you you shall be quite enough Hudson bout on a heads for a brief word a prayer before we begin to study God’s Word God is here he’s alive God is alive in youth alive he’s began a work through this powerful time of worship which sarah crazy letters in his presence is sweet as milton made all the announcements and letters in the time of intercession and even as yours truly will lead us into a meditation of god’s word God would speak to each one of us there’s no doubt about it he will speak to a hungry person he will speak to a humble person hungry humble we are hungry God will speak to you even as we approach fashion week via humble God will speak to you gracious Heavenly Father we thank you for youth alive we thank you for the great work of God that has been done among this google generation of Hyderabad through any ladies youth alive all these years it’s been my privilege to be part of this wonderful journey even from the year 2000 to this is 2014 and ice lord I believe that this saturday evening of april you have a message for us each one of us even as we stand at the crossroads I pray Lord that you would speak to us from the cross in Jesus Christ’s name I pray amen a little after midnight mh370 took off from Kuala Lumpur airport it gained height it flew towards Beijing it was flying over South China Sea at that point in time the pilot was in a crossroad we do not know the whole story I’m using my imagination he was at a crossroad does he keep going the way he’s going all will it change direction will it change direction and he changed direction he turned west and it flew back over northern Malaysia and this into the Straits of Malacca and we do not know where the plane went according to an article i read in india today one theory is that that it is actually the plane is very safe of a tiny island of Sri Lanka the ltte terrorists have hijacked the plane and all the passengers are safe and it’s in a tiny island of course of Sri Lanka and all these are theories speculation but here is a plane here is a pilot who’d who turned westward when he was at a crossroad today I was reading a movie review of the movie made tera hero when I’m not movie review I understood what am the one was in a crossroad sort of things whether to choose man Greece fakhri or ileana d’cruz crossroads crossroads do I marry this boy do I marry this girl do I work in this company do I stay in the city which God do I follow which career do I do do I will I become an engineer or I engine driver you know I know these are crossroads do I stay home cooking or do I become a run i’ll keating off boys on Famer or other do i what do i do who this one life i have crossroads now today I want to talk about a man who stood at the crossroads his name was pilot this book which I hold in my hand the Holy Word of God the Bible talks about that man pilot he took a decision on the crossroad of his life that decision was based on the crowds and not his conscience conscience I want to stop there what is conscience conscience is the red light that God has inbuilt you with you know there is a God out there and I can tell you several things about God but one thing about this God is that he’s a holy God Isaiah says he’s holy holy holy he’s tries holy and he created all every one of us and he left a mark in every one of us and he put an ability within ourselves which which which this which helps us to decide what is right and what is wrong and when we goin the wrong it makes us uncomfortable it makes

us as a we have fish outside of water that’s conscience pilot took a decision based on the crowds and not on the conscience when he stood on his life’s crossroad now let’s study this pilot you know recently you know it recently I I passed a milestone in my life where I got a doctorate from southern Asia Bible College the more I study God’s Word the more I studies theology you know I come to this realization more than dry theology what is more interesting is real life stories of people real life stories so today I’m going to talk to you about a real person a person lot like the Google generation of our time his name is pilot so we’re gonna have a long look at him today and I want you to come along with me I want to use the acronym of his name p I la te the all Klein is live and I’ll invite you and you will see that yourself in through this character study first the letter P Prince of Judea pilot the Bible says in Matthew 27 11 he was a cow Anna he was a prince okay yesterday after virat kohli maida another unbeaten knock you know four times out of three times four times india chased in this t20 World Cup 2014 world cup three times Virat Kohli has remained not out he you know yesterday harsha Buckley said you love chasing don’t you III thought you’d say no I love anushka sharma nobody but he said no oven but he agreed you know he agreed with in fact he had to agree loves being at the forefront of a India chase and one article called him khinkali khinkali of the chase okay here I’m talking about a prince of Judea which means there’s somebody over him Caesar is about him and he is sort of the prince he is called the