Hello, and welcome to this message from Calvary Albuquerque We’re excited to hear from our special guest speaker Tony Clark Tony is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Newport News and inspires people around the country through his radio program, The Word Made Plain We pray that this message strengthens your relationship with the Lord If it does, we’d love to hear about it Email us at mystory@calvaryabq.org And if you’d like to support this ministry financially, you can give online securely at calvaryabq.org/giving Now we invite you to turn in your Bible to Matthew 5 as Tony begins the message Let Your Light Shine Hey, we got some things to talk about today So turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew 5 We’re going to be looking at verses 14-16 And Father, we are so grateful for this tremendous opportunity You’ve given, Lord, to open up Your Word and to share with Your precious people I pray for Your Holy Spirit to teach me May I share Your heart, Lord, with the hearts of Your people I pray Your blessings today as we study Your Word In Jesus’ name, Amen Amen Matthew 5 looking at verses 14-16 The title of this message is let your light shine Let your light shine Oh, this is very important I don’t have to tell you how dark things are in our world This is the 15th anniversary of 9/11 Many of us know– we knew where we were at that particular time, where darkness came in such a great way on the shores of our country Oh, we were already in the dark situation, but darkness came to the shores of our country Oh, this date, 9/11, is no different than December 7th, 1941, when our president said this day will live in infamy Well, 9/11 is our generation’s December 7, 1941 And so as we know how dark things are, what should our response be? Oh, I’m ashamed to say that many of us, we’ve grown accustomed to the darkness We’ve grown desensitized to how dark things are The things that used to– we used to blush, now are so common to us, we think nothing of it But I believe that this message is going to be a wake up call for many of us here Let’s dive right in I’m going to read verses 14-16, then I’m going to come back and we’re going to unpack these verses one verse at a time Notice Jesus speaking, He says “you are the light of the world A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand that it gives light to all who are in the house Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” Oh this is a great set of verses, great set of verses Notice Jesus is speaking here He says you are the light of the world Well, you in the Greek is humorous And it’s emphatic in the Greek language He is saying you as my followers are the only light of the world Are is in this present tense, that verb is in this present tense, meaning that you are right now the only light of the world You might have been a light 10 years ago, but are you a light today? He say you are, present tense, right now the light of the world This is blows me away, because He calls us the light The Greek word is phōs It’s the root of where we get photo or photographed Jesus is saying that you are the photograph of Me to this dark world, a photo of Me We are supposed to be a clear picture of who Jesus is to this dark world I’m looking at many of you here and many of you are of my age group and older You remember the Polaroid camera? You remember that you push that button and BRRRRM, and you start fanning it like– that air kind of helps it get a clear picture You look at it, it’s still fuzzy You’re still fanning There are some young people who are like, what is he talking about up there? Some of you still got a Polaroid

Some of you all still got a couple laying around, I know But see what happened is, I just wonder if we’re like that Polaroid picture I wonder if we are given a fuzzy picture of who Jesus is to this world I wonder if it’s out of focus I wonder has it not developed fully yet And when people look at us, they’re supposed to get a crystal clear picture And instead, they’re getting something that is fuzzy, something that hasn’t quite developed yet I just wondered about that I just wondered So He is saying that you are the light of the world Light does two things– it does many things– but two, I’m going to bring to your attention Light, number one, it reveals truth And then, light, number two, it exposes darkness The way that we know if we’re being a crystal clear picture of Jesus, are we revealing truth and are we exposing darkness? This lets us know whether we are a crystal clear picture of Jesus Christ to this world You know something that blows me away is that Jesus said, in John 8:12, He says I am the light of the world And here, He is saying, you are the light of the world Oh watch this Don’t miss this point here Jesus is like the sun, S-U-N And we’re like the moon Oh you understand that the moon doesn’t have its own light, it reflects the light of the sun And the only time that the moon doesn’t reflect the light of the sun is during an eclipse That’s when the earth, the world, gets in between the sun and the moon And it keeps it from reflecting the light Oh, and I believe that there are many of you here who are experiencing a spiritual eclipse in your life You have allowed the world to get in between you and Jesus Christ Oh, you said, what is the world? Oh, I’m going to give you example of that, Jesus tells