this is Sean O’Connor founder and CEO of Stratus rep and I am so happy to be back with my good friends from beat the GMAT for today’s webinar on getting into Wharton the 10 essential insider tips and I’m going to actually have an extra one for you today the 10 insider tips that you need to get into Wharton this fall if it is your dream school all right so without further ado let’s get started for those of you who have not been on one of my webinars before let me just do a brief introduction so as you may know my name is Shawna O’Connor and I am the founder and CEO of Stratis prep Stratis prep was founded in 2006 to help individuals reach their dream graduate schools and we focus primarily on MBA programs in law school I myself did my JD mi MBA at Harvard at Harvard Business School I was a baker scholar where I was in the top 5% of the class and I am a summa laude graduate from Georgetown over the last 10 years I have been providing expert admissions and test prep advice and have been fortunate to have many many many clients and I’ll give you the profiles of a number of them later on in the presentation many clients attend Wharton as well as HDS in Stanford and I’m excited to share those 10 years of experience and insights with you before getting into test prep and admissions counseling I worked with McKinsey & Company Lehman Brothers and a number of other firms and I am the author of the Forbes column the launching pad and on the launching pad I write two columns a week usually typically on Tuesdays I read a column about entrepreneurship and on Fridays a column about MBA admissions so you may want to go ahead and check that out if you’re interested so that’s a little bit about me if you don’t know Stratus prep as well we are a team based mostly in New York but we work with clients in over 40 countries and all across the United States we are considered experts at the top schools in the MBA process and as such have been featured in US News forbes where I write my regular column I also write a column for US news Bloomberg BusinessWeek CNNMoney which asked me to do an article on getting into HBS and fortune which asked me to do an article on how to help people from finance backgrounds get into some of the top schools including HBS that were less favorably disposed towards finance applicants and then also I’ve been in the Financial Times they recently printed worldwide an article that I wrote on how MBA programs could do a better job teaching students how the network they sort of assume that students come prepared to network and that isn’t always the case and there is a lot that could be done to improve networking I am on campus at the leading business schools constantly this morning I was at Yale in New Haven earlier this week I was judging a business plan competition at Harvard so I am constantly speaking with students and administrators and professors at these schools to make sure that the information that we’re sharing with you is the most up-to-date admissions information possible and maximizes your chance of admission to the school of your choice we draw our clients from many different industries and personal and professional backgrounds we’ve had clients from the high tech industry including Microsoft and Google from the finance industry including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to the Blackstone group from the nonprofit sector like Teach for America and Citi year and then also of course from consulting like McKinsey and Bain and Deloitte we have a number of clients from the public sector so people who are working in Congress or people who are working in government agencies we have somebody to is in one of the federal departments who actually will be going to Wharton it was his number one choice and he’ll be going there in the fall with our help so that just gives you a little bit of a profile of the clients that we work with so let’s get started with my ten insider tips for admission into Wharton and I hope that these will be really salient and will really help to inform you as you begin your thought process for applying toward this fall number one it is absolutely imperative and we’re going to talk about this a couple times throughout the presentation did you demonstrate strong quantitative ability through the GMAT and your work experience okay so unlike carbon and Stanford where quant is one of many talents that one could have but one could have great communication skills are great leadership skills and lower quantico’s and that would be fine at a school like an HBS or Stanford at Wharton they are really serious about seeing your quantitative abilities so one of the things you can do you can obviously score well on the GMAT or the GRE in the quant section another option is you can take additional coursework over the

summer to demonstrate your quant capabilities you should utilize whenever possible work examples that demonstrate your quantitative abilities it’s really really essential and this is not because we’re going to cover this later in the presentation as well this is not because Wharton is just a finance school okay where it’s actually not just defined at school many people argue that Warren has the best marketing Faculty of any MBA program in the nation but with every discipline whether its operations or marketing or finance with every discipline Wharton takes a quantitative approach to solving problems so when they’re trying to solve a marketing problem they take a quantitative approach when they’re trying to solve an operations problem they take a quantitative approach and so you’re demonstrating your quantitative prowess is absolutely essential to getting in to work okay all right wonderful number two you have to show that you have a commitment to data-driven analytical decision making what you don’t want to do on the Wharton application and a mistake that you know when people come to me for analysis they worked on their own or with the different consulting firm and they didn’t get into the school and they can’t understand why when they have the numbers and they come to me with a Wharton essay and it’s all about intuition that’s not going to work you do not want to talk HBS loves intuition okay Wharton is not as much a fan of intuition by any stretch okay so you don’t want to be focusing on your intuition or how you know from previous experiences you thought this was the right thing to do instead you want to show how I did an analysis a data analysis and then I went to an analytical decision making process a logical decision