welcome and thank you for joining us for today’s dealer on webinar how to take consumers from search to showroom my name is Ileana regio and I’ll be your moderator today and today’s webinar is being presented by dealer on and for anyone who isn’t familiar with dealer on well we’re an award-winning website development company and digital agency best known for our search engine optimization our best-in-class customer service and our award-winning website designs including the newly launched chameleon responsive website platform we’re so committed to lead conversion optimization and customer service that deal Iran is the only company in the industry to offer a money-back lead guarantee program so the question is does your website company guarantee you a 50-percent liftin leads well then maybe you should check us out at dealer on.com and we have a great show in store for you today we’re very pleased to have Jeremy on Spock is our presenter today Jeremy Ansbach is the co-founder and CEO of pure cars which offers award-winning digital merchandising solutions that help dealers dominate digital by driving more showroom opportunities and optimizing VDP conversion rates Detroit born jeremy has been in love with the car business is entire life as a young adult he found it and eventually sold a company called servant which allowed customers to quickly see what services they needed in the service drive and as a result help dealers sell significantly more per repair order Jeremy’s unwavering vision coupled with his strong passion for providing more relevant information to improve the car buying and ownership experience now fuels the exploding success of the value intelligence platform which includes a pure car value report trade and report smart comments and they also have their latest innovative solution smart advertising jeremy is a highly respected member of the automotive community and he can be reached at jeremy a at pier cars.com now during the presentation if you have any questions use the question feature located on the corner of your screen submit them at the end of the presentation will answer those questions of general interest if we’re unable to get to your question live don’t worry we’re going to respond by email later today also don’t forget a link to download a copy of this webinar recording will also be emailed to you later today for your reference and so please feel free to share it with friends and colleagues I also wanted to let you know that do Iran is excited to announce their involvement at the upcoming dealer think tank in Washington DC August fourteenth the dealer think tank is spearheaded by a handful of dynamic subject matter experts and thought leaders who travel the country providing strategies discussing ideas challenging ideology and creating solutions for real-world problems facing the automotive industry the think tanks have been garnering tremendous praised for their intensely informative fun-filled education workshops that 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dollars but yeah I on the live broadcast to win it all you have to do is stay tuned for the details after Jeremy’s presentation and you could be scouring this amazing prize today and at the conclusion of the webinar you’re going to receive a short survey please fill it out because we’re always looking for great feedback from our audience today we’re going to randomly select a couple of people from all the completed surveys to also win some Google prizes so let’s get started let’s learn how to take consumers from search to show room Jeremy how are you today I’m doing very well thank you so much for being here today we’re very honored to have you here I know you’re a busy guy and I gotta tell you this topic so spot on right now how to get consumers from search to sharm it sounds so simple simple but it’s not easy and I know a lot of dealerships struggle with this please tell the audience today what kinds of things were going to be learning about well first of all I appreciate the introduction and I’m excited to be here today we’re going to learn about how to win the click and dominate your website listing sites at

google search and how to turn clicks into sales opportunities that sounds like everything we need to know audience i’m going to let you know in advance this presentation is packed packed with information do not turn away from the screen you’re going to miss something important there is so much information in this and we’re going to be speeding through this presentation if you want to tweet about it please use the hashtag deal around Webbie and if you have a question for today’s presenter Jeremy on Spock please send it in we are definitely going to get to as many questions as we can from you today Jeremy take it away i know you have a lot to get to thank you start off with how do you dominate digital and win the click and you know it’s funny dealerships will come to me anytime i’m presenting not on a webinar series but face the face before hand and say so Jeremy how do you do it and I’m always wondering why they’re asking me before the session and I like to respond back saying look you got to keep it simple and I’ve even had dealerships will say wait a minute if it’s so simple why am I going to listen to you for the next 45 minutes just tell me and I say look I didn’t say it was easy I think you always have to start with the big picture when you think about any good strategy and when you think about a digital strategy every single strategy whether it’s digital or non digital all we should start with a goal in mind and I like asking dealerships what should your goal be and at the end of the day there’s a lot of different things to consider over the years I’ve seen dealerships say many different things were their strategies in 20 14 or 20 13 as it would relate to what they want to accomplish I’ve had dealers say it comes down to Facebook Likes others say I just need more tweets I need more Twitter followers as well I’ve had dealerships a look all i care about this year is driving more website traffic then dealer say look I got thousands of unique visitors all i care about is is making sure that consumer spends more time on my website and then I’ve seen more dealers recently say look I care more about VDP views at the end of the day it website shopper who weaves doesn’t mean anything to me but the more people I can drive to my VDP I know I can get them into my showroom easier and then I’ve seen dealers who say look all this doesn’t matter what matters most is phone calls because I got a great bdc and if they can get the guy on the phone they can get them into my my dealership and then I see stores that say look what I care most about is appointments because at the end of the day everything I’ve mentioned so far leads to an appointment and I’ve got a really good appointment set to shadow rate so all I want to measure from a KPI is appointments that matters most and then what the predominant of that I hear from most dealers is what I want this year is more leaks at the end of the day all of these things matter but what matters most is without a doubt a strategy that drives the most showroom opportunities if you think about it you get five to ten percent of your web traffic as leads and that’s being really generous the vast majority of your web traffic be 90 plus percent the biggest question is how do you engage them and what studies have proven is you engage them by showcasing more relevant information and if you can maximize relevancy on your website and then turn all the dials to maximum which in turn will drive you more traffic to your website you will absolutely maximize your return on investment and that is with what audit out what your focus should be in 2014 now to achieve these goals you’ve got to start with the foundation I like talking about the lead to showroom shift as i call it and i think to start big picture what other industries focus on lead generation well first of all the real estate industry if you think about what’s unique about real estate there’s several but some key differences between real estate and other retailers is there’s no 925 workday what I mean by that is if my wife and I wanted to go look for a new home we couldn’t just go to a lot and see every view every home of interest like you could a vehicle I got to contact the realtor I got to contact the showing just because a house is on the market I can’t walk into it between nine to five or some other normal business hours real estate is very unique and as a result leads there are a hundred percent necessary this industry generates more leads than any other industry now second to the real estate business is the insurance business now let’s talk about what makes the insurance business unique well first of all there’s complicated quoting I mean if you go to a website and even try to find that insurance quote generally you can’t you’re forced to submit an inquiry because it’s not really a product it’s it’s something that has to be a matched insurance business gets a tremendous amount of leads but when you think about you as a dealership you’re not similar to the real estate business or to the insurance business you’re similar to a normal retailer what I mean by that is you have normal business hours you have inventory on the lot consumers know you have inventory on the lot and they’d

