it’s time for the all star high school sports show into the conversation with the most talented players and coaches on the Seacoast other guys stepped up like Travis put up 21 and deve on a great game yeah that’s the great thing about our team now here’s Justin macisaac and welcome to break through the all star high school sports show live from a luxurious ee TSN Studios here in downtown dover new hampshire i don’t know if you noticed but it’s tuesday we move the show to tuesday’s that’s why we’re on tonight and not last night spring sports has arrived and a lot of baseball softball games will be right here on w TSN and a lot of us have it on Mondays so we move the show to Tuesday’s there you go there’s the there’s the y now for the who joining us in studio right now there’s a million of them the Spalding girls softball team in the Cayman uniform which really girls was not necessary but it’s appreciated let’s meet everybody that came tonight Emma Rhodes is with us Emma how you doing thanks for being here you got a point the front of the mic Georgia there you go there you go you and Ally could share that and that Ali truly speaking Ali Ali how you doing great how are you I’m great thanks for being here no you can see how are you that’s ok that’s from anything wrong Jordan Brown has joined us tonight Jordan how you doing good thanks thanks for being here Jordan and I Gabby Connelly is with this Gabby couldnt weights come on the show how you doing Gabby I am great thank you it’s great to have you here I think and not Lydia or Lydia Lydia right yeah Lydia Bowden is here I wrote an end on the end of Lydia for no reason whatsoever I don’t think I wanted that field be disrespectful ok but Lydia is with us as well and now I’m so you guys last year you get a 7 and 12 season they had tough out in the playoffs but from what I understand everybody’s feeling good about this year right all right well then let me start with you Emma first of all mo are you what year were you at spaulding i’m a senior your senior what position you play mostly center field mostly center field ok so what what do you what do you like about the team so far this you guys came right from the scrimmage I was joking about the uniform thing but you are in uniform what do you like about the team’s so far this year this year we have a lot of team chemistry think that a lot of us have played together for a while so well do well together okay and hey look you know what you guys are laughing at her you’re gonna be next all right she’s getting the easy questions you guys are getting the tough ones as we go along all right Ali you are if i remember correctly your catcher yes see ya i told alli I remember she was sassy and you’re a senior this year is that correct all right what do you like about the team this year so far that’s the same question you gave them yeah but what you could have a different perspective then Emma might have um well I really haven’t noticed any sass yet which makes playing unpleasant so hopefully it stays that way okay so no unpleasant SAS so far yep that’s it from me but I’m allowed you’re okay well dive into why you’re allowed why nobody else i’m just all right I Gabby Connelly what do you like about the team so far um well we’ve all been playing together for a really long time so like Emma said we have a lot of team chemistry and we all get along with each other really well and it makes going to practice and scrimmages and games really fun okay and who did you guys finish tonight by the way um collbran co brown how did that go it went well we won you won the scrimmage okay what was the final score go ahead you can chirp um I don’t remember the final score we didn’t was all about it’s all about having fun it was a 625 you okay all right yeah who’s got the vibrating phone on the console come on that’s a rookie mistake high school girls that’s that’s true uh yeah be what position you play I play shortstop short stubby our senior yes alright and jordan brown eyes where this jordan what position you play i play left field left field okay and what you are you is everybody here a senior just do you know we have a we have a freshman we’ll talk to it a little bit did not yeah you’re gonna have to talk you’re sitting there so now you got to talk uh so a jordan what do you like about the team so far um yeah just I like the fact that everyone that’s on the team this year really wants to play I mean everyone’s passionate about the game everyone loves the game so it just it’s really obviously portrayed out on the field and how we play and we’re very aggressive this year and we plan to stay aggressive and do what so you kind of like the way the style of play not just ooze out there but the the style you guys are playing so far in practice in scrimmages yeah all right to win all right and I Lydia Bowden who’s whether it’s not Lydia Lydia but yeah what position you play I play right field in first right field n first and what you were you seen you all right and so you what do you think is gonna make the team different than last year um well pretty much what Gabby went with is that we’ve been playing together for five or six years so we all know how each other plays and when we’re on the field we can just pretty much mix with each other all right so you guys are all digging the team chemistry everybody’s getting along good and what was I don’t want to signal anybody was it we have in the past has it has this been an issue maybe or you think you guys that’s better this year

