like 50 here in this quiet conference waiting for my turn have messages are important to transmit to us here in this conference if you have seen my interviews already I have been touched because I was so ordered give news of events not very pleasant changes earthquakes portals in action this time it’s still the same but another different chapter that I have not talked about here we are going to expose the preparations for the sixth race that is going to populate the planet where are what have been races previous to us I’m going to show astronomical photos of all the regions of the cosmos true mainly from him a place of odón we are more visited in then I think I that there is enough new material so that people prepare themselves for all the changes that we are already experiencing alone are the beginning let your flesh people space already she is ready and support those who reach the level vibrational to be helped because not is going to be a general help is going to be a help according to the person today the 90 until now we have had the opportunity to interview different contacted people where they say that the time is approaching we are in the year 2018 and still we have to wait for a little bit more since you in generated sequa tells us that it is already in the beginning of change but that we are going to reach that change that is needed to that he prescribes and if he has any date to specify when it will be made look at the picasso I can not give them dates because the people of space handles another space time different to us without number one number two the supreme conscience does not want the people find out the exact moment of all changes are not going to happen massive way are going to occur on the planet in an area in another area in different is not going to be simultaneously temptation planet transformation and elevation of vibrational frequency and together with it all in insect plants animals current then this takes time but not much told the truth by calculating the truth I think we’re starting the critical stage of this talk he commented that they come changes for this planet as catastrophes volcanoes earthquakes but now at a different stage if we look at the biggest danger to the planet our that we inhabit in the activity volcanic boozer are already witnessing that many volcanoes on the planet are putting assets will come a moment in which all the volcanoes of the planet are going to be active what does that mean earthquakes earthquakes lava eruption that of flooding cities countryside regions because it’s part of the celestial mechanics this is not what has there are no people with a religious tendency they say that he is made in chain prayer that can be stopped is not like that the change is due to lester mechanics and it’s like there are twelve big ones that they turn around and you can see find just at the time these changes they are given every six thousand six hundred and sixty and six years it’s so dangerous to remember that the yellowstone is located that is They bid for fire of money been like I was commenting that in some

moment they will activate all the volcanoes we talk about mexico that depara a mexico with the volcano in which I said earlier dance in active phase until it produces an explosion tremendous and as if it were a cover from today the part of the mountain half goes to fall into atlixco puebla after a second eruption of lava that goes to center of puebla and another one to the state of mexico three as three emanations farc is legislation is going to get whip that also the portal but if it goes for a hillside cracking and the lava a not strong not explosive way and that is what corresponds to us here in the surroundings is also part of the volcano called still in the university city is active is without new nations is not going to have lava emanation but if there is a red hot lava stream work exactly you are a contracted by the opportunity to enter we enter the chile crater and we see things re surprising now this time you engineer be which tells us that dates for us to be part of the evacuation it can be said that we can do to being part of that group saves me good look at this I’ve been talking about a long time of it there is a program of television that was recorded in Puebla when ask for freedom in activity of the little atp regret that video is worked from saved him and that vocation as they usually do in these programs did not warn me that they took to see some geologists and people here we enter into controversy the Actually I am exporting the kilo but they are geologists I’m electronic but I’ve select and enter a phase of intense activity with emanations eruptive explosives told me and they claimed that it is not the video what can to ask about the truth is that it was the which was told to them I did not say or crazy what only I’m doing repeating what the people of the space good with everything that is us commenting believes that there is the possibility that they no longer exist human being here on planet earth yes it happened to happen look at the planet earth they have said that only a third of the inhabitants will stay alive the two houses of the parties disappear and die simply because they did not reach the right level and the question has come up to reach the appropriate level that is needed that we get we need to look have come many teachers that consciousness supreme has sent us we will have the crisis the doubt mahoma jesus by the end good all of us have given his philosophy his teaching but it turns out that the earthly human being projects in one ear and out the other he does not practice for example in ok he said if we take off of our way of acting and be like this the seven deadly sins that are gluttony greed lust all that greed fear it’s not a change energy field we go up the level after we have guidelines for behaviors that left us moses and that no we follow them forward they are still in force respect and guide our life according to those guidelines and by last we will have the master jesus who seeing that we are people that we do not understand like we have mental retardation not there is a small discount and he left us in two things love me as I have called and you respect the divine will not what

