♫ Waking up before midnight, I’m as confused as the ocean ♫ ♫ The stars forget to shine ♫ ♫ We were children ♫ ♫ We’ve been children born on this boat ♫ ♫ The ark that people talk about is like a small boat ♫ ♫ You could hear whispering through deck ♫ ♫ Its flag sways in rainstorms ♫ ♫ But humans’ endless disputes ♫ ♫ push you and me to two most distant sides with ♫ ♫ heresies, extremes and abandoned regrets ♫ ♫ When have that thousands of thousands layers of color ♫ ♫ quietly blossomed through the end of dark night? ♫ ♫ On the top of clouds, ♫ ♫ that ray is like a crown ♫ [Magic Star] ~ Episode 46 ~ Stop running away Stop going after him Why are you so weak this time? We have lost our keys This is like being unable to steal the chicken and even losing a bag of rice Come on. Did you forget what I’m good at? What? – Doing things stealthily! – Doing things stealthily! 1, 2, 3, 4! All are in our hands now! Of course Bai Ze, let’s go Let’s go Lord Lord, are you okay? Those rotten useless rascals even dare to fight with me My Lord, you are a god at martial arts. My respects to you It was so easy to take the four keys away from them Here How did the keys become like this? They have been substituted Those rotten rascals dare to play with me?! Stop running away. Put out the fire I am sure that this is a fire made by those rascals Lord, don’t be angry I wasn’t able to do my job well and wasn’t able to keep watch of them In the end, Zhan Xiong Fei and the othere were able to get the keys It’s fine if those keys were taken by Zhan Xiong Fei and his friends Anyway, they are keen in investigating things They surely will find the way of how to use those keys We just need to wait for them in the Royal Tomb Lord, you are brilliant – Immediately prepare the carriage – Yes Let’s go to the Royal Tomb Older Sis Qian Meng, we’re really so sorry Just for the keys, Older Bro Fei had to have a fight with Ding Song and even got injured internally It’s fine. I will surely take good care of Zhan Xiong Fei Just meticulously search I’ll go over there to give him medicine He will be well soon – Okay – Thank you, Older Sis Qian Meng Yuan Shuai, go there and get all useful books then transfer them here I’ll go look over there Go now Bai Ze, in this book of mine, it mentioned that there was a Deity called Pu Luo Luan Jia She lives in the Icy Babel Tower Mine also wrote that Pu Luo Luan Jia is a deity She is benevolent and merciful, blessing the citizens Later on, she was tricked by the Emperor’s ancestors and got sealed away Then that’s strange The other book in my hand wrote that Luan Jia is a devil And then, she brought disaster Afterwards, she got punished by the Heavens and got sealed away What’s really going on? Let’s not care what she really is for now Don’t you feel that the keys to the Royal Tomb have a direct connection with Luan Jia?

I feel that this is just some mystical legend Do you really believe it? I feel that after going through so many things, it’s better to believe that it exists It’s also right to put it that way Oh, let’s report this to His Majesty first No rush How about the two of us infiltrate the Royal Tomb first and verify this matter? If there really are any discoveries, that’s when we’ll report it to His Majesty What do you think? Okay Hey! The Royal Tomb guards have already been knocked down by us But the door isn’t that easy to open If it was, would it still be called the Royal Tomb? I’m talking to you – It’s really that easy to open, right? – Let’s go So dark. And it’s quite creepy Let’s go – Good thing it didn’t extinguish – Don’t scare me Be careful You… You hold it – I… I’ll hold it – Look at the path Don’t slip anymore I won’t slip Wait How come I feel that we have been on this path? How could that be? How about this? I’ll make a mark here Bless me. Bless me Bless me How could that be? That’s right Hey, look in front It’s the same as when we entered I feel that everything here looks the same Hey, look Isn’t this the mark I made earlier? Oh, my… Could it be we are lost? The keys are reacting The keys are reacting Look. There is a door – Then let’s go – Go. Let’s go over there and take a look Wow! Bai Ze, look at all these. They are all antiques Don’t touch them Look Let’s go look Hey! Say, is there a dead person in there? What is this thing? – Coffin – What is inside a coffin? A dead person Enough. Maybe inside, there is something related to Luan Jia like Xiong Fei said Let’s go look – What is that thing? – Don’t know What is this thing? Let me see Let us go. Go Bai Ze, there are four holes in here

