♫ Waking up before midnight, I’m as confused as the ocean ♫ ♫ The stars forget to shine ♫ ♫ We were children ♫ ♫ We’ve been children born on this boat ♫ ♫ The ark that people talk about is like a small boat ♫ ♫ You could hear whispering through deck ♫ ♫ Its flag sways in rainstorms ♫ ♫ But humans’ endless disputes ♫ ♫ push you and me to two most distant sides with ♫ ♫ heresies, extremes and abandoned regrets ♫ ♫ When have that thousands of thousands layers of color ♫ ♫ quietly blossomed through the end of dark night? ♫ ♫ On the top of clouds, ♫ ♫ that ray is like a crown. ♫ [Magic Star] ~ Episode 14 ~ Older Bro Fei! Zhan Xiong Fei! Who was it? Who was the one who interfered?! I’ll go check right away Xiong Fei! Older Bro Fei! – Xiong Fei! – Zhan Xiong Fei! Xiong Fei! Are you alright? Weren’t you just pierced by a sword? I’m fine Everything that happened were just illusions Where is Zi Su? How come Zi Su disappeared? Where is Zi Su? Men Luo? Who are you? This is Lady Hong Yu It was she who saved all of you today For a long time, just to decrease the sins of Black Dragon, Lady Hong Yu has been persistently asking for forgiveness from the deities everyday for him But this type of prayer causes a severe countercharge on her Lady Hong Yu’s health has already deteriorated badly I’ve also urged her multiple times but she just won’t listen I know that things that Lady Hong Yu has decided on can never be changed by anyone Countercharge prayers? Every person has their own fate This maybe is my fate Just to save you all, Lady Hong Yu risked her own life Today, she used her own blood to complete this prayer I hope that you all will not disappoint her You’d better hurry and escape I’ve already arranged it. Go with Men Luo to get the Magic Stars and then leave Mystical Dragon Fortress, leave Clouds Harbor Go as far away from here as possible Zi Su isn’t back yet – We definitely can’t leave on our own – Yes You guys just leave Just leave me here – No way – I’ll take Zi Su away from here Older Bro Fei, how can we allow that? Hurry up and leave With Lady Hong Yu here, nothing will happen to Zi Su Bai Ze, take Yuan Shuai and A Ji Ya and escape – No – Believe me! I will definitely bring Zi Su back Hurry and go! Hurry and go! Yuan Shuai and A Ji Ya! Come with me! Come with me! Be careful, Older Bro Fei Why won’t you leave? Don’t urge me As long as Zi Su is still here, I will never leave Don’t be stupid anymore Although Zi Su is your friend, she has demon exterminator blood flowing inside her The demonic imprint in your body is currently spreading This demonic aura will stimulate the murderous innate nature inside her

I don’t believe it! I don’t believe Zi Su will become some demon exterminator Stop being stupid already It’s not worthy for you to risk your life for this I already told you, I don’t believe it! Zi Su is Zi Su. I I don’t know why she’d kill me, but I know that she’s a kind person I also know that she’s a person who’d rather risk her own life than kill anyone That’s why all those things earlier must have been must have been some hallucinations for her It’s impossible for her to kill me How do you want me to say it so you’ll believe me? Hurry and leave. It’s not worth it to lose your life over this So what?! Listen to my advice. In this world, there are really a lot of things that we can’t control You’re urging me to leave Why don’t you leave? I’m different from you Zi Su will kill you, but Black Dragon King won’t kill me Indeed, Black Dragon King won’t kill you, but for him, you take those countercharges What’s the difference between that and my current situation? We’re both the same You can’t bear to leave Black Dragon King I can’t bear to leave Zi Su You’re willing to give your life for Black Dragon King I am also willing to be killed by Zi Su The Heaven destined Zi Su to be a demon exterminator Then I’ll be a demon that’ll be killed by her! Good I’ll fulfill your wish Zi Su Zi Su, kill him Complete your first test in becoming a true demon exterminator Stop it now The sins you’ve committed are already too much I don’t need you to mind my business! Defending the righteousness in this world is my lifetime’s duty Wake up Your heart has already been blinded Zi Su, kill him! Zi Su Zi Su, don’t Zi Su! Zi Su! Zi Su, is everything really like what he said unchangeable? Just do it I’m willing Don’t you have any other words to ask me? None Don’t you want to know if I kill you, whether or not I’ll be sad? The reason that you don’t ask is because you’re afraid that if you ask me, I’ll become sadder instead Zi Su I hope that you can forget me What will make you let go?! I’m begging you. You’ve already killed so many people. A lot of people have already died When will you stop?! Don’t you feel any bit of remorse? Why would I feel remorse? Because you can’t take other people’s lives You also shouldn’t take away Zi Su’s inner heart! You don’t understand anything This isn’t called taking away. This is bestowing Zi Su is the strongest demon exterminator descendant chosen by Heaven My duty is to help her grow Everything that I’ve been doing wasn’t for myself You keep saying that it was for Zi Su but you clearly know that Zi Su doesn’t like killing Zi Su! Do it! If one day, I really change

