every worksheet is a structure to teach you so much mine hf has a task list and that’s why this is the main tech school winter blend the gasoline this is integral forms to test 10 we’re going to try to go a little faster on this one the engines and we’ve been in here longer than I like to be winter plan gasoline is long has a higher read vapor pressure can cause engine drivability problems if used during warm weather vaporizers more easily than a summer blend gasoline as I will play trust them up and they’ve run whether you’re not in simply I it needs to vaporize easier when it’s cold that’s rather you technician a said spark not ping and detonation or different names for abnormal combustion ignition visa and nef homo combustion raises the temperature and pressure inside the combustion chamber and costs severe engine damage both of those guys are right we can sure mess them up like it and also if you disable EGR you can cause one of pain and damage itself some of them to some engines and it’s doesn’t happen over across the board but some engines can burn out on top of a piston if you disable EGR most of them open some of them can you don’t want to know technician a says the research octane number is higher than motor octane number you know what that mean one thing is technician visa is octane rating posted on fuel pumps is the average of the two ratings both those guys are around what they gotta go two different ways of measuring octane hey yog you might even seen that old side of the pump r + m / to ever see that yeah that’s what that means research plus motor / 2 they take the average of those two octane you know findings and they put that on the pump that’s more plus M divided by two I mean you’ll see it will look like or plus kill to a fat that’s what that means any research motor the research will come up one octane number motor will come up with a different arcania reanima getting divided by two is the average of those two oh no what’s the most researching motor will sent me they’ve got different ways of doing it you know they actually did that you know the research figures it with I think chemically in the motor at they actually do with an engine let’s see what I’m saying in other words the research would be doing it with the silicon arms are now maybe you can read in your book will be sure about this but as I remember this is done chemically and that’s done with the engine so you want to play with us up basically them huh so the ruthless honestly yeah well better is there as they’re trying to give you the most accurate number so in their mind apparently and I don’t for sure say this I got some friends with the Society of American engineers you can clear me up on it but they don’t trust either one to be accurate the average number of both of them is accurate but each one by itself is not you see where I’m going and one of these at higher than the other so they don’t have it to tune that don’t make any sense neither one on the back yard you remember do you remember what I told you about out here in the shop if I’m doing troubleshooting there are some tests that are go no-go and there are some tests I need two tests to give me a good you know I need to combine the results of two tests to give me a good reading and while talking about even catalytic converters if you temperature chest the catalytic converters it’s hotter going in that it is coming out that means that converters bad so the rift between the engine and the catalytic converter is 450 degrees and coming out of the catalyst it’s 200 degrees that is a bad cat every single time however if I shoot that supper and I see that it’s 200 degrees here at 450 back there does that mean is good no it doesn’t you can still be stopped up so I take that under consideration and also take my little vacuum hose thing you know when we put the blind pop rivet in after you put to drill a hole up brother converter put a pressure gauge on it and look for you’re pressuring you know you can tell that way but either one of the tests by itself for that test by itself with problem you’re good but that’s what I a good example but there are other ones where I don’t trust this and I don’t trust that but if both of them tell me it’s bad I know if only one of them tell me it’s bad I don’t trust that especially if you’re talking about a thousand dollar part you see what I’m saying all I’m saying is it’s really easy for you to spend the customers money and say well I think I’ll just pop one of these on their thousands well that didn’t fix it sorry see well then don’t go there but yeah they they have there’s a reason why they do that there’s not really an accurate way to test it without averaging the tube basically what it amounts to somebody somewhere came up with that is the viable way to do and it works I mean when you think about it you knew your octane level you pretty well trust that now use premium guess a number that round you’d only have to if you got a high compression engine and you need to slower burning fuel yeah but if you’re just wanting to throw premium in there thinking you’re helping yourself you’re not you know I just burned whatever up for the pump I know how I get BP or she’ll rip all the spot whatever up open area where you find out like a new

