After eating the smoked meat and baked sweet potatoes, tears roll down the eyes in happiness and the sweet peaches~~ Although Shanmeng is in a difficult position he’s difficult to fight What was that! My name’s Jiang Wu A high school student(a freshman) My teacher’s eye is always ready to target me becoz i’m dumb and don’t learn Mom’s mad at me Because of me way too much fat and dumb in studies The marks are just passing, what’s this? Um Jiang Wiu, You must’ve to work hard The students of my class make fun of me like this usually and that makes me feel bad. I wish if a miracle happen Uncle! The usual one right? -Here -Yea Thank you Uncle So yea, my daily life is like that only Also, I have a crush on a guy in my class Kou paec He treats me nicely and is intelligent as well. I also want to be as smart as he is I would’ve also but only if there hadn’t been intense competition in students even at school level Hello everyone, I’m Choi Accumulation of extreme heat -Heat -In the sense being positive & nice This time I want to compete for the school election I believe I will win like in the previous time Please vote for me, i’ll be glad Thank you And now it’s my turn H… he…Hello I’m I’m Jiang…. I’m Jiang Wu Hey` this girl She gives her speech and Intro in a very hilarious way! I like this tho I will help you all with your homework and studies Everyone vote for me! Hey, look at this you’re on the top

Wow really, second no. is Xiao She has a crush on Kou Paec, you know? Yes, I know Of course Oh oh oh I think Kou Paec is gonna Fall for you hehe Jiang Wu only got one vote! Did someone pitied her? Ecan you please vote for me in the election I’ll be very thankful Hey, what she thinks she is doing? Chung Si Can you please vote for me in the election please Listen to me for a moment please Excuse me, please listen to me Hey, It’s my bag! I’ve got to know that You are disturbing my mates So you must be punished YES!! What you all Say? Give it back to me! give…give Give it back to me! Take it What are you saying, how can I take it from there Anyone please bring it down! -Take it from there -Take it -Bring it down by yourself -Take it Ahahaha -What you doing? -Jiang Wu -Wait wait wait! -What she’s doing? She’s gone insane I think she’s gonna fall hard Oh look! she climbed it -come down -hey, with care -come down I got it See I can climb as well I told you -Oh my god -Oh my god Ow ow! What’s wrong? Xiao Yi(1st)-386,Choi chung(2nd)-334, Jiang Wu(5th)-20 It’s not in here Look, look Check if it’s pressed between books It’s not When I last checked, it was here Check thoroughly I have Where did you kept it? It was inside only I had all my money including my ID I hadn’t expected this Who’d have taken it You are making me feel ashamed as a teacher Don’t you feel ashamed? Whoever are you, you must be punished very badly for this I don’t understand, why any of you’ll do it? Master, she’s not giving her bag Jiang Wu Master, I Stop, give it to her Leave it now Master, it’s my wallet You let me down as a teacher Master, really it was not me I must’ve been mistaken I was not even there and only got to know after entering the class I don’t know this time, but you’ve been disqualified from the election Please don’t do it Don’t argue, your mom will be called Ah Oh my

Huh, Grandma Grandma, are you alright I can help you Are you afraid to go home Your Mom will worry about you Huh, I don’t want to go You’re afraid to talk to your mom because of today’s problem about that wallet and also you’re afraid how would you handle it and explain it to your mom that all of this was a mistake and you are innocent How do you know? I can read your mind I even know what happens with you everyday from school to you life everything Mom don’t believe you, you’re not sure of your own sense Is she following me ? How does she know me so well? Is she following me? How does she know me so well? Hey, what are you?! You should not worry about it Right now,it’s better that you go home and sleep Jiang Wiu, wake up now Mom Mom? Mom! Mom! Strange Strange people Weird Oh no Hello! Hello? Is anyone here? Somebody here? Oh my god, really wow This world now belongs to only Jiang Wu Now I’ll rule this world

Everyone! From now you’ll follow whatever’ll be said By Miss Jiang Wiu hahaha! it’s Chao Min’s cycle Jiang Wiu Jiang Wiu? huh! What are you doing get up get up And where did you get all of that! wake up You’re very lazy Hurry up and get ready What it’s still early Mom, I’m heading out Take care bye What is this! -Why would I? -Wait How did this happen? Run away-quickly run away Chao Min wait wait Chao min how’d you get there? I don’t know myself how i ended up here Hold up, we’ll get you Chao min Just a minute they would be coming soon with the ladder Hurry Oh look at her, look look Eeeh please save me Don’t panic, don’t panic Someone get the help as fast as possible Hey, please pinch me hardly Huh? Pinch me ! hurry oh Ow! hey Oh my Mom…mom! Mom did i told you about my dream today it came true it was real! What are you talking about? I don’t know Mom I was in trouble Dreaming of my night no one was on the way to school it turned out that there was really no one today and also i wrote on the wall i discovered it was true at school today It’s still written there on the wall I also took a classmate’s bike and put it on the basketball hoop and It turned out that the bike was really in the basketball hoop Okay

