Timing and subtitles brought to you by The Symphony Lovers @ Viki On the surface of the shimmering sea ♫ ♫ Blocked by the navy blue sea ♫ ♫ It doesn’t matter; time will not be forgotten ♫ ♫ My mask is torn; you met me ♫ ♫ Wings were burnt by promises ♫ ♫ But my faith does not cease ♫ ♫ Clowns can still sing proudly among ridicule ♫ ♫ My longing is bound by your gaze ♫ ♫ Sweat severs the doubt to move forward ♫ ♫ Clowns are not afraid to be broken ♫ ♫ Time burns to ashes ♫ ♫ And it doesn’t matter ♫ ♫ And it doesn’t matter ♫ ♫ And it doesn’t matter [Symphony’s Romance]
♫ And it doesn’t matter to me ♫
[Episode 25] was first in the contest in Berlin – Hello.
– Hello You need an admission ticket What did you say? Admission ticket Can you speak Chinese? You can’t enter. You need an admission ticket. An admission ticket You’re talking about the ticket right? I have a ticket What is this? Whoa. What are you doing? Wait a minute A girl charged in. Stop her. Stop her Sir, you’re next in Hall B. Please be ready. The most important thing is to not think about the result but about the playing. Try to have some fun Good luck Hello Why are you here? You didn’t even call me when you left I am preparing to be the conductor You’re about to go on right? That’s right – Are you nervous?
– I’m not nervous Spirits up – This is for you.
– What is that? This is my amulet Am what? – Amulet.
– Amulet That’s right Bring it with you and you won’t be nervous If I bring it, where do I put it? Behind the music sheets? You can put it anywhere – I’ll get going then.
– You’re leaving? I’m leaving or else I’ll get caught Get caught?
– Good bye

Now welcome number 18 contestant to the stage. He’s from China, 22 years old The selection is Beethoven Symphony #5 It’s the same piece as the contestant who just performed? He’s a contestant from China. How can he give expression to Beethoven Okay, let’s start from the measure 125 Do you hear that? So brief, but those 4 notes are so thrilling. It’s the Symphony about fate. Beethoven called it ‘fate’s spirit knocking at the door.’ At the time, Beethoven was in despair and at the most helpless point in his life. Society was in the dark; the person he loved had left. Besides that, he was losing his hearing. To a musician, ears are your eyes. In such a dark silent world, all of that must have been a big blow. Stop please. Yes The first four tones of the violin should be more distinct and shorter, okay? Ba-ba-ba-bong. Okay? And the French horn should be as bright as the horn And from the measure 146 The string section should be carefully because your tempo determines the whole tempo, okay? So lets start over again Who says that you can’t dance if you’re wearing shackles? Even if he’d lost his hearing, Beethoven never yielded his fate. He persisted in creating. He confronted his misfortunes and defeated it. I am in the process of a test because this song was perform by many conductors before So I must find my own heart’s fate in this symphony. And then fully express my own understanding of it. Music will be dominated by me. At first, I believed his conducting didn’t demonstrate a good grasp of the emotions Now I think he does grasp the symphony’s framework He’s very exact and perfectly mastered how to contrast the intensity of the weak and strong notes That’s right. If he was only faking solemnity and gloominess, in the work of Beethoven, we could find the embodiment of something easy and uninteresting, but not here, we can see the expression of the quintessence of life He give it a representation quite unique He must have played a stringed instrument before Say it