expect to be able to come there and see it you make it easy for consumers to shop online nowadays virtually every dealer in the country has a website and shows their inventory to some capacity so the question is is wire leads in our DNA if you look back and it wasn’t decades ago it was within the last ten years before digital merchandising was a major part of your strategy what you’ll find is that consumers didn’t have relevant information when they went to your website for example your cars didn’t have any photos as the industry started to move towards more digital your used cars most likely one from one photo 23 29 227 I mean let’s face it less than six years ago a lot of leading websites didn’t even allow you to list more than 20 some pictures odds are you didn’t price your vehicles if you had pricing it was MSRP on new and your used cars would say call for price so less than 10 years ago your website was more similar to the real estate business or the insurance business where if a consumer wanted to engage you digitally they were more forced to submit a league but as statistics prove most consumers left your website and went old school and what I mean by old schools they were forced to visit multiple dealers but you see in recent years this has changed today the consumer is one hundred percent in the digital age and just to prove this concept I want to look at a little bit of research for those of you who have been in the car business more than ten years I’m confident if you had an influence in your marketing strategy you use the three-step model you had a stimulus this is TV radio billboard newspaper etc that would create someone to be stimulated by what you’re showing and drive them to the shelf and the Shelf is your dealership and then from here you’re meet and greet the test drive Mira would be the experience and if you do these things right you would sell cars well Google has has proved that this is change the marketing model is different today the stimulus being your TV radio billboard etc does not drive people to your beautiful dealership it drives them to do online research that Google calls zero moment of truth or Zima and z Mont is without a doubt what impacts people to come to the shelf if you think about how you shop this isn’t going to be surprising lucky for the auto industry dealerships always ask me any time I talked about online shopping behavior does it apply to me and what’s great about the book that Google wrote called zero moment of truth a few years back is that the automotive sector is one that they actually did it across category chart of it as you can see more shoppers that are looking for a vehicle look at more sources than any other type of industry it’s 18 points to sources and this is now up to 24 and the influence of what they’re learning is second most impactful compared to travel it makes perfect sense if my wife and I want to plan a trip to Barcelona where we’ve never been and my wife sent me a few hotels to check out and one of them had two stars i wouldn’t go it would be out of the question and then if i saw two hotels that had four stars which intrigued me I would start looking at other research and based on what I would learn is absolutely what we determine if I was going to stay there you see 18.2 sources or what most recently is 24 sounds like a lot but when you think about what the consumer looks at it’s really not a carfax report or a pure cars Valley report or looking up your rating with the BBB or looking at reviews on sites like Google or reading your community activism blog you see that’s five or six things in 20 seconds what they’re learning is what motivates them the most to buy in fact they’re motivated more by what they’re learning then all of your advertising and their learning and what they’re learning is more impactful than your multi-million dollar dealership so it’s absolutely critical to realize and embrace the way consumers are learning and make sure you maximize your strategy now for those of you who have not read zero moment of truth it’s a short read it’s something that you can download it’s an e-book to a kindle ipad or just a PDF and read it and if you touch marketing or digital in any way which i’m confident the vast majority of you do if you have not read this book download a free copy just go to google and type in Zima why am i showing this to you look the bottom line is consumers are learning and as a result all of you on the call have reacted and you’re absolutely focused on digital and that’s why you’re participating in this webinar which is great weather dealership started to react over the last 10 years in a proactive or reactive way is somewhat irrelevant what matters most is today dealerships know that if they can

list their inventory faster they generate more opportunities if they take more quality photos the result of doing this has been more opportunities if the dealership has no comments or generic comments and can write good comments the results has been more opportunities and this isn’t new news but one big thing that’s changed in the last ten years is pricing less than 10 years ago over ninety-five percent of cars were not priced online today it is the exact opposite almost every vehicles priced online and by doing this dealerships needed a way to stay competitive so pricing tools came into play with char value things to have and by doing this properly impressing natively absolutely generated more demand but unfortunately it suffered margin erosion because oftentimes the consumer didn’t understand the value that makes up that vehicles price so the question is should price be the main comparison point of vehicles now this is a quest is a really really big topic it’s something that dealerships ask us all the time because we realize that value is more than just price but I’m not discouraging a dealer from using a pricing tool because that is a critical component one thing I like to always do is look at other industry in one industry that I think applies most car dealerships is just retail online retail and when you look at the number one online retailer being amazon and you start to ask yourself what are the some what are the key benefits what are they doing to give them competitive advantage and is there are things that we and the car business can learn from them first of all whether you subconsciously or consciously know this they make it very fast and easy to search for a product when you go to amazon there’s no complicated user interface it is really really simple to search it’s almost as simple as going to google and searching for a topic of information you’re looking for a product secondly their search results page does not show all off make products it is absolutely showing you in demand and competitively priced products which in turn makes consumers want to learn more about the product of interest which takes them to the product display page or in our world the VDP now if you ask yourself what’s on this video p what makes it unique what you’ll see over and over and over is leading e-commerce retailers think about one thing on their website and that’s relevancy they want highly relevant content and they even care about where it’s placed for example in the car business we’ve heard that what consumers gravitates towards as photos in price and it’s absolutely true amazon realizes consumers gravitate towards photos so they show relevant photos for example if you look at a TV you’ll always see the front of the TV first you oftentimes then see the side profile since thickness is now a popular thing when you’re buying a TV and then oftentimes the third shot is going to be the port’s consumers like to ski in for information they don’t like to read information so as a result amazon is trying to put in the photo arrangement provided by the manufacturer in most cases the most relevant photos they understand that reviews don’t only matter but it’s at times is the most impactful information that will lead a consumer down the path to purchase so they show reviews they show good reviews bad reviews and everything in between you see they realize that consumer behavior is consumer wants to see what their peers think about the product or the vendor for that matter and they realize not everyone’s going to be satisfied but if most people are they’re pretty content even questions and answers they don’t show the newest questions they show the most relevant to least relevant you see everything they’re doing is focused on relevancy they’re focused on promoting the most relevant content first and then below the fold the more technical specs that apply to some but not most they understand that they need to be priced you will never see call for price on a leading retailer you will never see call me you need to contact Dave it is one hundred percent transparent they want to show competitive pricing and in fact they show you how their price to market they show vendors that they don’t even supply product to right they literally show competitors on the page because they know that consumers want to make sure they’re getting a good value and this is how they do it in fact they don’t just show higher price they show all and the reason that can do this is because they have other unique value attributes and they know that if they can make it easy for a consumer to find the right product they can quickly educate the consumer and the value in that product and they realize that value is more than just price they will sell a ton if they can bolt on one more key compiz always realize that getting a