making process so your essays need to follow the structure the to follow data-driven analytical decision-making processes because that’s what’s going to make you most successful because that is the kind of student wharton believes is going to excel in their program okay so we need to show that we’re quantitatively robots that we have the quantitative abilities but then step two which is this slide is we need to show that we’re going to leverage those quantitative abilities in order to have a data-driven analytical decision-making model okay so that’s going to be our second step in getting into Wharton this fall all right now we move on to number three Wharton has so many amazing global programs the global immersion program the global consulting practicum we’ll talk about some of the more specifics as we move through the presentation if you don’t recognize that Wharton has really unparalleled opportunities where in ventures which can take you to Antarctica for a survival exercise if you don’t recognize the unparalleled opportunities that Wharton has in terms of global connections and global study you are not going to be admitted to one because they want to see students we’re going to take full advantage of these programs in which they have invested millions of dollars so you have to speak about how you hope to participate in Wharton specific and extensive global learning experiences and it’s not enough to say I just want to you know I just want to be in a global program or it’s not enough to say I’m really excited about studying abroad through Wharton you need to use the names of the specific programs you need to know the differences between the specific programs you need to know why some programs are better than other programs you need to know what what differentiates them what the focus is is it more theoretical is it more practical is it working with faculty is it working with business leaders and figure out the programs that are the best fit for you and talk to them specifically in your applications this is essential number four you want to illustrate that you are committed to a collaborative learning experience Wharton is really really interested in finding students who are collaborative and this may sound sort of trite and you know what school is not looking for students that are collaborative but Wharton has gone to such an extent to you know such an extent to find students who are collaborative that this year as you may know this past year they change their interview technique instead of doing interviews with individuals okay they did group interview so they could see how you interact with other individuals are you a collaborative learner are you somebody who builds your ideas off of other people’s ideas do you share ideas freely can you give critiques and criticism in a non personal non-threatening way okay so you want to demonstrate this in the interview obviously but you also want to demonstrate this when you talk about your professional experiences in the essays you want don’t make it look like you were the individual who solves all the problems all by yourself instead demonstrate how you work with a team you developed a team you benefited from the ideas of your colleagues and together you were able to collaboratively learn and develop and reach the right answer and be most successful

so it is essential both in the essays and in the interview to show that you’re a collaborative leader and to really understand what collaborative learning means the interchange of ideas learning from one another etc etc okay all right now let’s go ahead and look at number five now I know the GMAT is is on the computer now but I couldn’t find a good picture to go with that that really illustrated with the GMAT on the computer so I went with the old bubble scantron and I hope you’ll forgive me so you need to spend time and if you’re looking at Harvard and Stanford and not Wharton you don’t need to do this but if you really want to go to Wharton you need to spend time working with an LSAT or with a expert GMAT tutor to ensure that you score in the ninth in the 80th percentile hopefully in the 90th percentile but at least in the 80th percentile on the quant section of the GMAT Wharton is different from many other top schools Wharton like Columbia and to a certain extent like Chicago they not only look at your overall GMAT score but as a separate equally valuable metric they look at your quant percent and we had a kind a couple years ago who really wanted to go to work and the professors in the healthcare program really wanted her to go to work and the professors were lobbying the admissions office but she had the something like the 70th percentile or the 72nd percentile in the quant and the admissions office just was not comfortable that she had the quantitative rigor the quantitative ability to be successful so some folks will tell you well if you’re close it’s good enough you know maybe if you’re in the 78th or 79th but who wants to take the risk spend the time invest the resources get an expert’s GMAT tutor and get to the 80th percent in the quant you can do this okay this mass is from 5th grade and 8th grade and 9th grade in 10th grade you can get to the 80th percentile there’s nothing on the quant GMAT that you cannot master okay if you’re having trouble you know stratus prep obviously we believe that we have the strongest GMAT tutoring team anywhere in the world we recently had someone who had taken a course from a competitor came to us that a 560 after just 10 hours of tutoring was a 700 we worked with a woman in um in Shanghai who we got to a seven twenty eighty percent of our students were seven hundred and above okay so you know take the time to work with a GMAT tutor to get that quant square that you need not just the overall that score that you need and I really really discourage taking a GMAT class GMAT tutoring is so much more effective and the reason for that is when you come to the GMAT you come with certain skill sets and certain abilities that you already have so you may already be good at the grammar and don’t need any review of the sentence correction or maybe you perfectly remember geometry and so you don’t need that review but maybe you don’t remember factoring at all or maybe you really have trouble with strengthener in week in our questions and critical reasoning when you work with the tutor the tutor can focus in on your particular areas of weakness and help you excel in those areas of weakness and compensate for those areas of weakness a class has to do