governor in the Bible and he works with the government of Rome and they’re like the United States of art of that time there are their their rulers across the globe and he sent by his government to hold fort in an area of Judea and he lives in a city called cesaria but because it’s passover because it’s a big festival for the Jews because thousands of people from all across the world are going to go to Jerusalem and they expect a law and order problem so the ruler the prince you know sort of Moses base to Jerusalem to take care of the situation he’s the prince of Judah do you say I’m the prince do you say I’m in charge do you say and the boss no we all like to be in charge we all like to be you know we don’t like it when our mummy and daddy try to get too bossy with us especially as we were growing up my son is 11 years old and he doesn’t like it he doesn’t like it when i try to boss over him overnight when my mum when my wife tells him to do something or when I tell him to do something as we grow up we like to rule our own life we like to be the boss of her own life and you you meet yourself you have here as Prince of Judah Prince of Judea pilot and he has something these Jewish leaders are brought in Jesus before em and they said this guy Jesus claims to be the king of the jews and then his antenna raises up King of the Jews I thought I was in charge here who’s this new king whose his new boss coming up you know John 19 chapter 9 you know they stood get talking Jesus and pilot get talking know when where do you where do you come from Tyler gasps Jesus Jesus gave no answer do you refuse to speak to me don’t you realize I have power either to free you are to crucify you jesus answered you have no power over me if it were not given to you from above I like that you have no power over me pilot if it were not given to you from above pilot forgot that his power was given to him by from a bow you know if Modi or whoever becomes the next prime minister of india that person better realize he became the prime minister of india because that power came to him from a bow if you become class leader in your classroom you better realize you became the class leader not because you are very popular not because you were very smart those are not the main issues the main issue is God gave you the power if you became a VP of a copper company that you are working in it’s not because you

are super smarter you are tech-savvy it’s because God gave you that power the moment you forget that that will be chaos do you have looks God gave it to you do you have a job or money God give it to you do you have talent God give it to you do you have a position God give it to you don’t behave like the owner but be like a cat taker don’t strut along like a supremo but be a steward a caretaker what do you have your garage I said I have one life what would you do with this one life I said Lord this one life I will be a donkey carrying your word for the Google generation you gave it to me my life I give it back to you Lord Prince pilot the next alphabet I bi interested in the truth pilot interested in the truth truth truth is very interesting the other day just outside of Delhi in the city of noida a teenage girl in a the month of May few years ago something happened to her that’s the next day morning in her bedroom aarushi talwar isn’t a pool of blood what happened what is the truth about the murder of Arusha tawa daughter of two dentists in noida we don’t know one theory is that her dad was working in the internet okay and he finished his job Ron way past midnight but the internet router was not his room g era exclusive room to herself and he the door was not locked he went into his room to switch off the internet router he saw our russia in bed with their male servant and in the anger the doctor Tala took his golf club and hit trying to hit that servant but Miss name and the golf club head hit his precious daughter teen eat da da Russia and she died and now they are in jail the talvez are in jail for trying to cover it up but we don’t know the truth what is the truth pilot was interested in the truth he was interested in the truth during his first encounter with Jesus pilot in Jesus started converse John chapter 18 what is the truth was 38 pilot us in fact we read verse 33 and you look at verse 38 33 and 3833 and 38 a Johnny Dean it’s like the cloud is like this it’s like a place like this and the crowd is there and the trial this is a trial room and then Pilate trod up pulls Jesus both Jesus and aside to his room somewhere privately and he starts to ask him some questions and that’s what we read from John 1833 at the art and they have a conversation I don’t have time to go through the conversation and during that conversation Pilate asked the question what is the truth would you believe it you know the answer is lying standing 6 feet in front of them Jesus Christ is the truth and pilot without waiting for an answer just passes on without waiting for an answer puzzles on it’s like you know you’re talking to mahendra singh dhoni and you have no idea of cricket or anything and then you ask