us, you remember that in the parable of the sower in Mark 4, right around verse 19, He says when the seed falls among the thorns, it says then the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desire for other things come in and choke the word And we become unfruitful Or we don’t reflect Jesus Christ The amazing thing to me, maybe one of these things, is what’s causing your spiritual walk to be eclipsed Maybe it’s the cares of this world The cares– that word cares in the Greek is a word that means the worries of this world Oh, what blows me away is that there are believers today, many believers today, you worry just as much as the world does You worry about the bills You worry about the money You worry about the job You worry about the economy You are no different than the world is when it comes to worry Oh, ladies, I got to say, you are the ringleaders of this [LAUGHTER] Ah, you know you are And you know I’m not afraid of you, you know I’m a Marine I’m letting you know Former Marine, you know, so I’m not afraid of you, I tell you, you’re the one You’re the ringleader The worry, you came here worrying today Worrying if you’re going to get here on time or not you You’re worrying, worrying I talked to a lady after last service, she said, yeah, that’s me I was worried about the kids I worry about them And you think when the kids get older, you can stop worrying No, no Now you’re worrying about the grandkids and great grandkids It doesn’t end Sometime, we as believers, we’re worrying as if our God got off the throne or something The God of the universe, the God said let there be and there was That God The God who spoke the world into existence In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth That Hebrew word create is bara’ He means He created something out of nothing He said let there be, and there was That’s the God that we have on our side But we live, we live as though He got off the throne Or watch this There are many of you who I call practicing atheists You say, what do you mean? You say with your mouth you believe in God, but you live as though He doesn’t exist, because you worry You you’re worrying about all kinds of things So maybe the worry, maybe the cares of this world, has caused an eclipse to take place in your walk

Or maybe it’s not that Maybe it’s not the cares of this world, maybe it’s number two, the deceitfulness of riches Notice how Jesus called it the deceitfulness of riches because money has a way of deceiving us into thinking the more we have, the happier we’ll be That’s why it’s called the deceitfulness of riches Oh, and there are many of you here who have been deceived in thinking the more money I have, the happier I’d be And that’s why you’re always chasing the dollar sign This is why you always chase it You’re at a job where God is blessing, where God is using you And you run over to this job because they promise a nickel more an hour And then you run from that one, say who else is out there? Who’s going to give me more? You know what you remind me of? You remind me of Lot You remember Lot in Genesis 13? Oh, you’re well taught, you already know the story Let me just remind you Lot had some servants And he was Abraham’s nephew And so his servants were fighting against Abraham’s servants So Abraham, the older, mature one, he went to Lot and said, look, man, we’re brothers We can’t be fighting like this If you take the right, I will take the left If you take the left, I will take the right And it says that Lot lifted up his eyes and looked toward Sodom Why? He said because he saw that it was green, just like Egypt And there are many of you who are looking up and you’re looking for the green And you run after this job, this job, this dollar sign, this dollar sign And we know from the story that Lot got himself in a lot of trouble You realize that Oh I’ve seen many people chase the green and they got themselves in a lot of trouble, a lot of trouble So maybe it’s not the cares of this world nor the deceitfulness of riches that’s causing your life to experience an eclipse Maybe it’s the third thing Maybe it’s just a desire for other things Oh, you’ve seen many people who used to sit in seats just like this You see them out there You say, oh where have you been? We’ve missed you at church Well, you know, I’ve just been just doing some other things And those other things are causing an eclipse to take place in their lives And so Jesus is telling us you’re the light of the world But I wonder how many of us aren’t that light because we’re experiencing an eclipse I just wonder Notice it says you’re the light of the world Notice, a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden That word hidden is in the Greek is krypta It means that which is secret, that which is hidden No doubt the context of this is Jesus is teaching the greatest sermon ever given, the Sermon on the Mount, in chapters 5-7 He’s on the slopes of the Mount of Olives giving this message And then in the distance, there is the city of Safed That is 2,650 feet above sea level No doubt from this city, you can get a panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee You can see the whole area And I believe that as Jesus was teaching and said a city set on a hill cannot be hidden, He was kind of pointing to that city there What He is saying that a city that is on a hill cannot be hidden in the daytime