a superficial review of everything so you don’t get enough of all what you need and you get too much of what you already know and so it’s a waste of time and money fewer hours at the same price point with an expert GMAT tutor is going to get you where you want to be and you want to be in the 80th percentile on the quant as well as 700 or above on the GMAT if you want to be admitted to Wharton alright number six you have to know something about the University of Pennsylvania if you want to go to Wharton and that is that the president of the entire University Amy Gutmann is absolutely committed to the idea that the university should be a whole and that there needs to be communication and work in between the different facets of the university so the medical school the engineering school the School of Arts and Sciences the Business School the law school and so if you want to get into Warren you will show how you are going to benefit from that interdisciplinary learning community you are going to talk about how you will partner with people from the engineering school if you’re developing a tech product or you will develop you will partner with people from the med school in public health school in the Social Work school if you are working on a health startup or that you will work with people from the law school if you are focused on something that involves questions of intellectual property you absolutely have to demonstrate this desire to reach outside Wharton and to get to know individuals from other parts of the university and to benefit from their experiences their learning their expertise because that is something that the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton in particular is looking for this will show that you really want to go to Wharton not that it’s just your third choice school and you applied there because if they think it’s your third choice schooling you just apply there to apply there you’re not going to get in you have to convince

them even if it’s your third choice you have to convince them that this is where you want to be and this is one of the best ways to do that alright number seven you have to demonstrate an entrepreneurial orientation okay and this is true at more and more business schools but it’s especially true at Wharton with its its numerous entrepreneurship programs in the entrepreneurship Center that that serves not only Wharton graduate students but also undergraduates and so you want to demonstrate this now there are many ways to demonstrate entrepreneurial orientation you can demonstrate it for example through social and prai’s so maybe you started a new program at a non-profit that you’ve been working with or you can do this because you’ve had a startup company or you didn’t start the company but you’ve worked in an entrepreneurial environment at a startup company that’s another way to demonstrate an entrepreneurial orientation but even if you work at a huge behemoth fortune 100 company you can demonstrate a entrepreneurial orientation by being what we call an intrapreneur and showing that you think outside the box you think about the impact that you’re having you think about what needs to be done better or differently or more innovatively and you propose and convince others and persuade them to adopt your entrepreneurial ideas so regardless of what kind of company you work in or what type of nonprofit work that you do I need you to demonstrate this entrepreneurial orientation if you want to be admitted toward all right number eight don’t make the mistake and I hear this all the time don’t make the mistake of seeing Wharton is just a finance school sure Wharton is strong in finance and we all know Donald Trump went there etcetera and many you know leaders in finance went there but it’s also exceptionally strong in entrepreneurship and especially marketing and I will tell you we had a case of a woman with a 2.7 who was admitted to Wharton a couple of years ago and she emphasized that she wanted to go there because of the marketing faculty and the marketing programs and she talked about the specific programs and professors that she wanted to study with and I am absolutely certain that that is why she got in with a Jew 7 because she demonstrated um she demonstrated arm you know that um she had an understanding of the marketing prowess at empower of the marketing prowess and power of Wharton that is forgotten by so many people who fixate on the on the finance focus there certainly is a great finance for royal war and there’s a great real estate program at Wharton I would never suggest anything less but it also is a great school for entrepreneurship especially cross function working with engineers like MIT and it is a wonderful marketing program comparable to or perhaps stronger than Kellogg and Kellogg and Ross and some of the other real well-known marketing schools all right number nine speak about how as a Wharton student and beyond as an alum you would put your theoretical learnings into action so for those of you who have reviewed the essay questions from previous years you know that one essay question two or three years ago was they wanted you to invent your own Wharton class okay what did they want to see they wanted to see your theoretical academic interests put into practice so if it’s about operations how could we help and this was the example they gave how could we use our operational expertise to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti okay so they want to see you taking theory and putting it into practice similarly okay if it is on the most recent application they asked about knowledge in action and they wanted to hear about a time that you took knowledge theoretical knowledge that you developed and put it into action so you really want to show that this is something you will do at Wharton you will do after Wharton is something that isn’t inherent to who you are because theory alone has very little impact but theory in combination with action is really powerful and so they want you to show that they want you to show how you stepped outside the box as an entrepreneurial thinker found some new theory that would be relevant to your company’s operations proposed putting that theory into practice and that revolutionize the business and led to you know 20% cost savings or a 50% increase in revenue or 15% increase in customer satisfaction and be as quantitative as you can with those examples please and then show a passion from for Wharton and for the broader Philadelphia community and and I’m a Philly guy okay I’m from Philadelphia and I know Philly has its downfalls okay it is not New York City although we’re getting some really great restaurants in Philadelphia so show your passion for Wharton okay that you really want to be there that it’s not just your back up to

