♫ Where is my favorite star in the night sky above? ♫ ♫ It always appears in my dream and ♫ ♫ goes into deep sleep with me till dawn ♫ ♫ I’ll eventually reach that far way mountain top ♫ ♫ It’s not a dream ♫ ♫ Are you ready to cast off the past together with me ♫ ♫ and walk forward hand-in-hand? ♫ ♫ If we’re separated, please believe that we’ll reunite ♫ ♫ If there are tears, wipe them dry and then go on ♫ ♫ If trials and hardships are destined to be the fate we want ♫ ♫ Please believe this brave heart ♫ ♫ We’ll eventually reach the star that we dreamed of ♫ ♫ There’ll be rainbow colored sky there ♫ ♫ Gentle winds drift freely to ♫ ♫ blow away all gloomy pains ♫ ♫ We’ll eventually reach the star that we dreamed of ♫ ♫ There’ll be the warmest pair of hands there ♫ ♫ to hold love tightly ♫ ♫ Embrace the pride that belongs to oneself ♫ [Magic Star] ~ Episode 30 ~ Older sis, why did you lie to him that he is our worker? Wasn’t the reason that Xiao Dao dares brazenly bully us like that because we have no men in the shop? I see that lad is pretty good in martial arts We can make him stay with us temporarily, then if Xiao Dao comes again, he would at least has some dread But what if he regains his memory? If he knows we lied to him, he will definitely not stay still! Rest assured When Older Bro Ying Jun returns, everything will be okay! He should be returning soon Older Bro Ying Jun has gone to sea for five years, and there had been no news about him since That huge storm- That huge storm overturned their ship, Only three people survived Also, there were 57 bodies been found Only his whereabouts is unknown This means he is still alive! Just because he is missing does not mean he is still alive! If nothing happened to him, why hasn’t he returned after so many years? Older sis, I know you don’t want to face the truth, but you cannot continue to lie to yourself like this! You being like this will only harm yourself Xiao Mei, I don’t allow you to say such words I have a promise with Older Bro Ying Jun He said that when he returns he will proudly marry me He has never go back to on his word He will definitely return This What stupid place is this? What is this, seriously Can you stop complaining? It’s so irritating What? Pfft Sir, you say, this person called what… what Yu Qi Lin, what does he mean? He asked to meet us yet delayed his appearance We couldn’t have been cheated, right? I hope you got cheated! Can you shut up? Don’t make a fuss We will wait awhile more Is it you people who wanted to see Lord Yu Qi Lin? Yes My master has something on and is unable to meet you What? He can’t come, right? What situation is this? Do you know how long we waited here? Stop We’ve made an arrangement in advance with your teacher for a map to Yongzhou Underground City Do you know our rules? Did you bring the money? Open the box Can you give us the map now? Hey, I am the current emperor’s younger sister, Princess Zi Su These two people are traitor minister Ding Song and his lackey Ma Shun, I was kidnapped by them! You… you cannot believe a word they say! That… this is my younger sister She likes to listen to plays She is a play addict and can’t get out of it I don’t care about the grievances between you people Take it Hey! You… you see someone in trouble and refuse to help! You are helping the bad people to do evils! Princess, just drop the idea forever No one will be able to save you You guys… you’re all bastards!