we make unfortunately that which causes me grace you hear funny but the reality is like that we become deaf is similar in that we have others and we do not want to accept or do what we have to do it is very interesting everything that we they comment to me it draws my attention and well I’m waiting for when I touch give your lecture to see these messages that you have to transmit us everything that can happen in another good question this question can the public that did me the favor of pass it on because these are not presented beings once and for all because they do not they come down and show up they were going to they and they come in contact with the human beings the only requirement is that you aura be bright in golden color like they paint you have seen how they paint a ball to Guadalupe’s virgin almost we all have an energy field called now but not as precious as is as they ask for a golden Christ and more great we are having just a wave of this kind to be considered So for me to have that, it’s very difficult I have the soul I cron of and the I need to work hard on that aspect I would love to have this or find me with one of those cherry trees have some experience like that but not we are all privileged or not because look they are not going to come to your house to knock on the door to call them you have that go to the forest you have to be alone and normally the encounters of these people they are from 4 in the morning of 4 to 6 and yes yes while you have to endure there the cold be that suffered after returning then it is very easy for me the hard part is knowing what they say well talk well and act well this already we they have said many philosophies in truth shows that it is the Christian catholic we they say the word thought little ones and now the same but with other words and now they have increased the omission that I I say it’s the vat that does not help for young people who do not also moments that the council would give them the new youth of the accelerations I breathe number one do not dress up black because the color black absorbs energies of x we ​​can say of low level I do not say water but low level another do not dress up with that kind of clothes all burst in the pants do not fight with those hairstyles that look like cow’s life 2 with music without barriers me in 40 years of having contact with the space people and money contagion like with 16 different races I have never seen a being like that we are to give terrors and all the young they imitate this type of behavior I hope that also because they do not know what they are calling or to those who are exposing very interesting Well, it’s still very interesting, they know young people since they are not seeing each other do not do good things that look bad and we are not a wall as if they call two how will you design it I will try not to do it but there are some hotels with networks social social networks where they can locate look have to get in Contact with my click coordinator and gives them all kinds of information talks interviews of all good on the subject of Jesus in the sense that he said what his kingdom does not belong to this world because so my work towards this world is

this one try to make this world belong to his kingdom making us more aware I would not tell you contacted I would say conscious a person that is conscious stops being imprudent in consciences damages and understanding what is consciousness we can achieve it, we contact you says with jesus and he is the teacher that teaches us to lead with humanity and consciousness to be able to help others that way consciousness is the basis of faith and there part of obedience because I can to be contacted and we can be obedient but if I do not decide to do the things that demand because I am already revealing it to your mandate and there comes in again from conscience ok I understand that then you are contacted you are officially now just exactly my my conscience it was opened and that way it was possible to enter in blood to that platform where there few people many people who want to enter and it’s more comfortable is in unconsciousness and have no responsibility because you are already aware the tasks and that’s where a lot of people close here ideas accept ok and when it was this moment in which in which you good to open or you had the conscience but I started from 6 years old I started unconsciously I realized that I could see what people saw for example the aura the soul and the people do not one do not I wanted to start giving more details for people to believe me they gave me precise details of what they they wanted to tell him and that’s how he went expanding with a time in my life that I managed to shut up that did not speak only what I kept but then changed he told me you have to speak what you have to express it and then there are prayers from people experiences reflections and that of that way I managed to write a book to which it does not come from leaving the territorial for theft and we hope that people like it we have practiced with several people as we call them contacted with whom they talk to extraterrestrial or different races how or why is this what Jesus is good first because he let himself see electrical who was and told me clearly that he needed me to talk in his name just that and that way you can give your face your eyes and some physical features in your face they were serious that they knew so that when I saw someone who resemble Jesus, do