what is the helicopter 6 helicopter 6 is standing 6 feet in front of you without waiting for him to answer you go away you know what Iowa I when I read that passage i thought to myself there are many pilots in my planet pilots in our offices in our colleges in our neighborhoods they ask the question what is truth or Who am I what’s the purpose of my life what happens to me after I die okay this particular actor committed suicide we saw YouTube images of him how his neck was a sort of ripped by the chains that he hung him from the gym that I worked in this popular telugu actor what happens to somebody when they commit he or she commits suicide all these questions are there people are asking the questions we have pilots your office sir no not only know there are people yes we are interested in buying the latest gadgets we want to buy their s5 and the iphone the iphone 6 which might come in a few months from now those does those things are there but on the other side when we are all alone when we go into our bedroom when we switch off the light when we when he hit the bed I mean we start to think we ask the question what is the purpose of my life is that all there is to my life what what is the goal of my life why am i alive there are

pilots in your world and you know what in this facet in John 18 jesus never interrupted Pilate and said array buyer I’m the truth so Ronald stop listen I on the truth no I I think I think I know why he has given you that privilege of announcing the world announcing to the world that he is the truth he has given you he has given you he has given you the privilege of telling the whole world that he is the truth he has given you the privilege of coding John 14-6 his famous words I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to God but by me interested in the truth pilot the next letter P i l-love dups voice rejecting pilot laptops voice rejecting pilot what is loved up here hot his heart is saying something but he’s rejecting it pilot is rejecting the voice of his conscience know why it has been a ruler of of Judea for a long time he has stood in many judgments and when when somebody is caught in something and he’s going to announce that punishment which is to be crucified on the cross so you know ought to be his courage so I’m going to come to it but Roman soldiers are gonna whip you 39 times these all these prisoners would say would have two things they would be they would be David fear the punishment and they would protest innocence they say no I never did this I never did this some one of them will go on their knees and say pilot have mercy on me please don’t punish me but this this prisoner was different no fear no protests in fact he doesn’t even answer some of the questions he’s just giving one line answers sometimes and then Pilate says in Luke 23 for I find no basis for a charge against this man in fact in John 1838 John 19 for in John 19 6 3 times pilot says Jesus is innocent by it meets Jesus in two sections in those two sessions three times while it says Jesus is innocent but yet we know what Pilate allowed Jesus to go through i’m gonna come to it and my next point next few points yet we know what Pilate did with Jesus he knew Jesus was innocent his voice was he picking to him and you know what there was a voice from within and thank God there was a wise from without his wife his wife said I had a dream I had something about this man she was in all you thank God for our wives you know there are conscious they are they are they are a conscious living conscience and Pilate said no don’t don’t don’t hum this man don’t do anything with this man so the boys from out without the voice from within says don’t harm Jesus don’t harm Jesus let him go release him yet he poured he stifled that wise he lowered advice he know what that wise you have a conscience it says it’s wrong to watch the nudity of another man’s wife you can’t justify it you have there’s a voice within me dude says this is not the way you treat your parents there’s a voice which it does there’s a voice which says that’s not the language you use before anybody do you listen to that voice you listen to that voice in April 1521 1521 many years ago in April Martin Luther was called to appear before Roman Emperor Charles in the diet of worms that of worms means it’s a formal meeting in the place called worms Charles king charles wanted Luther to to recant we can to say all that he believed what did he believe he believed that salvation was only through Jesus you know he believed that the Bible was enough for all matters of belief and behavior so Charles wanted him to deny all that know what Martin Luther said unless I’m convinced by the testimony of the Holy Scriptures or evident reason for I can believe neither Pope nor councils along as it is clear that they have earned repeatedly and contradicted themselves I consider myself convicted by the testimony of the Holy Scriptures which is my basis my conscience is captive to the Word of God thus I cannot

