they’re reviewers Eriko here self main auto welcome back to another repair video well in this case an attempted repair video you can see I don’t have a car in behind me because still sits outside got a used car dealer that dropped off a 99 grand vitara row hot rod evidently he hasn’t sold and he took it into some shop and tried to get it inspected but it won’t pass because the monitors aren’t set like tells me that they’ve been working on it you know trying to get it to pass and you know driving it around and changing parts but haven’t made any leeway with it so he dropped it off here I’ve never done work for the guy but we’ll see if we can look at it and figure out what’s going on with this thing so grab our scan tool bought the parking lot and see what we got the computer plugged in here so try to keep my hand all the way we’ll go in here and just kind of verify some things check and see if it has any codes first and foremost current codes history codes now we’ll go look at the readiness monitors and see what’s not set you didn’t really have a whole lot of information for whether in fact it won’t pass we’ve got this little hot rod sold on sale looks like they’ve put some spark plugs on I see some spark plugs here in the console receipt for some gas but that’s the only evidence of purge they see kicking out in here okay let’s see monitors since diagnostic will clear we’ll see what that is now sensors not complete and then just catalyst evap so it is running a drive cell because EGR no.2 heater so it’s not like it’s not running anything it’s just not running everything how does that sound so to event catalyst now let’s go back here I’ll poke in some data there’s quite a few things that will inhibit a drive cycle look at all these various inputs to see I mean I’ve seen everything from faulty neutral switches to brake switches thermostat thermostats the big one just engines don’t warm up all the way let’s been sitting outside for the light dropped off a little while ago so I had so eighty degrees 67 on the air our position sensor seems to work typical used-car just about out of gas let’s see here we go full throttle switch works now when right there that’s always a that’s one I can hinder it if it never you know receive signal coming off from an idle over here see if anything pressure looks good that’s working let’s make sure that transmission range switch works let’s this one right here is just yeah that’s reverse yeah so that’s not stuck currently in park nothing looks abnormal just sitting here static so pull up some data and for you to sing up see if it warms up and look at some other things here I think I build this big enough list I’ve got intake air cooling time bar p.m. like a mass airflow the map proposition Barrow being a v6 we got you know Bank 1 and Bank – so we’re going to look at our loop status here make sure it’s going into closed loop kind of checking on our oxygen sensors but just I didn’t cut just the first time but just looking for this right now so we have our our bias voltage wait a minute so that’s wonder if it doesn’t have a bias voltage on the upstream Oh two sensors because both these are sensor 1c sensor 2 is sitting

there with a bias voltage huh well let’s fire it up here and see she sounds nice relax insensitive wonder if the ears are working in them I think one of the think the heater monitor was one that was set though immediately went in the closed-loop her fuel trims Luke due to driving no it says that when I goes into open-loop it shuts our fuel trim right off there okay he’s live Diagnostics you’re gonna hear a lot of me just hemming it on trying to talk out my talk on my feelings yes it sound like I’m talking to my wife tell me your feelings trying to talk out my thoughts here instead of just staring at a blank screen so I see that it’s that it is warming up you know starting to what’s curious is the gauge right now let me show you that that’s the coin gauge that’s about halfway already but when we come down here it’s only at you know 118 so this I don’t understand I wonder if in our custom here if we got a vehicle speed why I would think we’re driving see you equal speed vehicle speeding just see if vehicle speed zero in part zero Park okay so that I don’t understand that doesn’t make sense of course you know we’re not going to get an accurate fuel trim reading but what’s peculiar is the o2 sensor monitor with one that wasn’t set and I’m just seeing I’m watching them switch here but I see this one bank two is switching you know from about point one up to seven hundred or so let’s bank – yes oh yeah from about one to eight hundred so that’s that’s normal but I see our other actions that’s your bank 1 sensor one appears to kind of be just kind of hover around what 380 480 let’s open that up so I know that if you’re just looking at the graph this looks like looks like it’s working perfect but it’s not even changing barely over it 130 Miller 120 millivolts now