not be deceived I explain why the darkness says It is very skillful you can pass previously there is only one thing that he can not do his look his eyes his eyes of jesus are brown clear the eyes of the dark when it disguises that being that comes to deceive you that are jesus are blue and there is something else his eyes spill part and in the people who have really seen jesus know that with just one look his life changes he does not need to talk just one look then my goal is to make you take a life of Jesus and you can see that without a single word you could change flatly his being is a squat look they do not occupy more than they had when when they were six years old just me and you do not see that Jesus was only seeing the silhouette of light and they saw the image but these days I left my grandfather dead and I thought it was my grandfather and so I stayed until a stage in the turn until the mother of him maria mariana approached me and I explain he has to prepare me because his son was going to be with me I had to do berries certain things that he sent me would accept constructions preparations fasts and that’s when later I say you’re the Jesus just in an unexpected way not because we were prepared but to hit a increase that neither his mother told me in what time was it going to be about who he was prepared and until he retired this preparation lasted almost two years 3 and Jesus arrived one day in the morning as something like that in the morning saying and ducking to put the boots with so single look and I was there and he asks me if I knew who he was

and if not which I answered jesus puppets Your name of Jesus and take me from Mexico that everyone knows you by Jesus of Nazareth and very few people know you with your real name jesus is very important that the world first know its name because he said this in my name the demons of your will be banished body but your laughter invoke jesus from Nazareth and the only problem is not bad is that you do not achieve the sentence truly from left that demon to caesar of darkness that we all bring for not acting in an appropriate way this is part of what the task that the darkness has done not let us know is the man your question of the Anyone who is around here I have from the morning as is the weapon of the tomorrow everyone talks about Jesus everyone is contacted but nobody says what’s it called that causes me curiosity because somehow by its name is that and that simply because that is happening if they are really contacted because we should all know his first name it’s something that is failing us over there something is wrong I have a question one or one doubt he has contact with these beings of which one has been speaking in this congress some and see jesus treated a slightly wider picture from what I see in the sense who is Jesus for the universe or who is the universe for jesus actually there are venues of other galaxies of others worlds that they recognize Jesus as the son of god and they know that he is god in this ministry the earth for two is god although he does not recognize himself as I am because I’ve talked to him explains and explains to me that he is not god is the son of god who became a teacher for us then we we have a teacher who is the son of God our ignorance was so much that we killed for fear of what it represented in the world gave me the title of god if not only the son of a god is he recognizes his father as one god we recognize Jesus as God I think we have a cooperation is a teacher if we achieve that says teacher remain to our ignorance they retired we are full of ignorance because we lost are more we have to return that teacher here he gave classes again we are lost so good if I had contact with our beings and I can not think of another ask any message they share equal both the beings of whom it has been talked about as the most ancient of all love and respect in everything what you have been asked several times that if I have a message from Jesus that another statement has been given gentlemen we could not with the first as we hope to have the second one third one fourth one fifth said amen and Respect in fact the ten commandments made them one the love and respect we could not achieve that because we can expect more tasks if we can not leave the first you have to see and learn to love yourself and respect yourself and then we can think in the second task in fact in love and respect if they realize in these days not only in mexico in the humanity has been lost there is no longer love or respect and the first amendment that he gives us then let’s try to even meet the first to see what happens next in the way of sergio and obviously the root of all this there was some place where had you focus for example on a religion or another you have been learning how are we going as a disciple I do not have any religion I belong to none and the ares but in all look at all the religions of world have an essence of Jesus finally everyone believes in him the details is imagine that they will sit Muslims Jews Jews Christians Catholics and make a dialogue table and say I have the perfect baptism I have a correct sentence I have the communion and so everyone will be delivered what