Harvard and Stanford and show that you want to serve the broader Philadelphia community almost all of Stratis present we had so many students were admitted to work last year was it was really beyond our own expectations and so many of them who got in focused on one of their essays on how they wanted to go out into the Philadelphia community and leverage what they had learned about entrepreneurship or what they had learned about business okay and they wanted to use that to serve the people of West Philadelphia the neighborhood that Wharton is based in and the University of Pennsylvania is based and or that they wanted to use it more broadly across Philadelphia okay so show that you really want to be a Wharton but also that you really want to be in Philadelphia and what you see is you know I mean thought off you have some great you know companies based in it like Comcast for example um and a number of health insurers but you really want to look at how am I going to take what I’ve learned at Wharton and apply that in the Philadelphia communities show that I will be an active contributor to the Philadelphia community all right I promised you an extra tip okay and this is not Wharton specific but I think it is something that you should really consider if you’re serious about about MBA applications this year and space is limited so I wanted to highlight this there is going to be the first national diversity MBA conference this summer and it’s going to be in Minneapolis July 26 and 27 and what is really unique about this conference which is limited to just 250 perspective students is that you are going to have the opportunity to meet one-on-one in what we’re calling speed networking opportunities one-on-one with admissions officers from top MBA programs so you can be able to meet one-on-one with you know with the people who will be making the decisions at the schools that you want to go to okay um you can buy your tickets now diversity summit MBA calm and then click on the perspective students link and it’ll take you to an event bright page where you can buy the tickets we are just one of the sponsors of this event we are one of the founding sponsors as is our nonprofit partner the Stratus foundation um but it is open to everyone okay it is a diversity summit so there will be discussion about women in Business School that’s going to be a huge focus of the discussion african-americans and Latinos in business school LGBTQ community members in business school but this event is open to everyone from any background and I I cannot recommend it enough I’m advising all of my Stratis craft clients to grab their tickets now before they sell out because this is going to be a really important event you’re be able to have dinner with admissions reps and then meet them one-on-one and I think that anyone who is serious about getting into a top Business School will want to be at this event on July 26th and 27th in Minneapolis and I will be there personally um and I would be happy to meet with any of you there I’ll be doing a presentation that I’ve been asked to give that at this conference but there will be panels with admissions officers from schools so you definitely want to consider participating in the national diversity MBA conference again www diversity summit okay so a few last slides here and then I want to take your questions please be sure to be sending those questions in so that we do have a robust discussion and it’s not just me talking here so what is Wharton looking for well first you know as we’ve talked about they want to see that commitment to innovation into entrepreneurship so you want to be aware of the word innovation group and the projects that that group is working on and how you could contribute to those endeavors and the Entrepreneurship Center okay they also want an emphasis as I said on collaborative entrepreneurial leadership and so that’s things like the venture initiation program which is sort of an incubator for startups and they have entrepreneurs who are in residence at the school and that’s something that’s really important if you want to stay more informed about entrepreneurship at Wharton just follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook it’s at Wharton and trip or Wharton entrepreneurship on Facebook so make sure that you are staying abreast of the innovation and entrepreneurial on goings on campus at Wharton because that is going to be something that is critically important whether or not you get admitted you have to be able to demonstrate Wharton specific knowledge and the best way to do that is through is through the you know sort of the knowledge of the specific programs again they’re also looking for a global mindset we talked about that earlier so what are we looking for specifically there well I want you to be focused on the global immersion program the global consulting practicum okay where you work with a company in a global context the international volunteer program where you use your MBA training to serve others and the international exchange programs also I didn’t type it in here but Wharton Ventures is where you get to travel somewhere and experience sort of a survival exercise to build leadership and team-building skills but it’s often

in a global in a global setting so that would be another one to consider there and we want you to show that passion for Philadelphia so consider you know being involved with some of their different programs say yes to education or rebuilding Together that are about helping Philadelphia and the area around Wharton thrive just as you thrive professional at Wharton um so one more slide about strategist prep if you didn’t know us before we do have an 80% success record life time at Wharton so since 2006 when Stratis prep was founded the numerator would be the number of people that we have helped them we work with hundreds of people each year the numerator or all the people who’ve gotten into Wharton the denominator all the people who’ve done a school package with us for Wharton when you do that division it’s an 80% acceptance rate which is much higher than the you know 15 or so acceptance rate normally at Wharton we also have a 60% acceptance rate at Harvard um we help students get significant financial aid as I mentioned