He will come. My Deva will come He cannot refuse his sister Maya’s call I am waiting for him for last one year Come soon brother Deva Now we should go Maya No, he will come Come brother, Deva Come brother, Deva Come brother, Deva Dear parents and students You all are welcome to this function This child Devdas has become a pride of not only the school but of the entire country His miraculous brains works faster than a computer and we shall see an example of it here today How much? 5,43,35,232 Correct Next one 8,21,90,177 Exactly I am going to present to you and congratulate other nine children who have excelled in class room and sports These ten children come from one family who has made our school proud You must be feeling surprised but this is reality I shall call the guardian of these children on stage who has given these valuable gifts to our school My dear friends, with lots of happiness and pride in my heart I am standing on this stage In this school where only celebrity’s children study my children have reached the first position Three years ago in the morning in the lane of Mahanagari

I found this child named Devdas Those devils had burned his body so that he can beg from lane to lane This Devdas would not be here to make his school proud if that day I would have left in pain and in the hands of those devils God has given me gift in the form of these children that I got from different lanes of the city Orphan children usually have orphanage in their destiny but I had a dream to make them study in a good school I would like to thank the management of this school to fulfill my dream 1/2 kg gram 3kg flour 3kg flour 3kg flour Total 15 items Your total is 932rupees First give the payment and then take the goods Write it in the account – I have closed the account Writing so much in the account the 400 page has finished There is only loan in that and no payment Maya will give you the money when she gets her salary You keep quiet Every month she takes a loan of 5000-6000 and gives only 200-250rupees I run this shop for my living It is not a refugee camp Just give flour and oil for today’s need brother Gopal If orphan children do not eat for two days then they will not die Go way from here I have other work also Come on, I don’t know where have we come in the morning Save me Sister Maya this Deva ate forcefully from everyone’s tiffin He always feels hungry Not only is he first in studies but also in matter of eating Who is this sweet child? – Don’t talk to me What happened dear child? – Don’t talk She seems to be angry today Yes I am angry Where is brother, Rahul? – I don’t know Did the dear child have milk or not? He did not give then how will I drink He did not give. Why didn’t he give? Why are you asking me? Go and ask him Okay, this is the matter You both fought Yes we fought – I will set him right He did not give dear child milk so we will make him do 100 pushups Okay. Okay Oh God, what will I cook today? Sharman Here comes Mother Teresa with her children You didn’t give milk to Rani. – No Why didn’t you give? – It was not there so I didn’t give Why didn’t you go and get milk? I was ready to go but he should give me Not only milk but neither salt nor flour is there in this house with God’s grace Taking such a big house on rent and walking with good clothes 10-15 children and mother go on road you should know that you feel hungry also and that may lead you away. – Which way? Way to hell. When you came here you did not talk much but now you all behave like rich children Truth has been killed and bad has won Those who walked on the path of truth fell down banging against something Why did you stop? I wrote, made the music and now I am singing this new song How did you like it? – If anyone hears this song then he will fall There is no need to pull my leg I have taught you music And you have sung those songs also Have you come here in the morning to pull my leg? I want to say something important to you I also wanted to meet you Okay, children you practice that song with music Till that time I shall look into her matter It has been 23 years since I picked up a small girl lying under the tree in front of orphanage Now you have become a great journalist But you very well know the pain of being an orphan and the value of love I did not object when you went to stay alone after you got the job after studying But there is no need to take unnecessary burden on your head It is not bad to bring up orphan children But there study in convent If you would also think in the same way then would there be a Maya like me I agree it is right but how will you bear the cost in future You only used to tell me that the God who has given birth will take care Similarly we will also be taken care of Can you give me 2000rupees to be taken care of today? I do not have that much money, child

Nowadays people spend more but give fewer donations Music has become a big business outside but to do show off and cheating is not possible for me I can give only 100-200 rupees if you want No father, fold it and keep it in your pocket Now I just have one way out I will have to go to office and make that boss understand We will have to give shock We will have to give people shock If we do not get information that will shock people then soon this news channel will be closed What is your decision? Will you give shock to public or let this news channel closed? He has gone mad Why are you giving us shock? You pick up your cameras in the morning and click photographs of dogs and cats We will have to go with hidden cameras like Tehelka You must have seen that how people got shock then Minister is going in car so we are also going Minister is getting down from car so we are also getting down Except for toilet we surrounded the minister from all sides with cameras Morning news is 100crores and evening news 500crores Till night it became 1000crores We gave such a shock Sir, only I know how to give a terrible shock to people No one is as talented as me in this channel that makes a simple news a breaking news It is not a big thing to read news in a news room Find out hot news by going out It is not a difficult work, sir Everyone go out and come with some shocking news Where has the comb gone? You have still not gone – She is coming, sir Good morning, sir Good morning Miss Maya, which breaking news have you got? Sir that Because of high sugar the editor of the channel has died Give such news. Will you go? Miss Maya, why have you come late? Sir, on the way I don’t want any explanation Have you got some sensational news? Sir, I have come to tell personal matter What is that personal matter? Is it a sensational matter? Sir, I need 2000rupees Rather than getting sensational news you have come here to give me shock It is very necessary sir Give it to me as an advance of my monthly salary It has become a permanent issue of taking advance I am becoming tensed that how will I give this month’s salary and you have come to take advance Okay, your channel is not only the one For last six months Barkha Dutt is calling for NDTV She is after my life for an interview. – Maya What happened, sir? How much money you want? I shall give you This Ravi Sharma will give you Thank you, sir We will also go out for roaming It is a holiday for making food, broom the house and do other things Today we will have fun have fun We will also go out for roaming With full of fun we will go on long paths We will live this moment with smile and play We give happiness to everyone and do away with hatred We bring happiness in the world We shall move on the path of truth and happiness We shall become a butterfly and see and fly Happiness comes in this colorful weather We will move on that path We will flutter in the garden With full of fun we will go on long paths We will live this moment with smile and play We have many dreams but few sources and this is the only problem we have We will jump and play at every step We shall always be together We shall sing a poem of love HAR EK DAAL PE JHULE DEKH LE YE NAZARANE CHALKE The tune that plays with music as if saying my dear