which is managed to accumulate over time but you ask the any religion and they are all number one and it is good and really neither one is good nor is it bad everyone has an essence of it if we could overcome the variety of spiritual this would change easily but really we occupy nothing just change the chip and they already put them of an extreme variety in the spiritual changing all this changing we arrived to leave because the vanity of the mundane this one in this way we can transcend arriving to be something similar or to get to be with the He said that you or we can make things bigger than he he wanted to not let us say the problem is again we do not want any responsibility all heard of the lives of their prophets of people who preach full wrong none ends well why because he lives for example the tithe no longer steal from people he did not come for money and John Caesar what is of Caesar and God what is god’s domino for money humanity if that false humanity because we still do not reach that degree of variety we call ourselves humans we say human beings but we are men if the son of god in the books that are written what mention as man and son of man I say because we are going to the black mankind if not even we had the ability to defend that be that handed the knowledge the abundance prosperity the mercy forgiveness for nothing and we do not give him that human title who is the only one who achieved that title from there we have focused or we they have taught badly but leaving everything that is religions to believe or not to believe in your crisis we want to take a step as beings we have taken a step forward evolved we are going backwards we go back in its entirety no no we have achieved the slightest task that he has given us that’s why he’s already worried about us Now he’s worried about us all the answers and we and incredibly we do not hear it for example a message to people like can get back on track to the asia let’s what he wants to what we come to this world look is something very simple in your question is very well done excellent so that the people can find the way that does not they have lost the first thing you have to do is kneel down and the audience means that I come to show humility what we see millán before someone who can develop in your house in your room I recommend it in a green area in a forest garden guide let his knees touch the earth and that you contact mother nature you show your humility serrat his hand was done in the invocation You give the name of your god for example jesus I come to talk with you I do not know now I do not know how to pray, I’m lost but if you have mercy and find me youtube is still waiting also like you are waiting for me I’m waiting for you, forgive me for being ignorant and there it is silent that you do not speak anything you already have clear already realized that you’re going with respect that you do not have variety spiritual and that is going to bring you now what is the key to him answering that you already do not talk because you’re probably going to start asking there now give me this I have a job I want more money change the car my wife did this my dad and just another one here and there for the vain requests for that from the village that exceeds they declare themselves ignorant and keep silence the silence is the perfect prayer in this way when silence speak is the silence that speaks is he you have to learn to keep quiet and obeying this is the way to find him

very interesting everything you have commented sergio this message we are going to make it reach many people that we they are buying some video by which can communicate with you in case of who want to know more I’m even going to leave the phones so that possibly you have the ability to convey the past and that the people know a little more about how to find to jesus here I clarify anything you I need it to be within my reach costs nothing everything is free no no no charged a single penny and they can up get any information through of emails via telephone there is no problem hello how about good afternoon this is very well thanks exactly I have a message that was given on Wednesday I will give readings and want to know how was to contact me to be interesting but will synthesize as a post later Well, he already tells us the message for all good sides I have contacted the age of four years and from there I was contacted I also saw abducted at 11 and they followed visits in the evenings and until now until this moment I keep contacting my street that was the one that gave me the I carry and everything and this and it is precisely the Wednesday just gave me a message talking about the truth what is the truth what contains a message for them because I asked them and he he answered in this way for a few and then for all of humanity it is for all humanity I guess it’s a good thing yes it would be very interesting to hear or rather that everyone else listens this message and I had the opportunity to listen to it a few hours ago interesting what he tells us now yes we like that he will transmit it to more people for all the planet is in the process of transition to the new earth the last ten years we have dedicated ourselves to preparing the planet and humanity for the change to multidimensional and quantum states of consciousness and reality the changes in the bodies in effects of light have been designed to free them from the old collective matrix redesigning its adn so they can work within this multidimensional reality based on the fifth dimension you will be able to feel clearly what kind of space and dimension occupy with their actions in the third feel fearful and in the fifth they will feel relaxed peaceful people are no longer stuck in a reality everything is flowing in the next two months they will be used to feel the change dimensional the new earth is manifesting and you are invited to cross this bridge magic activated on the portal the bridge iris is within you and you activity when you make the choice of move life to the new earth multidimensional waves of cosmic energy cheat these are the are coming with the diamond light and water codes that receive now their bodies will feel impacted by the energy process at just as the earth a land that will be the genesis process the elders of lactic workers work with the energy of the new land with the mission is to guide through the bridge and they are already in place they will open access to the new land with this I have surrounded myself by the angel confederation every day is we are talking about the commander of the Mr. healing which is precisely this is Jesus he is the one who commands and has an exact date for the new change that is presented on new change is going to be personal is going to be of 1 base within two months we are not talking about August but more It’s about is the change you will follow Well, this message is very interesting that he gives us calls me a lot attention because she goes two people here in these interviews I do not they mention about jesus that is the one that is commander or benestar and it is like that like something for me is not me aliens jesus this one

