Wow, so quick They said “goo goo” Hi What’s this? Is it Channel Plus? Or for everyone? Is it Channel Plus or not? I’m not sure Tell me Tell me Tell me “It’s for everyone” Hi I just arrived at our hotel for our encore concert in Thailand Hello Did I say that wrong? BLINK. I told you that I was going to be on V LIVE a while ago, right? Were you all waiting for me with the alarm on? Hi Is it 11:30 in Korea? Close to 12? Aren’t you sleepy? Were you all awake or were you sleeping? Were you up because you thought I might come? 12:30. It’s late Because of the time difference It’s really late We’re going to start our encore concert tomorrow It’s been so long, it almost feels like my first concert I’ll be OK and not make any mistakes, right? I’m wearing something girly My mom said it was all right Funny I told you that you should think about questions to ask me on V LIVE earlier Did you think of your questions? How do I look now? Is the picture quality OK? I’m abroad so Is it OK? Good? The picture quality. Is it good? Good? Amazing? Wow. I wonder why it’s so good right now Why is it so good? Destiny? Ask me questions I’m not hungry As soon as I got on the plane earlier, I ate some doenjang stew and rice and went to sleep Dalgom? Dalgom is so cute these days But Dalgom looks kind of messy so I’m respecting Dalgom’s privacy I was thinking about uploading a video I took with Dalgom, but I thought that it could be embarrassing for Dalgom So I didn’t upload that video After Dalgom takes a bath, I’ll turn on the V LIVE so you can see Dalgom Dalgom’s bare face I don’t have a cold but my throat is slightly swollen So I drank a lot of water today and I’m going to warm up a lot before the concert tomorrow Yeah, when I come to Thailand I always say “I don’t have money” So the fans in Thailand say “JISOO, I don’t have money” when they see me It’s like saying “JISOO, no money” So it’s really funny LISA told me she’s going to tell me something

that all the insiders say these days before the concert So I’m going to learn that tomorrow and say it at the concert Something the insiders in Thailand say Something new besides, “No money” She said she’ll teach me something new “Show us what’s in your makeup pouch” My pouch? Do I have it here? Pouch Open my pouch I’m going put some lipstick on I’ve been meaning to do that I’m not sure why you apply this but our makeup artist always puts it on our lips So I just follow what our makeup artist does It’s not like it makes a really big difference but our makeup artist always puts it on so we always apply it on our own too Our makeup artist has been I always put on things our makeup artist gives us On YouTube, people do this to show the viewers the products But I don’t have much in here. It’s small I had this small bag today and there’s nothing inside really The two lip products I just used and a mirror Where did I get this? I got it with JENNIE Did I get it in Manchester? I got it when we went some place It’s a mirror Mirror and lipsticks Wow. JISOO My lip balm. It says JISOO on it I have one with my name written in Chinese But it’s my favorite so I leave it at home So I do it That’s all in my bag “Are you going to grow out your hair”? Yes, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought About getting extensions or not Because it’s more comfortable to not get any extensions but when I’m on stage, it looks prettier when I have longer hair So I was thinking about getting extensions But then I didn’t get a layered cut this time so if I wanted to get extensions, I’d have to get a lot So I decided to let it grown out naturally I think I’d only need about 2 months or so My hair grows really fast I’m going to grow it out “Are there no guests for today’s V LIVE”? I know I’m sure there’s someone that’s watching now Is no one watching? If there is any member that is watching this, please feel free to join me any time Come on! LISA sent a message that said “Welcome” earlier Where are you LISA? I wrote, “Where are you… I miss you” Huh? Chaeyoung? Chaeyoung I just got a message from her but if I press on her message, will this V LIVE screen turn off? I’m not sure Chaeyoung you can look up my room number and come join me Was it for me? Or was it a message in our group chat room? She’s writing so many messages It’s her 7th one 8, 9. Chaeyoung. I can’t read your message Because it might turn this V LIVE off You can see my room number in our group chat room Chaeyoung sent another message 2, 3 More. 4 Why is she sending so many? How is this supposed to work? Did she have something to say? What could it be? Chaeyoung. Come on ROSÉ! My bangs? They’re right here These are my bangs

That’s the good thing about having see-through bangs See? Here are my bangs Can you see them? Doesn’t it look natural? Doesn’t it look like I came like this from the start? It looks even more natural like this If I do this No? Doesn’t it look natural? Chaeyoung Are you on your way? Chaeyoung sent a lot of messages but all of a sudden she’s silent Is she on her way? Get rid of my bangs again Huh? Another message Where are you? I think she’s watching this V LIVE for sure Are you watching this? Chaeyoung Guest. Chaeng-st. Chaeng-er That sounds like gangster… Huh? “I’m coming” Wow I read her message Chaeyoung is coming Wait Someone wrote “JISOO English please” And I spoke English just on time I’m getting them here Come on, come on over here Welcome everyone If Chaeyoung comes LISA isn’t watching now is she? After we tricked LISA about the chicken skin LISA found out about it We tricked her into believing that the chicken skin is chewable toothpaste For those of you who don’t know this story yet We were talking about chicken skin one day and called it “Chi-kkup” for short LISA asked what that was And we told her that it was chewable toothpaste that you could eat and she