Subbed by Bootleg Shawol Subs on Youtube Subbed by Bootleg Shawol Subs on Youtube please do not re-upload without my permission Ouu you know you can’t have a drama without the steamy shower scene lol Welcome beloved customers and news reporters to our grand launch party for our newest product Gionee’s S10 I heard that the CEO personally ordered Mr. Fang to come back all the way from the U.S I heard Mr. Fang is finally back Omg He’s my idol/ role model What do you mean he’s your idol, he’s the entire company’s idol This is today’s newspaper, sir Your milk is exactly 45 degrees I’ll be there right away Welcome Fang CEO Qin, Welcome CEO Fang When did you come back? yesterday Do you have any intentions? No I’m just like you We were on the same flight but you still arrived earlier than me You’re his biological son, he won’t do anything to you Don’t forget our secret signal later *sweats nervously* We welcome both of the young master’s return Where are they? Go find them Hey, CEOs High five? *stinky shoe attack*

Huh? Poisonous gas? Why am I sleeping here? Mom HUAAAAAA SHIIIIIIIIIII NAAAAAAAN That is highkey my mom yelling at me everyday though lol Come down Kneel down Damn dad got ninja skills *she rehearses some poetic bullshit about how girls should properly behave* You don’t need to be wise, you don’t need to have amazing IQ, you don’t need to be the most attractive looking, you don’t need to be the best Mom, didn’t I say in terms of looks I don’t need to be the most attractive Whose attractive? What attractiveness? You should focus on being a decent human first (oof savage mom reminds me of mine) Reminding me of that stupid man makes me angry, what did our family do that everyone badmouths us? When you’re tall they call you short, when you’re thin they call you fat Look at your poor self, til this day you are still teaching on this shitty island while your friends are getting married away from here and found a man with so much money She’s younger than you by 3 years too Mom it hurts You know how hurt feels? 30 years , you’re 30 already, did you know she asked you to be her bridesmaid? What? She asked me to be her bridesmaid? Now you find out? Didn’t she already text you? I won’t go I won’t GOOOOOO LET GO Hell no, I’m not going Hurry up Stronger Stronger Pull her harder Which side are you on? Huh…Of course I’m on your side Then how dare you help her Dad, you cannot leave me at this crucial moment Then what am I supposed to do? What do I do? Why don’t you go sleep with your mom tonight? I’ll kill you Nooooo Don’t pull me, don’t pull me, if you pull me I will call the cops 3rd and 4th uncle is that you? 3rd and 3th uncle SAVE MEEEEE Help meee Today it’s another jungle fight Lmao this family is too relatable asian families can relate Help me I’m sorry in China there’s this saying that fallen leaves ….(means you will go back to where you came from eventually) So I can no longer continue to study at the University in London Thank you for your care and kindness president, thank you goodbye Ceo Fang, where to? Memory Island Hey wife Pulling our daughter like that in public aren’t you embarrassed?

You think I want to? It’s her fault for leaving me with no other choice Thinking about it makes me mad, look at them getting married and all and then look at our daughter she’s so old yet she’s never even been in a relationship before What are you looking at? Go on From a young age they know how to dress up, sing and dance and what does you daughter learn? And you brought her to martial arts class So what? It’s a sport isn’t it? A form of exercise! Later on you will be graded on it Yeah but, you should take a look at our daughter now Where is she? Over there! Over there hurry let’s go Hurry up Subbed by Bootleg Shawol Subs on Youtube do not re-upload I believe I could fly Hello? Fang Zhou where were you? You made me so worried. What time are you landing let me tell my chauffeur to pick you up Hey why would you add sesame oil, Fang Zhou never eats sesame oil, just leave go quickly I already came back What? You’re already back? How come I didn’t know? Well it’s fine anyways I prepared some of your favorite foods why don’t I come over and brign them in the evening? No need for that I have some things to take care of What? I no longer live there anymore Then when will you come back here? Probably another month Really? Then you have fun, I’ll be here waiting for you to come back Bye How could he call me Ms. Qin I’ll take that purple bouquet Dad, mom I’m back Don’t worry, forget me not, I will return by your side and be happy with you You’re at the beach don’t you want to go look at babes in bikinis? No Do you want an Americano or a Latte? I want a beer Note says: Sorry I needed to use it for an emergency thanks Ouch it hurts it hurts okay I lose I give in

You still want to run? I won’t run away anymore Bring her Lol the girls here on this island are so unique of course, she’s the island number 1 what number what? The island’s D Fang Zhou he said D D cup Is she really a D? Oh you look great lol you look great let’s go with this one haha what is this What do you mean what is this? Look at the color combinations red and green Red and green? I look like a mess What are you saying? This neckline is too much So what? If you don’t show it off now when will you have the opportunity to (lol this mom) There are other ones why don’t you go try on a different style This one is nice too You look like a woman now It’s nice? I will definitely not where this out Why not? Mom if you make me wear this I won’t go anymore Then go pick one that you like Even if I die I won’t go Her style…I don’t trust it at all How is it? cute right? This one won’t do Change out of it immediatley Why? This is so me What are you thinking do you think you’re 18? This time I agree with your mother CHANGE OUT OF IT I don’t trust her, I need to pick one out for her Looks like my precious daughter can be married off in this Dad Look look at this Isn’t this one nice? No no Mom are you kidding me? Why would I joke with you? Isn’t this for traditional brides? I don’t care it’s Chinese tradition, she should wear this one Who would pay attention to her anyways? This one is worse than the red and green one from before Listen to mother, and try it on Go try it on Mooommm Hurry and try it on I don’t want to No way 10 hours later lol I like this drama so far, but it might take me a while to sub with school and all Subscribe for more, like share and comment too