but very very interesting all this message the young of new generations right now that are more advanced this is ready to these people will suffer the change holes are already more advanced ahead that we do not they encourage to suffer the change they too that as we have a change as it will be this change it is a change to another expired we are in the third dimension we are going to change to fourth density to be able to be prepared and go up to the fifth dimension how would this change physical mental spiritual transformation how it would be very important is going to be spiritual if we have to open ourselves spiritually to be able to receive that change and that we can be one social networks and this my facebook is messenger of light and my phone number en 22 21 15 51 52 it is important for all of us like this that arias against and not only and always be aware of the big changes we can make for good and therefore something that you want to add if it is for good so they listened easy because they listened to all the interviews that we have made the course of this very interesting day all the information who have given us now the only thing that we are left is to apply apply 11 or for at least try to apply in one of the advice that they have given us because that is what it takes to be able to make a change on our planet earth and we we can make this better but this it’s up to us so we have to implement this great change that originates in the month of August so do not miss them at the end of August is commenting to see what happens in these in our times Well, 300 women find the another actually we continue happy and privileged because we have a person at the altar very well known for social networks like when the world view is in good joy in fact I see you on Monday and here we are with yohanan díaz that as you thought of this congress well, very interesting, I think that people get a lot of information very outstanding in terms of these objects unidentified flyers the contact and everything that this topic really implies so I think it’s something that goes to help understand more this topic of contact ism you think that the goal that was achieved had of birds to the estate did not tripled because it really was not expected so much of such amount of people and on the part of the organizers good They expected a third of what that fortunately entered now the auditor is 98% and I think that the participation of the public that there was here in this event you think you can be done to another, not usually that does not happen for many circumstances it is the moment is the dynamics that is playing are the messages are the contactees is difficult every event It is unique and unrepeatable the message that was wanted to transmit to this conference that is that there are euros in the people yes but look is that you also have to see what it was that I expected people not to hit people I wanted the best the end date of the world people expected to be told in what locality would that be earthquake and we realize that that’s not it was said then I think and I see that somewhat it’s the disappointment of some people because they were not given what they they were looking but what I do have left very clear is that the agency carries a variety of a range of information tremendous that yes that was achieved that the people understand in a greater percentage what the subject implies with tactics that was in the audience for johan on the 10th remains of this event many lessons a lot of compression in about the issues and the realization that the contacts are still beings humans who breathe with toilet they do everything and they get pissed too and we saw that they are not tolerant of them and who want to impose their will and what they say about the will and about what others say and all those people who also fortunately, there is now social networks and you can have a pretty information cluster interesting so good other things besides looking to look for what we really want in terms of information we want those who want to know more about actively and very well if on twitter at yohanan díaz on facebook like

yohanan official day youtube that my main means of communication in these moments find me how they manage days so we invite you to without any group of 50 unusual projects experience good afternoon then I found myself here with a character that you already surely they locate a lot that is daniela age and a I’d like to have you here at this conference and find out what you think about all this gave me liked the event particularly the conference of antonio portugal and I know what but it was a good event but as I say these two conferences are the ones I walked by stoppages what did it bring you that the learning that you take look of the stories of the contacts with the giants with the ground centers local and I really liked it no more clear what message could I convey to the people who are watching you from element that you were here I would tell you that If you have the opportunity of the city true these conferences so hopefully to be born as soon as I think that soon they will post then watch them and we follow here many times that when that you liked the interview and