You are brave children of this world and always speak sweet words Even the wind says to fly With full of fun we will go on long paths We will live this moment with smile and play Keep smiling and have fun and keep singing such songs all the time You must have had a hallucination, Shyam lal It is not that I felt but heard it with my ears The sound of someone laughing and the sound of conch bells Just for two days I was not at home so it seems that the ghost has also started doing what he wants This ghost must have come knowing that we have gone for a picnic No, this ghost is settled here only It is heard that a foreigner woman and man hanged themselves to death I have also heard this That is why instead of this we took the next house on rent We are all together so let’s go inside and see There is a soul of a ghost here This smells of a dead body Don’t get scared Now you believe Look a ghost is lying down This seems to be an anatomy lab Oh God, protect us Ghost What happened? What sound came from here? From there? From where? – Here I will kill you You call me a Dracula Leave it Who are you? – Who are you all? Don’t you know who are we? – I know, I know I understood on seeing that you are hooligans from the nearby orphanage Orphanage. Which orphanage? Stop that nonsense Look down Dracula Here there is no rule of ghosts Don’t ever say that again Leave it, leave it What are you doing here? What is your name? Einstein.. – Keep quiet Albert Einstein I mean I am a scientist It has been 60-70 years since Einstein died That was dead Einstein But I am alive I am Einstein Damodar They called me twice to give noble prize but I did not go Which scientist are you? I am a scientist of animals Human beings have been made from monkeys But now I am busy that how to make monkeys from human beings Why are you making human beings monkeys? So that you get a friend Oh God. Who made me wear all this? What is the matter? What happened? Nothing has happened but it is about to happen Look, original Einstein has come Good morning everyone – Good morning Damodar, who are these people? They are our neighbors, sir Good Hi, how are you? I shall pick him up to shake hands. – Wow! Hi Hello uncle. – Hi buddy Shake hands Something wrong Sir, are you Mr Mr Scientist Shekhar Saxena Yes, you are absolutely right Oh My God Shyam Lal, do you know who he is? He is great scientist. He has ben nominated for noble prize Oh great, thank you I am a news reporter of New India television

My name is Maya Good. It is a nice name You can understand Hindi Yes I know a little bit of it Born in London but now I am staying in New York But still I know Hindi Because my wife was an Indian Indumati, right sir A well known classical dancer But now she is no more I know sir. In the attack on world trade centre she Yes She left my daughter and me alone Daughter – She is studying in Los Angeles Sir, shall I ask one thing from you? Three years ago in the international science conference in California you had presented a research report. – Yes, yes When human body does not reflect light then it will become transparent in that condition and can become invisible The entire scientific world made fun of that report Are you still continuing that experiment? Yes, of course I have come here for that matter You have got a lab fitted in the house. – Yes A temporary lab I am searching 2-3 special herbs that are found only in India Here I have a chance to get sensational news. – Hopefully You will get it He is just like magic the magician that comes in comics Yes you are right That uncle picked me up like this Dev, what are you thinking? By going to that uncle and studying we can also discover. Isn’t it? Yes. He finds out many things after discovering them Child Deva, you also learn something from him and find my parents Don’t remove my clothes Sir has asked to make you lie down without clothes Just lie down quietly Today I will make you stand in your birthday suit If you want to make someone stand then make your father stand Only a shameless can lie down as anew born baby even at the age of 30 or 40 Damodar.. – Sir Ready I am lying down, sir You have not eaten anything that had salt No sir. I cannot eat salt, mutton, fish Have I kept a fast for going to Vaishno Devi? If you eat salt then negative reaction will take place Is this the matter? Is he going to keep me in the showroom after applying oil? Don’t do such an experiment with me After your experiment will I be able to do anything with my body, doctor As it is your body is of no use How do you know that what all I do with my body? Before coming to you I was also fair complexioned and handsome And girls over here used to call me Romeo, Romeo After applying medicines and giving me radiation they call me a fox Just look at my fate What experiment is he doing on a naked man? Don’t apply there, I am feeling ticklish Lie down quietly Instead of lying here if I would lay down in front of a temple or mosque then I would have earned some money Till when will I have to lie down, sir? Till the experiment gets over – Till then I will be finished Who’s that? I am Deva Oh God, even God has come to see me in this condition Go away, you naughty boy You are still so small and you are watching me secretly Cool down, Damodar He is a small boy You are spoiling my reputation The one who has respect can only be disrespected Sister, Maya What is the matter Deva? You have still not slept It is very late so sleep What is the matter? Is there any problem?

Sister Maya what is the meaning if you say that human body is transparent When body reflects light then it becomes transparent What is invisible? When light is not reflected by anything then it becomes invisible That means a person can become invisible, sister Maya May be. – How can he become invisible? What happened? – Nothing Have you slept under the car? When will you repair and when we will go from here? Calm down It is not as easy as the work of making these children hungry and asking them to beg This is mechanism, mechanism Stop, stop here Come Ramu Where did you see them, Ramu? Here, the nearby tailor shop is closed so that is why I came here Then I saw a vehicle in which children were kept as goats and sheep Now you are going to bring up all of them Come on let’s see Get up Master, the child is hungry so please give some water I shall give you cold drink Have you come to beg or for a picnic Just now I will quench his thirst Leave him You have become so fat and fit after eating from the money they beg You do not have any humanity in you Who are you to ask this? Who are you to ask this? Look down Don’t go on his appearance He is as fierce as a lion He will tear you up Children get down First we will eat food that will be given by this rascal and then we will decide the program What are you doing. Leave him Who are you to ask me this? – Leave her Are you showing your bravery in front of girls? Today you will not go alive Tell the truth that where are you taking them To seek blessings of Lord Shiva Everyone say hail to Lord Shiva Hail to Lord Shiva They are speaking lies sir These people are a part of gang that kidnap children and force them to beg We will put you in jail We are running an orphanage for special children Don’t listen to them, sir All of them are thieves There are many orphanages without license in this country but in such places children are used, sir There is a big syndicate of such people Many big people go there and ill treat children Sir, somehow we will have to save these children Shall I get them down, sir? Yes get them down Come, come What are you doing? How dare you? Sir Catch him I am Narendra Verma, assistant commissioner of police Look ACP, what is happening? Broker Take them and take their car in the custody. – Yes sir What? What is happening here? Sir, these rascals force children to beg What are you talking? He is Dharamraj. I know him He is a social worker Do you know how many orphanages he has in Lucknor and Kanpur You are behaving in this way with such a kind man Sir that No, I don’t want any of your bloody explanation Before taking any step you should have consulted a superior like me We should not leave these rascals like this, sir Stop it Do as I you are told. Understand Sir. Dharamraj, you go Thank you, sir Sir, this is a mistake Shut up How are you scientist Shekhar? Good, very good You are a very honest police officer I did not know that there so many criminals in police I think you are a real asset to the police department Remove your hand, commissioner Get it down Don’t think that I have become scared Stop the vechicle I am coming – Save me Wait, wait I am coming Come, come you come down Good morning, father Thomas Good morning Since long I am waiting for you Come on hurry up, hurry up – To where If I will not tell then will you not go? You should tell. You very well know how busy I am in the mornings Hey, so here comes busy madam You forgot that we had to go and meet the collector With the collector You forgot What do you think Father Thomas is?