we had somebody with a or I haven’t mentioned this yet but that’s coming up somebody with a 300 who got a half morothy scholarship at Wharton because of the quality of their application um what’s our secret why are we able to obtain these numbers well each and every person who works with Stratos prep works with a counselor who’s graduated from a top five MBA program and has two years of admissions experience but they also work with me as their objective evaluator okay I work with five students personally as their counselor at a much higher price point but every single student who comes through Stratos prep has me evaluating their strategy evaluating their outlines evaluating their interview skills leveraging my 10 years of experience and um everything that I’ve learned to be able to make you the best candidate possible okay another thing that’s important is our staff includes numerous former admissions readers and interviewers from Wharton in fact there was one person who literally walked out of the Wharton office took the train to Philly and said I just left the Wharton admissions office I want to come work for you and now as an advisor here at Stratus prep so we have those inside insights into what Wharton is looking for and how we can best position you for success at Wharton I wanted to give you a few key studies of individuals that we have worked with at at Wharton er who were applying to wear and so Rob he had a two point says two point I but it should be a 2.9 GPA from a top 25 University and just a 700 which is strong but not particularly strong for a male and he I will share with you he was not from an underrepresented group so he had a 2.9 GPA and a 700 and with our help he was admitted to Wharton VIN it was an international applicant okay an applicant from India he had a 3 3 GPA when you converted the GPA into the American system a 710 GMAT strong quant though admitted to Warren as well Alex top 10 undergrads we went to a very very strong undergrad here in the US but only a 3 oh and only a 680 not only was he admitted but he got a half merit-based scholarship to Wharton which he was shocked by we were shocked by but everybody was thrilled and finally Jennifer low GPA she really had had some trouble in in undergrad but top 25 undergrad school to 7 GPA but a very strong overall GMAT strong quant score amazing essays really thought-provoking essays very very intriguing really grabbing the reader and we worked with her on those and she was admitted to work so this gives you a sampling you don’t have to be perfect to get into warden these are all four people that worked with Stratus prep and here are their stats and they got in so we don’t cherry-pick our applicants to Wharton or to any other school we work with folks under 300 GPAs under 7 under G Matt’s all the time helping them into the top snake the nation’s top MBA programs all right so here’s my summary slide recognize the difficulty of getting into Wharton this year it you know it’s a tough time to get into business school these days a lot of people are applying budget enough time we had people who started their round one applications for Wharton this year in January or February because they want an ample time to brainstorm to build their recommendation relationships etc so make sure you’ve budgeted enough time next know your target no warden inside and out and I’ve given you a lot I hope today to digest in terms of in specific programs to look into and to really get to know Wharton well you should obviously do it campuses it as well and then work with true Wharton experts on your application and given the work former work admissions team members that work with us in our track record at word and I don’t think that there’s any doubt that Stratis prep is the expert when it comes to werden Admissions and then I

wanted to let you know about a couple of discounts that we have available for those of you who were on the webinar today so we are offering a 10% discount off of any GMAT preparation or admissions counseling services that you may buy between now and May 28 okay I’m in the discount code for that is BT g10 okay so you can go ahead and get that 10% discount but I went rogue and I added the second part and my marketing team sort of thinks I’m a little crazy because I did this about an hour before before we went live here with the with the webinar but we are going to do a special 20% discount a 20% discount if you enroll in either GMAT preparation or an admissions counseling program with Stratus prep by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow and we will make ourselves available to answer all your questions so that you can make a decision in that time period if you would like this discount is 20% off either GMAT preparation counseling it is good through 7 p.m. tomorrow ok which is May 21st you have to call there’s no discount code you’ll have to call to redeem this offer our phone number is 2 1 2 3 0 7 1 7 8 8 again 2 1 2 3 0 7 one seven eight eight and you do need to call this deadline cannot be extended it is tomorrow through 7:00 p.m. okay and I do do free consultations so if you are interested in a free consultation you know please let us know now I’m not going to be able to solve all your admissions problems or even really get to know you all that well in a 30-minute consultation what we do in the 30-minute consultation is help you figure out how stratus prep could help you reach your goals so we look at where you are what you need and then how stratus prep can help fill in those goals fill in those gaps and really assist you and we together come up with a plan where you and stratus prep working together lead you to your odd dream school and you can set up a free consultation either by emailing us at consult at Stratos prep comm consult at Stratos prep comm or giving us a call at two one two three zero seven one seven eight eight again that’s two one two three zero seven one seven eight eight okay and one last plug diversity summit diversity MBA summit comm diversity MBA summit comm if you are interested in meeting with admissions reps from some of its not all of the top schools in the nation we don’t have from what I understand that every school confirmed yet but if you are interested in you know meeting with and having dinner with and hearing panels with and doing you know one-on-one conversations with the people who will be deciding your fate I would strongly encourage you to consider making the trip out to Minneapolis for the 26th and 27th of June diversity MBA summit comm 250 