Welcome subscriptions ♫ Lonely, lively, or in an ordinary city. ♫ ♫ A gust of wind, a surge of rain, a familiar melody. ♫ ♫ Helpless, proud, or in a despicable corner. ♫ ♫ How many details, how many scenes, how many clear memories? ♫ ♫ Traveling free, no restraints, or devoting myself to missing you. ♫ ♫ When I meet you again, when we reunite again, when I can see your pretty self again. ♫ ♫ Eternal or ephemeral; the two sides to life. ♫ ♫ I want you to hear and see it all. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want your company in all the exciting moments. ♫ ♫ Brilliant or ordinary; it’s always a lingering question. ♫ ♫ Together, I want to try changing myself for you. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want to get used to the occasional sadness together with you. ♫ ♫ I want to fulfill my crazy wishes together with you. ♫ Pretty Li Huizhen – Episode 8 – That’s mine! Do you hear me? That’s my practice book Why do you flip through other people’s stuff? Your name is Li Huilin? You don’t believe me? My friends are over there Go ask them Then Li Huizhen is your older sister? How do you know my older sister? It’s nice to meet you Just who are you? You only know to make me treat you, how much money do you think I make? I know all my sister’s friends But I’ve never heard of you before I’m your older sister’s good friend Good friend? What type of friend? A regular friend, or not a regular friend? What do you think? I don’t know Miss, hello. Do you need help? Are you looking for someone? N-No. This cut out poster is quite nice Yes, yes, yes If you’re okay, I’ll go get busy Call me if you need help This really is difficult What grade are you in now? Sixth! How do you know my older sister? We knew each other since childhood You look a lot like your sister when she was your age A lot of people say that. There’s a lot of pictures at home That Let me see your picture with my sister Then I’ll believe you Picture? I have her texts I can let you see our communication records That works, too Your phone Hello?

Associate Editor? The Director wants to speak with you The Director is looking for me? Okay, I’ll be right there W-What’s wrong? I was going to treat you to a drink, but I have to go back to work now I’ll treat you and your classmates Thank you That’s right If you need anything, you can call me anytime I will definitely treat you to a meal next time Hello. Credit card? Please wait a second Thank you for coming What did you say to him? Did you say your sister is Li Huizhen and works at that company? What’s going on? -Did you say it or not? -No! What kind of relationship do you have with that person? Why are you so nervous? Why are you asking so much? You’re a kid! Why haven’t you gone home after school? Why haven’t you guys gone home? What time is it now?! What are you doing?! If you came over sooner, I wouldn’t have talked to him! -You made me wait so long and now you scold me? -Fine, fine, fine! -It was my fault, okay? -Let me tell you! Twenty, twenty five. Here, here -What is this? -Too little? -I’ll give you two more dollars -What do you mean, too little? I can’t bother with you; hurry and go home! -Big sister! -Your poster is pretty nice! -You-! -Here, here. I’ll put it here Here it is. Thanks! -Go slowly -Okay! Mr. Bai? What a coincidence! Didn’t you tell me to come back? I told you to come back? Why don’t I remember that? I’m a person who values trust I said I’d leave those things to you, so I will I will not stop you from doing anything So, it cannot be I who bothered you Then who called me? Called you? When did they call you? That… Associate Editor I think it was a misunderstanding What do you mean? It means… I made a mistake Sorry! Don’t worry. I don’t mind at all! It’s okay! Now that you mention it, trainee Why haven’t you improved from last time at all? If you walk out on the street like that, how can you make everyone trust in our Immortal? You have to be more trendy, okay? Okay! -Fighting! -Fighting! Fighting! You are a very consistent person Even staying out of trouble for more than thirty minutes is high hopes for you Just who brought you here? What kind of grudge do you have against the company? Huizhen Brother Lin Hao Play with this. Go on Go on. You have talent! It’s all trash! Start over again I think some content… is still Still what? Still isn’t too bad Can “not too bad” increase our sales? I think determining good and bad based solely on the sales is too practical You are always so forceful Even if everyone has ideas, they’re afraid of going for them How could they have good plans? A plan starts with a good idea How about this? Everyone relax a bit first Freestyle. Then things will get better, right? How can freestyle make things better? Why aren’t you being free at home? We’ll hold a meeting once you’ve figured out a good direction I hope your ideas next time won’t waste time How are things going with James? Sister Zhu Ying has been contacting him But… he didn’t even give her -It looks like I overestimated her ability. I’ll contact him myself -Okay How long do we have to hear “do it again”?