believed us but now she knows the truth Come in So we have to think of something new to trick her about She’s here! Let’s plan later Who is it? Do you want to do a V LIVE with me? It doesn’t have to be a V LIVE – Do you want to do it here? – I kept writing comments but it seemed like you couldn’t see them so I sent you messages Want to do a V LIVE with me? I think the people who read my comments would have had a big laugh – I kept… – Really? Did you write comments? – I answered to everything you said. When you talked about eating doenjang stew, I wrote that I ate it too I wrote, “Me too” I only saw that one comment “I’m coming”! – She didn’t see all of my comments – So I said “she’s coming” That’s so funny I saw that there was an alarm for your V LIVE and the title was “Come on pigeons” So I was like, “Huh? What’s up with pigeons” – I was wondering what it was – I kept saying “ki-dul” (slang for wait for me) – So it was a play on words – I knew it So that’s why the title included pigeons Introduce yourself There could be some people that don’t know us Of course. I’m on the same team as JISOO ROSÉ of BLACKPINK My real name is Park Chaeyoung Nice to meet you What kind of group is BLACKPINK BLACKPINK is known for their powerful songs – and really… – What if we hurt the feelings of “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” – I’m still talking – Go! Sometimes we’re really bright and other times we can be really dark and chic BLACKPINK is a really cool girl group So deep What about ROSÉ’s role in BLACKPINK? BLACKPINK needs her I was so bored in bed and LISA called me on Facetime – And she told me to come quickly. What if she’s in my room? – LISA could be in your room LISA said “I’ll come over. I’m almost there” So I said, “Hurry up and come” – But I came here – Yeah, LISA sent me “welcome” and I said – “Hurry up and come over I miss you” – What if LISA comes here too? That would be funny – Fruit. It looks yummy – What’s that? – What kind of fruit is this? – What is that? Yeah, what is it?

– What’s this? – What is this? – What kind of fruit is so neon colored? – A fruit in Thailand – What is this? – It’s neon colored – It would taste good, right? – What is this? I’m sure it will be good though. – I’ll open it – Really? – I’m looking forward to this fruit I like Thai food – Can you eat that? – They gave you a lime? Perfect! Totally perfect! – I got hurt right here. – Where? – I got hurt right here. Here! Oh yeah The reason I got hurt was because – Apparently there are many different stories – It’s looking a lot better It’s almost gone now There are many versions to this story – I’ll tell you what happened here – Please tell us quickly – Are you curious? – Yes! I can’t tell you with that reaction Give me some more! Yes! One octave higher! All right. I’ll tell you since you tried They’re saying that this is a really tasty fruit Lychee…. What was it? You did a really good job It looks so different inside – Want one? – It’s totally different in the inside. What is this? – Totally double-faced – It’s totally different. It doesn’t make any sense – Hold on, let me see… Oh I’ll tell you how I got hurt first. – Tell us that story first There’s about 4 sections at our concert, right? After we do “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and before our solo part, I went down on a life and it was too low for me But I was in such a rush to get changed – and I bumped my face on the lift – She hurt herself on the rail And right before my solo performance – You were crying because it hurt so much I felt so bad for you. – It went all the way in – Really deep – Oh no It hurt so much and when I tried to open my eyes bigger, it would stretch out the cut here I almost saw my bones I’m overreacting I almost said hello to my nose bone It hurt so much so I cried a little – You had tears in your eyes – I didn’t know what to do I was so worried about my solo performance because it was the next song scheduled – Oh yeah. – But then I started to get a really bad headache so I took two pain killers and changed orders with JENNIE – That’s a relief. – But I was able to calm down and I felt somewhat better so I went last for my solo performance It was amazing that you even went on stage I was so worried about you I don’t even remember how I performed that day You banged your head on that rail really badly But towards the end because of the 2 pain killers, I didn’t feel so bad and I was kind of excited – Didn’t some people think of it as a pimple? – Here? The staff members were all so worried about me and they all felt bad for me at the time but when I went to work the next week, they told me I had a pimple here so – What? – I was like, “You were at the concert too” They said they didn’t know it was from the concert because I got over it so quickly What’s this Look – It’s really good – What is it? – But I opened it the wrong way – I don’t know what to do with this – That’s the really tasty fruit Isn’t that the fruit that looks like a brain? – The one that looks like garlic. – Yeah, the one that looks like garlic! It’s really good Show them the garlic Garlic Wait, I’ll put a piece in your mouth It really does look like garlic – Not my style. Not my style – Totally my style Not my style Why is this so cool Try this. Come on It’s so round – It’s scary – Try it How come it’s crunchy? How does it taste? Does it taste like lychee? Not my style, not my style Not bad, not bad What’s this? It’s not an apple is it? – It’s kind of unique – It’s not an apple is it? I think this garlic looking fruit tastes the best It’s called a mangosteen – All fruits that have “mango” in the names taste good. – Mangosteen Garlic-steen Your hair is so long Yes It’s so good – Who is it? – It’s LISA – Really? – Right? It’s LISA! Wow – Did you go to my room? – LISA LISA, want to do a V LIVE together?