and will do something that hurts you, you must leave me. You must protect yourself well. What are you talking about? What do you mean? I don’t care. Just promise me first. Uh, okay, I promise you. Okay, pinky promise. Okay. Let him go! Zi Su, what are you doing? Are you siding with the demons? Zi Su Zhan Xiong Fei isn’t a demon! Can’t you see the demon mark in his body? He’ll soon lose his human traits and become a demon! I don’t care about demons I just know that every living thing is equal No one is born to be killed by another one You taking pity on him now will cause miseries for a lot of other people in the future You’re going against the decree of the gods If killing can save everything in the world, then what’s the use of revering those kinds of gods?! Full of lies! Kill him! You can then become a real demon exterminator When that time comes, you’ll understand everything Zhan Xiong Fei, let’s go Be careful! Hong Yu! Hong Yu! Hong Yu! Hong Yu! Don’t kill people anymore Be careful Give that to him to take in As a demon exterminator, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but I was wrong Hong Yu, let’s not separate anymore

Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Men Luo said that those two Magic Stars are just hidden in the main throne room Let’s go – Golden Magic Star! – I found the Crimson Red Magic Star Then we’ve found two now! That’s right Don’t run! A Ji Ya, are you alright? Sorry. I still lost the Crimson Red Magic Star It’s fine. Good thing there is still a Golden Magic Star in my hand Let’s hurry and find Old Bro Fei and Zi Su Let’s go Dragon King, Lady Hong Yu, rest in peace! I’ll frequently visit you two Dragon King! Hurry and take this medicine in It can cure the wound on your forearm But… is this Black Dragon King’s medicine… really reliable? That’s right A person that’s dying will surely say the truth I feel that the Black Dragon King also had a conscience This medication is most likely safe Xiong Fei, why don’t you give it a try? – Just try it – Treating a dead horse like a live one* (* Do all means to revive a hopeless case) Right now, it’s also our last chance Go and give it a try That also sounds reasonable Look. The wound on your forearm is getting worse Go give it a try – Then… I’m taking it in – Yes – How do you feel? – How was it? Is it effective? Xiong Fei! Xiong Fei! – Older Bro Fei! Don’t scare me! – Xiong Fei! Zhan Xiong Fei! Xiong Fei! – Older Bro Fei! – Xiong Fei! – Xiong Fei! – Zhang Xiong Fei! – Don’t leave me alone! – Xiong Fei! – Xiong Fei! – Older Bro Fei! – Xiong Fei! – Hey! – Older Bro Fei! – Xiong Fei – Zi Su, – hurry. Hurry and take a look at him. Hurry – Don’t leave me alone Hey, why are you like that?! – I scared you all, didn’t I? – I just know it I’m not a dead horse – I’m a live horse – It really is cured – I just knew that you were alright – It’s fine now! Why are you all here? Weren’t you the people I saw in your room earlier? Could it be Granddaddy? Granddaddy went to buy food – Let’s take a look – Let’s go and see Hey! Who are you?! Hey! What are you doing?! Don’t run! Don’t run! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry and take a look! Look at it It’s still here. Good thing that it’s still here