than maybe in previous years it’s not a trick question I didn’t name names I did say what year I just said is it things may be more cohesive than in prior years you don’t want there are no trap question to me that’s a parallel cool bench me if I answer the wrong thing nobody said you had to chirp I was just saying it anyway totally misinterpreting question all right we’re gonna take a brief timeout when we come back we’ll continue our conversation with the ladies from the Spalding girls softball team you’re listening to the all star high school sports show live from the WT s n Studios here in Dover own am 1270 WTS N&W TSN am-12 now more of the all star high school sports show with Justin macisaac and we’re back in see all star high school sports show lively the blue kia videos it’s over don’t forget tomorrow night the Boston excuse me tomorrow right the Red Sox of the yankees berra wgsn is 630 if there’s any time left after that it’ll be the celtics in the Pistons here on w TSN right now we’re talking to the Spaulding girls softball team a whole bunch of up came in to join us tonight they’re very excited about the season Emma Rhodes is with us and Emma let me ask you what did you first start playing softball how old are you um probably about 10 years ago so when I was about eight years old I was like you’re not gonna make me do the math are you exact you know all right so was that what was that were you always in Rochester or did you grow up playing somewhere else or uh yeah always in Rochester so I Roger Roger Alan represent nice to play there when it was like two fields and that was it but so and did you did somebody get you into it or did you immediately like it or um my dad first like introduced me to it yep and then I tried out for the all-star team and made it and made a lot of friends there and that’s pretty much what got me hooked I got here okay and did you like it right away or did you take some getting used to um during the rec ball that guy I needed some getting used to their okay once i started making friends that really helped out a lot anyway now have you always been a center fielder or did you bounce around or um i sharted center field probably last year I’ve been an infielder other than up to last year what do you like better I have no idea no I up to tie that’s fair all right Ali true or the alley um what you play catch or do you play any other positions or is it just catch her I don’t know that’s not a comical question is it um I know everybody should be able to say yeah I play another position and I mean this summer I played some left field and at our game last night I played two innings of third base how’d that go luckily nothing was hit to me what I mean even this summer we on our summer team we had a catcher who stopped coming halfway through the season so yeah I’m a catcher so you do a lot okay that’s what listen I’m playing an old guy baseball league 30-plus and I can’t play the outfield it’s a disaster if anything gets hit in the air I just run the other way so don’t I feel your pain I don’t I don’t like the unpredictability I’ll be on their side of the point okay no then it’s coming okay yeah oh god that’s fair and when did you get into softball how old are you um he ball was probably five or six and then I started playing all sides with Sammy i’ma and Gabby did we’ve been on the same team for forever 10 or 11 years so they’re loving it do you like it right away or was it like a or were you gung ho um it sorry buddy gung ho in there I do some people are I mean I’ve always loved it there’s always that one kid that’s taking it way too seriously when he’s like seven you know I’ve always loved it I don’t I they were probably a few years in my life when I took it too seriously okay I don’t anymore take anything to do seriously okay so okay and Gabby what about you you were like five or six when you started playing softball I was eight you’re eight yeah let’s soak you so long I don’t know hey did you liked it right away or yeah I loved it right away and for the record will take a picture everybody before they leave but gabby is wearing eye black it should be noted she’s healing I think the only one in here wearing eye black so what’s with the eye black it wasn’t sunny today I yeah I was snowing but I have this thing where I do the same thing every game okay put my hair the same way and I put my eye black on the same way all right now we remember Gabby because last year she was on the show and she told us that she named her bats did you did you name your bats this year or it’s a touchy subject because they just got called illegal oh so okay well obviously you’ll have new bats then for the next scrimmaging game so yeah I can assure you see way you know it’s everything happens for a reason all right so you have to come up with new names yes maybe we’ll have a name Gabby’s bats contest who knows Gavin’s Gabby’s excited for that Jordan what did you start playing uh saw Jordan switched seats what did you start playing softball I start playing when i sees well when you were eight right at roger allen yep so with all these girls are ya you want different teams like in the like I don’t