weapon on you and all priesthood I don’t really like the more ethanol you put in there the less I like it Melissa Carson if Bernie 85 no now they’re trying to go up to fifteen percent ethanol let’s go call big trouble for especially for a little small engine folks because it melts a little diaphragms in there are greater than all kinda yeah bling over top yes yeah well a lot of I’m gonna tell you what what an Elvis you can actually an individual performance one I can show you you can you can find out how much ethanol is in the gash you’re buying three me like I don’t know we can find out by this testing this gas air how much ethanol is in it yeah well you’re putting water in there oh the alcohols gonna gather with the water so you can find out how much is in there any good so you can get little time again hey guys hey this is listen you can actually get gas from the gas pumps around here anywhere you want to go you can get like if you wanted to find out on a particular day who had ethanol who didn’t you might notice on a pump may contain up to ten percent ethanol that doesn’t mean that everything I guess you guys go have tips that ethanol in it it may not have any in it but what they’re saying the one you’re talking about they want to guarantee you there’s no ethanol it again and people that don’t want if a null in their guess we’ll go to that station that’s a selling point even and instead of tanks on top of fun like a few times yes as an all bringing yeah so but anyway I shouldered hearts your gas mileage a little bit when you head out all to it but not enough to where you know it ten percent all it you know really is the opposite really in that much not really technician be said with adequate they added to probably can make us less for dependent on fossil fuels and stuff because we make ethanol out of garbage technician a says at high altitudes engines produce lower power yeah it’s your hair wait a minute at high altitudes engine to produce lower power when we can student or birthday actually if you’ve ever driven a car at high altitude you just put these are not ashamed of it one well I had to send me to Chevrolet it was really scoot it was in palette with the inside inside out back when she only had on some of him and I do everything we went to the Grand Canyon on that doable thing in the rim of the Grand Canyon detailed and feet above sea level and when we were driving at those melons that part with a pull your hat off now if you’re going to set one up for LG future socially advanced ignition time and reset the carburetor that kind of stuff but it’s not going to run with a flip if it’s set up to run at sea level and you go to high as usual morally pull your out on is terrible oh how very did well well yeah but it’s also these are only good up to 4,000 feet the way if you look well for years it run may have changed it down but the map sensor supposed to read barometric pressure and make adjustments but there’s some points beyond which it cannot go and on some of the jeeps to do a Burrell titude modification there was a wire or ground wire and it was taped back to the wire harness down everybody tips to you and what you’re supposed to do if you’re going to modify for altitude you were supposed to bring it ground wire up put it under screws and you were also supposed to put a different crank sensor in it it was like eight degrees advanced so you have more time and he’d actually have had other ground and it would change some strategy in a computer when you’re grounded at wire you make it run better on foot if you’re going over 4,000 feet you have to have one it’s set up to run over 4,000 feet you can’t really open that maybe because it takes slightly longer to uh or not as much okay yes not much action up there the GP Peninsula but I mean they got a button purse and a button yeah you got a good point but I think about it is it would probably be feasible if we’re going above and below the Delta usual I you know you know but I like somebody one of the things that I got tickled and this guy goes above he goes up there and he’s he’s up there in Colorado or somewhere and somebody disconnects his EGR valve it just puts a cap a little vacuum cap on the EGR valve nipple you know what I mean all right maybe put a BB in the lens to get back on there okay so he’s up there at that lower air pressure he comes back down to sea level and now his car is running terrible because the atmospheric pressure is greater down here and it’s open to the EGR valve because he’s trapped that low pressure air in it above the RMT’s URL and so when he comes to loyal to do that she’s called it now if you pull the vacuum on off to pop shut you know you may be totally mystified by that but I missed you know if you drop it low pressure air anyway oh how awful that you know teenisha be says most engine control systems can compensate the air-fuel mixture for changes in altitude yeah if it’s not a very much of a changing and this is see both them which is a yeah absolutely which method of blending ethanol of gasoline is most accurate and lad splash would be dumping it in here three number three was SC the octane number posted on fuel pumps is the