good deal matters consumers often times say they’re looking for a good price but the reality is is they’re generally looking for a good deal and Amazon knows this so as a result they have amazon prime they know that their biggest competitor is a large box store that’s nine miles away or one mile away from the consumer and the number one thing that they have overcome if they’re competitively priced is they need to make sure that the consumer can get the product quickly so as a result they are fast and free shipping you see even on amazon prime they don’t show the instant access to the Kindle titles from the first which other value added feature they show fast and free shipping because that’s the most important thing so how does this apply to dealers it applies through big way because consumer behavior does not change when a consumer shops for a vehicle in fact amplified it’s amplified because a car purchase is the second largest purchase people make people want a good value and they realize that price is just a component they want relevant information to help them make an educated decision and to master the digital Foundation and to improve your margin as a car dealer you have got to focus on relevancy and you focus on relevancy by answering the top concerns of a shopper and to do this you’ve got to realize that price is just one factor now when purecars was founded we did a focus group the focus group was really simple we took 50 in market used car shoppers that have all purchased a pre-owned vehicle before we showed them to three-by-five cards the first one said 2700 accord for sixteen thousand dollars the other one said the same year make and model and the price was a thousand dollars more at 17,000 we asked each individual one question which is which Accord would be a better deal now anytime I show this this focus group that we did to a group of dealers that I’m in front of I always like to say as a dealer what would you say and in sync the vast majority of the people in the room always say I have no idea and I always crack up because it’s funny if consumers heard this they would say how is that possible your car dealer you buy hundreds of cars a month we buy a car every five to eight years right how do you not have any idea and I always then here well we need more information we don’t know the trim and tell us the miles you didn’t tell us the color you didn’t tell us the options you didn’t tell us how much recondition was done which all makes perfect sense I asked this group of dealers and I’ve asked us to hundreds and hundreds of store so what do you think the consumer said everyone says the lower priced car in fact our focus group showed 49 out of the 50 p people said now what’s funny is one individual said I don’t know so I asked this individual why he said don’t know enough about the vehicle I haven’t seen a car fact I haven’t seen what was done to the vehicle etc and I said curious what do you do for a living he said I’m in the insurance business but I sold cars in college the reason the consumer we believed gravitated towards price is because they didn’t see any other relevant information so we went back and asked one more question no the question we asked was what if that higher priced car had new tires had new brakes had a 30,000 miles service done had great things like navigation and leather would you still have picked that vehicle for a thousand dollars less and now when I asked the audience of car dealers what do you think they oftentimes say no now I wish I could say that every consumer said no and they pay more and that is not the case over eighty percent of at no and what this proves is there is a small part of the market that absolutely focuses on price because their price conscience and they probably have only a certain budget and it can’t get past it but for over eighty percent of the market they’re looking for a good deal and if they understand that there’s a good deal they’ll willing to pay more for that unit so what does all this mean it means it is absolutely critical to show the value in a vehicle for example cobalt did ously recently that showed that consumer doesn’t understand trim they’re generally focused on a color so they’re looking for a red BMW 5-series so what happens when you have a high content trim level does the consumer know that it could have sixty five hundred dollars of added value what about things like certification which add value and the great things you did during reconditioning or the fat has low miles and that adds value and even being a single owner adds value if the consumer could see the value intelligence behind this vehicle and see how much more value there was you would be defending your

price a lot less because it makes your vehicle stand apart from the rest that generally are not apples to apples comparisons the reason the consumer thinks they’re apples-to-apples comparisons is because they don’t have this great information in front of them now let’s dive a little bit deeper when you look at a dealerships website and you think about how do consumers behave what do they look for when they shop are they focused on price or value and hopefully as you’ve seen so far in the presentation over eighty percent of them are on value not just a safe time we’re going to focus on used vehicles and not only to save time but used vehicles is where most dealerships make the vast majority of their gross profit it’s exponentially more than new cars per unit and when you look at the profit generated in used cars this is a huge opportunity for a lot of stores and is where they merchandize their vehicles the best so when you go to a dealership website you look at a typical homepage i oftentimes see rebates or other things that make the consumer stay on priced they’re showing deals right if you focus on price right out of the gate you keep the customer thinking on price when the consumer looks for a used vehicle and they get to the search results / age they see photos in price it’s not surprising that studies prove that consumers gravitate towards photos in price as we like to say that’s all that’s on the page I mean I have shown this slide too many dealers and said can you tell me the difference between these two Tahoes and literally the dealer will say no except for its price but they say that doesn’t matter let’s look at the VDP so I say okay great so we get to the vehicle display page and I say okay it’s got photos check perfect it’s got a price that’s great it’s got comments that’s awesome and it even shows options so does that mean everything’s good and then I look at the options and I go wait a minute this is it this is a Tahoe for twenty thousand dollars and the first thing you could educate me eyes on the fact that has one touchdown what does that even mean and I’m really impressed that it is a tilt steering low and air conditioning and body color side molding you would never have a sales person ever ever ever display your inventory this way if they had a customer in the showroom and then when i click on options and i quickly see that it has four-wheel disc brakes and abs brakes and an am/fm radio I am super impressed I mean it was right for me because it has a radio really this is me this is your relevant content right I got you laughing and this is not Photoshop this is literally taking a website and looking at the options and just screenshot in it and then when I say okay maybe I’m getting too technical here let me look at the overview tab I’m proud to know that it has a stock number the content on the VDP is nearly irrelevant because it is so unorganized so then I said okay last place I can work to try to understand the value in the vehicle I’m going to look at its comments so i get to its commons and it says attention explanation point explanation point explanation point Colin asked for details this dealership is trying to change consumer behavior which they will not do that you cannot change consumer behavior and that’s the reason that the vast majority of website traffic leads if they don’t see what they want they continue down there shopping journey so back to that question I asked what is the difference between these two Tahoes after seeing the search results page and the VDP and there’s only one thing dealerships have been able to tell me and I assure you this is the exact same thing consumers would say and that is price so the question to ask yourself is how do you promote value in your vehicle’s better let’s start with reconditioning and I’d like to open this up for a poll question I think that’s a great idea audience we have three poll questions for you today this is your first please check out your screen and please vote get involved we love having your votes the first question for you today is on average how much does your dealership spend on vehicle reconditioning per month please select one of the following answers more than two hundred and fifty dollars more than five hundred dollars more than seven hundred fifty dollars more than a thousand dollars or I don’t know did it right yeah okay so audience once we get a majority the vote it will close the poll and we’ll share the results and the votes are coming in fast gosh I just love my audience when they get involved these act these poll questions really let us in to know what’s happening in the auto industry and no better place to ask I think then my very smart very awesome very savvy audience that comes here

