me quit voice is a thematic al planeta Darcy p ee kamala demotic koriyama poland oh no I Gondo window yeah tervis headin to say in emo SI trova see i’m over on her visitando cell kinkos jinko you autos leak medulla lautner yellow pop it and mrs. Pereira vato he not milord ya Leland any wood minervans there always is it was the text my running to realize this is a pic nawat me and up here so everyone can see me estonian health promotion Association wants to thank people who promote health in 1995 the network of health promoters was set in place so this year this network will be 20 years old applause please please me go on to the dirt they knowed him be and mvi has been doing this work for exactly this time and also in multi-car boom has been doing it for 20 years india yeah bill metacarpal are the health promoters for 2015 but more specifically Wilma started the heart room in here my in 1996 this project lasted into town until 2013 for 15 years she has been running drug prevention programs for youth but Dilma has been running the melanoma day he’ll my ticket book is the chairperson of the local hospital for since 2007 they one of the things they did they built the helicopter landing platform so it’s a very modern hospital vilma is also known in humor for the thing that when the ice ice melts vilma go swimming and when the ice returns air mass comes out from the water but they both deserve the price so give them a hand oh baby indian sari Madonna’s Lorna MP has created in saaremaa the sustainable health promotional network and she raises a women about health promotion she started school and kindergarten network for health promotion everybody now was in be all men inside a Minoan be because she started a cooking program for the roca man he is especially interested in the topic of work environment in be home this is your prize congratulations sue down thank you for your wonderful work please keep up the good work I imagine it’s great to go swimming right now because there’s no whys and the water is at least 10 degrees warm thank you very much I would like to thank our supporters and our partners because without these components you can’t really do anything in health promotion thank you very much I would like to thank our partners both on our Island and outside our island many thanks to all of you listening to the presentations today I was looking at you and thinking what are we all doing we all care about our loved ones or colleagues and I think health promotion is caring please keep on caring thank

you sudan oh oh thank you but the estonian health promotion Association wants to acknowledge the health is friend of the year whose activities has supported and raised awareness about public health this award has been given out since the year 2010 in 2015 the health friend of the year was handing calm a doctor for the tylenol in adapter he’s a very talented actor from Estonia who isn’t afraid to say things out loud you can see him in many great productions in TV shows he has received favorable critic criticism from both critics and fans his famous face and magic canola koi magical nervously Don hola muy dear eravamo separable a vago moisture canal de su propia tell Madonna yo all imma go in at the silicates one Malaya’s she has many people realize that it’s quite a right to say no thanks I’m not drinking today yeah well in Judah but I’m way Monty career did you see so I have the opportunity to interview you now because you are always the ones asking questions so I didn’t know that you were such a health friend well I didn’t know either but I guess I am old enough to start caring about it more now do you remember when was the last time that you told your friends that you know what guys let’s not drink today I think I’ve come to an age now that everybody is coming to me and like I was an accountant or something they keep telling me that I went to a party day yesterday you know what I didn’t drink at all it was really nice did I say you know well thanks for sharing said whenever I show up at a party everything okay we have to take lemonade all night again so you know what I’m not hitting anybody’s bottle out of their hand I’m not a radical so if you guys wanna have some wine later on and don’t be scared i’m not going to smack your glass out of your hand well in any case thank you very much do we hope your example is motivating to other young people as well thank you soo Danilo’s marriott thank you also lost nothing at all pumped we are getting very celebratory here oh my god how many papers do I have here it is the year of music sisir so we also have a piece of music to listen to now are we all set up so Venable thank you very much trum it