Where is Wen Xuan? Didn’t he chase after him? He went after him! Go! Hurry and go! Wait for me! Don’t run! Stop right there! Stop! Don’t run! Stop! Wen Xuan! Wen Xuan! Wen Xuan! Wen Xuan! Wen Xuan! Wen Xuan! Wen Xuan! [Yanjiao Town] – Stop! You can’t leave! – You can’t leave! Hey, lady. Just you alone? Where are you going this time? What are you planning to do? Little lady, don’t be afraid Look at our appearances and you’ll know that we’re good people We just want to invite you to go to the mountains. Eat and chat with us Be your friend Later, we’ll bring you back here Will you be true to your words? Of course, they are true Fine then. I’ll just visit for a short time Later, let me go first. I was the first one to block her It was clearly me who first saw her If not because I suggested that we take this road, how could we have encountered such a good thing? – I should still be the first one to do it – Stop arguing already – Let’s all just do it all together – Sure What are you talking about?! Are we leaving or not? Let’s go. Let’s go Go. Go. Go. Okay You tell me. Did we go to Clouds Harbor just for leisure? We’ve went in circles but never found anything. How come we came back here? Don’t forget. I didn’t come for the Magic Stars this time And we keep not finding that Golden Magic Star Fighting with those kids isn’t my style, either Why not just look for a place and rest for a while? Rest? Do you… you want to go home? I’ll go with you. Where is your home? Don’t ask things that you shouldn’t ask Boss! Boss! Boss, you’re still alive? You actually didn’t die? How come you’re here? You and those other guys went out looking for some gold Yet after you left, we weren’t able to get any news about you Leaving just four of us to guard this place We all thought you were dead – We even made you a tomb – What? You… You keep saying unlucky words. Where are they? We actually came down the mountain planning to get some food Never thought we would encounter a shrew lady In the end Stop! Stop! What shrew lady? What shrew lady? Hey, you. If you don’t offend her, will she hit you? Moreover, you’re four big men but were unable to defeat a woman And you still say that you are under me?! And you still say that you are under me?! Where did this shrew lady come from? Where are the three of them? Let’s go look for them. Find them They are there! Boss is here! Boss is here! Boss! Boss! Boss! We’re here! Boss Boss… Boss Shut up! You tell me. You useless kinds, being scared to this state by some woman Don’t dare say that you are with me from now on! – She was great – Boss, where have you been all this time? We missed you a lot! Boss, now that you’re back, let’s gather our brothers again We can surely return to our glorious days And then, find that bitch and make her pay! Right. Right. Find her and make her pay! Which bitch? What is her name? In the whole 50 mile radius of Yanjiao Town, I have never heard of such a strong woman Her name is I think that you all know this person If I didn’t guess it wrong, she is the Lady Boss of Casual Guests’ Inn Huang Qian Xun? Huang Qian Xun! This thing is easy. I know her very well I’ll just talk to her and this thing is solved. It is solved Talk to her? What are you saying? We’re not using force? Just talking? You useless things have followed me for so long yet you haven’t improved at all Just knowing to kill and use force everyday You guys should know to present the facts and be reasonable Let them go. Listen to me. I make the decisions Let them go! Okay. Okay

Granddaddy misses you! Wen Xuan! Come back! Wen Xuan! Come back! Come back! Granddaddy misses you, Wen Xuan Come back… Come back, my good grandson. Wen Xuan… Come back! Wen Xuan! I really can’t understand why there must be so many killings in this world Can’t people just co-exist peacefully? Sometimes, I really want to just stay at Clouds Village. Live a very simple life. Stay far from the wars of the world One day, this world will become like Clouds Village, peaceful and harmonious Come back! Wen Xuan… Come back! My good grandson Mister Ma, why are you here? Don’t be afraid. I am already not a Big Boss So eerily silent. Not one person at all? A few days ago, didn’t Lady Boss go out for a long travel? You know that she’s the signature of this inn When she was not around, our business got stolen by others Where did she go? This I don’t know Mister Ma! Mister Ma! – Painful – Where did she go? At the backyard. At the backyard I’m dead! I’m dead! Yo, Lord Qian, you’re here Where is she? At the back Good thing. I’m sharing it with you Ma Da Dao, you actually peep on people taking a bath, right? Who is there? You are so useless! What are you doing?! You two were peeping on me while I’m taking a bath! Don’t misunderstand It really wasn’t me Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Does he still not want to eat anything? Granddaddy won’t eat anything Granddaddy is already old Wen Xuan just left like that How can he be in any mood to eat? Not just Granddaddy, even I don’t have any appetite But he can’t stay like that