Yesterday district collector came here to meet me That Anita Verma – Yes, Anita Verma IAS Stop that argument Mr. commissioner Is it your official duty to support those people who kidnap small children and then break their hands and legs and make them handicapped and then ask them to beg? Without understanding the matter you are putting allegations, madam They were not taking them to beg – Then for what? They were going to take them to seek blessings of Lord Shiva to Mahakaleshwar temple This is what they were saying Isn’t it? – Yes, sir And those children were shouting as hail to lord Shiva. – Yes, yes Mr. ACP. – Yes You reached their first so what do you think I also thought that there was something wrong, madam After seeing them I did not feel that they were being taken to seek blessings of God But commissioner says that they were being taken to seek God’s blessings Aren’t you feeling ashamed that you are doing business with the money of those children who are being made handicapped and then forced to beg When we have so many problems and some people can be killed also Then what is the need to worry about these beggars and children, madam Oh, I understood. There is no need to worry about them They do not have name in the voters list and ration register Any type of behavior can be done to them Our politicians and high class people do not have time to raise their voice against them They are also a part of it but I cannot keep quiet after seeing this Immediately take a strict action against this kind of tyranny within next 24 hours Actually the thing is that Yes, it is an order from the district collector Yes madam So you are the one who complained against the commissioner Then what did you think about that So, you have reached till here Wasn’t it enough what you got inside? Come, father. Please sit You gave well to the commissioner This commissioner has high contacts Maybe till now the typing of my transfer order must be started Within six months this is my third city Maya, isn’t it? – Yes I have a request to you Why do you limit your love for orphan children to small area? We have made a plan for orphanages at state level A loving house for orphan children in every city And you will be its chairperson What do you say? There is no need to think about it She is capable from every angle So next Sunday I will come to your orphanage and then we will do the entire discussion Today I am little busy, father Yesterday, I had talked about one more matter with you About Maya’s friend Mr Rohit. Isn’t it? – Yes I made an investigation Many big people of here have done a conspiracy against Rohit Because of those people his hearing is also getting delayed That means we cannot do anything for Rohit, madam Let me see. Till I am here I will try to help you Okay. – Yes Father, if I will sit then I will get late Today I have a function in hotel Ashok CM and some ministers are also coming It is a matter of progress of the country so the collector also has to go Which function is there in five star hotels, madam? Tomorrow the officials are going to sign a fashion agreement with Dubai Then just imagine for what will be the function of today Okay, we will leave. – Okay Madam, can I talk with you for a minute alone Don’t be late What personal matter can Maya have with this collector? What happened, madam? Do you think that what I said is wrong? No, no I don’t consider it to be illegitimate You are really ready to take any risk for the girl But.. – I know madam I have not seen you just like a district collector I like your attitude You want to reveal these rascals in front of the law This is not a revenge to destroy Rohit and me, madam If we do anything against those rascals then it would be a great favor to the society, madam Without misleading you I shall come straight to the point, brother Yunus The commission that we are getting from Dubai is 1400crores Out of that they have taken 100crores as advance Now 1300crores is left I shall get out 1000crores out of that That means remaining 300crores is yours This will not be done brother Nassar Why will it not work, brother Yunus Do you think I am a fool? I got those Arabs to do business after making them understand hard is for being good You don’t know Nassar This business is of loss First, when I gave that Laxmi Niwas to foreigners then I got 50crores as commission This 500-600 acre of hot green property these Arabs are taking in cheap That property does not belong to our ancestors You are sitting in this position that is why you are getting this commission You just enjoy the fruit and do not find the cause, brother Yunus I am not just taking it like this

If next time I have to come into power then I will have to spend money like water You know that in last parliamentary and Panchayat elections none of our party members could win If this time I come into power then you will also be benefitted That is why brother you will have to compromise in this matter of 300crores Oh hail to Mahakaleshwar Which language were they talking in? I could not understand anything they said You do not know Hindi properly then how will you be able to speak Arabic There is no need for language in politics, brother But I understood them from their body language They want a girl I, who am the minister of this city will do business with them Times like this have come After seeing our collector madam, they have become very excited We have called her to make them excited May I come in, sir? You are going to live hundred years We were just talking about you What were you talking, sir? If you are talking about my age then it would be something nice You are intelligent and capable She got the first rank in IAS You belong to a good family and are good. So there is nothing lacking Please have a seat – Thank you, sir This is our good luck that you became collector of this place Don’t spoil me by praising me, sir Spoil as much as you want We have no problem Sir, all arrangements have been made for signing the fashion city contract Anything other than that Anita, you are not just a collector for us We consider you as ours Now you will be with us in every project of ours We are going to make you our business partner There is no need for that, sir Anita, if you support us then we will make you the chief secretary of this state Till I become capable of being a chief secretary your children must have been a part of your 10 death anniversaries Don’t think me to be that old Room service sir Please bring and keep it quickly Anita, shall I call for ice cream for you No sir, I don’t need anything – Thank you Let it be I shall serve. You can go A girl should be like this Collector understands the matter of heart What happened, madam? Sometimes when you neglect a small thing then it destroys everything Isn’t it? Hail to Mahakaleshwar, I am getting mad All this is for me It is for us Are you happy? ‘Foreign language’ ‘Foreign language’ ‘Foreign language’ What are Sheikhs talking in Arabic? They have done business in many countries but have not seen a minister like you Hey Congratulation This is investigation journalism Tehelka is nothing in front of us – Very true Our news channel is going to be popular After this news is telecast our channel will become no.1 in the world Pranoy Roy and Sardesai are nothing in front of me Thank you, thank you very much – What are you doing, sir? Get back. What are you doing? Sorry, sorry. Because of happiness I became emotional In emotions does anyone hug a girl forcefully? Keep quiet. What kind of journalist do you think you are? Learn something from Maya Now tell me Maya what do I have to do? Now telecast this in the bulletin as breaking news I will surely do it Why to delay it? Just because it is a shocking news so it is better to discuss with board of directors You are right They must have knowledge of this Call for an urgent meeting of board of directors today This will be tomorrow morning’s breaking news Give me that memory card Let it be with me only, sir Till the outside world knows about this it is safe with me Slowly, slowly love will happen dear

