we listen to some good conversation here we’ll listen to WWDC RS radio.com if you listen and you want to look up won’t let someone else know about about what you listening to just go simply go to wwc RS radio go to the station identifier it will give you about eleven of radio stations we are on the sports news you click sports news on the right side you see you’ll hear listen live and you just hit listen live and you’ll hear everything when we’re not on it’s a 24-hour station that goes the record of Major League Baseball so the guys were out listen to Major League Baseball guess what you listen to a good conversation with former major league players and coaches that we actually trying to get the young inner-city kids and trying to make the best of what we can have I remember I spoke with a coach uh batting batting coach um Lamar johnson action he said that when the black kids come in in the city kids come into a year behind so we’re trying to bridge that gap for them we don’t want him to be a year behind and and and so in so to speak what we gonna do we’re going to have miss plump introduced himself and tell us what made him want to be so intricate part of the piper Davis and and we go from then once once we done with mr. plomeek and have a awesome gentleman that I known and he didn’t even remember me he didn’t even remember me but I remember him and the reason why I remember him is because um just looking at the way he worked with everybody called Ripken Eddie Murray myself he did not he did not pick anybody’s special everybody was a ball play to him and he taught all of us the same thing he gave us all what he had to offer you know we had we had Tom McGraw we had uh Bobby Tolan was there too Curt molten was there so all these guys men all he’s the black coaches that I was was was so happy just to be a part of so we’re gonna go to Miss plump plump introduce yourself tell us everything you and why you doing what you’re doing and trust me it’s a great thing but I want you to Elm introduce yourself and let everybody out there know what you’re going on and I know you said next year will be better than this year and I feel already this year is a great year so we’re going to look forward for next year but we’re going to enjoy this year so right now we’re going to get we’re gonna miss plum introduce yourself say something they get him guys you know it’s always good to be around you and the thing about this you know Fred plump I’ve been around 47 years I start coaching at work with junior high school enough would be junior high school then went into the high school for a year and I left there and start that’s when they went hired blacks the fire department so I went and fought that and become one the first black firefighters in city of Birmingham in the meantime I was still looking at our young man’s running and I started with the 13 14 year old age group but when I got there and saw that those boys haters already grown they knew more than I did so I said well maybe I need to reach back and grab them at four five and six and with that we started and that’s when we came in with the t-ball seven eight nine ten eleven twelve and to move them and any time a parent would come to me and say hey what can you do to help get my board graphic and first thing I would tell them nothing but I do all I can to get them in school and that’s why we work so hard to try to get those guys I’m up and that’s one of the reason I brought on dr. white and man what what a blessing to meet the man on my left you know he came on board and he came on board you the ball of fire which he was talking about yo man you still glad to see him just like mr. Dixon down that D had you called him I’m so glad to see

the white here dr. white yeah I met him and great coach and I mean we just hit off because we had the same thing in mind working with the young blacks in inner city and trying to show them the right way to go and as you got him speaking early about a young man getting a big contract and having no guidance and as I said next year will be even better I met with the mayor that’s been out downtown and that’s what we was talking about but before we go any he stopped with the man the governor this is Alabama president that just got as Alabama president now let us know basically a man we got you got tell us about the fields you using how many teams you got cuz i know you got about 30 17 35 40 teams here there’s no so far you know from what you see is going on and then i’m passing Mike on to mr. big man Exorcist you know he’s also remember just let us know so far what you see in the games the kids out there we acts as a pain what have you seen and how you look so far you feel you know you happy what you seen so far for just you know this naugle year just kind of let us know well you know I take this d I really feel good about it because you know the fields that were using I rickwood ball fields on the oldest ball fields in the country and that silver dollars next year we have more days out there with Lawson state we’re going to be able to get that whenever we want and how we want to use it then we’ve got our inner city parks which they’re going to be doing some improvement a high school that a is wide open fourth and the new complex of being to place for next year so we don’t have the field that’s me we know it’s gonna be big and better yeah I’m David Brewer I had the good fortune of representing the Friends of Rick would field for the nonprofit group that’s responsible for the management and operations of the ballpark rickwood field is recognized by the National Park Service’s America’s oldest baseball park it served as the former home park for both the Birmingham errands and the Birmingham black barons the baseball