Come on let’s go and play It doesn’t have to be a V LIVE LISA, we we’re eating these – What’s that? – Garlic-steen Mangosteen? – It looks like garlic – It’s mangosteen. – Insider – The insider joins us. – We were calling it garlic-steen because it looks like garlic. – In LISA What are you doing? Patting your bangs Patting your bangs – So funny – I saw the airport pictures – The fans at the airport – So pretty So pretty Another garlic-steen Garlic steen? That’s such a weird name JISOO made it up Tal-loo-lah – Look at her face – I’m JISOO, I’m OK – What’s that? – I don’t know. – I told them That you were going to teach me something cool to say tomorrow And that the era of “no money” is long gone I prepared something for you The Thai BLINK fans at the airport kept shouting “no money” to me earlier – No money – “No money”. – “No money” – So I – It’s so funny. – Now, you can say “I have money” – You can tell them you have money – She must have made some money – Working hard – I can pretend I’m rich What’s this? – “Do you have money”? – Stop eating the fruit already – So funny – JENNIE is probably next door too Yeah – Isn’t she asleep? She said she was sleepy – Yeah I’m so hungry. LISA, let’s eat something I was going to bring some dessert If you want dessert, come to my room – What kind of dessert is it? – Go get it please LISA Let’s hear what kind of dessert it is Sticky rice Sticky rice but kind of runny – With some juice – Not my style. Not my style – Why is there juice? – Do you know lychee? – Yes – There’s some lychee in it – And it’s sticky rice? – Yeah, it’s good That’s a dessert? Fascinating It’s really sweet Sweet Don’t want any? Not interested? Not interested Garlic steen, garlic steen? I feel like a baby whenever I eat this – What’s this? – That’s a huge piece Half JISOO – I’m going to stay like this so I look like a ghost. – Half JISOO Why are you pretending to be a ghost? “You just look like normal LISA” Why did you wear such a long skirt today? Is that new? – Of course. It’s the first time I’m seeing it – Yeah – I had it for a while but I’ve never worn it before. – There are seeds in this too Why just half of you? Come in all the way It’s so good I’m going to wash my hands for a minute Not my style, not my style – What’s chi-kkup – Short for “chicken skin” – “She’s become a genius” – Because at first… – You’ve gotten wiser Some fan came to me and gave me chicken skin – It would be fun to have JENNIE here too – And it looked like the gum type – Like the gum type toothpaste – Go get her But you’re supposed to spit it out later And I told her, “I got chi-kkup” – You said “It’s chi-kkup” – “I got chi-kkup” – That’s what I said – And I said something Someone came and asked me – if I knew what chi-kkup is – Where is this? – At the fan signing event – I bragged about getting some earlier – I said, “I got some earlier” – You got some chicken skin? – Yeah – Chi-kkup? – And they told her. – They told her – “Chi-kkup”? So I went – Why are you making that face? – And they went, “chicken skin”? So I was like – Totally bewildered Someone came and gave her some so I tricked her but a fan came later and told her what it really was That fan was a little bewildered – They were surprised… – They were like, “someone gave you chicken skin”? – They were so surprised. – I told Chaeyoung that someone told LISA the truth And her face went like this – She was like, “Who told her”? – Who told her? But that fan seemed really cautious about telling me. Like they weren’t sure if they could tell me – Yeah – It’s OK

Is this a lime LISA? – Nope – Try it if you want to find out. – Isn’t this – Can we get room service? – This is an orange – I’m not kidding – It looks like a lime – It’s definitely not an orange – Peel it. – Is it a tangerine? – Tangerine – Are you trying to get back at us? No It looks like it would be really sour It’s a lime. Or a lemon? Let’s do rock, paper, scissors and try taking a bite It looks really sour – I think you’ll lose – Yeah BLINK fans want us to recommend a movie to them I want to recommend “Moana” It’s so much fun – Wow – What? There was a movie I wanted to recommend, what was the title – I think it was “Aladdin” – Really? I haven’t seen it yet. – Watch it in 4D Really? Is it that good? – Yeah. – I didn’t see it in 4D – It’s like “A Whole New World…” I went to see it twice Really? So I was like, “OK” OK OK – No – Why not? I think I’d get sick – It’s not that bad… And they spray water – It’s not that sour – In the middle – I tried it You guys kept singing the songs Sorry I’m so sorry – What was the song again? – I saw “Toy Story” 2 times as well – That song – What song? The song Jasmin sings – “Speechless” – “Speechless”? – Yes that song I’ve heard it so many times, it feels