Welcome to the University of Birmingham accommodation open day. Today I will be presenting to you the accommodation options available at Birmingham These include Pritchatts Park Village, where I am right now, Selly Oak Village and the Vale Village. Later we will also be having a look at the partner providers which house about 15% of undergraduate students at the University Although today’s main focus will be the undergraduate accommodation, we do have some postgraduate accommodation available to you such as Spinney, which is behind me, so stay tuned if that’s what you are looking for So this is Pritchatts Park Village, which is home to over 700 students. The three main accommodation sites available to you is Pritchatts House global community, over here we have Oakley Court, and over there is Ashcroft So we’re in the Park Social, which is a community space for everyone at Pritchatts, and it’s a really good place to relax and wind down after lectures and maybe get a drink from the bar. All of the accommodation at Pritchatts is self-catered and shared bathroom however we do have some duplex rooms available to you which means you will be sharing a bathroom between two people. All of the flats house up to 6 students expect at the global community where you get flats up to 18 students which is really good if you want to get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds There’s lots going on today including the student mentor scheme, and their stand is right behind me so let’s watch a short video about what they’re all about When you arrive at uni for the first time it’s a very exciting time and also a very nerve-wracking time as well so we’re here to make sure the students feel as comfortable as they can when they settle in It’s a very very busy weekend during moving in weekend We’ve got two days where nearly 6,000 students all arrive at the University of Birmingham for the first time. Really, really exciting So we’ve employed an army of people in pink t-shirts called the welcome team to help you guys to move in It’s not just about lifting people’s things up the stairs and being able to help them move in it’s also about talking to those students and getting a general vibe of how they’re feeling about the experience and letting them know about the Student Mentor Scheme and other services that the university offers The Student Mentor Scheme is here to provide advice and guidance to all students who live in university accommodation The service we provide starts before you even arrive with us. A few years ago we launched our flatmate finder app which sits nicely inside of Facebook so you can get to meet the people you will be living with before you even get here. Uni is a very exciting time but it can be very nerve-wracking before you arrive. The idea of living with 6 strangers can be very, very daunting. So we can help to put you at ease by letting you know who you’ve got to look forward to living with Our remit focuses on four key areas. People’s course. So helping them to adjust to having to study in a very different way to perhaps how they might have done at school. Their finances. managing their money without their parents looking over their shoulder. Their general wellbeing. ‘Cause uni it’s a really exciting time but also really nerve-wracking time for lots of people so helping them to settle in and finally with communal living because when you arrive at uni you’re living with a whole bunch of different people which is really exciting but sometimes a bit of a challenge too We’ve always got something on we’re always trying to get the word out there trying to get students to access our services whether its flyering for campaigns doing proactive work knocking on doors letting them know about our service. What I will say is that we don’t just stop at welcome week we are there throughout the year putting on events whether it’s for exam stress, housing, just general wellbeing we’re making sure that students know that we are there The student mentor scheme is made up of a team of 12 mentors who like me work alongside their studies to help out students like you Our office is here on the Vale, in Shackleton, smack bang in the middle of where lots of people live, so it’s a really convenient location We do make sure that every person that’s part of the accommodation at University of Birmingham we’re giving them the same experience so we’ll go visit them whether they’re at Jarratt, Victoria, Pritchatts Park, on the Vale essentially we’ll all make sure that we’re there to support every student at the University of Birmingham We’re open 4- 8pm Monday to Friday during term time but at the beginning of the year we’re open later in case you want to come and see us about absolutely anything The team of mentors are students themselves so we’ve all been through it so if you’re feeling a bit homesick when you arrive or you think you’re not getting on with your