and will not he said my conscience is captive to the Word of God my young friend I challenge you this night to read this Bible again and again and again so that your conscience gets trained by the message of this book there are thousand two hundred chapters in this Bible approximately it doesn’t want two chapters if you read 20 chapters of the Bible during your summer vacation which is which is about two months for those of us or just out of college or just heard on high school if you read 20 chapters of the Bible every day in your summer vacation you cannot read Genesis to Revelation all the Bible I challenge you to do it when you allow this book to to train your conference concoctions to baptize your conscience if I can use that word dude it like if you allow your conscience to sink inside the message of this book you will be a wiser man you will be a holy man the next letter A afraid of the people pilot afraid of the people pilot you know there was this conference called think fest in november two thousand thirteen organized with the help of magazine you know during one of the nights after a long day’s session something happened in the lift of this conference was held in goa the senior journalist apparently misbehaved trying to have oral sex that is in within the few seconds they were to get together the senior journalist along with his young woman was also his employee in in the lift you know she could have kept it she could have kept silent about it fearing for a job but you know what she was bold to write a complaint against it and as a result as a result parentage ball is in jail right now because of the complaint of a young journalist was bold enough to talk about it but Pilate was not bold you know the Bible clearly says pilot was scared of the crowd and pilot apparently was scared of Caesar because the Jewish leaders said you’re no friend of Caesar and pilot pro mediately got scared and then Pilate was scared of the Jewish leaders that mob the Jewish leaders and his boss pilot was afraid of them that’s why he took addition that he took to do to send Jesus to punish when I’m coming to that here was a man afraid he was afraid he was afraid are you afraid of people are you like pilot is a pilot are you listening to me today pilot are you afraid of people why don’t you take water baptism because you’re scared of your family why don’t you witness because you have people fear why don’t you live holy because people around you will market you you know why don’t you whoa you know in fact let me let me talk about something practical you are you you you are in a manageable age and your parents are started talking about your marriage and you know and they say son go find out somebody but you don’t want to propose to that godly girl who’s finished for Jesus as you are because you’re so scared you’re so afraid go ahead and do it after your plan about it don’t wait you don’t have to always walk up to a faster and say pastor do it for me you can do it you got about especially when you’re of knowledgeable age and your parents are not looking out for you what you don’t do I you’re scared of joining full-time ministry because you’re scared oh my god who will take care of my finances pilot are you listening to me today pilot are you listening to me today afraid of people pilot d the next letter T torture of Jesus commanding pilot we’re coming to an important part of our bible study torture of Jesus commanding pilot the Bible says and luke 23 32 the words of pilot I have found him no grounds for death penalty therefore I will have him punished and then release him have you read that verse he said I don’t find any Fault in Jesus therefore I will release him that makes sense but this guy says I don’t find any default in Jesus therefore I will punish him I’ll punish i’ll punish Jesus and release him maybe he thought that is that that is a very political way of you know off you know making people watch what will happen to Jesus and that is technically

called scourging you know Jesus is chained in the middle of pilot oranges for the punishment of Jesus strong-armed Roman soldiers as strong as John Abraham as strong as some of the movie bodies that we have seen you know they come they are under the whip leather whip and in that leather whip there are there are metal pieces there are booked broken bones and broken glass pieces that’s what so some some some Bible scholars tell us and these strong Roman soldiers start to whip Jesus and his back becomes like a plowed field 39 lashes and pilot hopes when people see all that they will say no no no no no enough enough enough enough but you know what they didn’t say enough and pilots plan backfired but it was all the plan of God because when Jesus was kerja when the Roman soldiers beat him on his back he was taking your place and my place as Isaiah 53 5 says the punishment that brought us peace was upon Jesus I sinned against Jesus with my body you know I sinned you sinned against Jesus with your body you the punishment should come on your body the punishment should come on my body but Jesus says I love you that’s why he was silent during the trial he didn’t trying to escape the trial he didn’t answer most of the questions in