like I’ve seen the movie already How could you focus so well in that song even if you haven’t seen the movie? What? How do you say “hungry” in Thai again”? – “I’m hungry” – “I’m hungry” “LISA, marry me” “Yeah LISA” JENNIE must be asleep Really? Is she already taking a shower? To get ready for bed? She’s two doors down Isn’t she next door? – I’m not sure. I came in first – LISA and me – We’re across from her – ROSÉ “I saw you at the park” This is good I like it because it doesn’t have a strong taste – Want some? – LISA looks really Oriental today – Don’t I look like Pascal? – What’s that? – Pascal? – Pascal! In Rapunzel That’s hilarious I’m so into Disney movies these days I want to watch it again I could watch it again I keep watching “Coco” How does the song go in “Coco” again? “Remember me” – There are 2 versions – Hey! I watched “Inside Out” on the plane again – Me too – And I cried – I cried a lot – I cried when I watched it a few days ago – It could be a spoiler – It was like my 6th time watching it But I cried like it was my first time watching it Our manager was sitting next to me and he was like, “What’s going on”? Huge tears kept dripping from my eyes And our manager would have went like this wiping his sweat… “What’s going on”? He was all worried but then it was time for meals. So the flight attendant came to us And I was still crying It was so sad. So all these tears When I looked at Chaeyoung, she was deep asleep After that movie, I used up too much energy so – With the movie? – So I fell asleep I cried so much – When Bingbong… – Bingbong – Why do I find our manager so hilarious? Our manager. Jongseong – He always – Did something funny happen today too? – It’s so funny when he goes, “No pictures” – Yeah, there are pictures of him like that Don’t you know that famous GIF? – I know – He knows that one too So now, he goes like this – Like this? – I think that GIF is hilarious. – It is – It’s so funny. – But in the middle – And then

– It’s so funny when he does that. Because he’s not like that. – I know. Pretends to be strong – Yeah, that’s why it’s so funny – Yeah That’s my favorite photo It’s not even threatening So funny – No, he was really charismatic – Really? – He’s cool. – When? – He was so powerful – I haven’t seen it. – Now he does this? – I didn’t find it. – Did he change it? – Now, he does this I’ll make fun of him Oppa. Don’t – Stop – Stop Where are you? ROSÉ, why are you there? I don’t know. Just – You want to appear only with your voice? – Yes – Only my voice – You feel that way today? – Feel – Feel “JISOO, I love you” “Love you, nuna. Love you” – Just do it to me only – “Nuna” “Nuna, I love you” JISOO nuna What’s that? – I’ll read it – They ask if you catch a cold No, my throat swelled up – Why? – Did you catch a cold? Sore throat? I don’t think I did Because only my throat swelled up “Where’s Leo”? Leo was Nemo – Why? – Nemo hat. – Oh, I saw it – Leo was – Alien Leo got sensitive Leo felt bad. Because I was not there – Pascal! – Really? – So – Oops – Leo has lots of complaints – Leo doesn’t want to be here – Trying to follow Pascal – Failed. – Yeah – Try again – You want her to eat it? This one – It’s supposed to be like this – Yeah My favorite Disney film is “Tangled” – What did you say? – “Tangled” “Tangled” or “Little Mermaid” I My favorite character was Jasmine but Sexy I haven’t seen the latest movie but my favorite Disney film was “Aladdin” – I love it I can see the character a lot lately – I’m Abu Abu! That’s right. You’re Abu – Honestly, LISA should have played the role of Abu, right? – Right – That – I would have hired LISA I went to the illusion effect place That photographing monkey – Why didn’t you post it? – I have the video on my phone – So funny – I’ll show you later It’s so funny LISA, LISA So cute It’s been so long since we last did V Live – What’s that? – Capture time 1, 2, 3! Okay Cool pose Cool pose. 1, 2, 3! So funny Smile. Smile 1, 2, 3! Tomorrow Women say “Sawadica”, right? When I turned on V Live, I said “We’re in Thailand, hello” And I was confused I thought, “Is it sawadikap”? – Ca – Sawadica When a woman says sawadikap, they think it’s cute Why? Because it’s cool? Sawadikap! Good. Attractive Okay. Pass! Chaeyoung, show us Sawadica Come here She’s lying down all day – Come here – She’s so natural Sawadikap Is this correct? You should raise the tone – Diving? – A little.. – Sawadica Raise your tone at the end Sawadikap – Sawadica – Sawadica. – Sawadica! You try – Sawadikap – Sawadikap Sawadikap – Sawadikap – Oh, your pronunciation is really good Sawadikap – Nice – ROSÉka What’s so popular these days? No, I can’t tell them now Right, we should tell them tomorrow I wanted to go to the night market in Thailand Night market? Where?