Could it be we need those four keys to open this? Yes. That’s possible Yuan Shuai, be careful! Little Fatty – Ma Shun, you! – Don’t move! You two have got quite the skill I actually planned to sleep early tonight Unexpectedly, there is still some good thing to see After chanting sutra, I actually caught two grave robbers Don’t know how His Majesty will punish you two Bai Ze, as a government official, you actually attempted to steal from what’s entrusted to you Based on the laws, what punishment should you get? I was even puzzled why we were so successful in entering this place It turned out that someone was leading the way Ding Song, you really are so despicable Am I despicable? What I’m doing is just returning the favor You dared to replace the keys under my watchful eyes and you still dared to say that I am despicable But good thing I followed your footprints and was able to find this tomb chamber Bai Ze, hand over the keys in your hands Or else, I’ll kill this little fatty Hey! If you are able then just openly have a duel with me In the condition you’re in now, do you still dare to negotiate with me? Is it fun? Ma Shun! I can give you the key, but you must release him first Fine Little fatty, here. You open it with this key – Me?! – Or could it be me? – Hurry up – Okay, okay Hurry up Wow – Hurry up! – Hurry up! – Don’t move! – Don’t move! Your Majesty is coming What exactly happened? Your Majesty, I accompanied Lord Ding to a wake for the deceased emperor Unexpectedly, these two guys just slipped into the Royal Tomb to steal treasure Thanks to Lord Ding’s bravery, and subdued them with me Your Majesty, he is lying! Yuan Shuai, what is it? Your Majesty, this is the treasure which we found in the coffin How could it be the rib? Ma Da Dao, are you out of your mind? No more rubbish Yes Oh… so this is that Royal Tomb treasure, right? Ma Da Dao, stop doing foolish things What foolish things did I do? This is returning it to its rightful owner. Do you understand? Step back, all of you! Step back! You keep talking. I’m leaving first – Your Majesty – Your Majesty Your Majesty Your Majesty Lord Go take the Magic Stars back – Yes! – Yes! Your Majesty, the door is counter locked by Traitor Ding Song Break it down! Break down the door! Your Majesty, don’t be nervous Older Bro Fei, Zi Su and A Ji Ya would definitely come to save us when they realize we are missing Yes, Your Majesty. Believe that we will rescue you out of here I just have something to tell you But you’d better be mentally prepared What is it? Actually, A Ji Ya is my younger sister – What?! – What?! Isn’t A Ji Ya’s father King Salin of the Meadows? Here is the story A Ji Ya, it sounds very Inconceivable, doesn’t it? However, who can resist the given fate? Am I right, A Ji Ya? I’m not trying to defend myself

I am serious With such cold weather, it’s really so weird, right? It hasn’t been this cold for so many years I remember that when it was very cold when I was little, my older bro would ask men to bring over a lot of huge ice blocks and then sculpt them into human forms. Those ice A Ji Ya, sorry I didn’t mean to say these Actually, among all these, I am the one who ends up being the most tragic I still don’t know until now who my real parents are It’s like I just came out of a rock A Ji Ya, don’t be angry anymore Burdening yourselves with so many things, how tiring is that? These are all things that we cannot control Moreover… Moreover in this world, there is only one Zi Su You all should treasure her, just like treasuring nature where we rely to survive How could you just put her on the side and leave her to dry? You finally laughed Actually I feel that I really wronged you Zi Su, what are you crying about? It is because of my appearance, you ended up like this Causing you to have no home to go to for so many years It’s all me who took over your nest I stole your older brother, and your home Enough, Zi Su. Don’t cry anymore I know that you feel very aggrieved I want you to say it but you won’t Zi Su, don’t cry If you don’t want to talk, then I’ll talk But I don’t know what to say Zi Su, don’t cry anymore Later, you’ll attract the wolves Nonsense How can there be wolves here inside the palace? As long as you don’t cry, I promise you that I won’t be angry anymore. Okay? Really? Then… it was you who said that You must not go back on your words But now that you are very calm, I feel a bit scared Zi Su, I never had any feeling of having a home Losing for me is very normal I don’t know how others feel. But opening up my own palms, I realized that there was never anything that belonged to me That’s why, there really is nothing that I can lose Since I learned of the secret of the Magic Stars, I thought that I must get the Magic Stars Because if I find them, I can let time go back I can… live a life that I want to Then do you still think the same now? After having this wish, I became sadder But after meeting you guys, it changed What changed? Just like this fire and that cape, I cannot let time revert. Because if it does, won’t everything that I have experienced disappear? Yes. You said it right Zi Su, can you tell me what kind of person your older brother is? What my older brother? It’s our older brother Let me tell you Our older brother actually is very childish Don’t look at him being stern all the time But deep inside, he is very childlike Do you know they built that… so-called Royal Family’s Department of Amusement in our palace? There are a lot of fun things in there You don’t know how much pressure he bore just to build that place But since he became the Emperor, there has been less happiness So that’s the truth Then based on that, I should be happy But how come I can’t make myself happy?

