewitched

then colluded in conspiracy with Li Wei What are you doing What on earth We can get out of the city through a secret path secret path How long have they been in there About one hour Your Majesty They said they were purifying the curse and can not to be disturbed Go check in As you wish Gather the Royal Guards and find them Be Careful Hold on one second Divine Ladies What You’re wearing too much Why not take something off Be careful Hurry hurry Let’s go Careful Hurry hurry They are after us Run faster Hurry now Halt Freeze now Stop Whose order do you take from Who else are supporting Li Wei Your Majesty I persuaded them to take me out There are none of their business Please kill me Mother you have made my efforts in vain for several times You want a death and you shall have it She is your mother How can you do this Move Audacious witch Qin Shang Stop Are you truly a Divine Lady What are you talking about Send us back What are you talking about I have no idea Move away Halt You Let go of her Out of my way Let go

I don’t know him Leave us Let me go Leave us Your Emperor is commanding Call the police Call 110 Don’t get too close Call the police Who is this guy Lunatic Stay away What is this crappy show Endless crap One episode every day it’s a series It’s wonderful Did you find your classmate I am talking to you Did you see that Give me your hand Fei Yan I’ll pull you up Hurry She is your mother How can you do this Is this a dream Luo Xi Where the hell are you Call me back Fei Yan Li Fei Yan They said you jumped off a building What are you doing Jumped off a building No I didn’t Thought so You look what you did with Luo Xi Got us involved Do you have any idea how much loss you’ve caused How could I explain this to my cousin Sorry Jingjing That’s not my intention Where is LuoXi Where did she go Why not answer my phone LuoXi Don’t anything stupid She came to rooftop with Xiaoxue to find me Then Then I don’t remember Aren’t you stupid What on earth is in your head Stop Xiaoxue Sorry the user you dialed is temporarily unavailable Please call again later What the hell is going on Release us Lock us in chains Why do you call yourself that Don’t you know what this place is Let me ask you Why are you wearing those things and carrying this sword What do you want Don’t touch our sword Give it back to us What a moron do you know her Dr.He The stitching is finished Thank you Sister I am merely an intern

You don’t have to be that polite Oh The Dean said that your father wanted me to tell you come home early once you get it done Thank you Sorry the user you dialed is temporarily unavailable Please call again later Hello is that Xiaoxue This is He Mo Is she with you No she not I can’t get in touch with her Tell her to call me back if you see her OK Hello This is 110 Police station Yes We caught a man He keeps call himself We and he said he knew you Who what I don’t know a man like this You guys must be mistaken Halt Are you truly a Divine Lady Send us back What if I did jump through the time Xiaoxue She remains in Qi Luo Xi Your Dad and I went out to play Mahjong Don’t stay up too late Hold on Could it be that she is already back but I didn’t see her Hello LuoXi Feiyan Where are you I am in school I’m a little bit hungry So Is XiaoXue in your dorm No Isn’t she there with you all the time Oh You went to the rooftop for me I recalled that you guys pulled me once And then I lost my memory You lost your memory Yeah That’s weird And Are you guys OK Yeah we are fine I gotta go Bye Did you guys forget your money We are policemen please open the door Miss How can I help you Are you LuoXi Yes I am We found you ID card from him Do you know him This is indeed Our Queen Excuse me We are just playing Costume Play He is a nuts What Cosplay Are you guys insane So called Queen Will you be Empress Dowager later You young folks are unbelievable Apologize and make your promise I am so sorry for your troubles I swear it won’t happen again Sign here There would be no mercy for you next time You might be caught in an administrative detention I am well aware This is Our sword I commend you send We back to Qi now

Don’t Don’t you move How dare you You cheeky rascal Stay away Don’t you know manner I see We can talk through this You want to go back We can find a way together Plus how could Your Majesty treat a Divine Lady like me with such disrespect The One True King should act properly Why not we sit down and have a nice chat You haven’t eat anything for a day aren’t you starving Then get Our meals ready This is our finest tribute Only the superior have the privilege Quit looking just eat Just give it to me What are you doing Are you making me to test the poison for you You should know if a Divine Lady wants to kill you Poison would be the last way While you are eating here is an analysis for you In a nutshell we jumped through your time to this modern world As for the reason I don’t know Modern A nickname for Heaven You should know that how many people dreamed of been here You got lucky That I bring you here to broaden your horizons We live in High Heaven You are merely cavemen to us Call you an antique is actually flattering you You are actually a nerd What do you mean by this Prepare another one So impolite Don’t you know the word Please Alright Will these be enough Let’s pick up our topic Just keep eating Send Us back Look I would very much like to do so But I don’t know the time by now You should wait for the chance Whenever the heaven allows you to go I need to hear the prophecy Prophecy When When the revelation comes To wait for the revelation I need you to be quiet no troubles Nobody can know that you are not from here Do you hear me We will trust you for now Fine First of all Stop calling yourself We Like a bird Just say I Same things you know Then Change your clothes You change these for me Why What to do

That’s pretty good Really really good Now this is our finest fabric No one but Gods can wear them Normal gods are not qualified Hurry up Go upstairs Come on Up up up Go Go Go Get inside Now That was close Luckily we didn’t get caught Why are you up so late Luo Xi Get inside now Why Please don’t make any sound Look at you up this late Mom Did you win None of your business Get washed and go to bed I tell you this You will pay a serious price when you are old if you don’t have good rest now Yes my dear mother I am well aware Good night to you too Go to bed early You too Alright Why did you hide We in a wooden chest Quiet You came here out of nowhere How would you like me to explain You and me alone at this time You are Our Queen Why would you explain anything to them My mom charges everything in this home You would regret to be born on this earth if you mess up with Mrs. Luo Does your mother want to murder you too Of course not My mom loves me She is just too shy to say that Every mother loves her child Speaking of which Your mother had no idea that Li Wei plotted to kill you If you continue talk about this I would have you convicted as well even if you are my Queen I have to say even if you don’t want to hear Your mom got nothing in her head besides you and love The only reason she came with us is that she is afraid that you might be cursed by the descendants for you imprisoned your own mother She even asks me to bless you She raised you up in such dangerous place through so many troubles Not easy at all You are such a child With no respect to her at all What Are you deeply touched by my eloquent and have nothing to say Do you understand how great your mom’s love can be But she is the Empress Dowager who conspired with Li Wei This is infidelity How dare she Ok ok Alright alright You are impossible My fault I shouldn’t try to communicate with you Go to bed I never really wanted to kill her Thank you for stopping Us That’s fine I made your bed just sleep This is my bed Yours is on the floor Don’t you know how to be a gentleman How could you let a girl sleep on the floor You are Our queen you can sleep with Us Forget about the Queen From which point we got married Not Until three days later Nuts Wake up

Wake up Sneak out while my parents are still sleeping Hurry up What’s up That ‘s itchy You are not carrying fleas are you I heard you people don’t take shower a lot Oh screw it Am I infected Cause if I do Instead of going to school I have to go to hospital I have to pay Shut up Do you get acute disease Why are you so hot Fever What is fever You have to go to hospital Hello is that He Mo I will catch you up later in hospital See you then What are you doing just hop in the cab This is a cab You know horse We have to go to hospital by taking this Are you going or not Yes sure Hurry up Watch out Please drive What are you doing Don’t be so nervous I know it’s your first time Take it easy and take a deep breath Think it as some ironic horse in your time OK