Then that’s it. We’re taking our leave now Thank you Let’s go Move! Seems like he is really here to find someone Older sis! You frightened me Older sis, why don’t you go to eat but stay here alone furtively ? Let me tell you, that Yuan Shuai is really a treasure! Not only he knows martial arts, but also cooks extremely well! I think it is comparable to Brother Ying Jun! Come quickly and try his fried rice with me! Younger sister, here. Please sit down first Look at this drawing Yuan Shuai? Is this the Older Bro Fei he is looking for? You have to hide this picture and these clothes well Don’t let him find them Older sis, isn’t it too much for us to do this way? When Older Bro Ying Jun comes back then we will explain to him and let him go But -No buts Right now, I’m the hostess of this household Also, I think you’ve been too hungry Now whatever you eat is delicious to you Remember, in this world, no one’s cooking can compare to Ying Jun’s! Yes Sir, look. There’s a city there! Right. This is Yongzhou Underground City of the legends Yongzhou Underground City? Then do those white-skinned people all live here? The white-skinned people of legends can only live in Yongzhou Underground City Once they go up to the ground and see the sunlight, they will bleed to death So this is how it is Lord, then what shall we do now? Let’s find a place to rest first Older Bro Ying Jun! Older Bro Ying Jun! Don’t leave! Did you have to go? Stay with me okay? We have such good hot springs. You’re so good in cooking. We can transform this shop into something great! Xiao Cai, wait for me. I will be back in half a year to marry you. I heard that on the other side of the seas, there is a place where they make spices. I want to learn from them and bring back their secret methods. Then when the time comes we can open this hot spring inn all over the world! I will become the number 1 chef, and you will have unlimited wealth. I, Gao Ying Jun, swear that the first thing I’ll do upon return is to marry Xiao Cai! I will always wait for you. No matter how long, I will wait In the middle of the night, you come out to pretend a ghost instead of sleeping Do you plan to scare me to death? I should be asking you that In the middle of the night, you stand here alone crying instead of sleeping Who says I’m alone Look! Hey Xiao Cai, have you ever thought about re-opening your business? Just take care of your own things Don’t bother about anything else Miss, I’m here!

– Did you bring the money? – No, I didn’t Why do you come here if you don’t bring money? Unexpectedly, you’re young with a good figure, but you just want all the rewards without paying the price It was because I promised the Em– I promised her family that I would save her, and it has to be done with my own abilities So… I don’t have the face to go back and ask for money So you’re going the underground city to save someone, right? Yes Could I trouble you to tell Granddaddy Earth? I’m really anxious to go to the underground city Then when my issue is settled, I will definitely repay him with lots of money! Then you tell him yourself Granddaddy Earth, please tell me the way to the underground city After I rescue my friend, I will definitely repair your entire temple for you! If I am lying, I will be struck by lightning! Countries have laws Businesses have their regulations I will take the money first then help you This rule cannot be broken Everyone who has come to beg has given me some payment You gods, why are you so moneyfaced? Fine. I don’t believe I cannot find the way on my own accord! What kind of god are you? I’ll see you next time! Buddy, wait! Ventriloquy? I say, you tell me, why do you little lady not doing anything good, but come out to fool people like this? I’m also dumb How can I, Zhan Xiong Fei, be tricked by such a low level scheme? What did you say earlier what you are called? Zhan Xiong Fei Is your father the Heaven Strategy Envoy, Zhan Ke? Does he have a sword called the Gray Thunder Edge? How do you know? It really is the Gray Thunder Edge So… do you know my father? My dad’s Jianghu’s code name is Golden Spade He is the present empire’s top tomb raider He and Uncle Zhan Ke have known each other for more than ten years Afterwards, when things happened to the Dept. of Heaven Strategy, we lost contact with your family Oh… Then where is your father now? Last year when he was raiding a tomb, his men rebelled against him and injured his arm He then just retired from it So do you know how to go to the underground city? Or does your father know? Hurry and tell me, please The people of the underground city are unable to come out, and they know my father well, so he often helps them conduct trades You can say they know each other well That Princess Zi Su you mentioned was brought there by two people yesterday It was me who gave them— I’m sorry Seems like Zi Su is really brought to the