tickets available make sure you get them before they go sold out so that is what I have for you and I am happy to take questions um you know and we are um you know we are always available for anything you need so if you have questions if you want to do a consult before you have to make the decision about the discounts tomorrow night we’ll go ahead and you know get you scheduled for a consult you know whatever you need we want to be there to be helpful alright so I have a couple of questions coming in here so let me go ahead and review those so first is a low verbal score and overall score impact even if the quant score is good well if your so the example was a quant score of a 49 which is which is ample and totally fine and a verbal score of 25 for a total of a 620 that maybe a little bit low for Wharton but there are easier ways to overcome a little verbal score so first they may call you in for an interview because then they’re going to be able to see your verbal skills number two they’re going to look very closely at your essays to see your verbal skills number three they may depending on where you went to college they may want to know what your total score was so if you went to school outside of the US and the school where the primary language of instruction was not English you’ll likely be required to take the TOEFL and so that can overcome a low verbal scores so a low verbal score is a lot easier there are a lot more pathways to overcome it it is not sort of a requirement in the way that the quant 80th percentile is almost a requirement um and so you know you do need to address this low verbal but I do think you’re going to have a lot more options in how to do that good luck with that okay next international students typically do not have the scope to tour the us-based business schools to find out more about the institution and get to know the community firsthand what sort of advice do you recommend for those people when they start writing their admissions essays with reference to school specific detail well that is honestly one of the major reasons is that we have so many international

clients we have huge client bases in India and China and Korea and Japan and Turkey and Russia and the UK and often it’s because we visit the schools all the time we know what the schools are looking for from year to year we know how those things are changing and we can help you put that information into your essays so that is probably the primary way that you know that students who can do a physical visit are able to get that important really critical information into their essays and I would mention that according to industry statistics about 40% of people are using admissions consultants these days so it really is a question of which is the best admission consultant for you not whether to use one because well you know you could say Oh white well forty percent using them sixty percent or not the sixty percent who are not are likely not using them because they can’t afford the pricing of admissions counseling but the vast majority of people are using admissions consultants so that can be a great way another thing is sometimes there’s online coffee chats with students you might be able to find a little bit about the student community from that obviously reviewing the website will tell you a little bit about the student community but it’s really hard if you’re not either at the community yourself or talking with someone who has visited the community themselves regularly and knows the school inside and out it and that is the service that we try to provide okay so the next question was any advice for older applicants say early 40s will age work against a student Wharton tends to be more open to older students than some of the other top schools so I think it’s a good school for you to apply to if you are an older student what I would say is you need to demonstrate that you are still at the right place in your career where in MBA versus an EMBA or a part-time MBA where an MBA makes sense um there was a top five Business School last year who admitted somebody who was in there um somebody who was in their fifties but they were able to demonstrate that it was really important to them right now to be in an MBA program okay and that they were at a point in their career where they would learn a lot from an MBA program and that there were things that they wanted to do going forward that require that MBA application or our MBA education and so they were successful so don’t try to in your application talk about oh my gosh I have all this work experience and I’m so overqualified because that won’t work you have to show what you need to learn remember an MBA is about learning and so they want to see that you have things that you’re excited to learn alright let’s see the next question here how important is undergraduate GPA when it comes to the admissions process and what is the lowest acceptable range it vary school by school we have been very successful in helping people in two top five schools and especially wharton with GPAs under three No so 2.7 2.9 if you’re under 2.0 that’s going to be really difficult but in the mid to high twos if you have everything else is stronger essays are exceptionally recommendations are exceptional your resume is beautiful your GMAT score is at least around 700 um then we can typically work with you in fact sometimes people in that range can even get some financial merit based financial aid so undergraduate GPA is important but it can be overcome especially at schools like Wharton or Columbia HBS and Stanford tend to put a little bit more emphasis on undergraduate GPA so it’s going to be a bigger stretch to get into those schools but not impossible but it will be a bigger stretch to get into those schools than one what do you think of Warren’s perception of the GRE instead of the GMAT I think that Wharton’s perception is pretty similar to everyone’s perception which is if you’re going to take the GRE that’s fine but everybody knows that the quant is easier on the you know everybody knows that the quantities are on the GRE so they’re going to want you to be in the 98th or 99th percentile on the quant on the GRE because that would convert to like the 80th percentile on the GMAT so I don’t think schools really care which one you take but the benchmark of what you need to score at least in the quant is substantially different you need to be in the top 80% on the GMAT you need to be in the top one or two percent on the GRE if you’re relatively good at math take the GMAT it’s the big boys and girls test if you take it people will be really you know happy that you excelled on the harder of the test if you’re really not good at math that maybe focus on you know doing as well as you can and getting that 90th percentile on the GRE which may be a little easier but you know our general if somebody comes in and they’re agnostic we always give them the GMAT and it tends to work out for the best so you know I say go for the GMAT unless you have some other reason you need to take the GRE like you’re applying to masters or PhD programs in