Slowly, slowly She said that she would be ready but seems she has not got yet up yet Strange Hey, come, come Oh God, who must have left her here I think the whole world has come to know that Maya has become mother Teresa Maya.. – I am coming Come quickly Who is this baby? I have given birth to her – Don’t joke This baby was lying under the tree Make a swing in the courtyard so many such children will come She must be 4-5 months old – I don’t know You are children specialist here What is this? I dreamt yesterday that Rohit and Maya are getting married So quickly they have a child also Everything happened very quickly Child was born by cesarean No, it was born by scissor The child is born in this way also You go and do your work Maya, if the number of children start increasing in this way then our children will become orphan Don’t worry our children and these children will be brought up here together She is a very sweet baby If he is sweet then take her Who would have thought of leaving such a sweet baby? There must be long sad story behind her birth just like TV serials Now it is time for journalist Rohit to become novelist Rohit Novelist? What novelist? I shall find the secret of this girl and write a novel Tell me where is your baby? I don’t know You don’t know Listen, minister Yunus Khan saw you and liked you You should have taken her and money somewhere else Why have you come back here again? To blackmail him She is just shedding crocodile tears She is very smart girl, brother Nasir Tell me nicely that where is your girl? I told you that I do not know Johny, to prove that Yunus Khan is the father of that child she needs to stay alive but he should not stay alive Tell me, tell me nicely that where your daughter is I will not tell otherwise you will kill my daughter Tell me. Where have you hidden her? I will not tell Will you speak or not? – No No.. – Where is she? Tell me Hey rascal, you are clicking photographs And that also against our crime. My camera Don’t leave this rascal I shall make him reach where he is supposed to reach I have not done this Open the rope Sir, after listening to the shouting we came here Till that time she was dead Who are you all? – We all stay nearby After seeing us he tried to run But we caught him Sir, he is lying I have not done this He has killed her I have seen with my eyes Sir, he keeps coming here This girl was forcing him to marry that is why he killed her Sir, don’t agree to what they are saying. I don’t know this girl Whether you know her or not will be decided in the police station I am a journalist Believe me I am a reporter of Desh Premi newspaper. – Keep quiet You idiot, after killing you threaten s with newspaper If the reporter of Desh Premi will do murder then do you think police will kiss him Come on Maya, don’t remember all that or make me remember that You will have to remember. You will have to remember everything Only then you will get obsessed We have to take revenge from the people who have made us cry Till the ministers are in post only till that time they can keep you here Without any hearing and bail these people have kept you here for 3½ years and I have prepared a bomb against them A bomb. – Yes That bomb is as evidence in my cell phone Not only evidence if God come down then also they cannot harm them Tomorrow will be an answer to it

Maya, I want to say something to you Do not spoil your life waiting for me Rohit, you have still not been able to recognize me What is my life without you? We will live together. You see We will live happily Tell my heart that when will love happen There is restlessness and my heart is blooming My heart is connected to you with love Tell my heart How will this love happen? My morning and night is because of you And heart yearns to be yours, my dear My morning and night is because of you And heart yearns to be yours, my dear Tell my heart How will this love bloom? We shall spend rest of our lives together Tell my heart How will this love bloom? Restlessness is there in my heart I don’t know why sir earnestly wants a white rabbit Sir is saying that white color is necessary to be invisible. – Yes

He believes that a person should be wearing clothes to be invisible What do you mean by invisible? Not to be seen. – What? Not to be seen You go and do your work Hail to Lord Ganesha Hail to Lord Shiva I have promised God that I shall break 101 coconuts in Siddhi Vianayak temple Will the work be done, sir? Yes, it could be a historical wonders otherwise a historical blunder I’ll try my best Keep it in this. – Yes Yes. We have done it Damodar We have done it, man We are successful Thank you, thank you God very much Damodar, we did it man. We did it Will this rabbit come back sir? It will surely come Within one hour. You will see it After one hour we can see it Oh my God I made it Where did you go my dear friend? Whom are you asking, sir? – To this rabbit It is comfortably sitting here Hold it, hold it Don’t pick heavy things otherwise you will become tall Shyam Lal, Deva has still not come back He must be roaming around the laboratory of that scientist After coming back from school he keeps his bag and runs there One hour is about to happen Oh God, thank you It has come back Thanks a ton Ganpati As you had said it has become history Sir, you will go from where to where No, I will stay here only Do you have any doubts? You are amazing, sir Sir, shall I say one thing to you Souls do not have any form and may be souls do not like your discovery So we have to be careful Let us offer prayers We will offer prayers, offerings to fire and everything else, Damodar I wish my Indumati was with me to see my success I was remembering mother and now daughter has called Hi sweetheart I am sorry sir. This is Dr John Martin from New York Sir, Sunita met with an accident this morning on her way to school This was about half an hour back Sir, it is a bit serious and I wish you reach here as soon as possible Yes doctor What is the matter, sir? What has happened, sir? My Sunita has met with an accident, Damodar I have to go to New York Oh God. Sir’s daughter is his life Yes madam. It will come as breaking news in the morning Thank you madam and good night Who can come so late at night? My name is George. I am an aeronautical engineer in Canada A week ago I came here. I am a distant relative of father Thomas From him I came to know about you I felt very nice that you are taking care of roadside children and giving them new life My wife Mrs George is very eager to meet after hearing about you She is also a social worker What have you come for? She has send gifts for the children Thank you Jhansi wants to talk to you I shall connect and will you talk to her. – Okay Oh no, there is no charge in this Will you give your mobile? Yes, please take. – I shall call I agree that you are really smart

I shall take this. Okay Hey Hey.. – Sister Maya, sister Maya Leave her, leave her How dare you? Leave her, leave her Leave her, leave her Leave her Leave her. Sister Maya Sister Maya Rani, Rani Come. – No Child Rani, Rani Child Rani, Rani What happened, Rani We will have to take her to hospital How is she doctor? She is alright. By bringing here at the right time she is saved Sister Maya, sister Maya Sister Maya, sister Maya Since yesterday night she is taking name of sister Maya If she was here then she would have recovered quickly We have not been able to know where Maya is Sir, we will have to find Maya soon for Rani and these children That One of the people who attacked belongs to the gang of Nasir I know it very well You are a collector There should be no problem in raiding Nasir’s house As madam is saying we are trying our level best but It is not so easy to raid his house, father Even if the home minister wants then also it is difficult We do not have any proof that Maya is there So it means you will not be able to save my child Maya Only sister Maya is the support for helpless children like us Oh God, please help sister Maya at any cost The rabbit getting invisible is not less than a miracle but when I said it was ghostly, you all did not believe Now did you see the result? Shekhar sir’s daughter met with an accident The hooligans kidnapped the girl from neighborhood Dear Shyam Lal the matter of ghost has just started Do you have any way to find out that when the ghost come, brother Damodar? Usually the ghosts move out on singing after drinking on Friday night So here the ghosts are foreigner uncle and aunt so they will sing English songs I have heard the song of ghost singing Hindi song

I do not know how the ghost must be singing English song Maybe in this form. Listen now Uncle, uncle Augustine uncle Who are you? Save us. Ghost What? So keep lying here ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ ‘Rap song.’ What is happening? What is happening? Is this the house of Yunus Nasir? Who is asking about Yunus Nasir? Get a side It is okay to talk lies on TV but to live we need money in the pocket You have spent crores of rupees to become ministers and MLA’s I could not resist thinking that in a moment you will be finished because of news Not only this, the bribe has become an important part of our economic system Look, prosperity and bribe are two sides of the same coin Prosperity cannot happen without bribe and bribe cannot be taken without prosperity I agree that you are a walking dictionary Thank you, thank you I don’t need thanks but I need money Sir, I am helping you sir by cheating my channel and Maya whom people love If you give me money then I will go from here Here, take these are 5lakh rupees Keep them for the time being What is this? Even if you calculate 10% of 1400crores it is 140crores You all know that if I was not there your government would have fallen by now At least I shall take 14crores. – What? You are a great thinker Hey walking dictionary in future also we will meet you and make you happy We will think of helping you in opening your own channel Take this as of now Thank you, sir But you have to give me my remaining money Hey, what happened..? The balance of the chair has gone, sir Or you lost your own balance seeing 5lakh rupees This is not sir, seeing so much money I am grounded, sir Get back. What is this nonsense? Have you really gone mad? Yes I sir I have become. Hey Are you drunk? I shall see you later Someone is tickling me Okay, you go now We shall meet later It is tickling sir, I shall leave now He is mad but still what he did for us is valuable That is why he went without being hit So here come children of rascal What happened? Did you find anything? I did not find any card, Nasir brother That stupid girl is saying that she does not have Did you see it?