underground city It’s okay. It’s not your fault Can I have one map, too? I will go and find them now! What is Zi Su to you? Why are you so anxious? She… she is my good friend Then when you were young, did Uncle Zhan Ke mention me? No How is that possible! We were engaged by our parents when we were in the womb with a babies’ marriage agreement What? You are the Baby* Elder Yu Qi Lin? (* baby in the womb) And you and I have a baby— I… I… babies’ marriage agreement? Right. I only found out from my father after I grew up You… you… the babies marriage agreement you’re talking about is the one I’m thinking about? Right. That time we lost contact, I also thought the heavens didn’t agree with us Now unexpectedly, I’ve actually seen you again! It is truly fate! No, it’s not fate This is confusing This Don’t worry about that first Please give me the map I really need to save Zi Su! Older Brother Xiong Fei! Then that means you admit what happened in the past? I admit… I… what? Miss Qi Lin, things are like this, I am just a poor person That… we are not compatible Compatible! You don’t have money, but I have money When we are together, we won’t lack anything! You don’t have to risk danger anymore, either! – I… No – Don’t tell me you fell for that princess! You want to be a prince, is that it? I I am not thinking so much now Miss Qi Lin, just take it as I’m begging you. Just give me the map Then you have to promise me something As long as you don’t mention marriage, I will promise you Fine then promise me If you manage to rescue Zi Su, I want to have a fair competition with her Okay? No… what? Compete for what? Okay, fine, I promise Just give me the map now Don’t worry. I’ll send you there! Let’s go! What are you doing now? I am not giving you the money for nothing Help me get something What? The pearl powder from Toyo Bay

Cosmetics? Of course. I’m earning money for this face! For the pearl powder from Toyo Bay with this little money, I don’t think This is the deposit! If there is stock, then I will repay you everything! Was this money earned from that girl? Let me tell you, that girl is worth a lot I’ve sold her for so much! Where is she now? You also know that I was just asked to come here It’s that little boy, right? Has he woken up? He won’t wake up in such a short time I’ve not seen such a foolish act He even dared drink the pirate king wine Okay, let’s talk about that girl A Ji Ya first Where is she? I must take her away If you don’t say Your pearl powder You are really being serious, aren’t you? I was kidding If the person is with me, I’ll hand her over But the point is… that she was taken by Cheng Ming Pan She’s with Cheng Ming Pan, isn’t she? Right Who changed my clothes? Who do you think? Do you think you got out yourself? Boss, men and women should not get too close, how could you— I got my waiter to do it for you Oh I got scared to death How long have I been asleep? You dreamt of your mother, didn’t you? How do you know? I must have been sleep talking again It was not sleep talking but drunk talking I’ve not seen such a foolish drunk like you If you do this again, I will kill you! After drinking so much… who can remember what he said? I won’t drink next time. i won’t drink Right A Ji Ya is still in Sailors’ House I need to save her! She’s not there anymore Where is she? Don’t be rash Listen to me Your friend, A Ji Ya, is with Cheng Ming Pan currently Then all the more I must go save her! Now the most important thing isn’t just saving one person, A Ji Ya Cheng Ming Pan robbed a government boat If I don’t hand him to the capital, not just A Ji Ya, this whole island will be in danger! Don’t worry about the government! I am worried about A Ji Ya! Do you think Cheng Ming Pan will obediently hand her over? – I heard the sailors said that he wants to marry her! – What? Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com What are you doing? Stop the boat! I want to get off! You aren’t allowed to! You need to stay onboard and be my wife! No way! I’m telling you! Here, you have no choice! Be thankful you have food and clothes now because I, Cheng Ming Pan, have fallen for you! What do you like about me? I’ll change it then Before I reply you, can you answer a question of mine first? You love him, right? The gaze of a woman who has fallen for a man can be told! That little pale face also loves you! For you, even his life can be thrown away! Don’t act like you know everything! What you said is all fake! You want the truth! Fine, I’ll tell you Actually the person I like is not you, but sometimes I think you were her But I know you are not her Because your eyes are always so cold But her face always had smiles Since you have someone you like, why don’t you find her? Why are you making things difficult for me here? If I want to find her, I have to die first She’s dead, isn’t she? Right she was killed at such a young age I killed her!

