Good evening friends Chevetteros as they are here your server Carlos Tovar we will make a video so that you can commit to correct the errors and also so we can see the innovations that they have made to the process of recharging shock absorbers that I tell you more boys I’m surprised because a video disappeared from the channel that was called I say it was called because the video has already disappeared completely I think that those who are subscribers they saw that it was called disarming a cushion that was the day that we disassemble this shock absorber for explain the operation and work that he was going to do true but good in short let’s go back to do this video to see if it disappears without any Explanation and this damper was the one in that video I dismantle to explain them the functioning this is a bitubo damper gentlemen, this tube is the compression chamber and this other had the outside is the backup camera when the shock absorber the spiral is stretched the plunger rises certain gentlemen and when going down returns and makes compression ejects the oil through this hole that is the only valve that has fill the reserve chamber and cushions the blow of the rim of the car and obviously returns the wheel that is attached to the ground true Sirs There are some colleagues who ask me that because these shock absorbers when you do them this job is not they return alone what happens is that not all Most shock absorbers work hydraulically but there are many that they pour liquid nitrogen and this converts on a mattress on the bottom of gas and it makes the plunger return true what happens because it returns because the oil they are using is an oil much thinner than this which is the let’s cover the oil mark is the 15 w 40 what is it for diesel engine the person who have an idea of 鈥嬧媜il knows that the engine diesel are the ones that produce the most temperature this oil that makes like from It has more viscosity than those who come originals on the damper Obviously the shock absorber remains a little harder but with time in 8 or 15 days of use and the car on shock absorber and the car they work perfectly and feel quite comfort gentlemen to make them work to the shock absorbers and 2 that obviously that having more density more viscosity of the oil as the shock absorber feels harder and like is left alone with oil will feel like happens with this shock absorber that already this job was done at the time of uploading it will go up a bit harder, you have to force it so that he goes up true to say here and When it goes down even though I’m there, I made a work leaving half the content that brings original and completing it with oil 15 w 40 because because also there are other colleagues who were a little worried because the damper the plunger is not returned alone and that obviously is returned is for the gas that they throw into the shock absorber and with two specifications one supposedly to remove the bubbles that the friction of the plunger when it is working a lot the oil produces some bubbles the hydrogen what it does is the sorry the nitrogen what it does is remove this boiling that has oil for high temperature but also has its counterpart which is what Obviously the shock absorber will work in a way and you will feel the car in a more gentle way but also the most delicate to walk when you get to take a very strong blow the safest is that goodbye true cushion that cushion on some occasions when they are with gas they can go back to reuse by loading it only with oil because most valves bring two valves one above and one below then what happens those valves like no come with a stamp like the one it comes in the hydraulics that I’m going show is the valve that I brought

true and I go back and I repeat this to you the damper comes like this this tube is with all the reserve of oil when the truck takes a hole and the spiral is stretches the plunger comes out true and this works with the same principle of a syringe at the time of uploading plunger the oil that is in the chamber of reserve absorbed by here the compression chamber then this oil that makes true rises which is what that is going to make the plunger rise slowly and do not feel the pull of the spiral down again what expulsa by where ?, here lords this is the valve that brings all metal and I’m telling you because I’m going to emphasize in that bring, this is the tip of the plunger this is a Teflon centering that is also a one stop so that when the shock absorber up to a point there not happen when the blow sometimes is so strong the oil is reached to leave because because really gentlemen in many colleagues who have made that comment I do not know if with the intention of contributing or criticize that most do it is with that they speak of seals of stamps and the truth then look here gentlemen I show you the only catch that brings a shock absorber in rubber because for me a check is a rubber or a rubber is this how to say when the damper already has this Stay as worn out as this is when normally in any gap already the oil passes and it comes out over here by the mouth of the plunger or sometimes already when stapling you have in the upper part the shock absorber is already very worn the hit was very strong and begins to drain the oil for this side normally this is already broken stay what’s up with this catch this stop comes here that is let’s say a mechanical valve that according to the requirement of the shock absorber when going at medium or low speed the car has the following wedges because technically that’s wedges and the I will take one by one between each one comes a washer and they will not believe it you gentlemen that is that there has to be a lot of pressure so that pass the liquid then why when we recharge with this oil it feels like fairly hard principle the shock absorber comes the washer these are sheets this is not rubber or anything you can realize then between each wedge of these are there a washer that is where it passes the liquid according to the requirement of the shock absorber at the speed that goes the obviously between more speed the size of the holes increases where the oil is passing so that it has good lubrication and its work is optimal this on one side gentlemen on the other here we have a shock absorber these four shock absorbers serve for the same car I tried to get them so that you realize how was the operation and failures of each There are other colleagues who have told me that when I go back and I repeat, excuse me be reiterative but there are many comments on that when the cushion is bouncing the oil by the plunger if it can be recovered again that cushion if you can go back to recover what happens is that it is so strong it is so strong so strong so the hit that many times like this this checkpoint or stamp as they call this good the oil reaches to pass ups and also happens is this centering Teflon that also serves as a seal is true that is the top to where it arrives to the shock absorber and it hits but as it is so strong the blow reaches out the oil when this happens in the buffer there are two reasons gentlemen and let’s be honest the companions one normally the shock absorbers are worries about them when the car is navigating that is a lie that does not I say it’s the whole world but let’s say that 80% of people know is driving the cars but do not know the maintenance that needs to be done