If he were in our shoes, he wouldn’t be saying that Forget it. Trainee Just what happened to him overseas? To make him become the current Bai Haoyu? Did you receive any lost items this morning? There was one Give it to me. I’ll bring it to the guest It was left by the guest in room 8646 8646? Wow, the presidential suite I’ll bring it over right now -Thank you, darling -Kiss your daughter A kiss for me, too! Happy birthday to Mommy! Okay! My dear, today is your birthday -For you -Thank you, husband Since it’s not fated to be mine, it’s better for everyone to cut things off sooner [Bai Haoyu] [Is your hand better? The sky today is very pretty.] Goodbye, Bai Haoyu Manager Xia, here Thanks Not friends? What’s going on? Qiao’er Let me tell you something important What? That stinky brat Huilin almost ruined me today, you know? What about her? Let me tell you She was a the cafe shop, you know? She almost told Bai Haoyu everything! My god, that was close! Then you must be careful! If she doesn’t keep her mouth shut, if she told, then we’re all dead Yeah. If she told everything to Bai Haoyu, then what will happen to me? Then I was thinking fine if it’s said, then it’s said Now then I think about it, it’s so scary I don’t even dare to think what will happen if he knew I really don’t want to imagine it, it’s too scary! Zhen’er Have you thought about if you told him the truth from the start, what would’ve happened? I don’t know either Forget it. It’s something that’s not possible, so what’s the point of thinking about it? -But still -Let me tell you, Qiao’er Let me tell you. Recently I’ve been doing pretty well at the company In Bai Haoyu’s heart, I’ve already changed from something useless, to something useful – That’s good – Yeah I think later you should find a chance to tell him the truth Can’t He’s the boss now, and I’m his employee We also knew each other since childhood I’ve kept so many things hidden from him I don’t even know where to start Do you think those two will end up being together? (referring to the movie) What? She deleted you? Yeah. She’s not answering my calls either She’s obviously trying to play push and pull Huizhen is not that kind of person Think about it. From the time you guys met again, she suddenly returned to China but didn’t tell you Then she treats you cold and indifferent The day before she says she understands you. The next day she immediately deletes your number She probably got into some trouble or maybe there’s a misunderstanding What kind of big misunderstanding would be up to the point where she has to delete you She’s either angry or scared of something Or you can just call her to ask Forget it. I’ll go find her in a couple of days Scared? What would I be scared of? That after you call her to ask, she’ll respond and say, “I just want to ignore you.” Can you not talk nonsense? Right, how’s the thing I asked you to take care of?