every week so now that we have a lot of the votes in I’ll give you a few more seconds and then we’ll close the poll and we’ll share the results and I’m watching the boats come in and Jeremy mmm i think you’re going to be surprised by this answer uh oh no no just think you’re gonna be surprised cuz i surprised alright so i’ll tell you what let’s close this poll and share the results all right audience nine percent of today’s audience said that they spend more than 250 eleven percent said it’s more than five hundred thirty percent the majority said it was more than 750 twenty-three percent about a quarter said it was more than a thousand but surprising to me and I don’t know if it’s to you as well Jeremy twenty six percent of today’s audience said that they didn’t know how much their dealerships spent on vehicle reconditioning interesting what were you were expecting yeah you know it depends on the audience if internet managers are on this call most of them are used car directors that are getting that you know the r OS that were done in the service drive in negotiating but you know what’s great about the poll that you just you just took what the audience is that statistically the average dealership spends over seven hundred dollars and reconditioning and the poll shows just that so it’s great information and i think this will be really impactful what for every store here based on those numbers great audience thank you so much we’re going to have another couple of whole questions coming up to you in just a little bit Jeremy please take it away thank you so when when you think that the average dealership spends over seven hundred dollars and you’re not spending your money to do reconditioning for no reason because this is serious money right if you have a hung used cars a month that you sell and you’re putting seven hundred dollars which is on the low end into each car you’re spending nearly a million dollars a year reconditioning them so what are you doing when you recondition your vehicles and you’re doing it to make your vehicle stand tall on the retail side and you’re also doing it to make it safe but the vast majority of dealerships that spend a lot of money in recon they’re doing this because it’s something ingrained in them which is a really good thing they want quality vehicles but when you think to yourself that you may have a used car folder that you do display to a customer in the room and then you may have this repair order inside of it that’s really complicated to read because it’s written in technician talk it says lof instead of oil change and it says you know tre are for tire rotation etc it makes it very difficult for the salesman for the consumer to understand but the intent is clear dealerships understand that if you show this information in the showroom you have a higher probability of selling that vehicle so when you think to yourself that you’re getting exponentially more traffic on your website way more traffic than you’ll ever have in your showroom you got to be showing reconditioning right on that VDP and if you could digitalize your used car folder and quickly showcase the customer the top value intelligence attributes what was done in reconditioning promote relevant options instead of this alphabetical stuff show great graphical options like this that are ranked based on market demand because consumers not only will see what what means the most of them but they also want to scan for information and then for those who do like reading comments instead of having a comment that says this vehicle has a four cyl engine and an automatic transmission it includes anti-lock brakes center armrest console power windows drivers seat telescoping column etc it’s nonsense you need to be able to show the most relevant information right in your comments and if you can do this well you can focus on what drives them right into your showroom and that is without a doubt relevant information now the reason we know this is that’s what we do at pure cars we do focus group after focus group build all of our technology to help dealerships showcase the value of their vehicles across all platforms and we do this by educating the consumer that value is more than just price and we we accomplish this by showing them the key attributes that make up a vehicle’s price which in turn drives more conversions and more showroom visits and we deliver all of this through our value intelligence platform we’re one of the only companies that leverage is over 1 billion data points to be able to showcase the key value option and reconditioning highlights to set your inventory apart from the competition and since we have so much valuable data we add pure card knew we couldn’t just keep this for your own website but we had to expand it to listing sites and how you can engage customers in your BDC and even in your showroom you know when you look at your typical VDP it doesn’t matter on the platform we find dealer on sites to be among the best and that is without a doubt the case but there’s only so much information a web provider

has to work with right they’re getting the data from your inventory and as a result one common theme between all V dps is photos and price and being that that’s the main focus the page doesn’t show the value that makes up its vehicles price so anytime you have high content vehicles like this you’ll often times lose conversion and even for consumers who want to learn they see this unorganized nearly irrelevant list of options we fix all of this by graphically displaying in a responsive design technology that will fit the new dealer on websites as well the key highlights like the fact that this particular vehicle is priced below market by 12 hundred and fifty dollars it also has over ten thousand dollars of added value because it has new brakes it has low miles it has heated seats it has new tires etc and again back to this reconditioning this is how graphically we can display these key attributes right on your VDP which will set your vehicle apart from that dirt lot that the consumer may see look similar to yours price less meanwhile they’re not apples to apples now for consumers who want to learn more their mid funnel they want to learn more there still in the research phase they can do it by clicking on that graphic and seeing the all new Valley report there quickly going to see the value intelligence summary like this is a traverse LTZ this is a great vehicle and it’s far better than a base vehicle that most likely is price less but studies have proven the consumer doesn’t know trim in fact if you go to all auto trader it’s very difficult to even search by trim we believe the reason for that is concise not even on the consumers radar but for the first time we don’t just show that it’s an LTS d but we also can now show that it adds 6222 dollars of added value compared to a base today in the marketplace certification same logic low miles this vehicle has low miles which adds six hundred and seven dollars more value compared to other similar vehicles in the marketplace that don’t have more miles like this one we do the same thing for upgrades and services that you would call recon and even single ownership as the consumer Scrolls down they’re going to see these details they’re going to quickly see what makes up that value intelligence now that we’ve educated them on the big things it’s time to show them value highlights how is it priced to market is it certified is it a carfax 1-owner does it have new tires all of those attributes are here no more unorganized nearly irrelevant content not only is it organized and relevant but it’s graphically displayed because this is how consumers like to scan for information we have full integration with carfax we show those things here we even have factory warranty details so if there’s a high probability two vehicles under factory warranty that will show on the report we’re trying to show as much relevant information to keep that customer on your website educate them on why your vehicle is right for them and drive them into your showroom since we know that the vast majority of your web traffic never submit salid never submits a calls your dealership and they literally are doing research and they walk in so we show even more information like market data we show recently for sale and sold comps and we highlight what what your vehicle has going for it that the others don’t to continue to draw attention to these great attributes now as great retailers like Amazon no reviews my now I would bet that the vast majority of you focus on dealer reviews which is great but what about consumer vehicle reviews we’ve partnered with edmunds and through it integration we showcase the pros and cons from their professional reviews and additionally consumer reviews about that specific year make model trim now that we built value in the vehicle we build value in your dealership we have integration with Google Yelp dealerrater cars.com and Edmonds and by default we show where you have over a four star rating and this is all customizable so we now can show customers what other peers like themselves think about you and last but not least we have a contact form for the very small percentage of shoppers that want to communicate this way this is just icing on the cake for a dealer but in reality the focus of everything we do at purecars is using relevant information to drive more showroom opportunities and that’s what we do on your website now when you think about winning the click and taking search to showroom search goes to listing sites listing some rights then try to convert customers to an srp at which time you have a very small opportunity of winning the click to the VDP if you look at autotrader one of the biggest real estate areas on their search results pages comments and if you have generic comments you’re at a disadvantage compared to smart comments now we realize that very few dealers have the time to update their comments every day as things change and have comments written the second the vehicle is