Hey Oh. You could say…that I passed the preliminaries Really? I haven’t seen you in a while, Conductor Li – Long time no see.
– I heard you passed You guys are also here? – Are you also here on a honeymoon?
– What honeymoon? We’re also here to participate in Platini’s Conductor’s Competition Is that so? How come I didn’t see you backstage? He passed straight into the semi-finals So I came especially to see you After watching your performance, I’m especially looking forward to the semi-finals How is it? You haven’t came to Europe in a long time. Are you used to it? It’s alright for me. What about you? I just finished the issue with Maestro Wayn Just in time, teacher came to perform I came along to attend the competition. You just said you don’t have to join the preliminary round and go directly to the semi-finals right? Yes, I came to confirm the contestants today Stop I already told you to not make sound when you cut the steak Here. Eat mines. I already cut it Oh right. You just said you’ll go directly into the semi-finals right? Oh, that’s great Li Zhenyan, here. Team RS is congratulating you for passing the preliminary round Caiwei also liked Caiwei? What is she doing right now? Does she have a new boyfriend? Oh right I saw that Joe Mott The participants this time are all very strong That’s right. I actually have a lot of pressure I believe that no matter how strong Li Zhenyan’s opponent is, he will win At that time, you can have Maestro Wayn as your teacher It’s okay if you don’t win first, Yi Song can introduce you I forgot to tell you. I am Maestro Wayn’s disciple now Lets have a toast. Oh. Here, let’s have a toast Congrats Then let’s meet at the semi-finals – We’re leaving.
– Bye-bye I really envy Fang Xiaowo Her boyfriend treats her so well So you mentioned Caiwei? You’re already my girlfriend right now Is that not enough? What should I do in order for you to see me? Li Zhenyan, you I’m fine Really? Even though Maestro Wayn is Tian Yisong’s teacher but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be his student To me, Chang Mote and Tian Yisong are strong competitors Only if I win them then I can become Maestro Wayn’s student but don’t worry about me. I won’t give up Get a bit lower Get a bit lower Is there something on my head? I know that you won’t get defeated by him There’s also me who will recharge you so you won’t be defeated even more For the semi-finals, it’s the same method of picking sticks to get the song. As for the method of the competition, it dependson the conductor

to point out all the problems in the orchestra. There is no bass here The hose has dropped eight degrees Mr. Tian Yisong, you were remarkable during this quarter-final match Will there be suspense in the final match ? Thank you but to the finals was never my goal I am here to be the winner You’re the first Chinese person who win The Platini’s International Conductor Competition How did you do ? Are you proud of yourself ? I am not the special one. I just working hard most of the time It doesn’t seem bad. Let’s wait They’re having an interview over there I have two people to thank for The famous conductor, Wayn and the other one is Li Zhenyan. The son of the famous pianist, Li Yazhe – Do the errors during qualification…
– Please, please Your father is aware that you’re participating in the competition ? – Please can we ask some questions ?
– Your father is aware of that ? – Your father is aware of that ?
-Why is he leaving ? Who is that? Can I come in? Of course – That…
– Are you trying to ask about Li Yazhe? Ever since I was seven years old, he never came to visit me so even if in the future, I won’t let him ruin my mood Tian Yisong allowed everyone to know that you’re Li Yazhe’s son They will keep asking you Perhaps, he will come visit you someday Enough. Let’s not talk about it anymore Other than eating a midnight snack and sleeping, I will regret making every decision Drink some with me

Who is it? Director Li. Teacher Li. Wait a second – Li Zhenyan, that—
– Morning What’s wrong? Did you guys Yesterday, you two It’s not what you’re thinking It’s like this. We drank yesterday night and after we finished we It’s not what you’re thinking You’ve worked hard This is great. Oh wait. Let’s be serious – Your phone was left in the living room. It was ringing the whole morning.
– Thank you Wish you happiness Hello? What? Yes sir You mean I did pass right? Wow, thanks I will wait. I get it Thanks. Bye-bye Who was it? The organization committee – You got into the semi-finals?
– I did My waist, Xiaowo – Be careful.
– This is great You guys Breakfast is ready Come in. Turn on the lights This place used to be a car repair shop But the car repair moved away, so it’s empty now It’s quite big I don’t plan to rent it right now – I heard your orchestra is looking for place to practice and it isn’t easy.
– That’s right How is it? Take a look. If it works – then I’ll let your orchestra use it for free.
– For free? Of course. I also like music This place is great! Wow, Boss. Why are you such a nice person? It’s fine. Here are the keys Take a look some more Practice well Thank you ♫ On the surface of the shimmering sea ♫ ♫ Blocked by the navy blue sea ♫ ♫ It doesn’t matter; time will not be forgotten ♫ ♫ My mask is torn; you met me ♫ ♫ Wings were burnt by promises ♫ ♫ But my faith does not cease ♫ ♫ Clowns can still sing