The minute they heard you were coming personally, they immediately agreed to meet And you say you’re not obsessed Bai Haoyu, you asked about her first then about the company You’re dead. Bai Haoyu, you’re dead Bye Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki Hey, big news! Big news! – What are you doing? – Bai Associate Editor got the chance to negotiate with James face to face -What news? -Really? Their team is coming back from an exhibition tour in Japan They were originally going to fly straight to Singapore from Japan But they changed planes at Shanghai! Beautiful! Aren’t they on a tight schedule for their exhibition tour? How do they have enough time? That’s right. There’s only one hour, so the meeting must be at the airport One hour? How is that possible? There’s too little time That’s right! It’s impossible! Even if it’s impossible, I’ll go do it A person who can’t even do their own job well, doesn’t need to worry Lin Hao, give me all the information you collected on James Then go search for more information on him. Don’t leave out any details. The more, the better – As fast as possible – Got it I need someone to bring me to the airport I need to look at the information in the car Wait for me in front of the company at 2 p.m What? You’re going? I don’t know how to drive I don’t want to be in the same car as him Huizhen, what happen to your hand? What? What’s wrong? Huizhen raised her hand Huizhen, why don’t you go? Go where? I didn’t think that she looked so silly It turns out she’s actually pretty hardworking Thanks You should learn from Huizhen. You’ll only win if you work hard A joke should be at the right time Is this the right time for a joke? Associate Editor doesn’t really seem to like you You should use this chance to get closer to him Isn’t it good for him to change the way he looks at you? Fighting! If it gets worse then Let’s go Is it to the Pudong Airport, Associate Editor? Why is it you? Other people are busy, so it’s me I already said it’s an important thing and they give me a person that is so unreliable My licenses are all 100% You can relax Is it Pudong Airport? I’m so annoyed, but I must continue smiling This card Associate Editor, you also go to this gym? The environment is awesome, right? Right, this one? I need silence to read these Then… we’ll head for Pudong Airport Seat belt Pudong Airport, here we go! Where are you going? Pudong Airport. We’ll be there soon, Associate Editor How could it be Pudong? I want to go to Hongqiao! I asked you before. Why didn’t you say anything? We are almost there Then what to do? I’ll turn back now How? We are on a highway After we get pass that tollbooth up ahead, t-there will be a small road, I can turn around Okay, hurry up Why didn’t you reply when I asked? I’m so sorry, Associate Editor. I did ask you many times You didn’t respond, so I thought that meant you silently agreed to go to that airport, so I set off I really thought you heard me, so I didn’t ask again I was afraid you’d scold me Do you know that you’ll hold back a big company matter this way? I-I know. I’m really doing my best now I’m rushing to the airport under the safest circumstances Associate Editor, do you want to play a game first, or perhaps calm yourself down? When will you arrive at the airport when you’re turning in circles? In half an hour There was a lot of traffic on that road before because of all the high speed

I don’t think a lot of people know of such a small road, so there’s fewer cars Don’t worry You didn’t take the wrong road? My friend often used to pick up people from the airport And then I’d often take her on this road I’ll speed up now Be careful, Associate Editor. Sit tight Qiao Qiao Are you done with work soon? Let’s find a place to talk How’s work? Not bad Even if they don’t like me, they won’t dare to do much to me Since it is all about relying on your family background now The entire hotel knows I got in through connections Can’t you speak without having to be so harsh? About that day, I was wrong Meili scolded me So that means if not for that woman, you wouldn’t have come looking for me? Qiao, no matter what we are family Not possible I will never accept her as my family Must you be like this? Acting like a hedgehog, treating me with so much hate? Then how about you? When you are with that woman, you always point the spearhead towards me, the spikes towards me, and give her all the warmth You’re always afraid I’d hurt her Have you ever though about my feelings? When you married her, have you thought about my feelings? How about when you told me to call her mom? If not, then why are you asking me to think about your feelings and accept her? You’re putting her in a hard spot like this Can’t you understand her? No If I accept her, then what about my mom? I have to save a space in this house for my mom If I treated that woman as my mom, then who would remember my mom I know I’m sorry about this But no matter if you are legitimate or not, you are my only daughter I’m getting old I getting more and more ignorant on how to coax you I remember you said when you were little that if I come home, you would be so happy anything was possible Of course A home back then was an actual home, but it’s not anymore Also, you can just use money to deal with that woman I’m not going to drink your tea Associate Editor, how was it? H-He didn’t leave, right? You still got the chance to talk? Did you finish talking about the project? The talk was a success This is great! Give me five! You can still manage to be happy? Just what can you do well? You can take the wrong road even for such an important meeting! I think that you are just a professional errand girl. You used a lot a of money to bribe your way into the company, right? Do you know what it feels like to have a project fail? But… I asked you at least three times on the road A person like you, besides looking for excuses, what else do you know how to do? Have you been like this since childhood? Fatty, give me your glasses to play with -No! -Are you going to give them or not? No! Give me back my glasses! -I’ll tell on you! -What are you doing? Why are you bullying him again? Give me the glasses If you bully him again, I’m not going to play nice! Get lost! Thank you Don’t worry, Fatty Yu From now on, as long as I am here, they’re not allowed to bully you I’ll protect you Let’s go back to the office Associate Editor Here. You go first Associate Editor, do you know how harsh your words were just now?