Yes sir I saw it, I took the mobile from her hand and saw the clipping in her mobile She has shot properly the interchange of money between those Sheikhs and Yunus brother Then where has it gone? Has she hidden it at home? You come. We should not leave her like this. Come Yes let’s go Come on children of rascals Come on Why are you pushing? Who pushed you? – Your father Tell me where the memory card of your mobile is I don’t know Listen, if you try to be smart s you are on TV then I shall cut you in pieces and make Biryani of you in the cooker Tell us again that where have you hidden that memory card? I told you that I do not know It is better if you leave me like good people Oh my dear, don’t shout so much Your body is like a delicate flower Without creating any fuss give your memory card to them Otherwise they will play football with you Where good people do business you sneak in and do spying for a newspaper? Johnny.. – Yes sir Before killing her kill those orphan children who stay with her Kill them. Your child is also there among them so you will enjoy more The girl whom you killed by spoiling her life I am bringing up that girl also Even if I lose my life but I will not accept defeat in front of you inhuman people Till I am alive I shall expose you in front of the world Go and remove, she only has the card Hey, come on. Give the card Where have you kept the card? Don’t act smart Don’t act smart and give the card Blood.. Why did you pushed it inside me? Hey, I did not push in If you wanted to hold then you should have told me why did you let it go inside me Are you drunk that you are putting allegations on me Oh! may God What are you doing? I am a minister Hail to Mahakaleshwar I shall not do this again Did you see? The play of the ghosts has stopped This idiot has kept gin with her Not Gin Nasir brother It is either ghost or some devil Hey Mahakaleshwar how and why is this miracle happening Sister Maya, sister Maya Who are you? Sister Maya, sister Maya This is Deva’s voice Yes sister Maya it is me Sister Maya Who are you? – I am your Deva sister Maya I am not able to see you I hope you are fine Deva I have not become a ghost and come here sister Maya I have become invisible Why are they getting late? Why are they taking so much time, Farman brother? You do not unnecessary take tension priest will be here any moment He is a great soul He is the type who calls spirits If he tells outside that we have prisoned this girl then He will not do so You can see if you want to that priest Bhairon’s sight she will tell She will sit, she will sit His condition would be the same as mine Why did you do like this? There was no need to do this to save your sister What will we do if something happens to you? Don’t worry, sister Maya nothing will happen to me I have seen that rabbit first getting invisible and then becoming visible He was invisible for one hour First tell me that is Rani child in danger Doctor said that Rani is not in danger But after gaining consciousness she was crying to see sister Maya Come on sister Maya let’s run from here They have locked us from outside Now what will we do? Hey, only 10 minutes are left for one hour to get over You try to leave from here at any cost before that

It is fine if I am not saved but you go and give this card to Ravi Sharma in his house What is this sister Maya? This is cell phone’s memory card If it reaches Ravi Sharma then we will win But how will I go out? Come Hail to Kaali Look into her eyes There is an effect of ghost on her Nothing is known when she will start shouting Priest, first we will have to control this girl After that I have to find something from her body What is that called? Memory card. – Yes, that Tell me truly who you are? Are you some ghost, devil or spirit? Whosoever she is she has really hurt me badly? I also have to hurt her badly, priest He hit me Again she has hit me on my back What are you looking at standing here? ‘Religious chants.’ Who are you? Tell me otherwise you will be killed with the effect of Bhairon Tell me quickly. – Ghost of Peepal Do you want to see my power? You will just get ghost of Peepal ‘Religious chants.’ Hit her. Hit her more Priest, hit her hard. Harder Oh God Even priest has got hurt His priesthood is also of no use Priest, priest What is wrong with you? Get up priest She is not a normal ghost She has destroyed my power Someone take me to hospital Ambulance What all is there in such a small memory card? Someone banged against me My cup of tea has fallen Now master will kill me If before picking it up I become visible then I do not know who hit me with leg My hand has got burnt Look what is happening with me Leave my hand Oh, only one minute is left Whose voice is coming? Who said something? What is happening here? Who opened the gate? Get a side Oh God I think a bomb has blasted somewhere It is not a bomb, stupid A ghost has entered the lab What is this? The doors are open Shall I close them? – No Let’s go inside Oh God what has happened? The noble prize has broken This work would have been done by the ghost Go inside and see Damodar brother I am married. If I get inside then ghosts will feel bad You get inside. You are alone I still have to get married If I go inside then he will also feel bad No, he will not feel bad Go, go inside You go, you go I am asking you to go You go, you go Who is this? Ghost, ghost Ghost, ghost Before the ghost goes out go and call the priest For what? – To make the ghost run away Go now. – Okay that is fine Ghost, ghost Just turn away

Shyam Lal he is calling you Your name is Damodar so he is calling you Did you call me? Yes, I called you Open the door Which door? Open the door that you have locked Open the door Do not get scared I am with you. Come I’ll come with you Now hold me I am already holding one Come on hold it – Okay, I shall hold it Hey, Shyam Lal! Has the memory card gone out? Even if I have to cut her into pieces this Nasir will get that memory card I am only waiting for brother’s order then it is my responsibility to cut her into pieces Now you go. I am scared that will I be a minister till the cabinet meeting She must have hidden the card at the wrong place She can do anything that idiot As of now you go I will see her in my own way Okay, you see, you see What are you watching? Get the car out Give me the keys of the room – Yes, take it Hey, what is this? I have not done this Who is doing this? I have not done this Get up, get up sir. – Who was that? I think that ghost has again come here brother, Nasir No! Sister Maya that rascal as going to come here to kill I threw stones on him You again had that medicine Yes sister Maya I drank it I had double than before so I will be visible only after two hours Did you give that memory card to Ravi Sharma sir? It fell down from my hand sister Maya Where? Where did it fall? I know that place. You come with me No one is outside, sister Maya If you will wait here more then they will kill you Come quickly sister Maya Waheeda, Waheeda Let’s go from that side sister Child Waheeda Waheeda child, haven’t you got ready till now Okay. You have kept the clothes here but where have you gone? Mother, I shall get ready in just ten minutes. I’ll meet you in evening You are taking on the phone even in the bathroom Father is waiting since long to go the shop Has father got ready? First the ghost had come and then he came again He threw stones on your father’s head I also want to meet the ghost Very good. We cannot meet the ghost at our will This all is the play of destiny You hurry up and get ready There is no need to wait for father We will go on our own Here also the ghost has come Save me Deva, where did the memory card fall? Come, I will show you Where? – There it is Hey, Waheeda is standing here after getting ready We are getting late You go and get it quickly Child, what are you looking at down? We are getting late, come on We have to do a lot f work after coming back You go with that woman and I shall give that card to Sharma uncle No one will recognize you in this dress What are you doing there? Come quickly with me Come daughter Just remove the veil from your face, my dear Just show me your beauty, my dear Who is showing me that beauty? What is happening? Who did this? What is happening? Oh God Oh God, I am feeling very scared I think some ghost has come here Someone please save me Some ghost has come here Someone please save me Oh God Please come with me, quickly