the trial Jesus willingly offered himself to be punished for your sake he himself bore our sins his body on the tree that we may die to sin and live to righteousness Peter writes Jesus’s blood the writer of Hebrews says speaks a better word than Abel’s sacral he builds blood able story rewind to the book of Genesis Abel was unfairly killed by his brother and his brother and his blood cried out my brother has killed me my elder brother has killed me my elder brother has killed me Abel’s blood is an accusing blood Ethel’s blood is up finger-pointing blood my brother sinned against me my brother is a murderer but Jesus is bloody is not an accusing blood Jesus blood says no matter what do you have done even what do you even if what you’ve done is unthinkable you can come to me my blood will cover your sin even if you you have committed some things even if you have done something far worse than sunup the guy who kidnapped Esther on ouya from that from the railway station in Mumbai drover in a bite Kenda and you know and raped her and tried a rubber and you know going by some reports I thought I think he even had he literally raped her dead body I don’t know what he did God knows even if you’re done things ten times worse than sanap you come to Jesus and you say Lord I’m sorry I repent of my sin I want to tell you this is a grace preacher preaching I’m a great feature I preach grace correctly my Jesus have you come to him in repentance his blood will not accuse he like Abel’s blood disables like vapors blood this blood will not point a finger at you when you come to him in repentance Jesus of blood will cover you it speaks a better word than Abel’s black dragon or a Hebrew says he will forgive you you will be on the road to heaven when you walk with them when you are bide with them you will be on the road to heaven dr. of Jesus commanding pilot and finally endlessly washing his hands pilot Matthew 27 24 25 says Pilate washes Hans’s what asked for a basin and he washed his hands in the basin and said I am innocent of this man’s blood max lucado rights legend has it that pilots wife became a believer and legend has it that pilots eternal home is a mountain lake vary daily surfaces still plunging his hands in water seeking forgiveness legend has it that pilot surfaces out of a lake eternal lake and still trying to wash his hands still trying to wash his hands it’s like you know the lines from the school school school drama Shakespeare drama that you read the lines from Lady Macbeth out damn smart oh that’s more day Lady Macbeth had executed him word the murder of King Duncan you know planned further than I arranged for it and Macbeth is Lady Macbeth is feeling very sorry about it and she says out damn spot out damned spot and she tries to go on watch that

blood stain as he sleep warts and all here is what here is what Pilate was perhaps doing out lamp sport oh I was responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus some way and he’s endlessly asking for forgiveness you know what you don’t have to do that because there’s a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s rains when sinners plunged beneath that fountain they lose all their guilty stains the Bible says how much more will the blood of Jesus who through the Eternal Spirit offered himself without blemish to God to purify your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God the blood of Jesus you come to Jesus his blood will cleanse you his blood will cleanse you he’ll wash you you’ll be pure for sure you don’t have to endlessly go on go on asking Lord have you really forgiven me if you repent and go to Jesus and ask him for forgiveness he forgives you pilot did not do that maybe he didn’t have the opportunity maybe somebody did not explain it to him but you know what his one of his employees a Roman centurion in fact Caesar and then Pilate the governor and under pilot was a centurian taking care of hundred soldiers the roman century in the Bible the gospel says when he saw Jesus died on the cross he said this is the son of God and then one of the dying thieves one of the dying thieves when the other dying people is making fun of Jesus he says he says are we we deserve this punishment but this is the this man does not deserve punishment and he says to Jesus remember me when you come in paradise and then Jesus Jesus says today you will be with me in paradise there are other characters around the cross even as Jesus was dying on the cross for you and me they came to him as especially one of the dying thieves and Roman centurion the Roman centurion had great faith the dying Steve had repentance so we put them together what do you do you repent from sin like the time thief and you believe that Jesus is the Son of the Living God when you come to him he forgives you he forgives you he forgives you he washes you white as snow and he gives you a new life so you are at the crossroads of your life crossroads which way do I go at this crossroad you know this is the most important question do I reject Jesus or do I accept Jesus i invite you to accept Jesus how do you do it when you repent