marketed so we created smart comments fully automated takes all of the graphical representation from our Valley report and writes to beautifully written used car sellers note and that’s how we help listing sites now you’ve heard me say multiple times that we don’t believe that the number one thing we should focus on is helping you generate leads and that is absolutely true and I’m saying that as co-founder and CEO of pure cars our primary focus is taking the vast majority of the digital traffic that doesn’t do anything from a communication standpoint but end up in your showroom and give them more tools to absolutely drive them there with said we do understand that you do get hundreds if not thousands of leads so we we wanted to leverage our value intelligent data and have a way of getting that customer more engaged to improve your lead to show room for lead to show room rate and the way we do that is graphically displaying these things right in an email fully automated crm integration with virtually all platforms and by doing this we can further incentivize that customer to stop shopping dealerships think that the consumer closes their screen right after they submit a lead but if that was the case your lead to showroom show rate would be higher right appointment set versus show and and need to appointment set there’s always drop off this is one way to protect that and improve it so now at this point let’s talk about your BDC research has proven the top three reasons why your BDC doesn’t convert a digital or phone call into the showroom first and foremost a poor word track one of the top questions asked is what’s your best price the answer is often are you available at twelve-fifteen for hassle-free test drive it’s nearly irrelevant second customer will say hey I’m interested in this specific vehicle tell me more about it the bdc is armed with that same unorganized nearly irrelevant content on most V DPS and as a result their word track may even avoid the question and then lastly if they do set an appointment that doesn’t mean the customer is not shopping it just means that there’s still semi interested and buy them not having a way of quickly sending relevant information you lose them we take our value intelligence information and we created a showroom out and that showroom app can help your BDC see all of your inventory instantly with no load time none whatsoever once it’s loaded you can actually turn your internet off in the whole tool work perfectly it not only works on a desktop laptop iPad you name it it works on most devices and what’s amazing is the bdc can now filter based on third row seating and based on things like the value intelligence attributes and body type instantly no load time no delays they can even compare vehicles and most importantly send this information as a text message or as a email right to that chopper to further increase your probability of getting them in the showroom now let’s talk about what we can do once they’re there once they’re in your showroom the number one reason they leave is because of your staff has a lack of product knowledge in fact twenty-seven percent of all people who leave that’s why the second reason is the consumer feels the need to keep shopping their shopping because they’re not shown enough market data to justify price and then lastly they literally believe the vehicle they saw is priced too high because the salesperson didn’t build value in that vehicle and our showroom app just like it gives the bdc intelligence it gives that same intelligence right to everyone in the showroom whether it’s on their computer or iPad and buy them being more educated they can overcome these top concerns and make the customer feel at ease and help you sell more vehicles as a result now everything we do is responsive design one thing we love about deal Iran is they’re moving to responsive design websites and we’ve been working with them on the integration side because this is exactly what needs to happen right the consumer has multiple screen sizes I know people with with an iphone and android and ipad a laptop a desktop big screen etc so responsive design makes it easy so all of that collateral is the same everything we do is responsive design even our email autoresponder is responsive so it looks great on an iphone secondly everything we do is high resolution imaging and its mobile accessible so that concludes the first part of the presentation which is how do you maximize the traffic you have and if I could summarize it it’s with more relevant information now let’s talk about how you can be smarter be more relevant and really dominate your digital strategy and it all starts with search when you think about what Google was founded on their premise was they could make it beat better easier and quicker to find relevant information I would bet the vast majority of us on the

call today use Google like myself and when I searched for something the first time I used it and I saw that the results were relevant I never turned back when they decided that they needed to offer a pate Avenue generating pay-per-click model like other retail like other search sites did they didn’t want to water it down they didn’t want it to be ranked based on just budget and and bid amount so what I mean by that is maybe I’m a car dealer in Orlando and I’ve got a lot of hands so i’m going to bid on the term Walt Disney and Disney World because let’s face it most people doing that our families and I want them to see that the Dodge Caravan has a 3 29 weeks special in theory it makes sense but that’s not as relevant as it should be and since Google was founded on relevancy every single keyword you bid on with paid search is scored they call it Google quality scoring and the three most prominent things they look at is how relevant is your ad meaning does it match the searchers request second does it link to a relevant landing page that has all the information in that app third if there’s a good click-through rate which shows consumer engagement you get rewarded by having a higher rank for a lower cost now if you go if you go to google and google google quality score you can hear a two-minute video from google stating the exact same thing or very similar with examples this is not rocket science relevancy is getting rewarded so we did thousands of searches and we quickly realize that auto dealers were at a disadvantage because the paid ads that they were that they were running were not as relevant as they could be so we we acquired two companies did a tons of research he became a Google partner and built a relevancy engine and our relevancy engine never guesses at the right message so instead of having these boring ads that we like to joke and say say blah blah and blah that that really are lacking a lot of relevant information like you can see from this search where I search for a you Chevy Tahoe LTZ for sale and these are real examples this is literally a screenshot and you’ll see that first ad says 07 Tahoe doesn’t mention the trim level so I’m going to assume it’s not as relevant as what I’m looking for the second one says truck it doesn’t even mention the tahoe anywhere in the third is talking about cars what if the ad could look like this our relevancy engine ever guesses at the right message so we’re able to look at what the searcher intent was and show an ad with the most relevant inventory you have matches the searchers request like you see here even the site extensions are relevant to the searchers request now when you look at a search like this use BMW x5 with third row if I ask the third grader what is the customer looking for they would say used BMW x5 with third row seating so if you notice the first three ads mentioned BMWs the first one and the third one mentions x5’s but what’s amazing is Rick Hendrick BMW the first ad pain to be in the first placement I would bet has an x5 with her bro see when I checked that they did so why wouldn’t there add gain relevancy and have a further chance of winning the click and the reason is there was no technology to date that could do these things and we’re able to do it since we have so much value intelligent content and have a relevancy engine our ads would look something like this we never guess at the right message just to show you a few more examples 2013 ford f150 our ad would look like this some with nav backup camera and heated seats these are the options that consumers are looking for notice it doesn’t say some with navigation dash system for you no slack eight-speaker sound we understand every option and even have text for it relevant for paid search the site extensions again are relevant as well and our relevancy engine isn’t just for your inventory you can apply the same science to fix off which is really important when you think that thirty-nine percent of research is done online and and their purchasing offline so it’s a huge opportunity so when a guy is searching for something like tire deals for my 09 toyota 4runner get what tire kingdom is doing generic and their spend tons of money from what we can tell why wouldn’t your ad want to look like the one on the bottom you’d have a much higher probability of winning the click and that’s what we do now here’s another example oh nine for ticks or entire deals again you can see very relevant so we’ve helped master the first component of quality score which is the ad now the next question is where do you land the customer and when you think about it the