It feels so weird There seems to be an invisible hand controlling our fate Are we really living on our own? But you can be at ease Zi Su is still my younger sister It’s just that I get to have another younger sister, A Ji Ya That’s why having another younger sister, I should be happy Tell me. Who should I go seek vengeance from? Your Majesty, you have obtained an additional younger sister That’s a good thing So don’t think about taking revenge anymore That’s right, Your Majesty. I also want to find a younger sister, but I can’t find one Don’t console me. I already thought it through Your Majesty! The door has been opened Let’s hurry and return to the palace – Okay. Let’s go – Let’s go Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Boss Luan, I’ve brought the thing you requested here Very good Hey, I can work for you But you must fulfill that little wish of mine. You promised me that I can see the grievance and hatred in your heart Isn’t he just a measly human emperor? Just be at ease Master, I’ll leave to make preparations then Go now Did you hear it? These people all got scared after seeing your skeleton If they had known that this would happen, why did they act that way that time? If Emperor You Ran could see the current situation, would he regret it? It has been thousands of years I have finally regained my freedom I don’t need to continue this boring life anymore You group of ignorant humans, let me reestablish order for your sake – Let’s go quickly – It’s too cold! Run quickly. Let’s go quickly. Hurry. Catch up. Let’s go quickly. Quickly. May deity bless me I have completed my mission Emperor, right now, other than ice, we can’t see nothing anymore outside the palace What should we do? Your Majesty, where is Zi Su? Is she doing well? You better just worry about yourself Zi Su is very smart With such a huge imperial palace, do you think she would get cold? And this weather, just one look, and you know that it was magically created Too bad, the high priest is not here Your Majesty, how did you know that all these would happen? And that skeleton inside the chest. Just one look and you knew that it sealed Deity Luan Jia We all have been used. It was us who released the Deity Luan Jia

The Heaven Strategy Envoys indeed know a lot Your Majesty, you must know what is sealed inside that, right? Yes. It’s just that I thought that the thing sealed inside it was just a phantom’s heart What a “phantom’s heart?” There is only a skeleton in there That’s why, we indeed were manipulated Inside it, there really isn’t any phantom’s heart that can activate the holy power of the Magic Stars but only Luan Jia And right now, the Deity Luan Jia has awakened Has Your Majesty also read the legends? The legend of Luan Jia is a secret of the royal clan Of course, I know some of it Your Majesty, did you also plan to use the magical power of the Magic Stars? Then isn’t that… just the same as that Ding Song? Your Majesty should know that the holy power of the Magic Stars is only used to seal the demon world If humans will use it improperly, then the consequence is unimaginable Right now, the demon gates haven’t been opened The power of the Magic Stars is still present Why can’t it be used by me? And also, if the Magic Stars can’t be used, then what is its difference with an ordinary stone? Isn’t this just a lame argument and perverted logic? That’s right You all must be thinking that I am being irrational But do you know what I have to face everyday? Since I became the Emperor for so many years, I saw my land get divided and separated The demon tribe is getting ready to create trouble It’s hard to guess what heaven’s will is How can the citizens submit themselves to the rule of an Emperor who is untrustworthy by Heaven and Earth? Or else, you tell me How do we use the power of the Magic Stars for it not to be considered improper use? If you ask me, the Magic Stars shouldn’t have existed in this world! Reporting! Informing Your Majesty! There are a lot of citizens outside the city who got inflicted by a weird disease Their bodies are full of snowy white rashes and they have never been seen before Your Majesty, this must be the legendary Snow Spots Disease If it is really Snow Spot Disease, then this is quite major It’s surely contagious. Everyone must be careful! This illness must be related with this weird weather It must be the doing of that evil spirit Luan Jia again That’s right I’m really so angry. What Deity Luan Jia?! I never thought we released a disaster Evil scheme. This is all that Deity Luan Jia’s evil scheme She wants us to fight against each other Then while we fight each other, it helps to release her phantom’s heart to bring trouble to the world Then what should we do next? It was supposed to be me who would get that skeleton where the evil spirit was sealed It was me who was supposed to see that evil spirit Luan Jia Yet it got stolen by that nameless rascal and almost let that Emperor get what he wanted Cunning. So cunning. Isn’t that so? Yes. Too cunning. She is actually more cunning than us But… more importantly, what should we do next? What’s left for us is only one path That’s to find Deity Luan Jia Let’s use her heart to fulfill my dream Come How do you feel? On our way back, we had to encounter such strange weather – Are you alright? – Let me rest for a little while So cold. I feel so cold Come I’m a bit better. I feel a bit better Your Majesty, these are all the casualties of the Snow Spots Disease Be careful! Qian Meng!