I am not the type of man that you are thinking I am the MD of New India television If the channel people see me then I will become the breaking news My channel will shut down Leave my hand Sir, it’s me Maya Maya, how come you are here? And that also in this outfit I will tell you first you start the car Hurry up After getting ready she was looking just like Waheeda Stop this nonsense She is a devil who has suck our blood She is criminal no.1 and now it is a danger for us if she stays alive I have a way out for that You both go away from here Come on, child Oh God, I have been hit so hard that I am not able to walk What happened? You have still not finished dancing Kathak Don’t make fun. You saw that how badly I have been hit and I don’t think I will be able to walk for some days What happened? Brother Yunus whom you had called have come Where? Greetings Greetings Jamaal was saying that you have come back from Dubai Brother Ibrahim had given money so I have come for that The work is done so I am going back by tomorrow’s flight No, you go back after two days I want Jamaal to show something to a head strong woman Within 24 hours I want to see her dead body And you will do this job You have been saved Nothing will happen to my daughter My heart was again and again saying that she would be back safe and sound Because my daughter Maya is like a statue of love and she is a fairy Did you see child Rani? Whom are you asking? I am taking care of your children just like you It is our good luck that child Rani was saved I want to see Rani now No. Nasir’s men can come to your house and father’s orphanage to search for you Now we will have to inform Arpita At this time only she can save you I am scared that those hooligans might not get their anger out on the children as Sharma said Because of fear children are not sleeping at night It is time for me to go there I shall leave Sharma. – Okay Good night, father. – Good night It is good that you did not tell father about Deva It’s been two hours and now he must have become visible If father comes to know about this then he will get more worried That is why I hid this thing from him If father would have said that he would go after meeting then I would have got trapped You get fresh and I shall go and make arrangements for something to eat for both of us There is no servant here It is my good luck that the servant went home today Don’t get scared Maya It was my desire to spend some time alone with you In office Kaushik keeps troubling me And there are so many children in your house With God’s grace I got today night God is great Sir, you mean Love is great After meeting you for the first time I wanted to say but the fear What is the matter, sir? When you see into the depth of my love then you will get a shock Do you love me so much? Are you having any doubt? If you love me so much then will you fulfill my desire? Of course I will fulfill I will fulfill even if I have to cut my head Then will you help me getting Rohit free Rohit..that means you still love him Sir, not only now but forever It will be Deva At least I will get that memory card I have got shock so let me also give shocking news to people Deva Who is here? Who is here? – What happened, sir? He is somewhere here but I think he is still invisible Deva..child Oh God Sorry uncle Sister Maya, don’t understand me wrong but I did not get that memory card You did not get it Why haven’t you got visible till now? I don’t know I think you will never be able to see me from now Maya sister Don’t say so, child You have taken double dose that is why this must have happened Oh God, what should I do now? You don’t worry. Maybe after sometime Deva will become visible Otherwise we will go to scientist Shekhar’s lab

to find out when he will come For help we will take Kaushik also No. all this has happened because of him Hey KK sir suddenly you are here Will I have to give you notice to come to your house? Greetings How are you Saraswati? You will live for hundred years We were talking about you only About me. What were you talking? He has not received salary for last 4 months I am giving but it must not be reaching home You are not giving I have heard that your channel is going to get closed. Is it true? Don’t give me such shocking news She has the habit of saying anything. You come inside Are you crazy? But you only said so Leave me Have a seat, sir Thank you Kaushik, you are not getting salary but still there is loads of money in your inlaws I have some very important work I need 25,000rupees It is very important Don’t make me feel ashamed Sharma I am getting from parents house and spending How could you even ask for 25,000rupees from me? Don’t make excuses You belong to a rich family that is why I am asking you You can surely do it I will not lie if I have money in hand If I will search every corner of the house then I will get just 3000rupees Give me 3000 only I shall do work with that only Go and get it. – You will give Sir is a nice man Be careful. What happened? Get up I get imbalanced sometimes Yesterday also this happened I had asked you to show to some doctor If I fall again then we shall go Deva. – Yes He fell because of you Go, go with him. – Yes I think he smelt money till here and came Take interest with money surely. – Yes With great difficulty I have got this money I pray that ministers should keep doing such wrong doings This money has been earned by cheating my Maya sister 3,4,5 Here, it is sir You should have the heart to help I have come to know that you have a great heart Don’t embarrass me. I feel painful to see someone in pain Shall I leave Kaushik I will never forget this favor of yours You will also never forget I shall leave Saraswati Poor fellow I should not have given 3000 but should have given 2000 I don’t know where they come from Who opened this? Sushils, Sushila, where is the box? What happened? Why are you screaming? That Ravi Sharma must have taken it But Ravi Sharma did not come up to the room This is the work of some thief Then immediately call the police If police will ask that from where has so much money come then what will we answer My money has gone Thanks for the money, Ajooba My God, this is strange. He became invisible after having medicine I can’t believe it Yes madam, whatever I said is true He cannot be seen but we can hear him madam He has got high fever now I cannot bear his condition How will doctors treat him in this condition? I cannot understand that what should I do? Madam, please try to contact scientist Shekhar, please If you try then we can get his New York’s number Since yesterday evening I have been trying to contact you but could not get through the line I was out of town You don’t worry I shall do something Maya sister, I am having great pain Maya sister Give some water. – Child I am here. – Take, take it Hey, this is my nose Here is the mouth You take rest, Deva otherwise the fever will increase Maya sister I feel like meeting Ramu, Pappu and Shyam lal brother They will come in sometime, child Sharma sir has gone to get them Even if they come they will not be able to see me How will Rani be able to kiss me now? Will I die, sister Maya? If I die then no one will be able to see me Deva, don’t say like this Nothing will happen to you