flatmates as much as you’d like to we are more than happy to just sit down and talk about it. We can go through some options to perhaps think about how we can improve things or if you’d like we can just chat. We can meet as many times or as few time as you like and the service is completely confidential and professional I am now in Pritchatts House Global Community with Simi and we’re just going to find out about what you enjoy about living here and all of the facilities in your room, so what do you enjoy particularly? Moving here and living in the Global Community was the main reason why I chose this accommodation because I felt it would be really interesting so like being put with people of different nationalities and then I got to my flat and there were 18 people but then the amazing thing is that we represent 9 countries. So it was like two to one country which I found so unique because I know I’ve been to other flats and they don’t have that. So it’s really nice to meet different people, different cultures, and like when I first got here I would try to make Nigerian food give to my flat mates so we could do the Global Community thing more and it was really exciting. And also like I really like the rooms we get because they are really spacious, we are self-catered and I cook a lot so that’s really convenient for me and I have my own personal fridge, and I have my own sink and I have a lot of cupboard space and my desk space is amazing so I would say I really really like living in Global Community Did you come to an open day before you chose it or did you go off the website? Er live in Nigeria so I didn’t… Ah yeah, didn’t make a flight? Yeah I wasn’t going to make a flight just to check a place but I did check online and that’s how I found out about Global Community I’m about to head off to Liberty living so while I do that here’s a short film on life at Pritchatts The atmosphere at Pritchatts Park is one very much of a community and almost what I would call a big family away from home, so everyone looks after each other, everyone is there for each other, and it’s a really good, fun, work and sort of vibrant atmosphere around Pritchatts Park Pritchats Park is really close to campus, it’s a ten minutes walk if that, so it’s really central. It’s got Harborne with lots of shops just two minutes away so you can always pop and get something if you need it Each hall has a residents association committee, which are called RAs, and I’m actually a member of the current years’ RA association and we put on events for the entire hall The highlight of living at Pritchatts Park is definitely getting myself involved with the RA scheme and organising events for everyone in here. We’ve organised Park at Dark, a mini-festival the night before vale fest, we’ve organised nights out We have a big reception and a social centre, which is where you can just go and watch films and have a drink with friends and play pool You can go there and meet all the people that live here so it’s quite nice. I felt welcome from the first time Oakley Court is completely self-catered but there is variations within shared and duplex bathrooms. I’ve never actually had an issue fighting for bathroom time with my flat mates because the flat that I’m in is five boys and five girls so the girls share one bathroom and the boys the other so you get used to your own routine. It’s really sociable, sometimes we’ve cooked meals between everyone so everyone chips in a little bit and then cook a massive spaghetti bolognaise and when it was Christmas, just before going home for Christmas we cooked a massive roast dinner and it was really nice but you do kind of do your own thing because people have their own sports and meetings to go to and different work, some of my flat mates have dinner at five and some at ten. The thing I’m going to miss the most about Oakley Court is how close it is to campus and how close it is to other people, being in a house will be very different and very independent but here you have so many neighbours and reception on call whenever you need them When I was looking for student accommodation I was looking at lots of different options and I really wanted value for money so original I did apply at Maple Bank with Ashcroft actually being my second choice. In hindsight now though I’m so glad I got Ashcroft, if I could re-apply again I would pick Ashcroft as my first choice and I think it really represents value for money as well as being an amazing community to live in. Cooking at Pritchatts Park is really easy and being self-catered I actually really like it, it gives me the flexibility to eat when I want and what I want so in terms of shopping I do lots of online shopping as