nor the night In the daytime, you can see the city You can see the homes You can see the buildings up there, because they are on a hill You can’t hide them But at night, a city set on a hill cannot be hidden, as well, because the light shining through the windows of the homes and the buildings, you still see that particular city there So Jesus said a city set on a hill cannot be hidden That means that there are no secret agent Christians under cover for the Lord on a special mission It’s none of that There are many you who are undercover Christians If I were to go to your job and say, hey, did you know that they were a Christian over there? Would they say who? Them over there? Uh-huh Because you’re on a special mission, undercover for the Lord, secret agent No, no He says say a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden And then verse 15 says nor– oh, you understand that that word nor is a conjunction and an adverb It means it is about to introduce a further negative truth The first negative truth is a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden nor do they light a lamp and put it under

a basket Oh, that word basket there in the Greek is modios It can be translated as a basket or a bowl, that which covers something up And Jesus is saying what is the purpose of you having a light if you’re going to cover it up? What’s the purpose of you saying I am the light, I’m a Christian, I’m the light, I belong to Jesus, if you’re going to cover it up? If you’re going to hide it He said there is no reason to have a light if you’re going to cover that light up There’s no purpose Why even try to flicker at all if you’re going to cover it up? There’s no need So He says nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket There are many reasons why people cover up their light There is number one, there is the fear of– here we go– offending I don’t want to offend anybody You know, I remember when this stuff first started It started making its way Back in the ’80s, people would say, well, you know I’m offended by what you said We used to say, so? So what? I’m offended that you offended [LAUGHTER] You know? And today, that’s still my answer I’m sorry to tell you, that’s still my answer today So? Truth hurts You know, I’m a Marine And so, because today, Satan has crafted things in such a way, that he has a great way of silencing Christians Everyone else has a voice It’s like everyone else has come out of the closet Christians been put in That’s the world we live in today You better not say anything We’ll let you meet within those four walls, but you better not bring that light outside And this is how things are crafted today So out of fear, people hide their light, fear of offending I just read– I think it was a high school coach, I think it was in Texas He got fired because after a great victory, he said a thanksgiving prayer thanking the Lord for the great victory and they canned him That’s the world we live in So out of fear, I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job I’m afraid that I’m going to get fired I’m afraid I get passed over for a promotion I’m afraid So because of fear, we cover our light Did you know that God gave you that job, He can give you another Did you realize that? Or maybe you didn’t, you didn’t realize that Now you realize, you understand that they’re paying you to do a job They’re not paying you to be the company chaplain You understand that, too, don’t you? So therefore, we have to pray that God that we be wise as serpents harmless as doves That God will give us eyes to see the open doors that He opens to us They’re not paying you to get on the table in the break room and start preaching They’re not paying you for that They’re paying you to do a job Do your job Do the best You ought to be the best workers, the hardest workers on that job Did you know that? Oh, there’s the few people that’s old school that believe in some hard work Folks today, they want to do just enough to get by No, no You’re supposed to be the hardest workers there, because the Bible says doing service as unto the Lord and not into man We’re doing our work unto the Lord, Ephesians 6:7 says So here it is Jesus said nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket And so because of fear of offending, fear of losing job fear being passed over for a promotion, we have allowed the fear to act as a basket to cover up the light of the Lord in our lives You know what else acts as a basket? Unconfessed sin When we don’t confess our sin, we can’t be effective witnesses for the Lord We’re like we feel bad We feel something, you know, the Lord tugging us to say something We’re like no, no, but yeah I know And because of unconfessed sin, the Bible says, he who covers his sin shall not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes it shall find mercy Mercy, by way of definition, is not getting what you deserve And we want mercy, by us confessing, not just confessing but forsaking it He said, then we’ll find mercy So unconfessed sin can act as a basket covering up our lives