addition to MBA programs okay with regards to your point number 7 entrepreneurial orientation is it okay to talk about your past entrepreneurial efforts in your admissions essays even if they may not have been a successful venture yes yes yes yes yes failed entrepreneurial ventures can make great mba admissions essays in fact Wow tell you a secret one of my MBA essays for Harvard where I was in it it was about a fail failed entrepreneurial venture I had before Business School and what I needed to learn from that experience that helped me to be more successful with future ventures so I think that is a wonderful example to use is Wharton friendly toward three applicants how will the strategy change yes Wharton is generally friendly to really cannot as friendly like HBS has to be very friendly actually but Wharton is friendly we’ve seen people who did not get in because you know they hadn’t done a particularly good job they hadn’t really focused on me on the essays or the recommendations and then they came to us and we were able to offer them some help and then they were successful and got into this got into the school of their choice named Leeuwarden um in terms of how the strategy changes you have to be careful because they will probably be looking at your application from last year as well so you don’t want to dramatically change your short and long term goals because then you look like you’re inauthentic and you’re just writing anything to get in and well that’s not going to be successful so what you want to do is you want to what we do with rioplatense is when somebody comes to us and hires us in their we applicant we start from scratch we build up a story a plan a marketing plan and then we compare it to what was done the year before and we make sure that it’s consistent in certain key areas but that it’s better and so that is sort of the essential success and if you’ve been rejected once at a business school I can’t imagine a better reason to arm you know a better reason to invest in an admissions consultant because you know it’s sort of like anything in life it’s a replete repeat player advantage you are only going to apply to MBA programs once in your life we apply to MBA programs or we help students apply to MBA programs three or four hundred times a year so obviously you know we know more about this process we know what works what doesn’t work we know the pitfalls now to avoid them and that is really really really essential all right let’s see what else we have so the next question is the examples you provided all attended a top-25 undergrad program I understand the admission process is holistic but please share your perspective on a candidate who attended a third-tier state school with a 3 7 GPA versus a candidate who attended a top undergrad program with a 2:9 GPA know if you went to a state school with a 37 GPA you are going to be in great stead at Wharton if you have a strong essays and strong recommendations and strong GMAT um you know the examples there some of them were sort of very topical some of them were state schools they were just some of the better state schools um I think one of them was top 50 but in any event you know obviously if you have a low GPA but it’s from Harvard or Yale or Princeton it’s a little easier to get in with that then if you have a low GPA from Boise State okay it just is but if you have a high GPA three six three seven three eight three nine from a state school of any caliber you’re going to be competitive award but again don’t fixate on the numbers don’t fixate on the GPA don’t fixate on the GMAT fixate on producing the best possible essays and the best possible recommendations and the best possible short answer and the best possible resume because people think this is a qualitative process and then they’re shocked when they don’t get into schools that where their numbers were above the average but that’s because it’s not all about the numbers in fact people get into these schools with high GPA is not because or high gee Matt’s not because they were accepted because of their high GPA or their high GMAT but rather because there’s a correlation between the kind of student is going to write an essay that these you know these schools are going to want to accept and the kind of student who would have 720 on the jima so we see it more as correlation than strict causation okay there is another question about why in your opinion has Wharton changed its curriculum recently well um so I think that um you know I think that all the different schools Harvard did the same thing two years ago and a number of other schools Yale has been looking into

this and they you know redid their curriculum and I think the nature of the world has changed right and entrepreneurship is much more important um and you know big finance is not as powerful as it once was and so you need to tweak your MBA programs in order to meet those new needs in order to incorporate more of the entrepreneurial work more you know the world is much more global today so you need to incorporate that as well in your curriculum and I think that that is why the schools are undergoing generally these changes and they vary and you can read about them online but you know the changes are not major but they vary from school to school a little bit but they’re mostly focused on more of an entrepreneurial focus more of a global focus and an understanding that students with MBAs are going to go do a lot more different things rather than the vast majority of the class going into Investment Banking and and consulting which was once the case all right some schools are asking about the use of admissions consultants we’re using an admissions consultant count against an applicant I can tell you I only know of one school who’s asked this and they asked that on a voluntary basis and all of our applicants didn’t answer the question but um well one of one or two of them did and they got in but so certain schools like Duke have