proudly among ridicule ♫ ♫ My longing is bound by your gaze ♫ ♫ Sweat severs the doubt to move forward ♫ There’s good news from Team RS.
Clowns are not afraid to be broken ♫ Hurry and meet up Even though Team RS didn’t practice this whole break but everyone came once I messaged I’m so touched – Of course.
– Don’t say those touching words Break is about to end. Why don’t we discuss our future plans? How come Zhuoyin isn’t here? Didn’t she say that she would come? – She’s probably still on the road. Let me call and ask her.
– That’s right Wait a second. Count us in Fanchen and Wuzhen, how come you two came as well? – We also went to the performance last time.
– It was amazing Even though we’re very busy, we still can’t forget our days at the orchestra – Please allow us to join Team RS.
– Please allow us to join Team RS – I agree!
– Welcome Welcome for coming back. Let me report to you guys Although Senior Brother isn’t here as the conductor of Team RS anymore Our conductor is still He Shengliang Even though he was always against us with Tian Yisong – but—
– Qin Fen, I was saying – Thank you.
– But our graduation performance is all thanks to him. He’s very serious and a good conductor Let’s welcome, He Shengliang Don’t worry. I’m the conductor of Team RS now I will do my job Qin Fen, I found out that you’ve became more mature when my sister isn’t here I realized that you’ve became more talkative Xiaoyin replied to me. She said that she’s sorry – and she decided to drop out of Team RS.
– What? How come we’re about to start practicing again and someone is dropping out again? Not only Zhuoyin but the other members aren’t coming either That’s right. We’re lacking members. There are some students because of school reasons, like Ji Mo, going abroad to study but it’s because some came for Senior Brother Later on, we Okay. Let me take care of Zhuoyin After all, the orchestra is first and personal matters second I will think of a way to let her come back Enough. It’s nothing It’s normal for the orchestra to be lacking people. We can go recruit people. Let’s discuss our performance. What are we performing this time? But we don’t have an invitation for the performance right now We don’t know what to practice About the invitation for the performance… I’ll find it for everyone I will find some reliable performances It’s all on me How come it’s picking sticks to get the song again? It would’ve been great if we could choose Beethoven’s song It will do as long as I don’t get Tchaikovsky Give me your hand You’re playing is again? Okay, luck I hope that I don’t get Tchaikovsky I hope that you don’t get Tchaikovsky [Your symphony track: Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D minor mov. 1] – Me? I choose?
– Of course – Press here.
– Okay [Your symphony track: Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major mov. 3] Thank you [Platini] Sorry I didn’t do it on purpose It’s fine After thinking about it, I should thank you In such a crucial time, I will challenge myself Really? You picked a song that you’re not an expert in Don’t worry, it’s considered fair I will definitely win the competition Let’s look forward to it [World-class conductor]

The violin part should be pizzicato Don’t combine the notes, okay Don’t be in a rush in this part. That’s right Slowly. Okay It feel like he’s a bit at risk I finally understand why Li Zhenyan chose you Both of you aren’t normal Senior Brother, we know you’re conducting in the semi-finals but we’re here and can’t do anything so we’re giving you some words of encouragement. – You first.
– No need.
Hurry up. That… Li Zhenyan, you’re a competitor that I recognize so you must bring my part along and win. Conductor Li, because of me, my skills My violin skills have improved. So I believe that you can definitely become a great conductor You can definitely win this competition. You got this. I’ll be short then. Senior Brother, I thought you were very amazing when we first practiced. I really believed in you that you don’t have to worry with your abilities. Just compete with ease. Chen Zheng, that’s not short, okay? – Conductor Li, you got this!
– Conductor Li, you got this!
As one of the old members of Conductor Li, I think this first place can only be Li Zhenyan’s. – Does anyone disagree?
– No Of course not! Senior Brother, let me tell you. I’m considered a member who was with you from the start so I know your abilities the most. Just be at ease and first place will definitely be you, right?
– That’s right!
Let’s do it together. You got this! Li Zhenyan! – Hi.
– No matter what the result is, I will experience it with you
so you’re not alone. Don’t regret it. God will definitely bless you. or Xiaowo, don’t worry. You got this! Follow our inner self to let everyone hear our real voices. Didn’t we do it? Bravo. Bravo! – You got this!
– You got this! We got this! So… everything just then was your idea? I’m a very kind and cute girlfriend You’re really such a narcissist girlfriend where you can compliment yourself anytime – But I believe that you think I’m more important than what I think.
– Is that so? – Who gave you the confidence?
– You Your existence tells me that my life has you and your life has me How did you do it? How can you look silly in the most stressful moments to calm me down Tell me how much magic you have stored up? I have good luck If you stick to me closely then I will never break and give you my luck