well as the Tesco click and collect service available at Pritchatts Park. I can collect my shopping there or again I can walk into Harborne only five minutes away for all of the shops and amenities there Ashcroft is really great ‘cause it’s just so close to uni and the rooms are really nice for the price they are, I was really surprised and I’m really happy with the option I got given. I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the uni I’m Linda, I’m in the first year of the University of Birmingham I study modern languages, I’m Italian and I’m living in Pritchatts House global community. I live in the second floor flat 7 that is one of the most international flat of Pritchatts House, I live with Canadians, American, Australian and European and I think that’s amazing. When I first came here I just went to reception and they explained everything, everything you can do, where you do, also from delivery food, laundry, everything There are lots of things I love here at Pritchatts and lots of things I will miss next year, and one of them is just to live with other people from other culture and from other countries, and also because I live very close to the campus and it’s very comfortable to walk I will share all of my beautiful memories of Pritchatts House with my future flat mates next year I’m outside Liberty Gardens which is one of our privately owned partner accommodations, 15% of all 1st year undergraduate students will live in a privately owned accommodation Living in private accommodation is just the same as living in the university owned accommodation because you benefit from living with all Birmingham students and you’ve got the RAs and the student mentors available to you as well Living at Liberty is great as you’re just a stones throw away from the city centre and just down the road is Five Ways trains station so it’s a really easy commute to get into the University. If you want any more information about the privately owned accommodation please go to our website. I’m going to head off to the Vale Village now so here is short film on what our students love about our partner accommodation I’m Lara and I’m a first year psychology student living at Victoria Hall Victoria Halls offer self-catered accommodation my particular one is en suite, so they are all self catered en suite. I’m both close to the university and to the high-street where I can get all of my groceries and I’m also around loads of other students as well so I just feel like I’m in a hotspot of everything I could possibly need. The management of Victoria Hall are super friendly I almost feel like they are just friends of mine and I can go to them and tell them practically anything and if I have any issues they’re very quick to respond and efficient so they are both friendly and efficient which is really great to have When I first came to Victoria Halls I’d been informed that it would have all of the essential things I need such as a desk and obviously a bed so I just had to bring my bedding really and my personal touches like pictures from home Being self catered in Victoria Hall is just perfect because you have so many different options where you can get the food you need, we have an Aldi just across the road, and then we also have Tesco express, Sainsbury’s and about a five minute walk and you have a big Sainsbury’s so you’re spoilt for choice of where you can go to get groceries I’m Lizzie, I’m a first year student studying French and Drama I’m at Liberty Court, accommodation it’s just a really friendly accommodation, it feels really student orientated, everyone gets on and it’s just really nice and pleasant There’s lots of things around, we’ve got is Edgbaston cricket ground, shops across the road, there’s Cannon Hill Park, there’s lots of different things to do As someone who lives in partner accommodation it doesn’t feel any different to the university owned accommodation, I didn’t find and no one else did, it doesn’t feel like we are cut off or different, they have a strong connection with the university so it’s not like we are different to other accommodations We are now at the student Vale Village accommodation, which houses over 3500 students. There are various types of accommodation available to you including meal plan, which is our version of catered accommodation, there’s self-catered en-suite and shared bathroom facilities So I’m now standing in a bedroom in Chamberlain, which is part of one of the newest accommodations on the Vale, they’re all en-suite and all part of the meal plan which I’ll talk about more later on. One thing that is really interesting is that 40% of our accommodation now all have

these ¾ size beds which is really good and even though you are on meal plan you’ve got a really nice living area at the back of the flat which I’ll show you now All of our accommodation comes with a lovely communal area and a fully fitted kitchen so if you are on meal-plan or self-catered you’ll have everything you need. As you can see there is a lovely view across the Vale and all the way over to campus with old Joe in the distance We’ve just come out of Chamberlain so I’m going to take you over the Shackleton and the Hub where we will talk more about meal plan. On my right is Elgar Court which offers en-suite and meal plan accommodation. And then we’ll walk past Maple Bank where you can have shared bathroom, meal plan or self-catered accommodation So I’m now in Shackleton at the Hub, which is the main reception for the Vale Village There’s loads going on here, we’ve got a Cost Cutter for all of your groceries, we’ve got a student pub and we’ve got a restaurant and a café I’m currently in In:fusion which is the main restaurant for all of the students on the meal plan but don’t worry, if you are in self-catered accommodation you can still pay for meals on a pay as you go basis. If you want to find out more about the benefits of