Even if it’s too your subordinate, you can’t talk like that! Can’t you change your habit of scolding people all the time? You dare?! I checked with you at least three times on the road but you didn’t say no even the last time I asked if we were going to Pudong Airport If you talked with me properly, would this sort of thing happen? Really. You always scold others without understanding the situation first I can say those words, too! I can also pick out all your bad habits, but I didn’t because-! Because I don’t want to become that sort of person Where did it go? Sixth floor. Sixth floor. Have two people come up It was here. Where did it go? Hello Hello Hello, are you a guest that lives here? I’m looking for something, don’t bother me Where’s the card key? Is there something I can help you with? You don’t have to help me. Do your own work. I’m looking for something! Sixth floor, send two security officers up. I found a suspicious person He’s wearing a white t-shirt and gray workout pants, and slippers Hurry and come take a look! Suspicious person? Who are you calling a suspicious person? Have you seen such a handsome suspicious person? Let me tell you. I live here everyday How come I never saw you, huh? Do you know what room I live in? I live in the presidential suite! – Have you lived in one before? – Security! – Security! – Hey, hey, hey! Calling for people? Who are you calling for? Security, right? I’ll call for you There is a person here in the 6th floor that looks like a thief Catch her! Security! Say it. How is this going to be solved? Sorry, Mr Lin She’s our hotel’s employee. She didn’t know you were our guest That’s why she made such a ridiculous mistake Please do not hold it against her Hurry up and apologize I’m very sorry Mainly because some customers recently commented that there is quite a mix of customers walking around the guest floors I made such a mistake trying to check things Very sorry about this Right Is this yours? Why do I feel like your voice is so familiar? Since you gave such a sincere apology, I’ll forgive you if you eat my candy I… don’t think there’s a need Just eat it if Mr. Lin wants you to Eat Then I’ll eat one Orange How is it? What’s the taste? It’s bitter It’s bitter for you, too? When I are it this morning, it was bitter, too You feel like you’ve been having bad luck lately Is that so? My candy is premonition candy, it’s very accurate Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki Xiao Lin, take care of the customer!

Your peanut rice Miss, what would you like to order? Abnormally Spicy Chicken Wings Sure Store owner, Abnormally Spicy Chicken Wings! Okay Why are you pushing me away? You won’t even answer my phone calls Do you have something that you can’t tell me? Why don’t you leave? I don’t want to you to see me like this How can I just leave you and not care about you? Actually, you don’t need to care so much about me How can I not? I really don’t understand what you are saying What are you doing? Hide and seek? Haoyu, do you know? I really want to do something I usually won’t do What do you want to do? I’ll do it with you I don’t know either I just want to be just like how I was during childhood Free and without worries Isn’t that easy? Follow me Are you coming or do I have to wait for you? Or should I wait for you to finish eating, or wait for you to Qiao, did you receive my message? Did you receive or not? Reply So I know what you are doing Charlie! Can you go away? Nothing good happens when I run into you! Can’t your butt feel that you’re sitting on my umbrella? Sorry Who can eat this? Can you leave? What right do you have to tell me to leave? Did you open this store? -Boss, add a cup! -Okay! You Can you not pour wine for me? Then I’ll drink it myself Nice! Great Why are you drinking alone? You really want to know? Of course I am Charlie’s angel Come This place feels so familiar and warm There’s only two of us now. You can play as you want Next time, when you’re not wearing a skirt, I can bring you to play squash