It looks I’ve been affected all along and guided in the wrong direction If it wasn’t because of you, I almost forgot the best music is to follow my inner self Xiaowo, can you give me some energy so that I can fully embody the part that I have to play Okay. How do I borrow it to you? Just like this Hello, Qing Shang. How’s your foreign language going? When are you going to Paris? It’s about it. I don’t have much problems I’ll arrive at Paris next Monday. What’s wrong? Next Monday? I can’t go pick you up next Monday – It’s the day that Li Zhenyan is having his semi-finals.
– Wow, semi-finals? That’s so cool Then send me the address. Maybe I can get there in time to watch you Okay, I will immediately send it to you and the address to the house When you come, you must live with us Okay. I will live with you guys – Bye-bye.
– Bye.
Master Li, are you ready? I’m ready – You got this.
– I got this Let’s go [World-class conductor] [Platini Finale] Alright. Yes I just got here Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on for you but after running errands for you, promise me that you’ll cut down your scheduling and take a proper break Don’t talk nonsense or I’ll resign and become Meimei’s manager [Platini Finale] Don’t worry. You will definitely win Tian Yisong, – you got this.
– You too Tian Yisong was able to conduct such a song that he usually isn’t familiar with like this He’s quite amazing Qing Shang Hurry and come over. Call me when you get here Don’t be in a hurry and wait for my signal. – Then.
– Yes, I completely missed it in the rehearsal Are you okay? Okay, since he can’t play the violin part

so why don’t we stop the competition until we get a new one? Unfair? So you think it’s fair to me, right? Half an hour? It’s impossible Qing Shang – Qing Shang!
– Xiaowo! Hurry! – My things!
– I’ll help you. Go first.
You want me to perform? Right now? Of course not right now but in five minutes. Let me talk first. First point, and second point, we have good chemistry after collaborating in Team A and Team RS for so long We don’t need to adjust. Third point, I know that even if you heard the first two points, it is still very difficult and stressful for you but you have to believe me. I really don’t have any other solution right now. Tell me if you’re okay or not – Okay.
– Thank you Timing and subtitles brought to you by The Symphony Lovers @ VikiLet me tell you about the weird things I love about you ♫ ♫ Let me tell you how when I think of you, it’s from a secret at the bottom of my heart ♫ ♫ Open the door to the most beautiful encounter ♫ ♫ People who love each other should be together ♫ ♫ Let me tell you about your steadiness and self-confidence that I love ♫ ♫ Let me tell you about how I see your sweet smile when I think of you ♫ ♫ Let’s see the most beautiful scenery together ♫ ♫ People who love each other should be together ♫ ♫ Gently holding your hand (My hand) ♫ ♫ Be at ease (So at ease) ♫ ♫ A panoramic view of pure and transparent love ♫ ♫ We’re like little fish in love ♫ ♫ Smart and clever ♫ ♫ People who love each other should be together ♫ ♫ Quietly watching your heart (My heart) ♫ ♫ So at ease (So attentive) ♫ ♫ Love is like an endless cloudless and clear day ♫ ♫ We’re like little fish in love ♫ ♫ Happy and cherished ♫ ♫ People who love each other should be together ♫ ♫ Together ♫ ♫ If you want to love, you have to bravely be together ♫ ♫ Persisting for beautiful memories ♫ ♫ Together ♫ ♫ to the end ♫ ♫ Gently holding your hand (My hand) ♫ ♫ Be at ease (So at ease) ♫ ♫ A panoramic view of pure and transparent love ♫ ♫ We’re like little fish in love ♫ ♫ Smart and clever ♫ ♫ People who love each other should be together ♫ ♫ Quietly watching your heart (My heart) ♫ ♫ So attentive (So at ease) ♫ ♫ Love is like an endless cloudless and clear day ♫ ♫ We’re like little fish in love ♫ ♫ Happy and cherished ♫ ♫ People who love each other should be together ♫ ♫ To the end ♫ ♫ Together…together…together ♫ ♫ To the end