history here is is quite rich there are I believe the current number is 112 members of the Baseball Hall of Fame who have played on this field that’s over one-third of the total membership of the hall and that’s significant in a city that was never a major league town the list of players the hall of famers who have played here is what I would describe is a who’s who of these baseball iconic figures everybody from Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner to Willie Mays satchel paige Hank Aaron Josh Gibson um just a Ted Williams I mean the list goes on it’s a it’s really quite an impressive list of ball players from from our perspective today part of the value part of the excitement that we see in playing baseball today is that now these young men these these young fellows who are playing today who play here they’re now part of this story and we think that’s quite significant sure the ballpark opened on August eighteenth 1910 so on August eighteenth 2010 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the ballpark the park will be 105 years old on this August eighteenth of 2015 park was built by gentleman named Rick Woodward and that’s from where the name of the park comes it did serve as the home field for the Birmingham Barons from 1910 until nineteen eighty seven at which point they left and moved to a suburban park the park also served as the home field for the black barons beginning in 1920 and continuing until nineteen sixty four the first integrated team here took the field in 1964 and that essentially spelled the end of the Birmingham black barons and the standalone african-american ballclub here absolutely up hyper Davis is a wee describing as a described him as a native of Birmingham in fact he was born in a small coal mining community Piper Alabama and that’s from where is his nickname comes on Lorenzo Piper Davis often referred to as mr. black baron an iconic athlete and community figure here both a player and a manager with the black barons had a very successful career in the Pacific Coast League following his days with with the black barons in just a well-known figure a common commonly known well-known name here in in the community that is correct the piper Davis Youth League where you

know we’re obviously very excited to be one of the hosts venues for this first annual Piper Davis Youth League inner city tournament um in terms of ensuring that baseball continues to be played here and also that baseball remains alive and well in the community there’s there’s great value for our organization the ballpark the community for us and hosting these these types of events and so having the younger fellas that the kids the next generation of athletes it’s just it not only has great value but it’s a lot of fun for us as well always all right you can’t push place come on baby go ask him if we could have a garbage can at second base ok we can have to have a little fun behind it as opposed to putting an infielder there we’ll have our caches throw see if they can hit the inside of the garbage can to get that point Oh asking me if you could do that for it easy is it you want to be laying down there right yes absolutely the piper Davis inner city national tournament daughter miss Faye Davis would throw out the first pitch and if you have a word here is Miss faith Davis Piper Davis daughter good morning and welcome welcome to Birmingham if you’re from out of town well for all of my hometown boys I am so proud of you today Thank You Fred thank you for making your dream come true and I thank you for honoring my father with putting his name on this magnificent event thanks much I grew up in this ballpark I think that’s our section over there I knew all the players and the only thing I wanted to do when I was growing up with ribulose my brother always got draggable and I I today I write the most today i will have been six it hit 67 and brother would ride was the one Sunday after the double yet i’ll never forget we were on right Bayside bus was out there and I was soaking because I had to go home with the ladies and I my dad had a whistle for us in the life and I turned around he just did my ride the world now this is the truth from this street which is twelfth Street and third Avenue all the way down town the streets would be lined with people just to wait and the look really going back downtown yeah this place would be packed and I was waving hardened by US Army where horn waving on the way but I did get to ride the black bears buzz one this time we will bring in oh great state senator Roger Smitherman do the welcome thank you thank you mr. plump first let’s give a big round of applause to free a plump let’s give him one let’s give him one you all don’t know how long he’s been on the battle for baseball and follow these young people I know since the last 30 or 40 years you know I ain’t telling your age when I’m just telling with the deal ill but we’re so glad to have you all here Birmingham and for once y’all that do not know this you’re sitting in the oldest baseball stadium in the United States of America this stadium is the oldest stadium out all of you here up and talk about Carol stick all those places this is the oldest stadium in the United States of America so we’re so glad to have you all here we are honored to have you here on behalf of all the citizens here in the city of Birmingham and all the citizens who in senate district 18 we welcome you and we hope that you have a great stay here please call on any of us for anything that you need we want you to know that we are here to serve you and we’re just glad that you came to see us so to all the fellows and everybody plan that this is the golden opportunity in life to showcase your skills there’s a golden opportunity to baseball those are great support and it’s a sport that can take