I want to go there What was it called? – Chatuchak – Chatuchak. – Chatuchak – Chatuchak – I wanted to go there We only worked Working hard I want to go there, too Let’s make a heart together How can we make a heart together? – So different – How – How can we be so out of sync? – I can’t believe this We’re so in sync – I’ll go like this – No, I’ll go like this Oh 1, 2, 3 If we’re four, it’ll be easier like this – I know – At our concert, we always What What if I do this? – It’s weird – Like this Okay, okay Stretch your fingers Okay, your fingers 1, 2, 3 We did it – Good job – Clap Continue – Then I hit you – That was a penguin. – What? – That penguin. – The penguin form “Madagascar” – They do that to each other like this Good job And then go like this I can tell we watch lots of animations – I loved it. It was so fun – I did enjoy it What was the name of the prince? Prince From “Madagascar” – That prince – King? King Julien? Who is it? I love King Julien You and JENNIE went to an aquarium once, right? – Here? – Was it an aquarium? You said you took a boat to get there – It was – Where’s JENNIE? – It was when we went to Asiatique The night market. – JENNIE – I think she’s sleeping now – The night market that we went to It was like this We rode a bike JENNIE? Tell them JENNIE is sleeping. Go! JENNIE is sleeping They are asking you’re JENNIE JENNIE is sleeping now I think she’s sleeping now I sent her a text message She said she was so sleepy I think she’s sleeping now after taking a shower – You haven’t got her answer yet? – No, I don’t think so Shall I check on her? – It hurts – She’s not? “I’m lying on the bed” – “I’m lying on the bed”. She’s lying on the bed – Really? Ask her I think she took a shower – Really fast – She What did she say? She said, “I’m lying on the bed” She was sending a message to our manager Cool So funny – Not that finger – Sorry I couldn’t let her do it – I think she’s coming. I can feel it – Really? Epic – “You’re cute” – Tell her to come to my room. – Because You’re cute It could be either one of us What if it’s you? Thank you What? So cheesy What? She’s going crazy Out of embarrassment – She can’t handle it – Who is it? Who are you? I like your nails I need to get my nails done as well Glow in the dark I didn’t get my nails done I think she’s tired – Really? – I’m persuading her now I think she’s already in her bed after taking a shower – Yeah – Nothing’s behind me – No, 2 people – Yeah, there’s ROSÉ – Don’t say there are 2 persons – Me, me – I’m also behind you – Sorry “She’s already sleeping”? JENNIE sleeping What time is it there? It’s 1 a.m – Where? – Korea – Who, JENNIE? – I mean, Korea – Oh, here Right, because of the time difference “Someone is looking into the window”

Who? Did you see? Was it a woman? Please describe our group Again Lalisa, please tell us What kind of girl group BLACKPINK is? They are so cool and pretty – Talented. You know. So, so talented – I know End? Okay “Who’s behind you”? Me! Me! “Love you, JISOO” – I love your new camera – Oh! – Give me You like the expensive one? Okay! – I want that – No! – Give me, come one! – No! Why? – Tension. Crazy tension – I’m scared. – I’m hungry – What should I do? – Do you mind if I take a look at the menu? Oppa LISA? Oppa LISA, LISA oppa – JISOO, do you want that? – Say that you’ll get me a camera. – LISA, is this delicious? – Of course, seaweed snack is delicious – Of course it is. – So stern – Give me that – Is it fried? – I think it is – I love the spicy flavor This is the sound of hungry hyena Chaeyoung Looking for her food LISA is so funny Oh, thank you I wanted to see it as well. The wire service commercial you took. I haven’t seen it yet What was it? Click, click I wanted to see it Not yet She’s really serious now Ta-da It’s really hard – I crave khao phat mu – What’s that? – Khao phat mu No, Khao phat kung – I crave Khao phat kung – Kung means shrimp. – Correct! What? So funny I want to take a picture of you Wait. I’ll take a picture of you – Please cut this part – Huh? – Cut this part – How do we look? – You two have the same facial expression – Really? – Done. – Perfect Stand it on other’s head? Can we do it? – Really – It will be epic – How about adding the remote? – We did it Gosh. I can’t believe this – “Wow”, it says – Did you see it? – Everybody’s like, “Wow” – Bravo! – We were so quiet for a really short time Very concentrative – I think everybody was doing like this – Yeah – Like when we were about to score a goal – Cheer up, cheer up “JISOO is angel” Angel Then, I’m a devil Which country was it? I kept begging you to watch a football game with me – Australia. – I ended up watching it alone – It was Australia. I fell asleep “Okay. I’ll call you after taking a shower”, I said – I kept.. – I’m sorry – It was so interesting