it’s in closed loop so it did it did switch to closed loop that action sense here is only popping back and forth 100 millivolts what I thought it would have just dropped lean rate I tell you well it’s uh it’s kind of focus on that a little bit scared of all this stuff let’s just look at these upstream oxygen sensors and down streams see what let’s make one oh that’s sensor 2 sorry we want to look at these little guys here okay so this is Bank to actually open them all up what that oh you guys got a heck of a glare there sir couch over here prime is something they’re not but we do her some throttle here use cargo on blows baby up he’s got her sold I’m just gonna hold it steady throttle so here’s bank 1 sensor 1 and this saying is switching like mad but it’s only going up to 520 millivolts and

dropping down as low as it’s 380 you can see the one after the converter this thing is just cooking it’s hanging around 900 millivolts so I mean it looks like on converters working but I think it’s pulling overtime see how it responds or rear o2 sensor responded to the quick clean condition linked to responded bank one still switching like madman try that again no kidding yeah you can see I say before we get too amped up we go look at this oxygen sensor here bank 1 sensor 1 because it obviously had some serious issues well just for grins and giggles let’s uh take a first shake down the road I guess and just see what adults are got it it’s got a got a plate in the windshield and I guess we really go remove this I cannot put a singing gear I changed my mind on a test drive I at the camera all propped up and it’s going to pull out on the road I don’t really think I want to drive it down the road bender in the fat graft rider on a drive cycle through it it started like shaking and it smells like it’s party to catch on fire I could smell gas so you’re difficult used car salesman special one owner low mileage clean interior lots of new parts and then with things we put in hand so I think what is bringing in a look at that I mean I did it’s not going to run a drive cycle with an o2 sensor that’s not functioning and you know maybe that’s what’s kicking it into open-loop but it’s it’s clearly not working so let’s look at that I don’t know why it’s not throwing a code for it but that’s besides the point so let’s see if it’s just a faulty o2 sensor or maybe some wiring issues who knows what’s going on there I thought the o2 sensors were accessible from underneath but got the rear rear one there so that’s bank 1 sensor 2 there I’m thinking somebody has already been on that one this thing’s puking oil all over the place to leak so much oil it’s almost dark under here and then alright there is that’s bank 2 sensor 2 and no racket surgeon but I’m pretty sure somebody’s been on that one too well they’re not the ones that concern us I see it’s got silicone all over the exhaust pipe here like somebody’s probably put a universal converter on there some sort and a little clamp oh flange and now the converter the action censored we want to get to in their way uh you can see this around you see if we can get this up in there way up there at the top of the converter you see it sticking out so right there it is it looks like a fine original one must be we got to get them from under the hood no be nice got er all warmed up now a few burns coming out of this thing be able to see this or not see it is you see it there it is let’s wait right there that’s finding out focus but there it is it’s kind of points in towards the transmission bell housing and connect your heads in that direction so I think what we’ll do in this scenario is being as used-car salesmen and they really don’t like to spend any money to fix anything I’ll see if he wants to just buy an oxygen sensor and put one in it see if it cures the problem or see if you want to pay me to take the time to you know to do the testing you know check the you know the o2 heater they’re into you know diagnose co2 sets here and pull down bench tested you know run a couple other tests or you know maybe in a case like this where I’m pretty certain it’s just going to be a bad oxygen sensor maybe he just wants to pull one in it so I want to make a phone call see if he wants to do and then we’ll from there I spoke to the guy who owns it and he wants to just put an o2 sensor in it however what dilemma is we have to use a universal oh – sensor because it is half the cost of a direct fit Oh – sensor I’ve never used one of those so advanced all those bringing it up to me and we’re going to see if a universal o2 sensor works and we’re going to find out