meal plan please watch this short film I’m Hayley I study international Business Hi my name’s Matt I live on the Vale, I’m on meal-plan accommodation My name is Agnes I’m a first year business management student I live in Shakleton and I’m on meal-plan accommodation I’m not the greatest Chef, so being in first year it’s been really helpful to me to be on meal-plan With a busy degree it would offer me some help when I didn’t have to cook coming back from lectures every day Meal plan is included in your student accommodation fee; it’s topped up on your student card which you can take with you whenever you want to go and buy some food from University outlets You get £50 a week put onto your student ID card, you can use that anywhere on the vale and anywhere on campus, you can even use it in costa and Starbucks which is really good as well Meal-plan is topped up for us weekly and we can use it in most of the university food outlets so you just take it along with you when you want to go for dinner, hand it over at the till, swipe it for you, the money gets deducted, and then they tell you how much you have let to spend for the rest of the week Our accommodation fees include our meal-plan the university tops it up by for us so we essentially get a free meal a week, which has been really helpful Meal plan does help you budget and you can kind of have two meals a day on it so you can either choose to have breakfast and dinner or lunch and dinner so it does definitely help budgeting especially when it comes to the weekend The best thing about living in Shackleton is that because its meal plan it’s really social we get to go down together as a flat for meals On campus there’s plenty of meal outlets that you use your meal plan at, there’s go central where they’ve got three different counters where you can have chicken, you can have Asian or you can have British food In In:fusion there is a range of food, there is a pasta counter, salad counter, a home from home counter and a chef’s live counter There’s also themed night, so there’s curry nights, there’s Chinese nights and we’ve even had a Caribbean night And there’s also the hungry duck, and the duck and scholar where we can go for drinks at night and get some food maybe if you get back later There are lots of healthy options available on meal plan as well; you can buy fruit and cereal bars and salads, jacket potatoes Infusion is open 4:30 till 8 but if you get back late we can also get food in pizza shack or the hungry duck With the meal-plan it does get wiped every Sunday so if I do happen to have any money left over I can go down to infusion, buy some cereal, milk and use that in my flat for the next day This is JC’s restaurant, which is located at the bottom of Chamberlain’s tower block It’s really good for special occasions because it’s a table service restaurant. You get some really nice food here like burgers and chilli and salads and loads of sweet treats It’s really good for meal plan because you can use your card here but it’s also good

if you don’t have Meal Plan ‘cause you can come here and pay cash Whilst living with us at the University at Birmingham you can take advantages of a wide range of opportunities such as the sporting societies. So they are actually practicing korfball at the moment in the Shakleton courtyard University is about so much more than your bedroom, it’s about the friends you make and the experiences you have so here’s a short film about the social life you can expect at Birmingham Hi there I’m James. I’m a first year student currently studying Chemical Engineering, I live in Aitken, which is on meal plan, and I love it So the residents association is primarily composed of first year students who live in the halls. There’s five of us who have been elected from the current students to help make sure that everything runs smoothly around the halls I really wanted to be an RA because I liked the idea of helping students. I thought that I would be nicely suited to it and it was a good opportunity for me to get to know more people in my halls So the RAs put on a wide variety of events ranging from day trips out including painting balling, laser quest things like this. Nights out, going into clubs into Birmingham and having a good time If you didn’t manage to make it to today’s open day and would still like to come and visit us after watching this film then you are more than welcome to come and see our show home which is located at Shackleton at the Vale Village and you can use one of our virtual reality headsets to have a real idea of what all of our accommodation looks like on the vale We are now going to continue exploring the Vale down to the Green Community passing Mason, Aitken and Tennis Courts. Let’s go As I’m walking through the Vale you can see behind me Aitken, Shackleton, Chamberlain on my right, Mason. So I’m going to continue heading on to the Green Community Here I am at the Green Community, which is a brand new initiative, which is exclusive to the University of Birmingham. It will be an excellent addition to your university experience where you can live with like-minded people who care about the environment I’m with Lexi who is a student ambassador for the Green Community and its really important student lead initiative and she’s going to tell us more a bout the work that they’re doing So it’s a brand new scheme from the university of Birmingham and I think it all started from