Uncle, where is Deva? He is inside. Come I will show you Sister, sister.. – My children How are you Rani? I am absolutely fine, sister I have to meet brother Deva Come, come on Come on everyone Has everyone come, Maya sister? Yes, everyone has come, Deva Where is my Deva brother, sister? Look, he is here Brother Deva Look, I am here Rani You cannot be seen I am in front of you Brother Deva Sister Maya, why is Deva brother not to be seen? Where are you child? deva Brother Deva Yes Pappu Stop playing hide and seek and come in front brother Deva Give me a kiss, Rani Look my face is here I am feeling scared, sister Maya He is your brother Deva Touch and see Now we cannot see Deva Child Deva, are you able to see your brother, Ramu? I am seeing you brother, Ramu Come doctor. – Yes Madam With great difficulty I have got Shekhar’s number from at Science Academy, Delhi Luckily I was able to talk to him also Then what did he say? Actually he was shocked to hear this He said that he will immediately leave as his daughter’s accident is not very severe Did you tell him about Deva’s fever madam? Yes I told him and that is why I have got Dr. Prakash with me Dr. Prakash has talked with Shekhar Don’t worry Scientist Shekhar has said that though the body invisible but the normal medicine will have its effect But a single scratch should not come on the body with the metal of an injection Why is that? There is possibility of a reaction Where is the child? – Come doctor Deva is on the bed, doctor Doctor uncle you cannot see me It’s unbelievable. – Yes certainly What will I do, madam? Don’t worry Everything would be fine Child, where is your chest? It is here, uncle And you head It is here He has high fever I think it is viral fever I am treating the patient without seeing him Someone come to the clinic with me and then I shall give the medicine I shall come, doctor Doctor.. – Yes Do you remember what I had said? There are many complications in it so for now this matter should not go out No, never. Even if I say then also no one will believe me Anyone may believe it or not but whatever I have said is the truth Since two days I have not switched on the TV Thinking about it I am scared My BP’s medicine has been doubled thinking about that scene coming on TV Hey commissioner you had said that you will arrest her so now what has happened Minister, if anyone of you tells me that where is she hidden then I shall immediately pick her up She is hidden here, so pick her up Do you know that you have come as a guest in my house that is why I am quiet? Otherwise I would have given a tight slap on your face If you cannot arrest a normal girl in the city then go and start shaving people’s face What is the fun of putting allegations on me, sir? You had called some professional killer Asan Mustafa from Dubai to kill her and except for eating chicken in the city what has he done Nothing will happen by fighting with each other I think collector is the one who helps her, Anita Verma I think the collector is responsible for Rohit’s bail application being presented in the court tomorrow I forgot, that is also one tension You need not worry about that We have collected such strong proofs that he will never come out And public prosecutor is our man only

Then also we have to be alert If he gets bail then it is dangerous for us I suggest his being alive is a danger for us Let tomorrow’s hearing get over then he will never get a date again I shall make arrangements of killing him in jail only This is a nice plan but you do not worry that tomorrow he might get bail Ask why? The judge is Chaman Mishra that is why Exactly Does he ever do anything ignoring the proofs? Tell me What are you talking, brother? Don’t forget that you are talking to session judge Chaman Mishra Just understand that there are lawful sections against you if you forcefully take the land in your name If the land is costing 50lakhs then shall I not buy it? Keep the phone now I shall talk to you later Greetings I am MD of New India Television, Ravi Sharma Ravi Sharma, BA honors So you are from media Please have a seat I usually stay away from media I have heard so much praise about you that don’t ask That is why I have come to you to make a request Request, complain everything in the court I do not hear anything at home This is an important matter that an honest man is telling another honest man that is why do not ignore it What is the mater, tell me? For last 3½ years aperson has been jailed without bail and Rohit’s bail case is being heard in your court today I know it Rohit is innocent. 101% innocent You know the entire truth Being an honest man you should stand with the truth Get up. Have you come here to teach honesty to session judge Chaman Mishra? I will get you arrested by police You may even hang me or even if thousand culprits may escape from law but no innocent should be punished Such laws of the constitution should not be violated because of you I always take a decision keeping in mind Lord Kartik That is why I have never made a mistake till now Now will you leave from here or shall I get you arrested I will go and I also a devotee of Lord Kartik but if you play any game in this case then Lord Kartik will punish you You just wait and watch Oh God, what mistake have I made If I have made then I am ready to make up for that Chaman Mishra God! – I am only child Kartik Chaman Mishra Child Kartik All this is not right, Chaman Mishra Oh God You are very popular There is no benefit in becoming public prosecutor If you want to earn then you should get such cases If a minister like Yunus was not there then I would have got destroyed You must be getting good money Oh God Rohit Sharma son of Parmeshwar Sharma Rohit Sharma son of Parmeshwar Sharma Rohit Sharma son of Parmeshwar Sharma should come Yes, proceed This is a pure example of my candidate being a victim of violation of Indian penal code and the laws and the politics of this state I want to tell the court that this news comes commonly in newspaper that without given a chance to prove his innocence and without given a chance in the court this young man was put behind bars nd all this is done by a senior politician who runs the government of this state Mr. Ravi Sharma, please come here My candidate was an upcoming journalist And witness to.. – Please sit Is there a chance of a positive result? Nothing is going to happen with these arguments If we have to be positive then we need blessings of child Kartik That is why I request the court to grant bail to my candidate I am here only Chaman Mishra Your honor the arguments of my friend defense lawyer is absolutely wrong Not only for 3½ years but many killers and robbers like him are in jail for many years without any trial We have many examples of this type They say that there are no strong proofs against the candidate The file in my hand will give answer to this

The popular forensic expert of India Dr. Arvind Srivastav made this report wrong that tells about the finger prints of criminal matching Can’t we give an important proof that his finger prints match the finger prints on the neck of the dead woman? Has an honest business man of the state Mr. DGP Mr. Aditya Sahni made senseless proof that the criminal has connection with the terrorists Proof of exchange of lakhs of money with terrorist Proof of being a part of Malegaon bomb blast Everything is there in this file, your honor Yes According to these clear looking proofs and under National security act I request that this criminal standing here should never be given a bail It must be work of child Kartik Your honor, no judge of the world would have thrown the hammer on the government lawyer What is my fault, your honor? Mr. Prosecutor, I have not done this work God, what is all this happening? Chaman Mishra, it is s sin to speak lies in court Whatever he said is lies As if you don’t know I know it well You hit me with the hammer is not a problem but do not grant him bail According to the proofs in the file a criminal like him should not be granted bail, your honor Mr. Prosecutor.. – Yes Are these your proofs? Yes Sir, these proofs are a sign of the capability of the police officers Then listen A girl named Zahida was killed by Kuwain Nasir and his hooligan friend Johnny has killed together killed her The actual report of finger prints of Johnny has been exchanged by giving 10lakh rupees as bribe to forensic expert Dr. Arvind Srivastav A child named Rani who has been brought up in Maya’s house is Yunus Khan’s daughter Its DNA report has been submitted in the high court today I am presenting proofs of bribe being of 5lakh rupees being given to police commissioner vigilance DGP and public prosecutor to prove that Rohit has connection with terrorists Do not read further otherwise your secret will be revealed According to the proofs given by public prosecutor and the statement given by Rohit this court orders to start investigation of this case and grants bail to Rohit Listen, I have got you here at my risk