have to tell Little Leaguer req req we different teams in the wrecker or same team well I mean you kind of bounced around a lot yeah and that um division i played with sandy Webster picture for probably the longest though we plotted on the same team for like what six years okay and so and now you uh if memory sources i wrote down side didn’t write down remind me go position you playing again left field left field okay I did write down just can’t read my own writing have you always liked playing the outfield er er um I actually I started off as a second baseman run as younger and then I kind of move that to the outfield a couple years ago and i love it you love it ok and what a Lydia bun what about you when did you start playing like right on thats a major no i actually started when i was like 12 well your trial ok she got into a little bit late yeah what got you in the softball um my dad kind of like I played baseball when I was younger so ok I wanted to like start again and he was like well you probably should play softball cuz you’d go further so like really miss mom it is you know which which is like better baseball or softball softball softball yeah we played baseball for like a year when I was like seven you just saying that cuz coach is here cuz i know so did you I know she’s giving you the the tiger eyes back up don’t you see no all right only cab because I me ok so now all you guys are seniors saying I know you all want to brag where you go to school so I Emma will start with you and where you go to college after high school is over ah Clem estate plymouth state Oh are we playing softball Plymouth State yes we are okay and we’re excited to go to Plymouth definitely i’m using the Royal week and now when we get to Plymouth what are we going to be studying ah physical education and health education right on and coach likes that back there because Sheila Coulson is cheerleading for you guys well you can talk on the radio which is great now um alle you get to brag the most i think about what school you’re going to do because it’s a wicked smart school where you going i’m going to MIT you’re going to MIT which which by the way and i want to say for the record Ali did not like bring that up it was Gabby’s like we have to talk about Ali’s don’t MIT talk about so so that’s really hard I do sound just like Gabby I know but that’s a hard school to get into yeah I I mean Will Hunting couldn’t get into it he had to be a janitor their good will hunting you saw them ok anyway yes I’ve seen good was it and what and what are we studying at MIT um tentatively ocean engineering but they don’t let you declare right they don’t want you to clear till your sophomore years okay so you might figure out something else you like maybe all right now are we playing softball at MIT okay now what did they recruit you or did you where was that like your first choice to go there yeah they recruited me the coach actually I’m wrote me a recommendation so that probably helped a little probably a little bit now I went to I went to school with a girl that end up going to Yale and she just never shuts up about how she went to Yale so now I think you going to MIT Trump’s that so you’re probably like the Spaulding grad going to the best school so I’m going to Center and owned a facebook saying hey listen you’re nothing now so I just so thank you you’ve given me something to knock somebody down with I appreciate that yeah deep down I know you think that’s fun I Gabi where are you going to school I’m umass-lowell you veselo you playing softball once you get there yes I am all right and what made you pick UMass Lowell um well or did they preview um it kind of went both ways like the coach recruited me and I visited the school and I did a camp there in the summer and I literally fell in love with the program and the school so so it was love at first sight with the riverhawks it was love at first sight with the river ha so you’re you were rooting for UMass Lowell when they in the the frozen port wherever they are I don’t want to comment on that is that a touchy subject to um no but my dad’s a UNH graduate so ok so it’s it’s yeah it’s lose their attention um I don’t think so but no no I’m blog okay I’m sorry bro now it’s all the time to do all right um Lydia Bowden where are you going to school afterward plymouth plymouth are you playing softball plummet yeah all right what everybody’s going to play softball in college I like that that’s awesome what are you gonna study at Plymouth either sports management or a psychology I have been up your mind I will get back to Gabby I forgot to ask you don’t act all offended what you’re studying is what we’re talking about Lydia now so that’s a cat be stirred that’s right it picked on there’s a reason the squeaky wheel gets the grease caddy so you got the sports management or psychology you can do both yeah all right and now what about you Jordan are you going to play with his loss on the plum sweatshirt no now that was on Lydia I’m sorry where are you going I’m going to Hofstra Hofstra all right that’s a long that’s another smarty school okay and when are you playing softball at Hofstra I’m not sure yet I’m hopefully gonna be having a meeting with the coach back boat possibly being a walk-on awesome and what are you what are we studying at Hofstra criminology terminology nobody want to do you want to be a police officer you are be a prosecuting attorney what do we want to be FBI oh so eventually someday you can investigate