search results page is not always the most relevant when you want to send them to a page that matches the searchers request and one thing great about the deal our own platform is they’re very high converting and we’ve always had great integration with them so we can drive the traffic back to the most relevant page and one concern we’ve always had as a vendor when you’re driving traffic back to a dealer’s website is what’s the what’s the responsiveness is it responsive design or at the very least do they have a good mobile presence because this is really really important forty-seven percent of all automotive search koriians come from bull devices and this came from google and what that means is mobile is extremely important right because not only is roughly half the shoppers using mobile but there’s been a lot of studies that have shown that the engagement for mobile is actually higher than desktop so when you start looking at mobile ads and the SEM being done for mobile you may see a decent ad but if you click and you see a website on the left and what’s great about the dealer on responsive sites that they’re working on is you can always drive them to a page that you know the content on it and it works on every screen size actually built a landing platform that drives traffic here for web providers that that are lacking in this area or dealers that prefer it but again what’s great with the dealer on platform is with responsive and with a good mobile site there’s no need you send it right back to their site it’s consistent now this is pretty crazy so forty seven percent of all searches are done on mobile and forty-four percent of all mobile searches are done while they’re on the lot it’s so funny I have seen a tremendous of amount of consumers at a dealership negotiate there’s foursquare going on and all the traditional tactics and the consumer will say I apologize I got to use the restroom and I’ll be walking by them and they have their phone out and they’re googling best price on a 2009 Honda court and they’re doing their research to see if they’re getting a good deal because that’s that salesman or manage and show them enough relevant information to make them feel comfortable here and that’s the reason that forty-four percent of people doing price comparisons on the lot so okay how can we how can we leverage this information well first of all if they’re if they’re doing searches while they’re on your lot it would be not have a paid ad relevant to your review like hey we value price our vehicles and have over 500 positive reviews click here and land them to your review page but what it happens if they’re at one of your computers wouldn’t it be nice if you could say it’s worth a seven-mile Drive to XYZ Toyota because we beat all prices by at least five hundred dollar articles that are inbound not yet on our website you get the idea we’ve created pay-per-click geofencing to be able to allow dealerships to be very strategic with how they want to conquest as a result from all of our efforts we’re getting 10 out of 10 quality scores on a lot of keywords and we’ve seen a good lift in quality because we’re never guessing at the right message so that’s the first component about how to dominate digital the next component is retargeting same logic applies here we never guess at the right message and I want to open this up to one more poll question alright audience we have another poll question for you and the screen now we’re curious what does your digital spend currently include now for this question please select all that apply so if you spend on pay per click retargeting display mobile you know or maybe a few of those or maybe only one of those or two of those hey let us know pick all that apply and then we also of course have the option at the very bottom which is none of the above you don’t have anything that that includes pay-per-click retargeting display or mobile so we want to know once we get a majority and votes will close this poll and share the results come on audience I know you’re out there let me get I’m greedy today and Jeremy I hope you’re getting a drink cuz you’re doing a lot of talking you must be drinking okay so audience thank you so much we’re gonna close this poll in just another couple seconds we very much appreciate your votes Jeremy if you’re ready for the answers from our audience I’m ready to show them to you Jeremy did I lose you hello Jeremy neither okay hopefully we’ll get Jeremy back but while we’re doing that let’s close this poll and

share the results all right audience seventy-nine percent of you said that you currently spend money every month on pay per click seventy-two percent of you said retargeting gives your books seventy-seven percent of you said its display that you like to spend your money on another seventy-nine percent of you said mobile is where it’s at and eight percent of you said none of the above thank you so much for your votes and let’s see if we can get Jeremy back Jeremy are you there Jeremy hello hello oh gosh I hope we didn’t lose him uh-oh what happened now oh I think we might have lost him hold on audience you stay right there yep we lost Jeremy so hold on one second we’re going to have to get them back audience all right you all right audience they’re telling me that they lost us Jeremy’s coming back in now thank you for your patience I really do appreciate it and Jeremy is gonna be in here in the second now we know it audience we had a good run we had a long it was a long time since we’ve had a technical difficulty Jeremy I’m so glad you’re back oh we’re back don’t don’t know what happened on the screen sorry no that’s okay that’s okay um I changed you back to being presenter let’s get your screen back up there there we go all right more time for more time for the poll sorry about that well I’ll tell you what I did close the poll let me share the results with you again Jeremy okay seventy-nine percent of our audience said that they spend their digital money on pay per click seventy-nine percent that’s a lot seventy-two percent said it’s retargeting seventy-seven percent said display seventy-nine percent said mobile and eight percent of stays audience said that they don’t spend it on any of that stuff none of the above so you’re right in there around 70 to 79 percent for almost all those four selections is that what you were thinking it would be yep it’s a progress it’s a very progressive fish which is what I expected that’s fantastic okay thank you so much for kidding back here so quickly I do appreciate it audience we got a lot more to cover so stay with us and Jeremy is back to you forget we’re getting down to the end here so no I don’t gonna be here for another six hours but let’s some funny when you talk about pay-per-click I think what’s great apply is when you when you do retargeting and when you look at things you’re doing in your digital strategy one thing to look at is targeting we’ve found this to be very effective because you do great conquest scene so let’s say a guy goes to google any searches for a certified honda accord can actually follow him on the web and you don’t have to follow them on the at web with a generic ad what you really want to is you want to follow him on the web with a relevant ad based on what he searched for so if so if you had a Ford f-150 in in your in your inventory you want to follow him with that vehicle or similar vehicles because that will obviously increase engagement and when you start thinking about conquest in we see a lot of dealerships that leverage retargeting for this piece which is great and you can do search target in here but you also can do search retargeting with relevancy behind it it doesn’t have to just be a sales of them there are times for sales events just like this but if someone is searching for a sonata and you’re a honda dealer you may have the perfect vehicle with the perfect least special to go after the guy on the Sonata so just just a way of thinking about how to handle it the next thing is what do you do with site retargeting so looks like the vast majority of you on the call or do in retargeting and that’s great but retargeting isn’t always created equally so if a guy is looking at multiple vehicles on your website and he hits multiple VDP s the key is you really want to make sure you’re hitting him with display that isn’t just branding there is a time for branding ads but

when the guy has a high level of engagement showing relevant information for example price drop alerts it’s really cool your envy auto or first look or a product like that on a regular basis and you’re making price changes but considering the vast majority of your traffic didn’t submit a lead you have no way of notifying them of this price drop but if you’re doing retargeting effectively you can do things like this and just to show you one more example you know here’s one more example of how you can use graphical display of highly relevant content in retargeting so that takes us to the next piece which is most of you on the call which is awesome are doing pay-per-click and doing retargeting and the question becomes how do you maximize your budget so first and foremost we always say you want to own your backyard you know a lot of dealerships have tools like market master and other and they’ll often times print the page and say hey look here these where i’m selling my cars and then we’ll look at the paid search they’re doing with prior vendors and you see this like 30 mile radius around their dealership well at times it’s too narrow at times it’s way too wide you want to own your backyard and what I mean by that is you don’t want to just show this generic 30 mile radius or whatever radius there is in this case 20 you want to absolutely think about where are you selling your cars it’s different for new it’s different for use it’s different my baked it’s different by bodytype & actually adapt the radius and own your backyard because you always have a higher probability of converting someone in a market that you’re good at selling to then 63 miles away now the second component is I have yet to see a dealer spend enough money to own all the available demand on search retargeting display etc so you got to think about where do you want to market and what do you want to market so let’s say for example your honda dealer and you take it on trade yesterday a youth 2011 3024 runner and your policy is let’s get it on the web immediately because it can’t hurt i got unlimited listings on auto trader and cars and my website so why not do it that’s true but what if it’s the only 4runner you have Act there’s a lot of demand on a 4runner so now when a consumer goes to google and he’s searching and he sees your ad and he clicks it and then sees the VDP with no relevant content no photos no price there’s a very high probability he’s going to leave so the vehicle dealerships should have the opportunity thought process of you need to be selective on what you market and where you market it if you want to maximize your budget think about new cars dealerships have reports like Toyota dealers always have these awesome reports that will say like look I’m sewing great with the Sequoia I’m Way over my sales objective but I’m Way behind the venza but I have a lot of inventory on the venza and I just lowered my processing so let’s push Benza and let’s back off on the Sequoia or you may only have one unit and since it just came out there’s tons of search demand why would we want to spend all of your budget on the Sequoia when you have a product that you need to sell to get your sales efficiency up you can look at data from from providers like this like pump in and pump out and get an idea of where do you want a conquest and what markets do you want to target you can take your sales efficiency data by bodytype by model etc and then you really want to focus on nization you don’t want to just think of this as hey I’m going to spend ten grand a month five grand use five grand new you really want to break it down with a thought process of like what I would say a cold used car guy you want to think about what should you market where should you market it what are you what are you what is your forum your ceiling and budget for that specific unit make model etc this is all really really important stuff because not only has consumer behavior changed but a dealerships ad budget is not aligned with media consumption the person on the Left represents media consumption by time internet TV radio and traditional and I think you’ll quickly see that 5.4 percentage traditionals almost nothing and then when you look at a dealership at spend their light and internet there right in TV they’re a little heavy in radio but they’re really heavy and traditional so what we’re already seeing is dealerships every year or shifting more and more into digital which is exciting because there’s more roi there but when you think about this it’s critical to make sure you maximize your budget because that budget is getting larger now here’s the last poll the day that I think will be helpful as I Taylor off the last few slides Elena all right here we go audience we want to know how much is your dealership currently spending on digital advertising every month please select one of the following answers is it more than a thousand