– Your Majesty! – Your Majesty Why did you recklessly charge here? I saw that you were in danger so I didn’t think anymore Your Majesty, are you okay? Zi Su, are you alright? I’m fine You worried me to death What really has happened here? How come these things happened overnight? It was me who made a big mistake of opening that box I initially thought that there was the phantom’s heart that could control the magical powers of the Magic Stars I never thought that it contained Luan Jia’s skeleton Right now, Luan Jia has awakened – Luan Jia? – Qian Meng, I can see that you know about this Luan Jia very well Do you know what her skeleton is really about? And also… this Luan Jia… is she really a god or a devil? This Luan Jia initially was indeed a god Your Majesty’s ancestor, Emperor You Ran, brought peace to every corner, sealed the demon world, and created a matchless merit The reason he could achieve all of these things was because he was able to obtain Deity Luan Jia’s unconditional help And the Magic Stars were exactly created by Deity Luan Jia to bring blessings to humans So that’s the truth about this We descendants of the main royal bloodline have an inherited a disease called the 9-winter disorder That is because Emperor You Ran used Luan Jia’s skeleton to cure his major injuries But gods and humans are different after all It cannot totally merge That’s why it caused a form of rejection reaction This illness then got passed down in my clan So that’s what happened This Luan Jia caused trouble upon coming out She surely isn’t some good deity From what I can see, even if we add up all the enemies we faced before, it might not even match this Luan Jia at all Your Majesty! Your Majesty indeed got infected Protect and escort His Majesty back to the palace Everyone, don’t come near him This disease is contagious Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com Come – So cold – Is it very cold? So cold Snow Spots Disease? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Don’t be afraid. It will be alright Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Do you feel better? Qian Meng Qian Meng… Qiang Meng Come I was finally able to save you for once Why must you push yourself? It’s fine I was willful before I thought that you would never leave me You would come at my beck and call But I don’t think that way now anymore Do you know that when I was unconscious earlier, I felt that my blood had become ice cold already Don’t talk anymore I will surely cure you No I am not afraid of my blood becoming ice cold Actually, I feel that my blood has been cold long before Look. I never responded to your feelings for me