Gabby for whatever Gabby what are you studying when you go to umass lowell professional writing in journalism alright so journaling it’s a tough field I’m a broadcast journalist I can tell you is that you have to put up with people like yourself so yeah that’s great I’m glad all you guys are playing softball once once you get to college that’s great and Jordan if you need a letter of recommendation let me know now get somebody better to write one but all right so quickly go around the room because we have some more some more players to get to before your time is up here how do you think you don’t have to give like a record or say we’re going to go all the way and win the championship Emma how do you think you guys will do if you play to your potential this year um at least final for at least the final four all right I like it t-shirt I right Ali what about you well how far do you think you’re gonna go don’t every time I hold on time every time I ask Elliot question because you can’t see this the radio you gave Emma well go first next time can you’ll get that but how far do you think you guys will go all the way all the way Bolton bulletin board material okay that’s fair all right Gabby well how far do you think you guys are going I believe that on Junie we are going to be playing for the state championship Wow all right at snow that’s new all right get print out the world view through the championship tickets now Lydia what do you think oh all the way all the way everybody’s very calm I like the confidence what about you joining so there you go home that’s right it’s what i’m talking about all right well we are going to take a timeout when we come back we’ll talk to a couple more members of the spall and girls softball team you’re listening to the all star high school sports show live for the WTS n studios in Dover on a 1270 WTS N&W TSN am-12 it’s time for the all star high school sports show into the conversation with the most talented players and coaches on the Seacoast other guys stepped up like Travis put up 21 and Dianna that’s the great thing about our team now here’s Justin macisaac ever back and see all star high school sports show we’re talking the Spaulding girls softball team and in fact we’ll have a baseball and softball coming up starting next week that they kick off our first game will be boys high school baseball st. Thomas will be a coe-brown next monday afternoon 350 pregame four o’clock first pitch here on w TSN and at ladies I believe the first time we’ll have you on I say first times it’ll be at least twice will be when you are at Winnacunnet i think is how the first game we have scheduled April 22nd that’s a monday so we will have you guys on and of course when you guys played over because coach Coulson attacked me at the Final Four say we’re playing Dover under the lights you better be there coach grab one of these microphones you I’m felt in fear for my life that day afternoon oh I know you really weren’t but no you guys are gonna play Dover that’s gonna be awesome I think it was the day after the boys played over the day before I believe it’s the day after the boys have planed over yes I think we’re going like back to back days with donor Spalding’s similar to what they did with the basketball season yeah and we did we did a whole bunch of those games so we’re doing a whole bunch of your games too and that’s gonna be to be fantastic at last year we did one game but I don’t recall any radio station that’s ever done girl stop on the radio so we’re pioneers I guess you would number one last year that’s right all right we were number one in coverage so we’re here with a well Shannon Coulson is here Shannon’s of freshman how are you doing Shannon I’m good and you don’t be shy shin I’m assuming you’re related to cold coaches Sheila Coulson yeah say your mom yep all right and now this is your your freshman since your first year on the team how’s that plan for your mom is that tougher is it weird or what’s that like um unfilled she’s a coach yep yeah and then so so you try to separate the coach player thing from the mom daughter been been my coach for I don’t know pretty long time your whole life yeah as far as that spans the whole 14 15 years okay and what position you play Shannon um wherever like 2nd right-field mostly now I guess okay it’s the 2nd right-field utility player right nothing wrong with that okay Kaylee Patterson is where the scale is also a freshman Kaylee don’t look scared other questions aren’t that hard how are you doing Kaylee I’m good and I what position you play Kaylee I pitch you pitch okay and what did you get into softball what did you start playing um I was like 10 10 yep okay and who got you into that um my friend played so I kind of played with her okay and did you like it right away or did it take some getting used to I liked it you liked it yeah all right and Sammy West is with us Sammy is a junior right Sammy how you doing good and what position do you play Sammy you are a pitcher also okay sup the Sun softball teams only have one picture you guys have at least two that I’ve met very nice yeah yeah cuz I know like the Porsche is Christian softball team they have one pitcher and she pitches every game and if her arm falls