what a universal OH – sensor is so stick around this could be good so what the heck is a universal o2 sensor one size fits all he says all makes all models hopefully let’s go this one out well we cracked it Lewis so you get the connector out that’s in a heck of a spot all mates all models just like antifreeze it’s everything I tell you if you uh work it out one of these you’re trying to get this in action sensor connector off it bolts to a metal bracket back there I’ve got probably 20 minutes trying to get this connector undone I got the connector on hook there like go for it it’s fine I can’t bolts through the the action sensor you know it’s one of the little metal nail tabs that stick down action since your clips on to it well you can’t get to it but I had to unbolt the whole metal bracket on there to tip it upside down to you know depress a little tab to get it undone right gonna just snap it off my pain okay there just got now plug real quick let’s see if we get it I’m screwed here okay she’s still a toasty back there I can crank it loose no recipe feels like feels like it’s pretty loose not very much wire on it finally got about a five inch pigtail ah you know what I did now you big dummy I am plugging the wrong one alright take that metal bracket back off there yes no I am playing the downstream one I’m turning out like wise on the wire turn it well it’s good you can’t see nothing and I did there on one oh you big dummy well the reason I undid the downstream one is remember on them wires are twisted up I wanted to get those untwisted so that’s the main reason I look that way so now I’m going to hook the one I’m working on will be would be good to go here okay think no I have the correct action since our own party you only seen well half what you need to see here at least we’re going to leave things better than your phone right untwist the wires and then downstream one yeah I got about enough room to get one hand back there so trying to use a pic unhook the connector is well tough Hey Oh finally here she is Oh kinda Krusty’s on it okay those look like orinda once and NTK so here it is advanced auto showed up with it made in the USA this probably isn’t going to end well the last american-made product we had did not work very good let’s see SmartLink it says oh boy let’s see what this thing oh man that’s gonna be awesome yeah structions all kind of stuff well I see this is uh

grab my knife here oh boy so I think these are screw together like wire connectors are they yup look at that you know what I think about that we’re not gonna have enough room back for this big ol honky Tonk in there I mean for kind of a lot we only need a oh you know what so this oxygen sensor comes with a big ol Hawk and wire lead on there and then just our wires so I just say we go do the wall chip cough chip won’t cut the singer it off no this uh we might have to look kind of wearing well no we don’t looking a wiring diagram do we are two white ones okay I’m gonna say down the action since really that side-by-side but up here they are yeah let’s uh let’s just cut this off and we’ll do a little spicy spicy and leave us a little extra room and being good shape for the sheet Brinn well maybe be cheaper to buy the OEM one by the time we get I’ll labor here oh no no sometimes it’s not best to be cheap and save money a lot of times ends up costing you money now I’m pretty sure if this doesn’t work they’re not gonna take it back just going to use these crimp and seal butt connectors here will work fine for this job now maybe they’re a little connector there that it comes with maybe that that works just fine I mean I see the concept so it looks like you put the butt connector together that it comes with and then looks like every all the stuff fits inside this little box here and then it’s got little rubbers that your wires stick through but this is a big ol honkin unit here too Lisa this application may be other applications you’re all fishes hanging out midair that might work just fine you know I guess it’d be better than just twist them together a black tape you know I mean if you’re you know DIY that’s a lot that’s all you got why not okay well extra that’ll give us plenty of wire handle phone so the wait ones I don’t you guys really need to see all this but I don’t really have anything to talk about been so stinkin busy it’s been like it’s been ridiculous I’m not complaining because I got work but man has just been absolute chaos here it’s actually after 5:00 right now it’s why it’s really quiet this is kind of a last-minute project had to get all my other work done first and then told I look at this thing for him so here we are at last stuff going on another actually got a Volkswagen out there I’m glad boy I can’t believe I actually said yes I have a hard time saying no I always tell her but I never work on Volkswagens but I’ve got one oh there’s just a wheel bearing and some parking brake cables the guy says he brought his own parts so I put a wheel bearing in his our tea for him too and he brought me all genuine Audi stuff so that job went pretty well hopefully we did the same thing with his Volkswagen I got this sneaking suspicion I’m gonna get in here and find like dormant cables or something suck I wouldn’t put them on my way dormant dorm break it dormant jump there brake cables or even junk here so there we go here’s a fire field torch here shrink these down