dollars more than five thousand dollars more than ten thousand dollars more than fifteen thousand dollars or maybe you don’t know that’s fine too please select one of those following answers get your votes in and then what we’re gonna do is once we have a majority it is let’s close the poll share the results and then you’ll know what everyone else in the industry is doing as well thank you so much Wow these boats are coming in fast and I am really shocked at these numbers so I hope more of you go uh they’re coming in fast Jeremy is going to get a very well deserved drink right now while we do this poll question and we are nearing the end of the presentation so if you haven’t written in your questions yet for Jeremy well now’s a great time to do that as well please send your questions in and if you have been tweeting I hope you’ve been using the hashtag do Iran webby or at least tagging me in it at eliana reggio and while we’re waiting for some more of your votes to come in you better stick around because we have an awesome awesome giveaway today you do not want to miss that so let’s close this poll really really quick i’m going to give you another couple seconds and here we go all right Jeremy here’s the results from todays old question thirteen percent said that they spend more than a thousand dollars nineteen percent said it’s more like five thousand dollars twenty-three percent said it’s ten thousand dollars or more another nineteen percent said that they are spending the max they’re going way over fifteen thousand dollars and surprisingly twenty-six percent of today’s audience as you know quarter today’s audience said that they don’t know how much their dealership currently spends on digital advertising every month so Jeremy I gotta ask is that what you were expecting we’re expecting so many to be spending more than 10,000 and then also so many do not actually know how much of it was going to residual advertising I I did when you look at just trending you know when you when you look where can you spend your money to have the highest return which is how any good marketer looks there’s nothing higher than a referral but it’s very hard to spend marketing dollars to increase your referral business so the next best thing is your V DP how do you drive traffic straight to it and digital is the way to get there off with far success than any other any other measure so I mean I I did expect it and it’s excited and I’m quite calm but it the next it’s here will be impactful for the group let’s go to it all right so this is something that I used to hand-draw on a whiteboard when I present in front of dealers and it’s a funnel and as I mentioned it goes referral being the best highest return and then VP and then if you go up srp digital direct mail traditional if you think about every dollar you have if it became a grain of sand and you took that sin and you took this handful and you started filling the funnel the fall autumn up that’s just how it would work right if you look at your budget I would bet with a high probability that’s not how you’re spending your money you’re spending your money where it’s sprinkled traditional direct mail digital bdp but when you think about how should I measure success how do I know what’s working you really want to think about probability I’m not a gambler but I couldn’t think of a better a better image to show than this slot machine example if I went to Vegas and I knew that the slot machine all the way on the left if I put a dollar and I at the highest probability of getting five back versus the next the next machine over I put a dollar and I got high probability of getting feedback and then the next one I put a dollar and I get nothing back where would I thought I would start on that five dollar machine until it said full I would play it and play it and play it because I got odds of one and then when it’s full I jumped to the seat to the right and play that one where I got a three hundred percent return why would I decide to play the third I’m going to lose my money you want to fill your funnel with anything that drives traffic straight to the VDP that doesn’t guess it the right message to get them there you have a very high probability of them and when you look at some comparisons that some dealerships have shared with us and this is coming straight from them here are two stores the first store being a on the Left spends 10 plus budget on sem the store be on the right spends 47 thousand dollars and it’s nineteen percent so proportionately more money and more percentage of their spend in I wanted to think about which has a lower us per sale it is store B we see a trend line the more a dealership spends

on quality sem the better they have from a cost per sale standpoint and cost per lead for that matter just to show you two more examples store see and store d as you can see store see nineteen percent of their budget is sem store d fifteen percent and as you may have guessed store see has a lower cost per sale and a significantly lower cost per lead now something that they shared with me that i thought was amazing that we put together was when you think about digital marketing it is targeted well direct mail is also targeted so what’s the difference look at the difference in cost per sale it is in twelve thousand bucks cost per sale versus 158 on sem at store a every single store we have here in this example direct mail versus sem was game-changing so at the end of the day google who showed us this this this slide I think summarizes this exceptionally well and this concludes my presentation which is more relevancy equals more results and there’s no way to cheat so that opens it up to questions and answers Elena do you want to take it from here thank you so much Jeremy audience I know that was a lot of information and a great presentation and if you haven’t gotten in your question yet for Jeremy now’s a great time to do that please send your questions in before we get to your questions though guess what we’ve got a little bit of business to take care of Jeremy don’t we have a really cool prize to give away we do we do so audience it’s that time if you’re missed it at the beginning of the webinar well I announced that our good friends at pure cars are giving away a amazing prize today on the webinar one of you lucky webinar attendees is going to win two free months of pure cars new value intelligence platform which helps dealers dominate digital by driving more showroom portunities and optimizing VDP conversion rate value intelligence seamlessly educates website customers on exactly how much value your vehicle offers across trim level mileage certification ownership and reconditioning and this pride also includes setup and integration it’s a value of just under seventeen hundred dollars all you have to do is answer a simple question about today’s presentation and the first one to write in the correct response is going to win this awesome prize so you know how it works people get to your keyboards yep ready good luck everyone I will also ask vendors to please sit this one out this prize is only for those people who want to try out purecars brand new value intelligence program risk-free only for those people if you’re not one of those people then please sit this one out and step aside and let somebody else have a shot at winning this prize that they really really want I appreciate it thank you so much abate everyone here you go here’s your question good luck everyone early in the presentation Jeremy mentioned the only two industries where internet leads are commonplace please name one of those industries you have one of two choices and of course we have a winner already you guys are quick with your fingers quick thank you so much everyone for playing along let Shannon scroll up and see the very first person oh my goodness even put both of them in david sharpe sharpie as i like to call them goddamn right the two industries are real estate or insurance you got them both in there congratulations David Sharpe you are our winner today David I’m right now my awesome gratulations David congratulations of course I think our good friends at purecars for their incredible generosity and if i’m not mistaken Jeremy did you want to give another offer to our guests today on the webinar yep so for for anybody on the webinar one thing we’ve always believed in is our technology so we do a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee on our technology anyone who wants to try the value intelligence platform can do it that is amazing down again it’s 61 60 days 60 day money back guarantee no questions asked for anyone who wants to try the value intelligence platform which is five ninety-nine a month audience I don’t know if it gets any better than that so if I were you I’d take them up on that again Jeremy’s email you want them to contact you directly Jeremy absolutely that’s fine we can all filled it to the sales team okay it’s jeremy a at pure cars.com if you want to get in on that great deal as