So, I asked you to watch the last match with me – But you all slept – I also like to watch football games – BLINK. What time is it? – 11:20 – It’s 1:20 in Korea – It’s really late It’s been so long since I last say “Ihi” – I want to try something while doing V Live – What? What do you want to do? Making something or doing something outside, or painting I wanted to draw on V Live again Because I failed to draw Kuma last time I want to make it up for Kuma – Whenever I see Kuma, it reminds me of the ugly drawing. – Did you see what I sent you? – The sticker of Dalgom and Juhwang. – Yeah What was it? – It was on the car When I first saw it, I thought, “This puppy looks so familiar” – Then there was a fish next to it – So I was like “No way”. And then, “Fish”? – Juhwang? – Dalgom and Juhwang become world stars – Juhwang.. It is so fun. – The fan turns out to be Juhwang and Dalgom’s fan – It was so funny – Kuma and Dalgom’s fan.. – So funny Kuma is so cute “ROSÉ, you’re my oppa” This is the first time to hear that – She has such a long hair. – Oppa – So cheesy. – Oppa – Pretty. – Oh, it looks good – It’s nice. – You should try it – Next concept. – It’s so pretty – Let’s go – It looks good. – But it’s really funny that we’re doing this. – Let’s go – This is what girls do – Right “I like your hair color” And do this – It looks so familiar – What’s that? – See-through bang. – See-through bang – See-through bang Here It’s see-through – You look pretty – See-through bang What’s that? What’s that? What is that song? Where are you looking at? I was worried about what to do on V Live today But it became so crowded Crowded – Unni! – Hi – I did it! What’s up! Say hello. Go What’s that? Outside? – She said “outside” – Outside. – Outside You might not know who that is That’s JENNIE – I succeeded! – Everybody’s like “JENNIE” – JENNIE – JENNIE Why are you all standing there? Is it a hot place? Why are you all looking for food? – “Hi, JENNIE” – “Hello, JENNIE” – Is it really one portion? – I know I was panicked earlier What would she pick? What’s that? Lay – JENNIE’s pick – JENNIE’s pick. Show us! Okay! Your cheeks appeared Hi Guess who that is – I’m scared – I’m so scared. – Really Let’s all do this. Like this – I’m so scared. What are we doing? – Our hair colors are all different – I’m so scared – Scary – GhostPINK. – LISA can’t do it – I tried this, everyone – LISA, it’s been so long – Why? – Was your trip to here okay? – Yes. – Yes – We saw it, “Inside Out” – We fell asleep – Chaeyoung also saw it. – Really? – I cried a lot. – See? – I was like.. – But I – I cried buckets today – I cried a lot as well. When I saw it just a while ago. – For me, I fell asleep before the second island crumbled No, you were like, “Why does it keep breaking…” I have never cried watching “Inside Out” – It’s so sad – You might cry if you see it again It is a new hairstyle?

Wow, all of us are here today! It’s been a long time! – Earlier, you were doing this – We were making a heart – It’s working. – No, do it like this – What’s this? A square? – Like this – What’s this? – What’s this? – Isn’t this Power Rangers? – Power Rangers! – It was so cool – Power Rangers! 1, 2, 3! – What’s this? – Like this! – A-ha! Like this! What do you mean “like this”? – What? – I should go like this – OK – Why pigeon? – Because – It’s because of her. She’s wearing pigeon color – That’s why pigeons come to me! – No, it’s because I said, “Wait, wait, pigeon, pigeon, pigeon”. (pun) I mean, it’s not very surprising Be careful I can understand English – “It’s not that surprising” – Wow! – You smart! You smart! – “You smart!” – Say it again – “Say it again”. – What did you eat? – Don’t! – Guess who ate this? – Her! – Do you know what this is? – Look at this – What is that? It’s gross – Is it rambutan? – She ate it It’s gross! – These “garlic-steens” are really yummy – Garlic-steen? It’s eating me! – Hello! – Where did we do V LIVE together last time? – It’s so cold. – Turn off the A/C – We were in the US – We had a lot of food. We were eating – That’s right I said I would make it up to Kuma next time I go on V LIVE – I want to draw Kuma again – Excuse me Kuma is not happy right now My drawing of Kuma that time is so hilarious It always makes me laugh You make yourself laugh? But it makes me laugh so much Because Kuma and Dalgom Why do you laugh at Kuma’s pain? Does Kuma’s misery bring joy to you? – But what’s so funny is… you titled this V LIVE “Gather up, Pigeons”? – Yes – But everyone is here. So I guess we were the pigeons. – Are you girls pigeons? Do you remember that pigeon park? – That place! – Where? – There were a lot of pigeons there! – Where? – Where was that? – Barcelona? – Right, there’s a place with lots of pigeons – I’ve never seen so many pigeons in one place – If you lied there, pigeons would walk over you There were so so many pigeons – Pigeons! – Seriously Did I tell you about the pigeon I saw on TV? – Do I have to know more about pigeons? – It’s a really smart pigeon There’s a super smart pigeon – Do I have to know about this? – What’s its name? Bokgwon? It sits on this lady’s head And it goes like this This is a shaved ice cafe The lady says, “I have to work, so stay over there!” And this pigeon flies to the fridge. – No way! – The lady says, “Go play outside for a while!” and it flies out, hangs for a while, and comes back – Amazing, isn’t it? – No way! It comes back? – And when she gives the bird a shower, it stays calm like this – It’s almost as smart as Juhwangi! – I want to see it. – It’s so amazing So when I saw it on TV, I said, “I want to visit that shop!” – Where is this place? Is it real? – I have to check it out myself It feels great! Keep going Keep going I didn’t wash my hair Just kidding! I will determine whether you’re really kidding – Why do you give me that part? That’s not where I’m supposed to check. – Right – Careful! – It’s not there – You might die! – Whoa! – I did wash it in the morning! Which morning? Be specific The day I got my hair colored! That’s 4 days ago She went to the hair salon 4 days ago No! This morning! – “This morning!” – See? It’s not greasy yet – Have you heard of dry shampoo? – Dry shampoos these days are very good Having 4 faces close together, it feels a little – A little scary – It’s like a stamp. – Stamp? Screenshot time! 1, 2, 3! I like that I like that – OK! Screenshot time! – Like this – 1… What are you doing? – 1, 3! – 1, 3? What’s that? – No, like this – To make sure you don’t escape. – Hold on – Hold on. – What? – What is it? – Huh? – How do you say “1” in Thai? – 1, 2, 3! Do you do that when you take photos? – Yeah. 1