the solar panels on the roof, and from that we are building a completely green community So it means that we are going to be a lot more sustainably sourced, on top of that we have also built like a little green orchard outside, they’re still quite young trees so their due to grow and be ready for apple picking from 2018. But also we are going to run workshops like the one today with project UP for students starting from September throughout the year on top of that we have quite a push towards volunteering, that’s within the Guild and in the local community ‘cause I think its really really nice to give back to the community seeing as we are in such a lucky position Thank you for that, we are now going to hear from project UP and hear more about the Green Community I’m just going to introduce you to John who is from project up and he’s going to be telling us all about what he does for the Green Community here at the University Ok hi guys, so from September this year we will be running various workshops and all the Green Community members can get involved We are going to teach you how to up cycle furniture using chalk paint, we’re going to teach you how to make some really cool outside furniture using old shipping pallets and we’re going to show you how to turn absolutely anything into a lamp Thanks John. If there’s any more info you wish to find out about the Green Community go to our Facebook and our twitter page using the hash tag the green community I’ve just finished a the Green Community living accommodation and if that’s somewhere you think you’d like to live next year then make sure you select it as one of your preferences on the online application process. I’m just about the head off to Selly Oak so while I do that why don’t you check out this short film about the Vale I chose accommodation that was on the Vale because I really wanted to be in a place where a lot of students are and it’s a really beautiful location as well, which is a definite bonus I stayed on the Vale and I found that there was always a support and help there for example something you wouldn’t get in a private accommodation is the quickness of response so if something broke they were there straight away to fix it The Vale is probably about a fifteen-minute walk down to main campus, and it’s nice ‘cause it’s such a pretty area but you’re so close to campus and you’re also a ten-minute train ride into the centre of town so it’s got a great location Shackleton is en-suite and meal-plan and I staid in a flat that was boys and girls and we had a shared kitchen. I found out about Shackleton through the websites and through coming to visit and I particularly liked the look of Shackleton because it had everything in the building, there’s the Melt which is like a really chilled out café in the day and then it turns in the Pizza Shack at night which is always fun, and there’s infusion which is the normal meal-plan kind of dining hall, which everyday there was something really different, a lot of my friends in other unis who have meal-plan they say that y’know every day is the same but it’s always really varied here. You are in a massive almost community environment because there’s just so many people around all the time so you can go down to any of the dining areas and there is always someone you know. It was just so nice to come back from lectures, or come back from sport training or society stuff and come back to so many people Maple bank is a mixture of people on meal-plan and people who are self-catered. I’m on meal-plan and I live in a flat of five, five of us altogether Living in Maple Bank at the beginning it was, the campus was full of life when I got here in the freshers week and I enjoyed seeing so many people around me I found Facebook really helpful in the process before moving in, there were several pages, join the maple bank page and you can say which flat you are going to be in The closest facility to Maple Bank is the Shackleton building where you can find two places where you can eat every day of the week; those are infusion and the Melt. Also you can find the pub which is called the Duck and Scholar where you can watch sports events or play pool with your friends Maple Bank has a mixture of mixed flats and you can chose to be with all girls or all boys, I’m in a mixed flat, there’s three boys and another girl with me so it’s three and two and generally they are evenly split and I’ve really really enjoyed living in a mixed flat. The support for people living in Maple Bank are based in reception at the hub so there is always someone on duty at the desk and they’ve been really helpful