if anything goes wrong then sister Maya will scold me Now what is the need of more problems? You should have not come here Now more than me you have become a danger for them That is why Anita madam had asked you not to come out On your saying this case has been asked to reinvestigate and Nasir will surely be hanged That is why they will leave no stone unturned I thought of meeting you once and then go I had asked you not to roam around I just met Maya and now after meeting mother and sister I will reach there Is it necessary? The news of bail came in the newspaper and if I do not go now then mother will get worried Okay but be alert and after meeting them each where I had asked you to reach. – Yes To take your statement tomorrow morning ACP Tandon and crime branch SP will reach there Fine madam There is a press conference at 6:30 and to the surprise of all you will suddenly come to that press conference. Okay I wish we could get that memory card so that What is the fun of talking all this You tell the media about whatever happened You are after all a part of it Today should be the last day of that minister What time is Shekhar sir’s flight coming, madam? At 5. It must have landed by now Ravi Sharma will bring him here Which is this place? Why have I been brought here? You are going to give a statement to crime branch SP tomorrow morning Tell me you rascal that what all are you going to tell the crime branch tomorrow Never think that after killing me you will be saved Very soon your deeds will be revealed to the world You may buy as many courts as you want but your decision will be taken in God’s court Come sir It is just wonderful. Such miracles I just used to see in dreams Now you don’t have any other problem I have no problem but others who cannot see me have a problem Please make me visible, uncle How much medicine did you have from my lab? Second time I had lots from the small glass

so that I remain invisible for a long time Oh I hope there is no problem He will be visible to us again, sir Sir, I will be able to see Deva again soon Don’t worry. I will make him visible before morning Now all of us will go to our lab What is there in your pocket? What is there in my pocket? Hey sister Maya, this memory card was in my pocket only Yes. The other day when dry laves fell then it must have fallen in my pocket My God. Shekhar sir has got good luck with him Not only will we be able to see Deva but as a journalist the most dear memory card for Maya is also found Is this memory card s important for you? All these problems started because of this card If the visuals in that are telecast then that very moment the government of the state will fall There will be turmoil in the politics of this country Hello, give that memory card to me – Which memory card? The one which is there in your pocket There is nothing in my pocket Give it to me. – Get a side Give it to me Hit him, hit him hard Take it out Give it to me You go Rascal Hello ACP. Hello Whom are you calling? Give it to me What are you doing? Leave You will call.. – No Who is it? Leave me Go with the memory card Catch him. Don’t let him go No! What are you doing? Deva, Deva Deva What has happened to my Deva? Child Deva Deva My child.. Deva

What is happening, sir? Sir, do something I don’t know Anita I had told you a metal scratch should not come on his body This could be the reaction of the bullet being hit Deva Deva.. Child My God Child Deva Child Deva Deva Child Deva Deva Deva.. Child Deva What is happening with my child? Deva Hurry up Let’s go this side Come on Come on Hurry up Run.. Run I think he has gone towards the other side Shall we come there in the car? Sir, it is better if you stay there Do not come out. I shall come there Okay. Come on Save me Get a side. Get a side

Before that devil attacks ask him to take the car back Didn’t you see sir that for 5km the traffic is jamb? How will we take the car behind? Till then he will eat us up Hail to Mahakaleshwar What a miracle? Is it a statue of Ravan of Ram Lila? Minister.. – Yes Is this Ram Lila? – To hell with Ram Lila This is the Ajooba that was after our lives Who? He. – Yes He was about to kill you He has already killed 4-5 people Oh God Minister, he has an eye on you Hurry up and try to escape from here Okay. Take the bike out – Where will I take it? Take it anywhere so that people are not affected Get a side Ride the bike fast. Even if you hit someone then I am there Why did you stop? Get down minister I am feeling very scared I want to go home and meet my wife and children Now there is no need to fear I think Ajooba has gone Are you sure? – Yes Now I am relieved Don’t you know that my condition was very bad? Thank god my life is saved Please let me go from here I have never seen someone like this in my life Yes, I have also not seen Thank God he has gone So now you go home and I am also going home Listen you drop me till the corner and I shall pay you for it It is dangerous to go alone Oh God How shall I move the bike? Take it from the side. – From where? Hail to Mahakaleshwar, save me Hail to Mahakaleshwar Where is he taking us? No Leave me I am scared Where is he taking us? He has put us here? How much volts it is? Can you tell me? 440 or 880 I am weak in maths Oh God, listen to us Hail to Mahakaleshwar. Save us First he removed my money and now he is after my life Why are you shaking the car? I am not doing it – Someone come and save us C M sir and I have hid in his apartment Either, call for NSG or military and without wasting any time kill that devil Okay But where has this rascal commissioner gone? Don’t worry brother You will be safe in our house Come on I cannot run Come on Yes sir. Police force has come, sir Sir, but by firing he can become more violent Okay sir Madam, will our Deva become normal? All of them will kill him No Maya, no one will kill him Dr. Shekhar had said that it was possible to make him normal Hurry up Leave us, leave us Leave us, leave us Leave us, leave us Save us Save us, save us Save us, save us Shoot him

Isn’t there anyone to save the minister? Isn’t there anyone? Anyone come Come quickly Get a side, get a side Give way. Get a side Oh God, who all are dead here Now with whom will I share my sorrows? I have become orphan Oh god, what has happened? I have heard that death surrounds you on top but here it is there at the bottom Shekhar sir Like fools he is doing experiments in the lab It would not be right to go inside now Sir, can we meet scientist Shekhar? Please don’t trouble him He is no mood to meet anyone Sir. No sir I am in Dr Shekhar’s lab Sir, we will wait till the morning Please, sir What happened? Chief minister was on the line He was giving order for firing before he would kill anyone else Shit What has happened Shekhar sir? Helpless. I am helpless I will not be able to save your Deva God has not shown me the way to save him Really, I am helpless God, I am going God I am going God Shoot him Brother Deva Brother Deva Brother Deva, stop Child Deva. Stop. Stop child Deva Your Maya sister is calling you

Child Deva Deva Child Brother Deva Brother Deva Deva, come back child Your Maya sister is calling you Deva, Deva Deva Deva.. – Brother Deva Aim at him Don’t shoot him Don’t shoot him He will not become violent Child, my child Deva My child Brother Deva I am going Brother Deva Deva, come back Deva, don’t go No Deva child don’t go Deva don’t go. Come back Your Maya sister is calling you Deva don’t go Stop child Deva Brother Deva you are annoyed with us that is why you are not coming Come on Maya, we should go No. I will come back after my Deva comes