true very few people are are pending and are careful of these pieces that as they are not in sight then almost nobody remembers the suspension of the car you remember is when they take a hole to your mother I threw the shock absorber but same as the other day I return and I press the car then what happens people do not change it 50 to 60 thousand kilometers as technically they send it to make the manufacturers but they let that go on and on and on and on and on using the same shock absorbers that pass this shock absorber I leave it like this because so that you realize one thing look how this damper goes down get here it sounds already when a cushion that hits against the valve is that it no longer has compression then what has happened that has been both the use and obviously the friction that produces the plunger that the properties that has the lubricant has lost them and that oil already becomes water totally water then obviously that Understanding can make water when needed I do it with a density specify why this oil It has not a little but a lot thicker two come for high temperatures to diesel engines and three gentlemen al reload you a shock absorber with this oil will at least give you 50% more of life the shock absorber I’m not saying that it is obligation that you do it if you have the money gentlemen to buy a new one you can well mates now there’s a lot people who see in the video and that what Sometimes I do not understand if it says that the best is to buy a new shock absorber that they do watching videos of how to recharge a cushion there is a friend in Argentina Juan who is a participant in the WhatsApp group of the channel that he told me that he did the work and the shock absorber I’m with the plunger totally up that it has also happened many colleagues that is the reason most of all to do this video true because gentlemen when we are going to recharge shock absorber obviously we have that do considering one thing not single choose and as he told me that he had made even a good innovation drilled here in the bottom caught with he screwed the metal and he put a kind of bean put a screw is true there is another partner in Dominican republic that already a long time ago he did something similar and here I got this screw with this nut the man who did the cog perforated the shock absorber On the one hand he took a nut and welded it instead of leaving the hole welded it welded the nut to the hole using the same media of the drill and the same measure of drill and I leave that nut with a screw so that when I go back to need to recharge the shock absorber simply no longer have to weld if not it’s just to remove the screw that the same idea that Juan has in Argentina juan greetings my brother excuse me the rudeness but I have had many problems with internet this week here in the home then what happens simply Remove the recharge screw with a syringe already as you know in hypothesis the measure that the oil absorber charge it and You can seal it with Teflon and hopefully it’s I imagine that a screw and a Thin thread nut just what come and put it to the top and the screw is that holds is the one that goes hold the pressure I personally have not done it but I give Juan credit and it seems to me what is david that is called the companion of there of the Dominican Republic Puerto Rico that can create that both countries had two people who did something similar then I give them a credit obviously they are making an innovation I would try to rehearse it to see how it is personally what I tell them I have not made three boys going back to the subject when you are going to do the recharge these two shock absorbers they are rebuilt these two shock absorbers this I what rebuilt while being new I took out the oil that brought new