throughout the year Facilities like the laundrette, the bar, the food courts they are all in easy access and available pretty much 24…7 My name is Tina Feng and I am a first year law student studying at the University of Birmingham and I’m currently living in TC My type of accommodation is self catered this means we have to be responsible for cooking our owns meals, budget our own money and stuff, so you’re buying all your own food and learning to cook for yourself, you’ll learn how to be savvy in terms of money saving be it at cost-cutter over on the Vale or in terms of online shopping. You can be actually quite creative with your food, who knows; maybe the university experience could turn you into a master chef of some sort! Personally I didn’t really mind the idea shared facilities but I think the key message is, as long as you all get on really well and co-operate together in terms of house hold tasks, then the idea of shared facilities may not be so daunting for you after all. The residents association is responsible for organising a lot of social events that happen in halls and also in between loads of halls as well, for example the most recent Mason vs Tennis Courts event which was a huge success because not only did loads of people turn out and it was a fun night out at Snobs, the highlight of that evening was a dance off occurring between Mason and Tennis Courts and Tennis Courts won which was quite amazing! Hi I’m Alex I’m a first year geography student and I live in Aitken, which is meal-pan, and I love it there. I chose Aitken as my first choice accommodation because I wanted to be on meal-plan so I didn’t have to cook for myself and also it’s a really reasonable price and the kitchens are massive. There’s between six to eight people in every flat, which means you get to know everyone really well. The best thing about living in Aitken is that it’s quite small so you know everyone in the flat so on a night out you always see everyone and walking around you see everyone and say hi all the time. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about meal-plan is the chicken Katsu curry, it’s amazing. Some of the things I brought to uni were toilet roll, bacon and a rugby ball because I thought it’d be really good to socialise with people passing a ball around Mason is en suite accommodation every room is en suite and it’s also self-catered I chose mason cause I really liked the layout, it’s quite modern inside and also there’s nice views of the lake especially in my flat it just looks over and it’s really peaceful when you look out. The en suites in mason are all wet rooms; you get a sqeegy so it really helps to keep them dry and clean so that’s really good. My favourite thing about Mason is the layout of the bocks making it really sociable, everyone is really friendly to each other so it’s a nice environment to live in. Because we are self catered we do have to cook for ourselves there’s a cost cutter at the hub in Shackleton which just a five minutes walk if you ever run out of things but it’s really simple, everyone gets Tesco deliveries or Sainsbury’s delivery and they come right to your flat, unpack it for you which is really practical. Mason is an ideal location ‘cause it’s right near the exit of the Vale so to get to campus it’s a ten minutes walk or if you’re going to a further building fifteen maximum so it’s ideal. There is a bus stop right outside Mason, which is really good, and its handy cause it goes right to the city centre and other places making everywhere easy to get to Elgar Court is en suite meal-plan accommodation situated in the Vale student village. There is many wonderful things to mention about living in Elgar Court, the amazing setting, the modern facilities as well as the friendly staff all contributing to a rich and fulfilling student experience. I liked it so much that I came back for another year. Students need to be prepared to bring their own cutlery, pans as well as bedding and also if you think about buying your own kettle or toaster before coming to University it’s best to wait until you actually move into the halls because then you can buy just one and share with your flat mates. Also there is a bedding pack that you can purchase from LIVING services at a competitive rate. Watching the Vale fireworks with my friends and flatmates in second and third year has been an amazing experience, something that I would come back to the Vale even after finishing my degree. This is a spectacular thirty minutes firework event set on the Vale just around the lake area, which attracts students from all campus every November, and this is probably one of the best things you can do as part of the vibrant community within the Vale and as a member of the Elgar Court community