now I have the pleasure to add the drum it was created in 2010 at the beginning at the Italian youth centers and the children’s children’s home and over the time over the last five years they have had a lot of concert and hundreds of kids between the ages of 10 to 24 have participated but now it’s time to have put a period at the end of this sentence it’s nice to make summaries when you have your notes with you and you have half an hour to go over everything and talk about the most important topics again but we’re not going to do that today it’s Friday night we have talked a lot over the past two days but your media has created a wonderful summary of the day today so before you leave to take a look at what they came up with today they have summarized everything in a picture and then text as and they have done so in a very humorous an appropriate way I did take a look and they had quite a few very funny pictures but also very thought-provoking ones so y own media they made a wonderful summary of the day and you will all get the links to these materials so you don’t have to take pictures of it you can of course if you want to but you have the good ones coming online so that was sort of a summary and it wasn’t either but in any case thank you everybody for coming so sorry to disappoint you who were he expecting a good summary but in any case a picture says a thousand words so I would leave it to the pictures thank you very much to the organizers to the listeners and the last speaker Rodriguez oxa please vice president of us uhm can you understand me like this don’t worry i will not be too long but we have a price as well it’s a new event and a dual-sim and at the end of using we have three prizes for the best poster and i’m going to announce which poster that are and i hope the people are still in here and otherwise we will contact them okay we had three posters and it was very difficult to make a choice we had a choice but first to announce i first mentioned and poster which has a special recommendation we liked it very much and that was the poster on the early

detection of neonatal hollis tosses it was from Anika Kessler where she is applause yeah we enormous is Paloma Jie to show how you are so we didn’t include in the prizes but we we thought it was such a new way innovative a good design simple to use but the only thing and what made hesitate us instead it didn’t fit completely in the Congress so it was a recommendation yes but but we thought it’s very important in early detection and it’s a very important topic so you have the honor thank you very much there we go to this tree nominated and first I start with the third one and the third one I see the lady in the in the room here and the third one is the one from the children’s rights weaker can you come here this election was because we thought we must have a topic which is relevant which is innovation and which has a good presentation and the one we can mate was one from the children’s right put in adults theory in children’s practice it is very useful it’s a lovely the idea its innovative and although it’s not scientific we thought it’s very relevant for the children and for the Congress of use them so we got a third price and I’m giving you a certificate as we have to travel all we only have a certificate with a little amount of money which you will get but we don’t have flowers it’s a little bit and convenient in the airplane we don’t have thank you he’s Sudan over a ugh I’ve to be here again then the second one yeah Dana Gould yes that’s another one we thought very relevant and that’s the one the follow-up study of children with special needs integrated in schools and kindergartens in Zagreb Croatia is there somebody here no nobody me nobody here from Croatia so we thought this a second price because of the it’s about well-being and developing of children in schools and important topic for using the integrations in schools are you from Christ yeah but you can okay okay and the first one the first one although there was some doubt about the scientific apart we thought it very important because it gives the collaboration between two countries collaborations international is what using once and that’s why we choose this one as the first price and that is the poster about 10 11 years children with screen times and most popular television shows fuse from finish and Russian

parents other people from Russia or Finland who did this together are they here no no other colleagues of Finland tier yes can you take it with you and a few closing words first we want to give ours and zero thanks to reorganizing committee to the Estonians which were we were welcomed here so much they did so much effort for us to have a good time here so good organization Katie and special but all the others as well and we had a lovely time and I heard good good signs from the audience as well and we were very happy to be here in Estonia and to get to know Estonia thank you very much it marks probably this Congress at the new departure for user because it’s a combination of two congresses it is always very difficult to mate or to organize a conference and it gave a possibility to combine those two and maybe that’s a good departure for using especially because there are so many people from local regional national coming and meeting it’s good very good for the networking the key message from this Congress has been the evidence given for the emphasis on prevention in the first three years of life prevention should be promoted over all the projects and not all the only projects but but sustainable we have the evidence we know the effectiveness for the child for the family we have a know that financial benefits they are obvious but we know that the fear in sectors in each country are not collaborating optimal we must work together so be proud of your knowledge because you have the knowledge that’s what we hurt what we saw what we felt but no use this knowledge for advocacy so it is time that these programs we put them in action that’s the whole magic message to do for the next year this is the end of the Congress normally and today as well we announced the place of the Congress in 2017 and I’m honored to say that the next Congress will be in Belgium 2017 11 and karma is coming I have a few pictures indeed thank you very much Erica for saying letting me say some a few words regarding the next Congress in in lurve indeed today it was decided that Belgium will be the host of the next Congress so it’s today only today we knew we we r do so it’s not many time to to prepare and to give you a lot of information but what I could say actually is it will take place in latham the main research team will be research in youth health care it has to be decided whether it will be in May or September it depends