We must find Dark Shadow Man This way, we can comfort Wen Xuan’s soul Butler Men Luo already said that despite staying by Black Dragon King for so many years, he still doesn’t fully know him Right now, the Crimson Red Magic Star was taken by him But good thing that the Golden Magic Star is in our hands That’s why Dark Shadow Man definitely won’t stop As long as the Golden Magic Star is still in our hands, he’ll definitely come to find us What we need to do now is to stay here and take care of Granddaddy About that time, he’ll surely come to find us on his own I definitely want to seek revenge for Wen Xuan You tell me, the way you handled this thing is We’ve already agreed to share any good thing Why did you have to over react? Now, it’s just good. None of us can see it anymore Do you even have the nerve to scold me? You were there peeping on other people while they took a bath. Doing such despicable thing! What nonsense are you saying? She’s pretty that’s why I looked If she’s not, why would I look? So captivating, do you know that? It was actually first time that I felt that way when peeping on women My mouth and tongue went dry My heartbeat increased Enough already! Let me be honest with you. I have more interactions with her This person definitely isn’t that simple as she looks You have to think about it well Of course, I already thought about it well I definitely must woo her to be mine If I continue to be single like this, I would delay having a child. Understand? Fine. Since I’ve already said what I should say, yet you still want to do that, then I’ll help you once Let’s go Did you… you change your mind? Let me tell you. We must not enter there now Because of the scene you made earlier, she’s currently very vigilant She wasn’t on guard earlier but because of you, now Let me tell you. You should slightly wait for a while Let her lower down her guard You want to peep on her taking a bath again?! We should find a place to stay first, right? Just know to peep on others while they take a bath How was it? Granddaddy took his medications earlier He’s now asleep If only we got there sooner Don’t blame yourself anymore Oh, no! Oh, no! I saw a ghost-like thing earlier! Oh, wrong, wrong It’s a ghost that looks like Wen Xuan lying at the city entrance Let’s go take a look Wen Xuan! Wen Xuan It’s really you We all thought that you Did Dark Shadow Man do anything to you? I’m fine. I’m fine They really didn’t do anything to you, did they? No That time, when Dark Shadow Man threw me down the mountain, I thought I would surely die Who would have thought there will be a tree on the side of the cliff that hindered my fall I didn’t directly fall to the ground below Luckily, I was able to survive Wen Xuan, as long as you’re alright then that’s good When Granddaddy sees you, he will surely be very happy Where is he? He is inside sleeping That’s right. Let’s go. Go. Go – Let’s go – Okay Misters, there is clearly an inn in our village – Why must you live in my house? – Stop your nonsense Here. Take it. Cook us some dishes Just stay in this house no matter how long you like Hurry and please come in. Hurry and please come in How should I make my move? If you just go there recklessly now, you will surely scare her It will instead create a negative impact How about for your first step, write some love letters? When the time is right, you then go see her Good idea. You probably wooed women before, right? What I mean is I am a boor I only recognize a few words Why don’t you write a love letter for me? Let’s make an agreement. If I am successful with this, I’ll give you the child What?! I’ll let you give the child’s name Just help me until the end A bunch of nonsense Let’s go. Let’s get in I won’t bother your writing then I’m guessing that you are going to the Casual Guests’ Inn, right? I’m just going to look around Write it well. Help me write a good one Please. Please Granddaddy! Granddaddy! Granddaddy!