asked this they’re asking it more for a marketing perspective so there is a good relationship between accredited real business school admissions firms like Stratos prep and you know the other probably well-known firms and the schools and so we have an annual conference this year is actually in Philadelphia and the school is common they speak to us because they want us to understand what they’re looking for so we can best advise our clients and quite frankly they also to recommend their schools because when people come to us and ask what school should I apply to it’s obviously in the school’s interest if we recommend their school so there is a symbiotic relationship and for accredited admissions counseling firms everybody knows the schools no we know the students no we’re not doing anything more than what your parents would do if they were helping you we’re not doing anything more than the Writing Center your universe do you would do if they were writing you know doing edits of you know or making notations on your paper we’re not writing essays for people we’re not doing anything unethical or untoward we are simply offering expertise and guidance that the schools quite frankly want people to have so I would not be hesitant about that at all um you know different schools at different times have asked this question and they always ask what firm you used and stratus prep students have always been very successful for example in law school Yale has been asking this question for years and we every year get people into Yale Law School I think it’s because we are known as one of the if not the most ethical firms out there and so nobody has any concerns about a student who worked with us if you work with some cheap shoddy firm that nobody’s ever heard of then obviously you know they may have more concerns but if you’re working with a professional organization of people who all went to top universities and top MBA programs and who have worked in admissions offices everybody knows what the rules are and what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate we have a code of ethics on our webpage so I wouldn’t I would not worry too much about that if I take a quant course from Coursera org or a similar online course provider will it be accepted by business schools such as Wharton I’m very unlikely of course there is great to you know sort of grow your understanding but it’s not considered you know the equivalent of an accredited course from the school like Wharton so you know great way to you know grow your knowledge and deepen your quantitative abilities but probably not um you know probably not something that you want to you want to count on in your warrant obligation applying for a second MBA is war than open to this so word is open to this so as many of you may know there are a good number of students who come to the u.s. from India who have an MBA already in India and who come to us ah in the u.s. wanting to go to a top-tier MBA program here because the MBA is is some quite different in the u.s. versus in other parts of the world and Wharton is is open to it as is for example HBS but you need to define why you need that second MBA so you can’t just apply and assume everything will be fine you have to show why you need that second MBA because if you don’t show why you need the second MBA then there’s a problem but if you do that you’ll be okay and that’s something we have a lot of expertise with so if you’re considering applying we would be happy to help you with that

how important is the clients current position or company especially considering that economy and high unemployment rates okay if what you’re really asking is can I get into Warren if I’m unemployed the answer isn’t help okay we need to be doing something now that could be your own adventure but you need to be doing something um you know you’re completing it it’s the best and brightest to go to work so you want to be at either an entrepreneurial firm or a very very well-respected firm you need to be in an important position okay you need to be in a position that commands respect and where you’ve demonstrated leadership and where you’ve been successful now so we have students for entrepreneurs from companies you’ve never heard of who get into Wharton and then we have people who work at Goldman Sachs who get into Ward um but it is important that you demonstrate that you are committed that you are successful and that you know that you are going to be someone who is you know lifelong learner and leader and it’s hard to demonstrate that if you’re unemployed at the moment so I if you are unemployed I would work on either you know starting some work with your own venture or doing consulting or maybe waiting to get a job first and then waiting a year to apply we’ve had people who are unemployed but we were able to get them into a proper position prior to the deadline for application how concrete do my short and long term goals need to be so that my application is competitive it what they need to be very very concrete you know even though things may evolve over time you can you know this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make is having short and long term goals that are not very compelling that are not very concrete or specific and figuring well I’ll sort of figure it out as I go know they are looking for people to go to to come for rive on campus at worden already with a a strong understanding of their short and long term goal so that then they can begin working on those from day one when they walk in the door and so that is why we spend you know often a month you know if we have the time two months working on their short long term goals and getting them to be something that’s really authentic and really crisp and something that you can really defend and you know make a good argument about so it is really important and it is why we recommend that if you’re applying this year for an MBA from Wharton or elsewhere that you start with us now this is really the time to get started all of our admissions counselors are full-time and they each can only work with five or six consultants or five or six clients sorry and so they’re starting to get filled up and we want to have the time to do the brainstorming to come up with that you know long and short term plan that is so critical for admission to work um so I think that was the last question as I get ready to wrap up I will just remind you of everything that I mentioned before first remember 10% off GMAT preparation and admissions counseling through May