So it says nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but– the conjunction of contrast– but on a lampstand and it gives light to all who are in the house Oh, I love that Jesus is saying that His light need to be first seen by those in the house Oh, it’s great He already told us in verse 14 that we’re the light of the world That’s great That’s fine and dandy But the first place, or the first group of people that need to see that light is those in the house Those who are called to ministry, in 1 Timothy 3:4-5, it says if a man doesn’t know how to take care of his own house, how can he take care of the house of God? It’s a rhetorical question with an obvious negative answer He can’t That the home is the testing ground for those who are called to ministry If you can’t lead your family into the things of God, don’t you ever try to come to the church and do it It’s impossible It’s impossible So the home is a testing ground for those called to ministry Oh, there are many guys who get into ministry and they’re praying with people and teaching Bible studies and in groups and all this And the wife is looking and saying, I wish you would that at home So the home is the testing ground for those called into ministry See, we all can be Christians here sitting in these chairs We all can be Christians But can we be a Christian at home? We can show the light We can smile You know how we Christians have that cheesy smile, like we’re posing for a toothpaste commercial And we can do all that here and we go home and be a grump Can we be a Christian at home? Can we shine the light at home? The people in the house need to see it first They’re the first ones, before we take it to the world, the people need to see it at home And then He says, in verse 17, He says to let your light so shine before men Oh, that verb let means not to prevent or forbid, but allow Let your light so shine before men You know, sometime we don’t want to let it shine We don’t want to let it shine for a variety of reasons But He says let your light so shine You know what blows me away is that Jesus didn’t just say let your light shine That would have been great Oh, no, but adds the adverb so in there, which means to such a great extent He says let your light so shine before men Don’t just let it shine, but let it so shine It reminds me of what Jesus says in John 3:16 He says for God so loved the world He didn’t just love the world, but He so loved it, meaning that love was a word that doesn’t adequately describe how He feels toward the world So the adverb so is put in front of love to give love a little more punch, a little more umph He just doesn’t love the world, but He so loved the world Oh, He has to remind me of this from time to time When I look on TV, or social media, and see the mess that’s going on in the world and I get upset The Marine come out in me And I want to get my uniform back on I can barely get a leg in one But I still want to, though And the Lord has to tap me on the shoulder and say, Tony, don’t forget that I so loved the world And He has to remind me He said, and guess what? That world that I so love, it includes ISIS And that’s where I struggle That’s why I struggle And that’s why I’m not God– and you ought to be glad of that– Because they’re just in darkness But they are seeing a light, a great light You know why? Because of you And you’re going over there and building playgrounds and showing the love of Jesus Christ to the children Because, see, those children will grow up and be adults ISIS men But because of you– did you see the joy on their faces? The laughter? They probably haven’t laughed in months They had nothing to laugh about There was no laughing matter over there But because of you, you brought joy in some children’s lives

Oh, you might not have been there physically, oh, because of your giving, there’s children experiencing the joy, because of you Because of you So you’re showing the love of Jesus Christ And so here He is, He says let your light shine before men Oh, there we go, there we go We need to take this light beyond the church It needs to be seen and it needs to shine before men Not just here in the church, but before men, the world out there Why? That they may see– oh, can we stop there? That they may see– they need to see Jesus They need to see Jesus It reminds me of Matthew chapter 17 Oh, you’re well taught You know what this is On the Mount of Transfiguration, you remember when Jesus was on top of the mountain with Peter, James, and John And it said that Jesus was transfigured before them It means that His Deity was shining forth through His humanity and He was glowing The Greek word for transfigure is metamorphoó, a great word It’s where we get our English word metamorphosis from That process that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly And I believe that many of us need to be transfigured We need to experience a metamorphoó where Jesus is shining forth through our humanity So when people look at us, they see Jesus Know that He already said that they may see Oh, it tells us what else that they need to see, that they may see your good works That word good there in the Greek is kalos It means that which is attractive It speaks of beautiful appearance That they may see your good works Oh, this is good here Why is it that they need to see our good works? Because they can’t see our faith They can’t see it As you drive around, and as you leave here and go get something to eat, people in the restaurant, people around you, don’t know who has faith You can’t see it Faith is internal It says that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith, Ephesians 3:17 1 John 4:4, it says greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world Colossians 1:27 , Christ in you, the hope of glory That faith, that is on the inside, they can’t see that But they can see our works, which is external And notice, when they see our good works, what will happen? They will glorify your Father in Heaven The word glorify in the Greek is doxozo It’s where we get our English word doxology It’s a great word It’s a word that means to honor or to make glorious To honor or to make glorious So when our works, and they’re good works, when we are doing those good works, the world will see it And they will give a beautiful doxology of our Father in Heaven Oh, there’s nothing wrong with them There’s nothing wrong with getting a pat on the back, so don’t get it Twisted There’s nothing wrong with getting a pat on the back with somebody saying thank you Don’t get weird on people They say, thank you No, no, don’t look at me, it’s the Lord It’s the Lord Stop being weird You’re being weird They don’t know Lord, they’re looking at you like, the Lord? They don’t know the Lord They just see you, they want to say thank you So just don’t make them feel weird by you being weird Christians can be weird, super spiritual, you know who you are out there Super spiritual You know, I always tell people, I say I am who I am because of that woman who’s been with me over 31 years I tell people that And then I always got to say and feel you super spiritual ones, we know the Lord, we know the Lord Because some of you are super duper spiritual You make people feel weird, you know, because you weird Stop being weird You might reach more people if you stop being so weird Now, I only got six minutes to go, so I’ve got to hurry up Now because I won’t be invited back again, so I don’t want you to say, that will scare the people, he was here too long No, no, no I’m getting there [APPLAUSE] So He says, that they may see your good works and glorify the Father which is in heaven We want to do things just like Jesus did in such a way that when people see our good works,

they will give a beautiful, beautiful doxology of the Father in heaven That’s how we know our works were good Good, as in that Greek word kalos Beautiful that which is attractive And we want to make sure that we’re doing just that Let me wrap it up with this I believe that there are billions of people– there are 7.1 billion people on earth– there are billions of people who are sitting in darkness And they need to see a great light And they need to see a clear, crystal picture of who Jesus is That’s where we come in That’s where we come in And I pray if you’re here today, and you’re experiencing in a spiritual eclipse in your life, you want to come because there’s going to be some people up here available to pray with you There’s going to be some people to pray to get things right You never want to leave here, the same way you came When you come and you sit under the eternal teaching of the word of God, you should leave changed And this is what you want to do You don’t want to leave here fooling around in the same condition you were when you came Or maybe you’re here and you’ve been hiding your light, hiding it out of fear or hiding it because of unconfessed sin You want to get that right with the Lord, as well And finally, if you’re here and you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, hey, I’m here Let me just say this I’m talking about Christianity which deals with a relationship with Jesus Christ I’m not talking about churchianity See many of you got churchianity You come and think because you come and sit in a chair at church that you’re all right with God Hey, let me tell you, that’s not true You need to repent of your sin and accept Christ as your Lord and Savior Believe that He died on the cross and was buried, and rose again The Bible says, you confess that, you will be saved Some of you need to exchange your churchianity for Christianity, a relationship with Jesus Christ [APPLAUSE] And there’s going to be some people available to deal with those things And we’re going to close in prayer And I’m so excited because I got three minutes And I’m finished up in time And I’m feeling pretty good about it [APPLAUSE] So let’s close in prayer Father, thank You so much for this tremendous opportunity to share Your word with Your precious people Lord, I pray that Your Holy Spirit would draw Your people unto You These are Your people, Lord You sent Jesus to die for them And so Lord, I pray that they will not leave here the same way that they came And Lord, I pray for those who are experiencing a spiritual eclipse I pray for those who have unconfessed sin in their lives and fear that they’re dealing with I pray for those who are chasing the almighty dollar Lord, I pray for those who don’t know You as their Lord and Savior Dear God, draw them to You by Your Spirit Lord, I pray that nothing will hinder them from coming to the altar to get things right with You Draw them to You by Your Spirit, we pray In Jesus’ name, Amen God bless you We hope you enjoyed the special service from Calvary Albuquerque featuring our guest speaker Pastor Tony Clark How will you let your light shine? Let us know Email mystory@calvaryabq.org And just a reminder, you can give financially to this work at calvaryabq.org/giving Thank you for joining us for this teaching from Calvary Albuquerque