and get that spun back in get the twist off the that would stream one Ben and went through painstaking efforts of unplugging it and all some people commented that they don’t like these I tell you I mean these things work great I don’t know it’s just my opinion I solder heat-shrink i’d i you know i do i do bolt i’ve got some really good heat shrink we get rid from the interstate battery guy and it’s got the it’s got the adhesive minutes when you shrink it down you know all the sealer comes out slips all of these you know you crimp these on you shrink them down sealer loses out i mean they make a good crimp i know i guess i don’t have anything against him and i guess what that man said i have used these before where there is a solder and seal once now i had a I had an old jeep scrambler an 81 scrambler and I did quite a bit of quite a bit of wiring and Aksai Chevy v8 in it stuff and had some extra you know accessories and things that nature and I use quite a bit of the solder and seal ones that I picked up from Napa and they were great you put them to put the wires in you know you sled it down twisted wires pulled it over so did you heat it up with a little butane torch it would melt the solder and it would it would heat shrink at all at the same time well it was all fine and dandy except for about a year and a half later about a year and a half two years later I just had random things just stopped working like you know my reverse lights quit working and this quit working and every time I would check out the circuit see what was going on I always traced it back to one of those connectors and to this day I will not use one of those you know solder and heat shrink connectors because it was I don’t know what it was they just seemed like they got hard and then they cracked and then the solder just broke apart so just it just didn’t work but you can see I mean these these seal down good if you can see the sealant that whose’s out of the ends of them I’ll try to hold that still but yeah it has a little sealant that loses out you get a good crimp on them you know they work good you know you just give them a little tug make sure they held together good I don’t see any reason not to use them you know there’s certain applications you can’t you know if it’s a broken wire like an ADD or flex I wouldn’t use that because it’s just too rigid I don’t know I mean I I don’t have anything against him they are little expensive but I mean we just did that and matter minutes so you know busting out the heat shrink and the solder we know that’s you know real difficult but you know I’m saying anyways let’s get this thing in see if this works well I can think of a lot of different spots put this yeah it started in there dude I get it it’s got to reach back snug it up I’ll get that down get it snug up I’ll get the wires off clip back up in where they belong step scan tool grab a camera we’ll fire it up set back up over here on the tool box so let’s got the key on right now so go in here when fired up thanks sounds like a diesel oh okay make one sensor one as your wife downtown skill oil pressure this is the one that was given us fits before we one of those two o2 sensors that one okay so this is Bank one Center one you can see already our min/max scale is you guys see yep so our mid max scale 750 and point two three zero so that’s already a bigger sweep 0.19 zero it’s a bigger sweep than what it was doing the fears here just even just this brief

a little bit warm up that it is work in our universal actually in sensor work so I was skeptical oh yeah I mean theories there I guess it should work but sometimes vehicles are pretty sensitive to you know Oh II owe to sensors and aftermarket so let me go give this thing some throttle seems to be pretty responsive that’s a good thing and I guess let’s see what that remember the downstream o2 sensor on bank one there that was thrown it that was drawn a super-rich let’s look at that see if that’s kind of this upstream one working should help that out a lot so this is bank 1 sensor – yeah that’s look alive I was running like 900 millivolts if I remember right I would really pegged out by because the field trim was you know with this o2 sensor being stuck the way it was before is really kind of horny old cold to it but I guess the good news is if we do get to drive the catalyst monitor wasn’t set but it appears looking at this data here that the converters are working I don’t have anything to worry about there and it looks like they’re actually working quite well well I don’t know if it’d be worth taking it for a test-drive being it’s all warmed up but I take it first shimmy down the road come back and look at some other data at least we fixed one thing that we saw wrong I guess we can just take a quick poke through here so it looks like it’s warming up all the way so