So this is our last accommodation of the day, it’s the only one in Selly Oak- Jarratt Hall. It houses over 700 students, it’s all en-suite and self-catered accommodation, it’s a really good location, it’s our closest one to the main campus and it’s right in the heart of Selly Oak. So now we are going to take you to a short film which tells you all about the local surrounding area Hi there and welcome to Selly Oak village, so just behind me we have two types of university accommodation. Over here is Jarratt Hall, which is university owned accommodation and just behind me is Victoria halls which is one of our partner accommodation. As you can see they are just a stones throw away from university campus Today I’m going to be giving you a tour of Harborne Village, it’s a perfect destination for you to come with your friends and your family and it’s a 10 min walk away from the university. You’ll have so much fun in Harborne Village Hi I’m Lizzie, I’m a 1st year at the University of Birmingham studying French and drama. I live in student accommodation and you can see the city just behind me. All of the student accommodation for the University is located in Edgbaston which means it’s really close to campus and really close to the city centre, you can walk along the canals to get there, you can cycle This is the main high street of Selly Oak and you’ve got a whole range of bars, restaurants, pubs, cafes so loads of places to hang out and socialise with your friends and Birmingham is a really cosmopolitan are whether you fancy Nutella pancakes or your local curry you’re sure to find everything here in Selly Oak After a long day at university the Harborne high street is the perfect place to just come along, let your hair down and enjoy some of the great restaurants that this great city has to offer. There’s a wide range of pubs, cafes and bars and it’s just the perfect place to just chill and relax ready for you to go back to university the next day You can get the train to the city centre from the university, which takes 7 minutes. The stop before that, which takes 5 minutes to get to, takes you to Five Ways where there is a cinema, supermarkets and bowling If you are going to be in self-catered accommodation obviously you are going to have to be cooking all your meals for yourself and luckily in Selly Oak we have a whole variety of supermarkets and places to buy food so whatever your local supermarket is at home you’re sure to find it here Pritchatts Park Village is one of our self-catered accommodation options but with Harborne V being a 10-minute walk away, you’ll have access to a wide range of supermarkets, local grocers for you to pick up produce for yourself and your friends You can walk along the canals from the University, which takes you straight to the Mail Box where there’s bars, restaurants, it’s a really nice place In Selly Oak you have absolutely everything you need so whether it’s doctors, dentists, pharmacies for prescription you’ll find everything on your doorstep. So you can be coming home from uni you might think oh I need a new notepad, I need –you know- some cleaning things for the kitchen everything is just on the way home And finally, Harborne Village offers a wide range of services such as the hairdresser, the optician, the post office and the local pharmacy. There’s even a wide range of fashion boutiques, all here on your doorstep I’m in second year now and I lived in university halls in my first year and now I’m living here in Selly Oak and I absolutely love it because there’s a 95% student population so there’s a real student buzz your just surrounded by other people, your friends, all the time, you’re so close to campus and you literally have absolutely everything you need here so I really couldn’t ask for a better place to live at university So hopefully you enjoyed hearing about the local areas. We are now going to watch our last film of the day, which is from some Jarratt students, and they are going to be telling you about why they love living here Jarratt Hall is an en suite accommodation, self catered, where you share the kitchen with five other people I chose self catered basically because I’d much rather have a choice over what I was cooking and stuff and we’ve got a couple shops down the round that are two minutes away rather than living at other places where you sometimes have to order it in Because Jarratt hall is really close to the university you can go back and forth in between lectures No matter how late you wake up you can always get to your lectures and it’s just so convenient with a massive student community all around like all the second and third years as well

and yeah it’s a good area It’s like 10 minutes away from school its quite convenient and everything is around accessible to every shop and all and it’s quite close to the train station No matter where you are in Jarratt everyone knows each other and everyone hangs out together There is a cosy social room in Jarratt Hall that you can book with friend for example if you want to watch a movie or play Xbox or just gather with your friends outside of the your flat I like the service, they are hands on with the service and coming from Nigeria with the whole when you’re not used to the winter weather when you are cold I called them for a new heater cause the one, it wasn’t good enough, and they came with a new one and I was quite comfortable ‘cause I had two heaters so living here I was quite comfortable Thank you for watching the film, we hope you’ve found it really useful; we’ve been to Pritchatts Park, Liberty Living, the Vale accommodation and finally here at JH. You’ve learnt about the Global C and the Green Community, if you wish to find out anything else on how to apply or the guarantee schemes then please check our website and we look forward to welcoming you to the University of Birmingham