off they’re done yeah that happens yeah so when did you start playing softball I was part of that crew that was first done the whole actually I was a year before them really I started off as a little at they were all Aiden everywhere I was 8 and they were all 12 ok so you were they liked me because I was I was very very small you so you know I just say I say if they were 12 and you were a and they’re seniors in you’re a junior either they stayed back a few times which I could see happening I I can see them stand back ok but then I went to their crew all right wasn’t wrong really cuz she’s the best she’s the best that’s the rumor ok now I’m so let me ask you to shannon since your first year with the program that you’ve been around the program obviously because your mom’s a coach now how are you liking playing varsity so far we’ve been playing the games but how are you digging it so far well it’s fun it’s like a higher caliber of play people that are for four years older than you right so is that intimidating a little bit or now you’re you’re ready for ready to go yeah okay and what about you Kelly has it what’s being on the varsity like um I like it because I played with most of them for a while now so so you’re digging it yeah all right and what’s what’s uh what’s your favorite part about pitching I just like striking people out so you’re going for strikeouts every time what’s your best pitch um my curveball curveball all right well I mean teams are gonna find out when you’re you know when you’re ringing them up you better after bad or so yeah all right Sammy what about you what’s what do you like best about playing with this team you know because we’ve all been together for some the camaraderie are you making fun of me or them all them never make fun of you hey I believe you would but is that your real favorite part or wonderful of the team pitching because I like her question better I mean you’re gonna get her question in a second you got answer the first one legitimate no but they’re good group to play with it again Alex you really is the best all right so it was probably true worthy you transfer to Dover all right what are you like best about pitching sammy since you demanded that question I like the control aspect i am part of everything all the time oh you’re gonna be your boyfriend must have a fun time with you have to be it exists its use for control freak like that so you like the control laughing you’re involved in every play who’s picking now is Ali picking the pictures you throw are you picking them it’s all hurts we were like little tots good save kick save and a beauty now okay you ever shake her off a dollar not really not really okay now how far do you think the team’s gonna go if you guys play to your potential we’re gonna go all the way god you’re so mocking I’m you’re never coming on my show I’m just kidding you thinking about you can go pretty far though I mean we’re gonna win win this year it’s gonna be it’s where it’s pretty solid team all right and what about You Kaylee what do you think if you guys play up to your potential what do you think I think we’re gonna go pretty far we’re pretty diverse yeah everything all right and what about You Shannon how you feeling I agree with them you gave them all the way yeah everybody’s confident coach what do you think about this team well how far do you think they can go if they play up to their potential why do we have to ask that question um you know I you have to give a specific prediction but how do you think you can go pretty far or what this team certainly has the chemistry and the potential to make noise for Spalding softball it’s just a matter of getting the job done on and off the field is going to say what’s going to stop this team from doing good things this year what could stop them where do they have to avoid having a quarterfinal game at home maybe okay and I’m we struggle when we have the quarterfinal round but I think certainly if this team ever starts to separate and develops a cancer which I do not see happening at this point but once we start playing for ourselves instead of the good of the team then we’ll struggle okay so no yeah I see what you’re saying so you know nobody needs to go out there and just try to be a one-man band or anything like that absolutely because you can’t win softball games with just one all right well thank you guys so much our time is just about up I want to thank everybody that came on the show Emma roads Ali true worthy Gabby Connelly Jordan Brown Lydia Bowden scheana Coulson ki Lee Patterson Sammy West Egg coach Sheila Colston and coach brought me two hats one from last year one from this year I’m a very happy guy Thank You coach thank you everybody for coming on the program thank you for having us no problem we’re gonna take a timeout and when we come back we will be joined by the porch with Christian baseball team if they’re out in the hallway I haven’t gone and checked yet you listening to the all star high school sports show live for the WT essence videos in Dover on am 1270 WTS N&W TSN am 1217