of accommodation available in University and of May is the end of the academic year and the beginning of September’s before the start of the academic year so this is the window the time window we should we should have available for this kind of congress’s in and your our University and it will be a cooperation between my university the flemings Association and the Student Health Services and in order to appetizer a little bit to come to logan it is the famous medieval city hall 11 as you see the weather is always good in belgium there are a lot of terraces in the surroundings it is the beginner the famous also very old big energy restored a few years ago it’s a very nice area to to visit this is the university hall this is the stairway to heaven it’s a very nice central church and we have of course many signs famous large library and a very nice art piece of work related to science and Investigation and finally there is of course nature and culture areas to relax so please come to lovan you are all welcome we are very warm friendly people and we invite you all so we have one more speaker thank you your limousine or volunteer maybe get a ste how you can show you what to say he may have Donald OC the name is pila del vaga inspira but he only dreams atropine spero it’s a no le sucks me applause generators the minnow volt hello honest for a wonderful friday evening after such a wonderful ending hope I don’t have much left to say on behalf of day health insurance fund I don’t have any flowers or drums either health insurance fund in a spoon in a studio we have been sponsoring this a yearly health promotion event for some times already and I’m extremely happy that this year we have been privileged to combine this yearly one-day event of student event will this you zoom Congress we are really happy that that we have been able to okay so yeah well okay I think I was I think I was to be a polite so I would start with English and then switch over to a stoner but I also can be taken to attend others other ways as well so I’ve extremely happy to welcome our foreign guests here and and and this has been a extremely fruitful two days event combined internationally went with our sternum externa event your meanness to do love a stick together and now on to Estonia because I didn’t want to speak a few words about the Estonian context I’m sorry for the for these two days on behalf of their health insurance fund when it comes to mental health and children’s mental health I would like to say three general remarks and I do hope that they are suitable for the summary of these three day two days first of all mental health is a state in which a person can manage best coke best and best contribute to the society and the mental health disorders that have not received this attention will harm the society and these children and youths cannot contribute to their

development or to the development of the society so that is why we feel that prevention is so important mental health is a indivisible part of the overall health of a person and it involves a general sense of well-being but health are such also mean is connected to health disorders and that is why the Health Insurance Fund also thinks that developing a health-promoting environment has to work together between the economic sector the health sector and education sector this means creating an environment and support system for a good place to develop and to notice problems when they arrive arise now in this context what I would also like to say is that I think cut in Estonia as elsewhere mental health has been very much in a medical field and I think we as a state we have also dealt with consequences and dealing with them more than preventing but in order for all children’s mental health influencers to get enough attention we have to lay down the groundwork in politics now thirdly as an organization we are ready to contribute to developing and promoting all aspects of mental health including doing good cooperation with general practitioners when it comes to specialized doctors we are going to continue to help facilitate the access to good specialists something that is also of a big help is also the experience of other countries we have heard about experiences in elsewhere around the world today and we hope that these will provide for inspiration to help solve problems here in Estonia you know one question that is also asked often times is how we can use modern media had ICT field to help mental health treatment we do see the world of computers as one that is full of threats but we did have one session today where we talked about how it can be used to our benefit so these IT solutions are definitely ones that we can use to support mental health so thank you very much to all the participants I am very happy that I was able to participate on both days and I think here we have made a major contribution towards creating an environment in Estonia that will support children’s well-being and mental house thank you very much Sudan oh thank you very much you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for being here with us and thinking along with us goodbye