average of the two and research octane numbers higher than a motor octane number read up on that i mean like i say as i remember from the from the steno studies that we’ve done in different textbooks and all in here they did they chemically check 1 and use an engine to do the other or it may be that they use two different kinds of engines or something anyway just somebody follow up on that what can be used to measure alcohol content gasoline you can either use a or b electronic tester or graduated cylinder I don’t have an electronic tester for that but you can take something like if you’ve got something that’s taller than this and it’s straight up and down like a rain gauge or something any market with 10 equal you take a ruler market any cold setting and you for you know you fill up none of them of the math mark with gas and then you pour up to the tenth barn and water and then you cap it and shake it and then you set it down and visit whatever however much it gains is what the percentage you to have you got it understand what I’m saying there’s like leaders worksheet I give out as your forms one on that ok and we’ve got some sort of graduated cylinder for that 85 but you can make one out rain gauge heey TVXQ the 85 means the fuel is made from what 85 seven all and 50 / guess we’re sorry hard again yeah flex fuel vehicle can be identified by one column then bc IM alone side front and a rear of the vehicle so ain’t got no sticker and all some of these towers and stuff it’s got that flex fuel stuff on there you don’t even know they got it unless you happen to you know notice it in a Levite the vin number old target a coca-cola and over so it’s all the evokes you’ll become pretty good be so you can run it and all out of one of these flexible vehicles I’m a few action around likes of us bring alcohol out of one not damaging one whatever you like come on organic person now you’re not really supposed to run if you try to run e85 in a car that’s not set up to run e85 then it’s not a real worth a flip flop flex the equals anything up to e85 you up too easy I’m not above that you know now it’s also the 85 vehicles got better fuel injectors a better fuel tank during a few or less I said I gather the day those in a ford ranger keeps puttin dat 51 annuity I don’t know if you do it good well I will tell you that I’m a lot of times in the car dealership if once comes in Aaron they don’t like where’s runner they are check in July just you know power lawsuit being the crappy gas mileage you can do a test on them sometimes you’ll see sixty seventy percent alcohol in their empty bit irregular think you rag on a gas back in it runs pretty good but that alcohol even if it doesn’t do the everything right away it’s going to screw up your gas tank it’s gonna screw up the fuel pump is gone fuel fuel and I’ll screw up the injector so you’re costing yourself heavy if you do that what didn’t wonder core yeah is what we had going for us we went over the hybrid car they’re off the air but the Duke but 93 9 top it all well if that’s really the 85 / will handle anything you put in it really they actually make curse somebody over i came to prepare whether i read an article of all back about some party that they made it would burn five different kinds of fuel yeah just anything you know i’m a genuine yeah well i do laughter boss man pudgy get a one in his mercedes for allowance but there was a diesel oh we’re fueling a compressed natural gas vehicles it is vital is it recommended that the tank be filled to a high pressure because the range of a vehicle has increased dove and i’m working you by cng anybody know what color is diesel fuel doubt if it’s for offroad use only read it can be read now whenever I was working on those cars from diesels and if i took the few at the top of the fuel filter all but I so red diesel fuel in there I perfect that back outside it is and I would tell me I’m run about three tanks a real diesel fuel through this thing before you bring it back for me or not a I want to pay an ambulance people that have ambulances you know the right person can sign the papers and these ambulances that stuff can run emergency vehicles will try to run off road e selenium cheaper let’s say they’re actually publicly owned anyway but that’s Billy’s still not any better for the stuff the old equipment they off road stuff like encounter pillars has got Ely injectors and all they’re set up to run all that stuff but only the ones in the car I mean construction

and technician a says gasoline should always be purchased from a busy station the vehicle stain should not be overfilled he’s right about that technician beasted oxygenated fuels contain extra oxygen to help increase co2 exhaust emissions a is the only one rattle man which of these has added the fuel for testing purposes to avoid problems of variation of gasoline TV n d’alene Enzo lean you stupid letter you know let us skip a limited handling I didn’t mean to what’s in the way in handling the chemical technician a says there is a premium octane gas in India design use regular great guests will increase engine power he is a yo-yo not you’re not getting more power on it technician be says flexible fuel vehicle designed operate on gasoline or I’ll blaze up they touch now I will tell you this and I’ve talked about this before if you put a premium guessed that a car that’s not me the Rope ring me if you ask you but you’re unveiling its cold backfire through the intake all kind of crazy stuff so if you got one I got you know I irritating it is when your trouble shooter and you bring a coronation this car will early run when it’s cold and it’s fuel injected and crank it up your poop poop deposit i got the intake on that hard line and they put it with your premium gas in it first I held it what kind of gas you put in there then it’s actually well i’m going to previous yes as well burn that out bring it back with a regular and let’s see what happens in and they’ll usually ever come back after they do that because they call you back they said well I don’t need to come in for repairs okay okay three well it does on some people to DeWitt said you know