you a long ways from this point all the way through college the pro and thereafter so at this particular time at once again we want to welcome it and thank each or every one of y’all coming and for all you all who agree for what you’ve heard and what’s been said let’s say man that’s it one more time a man and you know it’s it’s a multitude of guys that I talked to we’re willing to give their knowledge but again they didn’t ask for money then if someone asked for your time and they gave it so that’s what I try to do is take this knowledge that I’ve gotten from the Hall of Fame guys pass it on to the coaching staff here and the players that cheering show up for this thing and hopefully we’ll continue to get bigger and better at doing it we’re up to the tenure grab 10 year we got Bessemer 10 you come on down Bessemer or is the best one I’m not found the great state of Alabama 78 West’s 10u 78 west highway 78 move up to the 12u bracket okay I’m man I’m sorry man coach red don’t get mad at me reading we both in Florida man I’m sorry home team 10 u del rey 10 you all right we’re going to move up to the 12 you see I can shot got anybody 78 west’s come on down you’re the next contestant in line for the piper Davis prize oh oh they look ready boy look sharp bahamas 14 you we’re gonna move along we got me some french boys west end 14 you come on down you guys better represent Piper Dave as well cuz Fred’s gonna be man you guys want you in the game now y’all may be ready to play Fred know we’re gonna teach them if y’all boys don’t do good it’s the coach Brooks’s team and coach skeet the Chairman so you know the chairman of the board gotta have a good team become represent so been recognized 14 you oh this is this is mr. Fred pump some bigger boys so you know they got the hands full 16 you Piper Davis Louisiana 16 you come on thru I know Coach got his boys ready to play but it’s gonna be so fun especially our board members competing against each others they’re gonna talk junk to each other when our board members added 16 you team so you know what I appreciate what you said you very humble man I me very humble but you don’t know you don’t know how much you’ve touched a lot of people man you really don’t know and I’m one of those people that you touch I mean I’ve taken everything you taught me I mean right now the kids that I’ve trained I’m working on you were there uuuuu also part of it I use what each avi I usual each other yeah and so and so you you you know you it’s good to be humble but i have to tell you man you’ve touched a lot of people and I want you to know that and all the guys that I’ve talked to back you know some time I talked to Eddie mari it’s like if I haven’t talked to him in 30 years seem like I’ve talked to me yesterday that’s what baseball baseball have people have done the same baseball is like a fraternity you you don’t give it up it’s a family you know we really not really not talk to each other 30 years but you know we don’t forget each other we just keep it keep it going you know so this is what a lot of people don’t have that don’t understand is that it’s a fraternity it’s a brotherhood you know that we form and then and then you get closer you get deeper as you start working with each other I met the gentleman in December and he’s on the other hand on the other end of the table we’re gonna pass the mic to my talking we met in December what matter of a football game and it’s so funny that he shared the same thing about kids like you said is i love i love to teach and i learned the whole thing i’m saying the game within the game you know you can play you can run you can do whatever you want to do but how are you preparing yourself for that game like you said yesterday you start planning within the by this box and in the same thing in feeling ok it’s one on first run on third the ball they haven’t hit yet but if it hit you me and my left foot hit to my right where am i going to throw the ball how am I going to approach it and that’s what I teach and I learned that from yourself the mountains and all these guys you know I learned that from you guys and I appreciate that just me knowing I’m appreciate knowing you got and we have a license when I met when I met on coach call call Brooks but we talked about just working with kids and that’s what I want and the same thing what you just mentioned it’s about developing these kids and make these kids to be what they

want to be I don’t want to hear that you a year behind you’re ready to go and if I can do something about it that’s what i will do about it so Kate I’m gonna give give the mic to to to coach coach call Brooks introduce yourself tell us a little about you and tell us what’s going on before hit the codebooks real quick I want to thank our hosts one on our guest host with Piper David’s the Holiday Inn want to want to say we appreciate you doing them last night young lady looked out for us uh make sure we feel hospital and feeling homie I it’s a pleasure to be a part of this program it’s been outstanding when coach plumping myself we first met a few years ago I think we kind of shared that same vision of helping youngsters and he saw what I was doing with the postgraduate program and we’ve always talked to stay in communication and then we presented the opportunity to becoming the chairman of fiber Davis I was like yes sir anything I could do to help promote baseball for our inner-city kids as well as all kids I’m willing to do so with that being said it’s been a pleasure to be a part of this whole program we’ve watched how you know we’ve had a coaches clinic in in Atlanta with positive coaching Elias free it was you know sponsored by