Come take a look! Look at who is back! Come. Come. Come Don’t do that anymore – Granddaddy! – Wen Xuan? – My grandson – Granddaddy Granddaddy. Granddaddy I thought I would not see you again – My good grandson – Granddaddy – My good grandson – Granddaddy Granddaddy, now that Wen Xuan was able to survive such a disaster, he surely will be blessed further Wen Xuan, you don’t know how worried Granddaddy was about you these past few days He was so worried that he didn’t even eat Granddaddy, you must be hungry now I’ll go cook you some dishes I’ll go with you Hey! Hey! I’m going, too You all go. I’ll accompany Granddaddy for a chat then It’s time to eat! Zi Su, – these hashbrowns of yours are thicker than my fingers – Hurry and taste this How can one eat this? It’s your choice if you want to eat it or not. These are palace-style hashbrowns Don’t worry Other than that dish, all the others were cooked by me You can be at ease in eating them Come. I’m giving each of you a toast – Come – Please. Come But going back to it, we really have to thank Wen Xuan this time If not because of him, we wouldn’t be able to keep the Golden Magic Star in our hands safe, either Aren’t we all friends? Moreover, risking danger just for my friend has always been my principle Too bad. The Crimson Red Magic Star was still taken by Dark Shadow Man This Dark Shadow Man better pray that I don’t catch him What do you guys plan to do next? What we plan to do next is find Dark Shadow Man and get the Crimson Red Magic Star that’s in his hands You guys keep talking about this Magic Star What really is this Magic Star? Can you take it out for me to see? Of course. I’ll go get it for you Wait Wen Xuan, don’t be mischievous What point is there for you to look at such a valuable object? No, Granddaddy. I just want to look at it I don’t have any other purpose Put down that thing that you’re holding! Granddaddy, I just came to look if they kept the item well Hey! Give that back to me! What are you doing?! Granddaddy, it’s not like what you are thinking Wen Xuan, give the Magic Star back to me You actually aren’t my grandson, Wen Xuan You don’t have any demonic exterminator aura in your body at all Who really are you?! Wen Xuan, what are you doing? Old man, you still discovered me Wen Xuan’s skin was so narrow and small This way, it’s more comfortable Hurry! Hurry and chase after him! Get your weapons! Hand over the Magic Star!

A Ji Ya! Hurry! Bai Ze! Give me back my grandson! Let go of Granddaddy! Don’t mind me! Get your item back! Old man! There’s no need for you to speak right now! You bastard! If you have guts, face us! – Let go of Granddaddy! – Let Granddaddy go! Let him go? Of course, I can. Throw all your weapons away! Put them down! Put them down Hurry and let Granddaddy go! Turn around! Move back! Don’t be too much! Can’t you understand my words?! We’ve already dropped our weapons! Let go of Granddaddy! Children! Don’t mind me! Raise your weapons! Old man that wouldn’t die! It’s not time for you to talk right now! Granddaddy! – Shut up! – Wen Xuan! Granddaddy is coming to be with you! No! Granddaddy! Granddaddy! Old thing Granddaddy! Granddaddy! Granddaddy! Granddaddy! Granddaddy! – Granddaddy! – Granddaddy! Granddaddy Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com ♫ How long can my friends around me to accompany me? ♫ ♫ I’m tired of hearing those comforting words ♫ ♫ I’m pulled between courage and collapse repeatedly ♫ ♫ I cry out to myself to hang in there ♫ ♫ I’m still awake at 3 in the early morning ♫ ♫ I can only expect for a good night sleep but not having it ♫ ♫ If I’m not careful, I’ll be disturbed once I think about you ♫ ♫ Memory has been overturned into a kind of sin ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫ ♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ I’ll remember those wonderful things ♫ ♫ Shedding tears isn’t need ♫ ♫ Thank you for your choosing ♫ ♫ Don’t force myself to give blessing ♫ ♫ Be a mature person ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is worth the pain and so happy ♫

♫ I need to learn to let go those I can’t part with ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫ ♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ With a little regret, I’m more complete ♫