from sin and you believe in him you know he will be forgiven you have a clear conscience you don’t have to endlessly wash your hands like pilot supposedly dead you can come to Jesus Jesus will forgive you of your sin and your heart will become lighter the short fuckball in your heart will be removed and you’ll be light again a joy unspeakable full of glory will be yours but you can’t delay it I don’t know what virat kohli said in the presentation yesterday when India beat South Africa in the t20 World Cup semi-final 2014 he said we didn’t want to be in a situation where we had eight runs to score in Dale Steyn’s last over so I said we planned to finish the match in the 19th or itself because in this tournament Dale Steyn hadn’t had seven runs to defend and he defended it successfully against new zealand so we didn’t want that situation we didn’t want the chase we didn’t want to post for it too much my friends don’t postpone your salvage the Bible says now is the accepted time the book of Hebrews says today if you will hear my voice the Holy Spirit is speaking to you even as I am Telling I told you the story of pilot the Holy Spirit is speaking to you he’s telling you you are a pilot in some ways you are playing with your conscience you are you are you are turning the volume of your conscience you’re going away from Jesus and through this message he’s the Holy Spirit says come back to jesus come and faith come and repentance and Jesus will forgive you and your heart will become lighter you’ll have purposeful living and yeah and he’s got a great plan for you a plan to prosper you and not to harm you what would be your response what would be your response would you close your eyes all eyes closed all heads bowed how many of you will say here I want to come back to this Jesus during this Fashion Week I’ve gone away from him I’ve gone away from him as we as the writer of Hebrews said I have trampled the blood of Jesus

Hebrews 10 29 talks about trampling the blood of Jesus Hebrews 6 6 and Hebrews 10 29 talking about trampling the blood of Jesus insulting the blood of Jesus we’re returning to this returning to sin yes I’ve done that but now I want to come back I want to repent I want to come back to Jesus I see traces of pilot in my life I’m not obeying the voice of my conscience I want to come back to jesus if you say that I want you to raise your hands right now don’t delay it where is he hands yes don’t delay it now is the time of salvation tomorrow may be too late don’t leave it till the 28 / of your life now is now is God’s time today is God’s day raise a hand up I want you to come forward those have you raised your hands come forward come forward quit playing games with God quit playing games with God pilot are you listening to this message wherever you are come forward come for you raise your hand come forward come forward will send a few minutes in God’s presence getting right with them yes yes if you raise that hand come forward come forward yes you don’t have to feel shy about anything here come from come forward come forward come for will wait for you we’ll wait for you all eyes closed all heads bowed yes I am I’m turning down the volume of my conscience when I’m with my friends when I’m in in certain areas of my life I’m turning down the voice of my conscience say that say that I’m sure it says sorry Lord forgive me forgive me wash me the blood of Jesus will cleanse you from every sin the blood of Jesus how much more will the blood of Jesus cleanse your hearts from acts that lead to darkness the blood of Jesus how much more will the blood of Jesus cleanse you that’s what the writer to Hebrews says come back come back say Lord I’m sorry forgive me forgive me even as the worship team leaders in a song I have decided to follow Jesus I want you to just say Lord I’m sorry I’m coming back I’m giving my life once again back to you and even those are seated I want you to keep praying the Holy Spirit is showing you areas in your life where you’re like my lips get right with God come back to him to follow Jesus I have this I follow she says since I to follow Jesus no turning back have this side follow Jesus I have decided and to follow she yes no journey cause before me be pasta for you I cross me world me de Jesus come across before the frost upon chances with light because out of the cross close the blood of Jesus and when you’re famous cleansed by the blood of Jesus sister you’ll be peaceful your heart will be lights your heart will be like but give me G

everybody in this area Jesus just give me crees can follow G I have decided to follow these to follow Jesus the shiny the crowd fall back on turning back the Jewish leader o Nanak back I’m running back the rocks go donar go me still liable for Oh still love of no journey no turning back now what those of you come forward and give everybody you’re watching me you’re online you’re watching me sitting on your seats and why do you pray this prayer with you’re saying you seek some praises of pilot in your life and the Holy Spirit has spoken to you to this message I invite you to pray this prayer with me