here we are with you and we continue asking more people what this event seemed we have Mrs. alycia serranos also one more person from the public of the which was here in this great one conference that you thought this event extraordinary had never happened had seen a congress and then I it seemed very interesting very important for all the people I hope there’s more opening to all this information despite that they were from 10 in the morning until almost nine o’clock at night here you were sitting but it was worth it a lot he liked most about these conferences itself all the information of all and each one of the exponents and the message you carry you reach as to be able to apply then as they said open up consciences and do that the family also saved them thank you very much for being a work in home also thank you very much for the words that you just gave us to people who obviously could not be here in this event and for the we invite you to simply with us I need very good evening we are here in the congress of 99 some intense here of mega recording grabando y de sangres en la conferencia primeramente un saludo a todas ustedes un agradecimiento sobre todo a johana días que él hace que todo salga muy bien aparte de todos los contactados creo que son verídicos un ejemplo no sé si hay un commentary aquí les voy a dar un comentario el género se cual dice que una vez que estaban en un juego de fútbol estaba jugando y se apareció una nave pues mucha gente quedó en duda y ahorita que jugó alemania con méxico en el estadio allá en rusia una persona levanta el teléfono están jugando y sale arriba del estadio es de ver su comentario para afirmar de todo lo que dicen cada uno de los contactados espero que todo esto se haga más seguido y que la difusión llegue no sé a los gobiernos a la gente hasta que no le interese el tema pero que vengan a apoyar este tipo de conocimiento que parece mentira mentira pero es mucha ayuda ya que es uno de los elementos muy capaz para este tipo de your calificó de 9 se dice también ya le calificó mueve porque hay muchas preguntas que nos hicieron tan concretas de las que no fueron concretas fue mucha ventana y fueron muy pocas la verdad fueron no nos llega una oportunidad de que la gente pregunta no se desenvolvieron poquito más que me está diciendo hay mucho material por ahí todavía de mucha gente hay mucha gente que todavía no sale del closet mal dicho hay mucho material todavía que no revelaron los contactados el ingeniero seco tiene muchísimo conocimiento muchísimo material e inclusive aguantaría no sé no alguna persona ya

reconocida como johan as días creo yo creo yo que le atino al juntarlos porque mucho mucho mucho mucho conocimiento vuelvo a repetir en perú argentina en méxico sobre todo méxico hay ahorita al señor de zacatecas lo que está diciendo que la tierra se supone que es cueca y por dentro tenemos una bola de canales extraterrestres para no hablar más de que son seres de otro lado estar aquí y siempre han estado aquí exactamente eso es lo que bueno son temas que quedaron todavía volando esperamos que vuelva a haber otro otro congreso así nos unamos y podamos por el sí que que nos contesten todas esas preguntas y entonces si llega un buen sabor de boca de todo esto se va yo creo que si ustedes que bueno los medios como usted yo creo calculo que hace falta un poquito más de información y más de medios para este tipo de eventos vamos a tratar de apoyar a los ignorantes a los medios ya los que son muy capaces en el tema en el tema del fenómeno extraterrestre o en el mal llamado ovni pero si yo agradezco esta entrevista buenas tardes pues me encuentro aquí con erika un estudiante de la universidad en la cual decidió venir aquí a este congreso me interesa preguntarte por qué decidiste un momento en común en zorita te pareció bueno en primera es porque pues es muy interesante toda esta cuestión de los contactados de los ovnis y bueno nuestro conocimiento no habitante información y supe de la conferencia y me encantó dice bueno pues vamos siempre hay que buscar más información siempre hay que estar bien informados y que bueno ahora que van a traer a los contactados a los especialistas pues vamos a ver igual porque pues no había tanta información en las redes sociales ni en internet ni nada por lo mismo que el gobierno los trata después de manipular la información entonces para hacer una buena búsqueda pues tienes que llegar a la información siempre a la profundidad cuál fue la conferencia entre más te taste bueno está el paso del tiempo un completo que empezó los días yo llegué como las 11 pero como completa me gustó muchísimo hay otras prácticas en canadá cuando se tratan sobre el área 51 y más allegados en eeuu hay mucho más prácticas me fascinan en las prácticas porque puedes hay conferencias y aparte de todo pues está la del bono como icon también es un especialista de llevar a todos los extraterrestres a todos los especialistas de bueno creo que ellos tienen más información ya que ellos están allí mismo y viven todo bueno amigos pues esto ha sido todo el evento ha terminado poco a poco la gente como ven ya se está retirando muchas buenas opiniones muy buena experiencia diferente contra todos los puntos de vista que al final no se trata de convencer sino todo lo que se va a comerciales solo tú puede tener la last word bien pues si nos vemos con un muy buen sabor de boca y de hecho yo creo que muchos como pudiste notar en las entrevistas se van muy contentos en este congreso y en algunos pues se llevan la información que querían otros a lo mejor no tanto pero muy contentos así es bueno pues esto ha sido otro evento especial aire son contrarios los proyectos en ti les agradece y solamente estamos en futuras campamentos los servicios de tormentas reyes les agradece junto con windows y acuérdense que este grupo se hizo para el despertar de la conciencia humana