That’s a better way to relieve stress Okay Then you won’t suddenly disappear again? And then kick me away? What happened is like that. Wasn’t it that I was so wrongly accused? Did you hear me? Are you done ranting? Boss! Boss! Two more bottles of wine! I paid for this wine! -Yes, yes, yes! -Give it to me Stop drinking! The Associate Editor was too much! But I think he’s like this to everyone Why do you care about him so much? You don’t like him, do you? Look over there Do you still remember our P.E. teacher? During that time, I was always punished to run laps When I couldn’t run anymore, he would yell at me from behind “Little fatty! If you cannot run now, you’ll be an old fatty when you grow up!” But, to protect me, you actually said “Bai Haoyu, fighting! You can’t be as fat as Teacher Chen when you grow up!” You made him angry Now that I think about it, you were too brave then How could you be so daring? You don’t remember? I’m sorry, Haoyu There’s nothing to apologize about I just thought that these were our mutual memories, so you would remember Do you still remember that I had a friend named Xia Qiao? Xia Qiao? I think I heard you mention her before What did I tell you about her in the past? You said she was pretty nice. What about it? We are indeed very good friends Xia Qiao is a very good girl We actually went through trials and tribulations together Just like us? It’s just… she’s never had a very smooth love life She’s never been able to meet a man who is true to her She Do you want me to introduce a guy to her? No! That’s not why I’m telling you all this She recently met a very good man That’s great It’s just Just what? It’s just that person is the one her good friend likes Bai Haoyu, what do you think she should do? Huizhen? Huizhen! Forget it. I’m telling you these things to tell you Xia Qiao is indeed a very good girl I believe that she is You don’t even know her. Why do you believe it? It’s enough for me to know you You’re so nice. So a person who can be friends with you can’t be that bad I don’t need to know her. It’s enough to see you That’s enough for me to see that she is very good Let me tell you! No! Let me tell you, I’m not drunk! I’m not drunk at all! Say How many times did I drink after you came back? How many times did I drink?! What is there about me that you don’t like? What is there about me that you don’t like? What do you not like about me? Say it to my ear, right now! -What do you not like? -Sorry, sorry I’ll take revenge for all these grudges today – I…I remember everything – Really so sorry I thought it was weird!

Where is everyone? Where?! -Where is everyone? -Here Let me talk, I have a secret! No one knows! You all! None of you know this secret! I’ll only tell you! Come! I know Bai Haoyu! I know Bai Haoyu! That little fatty! That little fatty! He dares to treat me like this now, that fatty! He dares to treat me like this now! What did I do wrong against him? What doesn’t he like about me? I see you, Bai Haoyu, you’re hiding inside and not talking! Let me tell you! Apologize! Don’t think I don’t know you’re here! Do you think I don’t recognize you if you wear glasses? Bai Haoyu! Do you think I don’t know who you are? You dare to go upstairs! Come back! I didn’t think that you were a fatty like that! Put me down! Put me down! I want to throw up! Put me down! I won’t throw up, let me tell you! How could I lose like this? I-I’ll call right now! I…I’ll call him first Give me my phone Where’s my phone? Phone! Why are you stealing? You can’t steal people’s phones, got it? I really didn’t think that you are a Bai Haoyu like this, really! I didn’t… Give me my phone first! Don’t steal my bag! You can’t do this! Today, I will definitely tell you everything! Where is my phone?! Where is it? You… pick up your phone first! Pick up your phone first, okay? [Shanghai Plaza] Hello? Bai Haoyu? Do you know who you’re talking to right now? I am… I am the trainee The one from the Logistic’s department, that’s me! It’s me right now! I am Li Huizhen herself! Do you hear me?! What did you say?! Who are you? Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki ♫ I want to wander around in your heart. ♫ ♫ It’s better than secretly thinking alone. ♫ ♫ I want to accompany somebody and have crazy fantasies. ♫ ♫ It’s better than my empty dreams. ♫ ♫ I want to brave the wind together with you. ♫ ♫ It’s better than quietly looking out a window. ♫ ♫ I want to lend my shoulders to somebody. ♫ ♫ That way, I won’t waste this beautiful scenery. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ For the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫ ♫ In your heart, loneliness is crying out. ♫ ♫ The panic is very obvious. If you’re not pretty, so what? ♫ ♫ In your dreams, love is only afraid of pain. ♫ ♫ Facing the lonely corridor, you are flustered. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ For the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