You killed her? That time she was the great missy of a wealthy family I was just a poor fishmonger! After we were together, we decided to go to a place where no one knew us and live out our lives happily But good things don’t last long Not soon after, she got caught and brought back to her house I thought that when she got back to her house, she’d continue living her rich lady life Her family also promised that they would just treat that this matter didn’t happen But never thought that she had gotten pregnant Afterwards, they said that she tarnished their family’s reputation and actually got cruelly killed by his own father The lady that I risked my life to protect with actually got cruelly killed by his father just because of me and the child in her womb Isn’t that me killing her?! Actually, it’s not totally your fault No! This is my fault! From then on, I killed her whole family! All the people in her household, whether old or young, I killed one by one From then on, I took pleasure in killing people! I took pleasure in hearing the sound of their neck getting broken I want these cold-blooded people to accompany my wife and child in her death! You Right! This is me! Afterwards, I escaped into this island and become a pirate! In the end, became the captain of this ship! Right now, it’s my turn to ask you Does that guy love you the same way I do? I don’t know that But I feel that I will never love you because you are inhumane! Do you think that agitating me like that will work? Let me tell you. You can have your choice But in here, you can only follow my choice My choice is – you can never leave this ship! – You I can only walk you up to here When you reach the underground city, you must be careful If you encounter anything, just mention my father’s Golden Spade code name It should be able to help you I know already Then… I’m setting out then – What’s wrong? – About the engagement set years ago, try reconsidering it – Qi Lin, that… we— – Hey! Forget it. I don’t want to hear the answer again I hope that it would get better one day It may become the answer that I want Here is the map It most likely be of use Qi Lin, thank you – Come! Come! – We’re open! – We’re open! – Look here, – All Seasons Hot Spring! – Come inside and take a look! Reopening again! An old shop reopens! – Customer, look. Our service is very good – There are discounts for grand reopening If you have any questions regarding– – It’s really very comfortable – Hey, our shop has reopened. Hurry and take a look – We are giving discounts Look. We even have a new menu Hey, hot spring, hot spring. Experience it for a while. Very relaxing No. Not anymore Hey. The outcome isn’t that good What do we do? We cannot continue like this anymore We must actively make a move and divide the work for it to be effective Let’s go Coming, All Seasons Hot Spring! – It has reopened – Let me tell you that All Seasons Hot Spring is really very good Big Bro, Big Bro, please look Our All Seasons Hot Spring is currently free. Go and try it Just go take a look at it Hello. Hello. All Seasons Hot Spring. We welcome you to visit our shop Thank you. Thank you These are are newly renovated Go and take a look. It’s really good Thank you. Thank you I told you, it won’t work We ran the whole day and I’m so tired And also, we wasted so many papers What main theme, what distinction, it wasn’t useful at all Enough already. Stop saying it After all, there isn’t always a good outcome just because you worked hard for it Yuan Shuai

Xiao Mei, don’t be that fierce After all, it is his first day to be a waiter here I don’t know if what we did is right or not Older sis, it’s not the time to say these things You must know that any effort done to protect oneself will eventually be understood by others Right now, just with the two of us, if Xiao Dao returns to cause trouble, then our shop might be taken by him If our shop still don’t reopen, we really can’t continue living anymore If we live only upon our capital, there’d be a day of exhaustion What smell is that? So aromatic What is that? I never smelled such aromatic little yellow fishes What’s the use of just smelling delicious? The absolute truth is that it tastes delicious Try it How did you do it? Older sis, hurry and taste it It is so delicious that I am about to cry Is that great? Let me try So delicious! Yuan Shuai, aren’t these just ordinary grilled? How come they taste so delicious? Maybe because you are hungry already But to tell you the truth, when it comes to food, I am really an expert This is a recipe passed on in our family Our family’s culinary skills can’t be said to be the world’s number one but it can be considered to be among the top ones – What thing smells so delicious? Smells delicious! – Where does it come from? These are all mine. You two must not fight with me for these Xiao Cai, Xiao Mei, our first day of reopening the shop indeed isn’t that successful It’s there! There! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Smells so delicious! Let’s take a look at what it is What are you doing?! What? What are you doing?! – Mine – Don’t fight. Don’t fight What are you doing?! That fish is mine! That fish is mine! – Don’t fight! You all stop taking it already! – Lessen the amount that you are taking! – Everyone, stop fighting to get one already – What are you all doing?! – Hey, you all – My fish! How can you all be like this? It all got taken away I still haven’t eaten Really so delicious – Is there still any left? – There is But – Are there still any? Owner, are there still any? – Give us one order! Hey, Xiao Mei. I have thought of an idea What idea? Hurry and give it a try. – Smells so delicious. Wow, smells so delicious – Just looking at it and I’m already drooling Never seen one like this. That’s right. So fun Our co-villagers, the fathers and elders, do the grilled fishes smell delicious? It is! Do you want to eat one or not? We want to! Then listen to me say some words, is that okay? Okay! Our All Seasons Hot Spring Inn will start business again soon Right now, we are promoting a free hot spring bath activity You only need to draw a stick to enter. What stick? The grilled fish stick Five sticks and we will give you tea Ten sticks and we will give you free hot spring bath Twenty sticks! Sorry for the twenty sticks. We don’t have anymore additional freebies Because you all can only eat a maximum of twenty sticks Let me tell you. Everyone wants to eat Everyone can eat one, right? Leave some to others. Our All Seasons Hot Spring Inn welcomes everyone! Okay! Good! Everyone, please pay here Please line up Come. Come. Pay here – Here – I want five sticks Welcome to our shop Thank you. Thank you – This is yours – Welcome to our shop – Please enter. Please enter – Here. Yours Thank you. – Is the temperature okay? – It’s quite good – Come back often – Okay. Okay There are all girls here. Why did you come here? But someone wanted towels Then just give it to me Hurry and leave this place! Go there! Your grilled yellow fishes are here! – It’s here already – Come. Please enjoy This is our best seller Thank you. Thank you There are fishes coming! Customers, here are our grilled fishes – It has a special flavor – Okay. Okay How water is here! – Not bad, right? – Is the water hot enough? Let’s add some more Thank you Here, for you Hot water is coming! Here. Here Okay This is the hard-earned money we had for today

Wow! It’s been so long since I saw so many money! We must thank Yuan Shuai a lot for this If not for him, those customers really wouldn’t dare enter our shop Let’s give Yuan Shuai one merit It’s nothing. Everyone worked hard Look. Today is such a happy day How about let’s toast tea in place of wine and celebrate the reopening of our shop today? You both said it right It’s all thanks to Yuan Shuai for helping us resume our business From now on, we are a family that shares blessings and go through danger together – Cheers! – Cheers! Cheers! This How come is like that? Never saw him. Weird – He really looks so different from us – That’s right – He looks so weird – That’s right – So scary. Look. Look. So weird-looking is this guy Owner, one bowl of noodles There are no more noodles No more noodles? Why still open a noodle shop? There is no seat for you Hurry and leave! No… what do you mean by no seat– Waiter! Serve the four customers noodles! Okay! Fellow customers, your noodles Owner. No noodles, no seats? Then what are they here for? No. You cannot be biased Little kid, looking at you, I think you are not some bad person Let me be straight with you then If you just wasn’t careful and ended up in our underground city, I urge you to go back using the path you used to come here Don’t carelessly lose your life here Look at what you are saying. I didn’t come here to commit crimes Don’t say frightening things like that You little brat I was giving you kind advice. How come you are unable to differentiate good from bad? Owner, I just want to eat a bowl of noodles Don’t worry. I will surely pay It’s not a matter of money Let me tell you the truth I am not selling my noodles to outsiders To enter our underground city, you must have someone recommending you Or else, based on the rules of our city, this… if the soldiers saw you, they will catch and