well and david sharpe road in he says thanks so much i’m anne elliot auto group in Mount Pleasant Texas congratulations David you’re going to be hearing from our friends at pier cars about setting up your value Intelligence Platform prize congratulations okay let’s get to our very first question from the audience are you ready Jeremy I am you gotta put it on the on the slide with your mug shot on it baby all right there we go there you go okay audience give any questions there’s his contact information though that’s how you can get ahold of Jeremy but let’s get to a few of these questions right now we just have a handful of them first question to you Jeremy um comes from kevin kevin says how do i know what features are important to a customer i’m assuming he’s talking about customers who come to his website and they’re looking at his VDP how do you know how does a dealer know which features he should prominently display because obviously you are not impressed by the display of the am FM radio yes it’s a it’s a great question there’s there’s up there’s a simple answer in a more complicated one and i’m going to say say both so one is if if you look at your option list clearly navigation and leather and sunroof is more important than am/fm radio and abs brakes you also want to rank reconditioning very high knowing that very few people other than the three thousand or so subscribers we have at purecars no one has been really predominantly explained if at all reconditioning attributes so i personally like to rank it with reconditioning very high on the list then i would focus in on value intelligence so if the vehicle is an LTZ and that’s four grand more than than a base from what you can tell and market then you’d want to you’d want to describe some of that and then ideally you want to showcase all this graphically of course as well since consumers like to scan for information and if you’d like more information that than that i’m i love what i do and i’m talking to dealers every day and I would be more than willing to speak to you as well if you should if you share contact information with Elena thank you so much Kevin of course if you do have a follow-up question please let us know we’re going to get to just these last couple of questions because I know we’re pretty over time but our winner today Jeremy David he says this is one of the really coolest prizes and I think it’s going to be great David follows up with does this thing work on autotrader and cars com it does our value intelligence platforming mark Commons so we will take the the graphical representation from the value report and write a beautifully written sellers note and this is all automated of course and send it back to your inventory provider so then that common is displayed everywhere your vehicle is listed including major listing sites like auto trader and cars awesome David I know he already said great he’s gonna have plenty more questions for you people over in purecars I’m sure congratulations again on that we have a question that came in from Keith and this was a very early on in the presentation when I believe you were showing a video maybe and he said why is an LTC getting compared to a 2011 BMW 5-series so i guess keith is wondering how how does one choose what car is similar card to the one that consumers on looking at an EP it’s a good question so when the designer put the deck together that those two slides didn’t go in sync so it’s always of course on the same year make model and trim son I’m very very pleased he was paying attention and picked up on them hear that keep your smart one all right let’s see um uh oh here’s a great question from John John says see if I can pull this one up um how can I find out if my VDP is appealing to consumers ok that’s a good question I mean do you go in afterwards and look at you know how much time they spent on the VDP or is it just as simple as well if the car sells and you know that the VDP was going to come sooner yeah you know it’s a great question and the reality is all of those indicators have have some influence but I always like to go back to what i would say meat and potatoes look look at it as a consumer does it show the most relevant information above the fold is it easy for the customer to see what you did in recon is it easy for them to see the key highlights and if the answer is

no then the good news is there’s a lot of work to do to better optimize the page once you have the foundation down then it’s literally a be testing and there’s no right answer all right ok last for you Jeremy and then I’m gonna I’m gonna let you go cuz we are coming up on 130 here Elmer hi Elmer how you doin Elmer wrote in excellent oh all the sudden I got a lot of people who wrote it excellent presentation Jeremy can you name a few dealer sites who use your cards technology or content on their website so Ellen would like to see what it looks like you know in a real-life setting yep I follow up afterwards and send out some links and i’ll have dealer on examples as well ok great um you know we did just have a couple more questions from another john john says I am spotlighting all of my used inventory on auto trader and I decide to start your platform will there be any advantage to continuing the spotlights um it’s it’s they don’t really go ahead if they don’t really go hand in hand directly if you believe your spotlights are generating you more opportunities then this is just going to supercharge it if it’s really a question of is there is there more value in this platform versus hot lights I think you would find that you always a master your foundation before you just keep focusing on driving more people to a page that has unorganized content so in summary it’s hard to silver a webinar whether or not you would replace it but if you see value in the spotlights dealerships generally are adding this on as a way to build more value in in the platform with the value intelligence platform and then if you wanted to say should i do spotlights or paid search that’s a totally different story and and something that we would be more than willing to look at your site and give you suggestions great answer and John if I were you and you were thinking about it I think I don’t he already wrote in great thank you I think you should definitely consider taking Jeremy’s very generous offer on trying out the value intelligence platform for the next risk-free I think that’s a great idea and you should definitely take advantage that audience if you want to take advantage of that too then please contact Jeremy a at pure cars.com oh oh he said he’s gonna be in touch Jeremy there you go got one all right Jeremy though is a really amazing presentation what a tremendous slide deck I want to remind audience you want to copy that slide jack email me directly at eliana at dealer on.com and I will get that out to you later today so you can have for yourselves and share it with your friends and colleagues and I did record this webinar as well who’s sending that link out to you in just a little bit as well and you can find this webinar on dealer on.com slash webinars click on the link on the right hand side for on-demand webinars and there you can access any of our past webinars you can also view and register for any of our upcoming webinars to and also this webinar is going to conclude in just a moment and you’re going to get a short survey please fill it out we’re always looking for great feedback from our audience let us know how you thought Jeremy did today we’re going to randomly select a couple of people from all the completed surveys to also win some Google prizes so again no reason not to fill out that survey hope you can do that brush I also want to let you know dealer on is excited to announce their involvement at the upcoming dealer think tank in Washington DC August fourteenth so if you’re around that area you want to stop on by let me tell you it’s great this is spearheaded by a handful of dynamic subject matter experts and thought leaders of which you know the names of all of them by the way they’re going to be traveling the country providing strategies discussing ideas changing ideology and creating solutions for real-world problems facing the automotive industry now these think tanks they’ve been getting great praise for their informative fun-filled education workshops and they educate everyone from the greenness of the green to the most seasoned industry veteran so you don’t want to miss it if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet don’t worry we’re here to help we got an exclusive discount it’s going to score you hundred dollar savings off the ticket price just use that discount code on the screen when you register and for more information you can go to dealer think tank calm and invitations will be going out tomorrow for our next webinar in boy oh boy it’s a doozy we’re going to talk about Google+ lightbox advertising Plus video pre-roll and how it could get you some fireworks fact is in 2013 online video was the top ad format for driving

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