the shock absorber and I loaded it with this oil that I use what’s going on and I’m going to drill it here, it’s a little disguised because I like that I do not personally I’m solitary because right now I do not have the welding equipment but this afternoon When they welded, they welded me this I always like it to be a bit charged of welding so that the point does not go to be any leak here I put a little bit and we’re going to use the bit for two things gentlemen one to look how much oil is needed to do the recharge and we will use this container that is paint I did it thinking of one thing that this almost everyone we have in the house which is one quart of paint then we are going to empty the content of the shock absorbers and we’ll have an idea more or less approximate of how much oil is going to charge a shock absorber I’m delaying obviously I’m drilling the welding that comes out and that is always a thicker layer but when we go to drill what is the blade of the thin cushion then you just have to leave the weight of the shock absorber and arm hand yes they’re going to do it down to one side it was already perforated so what are we going to do we are going to clean well here because it’s chip we are not going to fall into the true oil and do not cover us the valve that you have in do you count the amount of oil that is already being removed almost obviously that every time we go up the plunger will take a certain so when we go to load is what that we have to consider gentlemen that you have to leave an average to raise and lower the plunger and not load it totally totally full you can give an account of something here half it would be an eighth true this is a little less than half a a little less than an eighth or so the container of a quarter the oil that comes here is something like 40 percent let’s say an eighth short oil then this same principle we are going to use to correct suddenly what you passed to our friend Juan in Argentina they told me that when he went to charge the shock absorber charges them with syringe true I totally charge it with syringes while I imagine that the hole next to it started loading and loading and with the plunger up eyes gentlemen if you do that and weld or put something seal on it hole and when he went to see he sent me a video where did this a buffer it did not go down but a centimeter, logical old Juan you have to do the reload brother but always considering one thing sir that when we are doing this remember that the shock absorber has a travel down and upwards more or less have asked how many times there are load here in this oil what we have for the shock absorber then I’m going to take out once and for all two doubts one do it here in this container to reuse this same oil the hole is here below the true recharge we’re going to start doing with the plunger down

then what do we do we introduce and we started loading and we go back and lower it we load and we go back we go down here you realize how they look the bubbles then what we have to do take out those bubbles until when stop having bubbles that air gets out of the the shock absorber and as we go down the bubbles are coming out As we go up it goes away feeling the hardest shock that it may vary depends on the shock absorber capacity but more or less can be between 5 and 7 times here already at least already you feel the hard cushion going down before removing the cushion from the liquid always take and put your finger if the hole below or if it is by the side put your finger out the shock absorber but keeping in mind that no longer has air bubbles to say something what is seen here well already having practically already the content in the buffer that we make then we put the finger and cover the hole and there would be ready to put a plug if you wish, you can take and put a rubber stopper if they have how it happens to me in that At the moment I do not have how to weld here in the house I have to go to the front where a friend who has the team of welding that the best point of very cheap welding I put my finger on it and I keep it that way and Obviously, if I have a plug what can I do with any little piece of rubber I put it on and you’re done remember that when at the time of take out before removing the cushion of the container this was the little bit that we stayed you have to put your finger up with the hole is below the air that enters it is minimal and it does not matter because Well the proportion of oil cover that that little bit of air inside us two gentlemen remember this already when it has left totally the oil that we already have covered the hole that we made so that do not pass us like our friend Juan there in Argentina the plunger has to stay down because remember those always gentlemen the plunger have to stay here make the journey that has to be made you already lowering the shock absorber soon they will feel their final part a bit hard obviously true because then the density of the oil that we are using for this job is much thicker much thicker a lot denser than the original one in the cushion apart from that as we read when they are with gas the nitrogen that it brings of the valve is more hermetic plus it seals obviously the oil to rise and lowering the plunger will offer more resistance because that is also another ask what gentlemen have done to me that when the shock absorber feels very hard that yes I would still be like that, no, gentlemen, because obviously to the extent that it goes working the shock absorber he goes with time loosening the valves and obviously oil the temperature is opening little by little thinner will go up and down more easily between the wedges of the valves that they have to have shock absorber because if they also have to have earrings There are other colleagues who have asked when the shock absorbers they are bad you can do them this procedure depends if it’s mono t煤bo what