that’s a good thing Multan clothes neat now your friends look okay a short-term egg around zero that’s good yeah I don’t hope it’ll run Evette test anyways the drop it off almost out of gas you know so we could test drive it not uncommon well I don’t see anything else that’s really jumping right out to me yeah what the heck we’ll go take a first shake see if we survived grabbed my little Ektron scanner it’s got a drive cycle monitor on it so we can just watch this we’re driving down the road it’s a whole lot easier than fiddling with the big scan tool there and we see you just got the catalyst evap no two sensor no just take it first shake if if it doesn’t work I’ll grab some gas we’ll come back and try it in the morning so I decided to pull over and just turn around about seven miles from the shop but I’m near certain it’s not going to run a drive cycle because it’s already warmed up so I just gonna ready turn around here and that’s someone I show you I think when your mailbox gets to this condition it may be time to uh you know throw it away and buy a new one get a different post or half a dozen bungee

cords so I was on my way back to the shop here and I seen something way cooler than a mailbox let me see if I can get this for it so that’s my dad shop I was just it’s coming by that and I look up in the pond right next to their shop and I look up in the tree then went by this is huge bird that’s a bald eagle if you guys have seen any of those or not but we’re starting to populate around here a little bit and so it’s pretty cool so he sits here above this pond and he likes to go carp fishing and kill rabbits and fish and stuff like that I’ve seen him down here before usually in the morning so I’m gonna get whoever seen him down here in the evening I assume it to him I don’t know might get her let’s see if we get a little bit closer without flying away get you a good footage when these things take off and fly they’re humongous maybe guys aren’t even interested in this but I think I think these birds are cool they’re so huge I think he sees us and they are so cool little claws I say we see if we get a little closer it’s just like going to the zoo our pretty much what’s right underneath the little guy now when one limb grabbing on you well I think that’s going to do it for me on this one viewers it did not run a drive cycle but that is no surprise to me the vehicle has already warmed up but I figure out what the heck we’ll take it for a little Drive and I’m glad we did we got to see a one way to fix your mailbox for beginners I guess is a five or six bungee cords or rusty mailbox don’t worry because you can put it right back where it belongs and then the cool part was we got to see that bald eagle now we don’t see too many of those around here you know we mostly see the occasional you know Robin and mourning doves and Blue Jays and you know chickadees and not hatches and you know birds like that you know we got red-tail Hawks and some Ospreys but when you see a you know a bald eagle that’s that’s pretty cool and took fortunate enough to watch that bird you know usually quite often in the mornings when I’m done Dinah stopped at my parents shop down there and have coffee and toast and stuff hanging out and you’ll see them up there in the trees and he’s usually hunting in the morning so it’s pretty pretty neat to watch him pull out you know like a nice sized carp and just drag it up on shore and then he just rips it to shreds you know so that’s a pretty pretty impressive to watch him I mean though he’ll die he’ll hit ducks you know whatever whatever is easy and you always tell my mom they got this little yappy dog a little chihuahua well I don’t know I’d be kind of don’t tie be kind of glad if the eagle good same thing but I tell her you shouldn’t let that dog um oh they wouldn’t hurt my little Maddy she says like my I don’t think that equal really cares that your little Maddy’s your little pet looks like a snack so yeah hopefully for my mom’s sake it doesn’t eat your dog but I’m pretty sure that little chihuahua looks like a little rabbit running across the yard so someday I just hope I got the video camera when it happens no that’s wrong I shouldn’t say that but I don’t know where I left off so I’ll grab some gas we’ll come back we’ll try it try to get in the morning and let it cool down give it a proper warm up cycle and I think that’ll get it I didn’t see anything right off the bat on the data stream that jumped out to me hopefully you didn’t either because you got no way to tell me until I post this and it’s too late so I’ll grab some gas we’ll do a part two of this video to see if that fixed it I suspect it will so stick around and keep your eyes peeled see see if we got it so in the meantime check us

out on Facebook and find us on there give us a give us a mic there and find me on Google+ and follow us there so thanks for watching and as always viewers remember if I can do it you can do it