but I will tell you this for under company and chrysler they’ve got technical service bulletins and they’ll tell you that because that fuel burns as slow as it does it’s going to build up carpet in here and you wind up not being able to use anything but 93 in it so you can t put 87 back in it if it’s built up as you notice my Jeep the ones that you also my Jeep when I pull ahead off you notice that clean the Pistons work and how they didn’t have any car rattling on floor oh well only on one seller but all the rest the sellers were clean I mean they did not have carbon crusted on the Pistons well to be able to that thing runs lean is all get-out and secondly if I had put premium yet I’ve seen this before you put a lot of premium gas in one you start getting carbon kicked up on a piston and silver hair like you will believe using premium gas and it’s supposed to make things run cleaner they claim you know but basically that may be because the carbons in your ancient account in your coffee no well it’s because whatever that premium gas burns it burns it doesn’t have time to burn up and it leaves the surfaces wet with some gas there’s some surfers quenching going on there and what happens then is you wind up with more and more that piling up in there he said we’re going to Samuel that all this carbon come from you can actually get so much carbon on those Pistons of where it starts labor not get even with premium gas in here you know i mean it is won’t happen overnight it’s going to happen a little long period of time and i’ve seen people that did that and now we have one that would ping so doggone bad Donny had to pull the heads off a Lincoln one time it scraped the carbon off with a double scraper because it was pinging Sonoma bad and it was probably better than premium gas and you know they would hold me I’m a run premium must feel like it run cleaner and i just made a mess out of everything as well tsbs come out from Chrysler and Ford don’t run premium gas in one and set up for 87 it’s bad for a min for a motor and it doesn’t really help you anyway some of its letters made for the hotter if it’s made for you go boy because that’s what’s supposed to have any but they’ve actually tuned it to run that way and it’s going to run clean even off a premium but if it major off 87 are saying this stuff is happening in nanoseconds okay and so if the fire goes out while some of the gas is still in Erica the burn it too slow keep on saying it’s go and kick it up okay couple minutes okay how compression engines typically we’re going to need that need to bring him yes but anyway I mean if you raise the compressional that when you’re driving a little bit it probably is going to make a difference to Cecil yeah well you may be you may have altered something there but you but one way or another I ran out of gas one time like a wi 50 or 60 bucks in my pocket my daughter I’m a little kid Matt to read anyone he’s a little be young enough parsley and I’ve got this bull flag above and I just drove right past the gas station I’ve had other stuff on my mind yelling at the kids don’t know what it was anyway I stopped because I ran out of gas over on behind Texaco research over there in Port Arthur others enter a guy on a car walked over and I knocked over those doors and I had a you know gas can with me and i said i need somebody take me get some gas if you can because i kind of got a mess over here kids in the car for me it’s kind of stupid you know past the gas station of money in your pocket you know I was 23 years old he’s back yeah so I went to he said he went back back he weren’t a lab coat this guy was a research guy and he comes back out he has made his big squirt bottle it’s got

a huge cork in the top of it and it’s got a label on it and it’s got indle I mean it’s got nothin to lean but uh tall you lean he’s hepatol you lean on there in this guy one now he was working in a place where they formulate gasoline you know and he handed me that Bali to pour that in there run off of that okay whatever I’m all good it was clear I mean it looked like alcohol or something but it was a real expensive chemically so you just have the Georges thinking with you I kept a jar for a long time as cool as all get out anyway I took it and poured it in the gas tank we fired up and I went back down there to the gas station and cast it up it ran better off of that tank of gas in it every or something that stuff was really good apparently I mean it used to ping a little bit they would cut up but it didn’t do any of that with a didn’t lean in there that’s not a perimeter I mean either the lady was taught you anything they split an after-the-fact oh no but it was I mean I could probably research what that stuff was I always remember it said toluene and he was a nice guy he just headed to use a deep end one should avoid over fill in the fuel tank because why the charcoal canister making saturated using the 85 can result in what reduced fuel economy charcoal canister may get saturated if you / guess it not that heaven is one couple of camera on our expedition or their Explorer or something and they said this gas tanks only supposed to hold 26 gallon we were able to get like 35 gallons over that but what they were doing is that were shaking the truck and put more checking the truck footboards they get drunk before as there is canister saturation is you never use an e85 can result in reduced fuel economy using the r + m / 2 rating method most regular gasoline today is 87 octane abnormal combustion also called