forcefully banish you You… do you have someone that recommended you? Recommended That… Golden Spade is my friend – Golden Spade? – Right The Golden Spade that does trade with us? Right. It should be him Do you… have a proof? Proof? Oh! I have the map he gave me Without this map, I really wouldn’t have been able to enter here so easily Here. Is this okay? Is that okay? Sure. Sure It’s enough that you have an evidence Okay. Come, waiter! – Yes! – Give this customer a bowl of noodles! Okay! Hey, owner This Sit It’s fine. I just want to ask you some question What do those people carrying weapons do? They? They are the most respected Netherworld Assassins – Assassins? – They also are the people we depend upon for our livelihood How can assassins be the people who provide for your needs? In our underground city, only the assassins can get out They help the people in the world above solve different problems The money they earned is our only source of money here We depend on these money to exchange for food and items that’s why we are able to survive here in the underground city Wait. How come only assassins can get out? Can’t you normal citizens get out? Since we underground city citizens has never seen sunlight, our body is full of dark energy So when we are exposed under the sun, we will strangely bleed and die Are you saying that people from the underground city will die once they see sunlight? That’s right So tragic Then… how do the assassins go out? It is because they have been training martial arts for so many years, their body is stronger than us But even if it’s like that, they still have to drink a special medicine before going out to guarantee that they can stay longer in the outside world I understand already Hey, right, little kid. What really is your purpose for coming here? I came here to look for a person I was just about to ask you about it Sure. Say it. As long as I know it, I’ll tell you all That person is my friend She is a girl like me with black hair She should have been tied up

Do you find her familiar? No… didn’t see her Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry Move aside! Move aside! Hurry and get out of the way! Hurry! Move aside! Owner, where are those many assassins going to? They are going to the middle point Middle point? What place is that? Middle point is the place where the netherworld assassins receive their mission It is also the place where information is most abundant here in the underground city Oh, right, if you are asking around for that lady’s information, I suggest you go there to ask Okay But… if you are going to go there wearing that, you surely will be arrested and get exiled out of here Just think of a way then – Okay. Thank you, owner – You’re welcome For that noodle, I’ll just This underground city is really a strange place. Is Zi Su really in here? I must hurry up and find her. And then take her quickly out of here. Hey… there’s another one How come there are so many of them today? All are strange people. So scary Hey, owner. Give me a bowl of noodles There are no more noodles What?! There are no more noodles? Let go of me! Let go of me! My Lady Highness Princess, you better just save your energy With this amount of energy, why don’t you just go take a nap? You… Ding Song! You big bad guy! You… you dared to kidnap me?! Once I get back, I’ll tell my Royal Brother to kill all your clans! Thank you, Your Lady Highness Princess Hey, just be light with her For us, she is a treasure Customer, is it convenient for me to come in? Come in Customer, your tea Please enjoy What are you looking at? I just want to ask if you still have any instructions for me? – Mr. Waiter – Yes, please say it I want to ask you about something Wow! Just say it. Just say it If you can answer the question that I’ll be asking, there are still a lot of them Just this one is enough to make me say all that I know, to say it nonstop Who is the leader of this underground city? It’s of course is our Lord Xiu Fu, the city leader The other one will be the miracle doctor Gongsun Miao Quan We, the citizens of the underground city, greatly revere them Then recently, has your city leader left the city before? Customer, you don’t know this We people in the underground city cannot see sunlight That’s why, we never went out Other than those heroic netherworld assassins Cannot see the light? Why? For this… you have to wait for me to clearly explain it Lu Yin I’m back You tell me, if one day your teacher is able to make a drug for us to be unafraid of the sun, then we can move to the world outside. That would be great. Actually, going anywhere is fine with me as long