Momm hey! who are you?! Don’t be afraid, put it down Grandma? How did you come in? you hide so many snacks your mom doesn’t know about it? No I didn’t expected you to be like that you don’t look what you are what did you say? did you liked playing in the empty city today? so you mean it wasn’t a dream? what is that? In this bracelet has magic It gives the wearer one more day per week In this time, the world is yours You can do whatever you want All at once Or a little more What’s the name of this day The eighth day The eighth day? That means when i used it I was in eighth day Where do other people go? It’s hard to explain, like you’re in another timeline in the original one Suddenly a hole forms inside a month And you are in that hole When you press the button again, you are like crawling out of that hole Thus Continuing seamlessly in the original time I don’t understand anything you don’t understand? Well as long as you know there are 24 more hours in a week for you it’s your own world All you have to do is free yourself free myself? you are in the eighth day now anything you do in that time will come true then my classmate chao min got into the basketball hoop Is it because of me? everything you move someone sitting above or using after the object moves people move with them this is the rule of the magic stand up alright even if someone steals it there is no way they can use it I still don’t quite understand grandma? grandma? Kou Paec hurry up! Hello kou paec Don’t wonder who i am This is a letter from another space time Maybe this me will make you wonder but don’t think this is a prank this is just me who has been following you from very long time Without you knowing Pi

Mom, Did someone came by? No, no one came Oh ok then Are you still doubting me? This is not a prank wanna be my friend? Hello who the hell are you? How did these letters appear? Kou Paec Didn’t I say? I come from another time and space You can’t find or see me So please don’t look for it anymore Can we be friends? I believe you are an angel Or are you an alien? I’m an angel Aliens feel too ugly I can make friends with angels So lucky Hahaha I’m so happy I can finally be friends with you what about your parents She is not coming not coming? Teacher lin, I want to tell you This matter really has nothing to do with me You don’t know what happened recently at school It’s particularly mysterious something suddenly written with paint on the wall Chao min she was with the bike hanging in a basketball loop this is not normal you know it all it’s all about mysterious power it must be unusual If there is mysterious power, Just take my desk now go to the bathroom then i’ll believe it Teacher Lin? Tecaher Lin, why are you sitting here? do you want to work here? This Students have been out of school recently things that seem difficult to explain don’t panic The school will do its best To find the source of the problem As for the last time Zhang Min’s wallet was stolen very strange It really can’t be that simple characterizing Jiang wu as the thief Also I hope everyone don’t be biased against Jiang Wu let’s build our harmony and love together We class people family A question there are six buns in the basin to be distributed to six children one for each child but in the end there is one more why is this admit why? because the last kid took the basin too this is probably today the only thing that makes me laugh what happened? I wish for eleven holidays we scheduled a match with another school but i heard that our school may have compressed the holiday so it’s very unlikely to win principal this is the schedule for the next three days ok i know anything about the destruction two days ago in our school not yet i watched the surveillance videos it was done without any clues I heard a few days ago Teacher Lin and his desk from class 3 suddenly went to the toilet What? Principal you say our school Is it haunted? Nonsense we are materialists I don’t believe that evil I’ll check if you can find it out yes This holiday notice before afternoon teaching in the hands of the head teachers remember to tell the teacher

always follow the holiday notice understand? Yeah what’s wrong with you? sorry teacher huh sorry, teacher! pay attention next time thank you Students, we have a holiday notice this year we have a total of eleven holidays what’s wrong with teacher guo? just stick to the file orders the principal repeatedly emphasized to give a total ten days if not 11 chestnut this is the match you asked for I like being evenly matched i don’t like bullying children who gets bullied is not necessary Kou Paec, come on! these guys are too good today there’s no chance what happened? Intentional foul! too despicable what do you want? finished! they’re 3, we’re at 0 ball ball yiyi

Kou Paec was so handsome just now It was god’s help to us you two will be together in a while let’s do the celebration then why did i did it? strugglingg to join the student union? really when i like to serve the public are you happy now? If not, then for the wallet last time to help you to enter the student union smoothly Shh don’t talk about the wallet for things without a wallet it is clear that the things should be done nicely right correct tomorrow you will be the student representative let’s go to home now yiyi you not this time, i’m not a thief i’m not a thief ok good , after the noon hey good morning principal fell asleep at work? sorry sorry go now Didn’t he had a holiday today? who? ya chun hua, give me an explanation why no one is in the school building? you have to explain it to me school principal didn’t your approval say? ten days off? the teachers and students are on vacation ten days why don’t you take for one year you just dismissed the school you’re crazy ! no i’m crazy! but your notice is really ten days nonsense i tell you you’ll have to get all students back to the class even if you are at the United States, you must return back asap did you hear? yes don’t come if the students don’t come back good morning principal good morning good morning good morning In that game, it must be you helping me but i want to win on my own understood by the wayy you like studying so much! then choose a girl you like must also do it as well I can’t think about it right now but i want the two of us to be in sync synchronize the top three ten minutes before the end of the exam Rank-1st Name-Jiang Wu Remarks-Excellent Marks-389 %age-97.25