it’s a single tube like this one is harder because it brings two valves then it is the shock absorber too hard with this oil because it you can use the 20 w 50 which are oils which are for gasoline engine more thin but obviously not gentlemen they have the same resistance as this one it is oil for diesel engines that they are for true high temperature Some companion made me commentary that in costa rica I think it’s called gray is that I can not pronounce it name gravy if you see me brother excuse me you are worried because when the recharge is done damper does not come back up there is that keep in mind that since you do not have nitrogen that is gas true then that we supply it by leaving it totally with oil, obviously it’s not going to go up but I also have the data for you and for those who ask that what pass you can use with these gas shock absorbers a thinner oil true but it will not have the same duration and also this oil already with time put 8 12 15 days 20 days the car at beginning of suddenly feeling a little bit more hard but with work and friction is loosening and believe me that will be the car as a ship ends therefore obviously I have it here because I do not I’m going to weld here, let’s say it’s He lost this worked but the idea is to teach you then I for At least he has already removed his finger and left the shock absorber well but remember that always the plunger have to be down gentlemen down when they finish loading you, little by little they are loading raising and lowering the plunger likewise You’re sucking and filling the bedroom compression you are going to feel the plunger harder until a point arrives and like this one they will upload it and they have to make it stronger and stop bouncing the bubble low is already signal that the shock absorber it was left if you want a little bit more loaded obviously they pump more more they are going to feel that they do not worry that at the moment of you for say something lower the plunger the oil very little bit the one that returns because as it is filling the compression chamber does not the reserve that is this tube outside then you just when they go they already have to weld in account of those gentlemen have to leave I do not say that totally but yes as much as below we can do the plunger so that it has its route as it should be and at least you leave it like that and you already take it and they simply send it to solder they carry it if you want with your finger like that with the plug if we have have welding equipment After the filling we weld them and ready or If not then if you have to take it to another side as I do it puts you in the stopper and takes it there are many comments that ask what if when you vote it over here you can repair the shock absorber most times if in 80 percent of times if you can repair why muffled by saying something like when comes and takes a very strong blow that it happens when going down reach the compression chamber goes up all the oil and if the oil is already very spent because as we have used it to this shock absorber and oil no longer it’s oil but practically water and this retainer that is the only one that has rubber plunger what happens is that at the moment it arrives and does this the cushion goes up and time to go down with so much force that the oil reaches pass the catch and pass this good this is not a check this is a centering Teflon which is the top where the shock absorber up to where rise but exceed the oil it comes out of its channel comes out of the mouth of the plunger then in those cases most of the time it happens that the oil is also very worn or the hit already very strong very strong and already some of the wedges they bring to Dosing the amount of oil is part or they all split but the truth is this metallic look this is there you are

they realize no piece of these is of Paste or Teflon are metallic the same the main valve to fill then normally if it can be done already like saying when the oil is come out this top where the damper mouth is already it is marked or was so strong the pressure that leaked and there is already filtering the oil then you like that they change the oil normally going to follow botando it late or early so put an oil with the density that has the 15 w 40 is going to lose the job in the plunger most times you can not guarantee it in the container you have it introduced all the way up the hole and goes down as they go up you are feeling the hardest shock absorber It’s up to you but it’s up to you a stop that you already feel it hard true and when they’re going to lower it they’re going to feel the same that would be the measure for the shock absorber of each car of each model is different ones can be longer obviously they will have more content of other oil can be the same length but thicker to have more content plus capacity here are the pieces here is the way he works a bitubo damper because these shock absorbers all four are bi tubes and it is the basic principle to do this work and as I have said in other occasions I’m not telling you that this is better than a new one but as we know many people like me that we can not get half a million pesos to four shock absorbers because the ideal technically Always change the four shock absorbers so that the suspension is even There was another comment from someone who told me that this is not a fix Sir, you are absolutely right this is an adaptation to give a little bit more of life I personally started with this cushion that was new this cushion I remove it to the car to a public service taxi in Bogot谩 Colombia because I had an accident and the car was can total loss and just use this shock absorber like 15 days I bought it and I give these shock absorbers that work he took the oil they bring and the nitrogen when they were gas only oil with oil and I loaded them with this oil because the car it gave me more stability so it was more hard in any startle or laughter from the avenue and then you it took out the original oil and loaded them with this the idea is that you learn to do it, whoever wants to do it. as my friend there in in costa rica Graby who has the idea of 鈥嬧媠etting up a workshop like Nicolas did there in Mexico as Lucho did in Venezuela Y Most shock absorbers are hydraulic and obviously I thought when they do remember that the shock absorber will be hard and it is not going to rise completely if you they want me to climb that is something else for saying this shock absorber, with the difference that I did not take out all the content that I had original oil I left more or minus half and complete it with the 15 w 40 then if you want the shock absorber rise and do not lose your properties and nitrogen because obviously it’s going to be left you are going to realize this at least the shock absorber is hard but as you have part of the content original that came loaded factory will go up will not go up totally but if it’s going to go higher or less in half and it will go up slower they will realize how now how does the cushion then to have it in mind if he wants to get him more or less the half that you already realize the amount of oil that goes bouncing and

complete it with the plunger down with a syringe with the 15 w 40 and there goes going up the piston of the shock absorber rises obviously slower if you win it he will go up but he goes up slowly alone If I suddenly become entangled I apologize I do not study social communication I’m doing here let’s say that a task of offering a knowledge that I have that I have proven that it has served me and there are many friends that you can see in the different videos on this subject in many but many comments of people who have already done the work has it looked good people who are already encouraging that what they do as business and especially in Venezuela gentlemen as always Carlos Tovar your server I thank you for the time and sorry for the delay