1, 2, 3! One more! 1, 2, 3! – Nice – Stern – Did you guys take screenshots? – I look a little scary right now What did I do to deserve this? – I’m hungry. I want to eat white porridge – Why are you guys hungry? – I ordered khao phat kung – Really? Come to my room – I want to eat white porridge – White porridge? Bent porridge? (pun) – 2-0! You did something weird earlier, too – What was it? – In the airport. – There were so many – It was so weird – In the car? – No, in the airport. – What do you mean? We were on the escalator – There were too many, I can’t remember – So I said, “Whoa, ROSÉ…” – “1-0!” – I want porridge – Oh, that’s right – I think it’s because they didn’t give us porridge on the plane. – Right – I think they didn’t because it’s breakfast – The breakfast didn’t have porridge – I’m craving it so bad – Bent porridge – Is there a way to make white porridge at a hotel? – Bent porridge! – Get a porridge and bend it – Order rice and… – Pour in water? – You can pick! – That’s water-rice! – Water-rice I think we can order it – It’s almost been an hour – I think you can. – Really? – Want to go to eat? – We’re going to eat now? – There’s a place? – We’re going to eat white porridge now? I mean, I know a place It’s really good Concert. Our final concert Our final “IN YOUR AREA” concert I won’t have to yell that long line anymore You are always out of breath and you say – “Welcome to the BLACKPINK…” – JENNIE always goes – “Welc…!” It’s really long, too. – “Welcome to BLACKPINK 2019 IN YOUR AREA with Kia!” And I also say the name of that place “Bangkok!” Like this – And she goes… – “Hi, I’m JENNIE…” – “Hi, I’m JENNIE…” I always forget to say hi Yes, yes – We won’t mess up at the encore concert, right? – I think we might – Where will we mess up? – I don’t know that I think we passed – What is this? – LISA, what did you do today? I went to get a passport – Oh, right. You need another one – My passport photo – Why? – Where did you take it? – Why? – You took it at the office? – Yeah But I was like At first, I was like this But they told me, “You can smile a little” So I went – Why did you make an awkward smile – Only one side of my lips went up – Really? – And it came out like that – Now, you’ll have to smile like that in the airport – They’d look at you and say, “Hmm, you look different”. So you smile, and they say, “Pass!” I didn’t realize only one side of my lips went up I found out when I l – Only one side – Discreet yawning. – Discreet yawning Guess which one of us yawned? – I guess it actually is contagious – Me! – It’s me! – It’s me! – Huh? It’s JongSung! No! – No! – No! Stop! No photo! – Oh this! – It’s not scary at all – Originally, it’s – In Thailand, he took a photo like that – It used to be like this – How did it look? Did it look like a frozen frame? – No. – No! – Try again It’s kind of like – What’s that? – We’re weird Why is everyone coming at me? That’s weird. That’s scary It was a little scary – What about 2x speed? – Are you okay? No, I mean You need to do it when everybody is ready – You can’t just begin when you’re ready – Are your shoulders okay, LISA? Do it again What is everyone doing? – What’s wrong? – Again! 2x speed! 1, 2, 3! – Who moves like that? – This doesn’t look real – We don’t look sane, LISA – BLINKs have to make one for us – ROSÉ, this – Don’t you have to split it once? – That’s right Do I need to wash this? – No. – No? – Yeah – I think it’s already washed

– It’s nice and green – Yes This is the peels Oh, it’s an apple You just went like this, “This is the peels!” It was on purpose – I can’t eat it – Excuse me The fans keep asking for a tanghulu show. Tell them – Coming soon! – Ohhh! Okay! I mean, for now, – please wait for strawberry season – Right – Right. – There’s no strawberries – We tried it with other fruit, but – Maybe we need to post a photo of that time – It didn’t work out – I’ll post in on my Story, why it didn’t work – It was yummy though – Tanghulu? – You guys made it and told me, “LISA, try this!” – Afterwards – You didn’t eat the recent one. – Right – I didn’t try the most recent one – There’s a recent one – The recent one is – But what you made before was tasty It was the best – It was crispy – But it’s so funny because Every day I come home, – “Again?” And so many fruit – No, it’s more like this – As soon as you open the door, burnt smell! – Burnt smell? – It’s “sweet smell”. Watch your pronunciation – “Sweet smell”. Hold on – Sweet smell – “Dal”. Sweet smell Sweet smell Yeah, yeah Yeah, sweet smell – Like, like – Like, like, yeah, sweet smell – We tried making tanghulu with blueberries – That was more scary! I got home and found a bunch of dead blueberry corpses lying around! It gets worse every day The reason why we can’t make tanghulu without strawberries, I’ll let you know through a photo – Blueberries? – It was tasty, though – It was so