Oh there she comes She’s the new topper of our class Congratulations, but how you did it? Please tell us In the last month exam Jiang wu made it very good results teachers are surprised also very pleased there always exists a solution to every effort everyone must ask jiang wu study well Kou Paec you come to sit here? Jiang wu, why are you here? that one recommended for all graders, some new members have come in Jiang Wu is first from your class She was highly recommended I’ll meet you properly next monday What do you think of this? not bad I never expected you to paint this good you have a good talent too the color composition is pretty good you’re great you look so serious? you saw it? I want to see you too we can be true friends only If i were just a normal girl Isn’t it an angel? Actually I’m a student like you One day i got one thing something with magical powers that lets me have extra time that no one else has I know after knowing these things you will be disappointed I’m even happier So I don’t worry about seeing you again but the time and space you said I really want to feel it but this magic only works for me It’s okay. I want to meet you once and i’ll be satisfied Can we meet? Pi are you still there? Kou Paec listen Kou paec Can you tell me about this problem? This question I can’t figure it out for a while like this classmate jiang wu this question stumped us all you try it alright Jiang wu, you are too good

Indeed worthy person of our grade you’re awesome I’m happy here take it thank you Classmate Jiang Wu I really don’t understand this question can you help me solve it let me see if i can do it? Its this formula the extraction method of ammonia this question is bit out of the ordinary thank you, classmate wu you’re welcome Jiang wu, we heard that your teaching is great look at this question help us Classmate Jiang wu, show me how do you do this,Jiang wu? Jiang wu let me talk The school autumn games will start soon Our class has got women ‘s 1500m but no one has signed up so far So, which classmate is more active? Jiang Wu ? ok good luck teacher teacher look at this She’s running tired of being a dog post it to school forum come on, come on, come on come on, come on, come on yiyi you watched the video of Jiang wu running? what are you doing? I don’t want to see it now she was very abnormal while running you see? her previous position was just now here she moved from there in a moment this is impossible so there must be something wrong here what could be the problem? see what she does have a fixed action this bracelet is definitely a mysterious thing let’s meet after the exam Sorry i was hesitating before great how should i recognize you by that time i will wear a white dress see you then see you how much is this dress

can i wear it ok i will show it to you the discount on this skirt should be one thousand three yen do you want a card? if the card is issued, it will be 1500 in total alright isn’t this a bracelet? there is nothing special in it put it on do you feel anything special nope this is what she pressed in the video try to press three two one! can you see me can you see me what’s up no we have to do something else didn’t get it uncle uncle did you just seen anyone here? I didn’t see sorry for letting you down but this magic only allows me to use its ok just let me see you cam we meet in person yiyi she’s coming -When the day comes I will wear a white suit – See you hurry up here go fast we can’t use this bracelet what to do? I can’t even throw it cheaper than that classmates are taking the monthly exam tomorrow i hope everyone works hard to get good results good or not yes come on take your things out of the classroom 1

see what answer come in teacher lin please sit down Sorry, late due to traffic jam come here teacher lin i didn’t heard clearly on the phone just now you say jiang wu, kid? previous results were not good but she has always been good this is also very small is there any misunderstanding in this? these were confiscated on the spot what happened come in hello is this the class teacher of one and three? i am what’s the matter with you hi this is the case i am the owner of a clothing store two days ago a classmate in your class leave this in my shop i see a photo inside i think its better to send it to school thank you you’re welcome talking to you Jiang wu little girl, its yours? yes yes yes thank you i’m bothering you it’s a mess shh its so hard for you to put something what is this let go let go what is this, this is dress this dress is of our shop limited edition one piece Jinag Wu, you steal I don’t want to borrow it I’ll pay it back in just one day mom i don’t have i am not stealing how can i have a daughter like you cheating on a test now also learned to steal people’s things i have not mother I… I just wanted to borrow it I’ve lost all my dignity why can’t you learn better? Jiang Wu Jiang Wu wait for me Yes have you heard Jiang wu cheated in exam she is still a thief have you heard Jiang Wu is a thief I heard a store owner came to school to return her book to lin guan really is what happened Jiang wu is a thief Jiang wu is a thief -real or fake -real have you heard about jiang wu must be stealing often was caught you all heard about it ? Jiang wu cheated on the exam is it but also stealing things the police are here to arrest her Jiang Wu Huh did jiang wu came to your home?