as you’re by my side. You really are so boring. You don’t get interested in anything. Of course, there is. For example, I want to be the world’s number one assassin. Then between being the no. 1 assassin and me, you can only choose one, who will you choose? Of course, it’s you. I trained martial arts so that I can protect the people I want to protect. Do you know that in the outside world I met a woman. Her name is Huang Qian Xun Her personality and attitude is really like yours in a lot of times I want to see her. But I tend to always hide very far from her Every time I saw her, I kept avoiding Because… I don’t know what will happen between us in the future I also don’t know if my heart can open up again

Lu Yin, what exactly should I do? Get lost! Get lost! All of you, get lost! Hurry and move aside! These are your fishes. Please come inside Thank you This flavor is really so aromatic Get lost. Get lost It’s you again! Why are you here? Yo, after a single shake, you changed into a chef now? This Miss Cai is quite in a hurry Letting any guy just enter her shop I’m warning you Hey, don’t get agitated I came here today but didn’t want to use force, either So you better just stay obedient After I finish with official matters, I will deal with you May I ask if Miss Cai is around? Older Bro Dao is here already and you don’t know to come out and welcome him? Come out, Miss Cai! Come out! Xiao Dao, if you don’t find it troublesome, then I’ll tell it to you once again I will never sell this shop Even if I burn it down, I still will not sell it to you! Okay. Okay. Not selling. Not selling I am not buying it, either I came here today is to care about your marriage Miss Cao, this Gao Ying Jun has already left for almost 5 years already, right? For these past years, there has been probably more than ten lads coming here to ask your hand for marriage, right? Shut up! What does that have to do with you?! Of course, it concerns me I came here today seriously asking Ms. Cai’s hand for marriage I believe that almost all young lads in this bay have already been rejected by you But I think that Ms. Cai will surely not refuse me – Older sis – Xiao Mei Stop trying to take advantage of my boss Or else, I’ll let you suffer Xiao Cai, I am also doing this for your own good With such a big family business, you must have a man to manage it with you You don’t plan to not marry forever, right? With Gao Ying Jun dying in the seas, and you keep refusing to get married, if this gets out, will you end up with having a widow reputation or some messy rumors? Clean up your language! Little beast, shut up! I will soon be your master later Don’t aim for a mile when I have already given you an inch and ask me to personally beat you up later That’s why after thinking about it, in this area, other than me, there really isn’t no one else who can help you out of this troubled seas You better just accept this good intentions of mine Xiao Dao, what does my reputation have to do with you? That’s right. It indeed can be not my business But based on the rule in this bay, there has never been a woman who can inherit the family business Since you are not able to inherit your family business, automatically, you can’t manage this hot springs inn But I am willing to be a good person and do good things to help you manage it That’s why, I also must have an official title. Isn’t it? Around here, who doesn’t know that I’m sincere towards you? Then rather than looking for another date, why don’t we just set it to today? Today, just officially be my wife How about it? This way, as one family, we don’t need to be against each other Pfft! A toad wanting to eat swan meat! Xiao Mei, take Xiao Cai away first I’ll deal with this rascal I’ll let you taste my brush! Who do you think you are? You won’t behave if I don’t teach you a lesson, is that it? Then I’ll let you pay for both old and new grudges today then Buddies, attack! Yes! Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com ♫ In a rainy night, ♫ ♫ I’ve not put away that windbreaker umbrella ♫ ♫ My hand, that grasps it, is unwilling to throw it away ♫ ♫ I want to be together till the end ♫ ♫ Upon opening my eyes, ♫

♫ there may be only fallen leaves all over the ground left ♫ ♫ There may be only those cold long streets left ♫ ♫ I have you next to me ♫ ♫ We agree to wait till tomorrow ♫ ♫ Wait until snow and frost compromise with sunshine ♫ ♫ You must believe ♫ ♫ those agreements that we made at young ♫ ♫ We agree to wait till tomorrow to ♫ ♫ walk through the coldest winter night and ♫ ♫ kiss the most beautiful spring together ♫ ♫ Stand side-by-side before the daybreak ♫