tasty, but… – It was too hard – We had to eat it like this It’s so funny how I found the scene Every time I get home, new fruit is waiting – We don’t have strawberries. – It’s not season I guess greenhouse strawberries are out, too – I guess that season is also over? – Don’t strawberries normally come year round? Isn’t that because of greenhouse-grown strawberries? – What? – Why am I eating an apple? – Apologize. (pun) – It was your hungry instinct – Dawn apple. – Apologize – I finished this, too Do we get that tomorrow? Sorry – BLACKPINK Phone? – I think we do! We have a BLACKPINK phone! – SAMSUNG made one for us! – What’s that? – I don’t know – I did it I’m excited for this As for me That, that, that thing – Oh, right. – Buds – The earphones. – Right – Earbuds. – Earbuds, right – Earbuds. – BLACKPINK We have our own BLACKPINK phone! – As for JENNIE… – Even her watch is BLACKPINK – Her clothes are BLACKPINK, too – Today, I’m a little… – Right, today I was a human BLACKPINK. – What’s BLACKPINK? – Me! – BLACK – PINK. – PINK – BLACK – But once we became BLACKPINK, – Yeah everything in life is BLACKPINK, isn’t it? – Right – Right, and When I buy something that’s black and pink, I feel a little embarrassed – Right – Right, I get what you mean – Cool color! – You go, “Oh! It’s black and pink!” – I can wear clothes like that too, you know – When you check out, it feels… – Embarrassing – It’s not for me. – Embarrassing – It’s for the manager – Awkward – Awkward Earlier, you were watching “Inside Out” and tried to dub the movie. It was so funny – You dubbed? – I watched the movie so many times – You memorized the lines? – I don’t need subtitles anymore. – Because I was eating, – I wasn’t wearing headsets – A-ha, that’s why she was – I was just watching the screen, and she told me all the lines. – I even know all future lines Even her timing was perfect Even the off-screen I even told her the lines that were told off-screen In the final scene… Wait, is this Did anyone not watch it yet? – Some of us might have to keep watching it on our way back home. – Then, I won’t say it Don’t cry Scary Wrong! Do you know it all? Even the end! How did you do it?

– We’re so well-synchronized – Hand! – Foot! – I can’t lift my foot – Foot There are feet all over the place You can’t tell whose feet! I’m going to pretend these are your feet – They look like yours! – Mine? I wore these only on the plane – LISA. – Huh? – While I was organizing my phone, I learned something I have a trillion videos of you being really, really funny – She’s so weird. – Seriously, you are – In what ways? – Since a long time ago – In what ways? In so many ways – So many ways. – I want to see – You have to see this – Let’s see it later – Kaonashi! – Can we say that? Is it okay to mention Kaonashi? – Oh, this, this? I did that and walked – Yeah – You also danced in it – Right, dancing – What was it? We were on set with – An app! – Right, with an app, you – Big eyes and big bottom – Big bottom? – You went like this – So funny! – What was that? – I don’t remember – I guess only I remember this – It was first in a long while for me, too – Oh, my God. – I was so amazed – I’m so curious. I wonder what it is – You’re so unique. – I don’t remember – This is so – I don’t remember that – This cannot be solved ever – It’s unsolvable – Suddenly the leftover apple? – No, I meant there is a scar here! Really! – Whoa! – What? – Out of the blue? I was startled Someone said, “Please protect LISA!” Yes, exactly – We will. We need to guard her – We need to guard her – No, no, no, LISA, careful – LISA. – That was dangerous – Whoa, whoa! – We will guard LISA – Bring the board – Teamwork – Teamwork. – Work! “Play a game!” – JISOO squishy! – Don’t play and you lose! – Rock, scissors… – Why do you have to lose if you don’t play rock-scissors-paper? Don’t play and you lose! Rocks scissors paper! – You see this? – Wow! – You see this? – Wow, amazing! – OK! Let’s see which one loses – Rock, scissors, paper! – You see that? – It didn’t work for me The rock didn’t work like this last time It was fun – Same rock but – Different feel. – Different feel Different feelz I’m too far What’s this What? Why do you act cute? BLINKs don’t like it, either! What’s this? “Bangless LISA” – Her cheek today is – These bangs are hard. – Cheeck, cheeck, cheeck – What are you doing? – Seriously – Ach-Ptooey! – That was too We need to go – Now… – I actually wanted to eat this – Now… – Well, then – We need to go soon. – Each of us should say a word before we leave. – OK – Say a word each – Because I’m sleepy The loser goes first – That’s how it works? – Yes – Which one of you two lost then? – We’ll say it at the same time – Don’t play and you lose… – OK, OK – Rock, scissors – No, no, no – We’ll speak at the same time – OK, OK, that works BLINKs, it’s been a while It was so fun to spend time together again I thought it was going to be just me, but I’m glad I had these girls with me – The pigeons gathered. – Pigeons – The next time pigeons are called – We will again… – We’ll come – We’ll fly here Wait for us Coming soon!

– You have to speak exactly at the same time – Ready, go! Yeah, thanks so much! – It was so fun today – It was so fun today The pigeons are here together for the first time in a lone while on V LIVE together! I’m so happy! We’re so happy! Together! Thank you! – That was good. – I’ll do a cool exit – OK. – Make a cool exit Hold on Peace out!