I’m jiang wu’s mother Is jiang wu with you after school jing jing, did you see her? xiao lan, did jiang wu come to you? will you forgive someone who made a mistake It depends on whether this person intentionallu knowing what’s wrong can’t forgive what happened to such a heavy topic today see you tomorrow, i’m looking forward to Jiang Wu? Jiang Wu?! has anyone seen her Jiang Wu where are you Kou Paec… Kou Paec! Kou Paec! yi yi? there are six buns in the basin to be distributed to six children one for each child but in the end there is one more why oh it’s you **I don’t know where you are at, please dont steal anything anymore. in this month, the goods and bads are already charged. my daughter is lost, have you seen her somewhere? Please be merciful….** Sorry

I’m wrong I will return it to you A year later how did you become like this grandma so this is ah I did not expect this time to leave so much happened i will return the ring to you I don’t wont to have any more time for the eighth day can you get me back to the beginning I would rather have no magic I don’t want to be like this that’s right but this eighth day is special we live in this world often encounter such problems in this stressful world we can’t always deal it what i want to do is I want you to be yourself the environment holds us back but on the eighth day we helped us overcome the limit what do you do these days is cheating you can still use this time to shape a completely different self Grandma, I know it’s wrong since you know something is wrong why don’t you go home yet i dare not face my mother i make her so sad and school i have been fired everything is over do you really want to go home i want to be hated if you really want to go home there is another wayy well solved you can go back grandma I can wipe it off just punishment for these issues but i cannot erase people’s memories you still will have to face all of this hope you will do it Jiang wu

mom mom sorry mom Is it you? Is it you my child? I’m back you came back my child is back sorry mom just come here just come back mom was wrong no mom I will never hit you again stop crying no mom no don’t cry I will make something delicious for you you see you are hungry I’ll make something delicious for you I’m going to make something delicious for you huh come what happened? where is jiang wu’s table? teacher, i don’t want the repeating students to sit in front of me teacher, i dont want her to be my classmate what to do if we break? just we all don’t want to be with her classmates teacher, i’ll just sit there to Jiang wu to Jiang wu Pig Pi sorry although yiyi admitted all her mistakes and apologized but i still can’t forgive myself i should have discovered it from the beginning would you still like to appear? Pi are you still angry with me?

can you reply to me? i will keep writing until you show up again today the student will do a poster Oh I suddenly remembered a capable student known to have wait a long time like you why don’t you show up yet? one way or another i will wait for you to come back Kou Paec Sorry i disappeared for so long very happy can you recognize that i’m fake? because i made a big mistake but i want to prove to you people who make mistakes also deserve to be forgiven as long as she has more courage to change herself please give me some time by the time i get good enough let’s meet again ok thank you in the end you taught me so much I learned the meaning of those words goodbye my snacks who is that? the beauty just transferred silly guys she is old student, Jiang Wu of our class Jiang Wu? yes Students let me announce the results of this exam jiang wu secured first place and also is in our first place in the year

Jiang Wu I can’t believe you can’t believe it what happened to you do you know this don’t know? sorry i confessed the wrong person i thought i was right that’s all right delayed your time it’s ok goodbye bye Kou Paec finally dare to tell you what’s in my heart a useless person like me because of a magic gift i have the opportunity to communicate with you also put their own life make a mess but fortunately i defeated myself today you take out the doll i left to you you dont know how nervous i am i said subconsciously i can’t believe it and i’m afraid of confirmation but now i really want to be brave once i want to tell you the truth about me i’m pi, im jiang wu Pi sorry maybe can’t wait for you i decided to return to my place of origin actually im not as good as you think i am selfish also weak those things i dare not face pretend not to exist but the problem is still there concise concise jiang wu when did kou paec leave? this morning what time is the train five minutes left where are you going , jiang wu? Just three years ago My dad actually broke the law lived in prison and let me and mom became a thing to be laughed on among other people i can’t forgive him why do we have to bear the results? this is also the night i cannot forgive cause of the erring person but now my dad is out of prison he wants to come again hope i can give him a chance i didn’t believe we could come together again but there is a girl in our school She also made mistakes became the object of shame but she is also brave completely changed herself maybe people can really change yesterday I still think that girl is you It’s really a joke but i think only girls like her deserve to be an angel So Please keep in touch hope that time comes when i can also become a new me Kou Paec

Kou Paec Kou Paec Kou Paec Kou Paec Kou Paec I’m Pi Kou Paec! Kou Paec Grandma Thank you You’re welcome grandma, don’t bother me, I don’t want to go home i think it needs a new owner now