positive coaching alliance and would huddle there was a big sponsor coach Dixon came out we had a few coaches making it free to all the coaches in the area and that was just one of the things that we wanted to try to show accountability to all coaches we use an acronym here that’s easy for you and your kids to remember two roots member we talked about the elm tree we’re here the roots of the elm tree okay that represent how we honor the arcane out of the game the are in roots the oh the OTS all of these stands for something they first it’s about respect playing the game and the way you live life and the way you treat people is about respect okay you need to have respect for the rules I’m a firm believer that if you trust if you gain the trust of these youngsters as well as their parents at an early age and show them that you genuinely care about them and their well-being now you can kind of go in and talk to those kids and those parents and they would able to trust you with with the guardian of their kids our future so I think those things are very very very very important that’s what we’ve done without with our program we started warrior sports academy with partnered with ladainian thomas and prep academy and our biggest focus was to make sure to recreate baseball for all kids that could be you know affordable and and give them the best quality product one thing that’s different the piper days to bring to the table now we got we got an international mixin internet in the flavor into the pirate davis foundation we got other islands coming along we going we we got the Bahamas going on with helping myself and on ski we’re gonna we’re gonna merge some virgin island some say Martin and if s we don’t get to my hometown it’s afraid to get it right but what I’m I’m enjoying is like like the young man’s that he’s having fun and baseball in the summer gotta be fun when I grew up in New York and someone said you want me to go back to school in September say man coach what you did for summer man I went to Alabama I went to Disneyland play the Kami so we got some now we get these kids that they can look forward to next year when français we got team we going to bahamas I buddy restoration are gonna be so quick and fast shoot cuz as a kid you remember you want to come back this come say what you did you kids in Florida wholesome name to go but you do man with the pool every day so that’s they went to the pool now we got something with that with all the big guys on table next to the kids say man we’re going to the Virgin Island we’re going to bahamas we might make two trips how many kids you things do not want to go sell some cans a gatorade a t-shirt or something to raise money Bob their mama put them in a piggy bank and sailor for go on a trip so that’s what mr. friends bring to the table the rest of the pirate Davis and we’re looking forward and I’m enjoying it so come on you go know what their glow hey haha

12 your mom will you catch that sir the throne motion for a catcher is here and builders from your waist Bob Filner time research there’s 33 different okay now slowly keep it going any back come on that’s all right that’s what you feel it base open for now okay all right to now well bull run funny let’s go boy the fans already bored phantom del Rey we might go there right next to do this thing down there Freddy boys on everybody in delray how coach Rick am I gonna die right next gen do this thing bored a day like that ready down there baseball on the beach oh this one it goes Rick’s teams warm up up top but Meryl hope they ready to play to hear a lot of talk going on these guys will be pretty tough let’s see what’s going on we got the Admirals 18 you we got the Alabama Yankees Alabama Yankees 18 you barons 22 you black bears come on through the big boys it’s this what I want to see the big boys play ok Piper Davis Maryland come on through all right we got another team you come on through Birmingham 22 you come on through and we got no Tina not here yet but that’s the kissimmee lane singing evening everyone we like to thank mr prom he’s been talking about the piper Davis League and we want to thank mrs Nate for that inspirational speech let’s give him another hand he he was very very very interesting I was listening to the quietness in the room and he gave all of us inspiring message and I was just sitting there thinking about how he was talking to us and he was letting us know that you don’t have to be actually on the field to make an impact on life and I was thinking about this point he said watch your thoughts it becomes your words and watch your words it becomes actions and watch your actions it becomes your habits and watch your habits it becomes your character and watch your character it becomes your destiny so we won’t let you know miss innate I brought some smoke up in here today and you knocked the ball at the park thank you so much and on behalf of dr. William Annabel we welcome you to the city of Birmingham and I was at the game today I saw a TV land fair fair nose young folk they had a very good time we want you to know to enjoy yourself why you in the madden city and make sure you go to the baseball museum over there by Regent Park thank you so much five more days won’t thank you guys offer live involved and taking this thing off we know next year I think Chris and Singh doubled up the warm thank you guys for supporting this has a good baseball this weekend have fun turn the mic on to the big man spring be what we got going now we will just give all of our players coaches pairs we’re taking the time to come out just give all of a big primer whoa now what we will help Vietnam is up the pipe with a visit loc nice burger gotcha his fate Davis will throw out the first pitch