detonation or spark not increases both the temperature and pressure his side combustion chamber you know the pinion is basically when he had the fire happens before it’s supposed to before he needs to and the flame fronts come together it brings that piston like a male that’s what’s that pinging in it’s got nothing to do with valve platter whatever I always call it Val primary went to happen ExxonMobil has developed a process for converting methanol which is methyl alcohol to gasoline in a process called methanol to gasoline yeah MTG which of these procedures is used to convert coal to liquid fuel creates a excuse me used to convert coal liquid fuel faces synthetic crude called sin accrued which is in refined produce gasoline or diesel essence direct commitment direct method you know you can make that gas out of cold p series alternative fuel is patented by Princeton University it is a nun petroleum-based fuel suitable for use in what flexible fuel vehicles that’s a p-series alternative fuel captain kidd’s not Princeton University you don’t think about that technician a says gasoline is a complex blend of hydrocarbons yes technician be says gasoline blended for seasonal uses to achieve crack volatility for easy starting at maximum fuel economy in other word a sling is blended for seasonal events these losses so both those guys are right yes they’re not actually anyone molecular or whatever compound for what your gassing this of its many many many yeah it’s a huge molecule semi-custom important coffee jet fuel is coffee drinking or someone who did that honor you found that funny no we put in his mercedes no you tell a lot better Tom up yeah oh no that’s actually no no no that was over in Russia the mig-25 foxbat they were using back in the 70s they rent alcohol good pure alcohol and they would be bored and these pilots would drink at stuff and it’ll make him grumpy okay let’s move then it wasn’t poisonous so well alcohol be regulated everything but i like when you fill up with mig-25 foxbat fuel it takes 14 tons of that alcohol for some liya you know they met they weigh the fuel when we put it in Jess it will put it about a gallon you know because the jet jockey he need binder stuff anyway they were ups and weights more important in when you’re flying in then gallon you know so they actually put it in there right weight actually engineers even when they’re working with building design and engines and stuff they measure the fuel by weight that’s why these injectors a 14 pounds per hour 19 pounds per hour that’s an engineering thanks see that couldn’t give a rip about volume there were no how much you know what the weight of it is massive hair and I to do I understood what you said about your weights immediately I don’t know if you want to back by the pound but you can be done it yg for how much bigger they are if you put up a just slightly bigger in there it’s going to come and say some you’re probably going to have the old

friends about balance if you were going like if you were going to put take mustang injector it up pick up and put them in like a crown victoria or something like that you know crown victoria to go ahead grey injectors and the pickups got to orange ones if you put the orange injector for the gray ones where you’re going to have some issues i’ve actually seen people take them the little gray injectors just really have one of their toolbox and put it where an Orangeman was because they needed an injector and is hoping to dodge the bullet and it skipped on that cylinder bump you know for the one enough fuel you know me but if you put a whole set you’re probably gonna say fuel trims way out of balance yeah so you can try and see what you do I mean you know originally the only problem is if we can go the other way you’re running a tuille negro too hot but really a little too rich typically word its Inglis into different all right all right now let’s go we are fuel on the CNG vehicle is number 21 will see the fuel on a CNG vehicle compressed natural gas is actually story of pressures besides 3500 psi and CNG is delivered to the mixer valve at a pressure of 10.5 psi 0.5 psi richer one of the marketplace that you can buy home with their call for their their lot but they’re a lot more stink about my 10 min regular ok so it’s done I don’t want their gifts he does never like people that just once met a lot of my elbows are called but it matters not the different karidian that might be there like 40 bucks like a packet well yeah but allowing a short of it is I’m going to have to see a heck of a lot of difference in performance of knowledge or something rebels phonemic money well well somebody told me that if you use doesn’t like the car that you’re going to bike online that you’re suited old white this is the smart motors well lately I don’t know that’s up there basically your region here what that and that’s a Jerry reading when you do that as the CNG fueling station pump is designated as a p24 that means a pump can refuel at a pressure of 2400 psi yeah that’s pretty cool or one more rating of diesel fuel in the case how will a diesel engine will start solar country CJ narrating see to the specific gravity of digital fuel is measured with what units hydrometer units obviously specific gravity biodiesel fuel has a five percent biodiesel conventional fuel is b5 and diesel most national fuel is grade 2 e diesel is a shil fuel with ethanol which grade of diesel fuel is best suited for cold weather great number one now listen to me what are you know but up