Actually, there is still another reason I feel that I am a failure, not worthy to be entrusted to one’s lifetime, and even not worthy to be an emperor Don’t say anything anymore For so many years, I never gave you any sense of security Yet you never abandoned me For the Magic Stars, I even made a very dangerous decision this time I decided to join this competition to get the power of the Magic Stars and be a true king Stop being an emperor with one’s tail between my legs Unexpectedly, it was thwarted at the very beginning and things ended up like this I will surely save you, just like how I used to before Saving you out of danger, even in the remotest areas of the world, I will not think twice Do you know that a person can sense one’s own dying day? Really Look at this cold palace. When has it had a bit of dignity? I cannot accept being an emperor that is like this Don’t say such things anymore. Just rest well Looks like this Snow Spots Disease will not only kill people, it will even infect others So scary. Before it causes one’s death, it makes one crazy first Although this Snow Spots Disease has a lot of presentations, it’s ultimate presentation is going crazy But don’t worry. People who gets affected with this illness don’t all die Believe me. I will surely find a way The demon has been released This is a punishment being given by the demon It’s fine. My human race will surely battle it out with her until the very end I’ll surely get the phantom’s heart to bring blessings to the mortal world Don’t say such things anymore Your Majesty! Your Majesty, the Princess is here Royal Older Bro! Royal Older Bro Older Sister Qian Meng, you must save my royal older bro Zi Su, listen to me first Now, I have an additional younger sister which also means you get to have a new older sister I just don’t know if she is willing to accept me as her older brother Zhan Xiong Fei, although it seems right now that you are very sincere towards Zi Su and will not hurt her, yet if your demonic spirit breaks out and you dare to hurt Zi Su, I will not let you off. You must remember Don’t worry. I am a Heaven Strategy Envoy and will forever be Okay A Ji Ya, His Majesty is already out of danger Qian Meng is taking care of him And also, no matter what decision you make, I will stand by your side and support you completely Do you feel that I will continue killing people for revenge? You will not kill people or take revenge But this will be like a thorn that’s forever pierced in your heart, unable to wipe away forever Zi Su, let’s go skate. How about it? Do you think I still have the mood for that now? If you are not in the mood, we can create it How about this, tell me where you want to go and I’ll take you there I don’t want to Then… you Then what?! I don’t want to go anywhere or see anyone! Sometimes, I want to take revenge but I don’t know who I should kill Raising my sword yet I cannot find my enemy Who should I blame for all of these things? Should I blame myself? A Ji Ya, don’t think like this Then how else should I think? You tell me I don’t want to let Zi Su feel unhappy so I chose to console her I already calmly faced all the plans of destiny for me But I also must unashamedly face myself I still can’t do it Bai Ze I understand everything that you are saying Can you give me some time? Okay. I’ll give you time I need a bit of time to fight against myself

I need a bit of time to calm myself down I only wish now that my older brother can recover soon Illness comes rapidly and goes away slowly I don’t care! Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai Ultimate trick Timing and Subtitles brought to you by The Magic Stars Team @ Viki.com No need. You two are so annoying I was in a bad mood to begin with You just have to make me laugh – Older Bro Fei, where did your tail go? – Ha? With such a loyal dog as you, the tail on your back must be shaking wildly You are saying… loyal dog? You are saying that I am a dog?! – Don’t run! Don’t go! – Bai Ze, help me! Don’t run! Everyone, stop playing now Don’t play anymore. We still have serious matters to do Is that a way to mediate fights? What serious matter? Have you forgotten? The Magic Stars are still with Ding Song Oh There is a sudden increase of mobsters in the capital. The Emperor also started to have selfish motives. Ma Da Dao is taking revenge for both official and private grudges. The secret of the phantom’s heart no longer counts as a secret. Looks like this is the power of the phantom’s heart. Lord! Lord! Something bad has happened Right now, the whole world outside has been covered with snow In the capital, everyone now has been infected by some Snow Spots Disease And also, I heard that it has started to spread inside the palace, too I guess that His Majesty has no time to come after us right now Marionette We have all become Deity Luan Jia’s marionettes What marionette? ♫ How long can my friends around me to accompany me? ♫ ♫ I’m tired of hearing those comforting words ♫ ♫ I’m pulled between courage and collapse repeatedly ♫ ♫ I cry out to myself to hang in there ♫ ♫ I’m still awake at 3 in the early morning ♫ ♫ I can only expect for a good night sleep but not having it ♫ ♫ If I’m not careful, I’ll be disturbed once I think about you ♫ ♫ Memory has been overturned into a kind of sin ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫ ♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ I’ll remember those wonderful things ♫ ♫ Shedding tears isn’t needed ♫ ♫ Thank you for your choosing ♫ ♫ Don’t force myself to give blessing ♫ ♫ Be a mature person ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is worth the pain and so happy ♫ ♫ I need to learn to let go those I can’t part with ♫ ♫ Having loved one very much is wrong but so what ♫ ♫ Loneliness is also just a process ♫

♫ We still have next person waiting for us ♫ ♫ With a little regret, I’m more complete ♫ ♫ With a little regret, I’m more complete ♫