Welcome to Pro Cycliste! Hey guys, how are you doing? Well, I’m starting another series of videos this time showing a little more of my daily life and the work in a bike shop and today’s goal is to set up a tool wall from scratch because we have here, all the necessary tools for the maintenance of bikes and the empty board, which was installed here yesterday I started assembling some tools and I decided to make a video for you showing the assembly step by step there are a lot of bike parts here, already organized and also to transpose these tools that comes in this kit here which despite being well organized, it ends up being not so nice to work with because you have to keep turning the trays all the time and squat down looking for a tool so it’s not as practical and then, after that I’ll show a little bit of the daily work in repair and assembly of bikes mostly road bikes and also leisure bikes, electric bikes and such it’s a very nice job a very cool series of videos which I think you’ll like Let’s start the assembly the idea is to transpose of all these tools to the board so let’s see if we can fit everything there and see how it looks So, let’s go! The process is very simple: Start by organizing all the tools in order to visualize all of them then you’ll have an idea of ​ how to organize them on the board Then just use common sense and distribute them the way you prefer Here I use a pilot pen to mark the spots and some wood screws to make the support points for the tools If you use a power tool, it helps a lot with the job Well, I don’t know where the recording stopped there but the cell phone was set to save to the internal memory I switched now to the memory chip if you lost, I installed these tools here and let’s continue the process Here I use a plier to adjust the angle of the screws Note that I measure the spaces between the tools just by using common sense The important thing is to leave a space where you can take one out without dropping the other Notice that I try to combine similar tools to make it easier to find them quickly Here I preferred to use the Philips tool to mark the spots

Feel really free to improvise! I’ll use a nail to see if it fits better, in this case Well guys, this phone is kidding me it just stopped recording because it said that the memory card was full the card still has two thirds free so I don’t know what happened I ended up putting here the bigger pliers right and those tools but it didn’t recorded but I will continue now, let’s hope at least the recording goes up until the end Two nails When the tool is too wide, it’s better to use long nails Well then, finishing the main part, now I’ll just put these

tools here that we use in this equipment that serves to align the rim when it gets bent or when a spoke breaks and such then we will put them right in this corner of the tool wall just to make it easier, more organized So that’s it guys,

with a little bit of work we organized the alignment tools Now they are closer to the alignment equipment and it’s rack and following, I’ll show you the final result I will clean the bench which is a mess and then I show the final result of the set up Well, I was about to end the video but I found some extra tools in that bottom part of the tool organizer box there and then I will distribute them here, right so I can finally wrap up setting up the tools on the wall I was lucky I still had some vacant space to accommodate the last tools otherwise, I would have left them off the wall That’s why it’s really important to let all tools visible so you have a general idea of ​ how much space you will need I’m going to make a small adjustment here on the board in fact, these three tools here they are also responsible for the rim alignment when it gets bent As I set that corner over there specifically for the alignment part I will replace then, take these three out of here, move to the corner there and include a small scissor here and so we occupy the board in the space where it would be empty That’s the advantage of using a wood board you can always change the position of a tool if you need to Well folks, that’s it, job done, set up complete

As you could see, I followed an order of size between the tools I measured the space between them, using rough estimation trying to estimate a space between them that’s easier to take each one out when you use it, right because sometimes you put one too close to the other and when you take one you end up dropping the other so I followed an equivalent distance, right and I think it came out cool, I really liked I managed to distribute all the tools put them more or less in a logical order of use And finally, here the alignment side as I showed you was separated with all the accessories there and the last tools that I hadn’t seen which were here, deep down in the box the toolbox I ended up setting them on that bottom, thankfully there was enough space and I ended up setting them here So that’s it, this is actually a very interesting job, simple but that will help me a lot because when you are in a hurry you have all the tools all in hand, right and as you saw there is not much secret it’s actually you having a good sense to follow a placement order and to think about the tools that you will distribute over the board and start the work! What helped a lot was using the electric screwdriver as you saw it speeds up the job substantially and I used a lot of wood screws, well, it came out great, very fast… I believe that It took about four hours, right? that I consider fast because there are all the parts that we measured comparison between one and the other you do the mark there with the pen then until you do all the drilling and finish it I believe that four hours it’s a more or less a reasonable time, right So, I hope you liked it, this is the first video of the series of videos that I will post showing the daily work at a bike shop a bike repair shop and now I hope you can follow these videos just like the others that I already have in the channel and like and share it with those friends who are passionate about mechanics and bikes, okay? So thank you very much for watching this video, for following my channel Stay safe and see you on the next video! On the next episode Subscribe and turn the notification bell on! Cheers!